Backup of David's Livejournal

Web development sickness

I just spent an hour doing something nobody will ever see. My blog is powered by CityDesk, and that means I do all my editing locally. When I post, the program determines which files need to be uploaded and uploads only those. (Usually, just the index page, the permalink page, and the rss feed.)

Over time, my blog has been broken up into two databases. I did that at the beginning of the year to make the current database small again. But now that means if I do certain design/content changes that I want to be reflected on each page, I have to do two huge uploads, one from each database.

I never really liked that. I want the flexibility to change my sidebar at will, and have it reflected everywhere, without having to touch every file. So I made my whole blog use Server Side Includes (.shtml), and the sidebar is munged into each page at each request.

I had to go back into the old database, and have it use the Server Side Include mechanism, too. That was a pain, because some links were hardcoded, and other links cannot be relative from the page, because they're included into pages in different directories.

Blech. Maybe you get the idea. Anyway, everything finally works again. Nothing is different. And it took me an hour to get here.
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