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That's... That's Sukeban Deka!

Dredging for a silly B-movie, I came across Yoyo Girl Cop.  Something about it rang familiar, but I couldn't place it.  The title and artwork were so cheesey, I knew I had to watch it.

I was even mentally preparing for an LJ entry titled something like, "How bad does a movie have to be before I won't watch it?"  The punch line would be, "Evidently worse than Yoyo Girl Cop!"

The DVD cover only has the English title.  The movie, though, displayed the original Japanese title, and I could read the kana (not quickly, but I could).

"Sukeban deka."

That was so familiar.  Wait.  This isn't a one-shot cheesey movie!  This was the latest installment in a franchise with a long pedigree!

How could I not have known?  Reminds me of the time that  had to tell me why Haibane Renmei reminds me of Hardboiled Wonderland.

I can be so forgetful, or just plain obtuse.
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