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September 27th
5:39pm Hurry to get your tone-deaf, unoriginal, and disrespectful Notorious A.C.B. t-shirt here! facebook
5:36pm tl;dr: Use Purple Air with AQandU enabled. Once the EPA conversion factor is available on PurpleAir use that instead. facebook
11:35am Eats (a breakfast spot) in San Francisco foursquare
September 26th
2:04pm RT @AnnoyedCicada: Anyone who has ever worked in an abortion clinic knows that tons of women who claim to be anti-abortion get abortions. Th… twitter
September 25th
7:38pm Planet Money: Sell Me Your Climate Bombs overcast
12:26pm It's not only insane, it's another out-and-out lie. They won't accept such a decision. They just say so now. But when the time comes, they'l… twitter
12:10pm RT @RexChapman: Ever seen anyone cut a really tall palm tree? Oh my god... twitter
12:01pm After seeing @joshu's recommendations on @kevin2kelly's CoolTools, I instinctively saved the ones I loved in @Pinboard. Then realized I woul… twitter
11:05am Radiolab: Insomnia Line overcast
10:57am Political Gabfest: Not Even Cold in The Ground overcast
10:32am The Daily: The Field: Policing and Power in Minneapolis overcast
September 24th
2:16pm RT @SenWarren: Oh please. Stop the sob story, Dr. Slaoui. This isn't about you – it's about the American people. If your $10 million (or mor… twitter
1:32pm RT @JYSexton: In a sane, functioning society an authoritarian criminal president admitting he’ll refuse to abdicate power on live television… twitter
9:53am Fresh Air: How Donald Trump Turned The Presidency Into A Business overcast
8:58am Every Little Thing: Is Your Pet a Righty or a Lefty? overcast
8:58am The Daily: On the Ground in Louisville overcast
8:06am RT @stealthygeek: "Get rid of votes there won't be a transfer, frankly." If you're not on the record, today, demanding Trump resign immedia… twitter
8:03am RT @stealthygeek: "He can't be racist because he's also a misogynist" isn't the brilliant defense these people think it is. twitter
September 23rd
9:21pm RT @brianschatz: People who are very chill about the President not committing to the peaceful transfer of power unless they “get rid of the … twitter
9:13pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 789: TikTok Dough - Trump OKs TikTok, Apple Watch and iPad Air, Oculus Quest 2 overcast
7:34pm Planet Money: REDMAP (Update) overcast
4:40pm RT @segalmr: If you say people can't vote until their debts are paid and then object to their debts being paid, you confirm that your true p… twitter
8:13am The Daily: A Historic Opening for Anti-Abortion Activists overcast
September 22nd
7:35pm Every Little Thing: Is Your Pet a Righty or a Lefty? overcast
7:35pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 789: TikTok Dough - Trump OKs TikTok, Apple Watch and iPad Air, Oculus Quest 2 overcast
7:35pm 99% Invisible: 414- The Address Book overcast
5:37pm Hiromi Cota, you must've seen this, but I can't help myself but share again. facebook
2:14pm RT @AOC: Congressional GOP have made one thing extremely clear: To them, there are no rules. There are no principles. There is only power. … twitter
1:59pm RT @AmandaMarcotte: Wow, the graph in this article showing how dramatically DeJoy slowed down the mail is one everyone should see. My swing … twitter
12:06pm The Bosom Buddies clip is legit: That's a remake Paul did with Adam Scott. So we're all good here. twitter
11:58am RT @Snowden: The government may steal a dollar, but it cannot erase the idea that earned it. I wrote this book, Permanent Record, for you, a… twitter
8:35am The Daily: Swing Voters and the Supreme Court Vacancy overcast
7:53am RT @Snowden: CNN badly misreported this. A) This is not a settlement; I didn't agree to it. B) The judgement from this censorship case is … twitter
September 21st
10:29pm RT @supership79: We lost Ron Cobb, best known as a designer of spaceships and interiors for movies like Alien. But he also did some pretty… twitter
3:49pm RT @yacitus: “…it is wounding to watch a public servant reduce those who take him at his word to fools. …it is simply true that this nation’… twitter
11:24am The Daily: Part 2: The Battle Over Her Seat overcast
September 20th
7:16pm RT @radleybalko: White leader of a powerful country tells a nearly all-white crowd that he and they are genetically superior to other people… twitter
7:14pm RT @mehdirhasan: Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is planning to declare victory on election night, regardless of uncounted votes. He is plannin… twitter
September 19th
10:01pm @thatkidwho @KaraMorehart Expected result: Doesn't matter what the popular vote is. The electoral college vote will be close, Trump won't le… twitter
9:57pm @thatkidwho @KaraMorehart I expect a hard right-wing nominee from his Heritage Foundation acceptable picks list. The gross hypocrisy of the … twitter
7:38pm Fresh Air: ‘Watchmen’ Writer Cord Jefferson overcast
7:33pm Fresh Air: The Strange Origin Story Of Data Science & Elections overcast
7:13pm Radiolab: Falling overcast
5:06pm RT @KaraMorehart: Maybe a system in which millions of people are terrified of what the future holds because one justice died is a bad system twitter
2:36pm Political Gabfest: Special: SCOTUS After Ruth Bader Ginsburg overcast
1:52pm I'm signer number 111,896. twitter
1:41pm RT @brianschatz: Give here. Don’t pick your favorite candidate or the one you’ve heard of. Give here. I repeat, this money goes directly to … twitter
11:56am Reply All: #166 Country of Liars overcast
September 18th
10:18pm Texas just passed Florida it total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 *and* they just passed New York in confirmed cases per capita. facebook
7:49pm Planet Money: Apple v Everybody overcast
7:29pm The Daily: Special Episode: ‘An Obituary for the Land’ overcast
7:29pm Political Gabfest: Giant Fires Everywhere overcast
5:19pm No. No. No. twitter
1:34pm RT @NickLutsko: Please help me make some @SpiritHalloween money twitter
10:27am RT @SenWarren: Ranked-choice voting can ensure that winning candidates have the broadest appeal to the majority of voters. Read my new @Glob… twitter
10:22am I just really really love this. twitter
9:10am The Daily: A Messy Return to School in New York overcast
8:38am Such great copy and marketing. "If your junk smells so awful that you're bad at hide and seek..." facebook
8:15am Radiolab: Falling overcast
September 17th
7:23pm The Scathing Atheist: 396: Fearless Edition overcast
2:19pm RT @jameshohmann: How many lives might have been saved if the White House hadn’t blocked this plan? 😷 🦠 🤦🏼‍♂️ twitter
9:09am Planet Money: After The Plague overcast
8:58am The Daily: The Forgotten Refugee Crisis in Europe overcast
8:26am RT @CREWcrew: Article I of the U.S. Constitution vests the House of Representatives with the power to impeach a federal official for “Treaso… twitter
8:21am Why is anybody surprised that the President suggested not counting the blue states? This was the federal government's original COVID-19 resp… twitter
September 16th
9:26pm @thatkidwho Nice. I was going with demons clawing their way up out of hell now that the U.S. is more suitable for them. But space lasers is … twitter
9:17pm Here's a great presentation of what started the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, CA. Click through! facebook
7:59pm Click through for a great presentation of what started the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, CA. twitter
7:51pm RT @RepDonBeyer: This is quite simply one of the most appalling and inhuman statements ever uttered by an American President. twitter
7:27pm @thatkidwho No, I don't use 16:9 monitors. I use 5:8 monitors (1200:1920) which is a little less appropriate for stacking. That little addit… twitter
10:55am RT @nxthompson: Why has the editor of Science turned so harshly on Trump? Well ... twitter
10:53am RT @CNN: “This was just a firehose of lying.” CNN’s Daniel Dale fact checks President Trump's comments during a town hall event, where he w… twitter
9:25am The Daily: Quarantine on a College Campus overcast
September 15th
7:47pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 788: Seems Like a Nice Young Man - Microsoft Won’t Buy TikTok, Nvidia buys ARM, Surface Duo Review overcast
7:47pm 99% Invisible: 413- Highways 101 overcast
1:36pm Scientific American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in their 175-year history—until now. facebook
9:47am The Daily: A Deadly Tinderbox overcast
8:37am RT @brhodes: Reminder that the Republican Party is the only major political party anywhere in the world that denies the reality of climate c… twitter
September 14th
7:53pm This American Life: 717: Audience of One overcast
4:22pm RT @jbouie: all of this is just wildly, blatantly corrupt. twitter
1:58pm OMG. How do you not love her enthusiasm? This is so great. Apparently Mr. Grohl writes a new song just for her too. (I haven't made it that far in the thread... facebook
1:55pm RT @Nandi_Bushell: My dream is to one day jam with Dave Grohl, @taylorhawkins and all the @foofighters! Mr Grohl I would love to have a drum… twitter
11:25am @jontyk669 @ruco_mon @ggreenwald Snowden commited the crime. Problem is he can't get a fair trial in the US because its Espionage Act preven… twitter
11:18am RT @ruco_mon: I've totally changed my stance and now think Snowden AND Assange should be completely pardoned. twitter
10:21am RT @ErinEARoss: This is a good question with a longish answer. But the short answer is no. The long answer (thread) Forest management pract… twitter
10:11am @reb_day @zannah @Irvine_TE So many gems. Got a feeling @zannah might've liked: love is like a gun with bullets, probably idk. twitter
10:07am RT @reb_day: Oh MY GOD My housemate has just revealed to me that for the past MONTH he’s been taking notes of all the things I say to mysel… twitter
9:03am The Daily: Inside Trump’s Immigration Crackdown overcast
8:16am There was always Depeche Mode in the soul of Blinding Lights. facebook
September 13th
1:13pm Fresh Air: Novelist Yaa Gyasi overcast
11:23am @neonepiphany After all these smokey days down here in California, my face-mask tan line is finally fading away. twitter
11:17am RT @michelleinbklyn: Trump's encouragement of extrajudicial killing comes after a whistleblower described DHS demands to "modify intelligenc… twitter
10:51am "You're what we call a 'hot mess'.""Really...? ❤️""It doesn't mean you're super sexy." facebook
6:29am 3OH!3 - Double Vision last_fm
6:22am Nirvana - Lithium last_fm
6:16am ayumi hamasaki - Blue Bird last_fm
6:14am Satoru Kousaki (MONACA) - "Senjougahara, Tore" last_fm
6:13am Phillipa Soo, Lin-Manuel Miranda - Best of Wives and Best of Women last_fm
September 12th
5:40pm Fresh Air: ‘Devil All The Time’ Novelist / ‘PEN15’ Creators Return To Middle School overcast
5:40pm The Scathing Atheist: 395: Laborious Edition overcast
5:18pm RT @SketchesbyBoze: my girlfriend regularly tells me “if free public libraries didn’t already exist and someone tried to invent them, they w… twitter
4:57pm "Sir, the IT person is here." So begins the free* short story from Andy Weir (The Martian), "Rand0m1ze".I'd just finished Blake Crouch's "Recursion" (which... facebook
2:53pm Political Gabfest: Rage overcast
2:36pm Planet Money: Waste Land overcast
9:18am Wow, booking climbing at Planet Granite is like getting tickets to a concert. Filling up fast. twitter
September 11th
10:52pm "Either you insisted that any questions about lab involvement were absurd, or you were a tool of the Trump administration and its desperation to blame China ... facebook
3:32pm Seems really honest and appropriate to me. twitter
9:18am The Daily: A Self-Perpetuating Cycle of Wildfires overcast
8:20am "Hey, God. What's up?" (Click through.) facebook
8:19am RT @sheridannjeann: i’ve been watching this all day and it still makes me laugh twitter
12:21am The Scathing Atheist: 395: Laborious Edition overcast
September 10th
9:49pm @feedly A recent update broke the shift+a keyboard shortcut to "mark all as read and refresh feed" on the All Feeds screen, it no longer upd… twitter
5:46pm RT @rondoftw: One I'm quite proud of creating is The Great Eventually Consistent Mandatory Funtime [Team] Offsite (TGECMFRO). I based the id… twitter
10:21am Fresh Air: Novelist Yaa Gyasi overcast
10:10am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: Into the Zone overcast
9:31am The Daily: The Killing of Breonna Taylor, Part 2 overcast
September 9th
11:39pm RT @itsJeffTiedrich: America 2020, where the president's racism gets pushed out of the news by the president's disrespect for the troops, wh… twitter
10:28pm RT @doctorow: I have a favor to ask of you. I don't often ask readers for stuff, but this is maybe the most important ask of my career. It's… twitter
7:37pm Fresh Air: Novelist Yaa Gyasi overcast
7:37pm Every Little Thing: Frozen Food: How Long Is Too Long? overcast
7:20pm Planet Money: We Buy A Junk Bond overcast
1:54pm Minimalist long exposure photos of Japanese Torii Shrine Gates. facebook
1:32pm @neonepiphany This has nothing to do with the cyber attack last week. twitter
10:58am RT @DrIbram: "There has never been an anti-racist majority in American history; there may be one today," writes the great @AdamSerwer urging… twitter
9:58am Good morning! The sky is dark, there's a fresh dusting of snow on the ground and... oh wait. That's ash from the fire apocalypse. We're in C… twitter
9:22am 99% Invisible: 412- Where Do We Go From Here? overcast
9:14am The Daily: The Killing of Breonna Taylor, Part 1 overcast
September 8th
9:33pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 787: Dreamliner - TikTok Sale, Trump YouTube Ads, Apple Announcement overcast
10:00am The Daily: What Happened to Daniel Prude? overcast
9:26am Why the Fires Feel More Unsettling This Time facebook
September 7th
6:38pm Walked to the end of the Point San Pedro trail. That’s my shadow pointing the way in the second photo. facebook
10:13am Soul Grind (a coffee shop) in Pacifica foursquare
9:25am Pedro Summit (Pedro Point Overlook) (a scenic lookout) in Pacifica foursquare
8:49am This American Life: 716: Trail of Tears overcast
September 6th
9:13pm RT @sophigarrett: Oh, so THAT'S how you describe this feeling. twitter
4:59pm Fresh Air: Best Of: Cherry Jones / The Early Years Of The CIA overcast
1:48pm Trump's promising to defund public education if it includes education about the legacy of slavery.I listened to the 1619 Project podcasts, and they were ed... facebook
1:45pm OMFG. I listened to the 1619 Project podcasts, and they were educational, powerful, relevant and important. The project is absolutely fair g… twitter
11:45am @WorkFlowy , you've made great engineering and UX decisions. Love the improving link support and fractal boards. The huge refactor (a year? … twitter
10:28am Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) - ambivalent world last_fm
10:22am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
10:18am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
September 5th
10:26pm RT @brianbeutler: The government is aware white supremacy, not Antifa, is the biggest political violence threat, and Russia, not China, is i… twitter
10:05pm You guys! There's a new Charlie Kaufman movie on Netflix! ... And there never was a Genius Edition of Trivial Pursuit. facebook
11:51am Fresh Air: The Struggle To Protect Trump From Himself overcast
11:00am Fresh Air: CNN’s Brian Stelter On The ‘Foxification’ Of America overcast
12:03am "He’s so deeply stupid, and it’s embarrassing to be part of a country so easily conned by someone this stupid." facebook
September 4th
11:43pm RT @Captsully: 8/9 He cannot understand selflessness because he is selfish. He cannot conceive of courage because he is a coward. He cannot … twitter
11:40pm "He’s so deeply stupid, and it’s embarrassing to be part of a country so easily conned by someone this stupid." ⇧⇧⇧ This. twitter
11:34pm RT @joecarryon: Wow. I’m speechless... twitter
7:52pm Planet Money: The Murderer, The Boy King, And The Invention Of Modern Finance overcast
7:52pm Radiolab: Fungus Amungus overcast
4:35pm @zannah Sometimes the fun is imagining a context where the quote makes sense. But this time, I keep ending up with wtfs. twitter
11:23am RT @Snowden: Going as far back as the 1970s, the federal government has prohibited fair trials for any journalist's source charged under the… twitter
11:11am Even after decades of coding experience: Another new feature rests on me, so obviously time for procrastination and anxiety pooping. How do … twitter
11:08am RT @sezmohammed: I actually cannot believe this origin story for "Stockholm Syndrome" which is basically just a "myth invented to discredit … twitter
10:27am Political Gabfest: Who Should Get the Vaccine? overcast
9:52am The Daily: Bringing the Theater Back to Life overcast
8:46am @KurtKohlstedt You might like this False Knees comic. twitter
8:34am RT @joncoopertweets: There should be NO presidential debates without live fact checking. Pass it on. twitter
September 3rd
7:26pm The Scathing Atheist: 394: Co-morbid Edition overcast
1:55pm RT @TwoPaddocks: This is indeed so. And I wouldn't do it any differently today . twitter
11:43am RT @ggreenwald: We only know about this illegal, domestic spy program because — after James Clapper criminally denied to Congress it existed… twitter
11:42am RT @BernieSanders: For years, Donald Trump has lied about "voter fraud." Now he proceeds to tell the people of North Carolina to commit a fe… twitter
11:39am RT @ianbassin: The President is not trying to win re-election, he is trying to stay in power. There is a huge difference between the two. twitter
10:51am RT @ElieNYC: We're now at the point where @realDonaldTrump is telling his fans to commit voter fraud to prove that there is voter fraud so h… twitter
9:49am Fresh Air: CNN’s Brian Stelter On The ‘Foxification’ Of America overcast
9:49am Reply All: #115 The Bitcoin Hunter overcast
9:27am The Daily: Jimmy Lai vs. China overcast
September 2nd
9:23pm RT @briantylercohen: Just watch Bill Barr - the top law enforcement official in the United States - pretend that he’s not sure if it’s illeg… twitter
8:03pm Every Little Thing: Cards: Solving a Shuffle Kerfuffle overcast
7:53pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 786: The Chickenization of America - Remembering Chadwick Boseman, TikTok Drama, Neuralink’s Pig Trepanation overcast
7:29pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL: Graduation! overcast
4:36pm RT @drvox: This is just as good as everyone says it is. twitter
3:11pm RT @Schwartzesque: Looking closely at today's ruling, it seems that the correct number of US terrorism cases stopped by the Section 215 prog… twitter
3:08pm RT @Snowden: Seven years ago, as the news declared I was being charged as a criminal for speaking the truth, I never imagined that I would l… twitter
2:57pm Scenes From China’s Guizhou Province. Click through for a little desktop vacation. facebook
2:08pm The Daily: A High-Stakes Standoff in Belarus overcast
September 1st
9:38pm RT @AstroKatie: This photo is a beautifully self-contained cautionary tale twitter
7:23pm 99% Invisible: 411- Podcast Episode overcast
7:10pm The Daily: Joe Biden’s Rebuttal overcast
11:09am RT @amywebb: This is what you call a STRONG F*CKING SIGNAL. Our failure to stick with a coordinated, long-term plan for our planet is inexcu… twitter
10:42am RT @EricBoehlert: yes I’m going to keep saying it—100+ newspapers demanded Bill Clinton resign bc he was not “fit for office” same newspape… twitter
August 31st
9:26am This American Life: 715: Long-Awaited Asteroid Finally Hits Earth overcast
9:25am The Daily: ‘Who Replaces Me?’ overcast
August 30th
7:21pm The Scathing Atheist: 393: Watching from the Corner Edition overcast
6:44pm Radiolab: Translation overcast
4:19pm RT @JYSexton: The Right benefits from violence, division, and chaos. The media runs on spectacle and anxiety. The wealthy profit off an ec… twitter
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