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Links to BitTorrent on the DVD

I may have to buy Haruhi Suzumiya DVDs on principle.

Instead of discouraging theft by forcing me to watch lame "you wouldn't steal a car would you?  Then don't steal this video" clips, they added extras to the DVD.  the ASOS Brigade extras, starring Patricia Ja Lee as a live action Haruhi.

Anyway, they link to some bittorrent files from the DVD.

They're very concerned with their fans watching only fansubs on YouTube and by way of torrents.  So they're making additional material to add to the DVDs, and they're distributing the additional material on torrents too.

Awesome.  They're not punishing honest DVD buyers with video that chastises them.  They're rewarding their fans with extra content, and distributing it as broadly as they can.

I hope it works.

I hate watching DVDs that tell me not to be bad.  I love watching DVDs that reward me.
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 sjonsvenson on Sep 10th 2007 at 7:52 PM
Just a simple quick notice "please reward us" should be enough. I always buy music when I really like it, even though I hate to sponsor the big labes.