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October 15th
10:33pm The Lines of Code That Changed Everything. (The RSS item should've mentioned Dave Winer.) facebook
4:32pm RT @DanRather: So President Trump is complaining about "transparency" in the impeachment inquiries? Because of testimony behind closed doors… twitter
12:43pm Scenes From the Aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis in Japan facebook
10:47am Click through to see some amazing miniature scale decaying Tokyo storefronts. (Worth it.) facebook
8:09am RT @MissoulaAF: Look what your precious Oxford comma did this time, nerds. twitter
October 14th
8:28pm RT @Sifill_LDF: Pay attention to this move towards theocracy. The Attorney General rails against secularism, and the Secretary of State has … twitter
11:37am @Daliblume I adore you. That was my joke. That it sounds so lovely I thought I'd be paying, instead of getting rewarded for surviving it. twitter
6:13am $10,000 is a little high for me to pay for just one month's rent, but those amenities sound worth it. Where do I sign up? twitter
October 13th
4:24pm Holy cow, you can even make out the "Black Belt". This does not correlate to a population map at all. facebook
1:32pm RT @Sleestak: I'm sorry but the idea of Star Trek cosplayers walking around a Renaissance Faire like time travelers will always be hilarious… twitter
12:46pm Apple's iOS 13 "Mail" app makes it harder to do one of the actions I do most frequently when triaging email. They got rid of the customizable suggested folde... facebook
12:23pm "Tho’ I never arrived at the perfection I had been so ambitious of obtaining, but fell far short of it, yet I was, by the endeavour, a better and a happier m... facebook
7:56am Once you learn the password, you'll appreciate the thoughtful image choice they used for the article. facebook
October 12th
3:32pm @neonepiphany Love it as much as I hate Facebook's smarmy response, "If Senator Warren wants to say things she knows to be untrue, we believ… twitter
1:24pm Fentons Creamery & Restaurant (an ice cream shop) in Oakland foursquare
12:17pm Homeroom (a mac & cheese joint) in Oakland foursquare
11:23am Sather Gate (a monument / landmark) in Berkeley foursquare
10:44am Doe Library (a college library) in Berkeley foursquare
10:33am Campanile (Sather Tower) (a scenic lookout) in Berkeley foursquare
9:50am California Memorial Stadium (a college football field) in Berkeley foursquare
October 11th
9:03pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
5:16pm RT @robreiner: To my friends in the GOP: You know he’s unfit. You know he’s committed crimes. You know he commits Impeachable offenses on a … twitter
10:45am And if you have moreutils' "pee", then you can easily see just the message and verification of its signature like so: curl -s… twitter
10:07am It's over 10 years old, but still nice to occasionally verify the weekly warrant canary signature before reading it.… twitter
9:01am RT @theintercept: Critics of @Snowden’s decision to leak classified NSA documents noted at the time that safeguards existed to prevent Ameri… twitter
October 10th
9:37pm Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2019 facebook
8:34pm RT @integerpoet: She shouldn’t have to be heroic. But she is. twitter
1:54pm RT @FakeLibStats: Did you know that the benefits of reading outweigh any negatives caused by eating cake twitter
11:07am dblume shares A desktop vacation to the Bungle Bungles in Australia, esp. for pastilla A Photo Trip to the Bungle Bungles plurk
9:27am RT @Mikel_Jollett: SHE WARNED US ABOUT EVERYTHING. Hillary Clinton in 2016: “Turkey is at war with the Kurds... If Turkey cuts off the Tru… twitter
October 9th
9:54pm RT @MykeCole: What’s so blood-boiling about the Trump presidency is how unspeakably *stupid* he is. He isn’t even a worthy adversary. How do… twitter
12:36pm RT @mollycrabapple: In advance of Turkey’s invasion of Rojava, the US had the SDF destroy their border fortifications. This looks like activ… twitter
9:17am RT @trevortimm: This reminds me of when, in 2014, the CIA was caught spying on emails between the IC's director of whistleblowing & Cong… twitter
October 8th
1:07pm RT @jhooks: Saying “hi” in a DM or chat and just mutely waiting is not something I’d consider a social grace. It fundamentally destroys th… twitter
11:16am Billionaire or Supervillian? twitter
11:13am @neonepiphany In all seriousness, I would've checked the range that included 5 hours. twitter
11:09am RT @mjs_DC: Florida Republicans' poll tax continues to work as intended. twitter
8:39am RT @ChrisEvans: I think everyone who chooses to stay out of politics(which is your right) should make a mental note of where they would draw… twitter
October 7th
4:17pm The rich really do pay lower taxes than the rest. And we're subsidizing this tax loss with tarriffs, a regressive tax, further hurting the l… twitter
3:21pm RT @RyanLizza: This is objectively insane. There is no other way to describe it. It does not matter whether you’re a reporter, a conservativ… twitter
11:25am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
October 6th
12:36pm Birthday Family Excursions mydlma
October 5th
10:41pm RT @davidcicilline: Just a quick reminder about all the bills Mitch McConnell is still blocking. twitter
10:13am Gorillaz' "Plastic Beach" intended to tell a complete story over "4 or 5" music videos. Those were "Stylo", "Melancholy Hill", "Broken" and then "Rhinestone ... facebook
9:28am RT @gregolear: Let’s talk about Mike Pence. Our corrupt VP has managed to stay off the radar for three years, hiding in the wide shadow cast… twitter
9:20am RT @DanielEllsberg: Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the day I started copying the Pentagon Papers. My older son @RobertEllsberg was 13… twitter
8:15am Everybody needs a little enrichment. facebook
October 4th
8:45am RT @Snowden: The EU's 2019 Whistleblower Directive explicitly protects *public* disclosure without requiring reporting through internal or e… twitter
7:54am At the "Emma Saying" YouTube channel where she pronounces "Tinnitus" both ways, one of the comment reads, "it's pronounced "tih-nigh-tus" this channel is FAK... facebook
October 3rd
10:21pm @neonepiphany TIL how taiyaki get their filling. Thank you, @neonepiphany twitter
4:38pm RT @yacitus: ‘And, just like that, I’m back on team “Fuck you, Facebook.” This company is a legitimate menace to liberal democracy.’ twitter
3:29pm RT @vaurorapub: Wow. This article about how Warren is refusing to give special access to rich Silicon Valley techies and they are still back… twitter
3:22pm RT @Snowden: "Is it not chilling to realize that if citizens ever felt a need to challenge a fascist government, or a brutal dictatorship, t… twitter
7:36am RT @natalietran: twitter
October 2nd
2:27pm @Foursquare Developer just emailed me about Pilgrim SDK and addressed me as Lakshmi. That's not the name they have for my developer account.… twitter
12:39pm Winners of Japan’s 2019 Laundromat of the Year Award facebook
12:27pm Even though you might write queries like: select -> from -> where -> group by -> having, that's not the order in which queries a… twitter
10:12am RT @ewarren: We have to break the grip that lobbyists have on our government for good. My plan to end Washington corruption calls for someth… twitter
8:49am Life imitates art. Tokyo dating site Deai-Kei had employees pretend to be love interests to keep clients subscribed to the service. This was… twitter
October 1st
2:19pm RT @fairvote: Retweet if you agree: Being represented by elected officials that reflect the interests of my community is critical for all of… twitter
1:21pm RT @DanRather: There will be a time when many people will have a vested interest in pushing the narrative that none of this was predictable.… twitter
1:19pm @zannah Wait. I was certain you had a cronjob posting these. Do you do them manually? twitter
8:38am RT @JD_Tuccille: "repeated evocations of terror by the political class were not a response to any specific threat or concern but a cynical a… twitter
September 30th
3:18pm RT @noornet: This still gives me chills. Ingenious. Carl Sagan explains how the Ancient Greeks, Eratosthenes of Cyrene, the chief librarian… twitter
12:20pm RT @Snowden: can you believe that the president will criticize you for exposing their wrongdoing whether or not you "followed proper channel… twitter
7:48am This was eventually my read, too. twitter
September 29th
7:50pm "Why'd they used to separate the children's graves from the adults? ... Seems like a bad idea somehow." Snarky political commentary in The Dead Don't Die. facebook
September 28th
9:02pm RT @gregolear: With the news coming rapid-fire, I want to make sure we target Wayne LaPierre and the NRA. These are despicable traitors, wor… twitter
9:02pm RT @Snowden: Not a joke: the CIA allegedly ran an operation to livestream surveillance of women in the toilet, hoping to overhear them plann… twitter
September 27th
9:55pm Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park (5 minute version) youtube
2:04pm I really enjoyed this week's Radiolab podcast, "Silky Love". It has an international gonad hunt! And mysteries yet unsolved. twitter
12:42pm "If you dismiss something because it seems unimaginable, that’s a mistake. It’s a failure of imagination." twitter
12:38pm @Randy_Au @b0rk I love your Godzilla/City sample data so much. twitter
September 26th
4:48pm @Snowden I'm at lol. twitter
12:27pm This right here. twitter
11:27am Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
September 25th
5:00pm @zannah I love that your Keykode is "ZANNAH X BB8" twitter
11:30am RT @daringfireball: Trump Is a Threat to Journalism Around the World: twitter
7:48am RT @Snowden: "Whoever blew the whistle about what Trump told the leader of Ukraine did so in the legally correct way, yet the allegation has… twitter
7:46am RT @JSTOR_Daily: Three NSA employees who did what critics said Snowden and Manning should have done, that is, go through the system and use … twitter
September 24th
1:55pm This is a big achievement (for me): My son is now a certified lead belayer at the local climbing gym! Yay! Lead climbing is a whole other level of fun.🎉 facebook
11:21am Oktoberfest, 2019. Witness the song of my people. facebook
11:19am RT @ryanacash: From left to right: iPhone 5 iPhone 6 iPhone XS iPhone 11 Pro Handheld and unedited. #shotoniphone twitter
7:46am RT @Principles_1st: Hey, GOP—Here’s a principle: a sitting president should never leverage the office to pressure foreign governments into i… twitter
September 23rd
8:37pm Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park youtube
4:09pm Illustrations of Autumn in a Tokyo suburb. (Click through.) facebook
8:41am RT @natalietran: When you’re a kid it takes ages between your turn in bowling. As an adult it feels like the moment you sit down a younger … twitter
8:40am When I get stuck in my own head, I just have to remember NDDYYSSA #NDDYYSSA #hamlet twitter
8:17am We'd long seen the hang gliders over the local hills, and this weekend Lillian took the kids for their first tandem flights. Maddie got stunts, and Aaron cau... facebook
September 22nd
11:17pm Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park youtube
September 21st
2:15pm RT @amazingmap: 50% of Canadians live south of the red line #Map #Maps #Amazingmap #Amazingmaps #Canada #Population #Geography twitter
12:49pm RT @profkeithdevlin: To those who asked why Edward Snowden took his revelations to the @guardian rather than go the whistleblower route, the… twitter
12:46pm RT @page_eco: Fascinating: Moore’s Law predictions vs actual growth in transistor count. by @datagrapha twitter
7:25am Mazzetti's Bakery (a bakery) in Pacifica foursquare
September 19th
5:24pm @HiromiCota @zannah I love this one. We can do it easier with Mr. J! twitter
2:18pm Come for the homopolar motor sculptures. Stay for the pan to the cat. facebook
8:54am RT @RoKhanna: Here’s how we can make sure that every American has fair and equal representation when they go to the polls on Election Day: … twitter
September 18th
6:27pm Koja Kitchen (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
5:11pm ProTip: Section 7 of the man pages explains Linux concepts. You can open a random one (excluding some boring fonts) with: apropos -s 7 . | … twitter
10:04am A little Streisand Effect here. twitter
8:58am RT @SlenderSherbet: "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP, TERRY" twitter
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