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Damn you, David Mack

Damn you, David Mack. I don't like Kabuki (nor DareDevil), it's not my cup of tea. But your art is so genuine, so breath-takingly beautiful, but I can't help but be drawn in, and to buy your stuff. Your art is so good, it's almost more intimidating than inspiring. In my mind, I fashion you a villain.

And aside: I'm very much enjoying FELL.

Play Magazine's superlative rave review of Deus Vitae was way off. That manga has no appeal. I'm disappointed I ignored my instinct and followed the recommendation. Waste of my time.

 neonepiphany's recommendation of Kare Kano, on the other hand, was on the mark, despite my original ambivalence of the title. It's a charming manga.

This'll teach me to better consider the source of the recommendation.
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