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March 20th
5:31pm @DataAngel @zannah But I think it's 100% code that you have to say in a business setting where they keep records. Like, "don't embezzle the … twitter
1:12pm Revisionist History: Started From The Bottom with Justin Richmond overcast
1:06pm The Daily: How TikTok Became a Matter of National Security overcast
10:57am RT @ShadeX6: Obey-- twitter
9:16am The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘Spirited Away to Miyazaki Land’ overcast
March 19th
2:16pm Planet Money: Planet Money Records Vol. 3: Making a hit overcast
March 18th
2:44pm Planet Money: How Silicon Valley Bank failed overcast
2:28pm 99% Invisible: Twenty Thousand Hertz- Golden overcast
2:06pm Radiolab: Apologetical overcast
1:45pm RT @LaerteCoutinho1: twitter
1:23am RT @Mahoukarp: 🦈Giveaway!🦈 Ahoy! Axolotls are now available in my shop! Time for a giveaway! I will be giving 3 sets of Goobs chosen randoml… twitter
March 17th
7:52pm RT @mikemaihack: Good morning. ☕️🥧 twitter
7:49pm RT @steppingdisks: Happy Magik Monday! art by @mikemaihack twitter
7:40pm RT @peachmomoko60: twitter
3:39pm That’s the thing inside a raspberry that I never get to see! instagram
10:19am The Daily: Why the Banking Crisis Isn’t Over Yet overcast
9:56am Political Gabfest: Go Ahead, Call It A Bailout overcast
8:48am RT @ATRightMovies: TOM HANKS telling a great story about being directed by Clint Eastwood. twitter
12:59am RT @adolfux: Today marks ten years since this infographic back page about the Kowloon Walled City was published by South China Morning Post.… twitter
March 16th
7:00pm The Scathing Atheist: 526: Elevated Edition overcast
4:24pm RT @kortizart: 1/ This might be the most important oil painting I’ve made: Musa Victoriosa The first painting released to the world that u… twitter
8:40am The Daily: France’s Battle Over Retirement overcast
March 15th
6:21pm Fresh Air: Revisiting The Genius Of Buster Keaton overcast
4:15pm 99% Invisible: 528- A Whale-Oiled Machine overcast
1:11pm RT @scottlava: “Every rejection, every disappointment has led you here to this moment.” . . Dedicated to @dunkwun Da… twitter
1:08pm RT @DanielHandler: I am thrilled to announce a new collaboration with the great @artofmmignola (creator of HELLBOY)! Our ILLUMINATED EDITIO… twitter
8:42am The Daily: What to Know About the Covid Lab Leak Theory overcast
March 14th
6:04pm The Daily: The Implosion of Silicon Valley Bank overcast
March 13th
1:25pm So glad somebody has this clip of Michelle Yeoh talking about doing her own stunt work in the 1992 Hong Kong movie Police Story 3. twitter
1:15pm RT @ShadeX6: Do not talk to the snakes-- twitter
12:27pm Fresh Air: How The Police Became Untouchable overcast
11:56am The Daily: What Is E.S.G., and Why Are Republicans So Mad About It? overcast
11:04am Happy National Napping Day! mastodon
11:03am Happy National Napping Day! facebook
March 12th
11:29pm RT @bubbaprog: The shot I was hoping for, the show's director missed, but Getty's Kevin Winter got twitter
5:56pm Fresh Air: Revisiting The Genius Of Buster Keaton overcast
5:50pm Fresh Air: President Jimmy Carter overcast
5:50pm Revisionist History: Rodents and Red Wine with Maria Konnikova overcast
9:32am Still enjoying using my Mid 2012 MacBook Air every day. Happy 10-year Anniversary, little laptop. #apple made this one right. twitter
March 11th
4:36pm Radiolab: Buttons Not Buttons overcast
4:15pm Planet Money: Why platforms like HBO Max are removing streaming TV shows overcast
4:08pm Political Gabfest: Another Florida Man Is Running For President overcast
10:32am Wow, that’s really unintuitive. twitter
March 10th
6:52pm NEW PHO SAIGON NOODLE & GRILL RESTAURANT (a vietnamese restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
12:58pm The Daily: Protests and the Future of Democracy in Israel overcast
11:19am "replace 'AI' with 'SALAMI' ('Systematic Approaches to Learning Algorithms and Machine Inferences'). It’s a lot easier to keep a clear head … twitter
11:17am "replace 'AI' with 'SALAMI' ('Systematic Approaches to Learning Algorithms and Machine Inferences'). It’s a lot easier to keep a clear head when someone asks you, 'Is this SALAMI intelligent? ... mastodon
11:01am Reminding Bay Area residents that there will be sunlight again. Can you find the moon in there? instagram
9:38am The Scathing Atheist: 525: Lord Only Knowles Edition overcast
March 9th
10:18am The Daily: A New Child Labor Crisis in America overcast
8:35am 99% Invisible: 420- The Lost Cities of Geo Redux overcast
March 8th
5:40pm Planet Money: The value of good teeth overcast
9:36am RT @RPHutch1975: Skottie Young bringing Magikal cuteness for a X-Men #21 variant #xmen twitter
9:03am RT @RealLyndaCarter: Reminder that disability is a spectrum. It is sad to see so many disabled people accused of "faking" because they can w… twitter
8:30am The Daily: Who Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines? overcast
8:12am Fresh Air: The Rise Of QAnon overcast
March 7th
10:47pm Kung Fu Cooking Girls (English subs, sous-titres français) youtube_favorites
2:39pm Invisibilia: It’s Been A Minute: The molten center of ‘The Real Housewives’ multiverse overcast
12:31pm RT @artofmmignola: As the first full-length Hellboy comic was published 29 years ago this week I thought I'd post some lesser known Hellboy … twitter
12:30pm Happy Anniversary New Order's Blue Monday, with that amazing LP floppy disk sleeve. twitter
12:18pm RT @JohnHyphen: not only is public transport free in Brussels, but they even have a bus called "Not The 48" which takes you to a mystery loc… twitter
7:54am The Daily: Ron DeSantis’s Rise From Unknown to Heir Apparent overcast
March 6th
4:14pm Revisionist History: A Treat for the Die-Hards overcast
4:02pm The Daily: How a Derailed Train Galvanized an Ohio Town, and Congress overcast
1:57pm RT @ScottNover: the people who want to ban tiktok would think differently if they followed my favorite account, which is called @unclogging_… twitter
March 5th
1:38pm Revisionist History: A Treat for the Die-Hards overcast
1:25pm Radiolab: The Trust Engineers overcast
March 4th
9:16pm RT @teru_by_m: #私の世界へご案内します 🐝⚔️✨ #REDTAILWORLD twitter
5:18pm Planet Money: Seinfeld-onomics overcast
5:04pm Planet Money: CBOhhhh, that’s what they do overcast
1:21pm RT @Comichistorians: #DCcomics #Batman writer of #DarkKnight Returns, #FrankMiller and #Marvel’s #StanLee both had a #cameo in a #lowbudget … twitter
March 3rd
4:20pm Political Gabfest: So It Was A Lab Leak? overcast
4:00pm The Daily: Why Russia Is Taking Thousands of Ukrainian Children overcast
1:56pm RT @Colin_TBTAMC: Original art by Mike Mignola featuring The Wolf Man, The Bride of Frankenstein & Frankenstein's Monster, from 2022. twitter
March 2nd
8:47am The Daily: Will the Supreme Court Let Biden Cancel Student Debt? overcast
8:13am RT @bengal_art: Happy birthday Chun-Li! 🔥🤍 twitter
March 1st
6:34pm 99% Invisible: 527- RoboUmp overcast
4:36pm RT @sccld: Temperatures in the low 30s are expected in early am tomorrow in South County/hillside areas and mid-30s in the rest of the Count… twitter
8:51am The Daily: A Threat to Abortion Pills. Plus, the U.S. Shares Secrets overcast
8:27am VW wouldn’t locate kidnapped child because his mother didn’t pay for find-my-car subscription facebook
8:02am Radiolab: Golden Goose overcast
February 28th
9:47pm RT @fozmeadows: human gender and sexuality are very much like animal taxonomy, in that both look structured and simple on the surface, but o… twitter
9:14am Apple - [BSD vs. Linux commands] dokuwiki
8:20am The Daily: Why So Many Buildings Collapsed in Turkey overcast
8:20am Crimetown: Introducing “Operation: Tradebom” overcast
February 27th
3:16pm Planet Money: Meow Money Meow Problems overcast
3:16pm Serial: The Coldest Case In Laramie - Trailer overcast
3:09pm The Daily: Why Election Denialism Might Cost Fox News $1.6 Billion overcast
9:03am Esp. for Lillian Blume Artisanal Ghibli Collection Blends Animation with Craftsmanship. facebook
12:24am Great rant: "There's NEVER just one ant. I guaran-f*cking-tee you that these same creeps have 1,000 other fake Wix websites with 1,000 fake Amex merchant accounts for 1,000 REAL businesses. Ho... mastodon
12:19am Great rant from Cory Doctorow on a scammer that places look-alike Google ads, and they order from the restaurant you wanted at a 15% markup (with their own c... facebook
February 26th
3:49pm Planet Money: Jay & Shai’s debt ceiling adventure overcast
February 25th
12:23pm The Scathing Atheist: 523: Revived Edition overcast
11:41am The Scathing Atheist: 522: Putting the Sus in He Gets Us Edition overcast
February 24th
6:11pm Stuft Pizza (a pizza place) in Milpitas foursquare
4:34pm RT @UnseenOps: The Soviet ЭШ 6/45 Walking Excavator is like a living piece of post-apocalyptic artwork. The rust, the mismatched curtains, e… twitter
3:32pm Political Gabfest: What Tucker Carlson is Saying When You’re Not Listening overcast
2:58pm Political Gabfest: President Nikki Haley? overcast
11:42am RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: The unexpected sound of a Shoebill stork twitter
February 23rd
2:35pm The Daily: A Ruling That Could End the Internet as We Know It overcast
February 22nd
10:50pm 99% Invisible: 526- Orange Alternative overcast
3:56pm The Daily: The Veterans Fighting to Legalize Psychedelics overcast
8:04am The Daily: Why ‘Made in China’ Is Becoming ‘Made in Mexico’ overcast
4:14am Apple dokuwiki
1:45am Apple - Add link for installing Powerline fonts for iTerm2 dokuwiki
February 21st
5:09pm The Daily: The Online Search Wars Got Scary. Fast. overcast
12:20pm RT @ShadeX6: Sublime-- twitter
February 20th
5:48pm Hangar 101 (a storage facility) in San Jose foursquare
3:12pm Gate 8 (an airport gate) in Long Beach foursquare
12:17pm Blue Bowl (a juice bar) in Long Beach foursquare
8:37am Moongoat Coffee (a coffee shop) in Costa Mesa foursquare
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