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The Wonder Pets as written by Neil Gaiman

Fine, I'm a little teen wannabe gothy chick, and I do all my shopping at Hot Topic. 

But seriously, after seeing someone save a dog from impending bad stuff then save it from a life in chains, how do you not love him?  This isn't entirely unexpected from someone who'd saved a bat from sticky stuff on his window.  I'm seeing a pattern of compassion.



 pastilla on May 3rd 2007 at 11:57 PM
I look forward to hearing tales (and the name) of the lucky beast.

 davidd on May 5th 2007 at 7:11 AM
"It's amazing how much you can't see when a huge dog fills the car" was a chuckle-inducing line. As I noted before, I appreciate his knack for conversational informality. At sleepover camp with the 6th graders (if that sounds like a horror movie title, the impression is accurate) this past week, one of the boys discovered an ENORMOUS centipede in the shower. After expressing considerable admiration over the creature, primarily for the benefit of the towel-clad child cowering in the corner of the stall, I gently coaxed the creepy crawler into a wastecan and released it outside some distance from the cabin. I somehow managed this task without the help of a "personal assistant." I'd post this self-aggrandizing exploit on my own website, but somehow, centipedes don't garner the same misty-eyed, heart-wrenching sympathy as do dogs.

 dblume on May 9th 2007 at 12:43 AM
The bat didn't garner any misty-eyed heart-wrenching sympathy. Even so, you win. I capitulate. I won't defend his "personal assistant" assisted self-aggrandizing conversational informality. How could I?

 davidd on May 9th 2007 at 5:05 AM
No sympathy for the bat, nor words of defense for your black leather-clad wordsmith? You make a pathetic teen wannabe gothy chick fangirl, dude! (To the relief of your spouse and children, I'd imagine). Oh well, Gaiman's already selected his Fangirls of the Year.