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January 27th
12:22pm 99% Invisible: 428- Beneath the Skyway overcast
11:49am The Daily: Why Are U.S. Coronavirus Cases Falling? And Will the Trend Last? overcast
January 26th
5:34pm RT @chrislhayes: McConnell delayed the trial and then voted in favor of a point or order to dismiss it because it was...starting too late. twitter
10:36am Hedge funds had shorted nearly all available stock of Game Stop. So individuals got together and bought and held, driving the price up, forcing the shorts to... facebook
9:37am The Daily: ‘The Skunk at the Picnic’: Dr. Anthony Fauci on Working for Trump overcast
9:01am RT @brianbeutler: Three thoughts recurred reading this. 1. The theory that ex-presidents can’t be tried by the Senate is fake, conjured in … twitter
8:58am RT @RepJayapal: No, no and no. These people committed crimes and should be charged. I was peacefully protesting Trump’s horrific policy of… twitter
January 25th
9:39pm RT @daralynn13: I want Democrats to ram the COVID Relief Bill through like its name was "Amy Coney Barrett" twitter
6:47pm RT @Strandjunker: I need someone to explain to me why Al Franken had to resign for a joke photo he took years before he was a senator, but t… twitter
4:10pm This American Life: 730: The Empty Chair overcast
10:35am The Daily: Aleksei Navalny and the Future of Russia overcast
9:40am So clerks followed bipartisan guidelines in place since 2016. twitter
January 24th
9:09pm RT @drvolts: Look at this bullshit. An entire f'ing article about "two perspectives" that makes no mention of the fact that ***one of the pe… twitter
2:16pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘The Amateur Cloud Society That (Sort Of) Rattled the Scientific Community’ overcast
12:23pm Fresh Air: How Tragedy & Resilience Made Joe Biden overcast
10:33am Chrome and Edge are blocking CDN for me. Should I be using an alternative? Error is: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID twitter
January 23rd
10:30pm Saw this autostereogram on reddit, and decided to show it to my son, and stayed with him until he saw it. I freakin' love that moment, when someone experienc... facebook
8:49pm RT @WhiteHouse: Please wear a mask. twitter
3:47pm Fresh Air: Busting Myths About Exercise overcast
1:09pm Planet Money: How Desi Invented Television overcast
1:04pm Political Gabfest: End this Uncivil War overcast
11:32am RT @MarkHarrisNYC: If Dems don't end the filibuster, the GOP will block everything, then run in '22 on the premise that Dems are ineffectual… twitter
January 22nd
10:49am RT @mtsw: Fucking wild the senate GOP is straight faced trying this bipartisanship and unity shit like 3 months after they gavelled through … twitter
10:47am RT @jrmckins: I've been obsessed with the Bernie memes today. This is the winner so far. twitter
9:22am The Daily: Biden’s Executive Orders overcast
8:38am Fresh Air: Biden’s Plan To Enact A Climate Agenda overcast
8:19am In my feed, I've scanned so many images for Bernie, I've accidentally scanned ads for Bernie, and been like, "he's well hidden in this one." facebook
January 21st
5:46pm Mitch McConnell is threatening to filibuster a resolution in order to keep the filibuster rule in place. twitter
1:58pm RT @AOC: Nice tweet Sen. Cruz! Quick question: do you also believe the Geneva Convention was about the views of the citizens of Geneva? Ask… twitter
10:42am I shared my personal dotfiles repo with a colleague. They started off with "I'm going to judge you based on these." 😅 I'm with my people. twitter
10:33am RT @mitchellh: I’ve successfully taught another person `git bisect` and used it to find an obscure bug in minutes that surely would’ve taken… twitter
9:20am The Scathing Atheist: 414: Exhalation Edition overcast
8:55am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: Hasta la Vista, America overcast
8:53am The Daily: The Inauguration of Joe Biden overcast
8:25am RT @latelateshow: .@JKCorden and an array of Broadway friends bid farewell to President Trump, Les Mis style. twitter
8:17am RT @AaronLinguini: HI EXCUSE ME, I just found out the the prof for this online course I’m taking *died in 2019* and he’s technically still g… twitter
8:05am "We need longer tables, not higher walls." -Chef Jose Andrés facebook
8:03am RT @feriadelaluna: Chef Jose Andrés on the hunger crisis in America: "We need longer tables, not higher walls." twitter
January 20th
4:48pm Planet Money: Modern Monetary Theory (Classic) overcast
3:38pm RT @GretaThunberg: He seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see! twitter
12:50pm RT @justinamash: It went from “Mexico will pay for it!” to “You will pay for it!” to “You will pay Steve Bannon, and I will pardon him for d… twitter
10:00am RT @sahouraxo: So in the end, Trump pardons Blackwater war criminals, an Israeli spy, a bunch of financial fraudsters, shady political opera… twitter
9:51am 99% Invisible: 427- Mini-Stories: Volume 11 overcast
9:16am The Daily: ‘Restoring the First Brick of Dignity’: Biden Supporters on His Inauguration overcast
January 19th
5:22pm Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes: The End of RealDonaldTrump with Kara Swisher overcast
3:39pm RT @FoldableHuman: Look at all of you, singing sea shanties like you're in a high stress state, isolated in a confined space for months on e… twitter
11:14am Our local bald eagles' nest fell from the wind last night. Seeing them on my walks and watching the chicks grow over the past year helped me get by during th... facebook
9:11am The Daily: ‘What Kind of Message Is That?’: How Republicans See the Attack on the Capitol overcast
8:35am RT @StephenFrug: It turns out that @JimHenleyMusic wrote the definitive "would you kill baby Hitler?" response four years ago. My "find cool… twitter
January 18th
7:50pm @thatkidwho @ezraklein Logistics of deployment is huge. Trump had chosen to rest the main responsibility for the COVID-19 response with the … twitter
5:09pm Planet Money: The Great Gatsby overcast
5:09pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 806: Make Hella Happen - CES 2021, Samsung Galaxy S21, Section 230, escaping big tech, Clubhouse overcast
4:22pm RT @ezraklein: That it is possible for Biden and his team to release a coronavirus plan this straightforward is the most damning indictment … twitter
3:13pm RT @kjhealy: Keeping a running table to help myself out in these times; suggestions for additions welcome twitter
3:08pm RT @TheKingCenter: A thread of Dr. King in color, as we commemorate his 92nd birthday. #MLK #CorettaScottKing #BelovedCommunity #MLKDay twitter
11:59am RT @AndrewLSeidel: It's #MLKDay , which means it's time to reread his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, which King penned to "My Dear Fellow Cl… twitter
10:31am Reply All: #171 Account Suspended overcast
9:41am @yacitus I was referring to the second paragraph of the original tweet, "It must include an equal time element, so consumers get balanced vi… twitter
9:28am From @dtaubler, "Nine Real-World Software Engineering Interview Questions" Very practical, worth the read. 🤣 twitter
9:24am "Nine Real-World Software Engineering Interview Questions" Very practical, worth the read. 🤣 facebook
8:13am @LadyRaven3 @yacitus, you want to give equal time to pizzagaters, flat earthers and the idea that Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide… twitter
January 17th
5:22pm RT @brianschatz: “The election wasn’t rigged. I was wrong to imply it was. This has gotten out of hand. I didn’t sign up for an armed insurr… twitter
2:06am RT @Lesdoggg: Don’t know who this dude is but he broke that shit DOWN!! Listen especially the ones that need to hear it!! twitter
January 16th
9:50pm @HawleyMO, @tedcruz, just tell us plain: Did Trump actually win the 2020 election in a landslide, but it's been illegally stolen? We need to… twitter
5:22pm Sony Memory Stick Sliding Plastic Case youtube
4:21pm Radiolab: Post Reports: Four Hours of Insurrection overcast
3:49pm Radiolab: More Money Less Problems overcast
10:58am RT @CREWcrew: Donald Trump will always be remembered as the most corrupt president in history. And it's not even close. twitter
10:51am RT @SamuelAAdams: imagine running these numbers and thinking the problem is paying the minimum-wage worker too much twitter
10:50am RT @GenMhayden: “If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not b… twitter
January 15th
5:29pm The Scathing Atheist: 413: Farnsworth the Wait Edition overcast
5:18pm Political Gabfest: The Greatest Betrayal overcast
9:41am The Daily: ‘Rankly Unfit’: The View From a Republican Who Voted to Impeach overcast
8:19am My first ever Medium post (four years ago) was a warning that Trump would treat America like he treats the women he assaults. This year, I can't help thinkin... facebook
January 14th
10:17pm If I were a Trump supporter, I would be just so livid. You don't believe that the election was stolen from you, decide to use force to change Congress, and t... facebook
5:58pm Political Gabfest: The Greatest Betrayal overcast
5:58pm Radiolab: Sight Unseen overcast
2:24pm RT @KahlonRav: Proud dad moment today. My 10yr old son saw a new kid sitting by himself. Another friend and he decided to hang out with him … twitter
11:37am RT @jayrosen_nyu: Yeah, @ThePlumLineGS puts it well. Republicans are trying to say our problem is *generalized division.* (A claim to which … twitter
10:58am Every Little Thing: Scrabble’s Scramble to the Top overcast
10:45am Planet Money: Nervous TikTok overcast
10:29am The Daily: Impeached, Again overcast
8:30am RT @jiveDurkey: i get that this is a daily show bit but my god some of these are so incriminating in hindsight twitter
January 13th
1:12pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 805: Come Together Like Voltron - Social media Trump ban, Section 230 in Biden era, nationalizing Alibaba overcast
12:57pm 99% Invisible: 426- Mini-Stories: Volume 10 overcast
12:27pm The Daily: Is More Violence Coming? overcast
11:27am RT @RevJacquiLewis: It’s not just the Capitol: Folks tried to run the Biden/Harris bus off the road in Texas. In Michigan, people tried to… twitter
11:18am RT @haydenmiller95: I found the best of #seashantytok twitter
January 12th
9:49pm RT @chrislhayes: Out of 156 million votes, if just 43,000 hasn’t materialized in the right places, Trump would have won the EC despite losin… twitter
4:35pm RT @fraying: Always remember. twitter
2:24pm RT @mjs_DC: The game: •Republicans spread false claims of voter fraud. •Republicans justify new voter suppression laws by citing the publ… twitter
11:38am RT @jimmykimmel: I’m all for healing, but before we heal we need to make sure the surgery is finished. There’s a large cancerous tumor that … twitter
10:06am The Daily: A Swift Impeachment Plan overcast
9:46am This American Life: 729: Making the Cut overcast
9:17am RT @paulkrugman: The basic story of the GOP is that it was taken over by plutocrats, who invited racists and conspiracy theorists into the t… twitter
9:15am RT @JohnCleese: With the benefit of hindsight, would you say that the Nuremberg Trials were divisive ? twitter
8:49am RT @jefposk: Contrary take: prioritizing vaccination for people who are old or have co-morbidities helps those people. Prioritizing people w… twitter
8:48am Best review of Tenet: "This movie was better when it was the Sugar Water video by Cibo Matto, which was mercifully only 4 minutes long. And … twitter
8:45am My favorite movie review of the year, about Tenet: "This movie was better when it was the Sugar Water video by Cibo Matto, which was mercifully only 4 minute... facebook
January 11th
10:19pm "congrats to parler on their new serverless platform" @alicegoldfuss facebook
10:17pm RT @alicegoldfuss: congrats to parler on their new serverless platform twitter
10:13pm @thatkidwho @zannah @thatkidwho, I admit you got under my skin. All murderous extremists should be brought to justice. The imminent threat h… twitter
10:01pm @thatkidwho @zannah Why are you whatabouting? Suppose I bring up the Tulsa race massacre? Or her emails? This is about leaders' lies that a… twitter
8:25pm Usenet Spam: a Slice of History. Ah, memories. facebook
6:59pm @thatkidwho @zannah Then your "everyone" needs to learn that their lies and conspiracy theories are getting people hurt and killed. BLM is a… twitter
2:37pm RT @jzb: Put simply.... twitter
1:15pm "A lot has happened in the last week, including the president losing his Twitter feed, impeachment coming to the fore and the PGA withdrawing from Trump Nati... facebook
1:12pm RT @KenTremendous: Welp. twitter
11:59am The Daily: A Pandemic Update: The Variant and the Vaccine Rollout overcast
9:14am Of course I saw this coming. Trump broadcast it. Trump was the only candidate I wrote about, he was that threatening. Five years ago I wrote… twitter
January 10th
7:59pm @thatkidwho @zannah I don't think Twitter is an agent of a political party. They didn't ban him until after the election and after the viole… twitter
7:36pm @thatkidwho @zannah "The First Amendment protects platforms’ right to moderate and curate users’ speech to reflect their views, and Section … twitter
7:31pm @thatkidwho @zannah That's right. (Which is what made it weird that Trump wanted to remove sec 230 protections to force Twitter to show all … twitter
7:24pm @thatkidwho @zannah Sorry, your reply is confusing to me. Yes, Twitter may ban antifa/BLM users who violate their terms too. twitter
5:15pm RT @JuliusGoat: Republicans appear to be finished with the “trying to kill us while blackout drunk” phase of their abuse cycle and into the … twitter
5:15pm "In this respect [Trump's] pre-fascism fell short of fascism: His vision never went further than a mirror." Click through in Incognito mode, there's a paywall. facebook
5:03pm RT @theemmih: They killed a cop by beating him with a fire extinguisher and it really goes to show that blue lives matter was never about ho… twitter
2:30pm @thatkidwho @zannah Twitter banning president Trump is "true fascism plain and simple"? The point of Zannah's graphic was to illustrate the … twitter
1:47pm Some days are like this. (Click through and enjoy.) facebook
1:17pm The Ezra Klein Show: Best of: We don’t just feel emotions. We make them. overcast
1:17pm RT @pamelacolloff: I did not fully grasp what was happening in this footage when I first saw it. Now it seems clear that this officer tricke… twitter
1:13pm RT @ishabazz: A lot of us, in fact millions of us, realized it on Wed Nov 9 2016, but we were accused of being fragile. twitter
12:39pm @thatkidwho @zannah I don't think the hypothetical applies to the reality. We're dealing with willful ignorance and insincere claims of beli… twitter
9:54am RT @neonepiphany: “Unity and healing” doesn’t happen if nobody ever faces any real consequences for their actions. twitter
9:54am @DigitalScientst @neonepiphany Then let's educate people about whether we have to tolerate intolerance. They're going to be playing the "sin… twitter
12:20am RT @Deeps628: @jaketapper 2016: "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters." 2021: "I could s… twitter
12:16am @thatkidwho @zannah We don't have to tolerate intolerance. It's a fun mind game about free speech, but many of us are done with false claims… twitter
January 9th
7:41pm facebook
12:47pm Democrat leadership shouldn't get carried away. Did Trump really make an "incitement to insurrection" worthy of impeachment? Seth Abramson unpacks Trump's ac... facebook
12:45pm RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) Media has yet to do a deep dive on precisely what Trump *said* in his January 6 speech in DC—a speech now called … twitter
12:23pm RT @HillaryClinton: ✔️ twitter
11:19am Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes: The Foxconn Con with Josh Dzieza overcast
10:49am Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes: Family, Legacy, and Bourbon with Wright Thompson overcast
January 8th
11:03pm Fascinating twitter thread where they start identifying the men with police-style zip-tie handcuffs storming the Capitol. facebook
9:02pm Planet Money: The Bees Go To California (Classic) overcast
7:50pm RT @KalenXI: If even one person decides to take the people on right-wing extremist Twitter who are saying things like “Get your affairs in o… twitter
5:21pm Here's why there may not be consequences for the coup attempt after all: Because it's essential to Republicans that claiming to have "sincerely held beliefs"... facebook
4:51pm Fresh Air: America’s Pandemic Failures overcast
4:19pm RT @lilithsaintcrow: Let me explain something to those of you who didn't grow up around violently abusive white supremacists. *They absolut… twitter
3:00pm @egalitarian131 @stevemullis @sarahcpr Your image mentions the zip ties and nooses. Did you forget the two pipe bombs, the cooler of molotov… twitter
1:52pm RT @mollycrabapple: On January 20, 2017, the day of Trump's inauguration, police kettled 217 anti-Trump protesters in the freezing cold and … twitter
12:08pm vim is sorta like the alethiometer. Inscrutable to outsiders and novices, and indispensable to its masters. twitter
10:44am RT @Stonekettle: @RepMoBrooks This is you, right? This is YOU, @RepMoBrooks, right here encouraging the very insurrection and sedition tha… twitter
10:40am RT @ericlach: if you can put a Supreme Court justice on the bench in a week you can impeach in a week twitter
9:44am Political Gabfest: Reaping the Whirlwind overcast
9:31am The Daily: How They Stormed Congress overcast
8:41am Barack Obama's statement on the violence at the Capitol. facebook
January 7th
9:48pm President Trump didn't say there'd be a peaceful transfer of power to Biden. When he feels safe enough to let his crazy out, he's going to s… twitter
7:54pm RT @HannahDrake628: Y’all stunned today? Y’all let a White man bomb a whole city block and hardly blinked. Didn’t do shit when these people … twitter
5:57pm Don't overlook yesterday they found two pipe bombs, one outside the RNC offices and one outside the DNC offices. The bomb squad blasted them apart with water... facebook
4:20pm RT @AOC: Sen. Cruz, you must accept responsibility for how your craven, self-serving actions contributed to the deaths of four people yester… twitter
10:53am We have to be vigilant that it not become "You live at work." twitter
10:48am I mostly see games of high-stakes rollerblade tag on this roof. (And that's probably why this can't be built in the U.S.) twitter
10:43am How long until they bounce like a million ping pong balls (or super balls) on the roof of this thing? The floor slopes too! You could play high-stakes roller... facebook
10:18am @neuralmarket @zannah I'm going to have to give in and do that too, soon. I just updated a 2009 Habari CMS to PHP 7.3. (We're talking PHP 5.… twitter
10:07am The Scathing Atheist: 412: Sedition Edition overcast
9:37am Planet Money: Chaos At The Capitol overcast
9:24am The Daily: An Assault on the Capitol overcast
January 6th
9:57pm RT @NomiRamone: When I drew this over a year ago I honestly couldn’t fathom how frequently I’d need to repost it. twitter
8:01pm RT @SenWarren: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the Cabinet should stop hiding behind anonymous leaks to reporters and do what th… twitter
4:16pm RT @tomfriedman: McConnell needs to lead a delegation of GOP leaders to the White House to tell Trump that he has to resign immediately -- o… twitter
3:08pm RT @Mikel_Jollett: To anyone saying, "This is not who we are." Yes. It is. Slavery, genocide, internment, segregation all happened in Amer… twitter
3:03pm Fresh Air: Life In China’s Surveillance State overcast
2:58pm RT @williamlegate: This was the capitol’s security when there were black protestors on the streets twitter
12:34pm The Daily: A Historic Night in Georgia overcast
12:34pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 804: The Bento Box Satellite - CES 2021 preview, streaming video in 2020, goodbye FarmVille overcast
9:44am "The Fairweather Federalists" Lessig explains how Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are *knowingly* going against the Electoral Count Act. facebook
9:22am RT @KalenXI: "Running an election is too hard, so we need to make it more difficult to vote." twitter
9:14am RT @robjyeo: Why is every election like twitter
9:11am RT @AndrewLSeidel: Maybe the new Senate would like to make it so that only businesses and charities that disclose their financials to the IR… twitter
January 5th
11:42pm RT @_CharlesPreston: Abolish the electoral college. twitter
7:13pm RT @COFinkelstein: twitter
4:47pm The Daily: The Georgia Runoffs, Part 2: ‘I Have Zero Confidence in My Vote’ overcast
2:08pm RT @suryamattu: We’ve spent the last ten months building #CitizenBrowser, a project that aims to peek inside the Black Box of social media a… twitter
January 4th
10:32am RT @CREWcrew: A note to all the congressmen and senators who today will be saying they can't comment on the president getting caught on tape… twitter
9:07am The Daily: The Georgia Runoffs, Part 1: ‘We Are Black Diamonds.’ overcast
8:32am Fresh Air: Best Of: NPR’s Nina Totenberg / ‘Watchmen’ Writer Cord Jefferson overcast
8:22am RT @ggreenwald: This wasn't a victory for press freedom. Quite the contrary: the judge made clear she believed there are grounds to prosecut… twitter
January 3rd
4:09pm RT @CREWcrew: The president has been caught on tape trying to rig an election. This is a low point in American history. twitter
4:07pm RT @JonahDispatch: This tape of the Trump phone call is amazing. Unless you’re drunk on the Kool Aid, it’s glaringly obvious they just want … twitter
11:48am My son used an instrumental version of Gangsta's Paradise for a project he's doing. I sang/rapped, "as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death", and... facebook
10:12am puns dokuwiki
10:08am Bill's Cafe (a breakfast spot) in San Jose foursquare
7:12am Satoru Kousaki (MONACA) - "Senjougahara-senpai" last_fm
7:10am Satoru Kousaki (MONACA) - Suteki Meppou last_fm
7:07am Satoru Kousaki (MONACA) - Classmate last_fm
7:05am Satoru Kousaki (MONACA) - "Senjougahara, Tore" last_fm
7:00am Tsubasa Hanekawa (Yui Horie) - sugar sweet nightmare last_fm
6:56am Nadeko Sengoku (Kana Hanazawa) - Ren'ai Circulation last_fm
6:37am Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) - ambivalent world last_fm
6:32am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
6:27am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
January 2nd
7:01pm 🎵Many miles awaySomething crawls to the surfaceOf a dark Scottish loch 🎵 facebook
4:09pm puns dokuwiki
1:51pm Political Gabfest: 15th Anniversary overcast
11:57am RT @KenTremendous: I allege that Ted Cruz is a lizard wearing the human skin of a man he killed and ate. These allegations are unprecedented… twitter
6:17am The Police - Synchronicity I last_fm
6:11am Cirque Du Soleil - Alegría last_fm
6:07am Norah Jones - Don't Know Why last_fm
6:02am Bob Marley & The Wailers - Is This Love last_fm
6:00am Daft Punk - Nocturne last_fm
January 1st
3:39pm The Ezra Klein Show: Best of: Robert Sapolsky on the toxic intersection of poverty and stress overcast
11:15am 2020 Patch Notes just dropped. facebook
11:14am RT @0xabad1dea: patch notes just dropped twitter
7:52am Nav Katze - 星のパレード last_fm
7:48am C418 - buildup errors last_fm
7:43am The Police - Synchronicity II last_fm
7:39am Björk - There's More to Life Than This last_fm
7:34am Daft Punk - Rinzler last_fm
December 31st 2020
4:56pm Happy New Year! Here's a short post at the family blog. facebook
4:48pm Happy New Year mydlma
2:45pm The Scathing Atheist: 411: Dumpster Extinguisher Edition overcast
12:18pm Planet Money: The Rest Of The Story, 2020 overcast
11:24am Added type hints to old #python scripts, ran mypy, and it revealed a bug! (Script wanted to use an HTTPError.code(), but there's no such met… twitter
4:55am Angela Aki - Home last_fm
4:46am 小島麻由美 - ハードバップ last_fm
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