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It intimidates me a little that Stephen Colbert followed me at twitter.  (Even though he's one of those guys who follows thousands of people.)  I don't know how he found me.  When I tweet, I wonder, "is it worthy?"  I sometimes check my friends list to see if he saw his mistake and has unfollowed me yet.

I followed him in reply.  But he tweets too much, and I might unfollow him.  A little part of me thinks, "What right do you have to unfollow the mightly Colbert?"

[Edit]  Well, that makes sense.
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 pastilla on May 19th 2008 at 8:01 PM
If it were me, I think I'd suddenly feel pressured to be worthily witty and sardonic all the time. Which would not be pretty.

 dblume on May 19th 2008 at 8:07 PM
That fact that he tweets so much, and that they're not all funny and sardonic actually makes him more human to me. Although, he has been known to tweet some gems.

 davidd on May 20th 2008 at 3:08 AM
I began un-following Colbert's TV show because of his too-frequent plunges into tacky homosexual insinuations. You live in the Bay Area, don't you? Hmmm.... How much of Colbert's too-frequent Twittering... er, tweeting is really Colbert (like, doesn't he have, y'know, a job and stuff?), and how much is his writing staff? Don't mind me, I might just be envious because Colbert doesn't follow my Twit... tweets. O' course, I don't do Twitter... but if I did, I'm sure he wouldn't follow it. What recourse do you have if your pithy one-liners end up on his show some night? Will you get a writing credit? More importantly, will you get a check in the mail? Ya gotta wonder why a busy guy like Colbert would bother with on-line chit-chat. (And for what it's worth -- ((nothing)) -- IMNSHO out-wittily-sardonics Colbert with both hands tied behind her polyresin posterior.)

 dblume on May 20th 2008 at 11:53 PM
Ah, it's all moot. I was duped!

 davidd on May 21st 2008 at 2:15 AM
Yeah, that Jon Stewart is such a joker!