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ComicCon: I know who'd love this...

I've never met you two in real life, but somehow:

I'll be thinking of you, , as I miss Scott, Ivy, Sky and Winter McCloud recap their USA tour.

And I'll be thinking of you, Dan, as I miss Kevin Smith and the Robot Chicken staff.  Erm, not together, of course.

Weird, but true.  The thought "I know who'd love this.  Shame..." will pass through my mind as I skip my way to the Slave Labor Graphics booth...

Note to : Maybe check out the Serenity Rose TPB.    Aaron A. will be Saturday, too.  Safe trip, you!


 davidd on Jul 25th 2007 at 8:19 PM
I would so love to be there! You'll be there, and Zannah, and Pikachumustdie, and... and... and I have to go back to work starting Thursday! I'll have to live the experience vicariously... this time! I hope you'll get a picture with Neil Gaiman! Have a great time, and throw in a couple of low-key fanboy squeeels for me!