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June 18th
1:29pm RT @MattNegrin: Today I’m using tiktok to show Gen Z-ers how @ThisWeekABC spread a wildly bogus voter fraud conspiracy theory by booking Rep… twitter
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June 17th
9:12pm katisconfused: dad-mode-engage: rafa-starkiller: classandcars: tab-irl: transgirl-link: Steel... tumblr
7:07pm RT @vincethomasjr: Soooo…you’re telling me #Juneteenth is about to become a Federal Holiday while, at the same time, some states are passing… twitter
5:38pm Welcome dokuwiki
2:16pm @integerpoet I know. I'm just the choir giving you a hearty "amen!" One of my life goals is to outlive him. twitter
1:39pm @integerpoet That'd be nice. But money is speech. The only segment of the US with speech is the very top percent. twitter
9:35am Planet Money: How Uncle Jamie Broke Jeopardy (Update) overcast
9:28am The Scathing Atheist: 435: Bath Time Edition overcast
8:58am The Daily: The Transformation of Ralph Northam overcast
12:35am RT @Snowden: "...young people are terrified to tweet. The assumption of good faith is dead. What matters is not goodness but the appearance … twitter
June 16th
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2:14pm RT @radleybalko: twitter
2:11pm RT @Snowden: "I wanted PGP to be used for human rights applications—to spread all over the world, especially to places where people needed p… twitter
1:15pm Need to put this next to Charles Minard's amazing flow map of Napoleon's Russian campaign of 1812. facebook
12:00pm Silly developer! Why did you pidof [myproc] | tr " " " " | xargs -I {} ps -p {} -o pid,%cpu,%mem,cmd When you could've just ps -p $(pidof [… twitter
8:57am Why the Mexico City Metro Collapsed facebook
8:51am RT @trufelman: Today I learned that many of Philadelphia's streets are named after trees. But they are not ordered alphabetically, no no. T… twitter
8:12am 99% Invisible: 447- Flag Days: The Red, the Black & the Green overcast
7:44am The Daily: The War in Tigray overcast
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June 15th
3:58pm RT @Snowden: (Thread:) This is the reality of the fully commercialized mainstream internet: an indigestible mass of shortest-form opinions, … twitter
3:22pm Now Colombia's being hit by COVID-19 worse than ever. (Really not happy seeing the UK trend up again, either.) facebook
9:38am This American Life: 739: Sisters overcast
9:27am The Daily: Why Billionaires Pay So Little Tax overcast
8:56am RT @NewYorker: Visual thinking, by revealing what would otherwise remain invisible, has had a profound effect on the way we approach problem… twitter
8:51am RT @Emolclause: #BREAKING:"To reform the presidency so that the last four years are never repeated, the country must go beyond passing laws:… twitter
8:47am RT @KenTremendous: "You stabbed me!" "Correct." "Are you going to stab me again?" "Yes." "Well, I have a knife too!" "..." "But I am going t… twitter
8:39am RT @nhannahjones: Our children must learn that we are the greatest and freest country in the history of the world, and we will demonstrate t… twitter
June 14th
7:28pm Every Little Thing: Hummingbirds: Magical Fairies or Vicious Little Drones? overcast
7:09pm Radiolab: Breath overcast
2:26pm Australia's mouse plague is horrific. facebook
1:36pm As a dad, I approve. facebook
1:21pm RT @Snowden: It is a tremendous indictment of our system that no President of either party cared to address this historically harsh sentence… twitter
10:28am The Daily: Apple’s Bet on China overcast
June 13th
10:46pm Drama free! Haters gonna hate. I just live my true life and be my true self. facebook
2:55pm Planet Money: Used Car Talk overcast
2:05pm Political Gabfest: Manchin on the Hill overcast
11:28am RT @michaelshermer: Today Ellsberg is a heroic whistleblower for revealing the extent to which the US Gov was lying about Vietnam. Will @Sno… twitter
11:24am Click through for the thread. "Would police have been justified in using this level of violence against innocent people if it WAS about a fe… twitter
11:19am RT @ChrisMurphyCT: How is it ok that: - 90% of the country; - the majority of the Senate; - the majority of the House; - and the President … twitter
June 12th
11:01pm RT @MaddowBlog: Maddow to DOJ officials: Wake up, you guys! You're going to work every day at an active crime scene, and there's no other co… twitter
10:41pm RT @NullMemories: long-term nuclear waste warning messages + rich people's indoor swimming pools twitter
10:40am Life in the U.S.A.: Having to double check whether the mass shooting in Austin and the mass shooting in Savannah were the same. (Maybe one is a suburb of the... facebook
10:33am RT @brianklaas: In every European country, this would be huge national news for weeks. In America, it's not even a leading story the same da… twitter
10:29am RT @eliesaaab: Lorde is glowing twitter
June 11th
1:37pm RT @ggreenwald: Eight years ago today, we unveiled one of this generation's most important and courageous whistleblowers: Edward @Snowden. R… twitter
9:32am The Daily: Day X, Part 3: Blind Spot 2.0 overcast
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June 10th
8:06pm RT @NetflixFilm: happy BLADE RUNNER 2049 day this is *literally* the only day you can retweet this twitter
9:48am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 826: Zuckerberg’s Lily White Shins - WWDC preview, hacking Tamagotchi, Nigeria suspends Twitter overcast
9:45am Reply All: #174 Search Party overcast
9:20am The Scathing Atheist: 434: Arky Van Arkface Edition overcast
8:52am The Daily: The Unlikely Pioneer Behind mRNA Vaccines overcast
June 9th
6:29pm RT @SenWarren: Raising multibillionaires' income taxes isn't enough when these guys don’t grow their fortunes from income. We need a #Wealth… twitter
5:35pm RT @OkieSpaceQueen: I own a portable planetarium and I take it to rural areas to show people the universe. I mostly visit schools but I'm co… twitter
4:26pm Colleague: I am talking like I know how this works, and in reality I have no idea Me: Same. Me: Actually describes my whole career. Colleagu… twitter
12:26pm Revisionist History: Presenting: Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi overcast
12:06pm 99% Invisible: 446- Flag Days: Good Luck, True South overcast
12:05pm The Daily: The Bill That United the Senate overcast
11:07am RT @Forbes: ORBITS: Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) asks whether the Forest Service or the BLM can alter the orbit of the moon or the Earth in ord… twitter
9:53am Mouse, you seem tired. facebook
9:28am "The failure of one party to do right does not give anyone the right to do nothing." @Sen_JoeManchin please reconsid… twitter
8:58am RT @mollyhc: The detail in this that really, really got me was Jeff Bezos getting a $4K tax credit for his children in 2011 because his inco… twitter
June 8th
9:34pm Don't want to see the local weather on your Windows Taskbar? Right click on your Windows Taskbar, select "News and Interests" and "Turn Off"… twitter
4:14pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 826: Zuckerberg’s Lily White Shins - WWDC preview, hacking Tamagotchi, Nigeria suspends Twitter overcast
3:53pm @asociologist @yacitus @yacitus I used that chart in 2010 in a LiveJournal post! twitter
3:47pm RT @brfranklin4: Historians are dunking on the Project 1836 Law signed by @GregAbbott_TX & fairly so. It's pure culture-wars inflaming r… twitter
11:37am RT @tedlieu: Dear @FoxNews: Why are you silencing the voices of law enforcement? Every word in this video is spoken by a police officer. W… twitter
8:48am This American Life: 738: Good Grief! overcast
8:03am The Daily: Who is Hacking the U.S. Economy? overcast
7:45am The Daily: Will Netanyahu Fall? overcast
June 7th
7:59pm The Daily: Bonus: Ezra Klein Talks to Obama About How America Went From ‘Yes We Can’ to ‘MAGA’ overcast
7:19pm Planet Money: Amateur Hour at the Supreme Court overcast
6:02pm RT @SethCotlar: White settlers who came to Texas in the 1830s received 80 acres of land for every enslaved person they brought with them. I'… twitter
12:19pm RT @mjs_DC: Note, too, Benitez's contradictory conclusion: Mass shootings with assault weapons are "infinitesimally rare" in California, yet… twitter
June 6th
8:18pm RT @jayrosen_nyu: I agree with Timothy Snyder. This is where it's going, and there is presently nothing on the horizon that would stop it. h… twitter
2:17pm RT @JoshRudes: If a bill to facilitate voting, limit partisan gerrymandering, require campaign finance transparency, restore campaign fin. e… twitter
11:13am RT @jesseltaylor: At no point in this piece does Manchin lay out what makes the For the People Act “partisan” other than that Republicans wo… twitter
11:10am RT @malcolmkenyatta: Saying we won’t protect voting rights unless the folks trying to take away voting rights are ok with it, is dumb as hel… twitter
7:28am Mission Peak (top) (a mountain) in Fremont foursquare
5:40am Ohlone Trail (a trail) in Fremont foursquare
June 5th
4:57pm Mextizo Restaurant and Cantina (a mexican restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
June 4th
8:08pm The Daily: Day X, Part 2: In the Stomach overcast
7:40pm Political Gabfest: The “Murder Mystery” Edition overcast
5:01pm My love for you isn’t sus instagram
3:10pm RT @traecrowder: Liberal Redneck - Kamala and Enjoying Memorial Day #KamalaHarris #enjoythelongweekend twitter
12:28pm RT @polotek: Let me say it again. They are *right*. Diversity has never been necessary for the continued success *of white men*. If you thin… twitter
11:57am Personally, it would seem appropriate to see the local Bald Eagle eaglet, Pfizer, "branching" today. My younger kid just graduated the local high school, and... facebook
June 3rd
6:45pm Every Little Thing: Is My Cat Trying to Murder Me? overcast
11:59am @thatkidwho Why don't you know who won the presidential election? Agree that recounts and transparent independent or bipartisan audits shoul… twitter
9:47am The Scathing Atheist: 433: Worth Your Wiles Edition overcast
9:15am Revisionist History: Introducing Revisionist History Season Six overcast
9:04am 99% Invisible: 445- The Clinch overcast
8:56am The Daily: Inside the Texas Legislature overcast
June 2nd
10:57pm What Makes This Song Great? Ep.104 Pink Floyd youtube_favorites
7:12pm The Daily: Joe Manchin’s Motivations overcast
6:48pm Radiolab: The Dirty Drug and the Ice Cream Tub overcast
11:54am RT @brianbeutler: Exactly this: This isn’t restoring normalcy, it’s normalizing. The new normal will be rampant, gangster-like criminality u… twitter
9:57am RT @brianklaas: 1. American democracy is in serious danger, because it's under sustained assault from Republicans who wield real power acros… twitter
9:12am @thatkidwho (Removed Chris Murphy) Want to understand your position: Did Trump win the 2020 election? Will he be reinstated as president bef… twitter
9:00am RT @stu_bot3000: My favourite species of birds are the ones named by people who clearly hate birds. (thread) twitter
June 1st
4:55pm @zannah I love that they required the other them walking at them through the mirror to be the one to step aside, like a game of chicken. twitter
10:41am RT @emptywheel: I think it's a grave mistake for people to dismiss Trump's plan to resume power in August as the rantings of a madman. twitter
9:38am The Scathing Atheist: 432: Conceptual Decade Edition overcast
9:01am The Scathing Atheist: 431: Closed Letter Edition overcast
8:57am RT @ThePlumLineGS: NEWS: 100 leading democracy scholars just issued a powerful new statement warning that our democracy is under dire threa… twitter
May 31st
3:02pm I love how this diatribe on HB481 unfolds. Worth the click-through and read. twitter
2:29pm RT @mishabuchel: Most striking is Mexico in the second half of the 16th century once western colonizers were there in numbers slaughtering a… twitter
2:20pm RT @RepKinzinger: We are the land of the free because of the brave. 🇺🇸 On Memorial Day, we remember those courageous men and women who made… twitter
10:38am Planet Money: One Hack to Fool Them All overcast
6:54am "Objecting to someone's homosexuality is a legitimate basis for excluding them, but objecting to their potential transmission of a deadly vi… twitter
6:45am People who pronounce gif with a hard 'g' should pronounce fintech with a long 'i'. twitter
6:34am @thatkidwho @ChrisMurphyCT To you the takeaway from 1/6 is a Democrat cover up‽ It was a Republican storming of the Capitol with murderous i… twitter
May 30th
7:47am RT @cstross: Thread. Should be mandatory reading for anyone thinking of buying into cryptocurrencies or NFTs at this point (the level of noi… twitter
May 29th
8:28pm @thatkidwho @ChrisMurphyCT Sure. What was their intent? Were they conspiring with anybody? "Doing their job?" "Saving the lives of Congressm… twitter
5:21pm RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Good morning. My workplace was violently attacked by a mob of thousands. They came to kill some of us. We had to flee to… twitter
1:59pm Balls of Fury (2007) is an American Masterpiece. facebook
10:06am Planet Granite (a climbing gym) in Sunnyvale foursquare
7:03am Mission Peak (top) (a mountain) in Fremont foursquare
May 28th
10:07pm Republicans: "It was Antifa who stormed the Capitol!"Democrats: "Let's Investigate"Republicans "Nah we're good"-- u/portageandmain on Reddit facebook
5:56pm Posters and a video for Japan's National Pillow Fight Contest. facebook
3:49pm RT @AriBerman: Republicans holding sham “audit” in Arizona after 0 documented cases of voter fraud there but won’t hold investigation into J… twitter
12:13pm RT @MarsCuriosity: Sometimes you just need to stop and watch the clouds roll by... on Mars. Cloudy days are rare here because the atmosphe… twitter
10:40am Could've been "Sleep. Scream. F---. Die." facebook
9:49am Political Gabfest: The “Gain of Function” Edition overcast
9:09am python dokuwiki
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9:06am The Daily: Day X, Part 1: Shadow Army? overcast
8:46am Playground dokuwiki
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8:19am RT @QasimRashid: Benghazi: •GOP: 33 investigations & hearings over 5 years. Hillary's Emails: •GOP: 20+ investigations & hearings o… twitter
8:08am Without H.R.1, America will become a minoritarian democracy. Here's a very sort explanation. (2 minutes) facebook
12:52am The Belief System of Conservatives dokuwiki
May 27th
11:35pm Argentina is spiking in COVID-19 cases. They just beat America's world record for Daily Cases per Capita. (Again, thanks to Rick Mann for the graphs.) facebook
3:46pm The Belief System of Conservatives dokuwiki
3:26pm The Belief System of Conservatives dokuwiki
11:57am RT @SteveHofstetter: And now, San Jose. I am going to re-post this video every time I hear about a mass shooting. If you're tired of seeing… twitter
11:53am RT @AriBerman: 231 mass shootings in 146 days this year: let’s make it easier to buy guns 16 alleged cases of voter fraud out of 160 millio… twitter
10:33am The Scathing Atheist: 431: Closed Letter Edition overcast
10:25am Invisibilia: The Great Narrative Escape overcast
10:17am Planet Money: Runaway Recommendation Engine overcast
9:56am 99% Invisible: 444- Pipe Dreams overcast
9:29am The Daily: Why Hamas Keeps Fighting, and Losing overcast
May 26th
7:41am The Belief System of Conservatives dokuwiki
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May 25th
10:47pm A theory that this is the belief system of Republicans:1. Hierarchy is natural, inevitable, and desirable.2. We live in a zero-sum world.3. The current s... facebook
2:43pm We gotta try this with the kids. facebook
10:36am The Daily: A Cheerleader, a Snapchat Post and the Supreme Court overcast
10:32am Political Gabfest: Hot Button Issue overcast
8:20am About This Wiki dokuwiki
May 24th
11:34am Planet Money: Get The Vaccine, Lose The Skinny Jeans overcast
11:28am The Daily: The Crumbling of the N.R.A. overcast
May 23rd
12:26pm RT @mathcolorstrees: Got a story for you. Years ago when I was a new PhD grad working at Twitter, there was a director of product who had st… twitter
11:22am Drones dropping tear gas. This reminds me I still have the latest Little Brother book by @doctorow in my queue. twitter
8:44am RT @DanRather: A sobering and necessary read and share. Especially for journalists. A roadmap for covering our perilous political moment. twitter
May 22nd
5:18pm Pho King (an asian restaurant) in Oakland foursquare
4:15pm Lake Merritt (a lake) in Oakland foursquare
12:16pm RT @EngineMarvelous: Finished another zoetrope. This time I wanted to make a tribute to one of the greatest animators, Hayao Miyazaki. #Stud… twitter
7:00am Mission Peak (top) (a mountain) in Fremont foursquare
5:18am cplusplus dokuwiki
May 21st
11:10pm Part of a great thread on crypto. You should read the whole thing, actually. twitter
11:42am Just noticed I've been using DokuWiki for over 15 years! twitter
11:32am ProTip: Found an incompatibility with DreamHost's "Extra Web Security" setting and DokuWiki (@dokuwiki and @dreamhostcare). Some text gets b… twitter
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