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Valentine's Day Schadenfreude

Every single year, we've got these pigeons who try to set up a nest on a precarious 2-inch ledge near our front door. If we leave them alone, they'll attempt to make nests until one of them does not drop to the floor. When the nest doesn't drop, they'll lay eggs, and the eggs will drop, leaving a mess near our entryway.

The location has never resulted in a successful production of a fully fledged bird. The yearly tradition should have died on the first generation of birds. But somehow, it persists.

So, we interfere. We throw shoes at the location. We seed it with pointy things. We yell and scream at the birds. Go away! Your children will die!

All to no avail. Year after year.
Today, the floor near the spot is littered with fallen attempts at nest making. The birds are back. What could I do, but smile? Ah, l'amour.


 sjonsvenson on Feb 14th 2006 at 2:02 PM
Either fix a wire-mesh basket so that a proper nest can be made, or fix a sloping box where they simply cannot put a net on. Investing in a cat might do the trick just as well of course.

 halophoenix on Feb 14th 2006 at 5:26 PM
tenacity is a virtue, I suppose. Intelligence is another, but we won't hold our little lovebirds to that, shall we?