Backup of David's Google+ Posts

This improvement to Google+ would make a big difference for me. (Ideally, I'd still get to choose how to sort my steam, but the in-stream highlight is critical for the sorting option to be useful.)


J. C. Lang on Jul 1, 2011
I hope you sent this as feedback. This would be an awesome improvement.

David Blume on Jul 1, 2011
I did. I also said that putting the frequently used "mute this post" between "report abuse" and "block this person" was dangerous for a sloppy clicker like myself.

J. C. Lang on Jul 1, 2011
I'd hope the latter two at least prompt first.

Alan Henry on Jul 2, 2011
Agreed - my only major pet peeve right now is the fact that I have little control over how my stream is displayed - even if I know WHY my stream is displayed the way it is. Mind if I reshare this?

David Blume on Jul 2, 2011
Just like in Plurk. All the circles count that item. And once the item is visited in the/any stream by becoming the currently selecting item, and it changes state to read, each related circle's unread count decrements at once. Unread counts in intersecting circles like that at Plurk hasn't been a problem. Once people visit a couple of circles with unread items and watch the behavior, they get the concept.

Airen Blakovich on Jul 2, 2011
These are all great ideas. I wouldn't be shocked to find then all implemented. Do keep in mind that are in a closed beta though, so of course it'll be a bit rough around the edges.

Eze Dos Ka on Jul 3, 2011
I would really like to add images in coments