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Stick a pin in it.

How are you doing?  How are you feeling?  For good or for ill, stick a pin in it, and remember it.  There's much to appreciate where we are, right now, and it's good to have that ready to recall, when we want to later.

I just got my follow up results from another blood test, and I cannot shake my damned collision course with stroke and heart disease.

You get old enough, you see things happen to your loved ones.  I've seen the effects of Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer and sudden death.  Between my own two parents, we're dealing with massive stroke and open heart surgery due to heart disease.  I'm all for beating the disease and getting better, but some things are simply degenerative and terminal.

Know thyself.  Be aware of how you are, regardless of how you feel.  (I feel awesome, by the way.  Nothing's holding me back from walks, skating, rock climbing, and playing with the wife and kids.  I love my life.)  It's just this fucking LDL cholesterol.

Find out how you are.  Make sure your loved one know how you feel, or that they can find out quickly.  (You love them.  You have a donor spot on your driver's license.  You have advance directives.  You're fighting the thing most likely to take you away from them.)


 forestdweller on Sep 13th 2006 at 9:59 PM
Thank you for this. I'm glad you Are. Yep, some things are just genetic. My family has a tendancy towards Diabetes and hypoglycemia. I've seen symptoms so though my blood sugar checks have all come up normal, I've pretty much decided to give up on refined sugar, excepting rare occasion. But I know that even this might not prevent me from someday developing diabetes. Cherish the moment, ya know?

 dblume on Sep 13th 2006 at 10:15 PM
Yeah, I know. You're very sweet, thanks. I try not to do incoherent emo rants online, but this one just got out. ^_^ I'm going to have to step up my response to this condition, and knowing you and your dietary choices helps me to stay true, too.