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December 7th
7:50pm On the Jan 6th insurrection "insurgents were much more likely to come from a county where the white share of the population was in decline." facebook
3:34pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
12:32pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: Client: "It should be cozy -- a carpeted floor, comfortable chairs, table with flowers, and of course some natural light.… twitter
December 6th
1:38pm RT @AdrienneLaF: This is absolutely essential, by George Packer: twitter
10:36am Planet Money: Consider the lobstermen overcast
10:17am The Daily: The Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell overcast
8:32am @KalenXI Hope you decide to start it up again and make some room and time for your art. If you wanted to share anything, I bet your follower… twitter
December 5th
3:45pm Fresh Air: The Story Of The Boeing 737 MAX overcast
10:07am RT @ValaAfshar: “How come is everything white?” —Muhammad Ali is brilliant in this 1971 interview @rexchapman twitter
8:41am @zannah And... naturally I lost the game. How is this not just always a two-fer. twitter
December 4th
7:23pm RT @RepBobbyRush: 52 years ago today, the American government carried out a planned political assassination of one of our nation's brightest… twitter
December 3rd
6:30pm Revisionist History: Introducing: A Slight Change of Plans, Apple Podcasts’ Best Show of the Year overcast
1:29pm Just watched "The Thing prequel featuring Ramona Flowers" and then this crossed my feed. Love it. facebook
12:01pm RT @bubbaprog: The state of Missouri commissioned a study to see if mask mandates worked. When the results came in, showing they saved lives… twitter
11:52am Political Gabfest: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health overcast
11:00am The Daily: The Life and Legacy of Stephen Sondheim overcast
8:06am Coffee - Added High Brew Cold Brew Mexican Vanilla dokuwiki
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December 2nd
9:37pm RT @TheDailyShow: Kavanaugh thinks abortion rights should be left up to the states. Let’s take that argument a few steps further… twitter
12:25pm Planet Money: A locked door, a secret meeting and the birth of the Fed (Classic) overcast
12:12pm 99% Invisible: 468- Alphabetical Order overcast
11:57am The Scathing Atheist: 459: Sneaky Ninja Edition overcast
11:35am The Daily: The Supreme Court Considers the Future of Roe overcast
December 1st
11:00pm RT @CREWcrew: Here’s your reminder that the Trump Organization made $1.7 billion while Trump was president, much of it from taxpayers. $1.7 … twitter
2:02pm The Daily: Amazon and the Labor Shortage overcast
12:28pm While today (12/1/21) may be American Palindrome Day, prefer to use ISO-8601. Tomorrow is International Palindrome Day (2021-12-02). twitter
12:27pm You guys. Today (12/1/21) may be American Palindrome Day, but prefer to use ISO-8601. Tomorrow is International Palindrome Day (2021-12-02). facebook
9:24am dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 14th annual Hubble Deep Space Telescope Advent Calen...! plurk
8:19am This American Life: 754: Spark Bird overcast
November 30th
2:58pm The Daily: What We Know About the Omicron Variant overcast
9:40am There's a higher mortality rate for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated in same-aged rage! (Spoiler: It's the Simpson’s Paradox in vaccination data)… twitter
8:21am After GivingTuesday comes UnsubscribeWednesday. facebook
November 29th
4:55pm Every Little Thing: Kangaroo Pouch: A Four-Star Hotel of Horrors overcast
4:35pm Planet Money: Day of the Debt overcast
4:31pm The Daily: A Prosecutor’s Winning Strategy in the Ahmaud Arbery Case overcast
3:35pm @neonepiphany If you want to try skip ahead but can't use commas, I suppose you could "Em dash". I'll see myself out. twitter
November 28th
5:18pm RT @smdiehl: Ever notice how there's a huge disconnect between how the VC thought leader class talks about NFTs and crypto coins, and how yo… twitter
4:35pm Planet Money: You asked for real raises, free shipping, and a special delivery overcast
4:16pm The Scathing Atheist: 458: Everlasting Gobble Stopper Edition overcast
11:41am RT @GeorgeTakei: What kind of democracy lets those in power draw their own districts to ensure they stay in power? Asking for a nation on th… twitter
November 27th
8:02pm Ettan (an indian restaurant) in Palo Alto foursquare
4:57pm RT @MaxKennerly: Part of what makes Fox News so distressing is the incoherence. "The variant is fake, but Trump would already have a new vac… twitter
3:11pm RT @MichaelWarbur17: In 1970, students in a fifth-grade class at Hawthorne School in Beverly Hills were assigned to write a letter to someon… twitter
1:55pm Political Gabfest: Thanksgiving overcast
1:14pm Radiolab: Animal Minds overcast
11:08am RT @RepJayapal: I’m just going to leave this here. twitter
November 24th
1:20pm 99% Invisible: 467- Cute Little Monstrosities of Nature overcast
12:15pm The Daily: The Farmers Revolt in India overcast
11:55am Where should you live? Take a survey of your priorities and find out. (May have to use incognito mode.) facebook
11:30am RT @FalseKnees: Oversharing twitter
9:13am Q. "Die Hard" or "The Thing" for this year's family Christmas Movie?A. ¿Porque no los dos? facebook
November 23rd
2:14pm RT @abbieasr: Conspiracy theories are everywhere and people don't understand how harmful they are. I made the original Conspiracy Chart ov… twitter
11:46am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents Miracle And Wonder: Conversations With Paul Simon overcast
11:30am The Daily: Righting the Historical Wrong of the Claiborne Highway overcast
9:02am RT @brianklaas: 1. I’ve spent the last decade studying authoritarianism and the breakdown of democracy—and I have bad news: the Republican p… twitter
8:53am RT @neonepiphany: If anyone out there is feeling like an impostor, I just want you to know that as a principal engineer with decades of expe… twitter
November 22nd
3:16pm Invisibilia: How To Make Friends from Life Kit overcast
3:12pm The Daily: The Acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse overcast
1:43pm RT @SarahSurgey1: In England “booster shot” is spelled “borchestershire shot” twitter
10:27am Love this JavaScript HTML canvas implementation of a Chaos Pendulum. twitter
10:26am Love this JavaScript implementation of a Chaos Pendulum. facebook
10:07am Good anecdote. Not actual data. The point stands, it's good to see the bigger picture. twitter
November 21st
5:04pm RT @FrogandToadbot: 'Well then,' said Toad, 'a little more sleep will not hurt me.' twitter
2:59pm Reply All: Introducing: Crime Show overcast
10:11am RT @donmoyn: Reminder that letting people walk around with military grade weapons is a choice, with consequences, and that most other societ… twitter
10:10am RT @ewarren: We spend a ton of time talking about $175 billion/year for working families & fighting climate change—which is fully paid f… twitter
November 20th
10:04pm I wrote about this problem in 2012 at Google+. Update your feeds with notices of feed changes, people. twitter
10:00pm TechCrunch's original RSS feed at feedburner got taken over by a hacker. Links go to techncruncher.blogspot .com (which has been removed). O… twitter
5:10pm Radiolab: Mixtape: Help? overcast
4:34pm Planet Money: Of boats and boxes overcast
10:09am "The Kyle Rittenhouse Story Is Completely Fncking Insane To Anyone Who’s Not American" An explainer for people who don’t understand freedom. facebook
10:04am RT @Sea_Bass078: This tweet goes out to little things wrapped in dough and have a savory filling. Ravioli. Potstickers. Calzone. Soup Dumpli… twitter
November 19th
12:06pm RT @JuliusGoat: Their hero is a militia shooter who killed a couple guys and they pick fights with Muppets. Their members play cartoons of t… twitter
11:17am The Scathing Atheist: 457: Flynn-quisition Edition overcast
10:57am The Daily: How Belarus Manufactured a Border Crisis overcast
November 18th
4:34pm Political Gabfest: No Joe Mojo overcast
3:55pm The Daily: The Economy Is Good. So Why Do We Feel Terrible About It? overcast
3:38pm 99% Invisible: 466- The Weight overcast
November 17th
4:22pm RT @DanaSchwartzzz: I feel like this holiday season, it's important to remind people of the true meaning of christmas: ghosts terrorizing ri… twitter
2:46pm The Daily: The School Board Wars, Part 2 overcast
11:53am My ideal era was very much 1991 - 1994. This helps explain it. facebook
7:50am RT @AriBerman: Dems are really really running out of time to pass Freedom to Vote Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act that wo… twitter
7:45am RT @TheDebbieMia: The internet is magic sometimes. twitter
November 16th
6:00pm This American Life: 753: What We’ve Got Here is Failure to Communicate overcast
5:54pm The Daily: The School Board Wars, Part 1 overcast
12:23pm Desktop vacation: Winners of the 2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards facebook
8:37am This American Life: 753: What We’ve Got Here is Failure to Communicate overcast
November 15th
3:59pm Nice. I've been waiting for this before migrating further to ProtonMail. I can live with this compromise (download encrypted messages to sea… twitter
12:30pm RT @developerangst: When Rupert Murdoch is trending it always reminds me of this cartoon: twitter
11:30am The Daily: How the U.S. Hid a Deadly Airstrike overcast
November 14th
12:52pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘The Untold Story of Sushi in America’ overcast
12:19pm The Daily: An Interview With Dr. Anthony Fauci overcast
November 13th
11:13pm Mitski has a new song/video, "The Only Heartbreaker" and it's powerful. But that's not why we're here. I just watched the Genius video where she verifies the... facebook
4:23pm git - [Updating a local repo after remote's already renamed its branch] dokuwiki
2:11pm Planet Money: Planes, trains and bad bridges overcast
12:17pm Radiolab: Mixtape: Cassetternet overcast
November 12th
9:53pm Such a great, short video: How COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Work facebook
10:20am RT @briantylercohen: Republicans: INFLATION IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! INFLATION! INFLATION! 17 Nobel Prize-winnin… twitter
9:56am Every Little Thing: Important Message from Flora overcast
9:26am The Scathing Atheist: 456: Dodger Rodgers Edition overcast
6:07am Coffee - Added Trader Joes French Vanilla Cold Brew dokuwiki
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November 11th
4:52pm Political Gabfest: Presidents Are Not Kings and Plaintiff Is Not President overcast
4:06pm The Daily: The Public Health Officials Under Siege overcast
8:26am 99% Invisible: 465- Shirley Cards overcast
November 10th
5:43pm RT @BrentToderian: I’m still optimistic that @BillGates, everyone at #COP26, & all leaders everywhere will embrace the truth that all an… twitter
2:29pm The Daily: ‘How Did We Let People Die This Way?’ overcast
11:55am Here, take a desktop vacation. Autumn Color and Autumn Chill. Esp. for Lillian Blume, because our trees haven't all changed yet. facebook
11:46am RT @brianklaas: If you're feeling exhausted by the onslaught of crazy news about GOP efforts to subvert democracy or attack truth (from Big … twitter
11:46am RT @rosannecash: Me, my dad, and my daughter getting brainwashed by a yellow purveyor of government propaganda way back in 1991. twitter
10:45am RT @AriBerman: "the absence of federal voting rights protections is having a devastating impact on representation for communities of color, … twitter
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