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January 16th
3:34pm RT @RBReich: Senate Republicans have refused to vote to reopen the U.S. government, but have no problem voting to lift sanctions on a Russia… twitter
2:54pm RT @thenib: No government? No problem! From @JenSorensen: twitter
January 15th
8:16pm RT @SenWhitehouse: As you wonder why @realDonaldTrump is being so unreasonable, damaging and disrespectful in the shutdown, think about what… twitter
8:14pm RT @bertomeister: The wall is a metaphor for racism, nationalism & white supremacy. The wall Trump desires isn’t made of concrete or ste… twitter
4:55pm RT @thenib: New from @MattBors: A horrible crisis at our southern border! twitter
1:01pm RT @TheDweck: This is the news photo that would make a returning time traveler realize they fucked something up twitter
11:13am Is a veterinary textbook recommending injecting yourself with adrenaline to enrage yourself for fair(er) fights with cats? twitter
January 14th
8:01pm RT @voxdotcom: "Coffee naps" are more effective than separately drinking a cup of coffee or taking a quick nap. We explain: twitter
January 13th
10:46pm RT @raymondh: QOTD: "Things are rarely true for just one reason; finding multiple explanations for things gives you an improved understandin… twitter
January 10th
12:49pm RT @Slate: Nothing says urgency like the partial funding of a construction project for which land has not yet been acquired. twitter
January 9th
8:40pm RT @kurteichenwald: A paragraph I wish I had written, since it is perfect in every way. twitter
5:13pm RT @jennycohn1: Remember when the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team admitted that the Diebold GEMS central tabulator used in 37 states … twitter
January 7th
January 6th
8:38pm RT @AOC: If the GOP wants a wall so badly, they can try to propose and pass a bill like anybody else. Instead, they are seizing gov operat… twitter
January 3rd
8:35pm This is one of those days where I anxiously scan Twitter and Reddit looking for trouble with my product, because I just made a big release, … twitter
January 2nd
4:10pm Stop being controlled by an external entity? Or not? #BandersnatchChallenge twitter
December 30th 2018
5:53pm Shake Shack foursquare
December 29th 2018
4:11pm instagram
12:30am RT @IlhanMN: Our President is threatening to shut down the southern border over funding for his $5,000,000,000 wall. Experts say doing so wo… twitter
December 27th 2018
2:44pm Dogpatch Boulders foursquare
December 26th 2018
December 22nd 2018
1:17pm RT @Ocasio2018: Next time we have a gov shutdown, Congressional salaries should be furloughed as well. It’s completely unacceptable that me… twitter
1:17pm RT @Ocasio2018: For the wall’s $5.7 billion, every child in America could have access to Universal Pre-K. Yet when we propose the SAME $, w… twitter
11:42am RT @JYSexton: It’s unethical to report on this battle over funding for the border wall without mentioning the wall is a ridiculous concept t… twitter
11:41am RT @AdamSchiff: A good man resigns as Defense Secretary, The acting Attorney General ignores the advice of ethics lawyers, And the governm… twitter
10:59am I love f-strings because they're convenient and easy for me to read, the fact that they're surprisingly fast is just icing on the cake. twitter
December 21st 2018
10:26am RT @SenFeinstein: Matthew Whitaker’s reported refusal to follow the recommendation of ethics officials further indicates that he views his r… twitter
December 20th 2018
9:45pm RT @drvox: Trump is now turning away lawful asylum-seekers showing up at lawful points of entry. It was never about "law & order," never… twitter
10:43am RT @Lollardfish: The people who made the decision to treat an infant in this way should be fired immediately and investigated for criminal m… twitter
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