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More JPop OP/EDs (Bonnie Pink, Sowelu, Amuro, etc.)

I must be in a wistful mood. Some of the songs making it into my frequently played lists are various openings and endings to dorama and anime. I've long acknowledged how effective the associate between a much-loved show and a much-loved song can be. Here's what I've been listening to...

Sowelu - Mamoru Beki Mono | View More Free Videos Online at

I simply love this video for Sowelu's Mamoru Beki Mono. She's never been more beautiful, too. Please don't ever tell me that it's a song in the 9th Pokemon movie. I don't want to know.

Water Me, by Bonnie Pink puts me into a mood to head over to CrunchyRoll and dive into some dorama. It's the theme song to TV series "Watashitachi no Kyokasho."

Planetarium, by Ai Otsuka, was the image song for Hana yori Dango.

Can You Celebrate, by Namie Amuro. It's the opening for Virgin Road. The above clip isn't for the whole song. My favorite clip of her performing this song doesn't have embedding allowed. It's a clip of a younger Namie, with shorter hair, some baby fat, and she cries (adorably) during the performance. You'd have to go to youtube to watch it. It's worth it.

And for search engines and those who can't be bothered to dive into the cut, that was Sowelu's Mamoru Beki Mono, Bonnie Pink's Water Me, Ai Otsuka's Planetarium, and Namie Amuro's Can You Celebrate.

I think I just lost all my manly-man cred. Did I ever have any?
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 davidd on May 22nd 2009 at 7:45 AM
Dude. You climb rocks. There's your manly-man cred. Although now that I think about it -- most of the rock climbing photos in the glossy magazines feature young, hot, hard-bodied chicks in clingy tank tops and short shorts glistening moistly as they rappel down thousand-foot sheer faces. That kind of undermines the guy cred, right there. Maybe you should get a motorcycle and start smoking Camel straights. Maybe I will, too.