Backup of David's Livejournal

lj favicons

With the latest livejournal concession to a potential Firefox exploit, not only do paid users lose the distinction of having livejournal subdomains, but we lose the livejournal favicon we had when our journals were merely subdirectories.

And you all know how I feel about favicons, don't you? I won't have it! Custom favicons are exactly the cool feature that paid users should have to distinguish themselves from the freeloading masses. Allow me to make a little trip to LiveJournal headquarters, now that they've moved into the neighborhood.

And say hello to my new little userpic, Batou. I'm a cross between Batou (aged, hardened exterior) and Togusa (working family man), and I don't have as much hair as either. But, Batou is pretty close. So there's my new icon for geeky posts. Assuming I ever remember to change it from the default.
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