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December 15th
December 14th
2:20pm RT @drvox: Yes. It's really difficult to overstate the effect that RW media has had on the intellectual state of the right -- not only in th… twitter
10:30am shell tips - Added jq dokuwiki
December 13th
12:29pm RT @americansunited: A new poll shows that voters' anti-atheist prejudice is finally fading: Three-quarters of all voters now say they would… twitter
10:30am RT @tribelaw: NEW RULE: Cheat & lie & commit enough felonies to become president — and you’ll get not just the office with all its… twitter
10:29am RT @brianschatz: If only there were something you could’ve done about this. twitter
December 12th
11:11am RT @duretti: "There's enough mediocrity in the world, our lives are short [...] let's make it good if we're gonna to bother to spend the tim… twitter
December 11th
12:16pm @zannah " a desperate bid to procrastinate" could've been appended to a few other slices, too. twitter
December 10th
4:24pm RT @SBMPediatrics: Posted in the library at a middle school where my daughter played basketball today. twitter
12:23pm RT @nycsouthpaw: On Friday evening, federal prosecutors for the first time said the president had directed illegal hush money payments to wo… twitter
12:21pm RT @DavidJuurlink: Periodic reminder that these guys sold the patent on insulin for $1 and they’d be pissed that people are dying because th… twitter
December 9th
1:08am RT @drvox: America 2018: Our corrupt & unaccountable president's corrupt & unaccountable son is coaching the corrupt & unaccount… twitter
December 8th
5:13pm @TrevorBramble Great, succinct post. I "knew" about brace expansion, but kept forgetting about it. Your post puts it better in mind for next… twitter
5:01pm @sehurlburt I thought/hoped the explanation of my poor-man's log maintenance cronjob one-liner was amusing. twitter
December 7th
10:38pm RT @AoDespair: Thread. It reads as hyperbole. But it is not. twitter
December 6th
10:41am Good times. TBT HBD @madisonblume instagram
9:41am RT @ForecasterEnten: So I've written on NC-09. To me the case for fraud appears quite strong. I think the key point for fraud is that there … twitter
9:39am RT @SpacecoastPix: @JuddLegum Republicans govern under Calvinball rules. twitter
December 5th
2:18pm @zannah I dunno, now that there's a confirmed neural basis for cute aggression, we're on our way from an item in the journal Frontiers in Be… twitter
8:49am @zannah Have you ever felt the urge to nom a cat? twitter
December 4th
7:43pm @zannah I'd tell you, but eBay deleted my account without notification. twitter
December 3rd
5:45pm @zannah It has its moments, and I liked it. But it's weird enough that I wouldn't recommend it to just anybody. If you like Wes Anderson or … twitter
12:15pm @zannah It's also "Friend Proxy" on the Netflix original series Maniac. twitter
December 2nd
7:36pm RT @Ocasio2018: In my on-boarding to Congress, I get to pick my insurance plan. As a waitress, I had to pay more than TWICE what I’d pay as… twitter
7:31pm RT @TopherSpiro: 🚨 This is a "break glass" emergency with lives at stake. No one knows it's time to enroll (by Dec. 15) because Trump slash… twitter
6:26pm Beyond Thai foursquare
11:16am @TheAtlPhoto Usually you reveal each new day's photo at the Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar before 14:00 US/Eastern that day. Is ever… twitter
12:25am RT @shannonrwatts: In 1995, former president George H.W. Bush resigned as a Life Member of the @NRA because he objected to the leadership's … twitter
December 1st
3:53pm dblume shares The Atlantic is doing their 11th annual Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar! plurk
8:16am RT @MaddowBlog: What Trump neglected to mention about his support for dropping sanctions on Russia was that he had a massive business deal i… twitter
November 30th
4:39pm @zannah I haven't started Whamageddon yet. But thinking about its rules made me lose this game: twitter
2:09pm @zannah And thanks to this (having to announce when you're aware of something), I just lost the game. twitter
2:05pm And one of them knows (OK, carries) my name! twitter
12:05pm Finally! No ash, no rain! instagram
November 26th
12:30pm @zannah @friezdj You meant, "Clearly, that'th MeowMeow." twitter
12:21pm RT @DavidCornDC: The skeptics/denialists don't have to win the argument, they just have to make it seem like there is a legitimate argument.… twitter
November 25th
6:30pm RT @Snowden: Journalists working this story should note that none of #NSO Group's many, many statements made after the #Khashoggi murder den… twitter
November 24th
1:30pm RT @brianschatz: We need to put a price on carbon. We need to fund our science agencies. We need green infrastructure. We need to rejoin Par… twitter
9:29am RT @acraftyarab: This is how the Arab newspapers are drawing trump. #JamalKhasoggi twitter
November 21st
7:48pm RT @kurteichenwald: 1. Back in 1990, a bunch of New York Times reporters - including me - who wrote about Trump were all discussing him. The… twitter
7:32pm RT @michelleisawolf: I bet you'd be on my side if I had killed a journalist. #BeBest twitter
3:40pm Even when you get to "Stop me if this sounds familiar", don't stop. twitter
3:34pm @yacitus @thenib "Stop me if this sounds familiar." twitter
3:16pm RT @SenWarren: For years, garbage heaps claiming to be colleges stayed in business because a shady accrediting agency gave them its rubber s… twitter
12:30pm RT @waltshaub: This is what’s so dangerous about a congressional majority abdicating its constitutional duty. A POTUS fired an FBI Director … twitter
12:26pm @AskeBay @AskeBay This thread isn't *about* me but it's informed by my experience. I observed that I was only sent MC209 once. I'm letting y… twitter
10:02am A little rain just made the air quality here so. much. better. It's really wonderful. twitter
9:30am RT @EFF: It’s here! EFF and McSweeney’s have teamed up to bring you "The End of Trust" (@mcsweeneys 54), the first all-nonfiction McSweene… twitter
9:26am RT @IlhanMN: Once again, our President proves that you can’t buy a moral compass. And Saudi Arabia proves that you can, on the other hand, … twitter
9:19am @AskeBay @AskeBay That's the thing. You did the once. I have my one MC209 reminder from 2015-06-02, and later normal email from eBay months … twitter
November 20th
4:10pm @eBay Idle user accounts might be flagged for deletion multiple times. Please email the user *each time* they're flagged for deletion (and e… twitter
November 17th
5:10pm RT @greenhousenyt: Horrible Gerrymandering under Scott Walker >> In Wisconsin, Democrats received 1.31 million votes for the State As… twitter
5:09pm @zannah I'm so sorry for your loss. :hug: twitter
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