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April 13th
5:46pm RT @dkatzmaier: You can say “Hey Roku” into thin air and the remote will listen and execute your voice commands, including beeping from unde… twitter
1:18pm Mitchell's Ice Cream (an ice cream shop) in San Francisco foursquare
12:07pm Super fun play structure instagram
11:02am Philosopher's Way (a trail) in San Francisco foursquare
9:58am Millbrae Pancake House (a diner) in Millbrae foursquare
April 12th
4:53pm Esp. for Rick Mann. facebook
10:33am The Daily: Europe’s Vaccination Problem overcast
10:11am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 817: TVPhreak997 - MS Build 2021, Hololens & US Army, ACLU’s privacy letdown, Google’s Pixel 6 chip overcast
7:55am RT @drvolts: Alternate, non-hack phrasing: Biden is passing & implementing the programs he ran on, which are supported by large majoriti… twitter
April 11th
6:41pm Kappo Nami Nami (a japanese restaurant) in Mountain View foursquare
12:44pm Political Gabfest: Midnight Train From Georgia overcast
April 10th
9:29pm RT @ReverendWarnock: RT if you believe the Senate must act to protect voting rights no matter what. twitter
5:47pm Planet Money: About Your Extended Warranty overcast
4:21pm RT @chi_numtot: An oldie but a goodie twitter
April 9th
9:18am The Daily: Odessa, Part 3: The Band Bus Quarantine overcast
April 8th
7:02pm RT @matthewrpark: You know how you go to get the vaccine and no one asks for money and you aren’t worried about how much you’ll have to pay?… twitter
6:58pm RT @Rainmaker1973: Ambiguous grid by Kokichi Sugihara of Meiji University in Japan. A mathematically calculated combination of perspective a… twitter
9:56am The Scathing Atheist: 425: Science Says Edition overcast
9:46am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 817: TVPhreak997 - MS Build 2021, Hololens & US Army, ACLU’s privacy letdown, Google’s Pixel 6 chip overcast
9:46am Planet Money: How Jacob Loud’s Land Was Lost overcast
9:29am 99% Invisible: 438- The Real Book overcast
8:58am The Daily: Targeting Overseas Tax Shelters overcast
April 6th
1:01pm The Daily: A Vast Web of Vengeance overcast
April 5th
1:12pm Every Little Thing: Skewed Smells: A Weird COVID Mystery overcast
12:55pm The Daily: A Military That Murders Its Own People overcast
12:30pm Fresh Air: Best Of: The Amazing Lives Of Migratory Birds / ‘Lovecraft Country’ Creator overcast
8:38am RT @KalenXI: twitter
April 4th
2:19pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 816: Who Owns the Clone - CryptoPunks and NFTs, Chrissy Teigan quits Twitter, Microsoft buying Discord? overcast
1:49pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: Boomtown & Bye Bye overcast
April 3rd
6:22pm This should be a real company. Love that the testimonials are from real events. facebook
6:22pm RT @agarithm: This one from yesterday should actually be a company: #GOAT #Marketing twitter
April 2nd
9:17am Radiolab: What Up Holmes? overcast
8:41am The Daily: Inside the Biden Infrastructure Plan overcast
8:19am Political Gabfest: Impending Doom overcast
April 1st
7:36pm The Scathing Atheist: 424: Selling Your Sole Edition overcast
3:38pm @raymondh Exactly. Reminds me of when Atlassian Confluence decided to strip leading whitespace in text macros in v7.7 six months ago. Made p… twitter
11:21am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 816: Who Owns the Clone - CryptoPunks and NFTs, Chrissy Teigan quits Twitter, Microsoft buying Discord? overcast
11:21am Planet Money: The Curse Of The Black Lotus (Update) overcast
11:09am 99% Invisible: 437- Science Vs Snakes overcast
10:35am Dear companies trying to do real business with me on April Fool's: Please just send those emails on March 31st or April 2nd. twitter
March 30th
2:40pm These clouds on Mars are made from either water ice or carbon dioxide ice, not liquid water droplets like most of Earth's clouds. twitter
12:05pm Serial: A new show from Serial! overcast
8:49am Planet Money: Socialism 101 overcast
8:47am The Daily: A National Campaign to Restrict Voting overcast
March 29th
10:12pm RT @ashleymeaster: Re: Lil Nas X’s New Song When you traumatize a whole generation (and more) of kids with the concept of a literal hell (s… twitter
1:41pm Calculus Made Easy can be read here at this link. Huge thanks to @JiriNadvornik twitter
11:59am Radiolab: Elements overcast
11:23am The Daily: The Trial of Derek Chauvin overcast
11:05am RT @mtsw: Good thread. America is a wealthy country but we've wasted our wealth on expensive auto infrastructure, inefficient health care an… twitter
8:56am The Stanford National Daily Health Survey for Coronavirus is over. I participated every day. Here are some preliminary results: facebook
March 28th
9:39am Make sure you read through to the epilogue. (Free Internet access attempt in San Francisco.) twitter
9:28am RT @shannonrwatts: I can’t stop thinking about this: Just days after the Boulder mass shooting, a Denver man was pulled over in Nebraska for… twitter
March 27th
10:37pm Science! And watch a tortoise adorably scratch its shell! twitter
6:43pm Salesforce Park (a park) in San Francisco foursquare
10:20am @UCSDsoftball @tpederson Tritons vs. our Alma Mater Gauchos?! I'll root for everybody! Go Deena!! twitter
March 26th
2:23pm OK, Kickstarter, I bought the thing. Please stop showing it to me everywhere. (You may show me other cool things, so I won't block you. Yet.) facebook
2:20pm RT @Nature_Grrrl: 1) As a former sailor here’s my hot take on the stuck boat in the Suez. I’m actually in admiration of the skill of whoever… twitter
10:10am The Scathing Atheist: 423: Premarital Edition overcast
10:03am Political Gabfest: Unfulfilled overcast
9:05am The Daily: A Nursing Home’s First Day Out of Lockdown overcast
8:53am RT @b0rk: I really liked "in defense of blub studies" by @benskuhn, on learning the fiddly details of how computers … twitter
8:44am RT @benjaminwittes: Reminder: What happened in Georgia, and what the new law responds to, was not voter fraud. There is no evidence of that.… twitter
March 25th
5:22pm RT @TheOnion: Ted Cruz Decries Voting Rights Bill As Shameless Power Grab By American People To Control Country twitter
5:19pm RT @richardbeer: @froomkin You can always spot the biggest existential threats to society because they're the industries who spend the most … twitter
5:18pm RT @GretaThunberg: See you all at the next climate strike:) twitter
10:26am Revisionist History: Presenting: Lost Hills overcast
10:14am Planet Money: You Asked For Shots, Tuna, Metal, and Money overcast
9:54am The Daily: The State of Vaccinations overcast
March 24th
8:07am facebook
March 23rd
5:14pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 815: Never Go to the Second Location - Twitter hacker sentenced, a sting Apple event, Instagram for kids overcast
4:51pm 99% Invisible: 436- Oops, Our Bad overcast
4:28pm The Daily: A Food Critic Loses Her Sense of Smell overcast
11:40am RT @bagder: This day 23 years ago, I uploaded the first ever curl release. Happy birthday to all of us who use and appreciate curl. I love y… twitter
March 22nd
12:08pm I like Excel and Google Sheets. I knew about SUMIF, and IFS. Today I needed a SUMIFS, and it was sitting right there, waiting for me. twitter
10:20am This American Life: 734: The Campus Tour Has Been Cancelled overcast
9:29am The Daily: The Cruel Reality of Long Covid-19 overcast
March 21st
6:35pm Sizzling Stone (a korean restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
5:00pm @UCSDsoftball Pretty good‽ That's awesome! Go, Deena!! twitter
4:21pm Planet Money: The New Shape Of Pasta overcast
4:03pm Fresh Air: Novelist Kazuo Ishiguro overcast
11:36am I've seen three episodes of WandaVision, and I don't know what so many of my friends and peers love about it.I've seen the clues, and have been waiting for... facebook
9:47am Angela Aki - Sakurairo last_fm
9:47am Angela Aki - Sakurairo last_fm
9:22am 4Minute (포미닛) - 물 좋아? last_fm
March 20th
9:57pm @neonepiphany Have a high school senior now getting responses. Judging by their pool of friends, responses are somewhat inconsistent this ye… twitter
March 19th
1:07pm Radiolab: Escapescape overcast
10:18am The Scathing Atheist: 422: Demon Baby Edition overcast
9:55am Every Little Thing: Embarrassing Little Tales: The Finalists overcast
9:44am Political Gabfest: I’ll Get the Vaccine If You Give Me A Pony overcast
9:29am The Daily: The Ruthless Rise and Lonely Decline of Andrew Cuomo overcast
March 18th
9:08pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: Tired: swapping out old wooden utility polls with new concrete ones Wired: cutting out the old toucan nest and strapping… twitter
4:38pm RT @sailorhg: just a reminder, if you’re a white person who wants to support your friends of color, but don’t know how, @lateeshathomas &… twitter
3:13pm Planet Money: The Even More Minimum Wage overcast
2:58pm The Daily: A Murderous Rampage in Georgia overcast
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