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The right way to do the wrong thing

I've been trying to think of a movie I hated, just to give it a low rating at NetFlix. I thought of one, and it made me have an interesting realization.

Consider these three successful* movies, about people making bad decisions. Each movie is a tragedy that you watch unravel because the characters just keep messing up.

Very Bad Things Loved it. One of my all time favorites. I couldn't wait to see how much more things could go wrongly.

Do the Right Thing Thought it was good. Maybe a little overhyped. Very successful at making me examine the central issue of the movie.

House of Sand and Fog Passionately hated it. Some of the best actors in the world, and that's probably got something to do with why I hated those f*cking self-defeatist losers. Jeezus, just thinking about this movie makes me want to shake some sense into those dumbass characters.

Y'know, my loathing of House of Sand and Fogs speaks directly for my affection for Monster's Ball.

This journal entry sort of reminds me of the last one about the treatment of memory in movies.

*I think they're successful from the perspective of the director's vision. I get the movies, and am moved in the direction that the director chooses.
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