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Forget the hearse because I'll never die

This morning, my wife woke up singing "Bless, Lord, the Labor" to the tune of "Morning Has Broken."  It's an uplifting little tune with a message rewarding good, honest work.  It promised to be a song that'd carry me through the day.

Naturally, I threw up the horns, started in on my best Angus Young impression, and launched into Back in Black.

And you know what?

I won.  Later that morning, before I left for work, I caught her absent-mindedly singing Back in Black.

I do love that woman.
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 tpederson on May 8th 2008 at 4:11 PM
My 4 year old's new schtick at meals is, "I think I ate a bean! I'm full!" Lately I've been going around with Rage Against the Machine's "Wake Up", the ending, replaced with "I think I ate a Bean!" coming in on the upbeat of 3, then the 4 measures of guitar, repeat, then the very end, "I'm full, because what you reap is what you sow"

 dblume on May 8th 2008 at 6:50 PM
Hee hee. It's funny how we can do that to songs.