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July 4th
6:21pm Self and cairn on Slacker Hill instagram
6:10pm @thatkidwho @SenDuckworth I'm looking for a retraction/correction from the NYT. Do you have a link? I wonder about the tactic by Warren of t… twitter
12:32pm RT @SteveSchmidtSES: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unal… twitter
11:12am Eight AM (a breakfast spot) in San Francisco foursquare
8:54am Slacker Ridge (a scenic lookout) in Sausalito foursquare
July 3rd
3:20pm RT @SenDuckworth: Trump's message to our troops: Sure I may be selling you out to Putin, but I'm also threatening to veto your pay raise jus… twitter
2:43pm Click through. Worth the read. If we don't observe a change that levels the field, then the listening was just performative. People with pri… twitter
9:47am Reply All: #163 Candidate One overcast
12:27am My people. twitter
July 2nd
10:01pm Your Shelter In Place song for the moment, Mitski's "Nobody". []( facebook
9:57pm No sooner do I post this tweet than @b0rk posts about entr, and @raymondh tweets a pdb primer. twitter
7:48pm Fresh Air: Pete Davidson & Judd Apatow On ‘The King Of Staten Island’ overcast
10:22am RT @TheBeatWithAri: GQ Magazine Correspondent @juliaioffe asks, "If kneeling in protest during the national anthem is disrespectful for the … twitter
10:19am Revisionist History: The Powerball Revolution overcast
9:49am Planet Money: Inflation, Deflation overcast
9:43am The Daily: What Went Wrong in Brazil overcast
July 1st
4:49pm RT @simonstl: Free: want to learn HTML from @jensimmons, CSS from @christinatruong, and JavaScript from @mor10 ? LinkedIn Learning and Mi… twitter
12:33pm @yacitus @b0rk (who I highly recommend following) just wrote a blog post about entr! twitter
9:26am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 777: Apple’s RISCy Move overcast
9:23am 99% Invisible: 404- Return of Oñate’s Foot overcast
8:53am The Daily: A Russian Plot to Kill U.S. Soldiers overcast
June 30th
5:22pm RT @drvox: The populace has largely sorted itself. Some people want America to be a pluralist multiethnic democracy, some people want Americ… twitter
5:15pm @yacitus That's the one. It's so great for small projects where saving a file triggers a build and test in another pane. Can't say I've book… twitter
10:45am RT @drvox: If the Trump administration listened to scientists and lowered the soot pollution standard, it could save 140,000 lives over the … twitter
9:46am The Daily: A Major Ruling on Abortion overcast
8:02am RT @potatomochii: Nobody Nobody No bo dy No bo dy Nobody No bo dy twitter
June 29th
10:10pm # "I Got My File From Clearview AI, and It Freaked Me Out" [](ht... facebook
9:23pm If I'm interviewing you for a job, and you say "ssh tmux entr vim" that's the secret code for an insta-hire. twitter
9:19pm I am 100% on the ssh + tmux + entr + vim train. #linux #programming (todo: pdb) twitter
7:19pm This American Life: 709: The Reprieve overcast
3:34pm RT @brianklaas: This is a simple, yet profound quote. It’s absolutely correct and is applicable to so many lives in seemingly prosperous dem… twitter
2:06pm Not sure if the R is for Republican or Russian. []( facebook
2:03pm RT @brianschatz: This is disgusting and shows that they see this as a political problem to be managed, not the moral and national security c… twitter
10:04am The Daily: A Conversation With a Police Union Leader overcast
8:58am Perfect accompanying image of a crow giving you the stink eye. twitter
June 28th
9:56pm I think #TRE45ON is a pretty clever hashtag. facebook
2:28pm RT @ProjectLincoln: The president "didn't hear" the man shout "White Power." The president "didn't see" the brief about Russia. The presiden… twitter
2:26pm That's the time I can be me. twitter
8:09am Fresh Air: Pete Davidson & Judd Apatow On ‘The King Of Staten Island’ overcast
June 27th
7:34pm Planet Money: Seed Spy overcast
6:21pm The Daily: A Bit of Relief: The Long Distance Chorus overcast
4:51pm RT @LifeIsStrange: Happy London #Pride Day! The Square Enix London Team are making a donation to the Albert Kennedy Trust who provide suppor… twitter
1:42pm RT @STEWest: I'm an Afghanistan vet. Came home as a passenger on a MedEvac. Spent that flight sitting feet from my critically injured brethr… twitter
12:54pm RT @dusttodigital: Remembering Big Bill Broonzy, born on this day in 1903 in Jefferson County, Arkansas. Here he is playing "Hey, Hey" in 19… twitter
June 26th
6:36pm Neat looking weird succulent plants with tall thingies growing out of unexpected places. instagram
6:31pm The Scathing Atheist: 384: Dead Wrong Edition overcast
5:57pm RT @AoDespair: The list of shit that should end a failing and corrupted presidency just got a fresh chart-topper. If the Republican Party st… twitter
5:54pm RT @drvox: I hope seeing how the US has responded to coronavirus has quashed any remaining notion that climate action depends on facts, reas… twitter
4:00pm RT @wendellpotter: Amid America's #COVID19 disaster, I must come clean about a lie I spread as a health insurance exec: We spent big $$ to p… twitter
1:48pm @zannah Nearly did a spit take at "I don't speak Japanese but I love Aoi Sora". So half of us will think it's a Naruto song and half of us w… twitter
1:41pm Tokyo Bon 東京盆踊り2020 (MakuDonarudo) Namewee 黃明志 ft.Cool Japan TV @亞洲通吃 2018 All Eat Asia youtube_favorites
11:14am RT @yacitus: “Science denial is notoriously resistant to facts because it isn’t about facts in the first place. Science denial is an express… twitter
10:02am Radiolab: The Third. A TED Talk. overcast
10:02am Political Gabfest: Global Pariahs overcast
9:42am The Daily: A Dilemma in Texas overcast
June 25th
7:57pm Revisionist History: Hedwig’s Lost Van Gogh overcast
5:01pm @neonepiphany May I recommend voxels and ? twitter
1:40pm Maybe Trump is right when he says that coronavirus case counts are up because the U.S. has increased testing. Let's find out with data. facebook
12:35pm @DanRather @yacitus Oh, they're there. Busy appointing unqualified grateful life-term right-wing federal judges. twitter
12:19pm RT @ewarren: These are lifetime appointments of extreme, right-wing judges that could impact American lives and livelihoods for generations … twitter
11:10am Radiolab: Post No Evil Redux overcast
10:53am The Daily: The Voters Trump Is Losing overcast
10:13am Never stop exploring. The last in this series from one of my favorite places. instagram
8:15am RT @Zebrafarm2000: @aravosis twitter
June 24th
10:13pm Most cases per capita: Chile, Peru, United States, Brazil. Most cases: United States, Brazil. Most Deaths: United States, Brazil. Yeah, it's the American Virus. facebook
7:31pm Planet Money: Owner Of A Broken Hertz overcast
6:52pm RT @SenWhitehouse: Mitch McConnell today held on the Floor, back to back, and with no apparent sense of irony, votes on his partisan effort … twitter
6:00pm @thatkidwho That's a fair question. twitter
5:56pm RT @dr_glitzkrieg: ADA compliance requires a business provides reasonable accommodations for your disability. Curbside pickup and home deli… twitter
5:39pm instagram
1:50pm RT @ewarren: Too many leaders are prematurely moving on from this crisis. The last time I checked, we were still fighting coronavirus—and lo… twitter
1:46pm RT @AlexCKaufman: Facebook is giving its staff the OK to override climate scientists and promote fossil fuel-funded misinformation about th… twitter
1:41pm RT @girlsreallyrule: A church in Arizona is holding a political rally today that benefits one politician and one political party - it's past… twitter
12:53pm The Daily: The Epidemic of Unemployment overcast
12:53pm 99% Invisible: 403- Return of the Yokai overcast
8:50am Even scarier, the second time she tested positive she didn't have the classic symptoms, just high blood pressure which can go unnoticed. facebook
June 23rd
7:48pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 776: Phat Boyin’ It All Day overcast
5:03pm The only way is up. Both literal (on a stalactite near the exit) and figurative. From one of my favorite places. instagram
3:34pm RT @Eugene_Scott: The fact that so many conservative Christians have interpreted many people’s desire to eradicate white supremacy as a prec… twitter
3:14pm RT @DanRather: A rule of thumb: If you're lying about nonexistent voter fraud, if you're limiting polling places, if you're forcing people t… twitter
3:12pm RT @scottpwaldman: Facebook quietly overruled its own fact checkers to reinstate a climate denial group’s misleading post. The company also … twitter
9:46am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: Axios Today overcast
9:29am The Daily: The Battle Over the Democratic Party’s Future overcast
7:48am @allanblackford @natalietran Mum and Favorite Sister are on the left, Nat's in green on the right. twitter
June 22nd
10:44pm RT @kyliu99: My grandmother taught me much about love and life. I get to tell you a little about her in this essay for @GuernicaMag. https:/… twitter
7:25pm RT @theblerdgurl: This is why animators, riggers, digital scene painters, concept artists, compositors and editors really need more credit. twitter
4:53pm RT @drvox: Among all the dumb things about this: if you really thought this was going to happen, and you were the PRESIDENT OF THE US, would… twitter
2:32pm RT @Lin_Manuel: Let me tell you what I wish I’d known When I was young and dreamed of glory You have no control Who lives, who dies, who [b… twitter
12:12pm Change. (From a favorite place.) instagram
11:28am Learn one new thing today. I've been following Julia Evans (b0rk) at Twitter, and she's been creating pages of question that are so easy and fun to interact ... facebook
10:11am RT @BillKristol: You look at the polls and think "he can't win." But Trump's path to victory doesn't depend on persuading Americans. It depe… twitter
9:51am RT @waltshaub: Trump's laying the groundwork for an election challenge. Barr's corrupt enough to help him do it. That's why the House must i… twitter
8:51am The Daily: How Facebook Is Undermining Black Lives Matter overcast
June 21st
8:29pm Revisionist History: Dragon Psychology 101 overcast
8:07pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘Facing the Wind’ overcast
4:07pm What is your wish? (More art from one of my favorite places.) instagram
June 20th
6:26pm Revisionist History: Dragon Psychology 101 overcast
5:50pm RT @clarkware: This is a fantastic, approachable read on viruses and vaccines. Great use of metaphors to explain complex topics. twitter
5:40pm Karen, about to invoke a righteous "call the authorities" spell on your POC ass. facebook
3:00pm Psychogeography, revisited: a collection of subjective maps reflecting personal experiences of built environments in the midst of a pandemic… twitter
2:47pm RT @ProjectLincoln: “I will be removing my car’s brakes. You have the freedom to keep driving with brakes in your car if you want. Preventin… twitter
2:44pm RT @brhodes: We are so many miles further down to road to authoritarianism than our political and media culture can process. twitter
2:17pm Planet Money: Money And Justice overcast
11:22am RT @RepAdamSchiff: Here’s why this matters: Stone told Trump and his campaign in advance about WikiLeaks’ planned release of Clinton emails… twitter
10:07am RT @KenTremendous: This is completely fucking crazy. The Attorney General lied about a U.S. Attorney stepping down from his position. That a… twitter
10:01am The best anime contact juggling tutorial you'll ever find. []( facebook
June 19th
4:50pm RT @AntonishiaM: Juneteenth FACTS please stay informed. #JUNETEENTH2020 twitter
4:46pm RT @GlennKesslerWP: Jaw-dropping to read that the German success re the coronavirus pandemic was based on U.S. research that was ignored or … twitter
4:43pm @neonepiphany I love seeing you and @b0rk sharing how you've been moved by @DrIbram 's work. twitter
1:47pm “All that I’m after is a life full of laughter.“ instagram
1:43pm The Daily: The History and Meaning of Juneteenth overcast
1:01pm The Daily: The Latest: The Supreme Court Rules on DACA overcast
11:28am RT @neonepiphany: “The good news is that racist and antiracist are not fixed identities. We can be a racist one moment, and an antiracist th… twitter
10:46am Political Gabfest: Because of Sex overcast
12:13am MONDO GROSSO / 惑星タントラ [Vocal:齋藤飛鳥(乃木坂46)] youtube_favorites
June 18th
10:52am One of my favorite places. instagram
9:45am Reply All: #162 The Least You Could Do overcast
8:49am The Daily: Who Will Be Joe Biden’s Running Mate? overcast
8:49am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 775: Bacon Buddies overcast
8:15am RT @ciarapollock: he was a punk she did ballet what more can i say twitter
8:14am RT @earthvisuals: A herd of deer relaxing by cherry blossom trees in Nara, Japan twitter
8:03am RT @profmusgrave: Protesters Say Statue Tripped, Fell Into Water twitter
June 17th
7:35pm The Daily: The Killing of Rayshard Brooks overcast
1:26pm @way2faz Yes, yes there was. twitter
12:23pm At one of my favorite locations. instagram
3:46am The Postal Service - Such Great Heights (album) last_fm
3:43am Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soulchild remix) last_fm
3:39am Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Album Version) last_fm
3:36am The Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches last_fm
3:27am Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance last_fm
3:24am Kina Grannis - In Your Arms last_fm
3:20am Lenka - The Show last_fm
3:16am Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin' (Featuring Jill Scott) (Explicit) last_fm
June 16th
8:03pm 99% Invisible: 402- Instant Grammification overcast
6:59pm RT @MaxCRoser: The population of the US is 330 million The population of the EU is 446 million [source] twitter
6:14pm I am totally down with removing master/slave and whitelist/blacklist. But I don't know why people also bring up blackhat/whitehat (in terms of computer secur... facebook
3:08pm RT @zannah: Humble Bundle has a great new bundle where they are deviating from their norm and donating 100% of the proceeds to charities (LD… twitter
10:36am RT @RexChapman: If you’re having a rough day take a minute to watch this little man... twitter
10:17am Every Little Thing: Meet the DJs of the Bird World overcast
9:35am The Daily: A Landmark Supreme Court Ruling overcast
June 15th
5:44pm RT @JBfromDC89: My mom's facebook cover photo omg twitter
10:54am The Daily: What We’ve Learned About the Coronavirus overcast
10:28am The Daily: The Sunday Read: Getting Out overcast
June 14th
10:31pm RT @ProjectLincoln: Retweet if you agree that the president should reveal his full medical records. twitter
10:08pm OMG, you guys. What a read.Following an Oakland tavern and its staff — from the tattooed bartender to the undocumented cleaner — as they weather the econom... facebook
9:55pm This American Life: 708: Here, Again overcast
3:31pm dblume shares another fun card game to play with those sheltering in place with you: Big Two. Big Two - David's Place plurk
3:30pm Here's another fun card game to play with those sheltering in place with you: Big Two. twitter
3:29pm Here's another fun card game to play with those sheltering in place with you: Big Two.(What with the Internet Archive possibly going away and every other s... facebook
2:28pm RT @AOC: Oh look, someone took a photo of what my life is like debating Republicans in committee each week twitter
June 13th
10:08pm RT @ACLU: Refusing to expand vote by mail in the midst of a pandemic is blatant voter suppression. twitter
9:04pm I wondered why people love Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I started watching it. It started off cheaply animated and childish. There was one notable episode ... facebook
7:31pm Invisibilia: Trust Fall overcast
7:22pm Radiolab: The Liberation of RNA overcast
7:02pm Planet Money: Patent Racism overcast
5:44pm Big Two david_dlma
11:58am RT @EricaJoy: oh this resonates, so to be very clear: my end game is not “living in harmony.” my end game is the end of anti-blackness. … twitter
10:23am "The internet is a giant Rube Goldberg machine that transports tiny scoops of rage from one place to another via a complicated system of gears, pulleys, and ... facebook
10:15am RT @Dark_Tesla: “Wow. Cops killed a black man. Look at this video, he was begging for his life and they were laughing." "That's terrible. B… twitter
June 12th
7:46pm Fresh Air: The Brutal History Of The Texas Rangers overcast
7:42pm The Daily: Special Episode: The Song That Found Me overcast
1:08pm # A procedural system for generating historical maps of rivers that never existed. Not only is the winding path imaginary, but so is the terrain, the place n... facebook
12:30pm RT @rebeccawatson: East Coast protestors: “Let’s deface and destroy the statues of racists and colonizers!” San Francisco: “agreed but we g… twitter
9:42am Political Gabfest: He Is Going to Change the World overcast
8:53am The Daily: The Struggle to Teach From Afar overcast
8:04am RT @JennyENicholson: We're gonna have to retire the expression "avoid it like the plague" because it turns out humans do not do that twitter
June 11th
6:55pm President Trump's ghostwriter thinks he is a Psychopath. facebook
2:19pm RT @MachinePix: Pivoting belt sorter by GachiSoft. twitter
11:42am This California cop explains why he says All Cops Are Bastards. [](https://mediu... facebook
9:42am The Scathing Atheist: 382: Social Justice Gobbledygook Edition overcast
9:04am The Daily: Georgia’s Election Meltdown overcast
7:51am RT @natalietran: really hoping this passion for the question "do all lives matter?" is applicable when people arrive here to seek asylum twitter
June 10th
9:37pm RT @ewarren: Republicans who close their eyes, plug their ears, and sing "la la la" as Trump spreads conspiracy theories and misinformation … twitter
9:36pm RT @EmmaWatson: Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren… twitter
9:32pm RT @JohnWoodrowCox: This claim is not supported by actual evidence. @dataeditor & I analyzed two decades of school shootings, including … twitter
7:25pm Every Little Thing: How Squirrels Track Their Nuts overcast
7:15pm Planet Money: The Very First Vaccine overcast
6:53pm RT @BerniceKing: No arrests have been made for the death of #BreonnaTaylor, who was killed in her home by a hail of bullets from @LMPD offic… twitter
10:56am Radiolab: Graham overcast
10:16am Radiolab: Nina overcast
9:00am Pepsi’s $32 Billion Typo Caused Deadly Riots []( facebook
June 9th
7:39pm RT @brianefallon: Restoring the Voting Rights Act is good in theory but even if you move heaven and earth to get it through Congress, Republ… twitter
7:35pm RT @drvox: I am extremely here for @iamjohnoliver's choking fury & grief. Every second of this is worth watching. twitter
11:07am Would like to angel fund the company that kills fax (as in fax machines and e-fax) everywhere for good. twitter
10:05am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 774: The Mafia is Zooming overcast
9:40am The Daily: The Case For Defunding the Police overcast
June 8th
4:48pm RT @KevinAMaley: This single sentence does an incredible job of succinctly capturing the essence of aims for Cotton and really contemporary,… twitter
11:22am Images From a Worldwide Protest Movement []( facebook
11:18am RT @DrIbram: I’m imagining what would be happening if it were Black people across the nation defying stay-at-home orders and demonstrating i… twitter
9:32am The Scathing Atheist: 381: Samson of a Gun Edition overcast
9:27am The Daily: Why Are Police Attacking Protestors? overcast
8:54am RT @djmckenna00: Something I've learned while in law school is about the social construction of crime. I work in a legal clinic on wage the… twitter
8:45am They're water guns. It's summertime. He's playing with his other mutli-racial friends. facebook
June 7th
10:09pm This comes highly recommended from Political Gabfest. It explains why Romney might criticize the president while LIndsey Graham collaborates with his previou... facebook
6:58pm The Scathing Atheist: 380: Beach Body of Christ Edition overcast
6:46pm The Daily: ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Episode 8: ‘We Go All’ overcast
1:28pm RT @NinjaDuce: @JuggernautBG From an interview she had this January. twitter
1:04pm RT @ScotCuthbertson: On this day 65 years ago, Alan Turing (41) killed himself. He had played a pivotal role in WWII by cracking German enig… twitter
12:19pm RT @Kt_Leung: So, you want my thoughts on Cho Chang? Okay, here goes...(thread) twitter
9:23am Plot twist: It's not a deep fake. The A.I. learned Birdsong, and is instructing them how to rise against man. [ facebook
9:22am Plot Twist: It's not a deep fake. The A.I. learned Birdsong, and is instructing them how to rise against man. twitter
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