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Meme: Command Center Photos

Here are the places I'm usually sitting at if I'm reading my LJ friends page. Except for work. I wouldn't read LJ at work.

Here's the corner they make me face at work, for over eight hours a day. Every day.

Command Center 1

Sometimes they let me turn my head to the right, about 45 degrees to look at another computer.

Command Center 2

Finally, I get to go home, and relax at my computer.
Home Command Center 4

(There are more photos than these at flickr if you actually click on a photo to get to my album. Some photos are annotated, too.)


 halophoenix on Jul 19th 2006 at 4:42 PM
Your desk at the office is so big! And so organized! I love the moleskine, by the way. ^^ So pretty! I'm going to take my own pictures, I swear! ;_;

 dblume on Jul 19th 2006 at 5:17 PM
Heh. ^_^; Don't you love my home computer's color scheme? Vaio blue speakers, Viewsonic black monitor with a Microsoft beige keyboard? That's why my sites are so ugly! It's the discordant color scheme surrounding the monitor! (It's not that I have no design skills!) Can't wait to see your photos!

 sjonsvenson on Jul 19th 2006 at 8:58 PM
There is no chaos. Not even the cables are tangled!!! And no coffee mug and coffee stains. That is no place to work!!!