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The glass is half full.

Now why did I do that? A friend is going through some stress, and I reveal some of the stuff that's affected me recently. It was an effort to be cheerful in the face of adversity. But I think I need to work out coping with some of the blows life deals.

1. A good friend and inspired colleague unexpectedly passes. He left behind a young beautiful wife and perfect little baby girl. Strangely, his memory is one of the reasons I haven't left this company. I link to his wife's site elsewhere, so I guess I can mention it here. It is another keep-family-up-to-date-with-the-baby site. Our daughters are the same age.

2. My mom suffers a major stroke, her brain surgery goes south, suffers more stroke. She's got my dad to help, but it's quite an effort. Knowing you've suffered a stroke makes one very angry (at the world). Sometimes she behaves like a sundowner (gets confused at night), but not always. How far do my wife and I go to help my parents out? How do I prioritize care for my parents, my children, and my wife and self?

Issue number two accounts for the depression, too. That makes sense. Should one medicate depression when the depression seems justified in the real world?

I'm likely going to edit this entry, as these life events and their impact on me become more clear.

The glass is, of course, half full. And I have friends who are also half-full kinds of people, too. That reinforcement is good. Later I will blog about some things I love, that I can turn to when feeling down. It's nice to have a list of those handy.


 zannah on Jan 3rd 2005 at 5:28 PM
*hug* It's hard to remain positive in the face of so much adversity. It's good to surround yourself with things you love.

 dblume on Jan 3rd 2005 at 6:19 PM
Thanks, and yeah. I'm just going through normal Sandwich Generation stuff. (And admitting that makes me feel really old!) I'm not in a crisis mode. And I'm wishing the best for you, too. Hope that what's got you stressed is manageable, and gets resolved!