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April 25th
10:26am The government took on an indefensible position because they felt they had to oppose Snowden. Now they're walking it back. facebook
10:25am Click through for the video. facebook
10:22am RT @Snowden: First they laugh at you, then they fight you, then... they admit you were right all along and maybe shouldn't have been violati… twitter
10:19am Seems like we see more and more people retreating to indefensible positions and digging in instead of pragmatically accepting and weighing t… twitter
10:12am RT @JameelJaffer: "An immense intrusion into the privacy of millions of people, but there is no evidence that it has made us more secure"--t… twitter
April 24th
12:25pm Hot.Dry. California. instagram
April 23rd
12:12pm I don't care how long I've work at Roku, when I see three of those ninja turtles scroll by in the City Stroll screensaver, I have to look fo… twitter
11:56am Coachella Music Festival, where were you when I was driving through town with nothing but time on my hands for four years in the late 1980s? facebook
8:19am RT @dead_lugosi: Dear Underrepresented Developers, @strangeloop_stl Opportunity Grants are open for applications. Many years ago I was given… twitter
April 22nd
12:05pm RT @studentactivism: The Guardian article has been up for ten hours. No statement yet from @WAGOP, @WaHouseGOP, @WaSenateGOP, or @jtwilcox11… twitter
12:03pm RT @drvox: Unbelievable thread. Just a member of the Washington legislature (previously on record calling for Christian holy war) planning v… twitter
10:28am RT @Nick__Bentley: Maybe my favorite evolutionary story: 300 million years ago there were no microorganisms that could decompose trees, so d… twitter
8:42am I claimed affiliation with "American Independent" (oops, I wanted "unaffiliated") when applying for RealID, and promptly got a one-question survey call from ... facebook
April 21st
4:57pm Sen Dai Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
April 18th
7:46am RT @QasimRashid: Remember last month the Coast Guard white supremacist who planned to mass murder Americans w/his dozens of guns? •He’s NOT … twitter
April 17th
10:00pm Q. Should abortion be legal up until the moment of birth? A. (Click through for Christina Cauterucci's thoughtful answer.) twitter
9:07am @neonepiphany Now I'm imagining Steve Ballmer promoting KitKats like the Zune. twitter
April 16th
8:15pm RT @hamishNews: 🚨🚨@theprojecttv EXCLUSIVE: Nauru’s former President has “days” to live. He wanted to give one final interview to describe … twitter
7:13pm Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) (an airport) in Los Angeles foursquare
5:15pm Porto's Bakery & Cafe (a cuban restaurant) in Downey foursquare
4:28pm CSULB Bookstore (a college bookstore) in Long Beach foursquare
10:15am SDSU - Montezuma Hall - Aztec Student Union (a student center) in San Diego foursquare
April 15th
8:07pm Woodstock's Pizza (a pizza place) in San Diego foursquare
4:54pm San Diego International Airport (SAN) (an airport) in San Diego foursquare
12:21pm Santa Clara DMV Office (a government building) in Santa Clara foursquare
8:36am Happy 20th Birthday, LiveJournal! I'm glad I got the no-ads permanent account. (You hear that, Facebook? I'll pay, if you're willing to make me a customer in... facebook
April 14th
9:18pm RT @TomHRLC: “National security does not lie in the fairytale of border security; it does not repose in the ongoing torture of free human be… twitter
April 13th
10:12am TC Pastry (a dim sum restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
8:21am @neonepiphany You're not wrong. It's a song of my people, and I don't ask or expect anybody else to read or watch it. twitter
8:10am @zannah Yay! And it's the Japanese language with subtitles version! twitter
8:05am RT @mtaibbi: There are simply too many things kept secret, from the budgets of intelligence agencies to programs like drone assassination an… twitter
April 12th
7:56pm Suddenly the oil and vinegar makes me want to re-read The Watchmen. instagram
7:54pm Starbucks (a coffee shop) in Santa Clara foursquare
9:05am Note-to-self: If I were to add people to follow on Instagram, I'd consider these: facebook
April 11th
9:40pm RT @EFF: Much of this indictment appears to cover ordinary journalistic activity, like protecting sources. The indictment even casts the use… twitter
7:44am RT @ggreenwald: The @ACLU's point is vital: if the US can force the arrest and then extradite foreigners like Assange on foreign soil for pu… twitter
12:31am RT @MIT_CSAIL: Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data. Right: MIT computer scientist M… twitter
April 10th
10:31pm Mike Kobb, had you seen this one? (Click through to see both pictures side by side.) facebook
10:14pm RT @tribelaw: Utterly jaw-dropping — to the point where I had to listen three times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. How Barr, whom I on… twitter
3:42pm A Photo Visit to Mount Fanjing, with two temples at the top of lonely spire called the New Golden Summit, or Red Clouds Golden Summit. (Click through for a d... facebook
12:50pm Context for #EHTBlackHole, may be of interest to @zannah twitter
April 9th
10:30pm @tinydotblot Lionhead. (Or a Conway Game of Life glider generator.) twitter
9:05am This is confusing, because if you scan the bill itself, it says, "The Secretary of the Treasury, or the Secretary’s delegate, shall continue to operate the I... facebook
8:44am RT @DanaVivianWhite: "Millennials" is used in the media to infantilize, discredit, and instill distrust of an educated, hard-working, low-ea… twitter
April 8th
9:24pm This is the best visualization of something Lovecraftian I've ever seen. (Blink as you watch it for better effect.) You'll recognize Bob Ross, but your mind ... facebook
1:58pm RT @stephenfry: Sagacity from the great Sagan (via @LandonRoss) twitter
1:14pm Vasona Dam & Canal (a great outdoors) in San Jose foursquare
9:05am Japanese artist Issei Nomura has created an ambigram that reads as the outgoing Heisei one way, and the incoming Reiwa the other. facebook
April 7th
7:37pm Somisomi (a dessert shop) in Cupertino foursquare
6:53pm Doppio Zero (a pizza place) in Cupertino foursquare
April 6th
10:57am RT @sehurlburt: Time to do this again! I'm happy to RT your tech blog post. If you don't have one, write one! Requirements: 1. You identify… twitter
9:42am I can't tell what I love more about reap.vim. It's a vim plugin that overloads the "=" command and executes Python snippets inline. But its documentation and... facebook
April 5th
11:35pm RT @drvox: This was always where it was headed -- got nothing to do with illegal immigration & everything to do with brute, ugly xenopho… twitter
April 4th
2:54pm Los Gatos Creek Trail (a field) in Los Gatos foursquare
12:58pm RT @MarsCuriosity: When I dip you dip we dip. This dip in post-sunset light was caused by Phobos. The Martian moon was rising as the sun s… twitter
April 3rd
11:52pm RT @AOC: Related: Chelsea Manning has been trapped in solitary confinement for refusing to answer questions before a Grand Jury. Solitary c… twitter
8:13pm RT @WIRED: Unprotected Facebook user data has been found on Amazon’s servers, exposing hundreds of millions of records. It's just the latest… twitter
April 2nd
8:55am Starbucks (a coffee shop) in Milpitas foursquare
April 1st
9:26pm My feed URL has changed livejournal
9:18pm I have a new geeky blog post. All I try to do is maintain my web services, but everybody keeps ending or breaking theirs. facebook
9:11pm dblume says if you follow my blog in a feed reader, please update the feed URL. The feed URL is now David's Place plurk
1:19pm People who use feed readers: My blog's feed has changed! Please re-subscribe at the new address 2/2 twitter
1:19pm I wrote a new blog post about trying to maintain webservice clients in a world of changing webservices. 1/2 twitter
1:12pm @feedly Thanks! You rock! (Looks like the other Feedly followers didn't get automatically moved from the old feed to the new feed. Oh, well,… twitter
8:03am @feedly Feedly won't let us subscribe to because it FORCES its users to a non-secure URL that redirects, but Feedly … twitter
March 31st
5:40pm Still not Defeated david_dlma
4:49pm Dixon Landing Park (a park) in Milpitas foursquare
March 30th
7:38pm Macy's (a department store) in Newark foursquare
3:29pm Really good advice here: 20 Things Every 20-Something Should Do to Start Adulting Like a Pro facebook
March 29th
7:26pm Dishdash Grill (a middle eastern restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
2:35pm Netflix, Inc. (an office) in Los Gatos foursquare
9:24am I really respect this man's quest. (The Oreo Aficionado) facebook
7:44am Chinese censors incinerated the entire run of a kickstarted Call of Cthulhu RPG sourcebook. This is notable because the book was intended for export. As Boin... facebook
March 28th
4:39pm RT @ethanschoonover: How METAL are my 6th grade girls learning Text Adventure coding? Here are a few of their Interactive Fiction game title… twitter
4:37pm RT @LizzieSwann1: Me: Husband, please stop leaving empty wrappers on the kitchen surface. Husband: twitter
1:51pm Aerial Photos Reveal the Sculptural Beauty of Japanese Highway Interchanges facebook
1:29pm Vasona Reservoir (a lake) in Los Gatos foursquare
9:48am RT @SlenderSherbet: "fuck off I'm talking" twitter
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