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August 8th
6:29pm RT @froomkin: Let's make this a teachable moment! Social Security isn't just a retirement program, though it's a great one. It's a complex … twitter
August 7th
10:19pm The Unraveling of America facebook
10:18pm The Unraveling of America twitter
8:44pm Planet Money: Mask Communication overcast
8:44pm Radiolab: Uncounted overcast
7:31pm RT @darrenhayes: He could have used an executive order for masks. He could have used an executive order to shut down. He could have used an … twitter
10:01am Political Gabfest: Stop Counting Now overcast
9:14am The Daily: Jack Dorsey on Twitter’s Mistakes overcast
8:16am It me. Inviting my kids to do stuff. facebook
8:05am It's August. Even though we're sheltering in place, you still have to renew the fake IDs in your Go Bag. twitter
August 6th
8:41pm It's tragic that we could just keep updating this doom scroll with new items like the explosion in Beirut. facebook
7:21pm Revisionist History: Hamlet Was Wrong overcast
2:49pm RT @woodra: "I hate this system and anyone that defends it." #MedicareForAll twitter
10:35am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 782: Mainframes Not MaryJane - Tik Tok Ban, Tech Titans Talk to Congress, Twitter Hackers Arrested overcast
10:30am The Daily: The Day That Shook Beirut overcast
August 5th
7:54pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 5: Trade & Santa overcast
2:11pm 99% Invisible: 409- California Love Scared Straight overcast
1:46pm The Daily: ‘Stay Black and Die’ overcast
9:18am @zannah Not sure why this made me think of you. twitter
August 4th
10:37pm RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) This thread contains every lie Trump told to Jonathan Swan of Axios. The truth immediately follows each lie. Ple… twitter
8:20pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 782: Mainframes Not MaryJane - Tik Tok Ban, Tech Titans Talk to Congress, Twitter Hackers Arrested overcast
9:43am The Daily: Is the U.S. Ready to Vote by Mail? overcast
August 3rd
10:23pm "It was all a lie. The Republican Party has been a cartel. ... This is the complete moral collapse of a governing party of a major superpowe… twitter
10:12pm RT @griner: I’m going to be thinking about this for a long time: twitter
8:43pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 782: Mainframes Not MaryJane - Tik Tok Ban, Tech Titans Talk to Congress, Twitter Hackers Arrested overcast
10:10am This American Life: 712: Nice White Parents overcast
9:20am The Daily: Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm overcast
August 2nd
7:26pm Political Gabfest: Twilight of Democracy overcast
4:46pm Radiolab: Invisible Allies overcast
3:55pm shell tips - Added XML XPath tips for Roku ECP Apps list dokuwiki
3:11pm Seems like a few of the artists I listen to are gay/bi and have large groups of gay stans and other fans who just can't tell yet.There's Daoko who's song K... facebook
11:50am @gregggonsalves @yacitus @realDonaldTrump @yacitus , I like this addendum that covers the positive case by Brian Davis too. twitter
8:30am RT @Ellars: Legalize weed and tax it, cut the military budget by 25%, implement a 1% wealth tax, put a 10% VAT on corporations like Amazon, … twitter
August 1st
6:57pm Planet Money: College Fails overcast
6:57pm Reply All: #165 The Mold and The Beautiful overcast
6:30pm RT @djrothkopf: Make sure to understand that the disastrous leadership failure on COVID has actually consisted of a series of equally disast… twitter
6:15pm RT @ConnorNewcomb_: The U.S. government's two-step plan in response to the coronavirus twitter
6:09pm RT @ewarren: We know what's broken in this country and we know how to fix it. But widely popular policies are stuck—and Republican obstructi… twitter
5:41pm "Numb" A powerful student film about being a student during COVID-19. facebook
11:03am New England Lobster Market & Eatery (a seafood restaurant) in Burlingame foursquare
10:14am Taco Bell Cantina (a fast food restaurant) in Pacifica foursquare
9:08am Pedro Summit (Pedro Point Overlook) (a scenic lookout) in Pacifica foursquare
July 31st
8:09pm Honest Government Ad | A message from the White House facebook
8:08pm RT @thejuicemedia: The US Government has made an ad about its response to the pandemic, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative 🇺🇸 twitter
8:00pm RT @GerryConnolly: A Trump crony is actively undermining the Postal Service from the inside. He will destroy this American institution so yo… twitter
3:33pm Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes: REVISITED The Information Crisis with David Roberts overcast
9:28am The Daily: A #MeToo Moment in the Military overcast
July 30th
3:02pm RT @ewarren: I'm calling on the heads of Justice, Defense, Homeland Security and Interior to not allow their departments to be turned into T… twitter
2:44pm RT @CREWcrew: The public has an overwhelming interest in understanding how exactly the government is justifying sending paramilitary units i… twitter
9:17am Revisionist History: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen overcast
9:05am The Daily: The Big Tech Hearing overcast
7:58am RT @Rob83753057: back in the days crushing a party uninvited was fun, but Trumps Gestapo guys crossing a red line,welcome to the Banana Stat… twitter
July 29th
10:21pm RT @drew_christina: “We came out here dressed in tshirts & doing hula hoops... they started gassing us. So we came back w/ respirators. … twitter
10:07pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 781: Slightly Firmer Denim Soft Serve - Xbox Game Pass, TikTok vs Quibi, The End of Intel overcast
7:19pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 4: Pistachios & Scarcity overcast
2:36pm RT @SenWarren: The AFFH rule that Trump ripped up was about helping cities address our country’s ugly legacy of government-backed housing di… twitter
11:55am RT @yacitus: Thread… I don’t think Hanlon’s razor applies here. I don’t see how stupidity adequately explains Trump’s refusal to confront P… twitter
9:06am 99% Invisible: 408- Valley of the Fallen overcast
8:35am The Daily: Confronting China overcast
July 28th
11:38pm @ArmyOfMeat @neonepiphany ...and took inspiration from SeaGate's logo. twitter
10:40pm RT @ewarren: William Barr has abused his power to protect the most corrupt president in modern history. Today was no different. We need an … twitter
4:00pm Sweet! Windows 10 updated, and Chrome updated, and now my command-line Markdown viewer's CSS dark mode is picked up on that OS too. This is … twitter
9:46am The Daily: Why $600 Checks Are Tearing Republicans Apart overcast
9:22am RT @CREWcrew: BREAKING: Congress needs to impeach AG Bill Barr. Here's how. twitter
July 27th
2:30pm Fresh Air: Best Of: Michaela Coel / Justice & Faith For The Wrongly Convicted overcast
2:30pm Every Little Thing: F*ck Yeah: Can Cursing Make You Stronger? overcast
2:25pm RT @CREWcrew: CBP should not be allowed to cover up the fact that the border wall is blowing over. Trump should not be allowed to divert mo… twitter
11:06am RT @ASlavitt: COVID Update July 26: We can virtually eliminate the virus any time we decide to. 1/ twitter
10:09am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: Deep Cover overcast
9:53am The Daily: The Mistakes New York Made overcast
July 26th
8:56pm RT @frontstuff_io: I’ve been working as a software engineer for 10 years 🎂 Man, does time fly! Here’s a list of ten honest takes on the job… twitter
6:57pm RT @pttrn_ntgrty: BREAKING: 100 days until the election. #AmericaWakeUp If you’re offended by foul language don’t watch this f*cking video… twitter
6:54pm RT @bryanl: When it comes to your career, there is no winning. It isn’t zero sum. There is only a goal of continuous improvement. You can ge… twitter
6:06pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘The Accusation’ overcast
9:59am Google Chrome 84.0.4147.89 restores the previous behavior of letting New Tab extensions leave focus on the omnibar. Yay, thank you whoever f… twitter
9:44am RT @HelenArmstrong5: Professor Maureen Healy is the chair of the History Dept at Lewis and Clark College. She teaches Modern European Histor… twitter
July 25th
8:32pm The Scathing Atheist: 388: Two Rights Make a Wrong Edition overcast
4:03pm Planet Money: Rest of the Story, Pandemic Edition overcast
4:03pm Serial: Introducing: Nice White Parents overcast
2:00pm Educational and fun. Click through. facebook
11:52am @yacitus I wonder! What a distinction, tho. twitter
July 24th
10:14pm RT @gregpak: Call your reps. And never vote for another R in your life. They're trying to kill small businesses, crush ebay/etsy/kickstarter… twitter
10:10pm RT @Drawn2Intellect: Use caution when describing barriers. Being Black is not a barrier for me. White supremacy is the barrier. Being fema… twitter
6:08pm Political Gabfest: Invading America overcast
10:40am "How the U.S. Compares With the World’s Worst Coronavirus Hot Spots" Click through, it's interesting and not long. facebook
9:08am The Daily: The Battle for a Baseball Season overcast
July 23rd
9:56pm Revisionist History: Bombs-Away LeMay overcast
6:49pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 780: The Great Firewall of America - Twitter Hack, Tik Tok hysteria, World Emoji Day overcast
3:56pm RT @HeerJeet: I often think about this photo Al Jaffee and Will Elder, both later fixtures of Mad Magazine, in the lunchroom at the High Sch… twitter
10:26am @natalietran Better than "Here it is. Leave me alone. Why are you so needy? This won't fill the void inside you. When will you see that?" twitter
8:27am The Daily: The Showdown in Portland overcast
July 22nd
7:36pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 3: Profit & Cocaine overcast
9:00am 99% Invisible: 407- The Dolphin that Roared overcast
8:29am The Daily: The Science of School Reopenings overcast
7:55am RT @PabloRochat: they've had enough twitter
July 21st
12:08pm RT @SenBrianSchatz: The Senate is voting TODAY on our amendment to stop the transfer of tear gas and other weapons of war to police. We jus… twitter
10:09am Planet Money: BONUS: The Kerner Commission overcast
10:06am The Daily: The Vaccine Trust Problem overcast
July 20th
10:34pm The Scathing Atheist: 387: Concu-bye-bye-bine Edition overcast
10:01pm RT @SenJeffMerkley: 🚨PLEASE RT: Here are the details of the amendment. Introducing w/ @RonWyden & @ChrisMurphyCT. We already have 12 con… twitter
8:36pm This American Life: 711: How to Be Alone overcast
2:32pm @neonepiphany I want to click on the Groan reaction button. twitter
10:23am This summer's Calpis campaign is so wonderful. Click through to see the opposing illustrations "come together" once you've finished a bottle… twitter
10:18am I love this summer's Calpis/Calpico campaign with art by Rei Kato. Calpis is a milky Gatorade-like drink in a clear bottle. There's artwork on opposing sides... facebook
9:23am The Scathing Atheist: 387: Concu-bye-bye-bine Edition overcast
9:03am The Daily: The Life and Legacy of John Lewis overcast
12:40am RT @TaayTayMonae: Bill Nye is really about to carry 2020 on his back. twitter
July 19th
10:28pm I love that the blue stripe is in the right place for the Pride Flag. Don't actually do this. But if you do, use washable markers. twitter
9:29pm RT @JoshuaPotash: Fascism isn’t just feds throwing people in vans. It’s pandemic data no longer being sent to the CDC. It’s billionaires get… twitter
9:27pm RT @YesYoureRacist: Next time you see someone who hasn't filled out their DIY pride flag, help them out by coloring it in for them twitter
9:24pm Lillian Blume, just imagine. facebook
7:48pm Radiolab: Dispatches from 1918 overcast
6:16pm A duck-shaped rock on the wall was painted like a duck with little t-rex duck arms. Grr! Argh! instagram
1:31pm RT @themoneyiowe: Some poems absolutely shatter you with their portrayal of both love & desperation. This one — by Leon Stokesbury — is … twitter
8:28am What's the name for the masked federal agents abducting their citizens off the street into unmarked cars? "Stormtroopers" or "Republican Gua… twitter
July 18th
9:11pm RT @RexChapman: This paramedic in the UK has found an innovative way to communicate with hard of hearing patients while wearing a face mask.… twitter
4:04pm RT @RachelBitecofer: These words are empty while you are simultaneously using personal control of the senate docket to block the bipartisan … twitter
3:52pm A heart inside a broken fence post. instagram
9:23am Bluff Trail (a trail) in Pacifica foursquare
9:16am Middle Ridge Trail (a trail) in Pacifica foursquare
7:19am RT @repjohnlewis: Even though I was arrested, I smiled bc I was on the right side of history. Find a way to get in the way #goodtrouble http… twitter
July 17th
8:04pm Planet Money: Getting Out Of Prison Sooner overcast
8:04pm Political Gabfest: Find Something New overcast
11:17am “Scars and Souvenirs” You won’t easily find this one. Again, at that favorite place. instagram
10:44am RT @CRICE17: This is perfect. twitter
10:41am facebook
9:29am Revisionist History: May the Best Firebomb Win overcast
8:38am It's unusual to see a human experience heat map of America where the Black Belt doesn't pop out. twitter
8:30am RT @DanRather: I hope, desperately hope, that this story is not what it appears to be. That there is some mistake. We need to know more, fas… twitter
8:14am Gotta appreciate their positive way of taking rejection. facebook
8:01am It's Friday. What fresh atrocity has the Trump administrating been saving all week to unveil tonight? twitter
July 16th
10:54pm PC dokuwiki
10:03pm Wear a mask, take your meds, delete your Uber and Facebook. Oh, if you're in SF, buy some @dnapizza. twitter
9:56pm RT @dschatsky: Did you hear about the federal government's plan to slow the spread of the virus and to help schools reopen safely? Me neithe… twitter
3:55pm RT @ASlavitt: I used to work inside HHS & I’d like to comment as to why it might make sense for HHS to prevent CDC from getting & sh… twitter
3:19pm “The sun will rise and we will try again.” At my favorite place. instagram
2:40pm @Muzzakh @zannah Masks can make things harder for people with Prosopagnosia (face blindness). Please don't jump to conclusions about why som… twitter
11:49am @neonepiphany First: I see what you did there. Second: I didn't think we ship Pliny the Elder to Seattle. How are you...? twitter
9:35am Reply All: #164 Long Distance: The Real Alex Martin overcast
9:30am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 2: Markets & Pickles overcast
8:49am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 779: No Future for Green Pants overcast
July 15th
11:46pm You guys, we did it! The U.S. just reclaimed its lead over Peru in confirmed cases of Covid-19 per capita. That proud blue line going up and to the right is ... facebook
8:58am 99% Invisible: 406- A Side of Franchise overcast
July 14th
10:28pm PC dokuwiki
8:04pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 779: No Future for Green Pants overcast
10:21am Radiolab: The Flag and the Fury overcast
10:05am The Daily: ‘It’s Like a War.’ Revisiting Dr. Fabiano Di Marco. overcast
July 13th
9:36pm RT @yacitus: “Facebook is a criminal enterprise…knowingly complicit in all of this…the spread of bigotry [and] pseudoscience. “…legitimate … twitter
11:22am This American Life: 710: Umbrellas Down overcast
11:10am The Daily: A Turning Point for Hong Kong overcast
8:53am RT @actionheroteach: 1/ Please read this thread to the end. Do you recognise this man? I am sure that you have heard of Alexander Graham B… twitter
8:50am RT @polumechanos: I saw this meme on here and now unfortunately see it in my mind's eye every time I see someone with their nose hanging out… twitter
July 12th
10:26pm PC - created dokuwiki
8:03pm The Scathing Atheist: 386: PPPed Off Edition overcast
11:07am Click through and read the thread. twitter
9:53am Political Gabfest: Ministerial Exception overcast
July 11th
10:48pm Rosie VanHerp facebook
10:16pm RT @harrylitman: From Barr's confirmation hearing: “Q: Do you believe a president could lawfully issue a pardon in exchange for the recipien… twitter
8:13pm The Daily: The Fate of Trump’s Financial Records overcast
8:13pm Planet Money: Hollywood’s Black List overcast
7:54pm Radiolab: Silky Love overcast
3:40pm "I'm gonna shoot you in the eye!" - Blume household, Blursday the fortyteenth of Mayprilay facebook
2:00pm RT @ryanjhiggins: The symbolism of Betsy DeVos having a bookshelf with no books on it 😂😂😂 twitter
1:58pm RT @KenTremendous: The "Trump knew Russians paying Taliban to murder U.S. soldiers" scandal feels like a year ago, the Democrats still strug… twitter
1:53pm RT @MittRomney: Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to… twitter
12:18pm RT @UticaEric: My brother was one of the FBI Counter-Intelligence SAs who worked for Robert Mueller, investigated Stone, and helped convict … twitter
8:54am RT @brhodes: Trump won't life a finger to protect our troops from Russian bounties but he'll free a criminal who helped Russia attack our de… twitter
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