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The Unofficial Plurk API in Python

I've ported some of the unofficial Plurk API in Python at Google Code.

There were already a couple Python scripts out there that connect to Plurk, but nothing that constituted anything like an API like Ryan Lim's PHP version.

It's only a partial port, and it's not documented yet. But it's pretty easy to understand and it's usable. If you use it, please conform to Plurk's Terms and Conditions.

Here are some examples:
import plurkapi

p = plurkapi.PlurkAPI()

## View some plurks
for plurk in p.getPlurks(your_userid):
print plurk['content']

## Retrieving Karma
p.login(nickname, password)
print "%s has %1.2f karma." % (p.nickname, p.uidToUserinfo(p.uid)['karma'])