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One of the things that made my Dead Man's Switch trigger is that it stopped knowing what I listen to.

Up until April 29, 2013, the Audio Scrobbler scrobbled both what music I listen to, and what podcasts I listen to. (Scrobbling is making a note of what was listened to. It keeps a record.)

Then Apple split podcasts out of the Music app into its own Podcast app. (One of the most horrible Skeuomorphism abominations of all time.) This had the effect that podcasts would never be scrobbled again.

Fine. At least songs would still be scrobbled. Then Apple updated iOS breaking scrobbability of songs.

Fine. Sergey Pershenkov released QuietScrob, restoring the ability of to scrobble the songs I listen to, if not the podcasts.

Then, with much fanfare, released a new site. And neglected to turn back on the 1.0 API, and never announced one way or another whether it was coming back. (The 1.0 API included an RSS feed that my lifestream watched for the songs that were scrobbled.)

Fine, then I'd apply to become a 2.0 developer and get an API key. But, wait for it,'s "Get an API account" link is broken.

Shoot me now.

The good news about API keys? People are always posting their API keys in community forums or open source repo's. So I'm borrowing one until gets their ducks back in a row.

In the end, my lifestream keeps track of my music scrobbles again! Yay!

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