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Can fishnet stockings make me watch TV?

So I check the Tivo today, and there's no Bleach waiting for me.  WTF?  I head over to Adult Swim to see what's up.

So, it was BK Have It Your Way night, and I didn't even know.  Aw, drat.

But what's this?  Death Note is starting in a couple of weeks.  I don't know a damn thing about Death Note, except: fishnet stockings.  Am I that shallow, to try a new show based on only that?  You'll never know.  Especially if it sucks.


 halophoenix on Oct 1st 2007 at 6:47 AM
DEATHNOTE. Oh wow. That's either going to be incredibly fabulous, or the dubbing will ruin it horribly. Either way, I don't think it's possible for the anime to suck, if they stick at all to the manga. ^^ I'm a huge fan...and the fishnets don't come in until more than a ways into the series.

 dblume on Oct 2nd 2007 at 6:36 PM
Every chance I get, I watch with the Japanese audio track. It was Adult Swim's Fullmetal Alchemist that showed me the very first excellent English dubbing I've ever heard. I'm more open now. If the dubbing isn't good, I'll simply rent the DVDs and watch in Japanese.

 pastilla on Oct 1st 2007 at 4:08 PM
Trippy: They're reptilenet stockings, man.

 dblume on Oct 2nd 2007 at 6:37 PM
Trippy, it matters not. I am compelled. (Not that I'd ever admit it.)