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September 18th
6:27pm Koja Kitchen (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
5:11pm ProTip: Section 7 of the man pages explains Linux concepts. You can open a random one (excluding some boring fonts) with: apropos -s 7 . | … twitter
10:04am A little Streisand Effect here. twitter
8:58am RT @SlenderSherbet: "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP, TERRY" twitter
September 17th
1:42pm RT @ACLU: This book contains no government secrets that have not been previously published by respected news organizations. @Snowden wrote … twitter
12:29pm RT @BrandonPhilips: California friends: Please call or email @GavinNewsom to support ranked choice voting for more Californians. Voting is … twitter
9:07am It's interesting and scary to see these clickbait headlines take a life of their own. "Richard Stallman who defended Jeffrey Epstein" and "Richard Stallman D... facebook
September 16th
11:19pm Just read "The Walking Dead" volume 32 in exactly the spirit that Kirkman intended. It was really, really good not to be spoiled. What a fun ride. facebook
12:24pm RT @davidfrum: The Kavanaugh defense was not "Yes, I drank too much in my last year of high school and first year of college, misbehaved in… twitter
September 15th
10:48pm Here's a tip to optimize your history use in Linux. #ProTip twitter
12:59pm North Beach Pizza (a pizza place) in San Mateo foursquare
10:44am Ryptic Room Escape - 3rd Avenue (an arcade) in San Mateo foursquare
9:40am Welcome dokuwiki
9:09am @LibraryThing @librarythingtim Have LibraryThing RSS feeds stopped? Consider "Version Control" in yesterday, but not… twitter
September 14th
2:26pm @yacitus Contrarian that I am, I waited to finish the book before replying. Yes, I recommend it. Don't know if it was me or the book, but it… twitter
September 13th
6:54pm Taqueria Las Vegas (a mexican restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
5:42pm Musca Domestica! facebook
September 12th
9:25am RT @dorrismccomics: twitter
September 11th
9:30pm RT @RBReich: 6 e-cigarette deaths ever: Vape control now! 36,000 gun deaths annually: Thoughts and prayers. twitter
9:13pm RT @FairVoteCA: #SB212 is on its way to the Governor. Thank you @BenAllenCA and @DavidChiu! #SB212 allows counties to use top two or RCV t… twitter
5:25pm RT @absurdistwords: Ok. If you want to know what fascist propaganda is, let this be your exemplar. This is a celebration of state violence… twitter
4:42pm Soooo... I got the answer wrong, and since I did, I am now keeping my word and posting this picture (selected by Daryl Spitzer). I'm challenging my friends ... facebook
September 10th
12:26pm RT @CREWcrew: Prestwick airport near Trump Turnberry received $0 in payments from DoD between 2008 and 2017. In 2018, DoD payments suddenly… twitter
8:32am RT @NicolasHeidorn: Bravo also to sponsor @FairVoteCA and thank you to supporters @LWVC , @ACLU_CAP, @aaaj_alc, + more! twitter
September 9th
10:46am I'm still slowly working my way through "Version Control" but I get the idea that @dexterauthor might also like the contrast between the ima… twitter
10:41am I love the contrast between the image's text and the alt text, "ERROR: We've reached an unreachable state. Anything is possible. The limits … twitter
10:35am RT @paulkrugman: Now imagine the same thing happening to the agencies that produce employment, inflation, and growth statistics. It's not ha… twitter
8:38am RT @GoodyearBlimp: It’s literally what we do, Maureen. twitter
September 8th
10:09pm ProTip: You can disable the blur on the Windows 10 Sign-In screen. twitter
3:57pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
September 7th
11:23pm RT @michaelharriot: Thread: Today I learned the interesting story of Abaco, the island in the Bahamas hit hardest by hurricane Dorian. twitter
11:00pm Tim O'Reilly said tax rates have never influenced his business decisions, and believes tax cuts don't result in economic growth. (This was on Google+, in 2012) facebook
10:37pm So I like Billie Eilish even more after this interview with her and her family. facebook
12:36am @yonatanzunger Do you happen to still have the image that accompanied your 2014 Google+ post "Spotted in Mountain View: notorious space gang… twitter
September 6th
3:30pm RT @galacticdad: oh god oh fuck twitter
12:23pm RT @JoshRudes: .@washingtonpost has been "reliably told" that Trump is intentionally withholding a White House visit and US military aid "in… twitter
September 5th
9:25am "Every one of us remembers being failed by the Proper Channels once. We can all picture the cop and the swim coach exchanging nods, closing ranks to protect ... facebook
9:21am RT @nickyknacks: I'll usually spend six hours writing a piece to get it out of my head. After writing this one yesterday, I'm thinking about… twitter
7:46am RT @igorbobic: here’s a thought bubble: If the Pentagon has suddenly decided it doesn’t need to fund projects it has previously deemed criti… twitter
7:44am RT @usclimatestrike: YUP 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Warren got it right here. The fossil fuel industry wants it to seem like we're banning planes, taking peopl… twitter
September 4th
7:29pm I'd have made it just vol. MMXIX. But still - Republicans cheating! twitter
11:35am "In the study, it appeared as though aspirin didn’t work [increase survival rate from a heart attack] for Libras and Geminis but halved your risk of death if... facebook
11:12am Worth the read: "How to Kill your Tech Industry" twitter
8:17am RT @catvalente: Happy September everyone! I just found out that sea urchins are called sea urchins because hedgehogs used to be called urch… twitter
September 3rd
8:59pm RT @nowthisnews: ‘It doesn’t really go away. You manage it.’ — Bill Hader opened up about the reality of having anxiety and how to deal with… twitter
3:47pm This is what the "sincerely held religious beliefs" law is for. To suppress classes of people that would otherwise have protections. Did thi… twitter
2:59pm RT @PooltoyWolf: So I went to put away my wind chimes for #HurricaneDorian, and... 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 twitter
10:14am @neonepiphany I just fired off a question to my entire family to see if they can't do it. Now to adopt an alternating rumble/kegel exercise … twitter
8:24am RT @psybermonkey: Me: *destroys spider web Spider: wow Me: *puts up fake spider web Spider: WOW twitter
September 2nd
10:09pm RT @KenTremendous: Our tax dollars paid money directly into the President’s personal bank account, just because. The fact that anti-tax hawk… twitter
September 1st
6:05pm Izumi Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
2:55pm Blue Bottle Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
2:41pm Boba Guys (a bubble tea shop) in San Francisco foursquare
2:22pm Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
10:33am instagram
10:11am Blue Bottle Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
August 31st
9:35pm RT @runwithskizzers: There is a bill that passed the house, & has been sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk since FEBRUARY but since he is … twitter
August 30th
3:35pm Starbucks (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
12:26pm Also to @SallyQYates twitter
11:50am a crack runs through it instagram
9:34am "Decades later, 81 percent of these faithful white evangelical soldiers for Jesus stood up and voted for Trump, the epitome of glitz, greed and bigotry." facebook
8:29am Dad inspiration. twitter
August 29th
2:47pm You guys! There's a False Knees book! twitter
2:37pm Click through to see context for this reply from DARPA. facebook
2:34pm RT @DARPA: @ambivalentricky Please. Demogorgons are such a Department of Energy thing. twitter
August 28th
August 27th
5:06pm @zannah , because it was you, I misread that RT as SparkleNotes, not SparkNotes. twitter
8:48am “My concentration starts to drift after a page or two. I get fidgety, lose the thread and begin to look for something else to do.” (a quote from Nicholas Car... facebook
August 24th
11:07pm RT @wilsonhartgrove: For those who think it’s “divisive” to acknowledge 400 yrs of systemic racism in America, a photo of the Klan rally in … twitter
12:45am Long Long Man youtube_favorites
12:31am The latest 99% Invisible podcast is about the "Peace Lines" in Ireland separating the Protestants from the Catholics, and what life nearby is like. The same ... facebook
August 23rd
4:33pm It's gotten to the point that when I learn about Linux's eventfd, I hope @b0rk's made a zine page for it, so I can learn about it even more … twitter
1:21pm @yacitus Glad you said that. When it wasn't my usual "The Daily" I skipped it. I'll make room for it. twitter
August 22nd
2:21pm RT @integerpoet: This is baller. Also her shirt. twitter
12:21pm ❤️ instagram
8:09am @flowingdata the image for your Polar Density post reminds me of a sun, some exotic fish, and a pineapple. So tropical! twitter
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