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Tivo, please call home.

Just today, literally stranded on a remote pacific island, do I learn that Mike Mignola is premiering a new show on the SciFi channel. And that later today. I cannot miss this.

So, it's a race of technology against the clock. Minutes before making this post, I ask Yahoo to ask Tivo to schedule a recording of The Amazing Screw-On Head. The next time my Tivo calls the mother ship, its todo list will be updated. But is it still calling home? Will it call home before the show airs?

Tivo, hurry, please call.
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 zannah on Jul 27th 2006 at 3:47 PM
Historically - (and when I say historically, I mean: "in my experience in the last 8 months") - I have noticed that the SciFi channel tends to re-run episodes of currently running series a second time later in the week. With premieres, they tend to do an "encore presentation". So, if the TiVo doesn't phone home in time, you could maybe catch it later in the week again?

 dblume on Jul 28th 2006 at 7:16 PM
Thanks. And there's always watching the show online, direct from SciFi. But in my house, the TV's really the best place to watch TV shows, and it's not online. Anyway, the Tivo emailed, and said it got the message! So barring a power outage or something, I have some scrumptuous animation waiting for me when I return from vacation.

 zonereyrie on Aug 4th 2006 at 9:43 PM
Glad it worked. Just so you know, if you have the TiVo on broadband it pings TiVo Central Online approximately ever 15 minutes to look for new recording requests. (Yahoo basically passes the request to TiVo so it works the same way.) I believe the official stance is 'within an hour', but you can cut it a lot closer. If it is using a phone, then it only calls in approximately once a day, sometimes noticably longer, so it isn't as reliable. And hi, I run