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Do you validate?

So I log in at midnight last night to read email and surf a little. I accidentally surf to the XHTML Validator. I know WordPress validates, and that my site doesn't. And it doesn't bother me, since it looks good on every browser I've tested.

So then why did I spend the next three hours making my site validate without changing the look of the site? I don't even want their smarmy "this site is valid" button.
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 halophoenix on Jan 5th 2006 at 11:24 AM
::laugh:: I have to admit, Wordpress is only XHTML valid if you use the default theme, and even then I don't know. >< I generally give myself the multi-browser test and call it a day; even on some of my older hand-written HTML pages that aren't at all valid anymore, but look fine all the same. (I know, bad me!)