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Kamichu, Fighto!

I generally can't abide by wishy washy protagonists.  I almost had to give up on Kamichu, because the heroine is so introverted and shy.  But, it is almost Miyazaki-esque, and the opening and ending themes kept me in for a few episodes.  Especially that ending theme.  My kids get up and air band with the characters on the screen.  It's fun!

And the episode where the cat Tyler Nyaden* makes his appearance?  Any reference to Fight Club improves a show's rating in my esteem!


*That's how a cutesy talking Japanese cat would pronounce Tyler Durden.

PS.  The first DVD also catalogues the gods and what they do.  There's one god, who... ::shivers::.  You'll have to read it yourself.

PPS.  Finally, something to wash away that Narutaru stain.
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