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My Wife Would Never Understand

My company used to own Steinberg. And yet, a few days ago when I tried to find an audio cassette player, one could not be found in the whole company. My boss admitted to having had to buy one a few years ago (for $10.00) to play something his brother sent him, and he managed to dig his personal one up.

I had a sudden desire to digitize my 20-year-old copy of Fumi no Lum Song 2. That's probably the most nostalgic album I have. And I had to ask myself why, because the music is barely a notch above good karaoke. (And Urusei Yatsura is a little too slapstick for my taste.)

Some of the appeal of the music comes from the positive traits I see in the show, primarily that the main characters know what they want, and go after it unabashedly. (Lum after Ataru, and Ataru after any other hottie.)
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