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Time for Spring Cleaning

It's time to clean up some of the automated processes at my website. I've got processes that generate Zeitgeist and referrer pages. These processes use lists (which are themselves automatically updated with "suspected new" entries) of known-good-search-engines and known-referrer-spam sites. But, eventually, I have to go in and check that the lists are what they should be.

So, here are the tasks for Spring Cleaning this year:

  1. Download my personalized, being careful to maintain the unix line-terminating character. (0x0A) Download the list files and some test log files.
  2. Lock the files so I don't accidentally change the line-termination, or make a modification I can't easily back out of. (I use CVS, but this is work "on the side" in-between commits.)
  3. Install FoxServ
  4. Connect to localhost, just to make sure things are copacetic.
  5. Proofread and update "searchengines.txt" and "referrerexclusions.txt" with the approved new entries.
  6. Add documentation directly to zeitgeist lists, because I have to keep reminding myself what each field is. (Currently, the lists have no preamble.)
  7. Get the site's control panel working. (The raw logs are no longer written where the cpanel looks for it.)
  8. Rename the site from "Daddy Blog" which is now too generic. (Other fathers have been blogging for a few years, now. I'm not so novel.)
  9. Add win/loss ratio to the RPS site.