Backup of David's Google+ Posts

Oh, Damn it. This is the reason not to update software.

In 2010, I wrote a Dead Man's Switch, inspired by +Daniel Suarez's Daemon. One of the things it does is post to a couple of blogs. One is Habari, and one is Wordpress, and it uses the AtomPub API to publish to both since they share the API.

In 2012, WordPress not only deprecated the AtomPub API in v3.5, it removed it from the Core. I updated WordPress with each release, as many were security fixes. I didn't know that they removed the API that my Dead Man's Switch uses, so I didn't know I was breaking its connection with my DMS.

Luckily(?), my Dead Man's Switch triggered last week because I've been heads-down at work and at home, and it threw an exception when trying to publish to my WordPress blog.

Not only am I going to fix the connection to WordPress, I'll probably fix the handling of the error, because as it is, the one failure would block the continuation of the daemon's work. Nice to catch that, I guess.