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May 5th
12:30pm RT @OldSmokeEater14: @OatesBryce @Melanie76Nicole @doctorow Biggest fallacy of the last 40 years , since Mulroney, Reagan and Thatcher era o… twitter
9:39am RT @ElieNYC: Me: I am your father 5yo: I know. Me: Let me look upon you with my own eyes. 5yo: Huh? 8yo: He's playing Star Wars Me: Join me,… twitter
8:37am Serial: The Improvement Association - Chap 2 overcast
8:34am 99% Invisible: 441- Abandoned Ships overcast
8:13am The Daily: A Shrinking Society in Japan overcast
May 4th
1:44pm Yep. I'm fully vaccinated yet continue to wear my mask only to put others at ease. It's just one thing off their mind. It's a small thing to… twitter
1:30pm RT @wonderofscience: Stunning timelapse of the Earth rising over the Moon captured by Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya. Credit: JAXA… twitter
11:36am The Daily: A Population Slowdown in the U.S. overcast
11:08am Serial: The Improvement Association - Chap 1 overcast
May 3rd
10:18pm RT @drvolts: The inability or unwillingness of people in positions of power & authority to speak truth about the Republican Party is goi… twitter
6:59pm Every Little Thing: When a Million Ants Come Marching In overcast
1:50pm You know what I want for Father's Day? I want proficiency in VisiData. It's such an awesome powerful CLI vim-bindings friendly, Python3 nati… twitter
11:16am Invisibilia: The Chaos Machine: An Endless Hole overcast
10:54am Planet Money: A Superhero Goes To Hollywood overcast
10:34am The Daily: A Vast Web of Vengeance, Part 2 overcast
9:02am RT @thejenna: a cashier just told me to "have the rest of your day" instead of "have a nice day" and I am REELING, this should ABSOLUTELY be… twitter
May 2nd
9:02pm RT @davecheney: The thermocline of truth twitter
8:59pm RT @integerpoet: Reasonable engineers don’t invent gratuitous self-referential namespaces carved up by deliberately inefficient logic withou… twitter
8:54pm RT @EthicsInBricks: “A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition, because familiarity is not easily distingui… twitter
May 1st
4:40pm Turns out that people who won't cut the cord are subsidizing Tucker Carlson with their cable bundles even if they don't watch him. Cut the c… twitter
4:33pm Great to see myths tested. Knots really are bad, twists not so much. facebook
April 30th
11:25am RT @nhannahjones: I'm really over defending #1619Project but I must correct some glaring inaccuracies in this @politico piece. 1) The projec… twitter
10:26am Political Gabfest: Live at 100 Days overcast
9:45am The Daily: Odessa, Part 4: Wellness Check overcast
9:12am The Scathing Atheist: 428: Got Wood Edition overcast
April 29th
11:36am Planet Money: The $100 Million Deli overcast
11:19am 99% Invisible: 308- Curb Cuts overcast
11:10am Reply All: The Test Kitchen Revisited overcast
10:57am Fresh Air: How Processed Food Companies Get Us ‘Hooked’ On Junk overcast
April 28th
2:38pm Finally got my Mooltipass! (2nd vaccine shot) twitter
2:27pm Finally got my Mooltipass. Just need to wait a couple of weeks, and I'm good to go. facebook
9:08am RT @Sifill_LDF: Two brilliant Black women nominated to serve on the D.C. Circuit Court and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals respectively, wi… twitter
8:45am @behzad_abd @JDavidFries @neonepiphany Integrity and authenticity of the QR code is guaranteed by the blockchain it is stored in, with every… twitter
8:02am Cake - The Distance last_fm
7:59am Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver last_fm
7:55am Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket last_fm
7:52am Cake - The Distance last_fm
7:49am Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver last_fm
7:15am Miyu Nagase - with U last_fm
7:09am Cory Johnson - Water Temple last_fm
April 27th
11:22am Revisionist History: Presenting: The Bomber Mafia by Malcolm Gladwell overcast
11:10am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 820: Hide the Pickle - Apple event roundup, Big Tech Antitrust action, Signal CEO hacked Celebrite device overcast
11:09am The Daily: Can the U.S. Win Back Its Climate Credibility? overcast
10:04am @fanf Of course. Thanks. I'd edit my tweet if I could. Think I'll leave it there as a lesson to myself about posting before understanding. twitter
9:00am @bink @b0rk And it's tagged for the next release! twitter
8:11am We might have a negative leap second towards the end of this decade. Get your code that assumes time moves forward ready. twitter
April 26th
8:01pm This American Life: 736: The Herd overcast
12:32pm RT @MollyJongFast: I don’t want to say this is the best thing I’ve ever seen but it is. twitter
12:11pm @KalenXI @YouTube If the harsh BZZT! my dryer does had a lyric, it'd be a Dalek crying, "Exterminate!" twitter
11:11am San Francisco #toastershrub instagram
8:28am Björk - Come to Me last_fm
8:25am Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver last_fm
8:22am 少女時代 - Oh! last_fm
8:18am No Doubt - Simple Kind of Life last_fm
8:14am 上木彩矢 - Communication Break last_fm
8:10am Alan - 炫影~Sharp Light~ (Dazzling Shadow) last_fm
8:05am BONNIE PINK - Catch the Sun last_fm
8:01am 上木彩矢 - Just take my heart last_fm
7:59am Daft Punk - Armory last_fm
7:52am Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow - Picture last_fm
7:48am 上木彩矢 - 君去りし誘惑 last_fm
7:43am Sheryl Crow - If It Makes You Happy last_fm
7:36am Peace Bureau - The Boom last_fm
7:32am Norah Jones - Be My Somebody last_fm
7:27am Rie fu - ツキアカリ last_fm
7:23am Girls' Generation (少女時代) - Gee last_fm
6:26am Invisibilia: Eat The Rich overcast
6:23am The Daily: Why Russia Is Exporting So Much Vaccine overcast
April 25th
9:38pm Aaron and I went bouldering today. I was at my limit near the top of a route, and I was thinking to myself "Stupid old man, what are you doing? What if you f... facebook
April 24th
2:20pm Planet Money: A Superhero Sells Out overcast
2:01pm Radiolab: Deep Cuts overcast
11:02am RT @MikeMooreDO: Burn it down Harold. Burn it all down. twitter
10:51am RT @JanelleCShane: attention, visible on an iceland volcano cam right now is a happy lava frog twitter
10:37am RT @VanityFair: Kavanaugh, who said it was absurd to judge him based on who he was in high school, thinks children convicted of crimes shoul… twitter
April 23rd
9:14pm Here it is, the finale of the trilogy: The Ultimate AeroPress Technique (Episode #3). If he hadn't set it up with the first two episodes, the comments sectio... facebook
11:58am 99% Invisible: 440- La Brega in Levittown overcast
11:45am The Scathing Atheist: 427: Red Carpet Edition overcast
11:21am The Daily: The Super League That Wasn’t overcast
12:40am The current trend of COVID-19 cases in India is worse than it's ever been. (Maybe because they're so populous that even these numbers are a small percentage ... facebook
April 22nd
3:07pm Invisibilia: Eat The Rich overcast
2:55pm Political Gabfest: Guilty, Guilty, Guilty overcast
2:05pm Planet Money: The Writers Revolt (UPDATE) overcast
1:56pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 819: Introducing Club TWiT - Apple’s Spring event, Jeff Bezos letter to shareholders, Elon Musk and NASA overcast
1:41pm RT @dirtboxfairy28: @JohnMoynes twitter
April 20th
9:02pm RT @smdiehl: Lots of people outside of the tech industry follow me now, so figured I'd let you in an open secret that may not be public know… twitter
4:40pm RT @HobokenPudding: No holding back in historic Woodstock twitter
11:52am Fresh Air: ‘How To Be An Adult’ & ‘Real American’ Author Julie Lythcott-Haims overcast
11:13am Every Little Thing: Dog Show Drama: Is There an Anti-Dachshund Conspiracy? overcast
11:04am Invisibilia: Season 7: New Stories. New Hosts. overcast
11:01am The Daily: A Wave of Anti-Transgender Legislation overcast
9:46am RT @zmagg: staying long enough at a job that you get to swim in tech debt of your own creation is humbling. twitter
April 19th
9:50am The Daily: A Difficult Diplomatic Triangle overcast
9:30am Fresh Air: The ‘Secret History’ Of The Sackler Family & The Opioid Crisis overcast
April 18th
9:35pm RT @iboudreau: twitter
9:33pm RT @koush: Difficult to quantify what an ecological disaster Bitcoin is, but this comes close. twitter
6:23pm Radiolab: The Septendecennial Sing-Along overcast
6:06pm Planet Money: India, Farming, and the Free Market overcast
April 17th
12:16pm This is what we've been waiting for. Episode 2 of James Hoffmann's "Understanding The AeroPress" is out. facebook
7:47am Mission Peak (top) (a mountain) in Fremont foursquare
5:50am Mission Peak Regional Preserve (a trail) in Fremont foursquare
April 16th
11:08am RT @ashishkjha: Just out in @TheLancet what experts have said for a year SARS-CoV2 spreads PRIMARILY via airborne route Failure to act on… twitter
9:22am Political Gabfest: Blood Clot overcast
8:31am The Daily: The Agony of Pandemic Parenting overcast
April 15th
2:22pm RT @Snowden: Watch this film. twitter
12:27pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 818: The Tunnel That Bored Vegas - Google vs Oracle, Elon Musk’s Boring Tunnel, Google IO 2021 overcast
12:20pm The Scathing Atheist: 426: InfoWar Hero Edition overcast
12:06pm Every Little Thing: Chasing Ghosts: Searching For Endangered Animals overcast
12:01pm Planet Money: Workin’ 9 To 5 overcast
11:46am The Daily: The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause Explained overcast
April 14th
3:45pm So seven days later, there's a Long Now talk Nicky gave in S.F. where they said, "Think about epidemics. One patient zero, a little while la… twitter
1:35pm This American Life: 735: Bloody Feelings overcast
1:26pm 99% Invisible: 439- Welcome to Jurassic Art Redux overcast
1:19pm The Daily: A Legal Winning Streak for Religion overcast
12:59pm The Daily: Cryptocurrency’s Newest Frontier overcast
April 13th
10:54pm I love @ncasenmare's work so, so much. I just read their "What did I learn this decade?" post, and it ends with, "It's 2020, a new decade, a… twitter
5:46pm RT @dkatzmaier: You can say “Hey Roku” into thin air and the remote will listen and execute your voice commands, including beeping from unde… twitter
1:18pm Mitchell's Ice Cream (an ice cream shop) in San Francisco foursquare
12:07pm Super fun play structure instagram
11:02am Philosopher's Way (a trail) in San Francisco foursquare
9:58am Millbrae Pancake House (a diner) in Millbrae foursquare
April 12th
4:53pm Esp. for Rick Mann. facebook
10:33am The Daily: Europe’s Vaccination Problem overcast
10:11am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 817: TVPhreak997 - MS Build 2021, Hololens & US Army, ACLU’s privacy letdown, Google’s Pixel 6 chip overcast
7:55am RT @drvolts: Alternate, non-hack phrasing: Biden is passing & implementing the programs he ran on, which are supported by large majoriti… twitter
April 11th
6:41pm Kappo Nami Nami (a japanese restaurant) in Mountain View foursquare
12:44pm Political Gabfest: Midnight Train From Georgia overcast
April 10th
9:29pm RT @ReverendWarnock: RT if you believe the Senate must act to protect voting rights no matter what. twitter
5:47pm Planet Money: About Your Extended Warranty overcast
4:21pm RT @chi_numtot: An oldie but a goodie twitter
April 9th
9:18am The Daily: Odessa, Part 3: The Band Bus Quarantine overcast
April 8th
7:02pm RT @matthewrpark: You know how you go to get the vaccine and no one asks for money and you aren’t worried about how much you’ll have to pay?… twitter
6:58pm RT @Rainmaker1973: Ambiguous grid by Kokichi Sugihara of Meiji University in Japan. A mathematically calculated combination of perspective a… twitter
9:56am The Scathing Atheist: 425: Science Says Edition overcast
9:46am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 817: TVPhreak997 - MS Build 2021, Hololens & US Army, ACLU’s privacy letdown, Google’s Pixel 6 chip overcast
9:46am Planet Money: How Jacob Loud’s Land Was Lost overcast
9:29am 99% Invisible: 438- The Real Book overcast
8:58am The Daily: Targeting Overseas Tax Shelters overcast
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