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November 27th
2:30pm PC dokuwiki
2:18pm PC - created dokuwiki
2:18pm PC - created dokuwiki
2:18pm PC - created dokuwiki
1:53pm WSL - [Installation] dokuwiki
9:53am Planet Money: Swamp Gravy (UPDATE) overcast
November 26th
9:29pm @zannah Tony Hawk replied to him! twitter
7:38pm RT @premeesaurus: SCIENCE: - fuck around - find out - write it down - fuck around again - find out - write it down again - ask someone else … twitter
5:32pm The Daily: A Day at the Food Pantry overcast
5:00pm Fresh Air: The Sanitation Crisis In Rural America overcast
12:10pm RT @kevinbparry: Spent three days laying on the floor to make it look like I could skateboard twitter
November 25th
7:08pm RT @bobbyhundreds: This by @AOC. twitter
6:36pm @realDonaldTrump 👇 twitter
November 24th
10:40pm 99% Invisible: 424- The Great Indoors overcast
5:29pm Fresh Air: The Sanitation Crisis In Rural America overcast
5:12pm The Daily 202's Big Idea: Trump puts democracy through a stress test overcast
5:12pm The Daily 202's Big Idea: Trump allows transition to begin, but his baseless efforts to sow doubt continue overcast
10:33am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 798: The Lighthouse Keeper and His Robot Butler - Tech hearings, streaming Windows, RCS encryption overcast
10:07am Every Little Thing: How To Be Less Clumsy overcast
9:51am The Daily: A Failed Attempt to Overturn the Election overcast
9:20am Hello, other side of the uncanny valley. Click through, there are sliders for mood, age, gender, race and ethnicity. facebook
9:20am 倉木麻衣 - もう一度 last_fm
9:15am Rie fu - Voice last_fm
8:46am RT @Mikel_Jollett: say it with me: "hold these fuckers accountable or it will all happen again." twitter
November 23rd
2:03pm RT @qikipedia: The highest and lowest points of the contiguous USA are in the same county in California. twitter
10:09am RT @LeapingRobot: Before 1984, graffiti left on silicon chips was an important way to prove copying and theft by competitors...thus giving r… twitter
9:19am The Daily: New York City’s 3 Percent Problem overcast
8:40am Two things: POKE 49246,0 and Beagle Bros' Two-Liners. twitter
November 22nd
10:05pm RT @carlbernstein: I'm not violating any pledge of journalistic confidentially in reporting this: 21 Republican Sens–in convos w/ colleagues… twitter
2:12pm The Scathing Atheist: 405: A is for Aghast Edition overcast
1:41pm RT @raymondh: Am thinking of organizing a #StackOverflow conference. Any time two people start talking about something interesting, I'll ha… twitter
1:10pm Planet Money: All Your Genes Are Belong To Us overcast
1:10pm 99% Invisible: 423- Sean Exploder overcast
12:13pm "In actively trying to subvert the results of the election, the GOP has shown unapologetically that aside from power, what they want above a… twitter
12:03pm On November 14, 10,000 people attended "Road to Ultra" in Taiwan. No social distancing or any precautions were needed since they'd been COVID-19 free for mon... facebook
10:42am RT @integerpoet: The problem with hoping for Trump is that he might win. An election isn’t an entertaining horse race without consequences. … twitter
9:27am RT @JYSexton: It must really be something for Republicans and Fox News to realize with chilling clarity that they have been so successful at… twitter
7:24am RT @Rachael_Conrad: I don’t know who needs to see it but twitter
November 21st
7:45pm RT @KUTV2News: "It's working!" Check out the critters big and small who are using Utah's first wildlife overpass to cross Interstate 80. The… twitter
9:59am You guys, there's a lot of loving attention to detail in this. Give it some time. facebook
November 20th
9:45pm "...including [one cannibal] who was convicted of murdering a man he met on a German chat room dedicated to cannibalism..."Son, if you're going to meet som... facebook
9:33pm RT @EdwardNorton: I’m no political pundit but I grew up w a dad who was a federal prosecutor & he taught me a lot & I’ve also sat a … twitter
5:30pm Radiolab: Deception overcast
10:17am Political Gabfest: COVID Tsunami overcast
9:21am The Daily: When the Pandemic Came to Rural Wisconsin overcast
8:50am Dr. Dja tried to use science and evidence against personal attacks and anecdotes during senate testimony. Majority side's narrative is that masks don't work ... facebook
8:40am RT @ashishkjha: Today was a very, very odd day I testified before @senatehomeland They held a hearing on hydroxychloroquine. Yup, HCQ In… twitter
November 19th
11:19pm You can find me at #GitHubUniverse Dec 8-10, will you be there too? Check it out at #githubuniverseblastoff twitter
9:17pm RT @justcaem: ive peaked as an artist twitter
8:06pm Covid-19 Cases by State That Voted for Trump or Biden (If you don't see the preview, click through.) facebook
5:57pm WSL - [Installation] dokuwiki
3:31pm RT @waxpancake: Using the wonderful Ruffle emulator, the @internetarchive is now archiving and emulating Flash games and animations in advan… twitter
1:55pm Pylades: I’ll take care of you.Orestes: It’s rotten work.Pylades: Not to me. Not if it’s you."Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides" Anne Carson facebook
12:25pm The Scathing Atheist: 405: A is for Aghast Edition overcast
12:10pm RT @jessecase: Omg what's the first thing you're gonna do when YOU get the vaccine shot?? You're gonna go back home, wait a month, get your … twitter
9:46am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 797: There’s Blubber All Over the Highway - Apple Silicon, Exploding Whale, TikTok overcast
9:34am The Daily: The Pandemic Economy in 7 Numbers overcast
9:34am Planet Money: Trade Show (UPDATE) overcast
November 18th
3:39pm Top Shots From the 2020 International Landscape Photographer of the Year. There's a fascinating one from Fremont, here in the South Bay Area, too! facebook
3:35pm RT @docjamesw: Restaurant owner here 🙋‍♂️ Just so everyone understands, it isn't the shutdowns that are killing us. It's the virus Even … twitter
9:03am 99% Invisible: 422- In The Unlikely Event overcast
8:37am The Daily: The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of the Taliban overcast
November 17th
9:49pm WSL dokuwiki
8:48pm WSL - created dokuwiki
10:34am Every Little Thing: The Dirt on Houseplants overcast
10:01am This American Life: 724: Personal Recount overcast
9:38am The Daily: Why Europe Is Flattening the Curve (and the U.S. Isn’t) overcast
8:57am @KalenXI , did you ever complete making a replacement for your Automatic OBD2 GPS tracker? I just saw this analysis of a no-name GPS tracker… twitter
November 16th
3:57pm RT @santiagomayer_: I mean... is anyone really surprised that Donald Trump is trying to force himself on us even after we said no? twitter
11:53am RT @neilhimself: I CAN CONTROL UNICORNS WITH MY MIND! twitter
10:29am The Daily: Division Among the Democrats overcast
9:49am RT @KalenXI: Trump & Election Results: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) via @YouTube twitter
9:10am RT @rahsh33m: Dog was so frustrated he couldn’t get the hot dog he started screaming at the other dog 💀🤣🤣 twitter
November 15th
8:47am RT @KalenXI: All banks really ought to have open APIs to allow customers to access their own financial data without having to go through a c… twitter
6:59am ayumi hamasaki - monochrome last_fm
6:44am Girls' Generation (少女時代) - Run Devil Run last_fm
6:40am Namie Amuro - WoWa last_fm
4:25am Paranmaum - Linda Linda last_fm
4:20am eufonius - Idea (Noein Op Full) last_fm
4:16am Angela Aki - Our Story last_fm
4:12am ayumi hamasaki - Startin' (Original Mix) last_fm
4:06am Bon Bon Blanco - Yura Yura Yureru last_fm
4:01am 倉木麻衣 - step by step last_fm
3:55am ai otsuka - Planetarium last_fm
November 14th
8:26pm This is horrifying. Educate yourself and read it. twitter
5:27pm Radiolab: Breaking Benford overcast
5:01pm Planet Money: Biden Time overcast
4:59pm Political Gabfest: Biden Biding overcast
10:58am RT @KalenXI: CONSTANTLY WRONG: The Case Against Conspiracy Theories via @YouTube twitter
10:01am RT @SteamboatUSA: If the stay at home orders that are coming are going to massively change the way you’ve been living your social life latel… twitter
9:15am "A Game Designer’s Analysis Of QAnon" This one had already been making the rounds. I just read it, and it's good. facebook
November 13th
9:17am The Daily: A Non-Transfer of Power overcast
8:23am RT @artnet: John Waters has pledged to donate his art collection to the Baltimore Museum once he dies—so long as it names its bathrooms afte… twitter
1:40am I love this use of a Nirvana lyric backing up Tom Morello's reaction to Trumpists dancing to Rage Against The Machine. facebook
1:29am @Arcnor @GitHubHelp I can't get in either. Here in California, the top level Cisco Umbrella Root CA certificate is not trusted because it is… twitter
November 12th
9:58pm A pretty good explainer on why top Republicans continue to humor Trump's inanity. facebook
6:03pm The Scathing Atheist: 404: Biden Seek Edition overcast
5:22pm Reply All: #169 The Confetti Cannon overcast
9:28am 99% Invisible: 421- You’ve Got Enron Mail! overcast
9:12am The Daily: A Vaccine Breakthrough overcast
8:29am A high-stakes game of Missile Command (by Chris King) facebook
8:28am RT @KurtKohlstedt: A high-stakes game of Missile Command (by Chris King) 🚀 twitter
November 11th
7:18pm RT @brianbeutler: The fact that they’re lying, dangerously, to tens of millions of angry voters seems like it should have some bearing on wh… twitter
4:53pm The Daily: The (Unfinished) Battle for the Senate overcast
11:43am Winners of Close-Up Photographer of the Year facebook
8:59am RT @drvox: Welp, @alfranken hits the nail on the head regarding America's epistemological crisis (though he has the good sense not to use th… twitter
8:49am RT @TimothyDSnyder: 1/20. Democracy is precious and exceptional. twitter
November 10th
11:15pm RT @baconcookie: @tmorello "He's the one who likes all our pretty songs and he likes to sing along and he likes to shoot his gun but he don'… twitter
6:51pm RT @ewarren: This isn’t just delusional—it’s dangerous. The peaceful transition of power is a cornerstone of our democracy. @JoeBiden won th… twitter
6:44pm tmux a || tmux twitter
10:23am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 796: Celebrity Jeopardy in Heaven - Xbox Series X vs PS5, Biden & Tech, Apple Silicon overcast
9:49am The Daily: About Those Polls… overcast
9:20am RT @NoahBookbinder: Richard Pilger is a respected apolitical attorney who has been a federal corruption prosecutor for decades (including wh… twitter
8:47am @thatkidwho @SenWarren She's trying to save our democracy. These unfounded claims of massive election fraud are doing real damage. It was Tr… twitter
November 9th
9:57pm RT @SenWarren: Attorney General Bill Barr is a corrupt Trump henchman who should have been impeached months ago. If he cared one shred about… twitter
10:06am The Daily: Celebration and Sorrow: Americans React to the Election overcast
10:06am This American Life: 723: Squeaker overcast
8:48am Political Gabfest: Special Episode: Biden Wins overcast
8:28am Technical debt. facebook
8:03am RT @Mikel_Jollett: These are people who still won’t accept the results of the Civil War. Of course they won’t accept that their man baby kin… twitter
November 8th
10:16pm RT @nkjemisin: OK. Now that the dust is clearing on the election, there's a thing us liberals, leftists, not-centrists, whateverthefuck we c… twitter
3:05pm RT @JeffLieber: I’m sorry I can’t let this go: the people who can’t find the right Four Seasons want you to believe they uncovered 40,000 fr… twitter
2:44pm The Daily: Special Episode: Joe Biden Wins the Presidency overcast
2:18pm RT @CREWcrew: This use of government power to support the president’s reelection violates the law in some cases and democratic tradition in … twitter
2:00pm RT @KalenXI: If they want to work with us, we'll be here. But it's not our responsibility to teach Trump supporters how to have morals and e… twitter
1:57pm RT @jbendery: quite a legacy twitter
6:29am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
November 7th
5:10pm @integerpoet Reminds me of this excellent post by Yonatan Zunger, Tolerance is not a Moral Precept. twitter
4:57pm Planet Money: Hacking the Perfect Auction overcast
4:23pm RT @KalenXI: Two of the many things we need to work on now is getting more states to switch to ranked choice voting and to pass the national… twitter
12:11pm Reply All: We’re Taking Your Calls Today overcast
11:38am RT @tmorello: Not exactly what we had in mind twitter
12:05am 梅林茂 - Interlude Ⅱ [Instrumental] last_fm
12:01am Secret Garden - Adagio [Instrumental] last_fm
November 6th
8:20pm RT @Pappiness: Vice Presidents of the United States: 👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👩🏽 twitter
6:03pm @thatkidwho I'm old. Those are comfort food. Like listening to 2000's J-Pop. twitter
5:59pm @thatkidwho "fascism looks towards the past for inspiration, and builds on the values of a mythical past to unite different classes under a … twitter
5:31pm @thatkidwho Oh! This is about Colbert's quote with "fascism" in it? And your stance is that media is against Trump, so he can't be fascist? … twitter
5:27pm @thatkidwho On the podcast "The Daily" there was an episode of Trump's accomplishments and promises kept. twitter
5:21pm @thatkidwho "Will we sit back and agree with the President just because he tells us to, or will we stand up and continue to report for the p… twitter
4:32pm @thatkidwho The TV just plays Bakemonogatari, Samurai Champloo, and Cowboy Bebop. twitter
2:54pm @thatkidwho Thanks. Go ahead and send me some links that make your point. (Sounds like it appears to you that I'm not skeptical of someone t… twitter
12:12pm Nana Kitade - KISS last_fm
12:05pm Political Gabfest: President Joe Biden??? overcast
11:22am "For evil to succeed, all that is necessary, is for good men to do nothing. So say something right now Republicans… when it comes to democra… twitter
11:14am RT @AOC: There are folks running around on TV blaming progressivism for Dem underperformance. I was curious, so I decided to open the hood … twitter
10:37am The Daily: The President’s Damaging Lie overcast
November 5th
11:51pm RT @FixYourLife: Let me put it in a way that Republicans can understand... A vote’s life begins when it’s put in the envelope. It’s against … twitter
7:06pm I was Republican, then I switched. I'll switch again if my party's candidate behaves like President Trump. I'll come back to the Republican party when its pl... facebook
4:44pm RT @jayrosen_nyu: Watch this outstanding summary of what's going in the U.S. election by BBC journalist Ros Atkins. Sometimes you need to se… twitter
10:23am The Scathing Atheist: 403: Electile Dysfunction overcast
10:00am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 795: Existential Dreadlocks - Big Tech Q4 Revenues Up, AMD Acquires Xilinx overcast
10:00am Political Gabfest: Slate Plus Special: Counting the Votes overcast
9:54am Planet Money: What’s Next for the Economy? overcast
9:34am The Daily: Joe Biden Takes the Lead overcast
12:39am One of my life goals is to out-live Mitch McConnell, but it's challenging because I'm pretty sure he's a Lich. twitter
12:14am RT @coops: @mulegirl @chrismichel twitter
November 4th
7:26pm @yacitus Sorry, I was being sarcastic. I meant their presidential election breakdown where 62% voted for President Oil Dividends and 33% vot… twitter
6:58pm RT @99piorg: Old Oklahoma City manhole cover has a map and 'you are here' dot (via Related:… twitter
2:54pm @yacitus Look at Alaska's breakdown. We know where our bread is buttered. Justice can wait. Maybe our kids or their kids can do that. twitter
12:40pm RT @KalenXI: "Routine minority rule is neither desirable nor sustainable, and makes it difficult to characterize the country as either a dem… twitter
11:25am RT @Sulliview: We STILL don't fully grasp Trump’s greatest accomplishment: Turning huge swaths of the country against nuanced fact and towar… twitter
9:17am RT @KalenXI: The fact that there are still millions of so-called “Americans” who are willing to support a man who is literally calling for t… twitter
9:13am RT @CREWcrew: President Trump has allowed — and encouraged — senior officials to use their government roles to take actions benefiting his r… twitter
8:23am Every Little Thing: Crashing Your Most Memorable Meals overcast
8:06am 99% Invisible: 420- The Lost Cities of Geo overcast
7:54am The Daily: An Unfinished Election overcast
November 3rd
8:58pm "Known for his lavish outfits." What else would he be known for? facebook
8:52pm @natalietran Australians and Americans both. twitter
5:36pm This American Life: 722: The Unreality of Now overcast
12:59pm @daliblume So I guess we're going to Hokkaido now? twitter
11:57am Scenes from New Zealand. facebook
11:52am RT @TheDweck: The most embarrassing thing about the U.S. having another civil war is it’s not even for a new reason twitter
10:25am The Daily: The Field: On Election Day, ‘Two Different Worlds’ overcast
9:18am The Daily: Special Announcement: The Daily’s Live Election Day Broadcast overcast
9:18am Radiolab: Bloc Party overcast
9:10am RT @PSYCH_HYPE: It’s the receipts for me twitter
9:09am RT @MattNegrin: BIDEN: Science is real TRUMP: I’ll fire Fauci. If you own a truck you should ram it into Biden’s bus. I want to physically … twitter
7:51am RT @DearAuntCrabby: Im'ma just drop this little nugget of truth right here. twitter
November 2nd
11:51am The Daily: A Viewer’s Guide to Election Night overcast
9:54am The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘Kamala Harris, Mass Incarceration and Me’ overcast
8:57am RT @KalenXI: This chart from @FiveThirtyEight shows pretty clearly why we should get rid of the electoral college. twitter
November 1st
10:27pm I just lost 12 years of playlists. 😭 (And some album art.) Dang it Apple.I used "Quick Start" to migrate from an iPhone 6 to a newer one. It did not migrat... facebook
4:26pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 794: Pulmonary Gold Disease - AOC Streams Among US, iPhone Reviews, RIP Quibi overcast
2:18pm "how to feel something" facebook
2:15pm "The Deadliest Catch" A short real-life doodle of a kid bicycling down the road. Worth a replay to rewatch their expressions and reactions. facebook
2:11pm RT @adamcbest: The thing about Texas Republicans trying to throw out 100K+ ballots is that they've already created racist voter ID laws, clo… twitter
2:01pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: twitter
1:46pm Satoru Kousaki (MONACA) - "Senjougahara, Tore" last_fm
October 31st
5:37pm Radiolab: How to Win Friends and Influence Baboons overcast
October 30th
8:05pm Planet Money: What Economy Are You Voting For? overcast
8:05pm The Scathing Atheist: 402: Please Vote Edition overcast
6:11pm @zannah Now ask us how we watch music YouTube videos! Everything Chipmunks all the time! twitter
10:10am The Daily: The Field: The Shy Biden Voters Among Florida’s Seniors overcast
9:55am Political Gabfest: Almost overcast
2:32am Above the Smogline | Owl Tor - Central Coast Sport Climbing | Phil Requist Strictly Ballroom 5.14a youtube_favorites
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