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April 17th
3:31pm The Daily: Are ‘Forever Chemicals’ a Forever Problem? overcast
8:57am @thisismissem @404mediaco @vmstan I wonder if the GDPR covers something like this. mastodon
8:55am I gave up and added the following "what's the highlight info for the word under the cursor" to my vim/nvim rc files: function! SynGroup() let l:s = synID(line('.'), col('.'), 1) e... mastodon
7:26am From Joseph Cox @404mediaco : Spy Pet, the Discord aggregator, says, “We prioritize your privacy as a user searcher. Your searches are secure and confidential.” At the bottom of the site, a button ... mastodon
April 16th
3:28pm Fresh Air: The High Pressure Experiments That Made D-Day overcast
8:07am The Daily: A.I.’s Original Sin overcast
April 15th
1:59pm Fresh Air: Andrew Scott On ‘Ripley,’ ‘Fleabag’ & More overcast
1:29pm The Daily: Iran’s Unprecedented Attack on Israel overcast
April 14th
3:50pm Fresh Air: Internet Brain & The Age Of Overthinking overcast
3:42pm Fresh Air: A ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Appreciation overcast
2:42pm Radiolab: The Distance of the Moon overcast
12:26pm Search Engine: Do political yard signs actually do anything? overcast
April 13th
4:45pm Revisionist History: Blue Seattle with Cameron Crowe | Development Hell overcast
4:08pm Serial: S04 - Ep. 4: The Honeymooners overcast
3:49pm Planet Money: TikTok made me deduct it overcast
9:32am @JetForMe sudo, pronounced s'doh, from the Japanese modifier when spoken from a superior to their junior. Ex., "Sudo, make me udon." "Sudo do it again." Used so often by Hattori... mastodon
April 12th
11:18am The Daily: How One Family Lost $900,000 in a Timeshare Scam overcast
7:59am @JetForMe When I'm around you, I'm going to pronounce it "suhdoh". (Or if I pretend it's Japanese, shorten the u to s'doh.) 😂 mastodon
April 11th
7:30pm Political Gabfest: Arizona Territory’s 1864 Abortion Law overcast
5:33pm The Scathing Atheist: 582: Lettuce Pray Edition overcast
11:09am The Daily: The Staggering Success of Trump’s Trial Delay Tactics overcast
9:58am git - [git at] dokuwiki
April 10th
5:52pm Planet Money: How much does this cow weigh? (Classic) overcast
5:39pm Radiolab: The Moon Itself overcast
1:30pm The Daily: Trump’s Abortion Dilemma overcast
8:41am 99% Invisible: 577- The Society of Ambiance Makers and Elegant Persons overcast
April 9th
5:47pm Serial: S04 - Ep. 3: Ahmad the Iguana Feeder overcast
12:32pm Learn - Added tmux resize window recipe dokuwiki
8:31am The Daily: How Tesla Planted the Seeds for Its Own Potential Downfall overcast
April 8th
9:20pm @creativenull Imagine my pain: I'd been using Y to yank lines in vim for years, only to migrate to neovim and see they correctly changed it to "yank to the end of the line", like C, D, et... mastodon
9:15pm I saw that @creativenull 's GitHub description has "Stuck configuring vim config everyday." And I felt attacked. mastodon
3:43pm neovim - Remove the snap instructions dokuwiki
2:03pm neovim dokuwiki
12:00pm The Daily: The Eclipse Chaser overcast
7:41am neovim - Add :verbose imap dokuwiki
April 7th
2:26pm Falafel Boy (a falafel restaurant) in Oakland foursquare
2:05pm Pacific Pipe Climbing (a climbing gym) in Oakland foursquare
9:25am Starter Bakery (a bakery) in Oakland foursquare
April 6th
4:24pm Music dokuwiki
2:57pm Search Engine: Why are there so many illegal weed stores in New York City? (Part 2) overcast
12:09pm Phin Cafe Fremont (a cafe, coffee, and tea house) in Fremont foursquare
April 5th
8:39pm @Jerry I've got two examples of why I "care somewhat". One: I probably suck at recycling correctly, because I get no feedback about what I'm doing. Similarly I might care if it really was... mastodon
6:43pm New Pho Saigon Noodle & Grill Restaurant (a vietnamese restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
5:33pm (note to self) It's like `cp`. The first argument exists, the second one is the one you want to "create". mastodon
4:43pm Planet Money: Japan’s Lost Decade overcast
4:24pm The Daily: An Engineering Experiment to Cool the Earth overcast
4:16pm The Scathing Atheist: 581: Con Crud Edition overcast
8:14am As of my last knowledge update in April 2024, I've decided to make it harder to distinguish a human's posts from those of an A.I. facebook
April 4th
11:25pm So far I like the search engine Kagi. But what I still need in Chrome is search autocomplete (esp for versus), where you type "thing vs", and Google tells you what its competitors are. An... mastodon
1:02pm The Daily: Israel’s Deadly Airstrike on the World Central Kitchen overcast
11:31am Maybe I'll start poisoning my posts with signature text from A.I. As of my last knowledge update in April 2024, it seems like it could be interesting. #ai #discordianism mastodon
8:53am Planet Money: The real estate industry on trial overcast
12:40am "They have ventured too deep into the Library and forgotten the way out." I almost thought this was going to be about Stephen Wolfram and his "A New Kind of Science". Which, app... mastodon
12:22am Alexander Miller's "Conway's Game of Hope" combines Conway’s Game of Life with Pandora’s Box. mastodon
April 3rd
6:04pm Fresh Air: ‘Kids Are Not OK’ Says Mental Health Expert overcast
12:52pm Radiolab: Short Cuts: Drawn Onward overcast
12:48pm Political Gabfest: John Dickerson Introduces: Navel Gazing overcast
12:38pm 99% Invisible: 576- Chambre de Bonne overcast
8:41am The Daily: The Accidental Tax Cutter in Chief overcast
April 2nd
5:48pm Planet Money: How much of your tax dollars are going to Israel and Ukraine overcast
8:43am The Daily: Kids Are Missing School at an Alarming Rate overcast
April 1st
3:45pm neovim - [taglist] dokuwiki
3:24pm neovim dokuwiki
2:19pm Serial: S04 - Ep. 2: The Special Project overcast
2:19pm Revisionist History: Labor of Love with M. Night Shyamalan | Development Hell overcast
1:46pm The Daily: Ronna McDaniel, TV News and the Trump Problem overcast
March 31st
10:22pm @quephird I dunno, this hits me like look at all the vulnerabilities in our world-wide infrastructures, and I am dyinggg. I guess maybe I'm dyinggg too, but more in a sadness way than anything else... mastodon
9:49pm @SpaceLifeForm Did you mean "For AT&T to have only retained 7.6M of those 73M customers in 2019?" Yeah, that's a lot of churn. What we don't know is how many signed up (or otherwise g... mastodon
3:15pm Serial: S04 - Ep. 1: Poor Baby Raul overcast
2:46pm Search Engine: Why are there so many illegal weed stores in New York City? (Part 1) overcast
1:48pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Live In Washington, D.C.! overcast
9:17am Crema Coffee Roasting Company (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
March 30th
7:08pm Anybody watch "The Bear"? Lillian and I just watched S2:E6 "Fishes", and were completely blown away. We weren't expecting any of that. It was really good to ... facebook
10:46am neovim dokuwiki
March 29th
5:12pm @404mediaco , I like the private full RSS feed. You got my money. More power to you. Good luck! mastodon
11:55am Phin Cafe (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
11:52am The Daily: Hamas Took Her, and Still Has Her Husband overcast
March 28th
6:25pm The Scathing Atheist: 580: Miracu-Less Edition overcast
8:37am The Daily: The Newest Tech Start-Up Billionaire? Donald Trump overcast
March 27th
5:48pm Planet Money: The trouble with Table 101 (Update) overcast
5:38pm Fresh Air: A Veteran Filmmaker Shares Secrets From The Set overcast
12:42pm Revisionist History: I Am Superman with Patty Jenkins | Development Hell overcast
12:36pm 99% Invisible: 575- Autism Pleasantville overcast
8:32am The Daily: Democrats’ Plan to Save the Republican House Speaker overcast
7:57am If I'm going to work in a cafe, I have to visit neverssl (to get past a captive portal) before I code with openssl (for security). mastodon
March 26th
8:36am The Daily: The United States vs. the iPhone overcast
8:12am Revisionist History: Pushkin Hosts Celebrate World Happiness Day overcast
3:39am neovim dokuwiki
March 25th
3:21pm Thank you @pluralistic , for selling your ebooks DRM free. I'd never want to go through Rohit's ordeal. mastodon
12:30pm Devin can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever. #ai mastodon
9:21am The Daily: A Terrorist Attack in Russia overcast
8:19am Search Engine: A big announcement from Search Engine plus, “What’s in your cocaine?” overcast
5:08am neovim - created dokuwiki
March 24th
12:31pm Buena Vista Park Summit (a scenic lookout) in San Francisco foursquare
11:33am Amoeba San Francisco (a record store) in San Francisco foursquare
10:27am Ritual Coffee Roasters (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
March 23rd
6:40pm Planet Money: What is Temu? overcast
5:01pm The Scathing Atheist: 579: Cena Evil Hearna Evil Edition overcast
March 22nd
10:56pm Maybe my favorite kazoo song. And it comes with an intro story! facebook
3:05pm Serial: S04 - Trailer overcast
2:56pm The Daily: Chuck Schumer on His Campaign to Oust Israel’s Leader overcast
2:56pm Political Gabfest: When Is Government Speech Coercion? overcast
10:03am Coffee - Added Lee's Cà Phê Sua dokuwiki
10:00am coffee:lees_caphesua_cafe_latte.png - created dokuwiki
March 21st
8:38pm I looked up the locations for the amazing sets for Full Metal Jacket. The location for Da Nang was Isle of Dogs, London. Isle of Dogs isn't just a movie! It's a real place. TIL. mastodon
5:50pm The Daily: The Caitlin Clark Phenomenon overcast
8:20am Planet Money: The billion dollar war behind U.S. rum overcast
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