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April 7th
12:19pm RT @Leahgreenb: The Supreme Court has started issuing decisions remotely in order to protect their own safety. One of their first remote d… twitter
12:17pm RT @brianefallon: 1. Win the election. 2. Add seats to the Court. 3. Save democracy. twitter
10:43am Republican politicians have been admitting in public that letting people vote doesn't serve their agenda. This is a great success. Next step… twitter
10:22am Yay! @loishh made a fanart of Mugen from Samurai Champloo! twitter
April 6th
10:26pm Great thread explaining the insidious workings of viruses. twitter
10:10pm RT @davidaxelrod: And as you listen to him denigrate reporters, remember what @realDonaldTrump told Lesley Stahl in 2016 about why he attack… twitter
10:08pm RT @ddale8: This is significant not only because the president is saying things that aren't true but because he's using this imaginary testi… twitter
3:27pm RT @DavidVidecette: This is the moment The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was closed due to Coronavirus. Last time this happene… twitter
10:26am The Daily: The Sunday Read: The Battle Over the Sea-Monkey Fortune overcast
10:05am The Daily: A Historic Unemployment Crisis overcast
April 5th
9:48pm It's almost like the states are uniting for a common cause. facebook
9:44pm RT @jonfavs: Governor Newsom is doing what the federal government could be doing right now if it wasn't run by Donald Trump twitter
6:12pm Raspberry Pi dokuwiki
1:40pm Invisibilia: The Reluctant Immortalist overcast
April 4th
4:23pm Planet Money: #988: The Economics Of Hospital Beds overcast
12:07pm The Daily: A Bit of Relief: Introducing ‘Sugar Calling’ overcast
11:32am Great graphs. Really love seeing "Confirmed Cases per Capita" and "Deaths as a Percentage of Cases", for additional perspective. facebook
10:07am RT @ChrisLu44: Susan Collins in February: “I believe that the president has learned from this case. The president has been impeached. That's… twitter
10:05am RT @ddale8: Trump sometimes says they inherited an obsolete or broken system. That’s vague and subjective. But saying they inherited obsolet… twitter
10:02am @neonepiphany @Criterion The Eel has been in my queue for well over five years. Netflix DVD never had it. Always only ever in their stupid "… twitter
April 3rd
6:04pm Radiolab: Dispatch 3: Shared Immunity overcast
10:55am The Daily: The Return of the Governor overcast
10:55am Political Gabfest: Maybe It Is Infrastructure Week overcast
7:54am RT @MDowellEdTech: Legally speaking, a corporation is a person. So any #CorporateBailout should be limited to $1200 twitter
7:48am RT @MDowellEdTech: Who’s going to this? twitter
April 2nd
8:45pm RT @movie_pundit: Are we here for a world where we go back out again but, like, in those puffy dinosaur costumes for, like, a year? twitter
8:06pm RT @CREWcrew: Deutsche Bank appears to have failed to monitor and report suspicious financial activity found in accounts controlled by Presi… twitter
4:17pm Revisionist History: Revisionist Revisited: Analysis, Parapraxis, Elvis overcast
2:21pm RT @deAdder: Cartoon for April 2. #coronavirus #COVIDー19 #Trumpdemic #Facebook twitter
12:24pm The Scathing Atheist: 372: Quarantine Angst Edition overcast
11:47am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 764: Tech Support in Tights overcast
11:45am The Daily: A Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci overcast
10:51am RT @edyong209: I asked if there was a simple framework for thinking about airborne risks. Linsey Marr gave the perfect answer. It's such a s… twitter
10:46am "... we should forge a strategy to defeat the coronavirus and open the way to economic revival. If we act immediately, we can make the anniversary of D-Day o... facebook
10:44am RT @brianschatz: Ten Weeks to Crush the Curve | NEJM twitter
10:00am RT @NatSecMulligan: This playbook sat on my office shelf when I was the Director for Preparedness and Response at DOJ. In 2018 I joined a gr… twitter
8:54am RT @brianschatz: This pandemic is worse because of the Trump administration. Because of their disdain for experts, because of their magical … twitter
April 1st
9:54pm AlphaStar (an A.I. that plays StarCraft II) decisively beat Team Liquid’s Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz, one of the world’s strongest professional StarCraft player... facebook
9:09pm This is amazing. twitter
9:06pm RT @mmpadellan: This tweet, from 2 years ago, seems on the nose. #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath twitter
7:25pm Reply All: #160 The Attic and Closet Show 2 overcast
6:07pm Clear and actionable advice from Bill Gates. facebook
5:57pm RT @jjinux: Udemy has put together a collection of some of our best free courses: twitter
2:27pm RT @dfriedman33: Sen. Kelly Loeffler sold more stock than known, $18.7 million, including shares in retail stores, while buying into a compa… twitter
12:58pm Radiolab: Dispatch 2: Every Day is Ignaz Semmelweis Day overcast
12:52pm 99% Invisible: 396- This Day in Esoteric Political History overcast
12:32pm The Daily: The Race for a Vaccine overcast
9:15am RT @umairh: My partner, the doctor, rolling her eyes: tell them I don’t want their claps and cheers during a pandemic, I want them to stop v… twitter
March 31st
9:19pm RT @jonrog1: Incredibly, Trump’s inability to ever admit there’s anything he doesn’t know simultaneously blows up the “distracted by impeach… twitter
7:21pm Planet Money: #987: The Race To Make Ventilators overcast
7:04pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 764: Tech Support in Tights overcast
3:21pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers.'" - Fred Ro… twitter
2:47pm Click through for an excellent rebuttal to a defense of the New York Times' he-said/she-said coverage. "The New York Times Is Committing ‘Journalistic Malpra... facebook
12:47pm RT @matociquala: The end result of running government like a business is not efficiency, but maximizing resource extraction, profit, and cr… twitter
11:58am The Daily: Why the U.S. Is Running Out of Medical Supplies overcast
11:32am Worth clicking through. There's in door in their ceiling! What could it lead to‽ facebook
11:31am RT @VafeR: Alright kids, gather round. A few of you may remember that my 3yo discovered a door in our ceiling, and has been asking about wh… twitter
March 30th
7:34pm This American Life: 698: The Test overcast
12:25pm The Daily: Back From the Brink overcast
7:58am RT @jerm_cohen: Here is part 1, 2, and 3 of “Quarantine Cutie” all in one tweet twitter
March 29th
9:12pm Is it possible to surf the web without touching your face? (Are you touching your face right now?) facebook
9:03pm RT @314chler: @natalietran 2019 ok boomer 2020 r u okay boomer? twitter
4:23pm Fresh Air: Best Of: Marc Maron / Hank Azaria overcast
11:27am Fresh Air: Michael Pollan On The Drug We Use Every Day: Caffeine overcast
11:12am The Daily: Special Episode: What I Learned When My Husband Got Coronavirus overcast
10:52am Invisibilia: White v. White? overcast
March 28th
7:57pm Shout out to the foley artists of The Expanse, too. I just watched a heartfelt speech from Nagata at 38m in on S4:E5, and when she walked away off camera, yo... facebook
2:02pm RT @ziibiing: Yesterday, a thing happened that I’ve feared since Trump got elected. The Secretary of Interior ordered a reservation disest… twitter
1:22pm Radiolab: Dispatch 1: Numbers overcast
12:26pm The Scathing Atheist: 371: Electric Boog-Achoo Edition overcast
11:41am Planet Money: #986: America Unemployed overcast
10:23am The Daily: Special Episode: Jody’s Playlist overcast
March 27th
9:56pm From @jwz , Why Zoom is bad and you should care. twitter
8:42pm RT @YellowstoneNPS: A perfect example of what to do when approached by wildlife! 🤣 Thanks Deion for putting the #YellowstonePledge into acti… twitter
4:46pm RT @KevinMKruse: "I was extremely unhappy with Lordstown, Ohio," Trump says about GM's decision to sell off its factory there. Wow, look at… twitter
3:27pm Political Gabfest: Two Trillion Dollars overcast
3:04pm RT @ShirazMaher: I've been debating about whether to 'go public' on having coronavirus - which I kind of did inadvertently this morning. So,… twitter
11:56am @yacitus Only anecdotal, and it sounded plausible to me. You don't think some Americans are afraid of being pulled into potentially high med… twitter
9:57am To be fair, most of the affected will be city-dwelling Democrats. twitter
9:38am The Daily: A Kids’ Guide to Coronavirus overcast
8:44am I wonder how Reiko Nagase is doing nowadays. twitter
8:39am RT @wrathofgnon: Swedish anti-ugly architecture group @arkuppror has collected a fine bunch of Scandinavian houses that did not quite live u… twitter
7:51am You guys, click through and watch this. It's so worth it. AdventureTime, Rick and Morty, Mr. Robot, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shining and so much more. facebook
March 26th
9:40pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 763: Ghost Finger overcast
8:58pm Whoa, whoa, whoa. The fact that American won't get tested early because they don't want to be found positive and end up having to pay a lot … twitter
5:31pm RT @JeremyKonyndyk: We knew it could happen. We knew it *would* eventually happen. So: We left them a playbook. We left them an expert N… twitter
11:53am Planet Money: #985: Where Do We Get $2,000,000,000,000? overcast
11:43am The Daily: A Historic Stimulus Bill overcast
11:43am Planet Money: #984: Food And Farmworkers overcast
March 25th
10:15pm RT @chrislhayes: Dangerous insanity that will quite literally make the pandemic worse. WE HAVE TO TEST EVERYWHERE PARTICULARLY EARLY THAT'… twitter
10:11pm RT @sahilkapur: The Trump campaign just released a cease and desist letter demanding that TV stations immediately pull this ad.… twitter
3:30pm RT @alfranken: Sometimes it's best not to overlook the obvious. twitter
2:08pm RT @KenTremendous: In the end we will have handled this worse than any nation on earth, because our leaders lied to us, said it was under co… twitter
12:57pm These kids don’t know how to load a dish drying rack. I’ve failed. twitter
9:39am The Daily: ‘Raring to Go by Easter’ overcast
8:46am "How Twitter users turned 9 year-old Quaden Bayles into a scammer, and how the rapid spread of false information made his bullying even worse." A really good... facebook
8:20am Migrating from vim-pathogen to native vim 8 packages twitter
8:03am "I guess it’s not surprising that a political party that thinks sacrificing school children for the NRA is acceptable would also think that sacrificing grand... facebook
7:59am RT @RKJ65: I guess it’s not surprising that a political party that thinks sacrificing school children for the NRA is acceptable would also t… twitter
7:58am RT @RepKatiePorter: As a consumer protection attorney who fought big banks, I know to read the fine print—so that’s what I did when the Pres… twitter
7:56am RT @brianschatz: The President is too confused, too indecisive, too disorganized, too easily manipulated, too personally callous, and too an… twitter
March 24th
8:39pm RT @JuhanaIF: This one's a real head-scratcher. twitter
8:34pm RT @BenjaminToff: I see we've reached the withholding-ventilators-due-to-insufficient-praise level of villainy twitter
3:34pm RT @cmyeaton: This is the moment I warned of - we have sacrificed so much already, but it feels like nothing is working. That's because it t… twitter
10:57am Planet Money: #983: You Asked About The Virus Economy overcast
10:40am The Daily: Why the American Approach Is Failing overcast
7:58am RT @xecretcode: This has never been more true. Ignore science & suffer the consequences. 😵🌎 #coronavirus twitter
7:52am RT @RepAdamSchiff: The same guy who said “I alone can fix it,” And then said “I take no responsibility,” Now wants to be in charge of a $5… twitter
March 23rd
2:28pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 763: Ghost Finger overcast
2:28pm Reply All: #159 The Attic and Closet Show overcast
1:42pm This American Life: 697: Alone Together overcast
1:03pm Thank you, "Shelter in Place" Order, for making me get familiar with Windows 10's Virtual Desktops. They're going to really help. twitter
10:03am The Daily: The Pandemic and the Primary overcast
8:24am Happy National Puppy Day! facebook
7:59am RT @brianschatz: McConnell abandoned a bipartisan process at around 8 pm on Saturday and had his people write the bill alone. The result was… twitter
March 22nd
9:41pm Steven Levy interviews the doctor who helped defeat smallpox. Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant explains what's coming. facebook
9:32pm "Within a loyalty cult, no one will tell the president that starting widespread emergency testing would be prudent, because anyone who does is at risk of los... facebook
2:35pm The Daily: Special Episode: The Mixed-Up Brothers of Bogotá overcast
12:30pm The Scathing Atheist: 370: Socially Distant Edition overcast
11:43am RT @SenWarren: Millions may now lose their jobs. And Trump wants our response to be a half-trillion dollar slush fund to boost favored compa… twitter
10:52am RT @EllenKuwana: I barely got sentences of explanation out and owner of Taste of India calmly stopped me and said, “What do you need? I will… twitter
10:37am @zannah I'm going to have to share this at work. We put a lot of time into each of those services. twitter
10:23am One detail I love of "The Expanse" is how they use their technology without any exposition for the audience. Like in S3:E8 at 22:00, Holden worries he might ... facebook
March 21st
5:42pm RT @KenTremendous: This is key. The news will continue to deteriorate next week, but it doesn't mean what we're doing isn't working. We slam… twitter
2:38pm Milpitas Library (a library) in Milpitas foursquare
2:35pm Every Little Thing: Is It Weird to Be Nice to Alexa? overcast
2:17pm The Daily: Special Episode: Alone Together overcast
March 20th
10:05pm RT @mspowahs: I get it: you're on lockdown. You're trying to do a lot with a little. It's hard to find joy in the midst of fear, depression,… twitter
9:52pm RT @gregpmiller: Trump fired Joe Maguire as DNI a month ago. Now he and practically every other living ex-DNI or NCTC chief has signed onto … twitter
6:49pm RT @gtconway3d: .@realDonaldTrump’s disordered mental state is extremely relevant to the current crisis. twitter
6:36pm RT @RadioFreeTom: If it turns out that U.S. Senators were using inside knowledge of a pandemic to protect their financial holdings while bul… twitter
6:35pm RT @NormOrnstein: That is a multiplier for the larger problem. He is a narcissistic sociopath who has created the most incompetent executive… twitter
6:30pm RT @AndrewYang: If you find out about a nation-threatening pandemic and your first move is to adjust your stock portfolio you should probabl… twitter
5:52pm Nice parallax! instagram
4:18pm Invisibilia: An Unlikely Superpower overcast
3:37pm Radiolab: The Other Latif: Episode 6 overcast
3:17pm Reply All: Announcement! We’re taking calls and broadcasting live this week overcast
2:57pm Political Gabfest: How Long Will It Last? overcast
12:52pm Parkside Commons (a college residence hall) in Long Beach foursquare
12:36pm Blue Bowl (a juice bar) in Long Beach foursquare
8:27am Planet Money: #982: How To Save The Economy Now overcast
7:56am The Daily: New York City Grinds to a Halt overcast
March 19th
7:59pm @uscensusbureau My answer is (sorta) here: "in most cases students living away from home at school should be counted at school, even if they… twitter
7:16pm RT @BillKristol: This new ad from @ForTheRuleOfLaw will run Friday morning on Fox and Friends. "We pretty much shut it down...It'll be down … twitter
4:41pm RT @Limericking: .@Boeing had cash, which it blew On buybacks, and bonuses too. When revenues slowed, It felt it was owed A $60-bil bailout… twitter
3:44pm RT @RobertFaturechi: NEW: After assuring the public about the government's coronavirus preparedness, Senate Intel chair Richard Burr, in one… twitter
3:37pm RT @RBReich: NO justification for bailouts or subsidies to corporations. They can get low-interest loans or reorganize their debts in bankru… twitter
3:23pm Every Little Thing: ELT Wants to Hear From You overcast
3:21pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 762: Synthetic Chris Evans overcast
2:57pm Just walking... instagram
12:35pm RT @Robert_E_Kelly: 1/ This is obviously racist, but it’s also an opportunistic gimmick to change the subject away from Trump’s massive mana… twitter
9:22am The Daily: One City’s Fight to Stop the Virus overcast
8:46am RT @ihatejoelkim: Maybe put them back. twitter
7:59am @uscensusbureau We excluded our kids "away at college" as directed. But now with Covid19 the dorms are not letting the kids back for the res… twitter
7:44am RT @KurtKohlstedt: Between this and the dolphins in Venice, it would seem the rest of the animal kingdom is faring pretty well in our relati… twitter
March 18th
7:17pm Planet Money: #981: How To Test A Country overcast
7:17pm 99% Invisible: 394- Roman Mars Describes Things As They Are overcast
2:54pm The Daily: Gov. Andrew Cuomo: ‘It’s Making Sure We Live Through This.’ overcast
2:39pm The Daily: The Latest: Why President Trump Changed His Tone on the Coronavirus overcast
7:57am The firm that basically created the mess that is WeWork by dumping billions of dollars into the company, also owns a patent troll that bought up the patents ... facebook
March 17th
8:15pm Some good ideas for strings to attach to corporation bailouts. Click through! twitter
5:26pm Apple - [Configuration] brew install telnet dokuwiki
3:00pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 762: Synthetic Chris Evans overcast
1:23pm RT @evanmcmurry: oh my god, the chicago aquarium closed due to coronavirus, so they let the penguins run around and check out the other exhi… twitter
11:41am Planet Money: #980: The Fed Fights The Virus overcast
11:29am The Daily: ‘It’s Like a War’ overcast
11:29am This American Life: 696: Low Hum of Menace overcast
7:54am RT @brianschatz: Just want to add that it’s Republicans in both the House and the Senate that are holding things up. I thought about not say… twitter
March 16th
5:27pm Bento Xpress (a japanese restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
2:00pm Invisibilia: The Confrontation overcast
1:40pm The Daily: Why This Recession Will Be Different overcast
10:21am RT @businessinsider: Trump tried to poach German scientists working on a cure for coronavirus and offered cash so the vaccine would be exclu… twitter
8:47am The Daily: Special Episode: This Tom Hanks Story Will Make You Feel Less Bad overcast
8:03am RT @inthemoodfortw: twitter
7:55am RT @JeremyKlemin: Damn, Norway. twitter
7:42am RT @KurtKohlstedt: Architect: what kind of bathroom were you thi... Client: JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP twitter
March 15th
5:16pm Planet Money: #979: Medicine For The Economy overcast
4:18pm Just put these bad boys up over the staircase. When @planetgranitesantaclara opens their doors again, we’ll be ready! instagram
11:11am RT @chrislhayes: These airport scenes are *infuriating*. A policy designed around propaganda rather than science and announced suddenly is n… twitter
11:10am From the 19th Surgeon General of the United States twitter
March 14th
9:44pm RT @benphillips76: Graphs are useful but to really get what that rising curve is, have a look at the obituaries page of this Bergamo daily n… twitter
9:40pm "The only constitutional freedoms ultimately recognized may soon be limited to those useful to wealthy, Republican, White, straight, Christi… twitter
9:37pm "The only constitutional freedoms ultimately recognized may soon be limited to those useful to wealthy, Republican, White, straight, Christian, and armed mal... facebook
8:53pm RT @SethAbramson: MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: NPR Source Says Trump Blocked Coronavirus Testing in January to Aid His Reelection Chances By Keeping… twitter
5:24pm RT @HamillHimself: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."- FDR "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for… twitter
2:15pm RT @RonaldKlain: Facts: The Obama administration tested 1 million people for H1N1 in the first month after the first US diagnosed case. Th… twitter
9:32am RT @dylan_thyme: hi, it’s me, a food service employee! & uhhh... no offense or anything, but i’ve seen how some of you... live? so in ca… twitter
March 13th
10:01pm RT @YoYo_Ma: In these days of anxiety, I wanted to find a way to continue to share some of the music that gives me comfort. The first of my … twitter
9:53pm RT @mmpadellan: FUN FACT: The guy who said "I alone can fix it" and the guy who said "No, I don't take responsibility at all" SAME GUY. twitter
9:52pm Everybody here in California is like "but that running water...!" twitter
7:47pm Banana Leaf (a malay restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
7:21pm The Daily: Special Episode: A Bit of Relief overcast
7:14pm The Scathing Atheist: 369: Premodern Edition overcast
2:43pm Political Gabfest: Flatten the Curve overcast
8:37am The Daily: Learning to Live With the Coronavirus overcast
7:54am No, it'd only be the end of *legal* private encrypted messaging. twitter
7:46am RT @Snowden: The government cast Manning into a dungeon for resisting a scheme to make publishers of news subject to the Espionage Act. They… twitter
March 12th
11:56pm The American President had an opportunity to be presidential, to be the individual who fit the position we elected him for. This was the moment we wanted to ... facebook
11:52pm RT @AshleyRParker: An ad-libbed riff, an error-riddled speech, and a nation on edge. Inside 10 minutes at the teleprompter that may define T… twitter
9:42pm RT @Mikel_Jollett: Just spitballing here but maybe it was a really fucking stupid idea to cover politics like sports instead of the life and… twitter
4:18pm @joe_sheehan Have you seen this? twitter
4:15pm RT @p_evans: I have seen a lot of random coronavirus-related stories but I did not see "monkey gang war" coming. MONKEY GANGS twitter
4:13pm RT @briantylercohen: Holy shit. Katie Porter holds the CDC Director's feet to the fire and gets him to commit to FREE TESTING for coronaviru… twitter
4:13pm Is this as amazing as it looks? Katie Porter got the CDC Director to commit to FREE TESTING for coronavirus for ALL AMERICANS. We need leadership like that. facebook
2:57pm The Daily: Confronting a Pandemic overcast
March 11th
10:10pm RT @kellymagsamen: Things the President could have talked about: 1) DoD Building field hospitals 2) Surging health care capacity by calling … twitter
6:18pm Planet Money: #978: Coronavirus, Oil, and Kansas overcast
2:27pm RT @FreedomofPress: Leading cryptography expert @matthew_d_green analyzed the EARN IT Act in-depth here. It's a clear and present danger to … twitter
2:15pm 99% Invisible: 393- Map Quests: Political, Physical and Digital overcast
9:25am RT @b0rk: containers vs VMs twitter
9:18am @b0rk Succinct and informative. I'm learning stuff and really appreciate this. (I also love it when you choose go to handwritten. There's ju… twitter
9:03am Part of the fun, and part of the challenge are that even though there's more than one way to get it right, there are so many ways to screw t… twitter
8:15am The Daily: Why the U.S. Wasn’t Ready for the Coronavirus overcast
8:15am The Daily: The Latest: Joe Biden Takes Command overcast
7:41am RT @Snowden: The government is attempting to exploit anger at tech companies to pass a law that intentionally undermines digital security (h… twitter
7:32am RT @jennafranke: Sounds like Berkeley instructors are handling #COVID19 well 😂 twitter
March 10th
9:51pm "Two Party System: Making your country sh*t either way". A hilarious video about Preferential Voting. facebook
9:13pm RT @PreetBharara: Donald Trump is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on America twitter
9:09pm RT @maxgladstone: That whole 'social interaction takes mana' thing is a good angle but it misses that the mana doesn't, like, vanish into no… twitter
8:59pm RT @HillaryClinton: You’re not just protecting yourself by working from home, minimizing travel, and washing your hands. You’re protecting … twitter
3:07pm RT @ThePlumLineGS: It's beyond galling that Trump is begging Dems for stimulus after saying for weeks that they only hyped coronavirus to *h… twitter
2:41pm Every Little Thing: Symphony Secrets: Dirt from the Pit overcast
2:35pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 761: The Esperanto of Time overcast
2:15pm The Daily: The Field: What Happened to Elizabeth Warren? overcast
12:40pm I had not idea how complete the Cancel Culture victory would be. twitter
9:07am RT @b0rk: the Linux kernel features that make containers work twitter
8:15am The Daily: The Latest: Why Markets Crashed on Monday overcast
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