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Reddit's rtheone gave a great answer to the question, "I want to learn something new. But what?"  Even better was that some of the answers could be done for free and with little equipment.

Here are a few others suggestions that I don't think he covered.  These have the benefit of being free and not needing special equipment, too:

1. Whistle.  It's like his "play an instrument" suggestion, but in this case, you always have your instrument with you.  What could be better!
2. Mike Rowe's Prison Workout.  You can find a video of this online somewhere.  It's great if your primary workout doesn't require much room or any equipment besides gravity.
3. Prestidigitation. Cards, coins, pens.  If something happens to be at hand, it's fun to pass the time practicing and improving your skills manipulating it. 

rtheone comments on IWTL a new talent with real-life application that requires little to no equipment.