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August 8th
11:59am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 4: Inflation & Drinking Buddies overcast
11:35am The Daily: The Alex Jones Verdict and the Fight Against Disinformation overcast
August 7th
10:43pm RT @GermanGarciaArt: I'm not sure why everyone is posting images of Death, but here's she eating icecream in a bike twitter
10:43pm RT @QasimRashid: Today 43 Republicans voted to keep insulin at $1200/mo instead of $35. Tomorrow every Republican will ask you to be outrage… twitter
10:42pm RT @VeryBadLlama: government: hey is it cool if we spend $115,000 to house this poor person for a year voters: wtf?? absolutely not gover… twitter
6:38pm Daeho Korean BBQ & Beef Soup (a korean restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
August 6th
10:42pm RT @micefearboggis: When an article says "some scientists think" then remember this: I, a scientist, once thought I could fit a whole orange… twitter
5:52pm RT @wihorne: Calling Republicans "hypocrites" for weaponizing Christianity misunderstands their goals & whitewashes the problem. I take … twitter
5:46pm RT @CREWcrew: In case you forgot, there's a lot the former president did before January 6th, too. Here's a list of some of his worst offens… twitter
9:47am RT @SIfill_: What if we gave to teachers a fraction of the attn & support we give to police? How about 100,000 new teachers,w/ supports … twitter
August 5th
11:42pm RT @briantylercohen: When Republicans have power, they ban abortion, cut billionaires’ taxes and attack LGBT Americans. When Democrats have … twitter
8:39pm I don't want a gun because I've got a ceramic burr grinder. It scratches the itch for that zen-like periodic disassembly and parts maintenance, then re-assem... facebook
1:59pm I feel like a little hacker replacing the battery in old LCD Timex watches. I know about the weird little latches you sometimes need a pin for and there's us... facebook
12:04pm Political Gabfest: Nothing’s The Matter With Kansas overcast
11:29am The Daily: Vacationing in the Time of Covid overcast
10:00am RT @_alexbrogan: 10 incredible free websites that will make you more intelligent (if you let them): twitter
7:43am Coffee - Added Sangaria Crown Coffee Cafe au Lait dokuwiki
7:42am coffee:sangaria_crown_coffee_cafe_au_lait.png - created dokuwiki
August 4th
11:27pm RT @MissaMHx: How to spot a good bit of pseudoscience. You’re welcome. twitter
10:47am 99% Invisible: 502- 99% Vernacular: Volume 3 overcast
10:34am The Scathing Atheist: 494: Married a Weirdo Edition overcast
10:03am The Daily: How to Interpret the Kansas Referendum on Abortion overcast
7:50am RT @ewarren: If we expand our Democratic majority in the Senate by two votes, and if we hold onto the House, we can protect the right to an … twitter
August 2nd
3:40pm This American Life: 776: I Work Better on Deadline overcast
10:09am Fresh Air: Xenophobia & The Klan On The Texas Gulf Coast overcast
9:33am The Daily: The Killing of bin Laden’s Successor overcast
August 1st
11:40am The Lunduke Journal of Technology (private feed for Linux, Alternative OS, & Retro Computing News - July 31, 2022 overcast
11:21am The Lunduke Journal of Technology (private feed for The Linux Laptop Makers - Dell, System76, Purism, & HP overcast
10:56am Fresh Air: Rethinking The Sex Talk overcast
10:55am The Daily: How Monkeypox Went From Containable to Crisis overcast
July 31st
11:08pm RT @djrothkopf: It's not that no former president might have been indicted for criminal conduct, certainly several could have been. It is th… twitter
5:30pm Planet Money: Two recession Indicators overcast
5:14pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 3: Booms, Busts & Us overcast
4:47pm Planet Money: Little House on the Blockchain overcast
4:30pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 2: GDP & What Counts overcast
4:09pm Planet Money: Best by, sell by, use by overcast
2:13am Welcome dokuwiki
July 30th
11:02am Soul Grind (a coffee shop) in Pacifica foursquare
July 29th
9:27pm RT @BWJones: The USPS is not a corporation. There are no share holders. There is no requirement to turn a profit. Would you make the Marine… twitter
4:38pm RT @TimRossComedy: Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, buy the pond, tell him he can’t have the fish but he can … twitter
1:23pm RT @_benjamintd: Isochrones 😍 ! This map shows you how far a 5h train ride will take you, departing from any city in Europe.… twitter
12:07pm Revisionist History: “I Was A Stranger and You Welcomed Me” overcast
11:41am Radiolab: The Humpback and the Killer overcast
11:15am Radiolab: You v. You overcast
11:03am Political Gabfest: Did You Apologize to Manchin Yet? overcast
6:34am Coffee dokuwiki
6:32am coffee:pokka_milk_coffee_gold.png - created dokuwiki
6:17am Welcome dokuwiki
July 28th
11:52pm RT @drvolts: Republicans are saying "well now you've forced us to be assholes!" in about 50 different ways right now and jezus christ I hope… twitter
11:52pm RT @DougJBalloon: Opinion | I was a lifelong supporter of same-sex marriage. Then Joe Manchin agreed to support the climate bill. twitter
4:56pm The Scathing Atheist: 493: Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing Edition overcast
4:24pm The Daily: How Expecting Inflation Can Actually Create More Inflation overcast
12:22pm On the effort to stop designating a dead lady a witch, the cause's champion had to say, "it has nothing to do with critical race theory, [so you don't have t... facebook
July 27th
2:42pm YOU WANT MY GUN COME TAKE IT FROM ME TIKTOK youtube_favorites
2:09pm Revisionist History: When Will Met Grace overcast
1:51pm 99% Invisible: 501- 99% Vernacular: Volume 2 overcast
1:28pm The Daily: How Roe’s Demise Could Safeguard Gay Marriage overcast
July 26th
10:52am @integerpoet Was that the DALL-E prompt? twitter
8:20am Me, too... twitter
July 25th
1:58pm Political Gabfest: Hot, Hotter, Hottest overcast
1:43pm The Daily: Death of a Crypto Company overcast
1:03pm Greatest dividend payoff ever. Showed my son K-On (a really great anime about a pop-music club), and now he plays its songs on the piano in his free time. Th... facebook
11:41am RT @CIRA_CSU: Smoke from the Oak Fire covering California and Nevada skies. This morning's imagery via GOES-West: twitter
9:23am RT @dmofengineering: Rooting through git blame trying to figure out who’s responsible for this shit. twitter
8:28am Coffee - Added Java Trading Thai Iced Coffee Latte dokuwiki
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July 24th
5:52pm Eureka! (an american restaurant) in Mountain View foursquare
4:43pm RT @Lexialex: The Saudis bribed a Twitter employee into handing them the names and IP addresses of Saudi dissident accounts. Those dissident… twitter
4:32pm @FriendlyAshley @zannah @mattbooshell @FriendlyAshley, That's perfect. How did you share the version with subtitles? They're better than the… twitter
3:46pm RT @mattbooshell: disorienting times twitter
3:40pm @branitfx I've long loved your video "World Builder" on Vimeo. It's not accessible there anymore. Is there another place from which you shar… twitter
3:23pm RT @ToriatheistTori: twitter
1:50pm Pacific Pipe Climbing (a climbing gym) in Oakland foursquare
8:25am The DALL-E 2 Prompt Book, with advice and suggestions for better prompts. A book on "prompt design". Esp. for Hiromi Cota facebook
July 23rd
3:43pm RT @DLX: I love deleting apps but Springboard’s Wiggle Mode is slow, inefficient and the product of a bygone era – this is why I’m proposing… twitter
3:42pm RT @MadiHilly: MYTH: We don't have a solution to nuclear's "waste problem" REALITY: Nuclear waste isn't a problem. In fact, it’s the best s… twitter
July 22nd
4:04pm This post on visualizing Delaunay Triangulation is amazing. It's a detailed walkthrough with interactive images that let you add sheep and literally smash th... facebook
3:52pm This was an amazing walk-through. Add sheep. Smash that like button. And get tmux tips from nearby posts. twitter
10:16am The Daily: Utah’s ‘Environmental Nuclear Bomb’ overcast
9:51am The Scathing Atheist: 492: Dear Old Dads Edition overcast
July 21st
11:15pm You got a free minute? Go check what you recently Shazammed or bookmarked. You thought it was noteworthy then. facebook
10:36pm RT @RepDonBeyer: The past week: - 209 House Republicans vote against abortion rights - 205 House Republicans vote against protecting interst… twitter
10:19pm There's evidently a correlation between conservatism and searches for transgender porn. Shocked. I. am. shocked. facebook
11:48am The Daily: The Case Against Donald Trump overcast
11:20am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 1: Recessions & Rap Battles overcast
9:11am Caffe Bene - San Jose (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
July 20th
4:45pm 99% Invisible: 500- 99% Vernacular: Volume 1 overcast
2:38pm The Daily: How Abortion Bans Are Restricting Miscarriage Care overcast
July 19th
3:23pm The Daily: Broken Climate Pledges and Europe’s Heat Wave overcast
1:17pm RT @IGN: Here are 9 CAT things you can do in Stray 😻 #stray #cats twitter
July 18th
10:19pm RT @yacitus: “If you have unanimous opposition to a bad policy with no real political proponents and then can’t get a single thing done abou… twitter
11:43am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 1: Recessions & Rap Battles overcast
11:32am Radiolab Podcasts (Radiolab): The Gatekeeper overcast
11:05am The Daily: When Biden Met M.B.S. overcast
8:54am RT @hausofdecline: twitter
July 17th
5:14pm RT @AstroKatie: We got tricked by science fiction into thinking a futuristic city is all about flying cars and crystal towers and hologram b… twitter
5:07pm RT @BillRoper: twitter
2:55pm The staggering scope of U.S. gun deaths goes far beyond mass shootings. (Good stuff in this article, it doesn't over-simplify. Click through.) facebook
July 16th
10:57pm RT @drvolts: What the hell, a thread. Start with Frank Wilhoit's famous formulation: "Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to… twitter
5:11pm Revisionist History: Star Struck overcast
1:19pm RT @nessguerrero: Living in LA, I’ve lived in many a neighborhood in which police helicopters circle all day and they don’t do anything exce… twitter
July 15th
1:27pm RT @clichedout: I asked the produce guy if I could try a grape and he said he wouldn’t care if I lit the store on fire with him in it twitter
1:25pm The A.I. suggested I'm about 2/3 normal. facebook
1:20pm I am 67% normal. Test yourself at #HowNormalAmI twitter
11:53am Political Gabfest: Lowest Approval Rating overcast
11:17am The Daily: A View of the Beginning of Time overcast
10:55am Revisionist History: Star Struck overcast
July 14th
9:41pm RT @CREWcrew: Supporting Donald Trump is supporting an attack on democracy. twitter
5:29pm RT @RexChapman: A beautiful collaboration… twitter
4:19pm If I have to know about this glamorous horror, so do you. h/t Rick Mann facebook
2:03pm RT @csa_asc: Oh wow! 🤩 Canada’s NIRISS on #Webb has found water in the atmosphere of exoplanet WASP-96 b! 💧 ☁️ Check it out 👇 Credit: CSA,… twitter
10:33am The Scathing Atheist: 491: Surfing the Webb Edition overcast
10:06am The Daily: How Sri Lanka’s Economy Collapsed overcast
9:45am Revisionist History: In Triplicate overcast
9:29am Love this thread with practical advice for burnout, like setting up low-activation tasks. Related to my "Leave the last panel blank" post in… twitter
July 13th
11:26pm You guys remember May 2020, near the beginning of the shutdown? The mood...? facebook
7:45pm 99% Invisible: 499- Say Aloe to My Little Frond overcast
1:38pm RT @equalityAlec: THREAD. This is a thread about how the New York Times uses "experts" to manipulate the views of readers to support police… twitter
11:02am The Daily: Could the Midterms Be Tighter Than Expected? overcast
July 12th
3:21pm RT @froomkin: The idea that because Trump lied so much you can’t say for sure what he really believed has it exactly backwards: His lies wer… twitter
11:57am Radiolab: Baby Blue Blood Drive overcast
11:20am The Daily: Can Elon Musk Get Out of Buying Twitter? overcast
10:55am Planet Money: Two crypto crash Indicators overcast
9:15am RT @RayPride: 18 twitter
3:51am git - Remove company name dokuwiki
12:10am The Scathing Atheist: 490: Pajam-Packed Edition overcast
12:10am Political Gabfest: The “Is The Major Questions Doctrine Bogus?” Edition overcast
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