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I don't want to vote for Obama (for the wrong reasons)

I'm voting.

I know that I have an emotional response to our current president, and I don't want to vote against the Republican party just because I've been disappointed in Bush.  There are some issues on which I strongly agree with the Republican party.  But just some.

I don't want to vote for Obama just because I need change.  That'd be an emotional response.

I fired up glass booth.  I don't put much stock in online quizes.  And I won't base my decision on what glass booth tells me.

Their quiz is refreshingly simple.  Narrow the issues down to the ones I care about the most, and then see which candidates agree with me the most on those few high-priority issues.

I still have more research to do.  But I'll take a little comfort in the fact that this quiz (among others) jibes with my inclination.
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 davidd on Oct 28th 2008 at 8:29 AM
"... jibes with my inclination." To my surprise, my quiz results also jibed with my inclination, even a few percentage points more that did yours: I had already mailed in my absentee ballot before taking this quiz. Like you, (Trippy and) I shall take some comfort in knowing that I (we) voted based on principles and beliefs, as opposed to responding with a reactionary "vote for change."