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Sum 41? Pfft! All by myself.

Back in the day, the story was that the group's name was the ages of all the members.  Sum 41.  Bunch of losers.  I've been secretly in training, and now I can do that all by myself.

What's the word of the day today?  Bibulous.

Which also reminds me of my birthday!  Why haven't I been blogging?

Blame it on Walking with the Dinosaurs.  (Rawr!!  Having a five year old boy is the best!)  Van Gogh Double Espresso Double Caffeine Coffee Infused Vodka.  (Ice cold!  Seriously yummy.)  Surfing the web.  (Reading your posts!)  Much Guitar Hero.  Climbing at Planet Granite.

I've also had a web service magically fixed for me!  (My report of the problem, with an interim fix in the replies.)  Weeks later, on my birthday, Ozgur Huseyinoglu replied in private email with a full fix!  W00T!  It'll probably be committed to the repository soon.

What have I been reading?  I'm all about (typically Greek) god antics:  Anansi Boys. Gods Behaving Badly.  Now, Good Omens is in the queue.

What have I been watching?  Well, I knew I'm all about Focus.  Just saw Eastern Promises.  Seriously, I'll watch a film simply if Focus is associated with it.  Surprisingly, Viz, (whose comics I used to read) is finding its way into my home again.  I'm watching Taste of Tea after having enjoyed Linda Linda Linda.  (And for my birthday, my wife got me Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's Der Mond.)  Surprise, Viz released that book too!
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 pastilla on Dec 30th 2007 at 2:31 AM
The purple rotating cake is yours for the asking. As always, a rich and interesting post full of new things to explore. Thank you :) (I think I shall only admire the Van Gogh Double Espresso Double Caffeine Coffee Infused Vodka from afar, however. I am afraid of drinks that stimulate and depress simultaneously.

 dblume on Dec 30th 2007 at 5:14 AM
The purple rotating cake! My birthday is complete. I've always been an Irish Coffee man, but the Van Gogh is pretty good. I can't fault you for staying away, though.

 davidd on Dec 30th 2007 at 6:24 AM
"Bibulous". Most excellent word, that. I shall have to cross-post a little essay at my own LJ in keeping with the word of the day. Thanx in part to your suggestion, I have managed to eradicate the duplicate files cluttering up my attempt at a web site. Thank you. Sum 41, eh? Is this in any way linked to Guitar Hero and Planet Granite? Is there a roadster in your near-term future? Walking with Dinosaurs -- isn't coming here, of course. It rocks, nonetheless. As does the recent announcement concerning a "mummified" hadrosaur. (The last line of the story was written just for you; bah, them young whippersnappers!) [You put that Gaiman reference in there just to taunt me, didn't you? Do you agree, the book is just kind of meh, whatevers?] Taste of Tea sounds like exactly my kind of film. Must track it down. Your spouse understands, or at least tolerates, and even indulges your fetishes interests. Lucky.

 dblume on Dec 30th 2007 at 8:46 AM
No Sum 41 in Guitar Hero. Just old white-boy music, so it's perfectly suited to me. I was in the mood for Anansi Boys. Just as I'm in the mood for Gods Behaving Badly, another apparently meh book. I presume I'll enjoy it nonetheless. "Tolerates" is the word to describe my wife's behavior towards my interests. ^_^;