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Gatchaman + Casshern = Karas

I was raised on G-Force and Battle of the Planets.  (Never understood 7-Zark-7, and always resented his presence.)  I've since followed Yoshitaka Amano's work (and was pleasantly surprised by his collaboration with Neil Gaiman), while my son watches sentai shows like variants of the Power Rangers.

Anywho, if you liked the Casshern movie and you liked Gatchaman, I'd recommend Karas.  It doesn't have the soul of the original Gatchaman, but it's the most beautiful sentai-ish movie I've seen, by far.  (Beauty without the soul usually puts me to sleep, but the invigorating action in Kara kept me interested.)
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 halophoenix on Sep 25th 2006 at 5:27 AM
So it's finally out?! Excellent! I remember the first DVD was released a while ago, but the second was nowhere to be seen. I saw a couple of trailers and previews on a demo disc a while ago and immediately salivated over it, but didn't want to ancticipate too much since the release schedule wasn't finalized. I've always been a Gatchaman fan, and while I still haven't seen Casshern, I loved the multi-part anime that was released a few years back (in the states, it was "Casshan: Robot Hunter," which was a horrible translation but visually fun) so I might have to pick this up.

 dblume on Sep 25th 2006 at 7:29 AM
I remember liking a few scenes in Casshern very much, but otherwise, it sort of seemed too digital-effects heavy. And I was only talking about the first Karas movie DVD. ^_^;

 tpederson on Sep 26th 2006 at 12:53 AM
What about that little Kyop feller? Did they ever explain his speech impediment? I did watch G-Force some, but I forgot what his usefulness was as well.

 dblume on Sep 26th 2006 at 1:03 AM
It might please you to know that the little feller swore like a sailor, and always had a bad joke on hand. There was also blood and violence in the original animation. That's why they added 7-Zark-7, to fill in for the violent scenes cut. They couldn't cut much of Keyop, though. So when he was swearing and the spittle went flying, the American Keyop was stuttering instead.