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Stopped by the Highway Patrol

I got stopped by the California Highway Patrol yesterday, while I was driving the family home from San Francisco. I was in the leftmost lane, going slightly faster than the others, but with the flow of traffic, if you ask me.

When I saw the CHiP in the rear view mirror, I moved to the right one lane to let her (it turned out to be a female officer) pass me, and catch the real speeders.

But she pulled into my lane, and turned on her flashing lights. I pulled over. (And almost side-swiped someone who was in my blind spot. Whoops! I was so nervous.)

She asked me, "Any reason you were going so fast?"

I didn't tell her, "I want my kids to get home in time to watch the new Avatar movie." I just eloquently said, "Umm, no?"

She took my license, registration and insurance back to her vehicle for a minute, then returned saying she'd let me off with a warning.

Today's post secret, contains an interesting postcard, the third one down.

"As a police officer, I decide if I'll give you a ticket based whether or not you have a donor sticker."

I have a donor sticker on my license. I wonder if I got one of that officer's colleagues?
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 pastilla on Jul 21st 2008 at 3:12 AM
Whoa. Close call. Good deal that you got no ticket. In your part of California it may very well be organ donation that garners mercy. Here you need a big 'ol star sticker, obtained yearly by making a $ donation to the local sheriff.

 sjonsvenson on Jul 21st 2008 at 8:07 PM
Around here they don't stop you for speeding. Well, not unless you do more that 3 times the limit or drive dangerous (like swerving and right-passing and such, at speed). They do use un-manned cameras fro speed-catching in stead, with tickets processed automatically. Donatioins and other forms of regulated corruption don't work.

 dblume on Jul 21st 2008 at 8:19 PM
That sounds fair and efficient, but no fun. I like the wiggle-room a human can provide. None of this Zero Tolerance business. Reminds me of what George Carlin used to say about that.