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February 21st
5:45pm RT @jonlovett: Really interesting look at what is hiding beneath rosier economic statistics. twitter
3:58pm Planet Money: #974: Michael Milken overcast
3:58pm 99% Invisible: 390- Fraktur overcast
3:41pm The Daily: The Field: An Anti-Endorsement in Nevada overcast
1:10pm You guys can all link to this post when I share (sometime in the future) how badly I hurt myself bouldering. facebook
11:25am RT @brhodes: Trump is literally running interference to help Russia intervene in our election on his behalf, using the enormous power of inc… twitter
February 20th
6:14pm San Jose McEnery Convention Center (a convention center) in San Jose foursquare
6:13pm City National Civic of San Jose (a music venue) in San Jose foursquare
7:46am The Daily: The Latest: The Nevada Debate overcast
7:17am Fresh Air: ‘High Fidelity’ Author / Remembering Ladysmith Black Mambazo Founder overcast
February 19th
7:14pm RT @KenTremendous: In two weeks, I’ll be voting for Elizabeth Warren. This is a big part of the reason. She has ideological beliefs, and com… twitter
5:30pm Sen Dai Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
12:20pm University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) (an university) in Santa Barbara foursquare
9:22am RT @adamcbest: Warren is polling 5 points higher than Buttigieg and almost 10 points higher than Klobuchar in the national poll average (thi… twitter
February 18th
7:31pm Woodstock's Pizza (a pizza place) in Isla Vista foursquare
4:05pm UCLA Royce Quad (a college quad) in Los Angeles foursquare
3:26pm Duke Ellington Memorial Statue (a historic site) in Los Angeles foursquare
12:58pm UCLA (an university) in Los Angeles foursquare
February 17th
11:09pm RT @BarackObama: Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way fo… twitter
7:23pm Nguyen's Kitchen (a vietnamese restaurant) in Orange foursquare
11:29am RT @BelgianBoolean: But folks just want to hold onto this idea that working hard automatically means you'll make it. It's a convenient lie t… twitter
10:27am Douglas Park (a park) in Long Beach foursquare
February 16th
9:45pm RT @ewarren: Here's something that shouldn't be controversial to say: I believe in science. I believe that climate change threatens every si… twitter
12:30pm Oga's Cantina (a bar) in Anaheim foursquare
9:34am Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (a theme park ride / attraction) in Anaheim foursquare
February 15th
8:10pm RT @adamcbest: @jljacobson @ewarren Warren accomplished the CFPB -- the most impressive feat by any 2020 Democrat -- when she controlled zer… twitter
6:51pm Manaow (a thai restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
1:22pm Plaid Sheep (a restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
6:34am Casa De Restaurant & bakery (an american restaurant) in Hollister foursquare
February 14th
6:00pm Fresh Air: Amazon & The ‘Rise And Reign’ Of Jeff Bezos overcast
4:15pm Planet Granite Santa Clara (a climbing gym) in Santa Clara foursquare
10:18am As Randall Munroe wrote, "Mission f*cking accomplished." twitter
9:59am The Daily: The Post-Acquittal Presidency overcast
February 13th
8:54pm RT @david8hughes: Let’s talk about the moon landings. There’s no way they happened and in this thread I’m going to explain why. twitter
8:41pm This is the Oscar winning short, "Hair Love". facebook
6:30pm Political Gabfest: Bernie Burns It and Biden Bites It overcast
3:12pm RT @michaelharriot: Many people complain about the inhumanity of Stop & Frisk, but it's not about that Here's a list of the top 10 reas… twitter
1:15pm Fresh Air: The 2020 Disinformation War overcast
10:26am The Scathing Atheist: 365: Convicted Edition overcast
8:53am RT @LaserMWebber: oh, you poor apple you have seen better days SLICE *whispered* now it is your last day ** -things I overhear my husband s… twitter
8:20am The Daily: Fear, Fury and the Coronavirus overcast
February 12th
6:32pm Planet Money: #971: Our Valentines 2020 overcast
6:18pm Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: Deep Background with Noah Feldman overcast
5:02pm RT @tribelaw: The Rule of Law is gasping for breath, being suffocated by Trump and his personal henchman Bill Barr. Not even a pretense of l… twitter
2:31pm 99% Invisible: 389- Whomst Among Us Has Let The Dogs Out overcast
11:38am RT @originalspin: Buttigieg & Klobuchar’s surge and Biden’s tumble show this is anyone’s race. With Bloomberg spending billions to try t… twitter
7:56am The Daily: The Results From New Hampshire overcast
7:19am RT @evacide: Gee, maybe back doors for law enforcement aren’t a good idea. twitter
February 11th
8:44pm Fresh Air: Michael Pollan Explains Caffeine Addiction & Withdrawal overcast
8:22pm RT @clairecmc: You may have outrage fatigue. Get over it. What happened today needs a whole new level of outrage. Trump directly helping a p… twitter
6:15pm Fresh Air: Coronavirus, Animal Infections & The Next Pandemic overcast
6:03pm Every Little Thing: Meet the Scrunchie Queen overcast
5:29pm Radiolab: The Other Latif: Episode 2 overcast
5:12pm RT @brianschatz: So for those of you who with a day job, here’s what happened: Roger Stone gets recommended for 7-9 years for his crimes. Tr… twitter
2:37pm RT @Megavolt1: In Any Sane Country, Trump's New Budget Would Be Political Suicide Cutting the CDC in the middle of a pandemic is not viable… twitter
2:32pm RT @KenTremendous: Once Bill Clinton talked to the AG (whose department was in charge of investigating his wife) on an airport tarmac for an… twitter
1:05pm Qinni is no longer with us. A few artists that I follow are celebrating her life and art with tributes today. facebook
9:43am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 757: My Fridge Killed My Apple TV overcast
9:15am The Daily: The Field: The Aftershocks of Iowa in New Hampshire overcast
8:45am RT @thisisames: Bong Joon-ho did 100% what any of us would do if we won more than one Oscar: he made them make out twitter
February 10th
9:46pm I just watched S1:E3 of The Expanse. I'm in a pretty good place. It's fun to look forward to another episode strictly because I'm vested in the story. (Remin... facebook
11:32am RT @rachmeetsworld: Best Picture 2021 is this video Brie Larson took of Taika Waititi trying to hid his Oscar under the seat in front of him twitter
10:02am Apple - [Daemons, Agents, Cron, Launchd] dokuwiki
9:29am Fresh Air: Coronavirus, Animal Infections & The Next Pandemic overcast
9:14am The Daily: The End of Privacy as We Know It? overcast
February 9th
7:01pm @carlfish On the same day that you posted your first post in about five years, I pushed a little script to github (at dblume/watch-url) that… twitter
6:46pm RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: This is a wireless antenna in California. Network coverage was disrupted by an Acorn woodpecker, a 3 ounce bird stashi… twitter
5:27pm Stuft Pizza (a pizza place) in Milpitas foursquare
9:03am RT @ChrisMurphyCT: 1/ One of Trump's favorite tactics is taking credit for Obama's economy. Democrats need to stop letting him get away with… twitter
February 8th
11:37pm So we missed out on a thing because we missed when a website updated. I have a shared hosting account on DreamHost that can send email that'll get received. ... facebook
6:54pm This equation will change how you see the world youtube_favorites
6:28pm RT @MollyJongFast: The president is so innocent he fired everyone who told the truth. twitter
12:14pm In this patent application, a human and a robot assess another human's face. The human wonders who it is. The robot determines, "He looks like he probably sh... facebook
11:14am Planet Granite (a climbing gym) in Santa Clara foursquare
February 7th
8:00pm RT @brhodes: We live in a country where one political party supports an autocracy complete with public shamings of those who tell the truth … twitter
8:00pm RT @SwiftOnSecurity: I have a lot of differences with @Snowden, but his fear about a batshit insane dictator using the NSA infrastructure se… twitter
7:58pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: twitter
7:55pm RT @Snowden: Tell me again about "proper channels." twitter
6:59pm Fresh Air: A New Frontier Of Assassination overcast
6:59pm Fresh Air: ‘American Factory’ Doc. Filmmakers On Chinese/U.S. Work Culture Clash overcast
2:39pm RT @JamilSmith: I wrote this about @ewarren after covering one of her rallies in August. Considering that a third-place finish in Iowa has e… twitter
1:10pm Every Little Thing: Drugs on Screen: A Prop Master Tells All overcast
12:57pm Planet Money: #970: Raw Milk Deal overcast
11:31am RT @dandrezner: I am so glad this gives me a chance to link to @anniekarni’s bats**t insane 2018 story about the records team that has to ta… twitter
10:37am Shit. twitter
10:36am Sh*t. facebook
8:41am The Daily: The Woman Defending Harvey Weinstein overcast
8:41am The Scathing Atheist: 364: Left Handed Edition overcast
February 6th
9:58pm Important Netflix PSA: You can turn off autoplay of trailers while browsing. twitter
6:08pm Political Gabfest: The Most Abusive and Destructive overcast
3:35pm The Scathing Atheist: 363: Beaded Curtain of Separation Edition overcast
2:37pm RT @brianbeutler: This same Treasury Department broke the law requiring the IRS to turn Trump’s tax returns over to Congress. The entire R… twitter
2:34pm RT @robertwolf32: This video on GOP crushing then candidate Trump is classic (via @AriMelber ) the next @MikeBloomberg ad has already been… twitter
2:19pm RT @sarahkendzior: Warren understands kleptocracy. She understands what's uniquely criminal about Trump's kleptocracy, but she also understa… twitter
2:18pm To be fair, it's not that he wants to kill us. It's just that he sides with Asbest, Russia. And our lives don't factor enough in that equati… twitter
8:22am The Daily: Mitt Romney’s Lonely Vote overcast
February 5th
6:09pm Planet Money: #772: Small Change overcast
2:12pm Radiolab: The Other Latif: Episode 1 overcast
2:03pm 99% Invisible: 388- Missing the Bus overcast
9:32am The Daily: The State of the Union overcast
9:02am That's in response to this (Facebook account required): twitter
8:59am "Bread and circuses" is now "coffee and podcasts". Don't look up, everything's fine. Don't create. Don't think. The President will secure th… twitter
8:15am The Daily: The Latest: What Happened in Iowa? overcast
February 4th
9:44pm RT @AdamParkhomenko: holy shit this ad twitter
9:33pm About half way into The Mandalorian now and really enjoying it. It has elements of Lone Wolf and Cub and an homage to The Seven Samurai. But all I heard when... facebook
4:07pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 756: Don’t Doubt ur Vibe overcast
9:37am Of course, of course this is the timeline where Trump gets his hands on the death note (a notebook where when you write someone's name, they die). facebook
8:46am The Daily: A Very Long Night In Iowa overcast
8:05am RT @KevinMKruse: The House sent the Senate a major election security bill back in October. It's been sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk for… twitter
8:02am RT @Alyssa_Milano: Well, this should probably go viral. #MidnightInWashington twitter
February 3rd
11:31pm RT @ydklijnsma: To the person who figured out my honeypot is a honeypot could you please stop putting the picture of Pooh bear with a jar of… twitter
10:48pm RT @AlecMacGillis: It's a sign of how crazy the news cycle is right now that the United States three days ago barred immigration from the la… twitter
4:23pm This American Life: 692: The Show of Delights overcast
4:09pm RT @JillFilipovic: This is the reality of American media: There is a legitimate mainstream media that is branded as "liberal" because it doe… twitter
2:19pm Invisibilia: Invisibilia Presents: Throughline overcast
11:26am Sure, you can enter "pidof pidof" on the commandline, just to assure you get a self-referential valid pid. But what happens if you $ pidof … twitter
10:36am The Daily: The Field: Iowa’s Electability Complex overcast
9:36am @zannah I wanted the entire Twitter thread to be, "PAM PAM PAM PAM!!!" twitter
February 2nd
8:03pm RT @ChrisEvans: You guys! A dog is sledding! A dog. Is SLEDDING! Everything’s gonna be ok. twitter
2:36pm And certbot-auto looks very resource intensive (for an RPi) as it recompiles dependencies with each invocation. twitter
2:33pm Most other Americans: Superbowl! Me: I should post about upgrading EFF Let's Encrypt's certbot to use ACMEv2 on Raspberry Pi's Raspbian Jess… twitter
12:53pm Raspberry Pi - [Problem: Jessie Backports is gone.] dokuwiki
11:24am Raspberry Pi - [Problem: Jessie Backports is gone.] dokuwiki
8:20am It's Superb Owl Sunday IV! 🦉🥳 Esp. for Sjon Svenson facebook
February 1st
5:25pm Radiolab: The Bobbys overcast
10:44am RT @tomtomorrow: September 26, 2016 twitter
8:17am The Daily: The Latest: No Witnesses overcast
January 31st
8:04pm In all fairness to the President, the only advice I've ever heard about talking to the law was to not talk. I'd expect anybody to try not to make things wors... facebook
7:58pm @FairStability @integerpoet @jameshamblin @KlasfeldReports We're agreeing on quite a lot. FWIW, for me, it's not identity politics. I'm not … twitter
6:21pm Planet Money: #969: The Island No One Owns overcast
3:31pm RT @AndyRichter: So Lamar Alexander is saying Trump did attempt to tamper w the election, but we should let the election decide Trump’s guil… twitter
3:30pm RT @JesseCharlesLee: For a President to go through an entire impeachment inquiry and trial without turning over a single document or witness… twitter
3:28pm @FairStability @integerpoet @jameshamblin @KlasfeldReports The Mueller report found no collusion between the President and Russia. If you lo… twitter
3:23pm RT @Roku: On Sunday, the game will stream for free on the NFL app on Roku devices unless FOX blocks your ability to stream it. See all ways… twitter
2:53pm Political Gabfest: 49 years and 364 days of Plotz overcast
2:28pm The Daily: The Lessons of 2016 overcast
10:10am @FairStability @jameshamblin @KlasfeldReports "How could they need more?" "Why?" Note that these are questions that direct witnesses could a… twitter
10:06am RT @jameshamblin: Just to step back for a sec on the state of democracy: it‘s considered a likely career-ending political risk for any Repub… twitter
January 30th
10:14pm The President's defense is winning with Stephen Colbert's "I Am America" assertion. Since he's America, everything he does is (by definition… twitter
10:01pm RT @SethAbramson: John Bolton has only until Friday morning to go on TV, tell his story, and thereby try to compel the Senate to hear it—as … twitter
3:24pm Reply All: #156 The Cure for Everything overcast
2:43pm Planet Money: #968: The Trouble With Table 101 overcast
10:24am "Wife" is a heavily gendered word, but I'm going to share this anyway, because she's not wrong about needing a partner to share the work. It's only because o... facebook
8:34am The Daily: A Virus’s Journey Across China overcast
8:15am The Daily: The Latest: The ‘Public Interest’ overcast
January 29th
10:16pm "Facebook Won’t Remove This Woman’s Butthole As A Business Page" facebook
6:11pm Fresh Air: What Happens If There’s An ‘Election Meltdown’ In 2020 overcast
2:31pm Fresh Air: The Secret History Of Nuclear War overcast
12:19pm The hovertext, about searching release notes for terms of interest reminded me of @zannah. twitter
9:02am The Daily: Chuck Schumer on Impeachment, Witnesses and the Truth overcast
8:28am Existential Penny Arcade today. facebook
7:00am Talking Heads - And She Was (Remastered) last_fm
6:55am Girlfriend - FLASH last_fm
6:50am Perfume - FLASH last_fm
January 28th
7:02pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Milpitas foursquare
6:41pm Fresh Air: Attorney General William Barr’s Unwavering Support Of Trump, Explained overcast
5:27pm 99% Invisible: 387- The Worst Video Game Ever overcast
2:43pm Just the delicious kind of nugget one might learn at a !!Con too. twitter
1:54pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 755: Somebody Stole My Tim Tams! overcast
9:33am The Daily: What John Bolton Knows overcast
9:11am The title is misleading. A seed company had withdrawn its advertising in protest of the cartoon. So, on the one hand, the cartoonist was biting the hand that... facebook
January 27th
9:41am Good for both Warren and Sanders for going on the record about Bolsonaro and Greenwald. twitter
9:15am The Daily: A Small Town’s Fight Over America’s Biggest Sport overcast
9:15am Fresh Air: Inside Trump’s Chaotic ‘Den Of Destruction’ overcast
January 26th
10:25am @neonepiphany Thank you. I'm disappointed the library has to pay the full fee after only 30s of streaming. I can see that easily abused. I b… twitter
9:54am TIL: Kanopy, a streaming service that works with local libraries to offer indies, foreign films, documentaries and more. It has a #roku app … twitter
9:39am RT @engineeringvids: Road plays music when driven over⠀ via chocolat_ice_cream (Reddit) twitter
January 25th
10:23am Crema Coffee Roasting Company (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
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