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August 3rd
6:24pm RT @WorldBollard: Say hello👋🏻 to the secret world inside bollards. #WorldBollardAssociation twitter
9:23am RT @JuliusGoat: GOP: stealing next election Dems: no don't GOP: if you win we're ignoring it Dems: join a bipartisan law to stop it? GOP: uh… twitter
9:03am RT @BrendanNyhan: Nothing to worry about, just America's #2 demagogue meeting with the man who destroyed Hungarian democracy through precise… twitter
8:25am Alternative using VisiData: $ vd $(ls -1t *.csv | head -1) ! @ l % . twitter
8:22am quick CLI plot CSV with ISO-8601 date column: $ cat gnuplot.gpi set term dumb `tput cols` `tput lines`*9/10 set timefmt '%Y-%m-%d' set xdata… twitter
August 2nd
11:55pm quick CLI plot CSV with ISO-8601 date column: $ cat gnuplot.gpi set term dumb `tput cols` `tput lines`*9/10 set timefmt '%Y-%m-%d' set xdata… twitter
9:28am Every Little Thing: Cheese: Why Do We Worship Rotten Milk? A NSFW History overcast
9:14am Revisionist History: Little Mermaid Part 3: Honestly Ever After overcast
8:49am The Daily: A New Chapter of the Coronavirus overcast
8:46am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 833: Herbs of Providence - Billionaires in space, Right to Repair, Akamai outage, NSO Spyware overcast
8:15am "Peloton demanded $40/month 'subscriptions' from owners to continue using their treadmills. The pretense here is that the subscription comes with safety soft... facebook
12:06am RT @Sifill_LDF: Then it is incumbent upon Sen. Manchin to deliver the 10 Republicans who will support the bill. He has not been able to do s… twitter
August 1st
3:41pm RT @revmagdalen: In any other country, the ex-president, who has always refused to accept his successor as legitimate, gathering a cabinet a… twitter
12:14pm RT @SenWarren: Professor @DorothyABrown is right: the IRS targets low-income Americans, especially Black Americans, because they’re the chea… twitter
11:52am RT @MartinHeinrich: Electrification is gaining momentum, folks! Excited to have @USRepKCastor and @RepPaulTonko join me in this growing effo… twitter
5:36am About This Wiki - [Hogfather] dokuwiki
July 31st
9:15pm Browsing Amazon Prime, saw a trailer for The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. Figured it had to be @johngreen, but they don't list writer credits… twitter
7:05pm @doitlikejustin FYI, your awesome amazon-wish-lister suddenly stopped working around 12 hours ago. twitter
2:59pm Political Gabfest: Medieval Battle overcast
2:20pm Planet Money: Three Reasons for the Housing Shortage overcast
2:07pm The Daily: From Opinion: Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Story We Tell About America overcast
1:51pm The Daily: The Story of Simone Biles overcast
1:11pm Why, yes, I do know that one toaster screensaver. Tell me more. I thought they were doing fine, but am glad for your dream to save them in space. facebook
10:28am RT @DavMicRot: Vaccine mandates are very unpopular among Republican leaders & Twitter trolls, but are supported by majorities of actual … twitter
July 30th
6:41pm This'll work. Deep fry the vaccine and offer it at fairs. twitter
6:39pm RT @ewarren: We have to build infrastructure for the 21st century, not the 20th. That means roads and bridges, but also fighting the climate… twitter
5:05pm Revisionist History: Little Mermaid Part 2: The Fairytale Twist overcast
3:47pm RT @MarshallJulius: Gregory Hines said that if a biography of the Nicholas Brothers was ever made, their dance numbers would have to be comp… twitter
12:33am Refining a C++ interview question tomorrow. Writing code in one tmux pane, and letting entr do its thing in the other with: ls -1 *.cpp | e… twitter
July 29th
6:53pm The story behind many gay men's favorite "nail polish remover". By David Mack. No, Ninjelica Sunshine, not that David Mack. facebook
1:57pm Conway's Soldiers game breaks my mind. It's so easy to get to rank 1, 2, 3 and 4. Why is it impossible to get to 5 with a finite number of moves? facebook
11:41am RT @EthicsInBricks: Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds … twitter
9:36am RT @nancook: Very good graphic on what is in the bipartisan infrastructure plan vs. what President Biden first proposed: twitter
8:27am The Daily: Why Is China Expanding Its Nuclear Arsenal? overcast
8:27am The Scathing Atheist: 441: Leftover Vulgarity Edition overcast
July 28th
11:30pm Not conspiracy theories nor social media nor things "actually being worse", our worsening political rage is correlated with conservative eva… twitter
8:34pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL #1: The Stock Market & Penelope The Cow overcast
8:05pm The Daily: The Saga of Congress’s Jan. 6 Investigation overcast
7:36pm RT @BrendanNyhan: We're so desensitized but Fox is choosing to beam this nonsense out to millions of people every day during a deadly pandem… twitter
4:30pm RT @Kasparov63: Trumpists spreading entirely contradictory, and false, explanations for Jan 6 is not an accident or blunder; it's the point.… twitter
4:05pm 99% Invisible: 452- The Lows of High Tech overcast
11:20am Facebook reached out to me to say the rocket dicks vs. universal healthcare meme was not accurate because Nigeria, Syria and Yemen also don'… twitter
11:12am You guys. A super important correction here. I shared a meme comparing countries that send rocket dicks to space (the U.S.A.) vs countries with universal hea... facebook
9:21am Saying "she does not deserve to have any judgement passed" and "she is the GOAT" contradict each other. Either GOAT has diminished meaning t… twitter
July 27th
7:56pm This American Life: 742: The Thing I’m Getting Over overcast
2:49pm RT @sahouraxo: Obama, who increased Bush’s illegal drone strikes 10 fold, is planning a big bash for his 60th birthday at his mansion in Mar… twitter
2:46pm RT @Snowden: Every newspaper in America should be saying this. twitter
11:53am RT @ggreenwald: His crime was leaking documents that proved Barack Obama and John Brennan were lying about the number of innocent people who… twitter
11:52am RT @Snowden: Daniel Hale, one of the great American Whistleblowers, was just moments ago sentenced to four years in prison. His crime was te… twitter
11:03am Fresh Air: Jad Abumrad overcast
10:19am The Daily: The Vaccine Mandate Conundrum overcast
July 26th
5:38pm RT @nxthompson: So awesome. A math Ph.D. is given no chance in the Olympic cycling race, so she blitzes off from the start. No one gives cha… twitter
10:44am The Daily: Breakthrough Infections, Explained overcast
10:23am Radiolab: The Queen of Dying overcast
9:43am @mykola I have seen abuse of "I'll do it later" that leads to real world problems. Should be possible to respect boundaries and still ask, "… twitter
9:34am Esp. for Hiromi Cota... facebook
9:26am RT @iamfabiano: Cute Easter egg in the new subway train in Stockholm twitter
July 25th
2:07pm @WorkFlowy's production app is hitting all the productivity sweet spots for me right now. Big fan of using the Fractal Boards as mini Kanban… twitter
1:26pm RT @v_pradeilles: POV: async functions taking over my code base twitter
9:25am Vindicated by history again. They should listen to me more. facebook
July 24th
9:00pm Yikes. Significant cognitive deficit correlated with Covid infection. Sounds like a vicious cycle I've read in a Sci Fi story. My anti-vaxxe… twitter
7:29pm The Scathing Atheist: 440: 8 Minute Absalom Edition overcast
7:05pm Planet Money: Banque Worms overcast
2:10pm RT @brianbeutler: Worth remembering that Republicans became effectively pro-Covid because Donald Trump abandoned Americans to the virus, and… twitter
2:06pm RT @integerpoet: It's almost as if people with deficient risk assessment skills also have deficient risk assessment skills. twitter
11:05am RT @EBHarrington: THREAD: As news stories drop about COVID+ pandemic deniers & anti-vaxxers ranting defiantly from ICU beds, let's revie… twitter
10:41am RT @mattzollerseitz: Saw Summer of Soul, first of what I’m sure will be many viewings. Excellent in every way. I’m glad people aren’t making… twitter
9:16am RT @ShadyAshamalla: Until our children can be vaccinated, those eligible that decide not to are allowing community transmission to rise and … twitter
9:14am If it's not exactly right, it's probably pretty close. facebook
July 23rd
11:12pm So now YouTube hopes I'd want to watch Zero Two Dance videos. Oh, please. I love Daoko, I know Hibiki Yoshizaki's disturbing music video. Yo… twitter
7:01pm RT @KenTremendous: Real galaxy brain stuff here. They're cheating, but instead of stopping them from cheating -- a totally achievable goal, … twitter
4:45pm @tpederson "This is the Cheap Trickiest song ever written not by Cheap Trick." --YouTube comment twitter
11:07am RT @pdrupp: I'm absolutely begging reporters to also cite the cost of inaction on climate if you're going to throw out some huge number for … twitter
11:06am @KalenXI Children of Republicans think they're named after Rush Limbaugh. The sheets are the mechanism to ensure they're all of a like mind. twitter
10:11am Reply All: #177 Gleeks and Gurgles overcast
10:11am Political Gabfest: Actually It Is ‘Infrastructure Week’ overcast
9:34am The Daily: Putting a Price on Pollution overcast
July 22nd
10:19pm RT @AndrewLSeidel: I still think Brett Kanabeer should be impeached. He is unfit for the Supreme Court. And it is so jarring to see the cred… twitter
7:44pm Facebook is ****ing People. From the Patreon post: "Former Facebook VP Brian Boland went on CNN to say yeah, Facebook totally has the data and knows everythi... facebook
9:28am Revisionist History: Little Mermaid Part 1: The Golden Contract overcast
9:03am Planet Money: Video Gaming The System overcast
8:48am The Daily: Who Killed Haiti’s President? overcast
8:17am Fukuoka to paint giant port crane as a giraffe. Esp. for @zannah (I wouldn't have minded an AT-AT, myself.) twitter
8:14am @zannah, this might be of interest to you. (I wouldn't have minded AT-ATs, myself.) twitter
8:05am I think endowment effect accounts for some of the staying power around the buzz of Cryptocurrencies. Those who bought in are compelled to pe… twitter
July 21st
6:00pm I'm a software developer. So much (like SO MUCH) of my work is communication with other humans too. It's not the part I look forward to most… twitter
3:21pm RT @EvlondoCooper: But the problems with Bezos’ space trip receiving 86% of climate change’s total 2020 coverage in ONE DAY were wonderfully… twitter
12:21pm RT @kevincollier: This is pretty minor in light of NSO's recent scandal, but they issue all their press releases as pdfs emailed to reporter… twitter
12:18pm RT @amnesty: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄ | | END | | UNLAWFUL | | TARGETED | |SURVEILLANCE | | _____ ____| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•… twitter
10:41am RT @SenWarren: Intuit spent years chasing profits under the guise of helping low-income taxpayers. The government shouldn't be relying on pr… twitter
9:47am RT @PhilJamesson: how was your vacation twitter
9:22am RT @CharlesMBlow: When Jim Crow was first established, the process was slow, one outrage at a time. The state laws were systematically alter… twitter
8:58am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 832: Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet - Windows 365, Windows on iPad overcast
8:45am Crimetown: Introducing | Firebug overcast
8:43am Every Little Thing: What It’s Like To Live in the White House overcast
8:25am Radiolab: Breaking News about The Other Latif overcast
8:23am The Daily: Reacting to Chinese Cyberattacks overcast
July 20th
8:36pm 99% Invisible: 451- Hanko overcast
8:05pm The Daily: Facebook vs. the White House overcast
5:10pm I have no words for how frustrating this is. twitter
10:08am RT @KenTremendous: Important to send the message there will never be accountability for any powerful government official who lies under oath… twitter
July 19th
1:20pm RT @AoDespair: Lying has no cost. It will therefore be maintained as a feature of our continuing misrule. twitter
1:16pm RT @jsrailton: 21. BREAKING: Americans 🇺🇸 including US. Gov. officials are on the #PegasusProject list... ...even the #Biden administration… twitter
10:27am RT @abierkhatib: Remember when @Snowden accused Israel of enabling the dismemberment Khashoggi thro using Israeli spyware. Y’all owe him an … twitter
9:55am The Scathing Atheist: 438: Dumb-brella Edition overcast
9:14am The Daily: Do We Need a Third Covid Shot? overcast
8:50am RT @noUpside: 🧵The last 48 hours on here have been all about The Vaccine Discourse. Is FB killing people? Is the govt passing the buck? Who … twitter
July 18th
9:04pm @vivisextion @zannah @CaseyHo OMG, my family loves Made with Lau. Highly recommend. twitter
6:59pm Reply All: #176 Twicarus overcast
6:29pm Revisionist History: The Judgment of Helen Levitt overcast
5:58pm Every Little Thing: Why Is This Goose Out to Get Me? overcast
5:49pm Every Little Thing: Why Is This Toy Talking? overcast
4:34pm RT @jaketapper: I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Operation Warp Speed, approved by then-President Trump, is a remarkable accompl… twitter
3:32pm RT @duty2warn: We've often said, if they had Fox News in the 1950s, we'd still have polio. Dr. Fauci on Jim Acosta delivers the same messag… twitter
3:31pm RT @MattNegrin: This is like covering a mass shooting by saying a series of bullets have been appearing inside people and never asking where… twitter
10:36am RT @Snowden: Stop what you're doing and read this. This leak is going to be the story of the year: (LINK: twitter
10:26am RT @SenWarren: TurboTax tried to cheat people into paying for free services – and now they’re getting out of the game. This is the moment fo… twitter
July 17th
8:16pm Revisionist History: Project Dillard overcast
7:46pm The Scathing Atheist: 439: Insult and Pepper Edition overcast
7:32pm RT @girlsreallyrule: This is how a vaccine works and it is genius. twitter
7:30pm RT @tzimmer_history: I have somewhat ambivalent feelings about the use of the term “fascism” to describe the American Right. It’s complicate… twitter
4:55pm RT @pdxlawgrrrl: Counter-protesters to an anti-trans rally in Los Angeles yelled “don’t shoot” at the police. A police officer responded by … twitter
4:53pm RT @ScottHech: There should be consequences for journalistic malpractice like this. Not only inverting the x-axis, but making it seem like t… twitter
12:03pm Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
11:45am Just For You (a breakfast spot) in San Francisco foursquare
July 16th
9:26pm So, eradicating pellagra (a malnutrition disease) was a political issue with Southern Gentlemen against the cure, just like getting vaccinated for COVID is. ... facebook
5:33pm RT @jonfavs: Meanwhile, we’re just asking people nicely here while Delta runs rampant because we’re all too afraid of Republican talk show h… twitter
1:21pm Political Gabfest: Mature Minor overcast
12:42pm The Daily: State-Sponsored Abuse in Canada overcast
July 15th
11:03pm I started Harvard's CS50, and I know it's legit because @davidjmalan pronounced .gif correctly in the first lesson. twitter
10:37am RT @EricBoehlert: never in the history of the US has a major political party fought **in favor of a public health crisis** the way today’s G… twitter
10:07am RT @KamalaHarris: The Delta variant is on the rise. Get vaccinated. twitter
5:14am Home - If rendering with xbr sidebar no need for newline escape code dokuwiki
12:41am RT @chimeracoder: when I say "missionary work is genocide", people get alarmed, but then actual Christians will straight-up justify LITERAL … twitter
July 14th
3:58pm @tayhatmaker Please fix HTML typo in your TechCrunch article on Clubhouse DM feature. The first anchor has a misplaced bracket in it. Dr… twitter
3:05pm RT @ummjackson: After years of studying it, I believe that cryptocurrency is an inherently right-wing, hyper-capitalistic technology built p… twitter
July 13th
8:50am This American Life: 740: There. I Fixed It. overcast
July 12th
11:45pm RT @mehdirhasan: If you only watch 1 thing tonight, please watch this rather chilling video that my producer, the great & powerful Ivy G… twitter
11:35pm RT @Megavolt1: 10 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter Swap out some Netflix time for these fun channels that feed your brain as the… twitter
8:37pm Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) (an airport) in San Jose foursquare
2:53pm RT @emorwee: I spent the last two weeks trying to put the gravity of this moment for the climate into words. I hope you read them. twitter
2:22pm Kahului Airport (OGG) (an airport) in Kahului foursquare
July 11th
7:41pm Duke's Beach House (a restaurant) in Lahaina foursquare
4:53pm Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice (a dessert shop) in Lahaina foursquare
4:53pm Honokeana Bay (a beach) in Lahaina foursquare
3:54pm Napili Market (a grocery store) in Lahaina foursquare
3:13pm RT @jasonintrator: The far right picks a minority that they can demonize and vilify as a mortal threat to traditional values in order to jus… twitter
10:45am The Gazebo Restaurant (a breakfast spot) in Lahaina foursquare
12:23am RT @tribelaw: Rep. Clyburn: “I'm not asking you to eliminate the filibuster. ... But what I'm saying to you is that nobody ought to have the… twitter
12:22am RT @waltshaub: It’s absolutely bone chilling to think of a law making it illegal to teach anything but a state’s official version of history… twitter
July 10th
6:48pm Black Sand Beach (a beach) in Hāna foursquare
6:07pm Waianapanapa State Park (a state / provincial park) in Hāna foursquare
4:40pm Kipahulu Falls (a waterfall) in Hāna foursquare
4:01pm Wailua falls (a waterfall) in Hāna foursquare
3:23pm Red Sand Beach (a beach) in Hāna foursquare
10:06am Maui Swap Meet (a flea market) in Kahului foursquare
July 9th
10:52pm RT @jayrosen_nyu: Two Harvard professors who spent more than twenty years studying the breakdown of democracies in Europe and Latin America … twitter
10:48pm RT @fromthebunkerjr: All. Of. This. twitter
10:46pm RT @drvolts: There is *NO* credible argument against better funding the IRS. It's the "fiscally conservative" thing to do, as it raises much… twitter
8:44pm Wombats are far more than mere makers of cube-shaped turds. Click through. facebook
8:03pm RT @AndyRileyish: I punched Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult into a paper strip for the music box, just because why not eh twitter
8:01pm RT @UFWupdates: We often get asked why we cover our skin even in hot weather. Why do we need long pants, long sleeves and head/face covering… twitter
5:20pm Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice (a dessert shop) in Lahaina foursquare
July 8th
10:09pm Maui Brewing Company Kahana (a brewery) in Lahaina foursquare
July 7th
6:34pm Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice (a dessert shop) in Lahaina foursquare
4:25pm Nakalele Blowhole (a scenic lookout) in Lahaina foursquare
10:41am The Gazebo Restaurant (a breakfast spot) in Lahaina foursquare
July 6th
11:43pm RT @CharlesPPierce: This person does not have any intention to assist in the governing of the United States. twitter
8:20pm Maui Food Trucks (a food truck) in Spreckelsville foursquare
5:52pm The Daily: The Rise of Delta overcast
5:52pm This American Life: 740: There. I Fixed It. overcast
3:11pm Tin Roof Maui (a comfort food restaurant) in Kahului foursquare
1:48pm Kahului Airport (OGG) (an airport) in Kahului foursquare
7:44am Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) (an airport) in San Jose foursquare
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