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Book list

I've got this inexplicable desire to document some of the books that left an impression on me. I'll be returning to this entry as other books and better explanations come to mind. All of these books have infiltrated pop culture at some time, so you'll all be nonplussed.

Pool Light, by Howard Schatz.
All the photos are quite graceful and inspiring. When my sister-in-law saw the book, she had to borrow it as inspiration for her own paintings.

I Feel Sick, by Jhonen Vasquez.
I never got into Jhonen's other works, Johnny or Invader. But I Feel Sick was just the right thing for me.

Expedition, by Wayne Douglas Barlowe
This book contains illustrations that might not be photo-realistic, but still have an element of believability to them.

The Hellboy TPBs illustrated by Mike Mignola.
There's something about Mike's artwork. His lines are simple and crisp. The artwork is not overproduced, and somehow it's very affecting.

The Sin City TPBs, by Frank Miller
More bold, simple lines, and great use of negative space. (Did I use that the right way?) The same can be said of the original TPB, The Dark Knight Returns.

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