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December 5th
6:01pm Fresh Air: The Gutting Of The Voting Rights Act overcast
1:12pm Revisionist History: A New Day at the Races overcast
8:22am The Daily: The Blurry Line Between Rap Star and Crime Boss overcast
December 4th
3:05pm Check your air filters. Test your alarms. Consider bumping your bcrypt.gensalt() work factor... (Yes, I have production code that is so old I may have to bump my bcrypt work factor.) #cryptography ... mastodon
12:25pm Radiolab: Boy Man overcast
11:46am The Daily: The Oct. 7 Warning That Israel Ignored overcast
11:01am The Daily: Sunday Special: Elon Musk at ‘DealBook’ overcast
December 3rd
9:32pm I'm just starting Spider-Man Across the Spider-verse, and this team could do Elektra: Assassin justice. #comics #movies #billsienkiewicz mastodon
12:30pm Search Engine: Who should be in charge of AI? overcast
7:56am Coffee - Added UCC Coffee with milk dokuwiki
7:55am @integerpoet I get curious about what your prompts (and process) might've been. mastodon
7:54am coffee:ucc_coffee.png - created dokuwiki
2:08am Shirt Size dokuwiki
December 2nd
4:25pm Planet Money: Why are we so bummed about the economy? overcast
4:08pm The Scathing Atheist: 563: Welcome Matt Edition overcast
6:43am Linux - Add tip for fixing Google Chrome losing passwords dokuwiki
December 1st
7:47pm The Masonic (a concert hall) in San Francisco foursquare
1:55pm The Daily: Should You Rent or Buy? The New Math. overcast
1:41pm Political Gabfest: Why Does Everyone Hate Bidenomics? overcast
12:55pm dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 16th Annual Space Telescope Advent Calendar! (Esp. for pastilla ) plurk
November 30th
5:47pm The Daily: The Bad Vibes Around a Good Economy overcast
8:11am Fresh Air: Comic Leslie Jones overcast
12:03am Looks like the upgrade to PHP 8.3 is going to be way easier than the upgrade to 8.2 was. mastodon
November 29th
6:12pm 99% Invisible: 344- The Known Unknown [rebroadcast] overcast
6:12pm Planet Money: So you want to sell marijuana across state lines overcast
3:48pm The Daily: Ending Roe Was Supposed to Reduce Abortions. It Didn’t. overcast
November 28th
8:10pm @JetForMe I've got some code up there. mastodon
7:41pm The Advent of Code sounds like fun. mastodon
6:17pm Fresh Air: Comic Leslie Jones overcast
5:57pm Radiolab: Shrink overcast
1:58pm The Daily: Israel and Hamas’s Fragile Cease-Fire overcast
8:15am Radiolab: The Interstitium overcast
November 27th
3:05pm Just remembered that time I submitted my website to Yahoo for inclusion in their hand-curated directory. #old mastodon
12:13pm The Daily: Botox, Hermès and OnlyFans: Why This May Be George Santos’s Last Week in Congress overcast
8:17am @JetForMe Aww, that's disappointing. You'd think they'd understand the value of the improved visibility the variety of colors can provide. mastodon
November 26th
4:09pm Revisionist History: This Is Your Captain Speaking overcast
3:35pm The Scathing Atheist: 562: Dos and Don’ts Edition overcast
November 25th
1:51pm Political Gabfest: Is Polling Broken? overcast
12:17pm "These Les Mis LARPers rigged the price of bread!" It's quotes like this that keep me reading Cory Doctorow. @pluralistic mastodon
November 24th
11:23am The Daily: ‘Hard Fork’: An Interview With Sam Altman overcast
10:43am Planet Money: A very Planet Money Thanksgiving overcast
November 23rd
10:31pm Nice to read about competent governance in action. "The FTC has Big Pharma's number." The FTC asks the FDA to intervene to prevent Orange Book stuffing becau... facebook
2:03pm Which team are you? (I have a hard time choosing AG Systems, Piranha or Goteki 45) facebook
1:10pm 99% Invisible: 561- Long Strange Tape overcast
12:45pm The Daily: Thanksgiving With ‘The Run-Up’: Are Black Voters Leaving Democrats Behind? overcast
12:29pm The Daily: Inside the Coup at OpenAI overcast
10:28am Uncle John’s Pancake House (an american restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
November 21st
5:46pm Revisionist History: Generative AI: Its Rise and Potential for Society overcast
5:24pm Planet Money: Economic fact in literary fiction overcast
12:50pm Planet Money: China’s real estate crisis, explained overcast
12:34pm The Daily: A Reporter’s Journey Into Gaza overcast
November 20th
12:01pm 99% Invisible: 560- Home on the Range overcast
11:35am The Daily: The New Speaker Avoided a Shutdown. Can He Avoid Being Ousted? overcast
10:24am "It is worth noting that many of the people predicting an AI-powered doomsday are also the people funding, developing, and raising money for new AI capabilities." from @404mediaco's http... mastodon
November 19th
4:17pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: Watership Down Gets the Graphic Novel Treatment overcast
3:54pm Search Engine: Why don’t we eat people? overcast
November 17th
4:16pm The Daily: Two Superpowers Walk Into a Garden overcast
November 16th
6:15pm Political Gabfest: You’ll Miss Joe Manchin overcast
12:20pm The Kids of Rutherford County: Episode 4: Dedicated Public Servants overcast
8:32am The Daily: Biden’s Electric Car Problem overcast
November 15th
6:04pm The Daily: A Strategy to Treat Big Tech Like Big Tobacco overcast
3:59pm The Kids of Rutherford County: Episode 3: Would You Like to Sue the Government? overcast
2:23pm Most of the time, my IDE is stacks of tunnels. I usually choose two or three of these: *ssh*: a text-only connection to a remote target machine *tmux*: looking throw panes and windows on that ssh l... mastodon
November 14th
5:55pm The Kids of Rutherford County: Episode 2: What the Hell Are You People Doing? overcast
2:09pm The Daily: Hamas’s Bloody Arithmetic overcast
9:02am Fresh Air: Best Of: Werner Herzog / Greta Lee overcast
November 13th
12:09pm The Daily: The Doctors of Gaza overcast
12:09pm Radiolab: Funky Hand Jive overcast
November 12th
3:47pm Planet Money: The alleged theft at the heart of ChatGPT overcast
3:33pm The Daily: From Serial: ‘The Kids of Rutherford County’ overcast
3:12pm Linux dokuwiki
4:56am Linux - [Terminal Configuration] dokuwiki
November 11th
12:23pm Search Engine: The Bull of Wall Street overcast
10:29am Another good read by Cory Doctorow @pluralistic : "Jezebel's owner's top-exec is bent on ending reality-based coverage in favor of 'letting robots shit out brand safe AI-assisted articles abou... mastodon
7:29am Linux - [Configuration] Add xprop tip for future use dokuwiki
November 10th
7:05pm I have a note to self to "Get rid of test code generating vim" I have no idea what I meant. @zannah might appreciate the sentiment. #code #todo mastodon
3:24pm Linux - [Configuration] dokuwiki
2:22pm The Daily: What Adidas Knew About Kanye overcast
2:22pm Political Gabfest: Was That A Great Or Terrible Night For Biden? overcast
9:49am @integerpoet You'd think, right? But even after this election, I fear identity politics will overcome reason for the next one. mastodon
November 9th
12:49pm Fresh Air: Sofia Coppola On ‘Priscilla’ overcast
12:22pm Planet Money: Never have I ever overcast
12:17pm The Daily: The Supreme Court Tests Its Own Limits on Guns overcast
5:36am Linux - [Configuration] dokuwiki
November 8th
5:56pm Radiolab: Toy Soldiers overcast
12:34pm 99% Invisible: 559- The Six-Week Cure overcast
8:31am The Daily: The Trumps Take the Stand overcast
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