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ATTN: metroid23: Today's Ohrwurm is Chocolate Disco

I knew time and tide would bring things around.  My favorite J-Pop review site began expanding coverage to include more Hello! Project type songs.  Lex just covered Perfume's Chocolate Disco:
"Even though the chorus is really repetitive and the girls just say 'chocolate disco' (it's more like CHOKOREITO DEISUKO) over and over, it's what makes the song so catchy."
Oh, just go listen at YouTube.  If it doesn't get stuck in your head, you're a better person than I.
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 metroid23 on Apr 30th 2008 at 12:14 AM
Haha, nice! I actually downloaded a torrent of their (current?) singles in H.264 and this was in there which I hadn't heard before... I've had it playing all day in the background... hard to get it stuck in your head when it's on repeat ;D