Backup of David's Livejournal

You've been feeded!

That's a pretty lame dis.  Maybe if I say it with more attitude: "You've been feeded, boyee!"

Ah, never mind.  Let me just publish one entry from the script's prefs file:

# yaml preferences for FeedMaker
# This file is read in and written by the FeedMaker python script
  - url: http://www.[namewithheldtoprotecttheguiltyyouknowwhoyouare].com
    rss: [namewithheld].xml
    etag: None
    last_modified: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 06:45:28 GMT
    md5_tag: <span class="titleHd">
    md5: '\xa1KJ\r\xd6E\x03t\x03Fl>\xc7k\xcd\x08'

The script takes that in, checks the specified tag's content, spits out an rss feed, and updates three fields in the preferences: etag, last_modified (for bandwidth-friendly conditional GETs), and md5 (fingerprint of specified tag's data).  I've got two sites so far, but now I can at least have my machine easily monitor sites that don't publish their own feeds.