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Oh, the dorama!

Back in the day, we could watch real dorama on a local station.  Saturday and Sunday evenings were Japanese Drama heaven.  But the station just kept scaling back further and further until there were no subtitled dramas anymore.

And I've been refusing to rent the tapes from the local Yaohan or Kinokuniya.  (It's not really Yaohan anymore, but I'm being a nostalgic git here.)  Come to think if it, I don't even have a VHS tape player anymore.  I don't know if they even rent them out now, either...

Also, even though NetFlix lists Azumi, you can't get it into your queue.  You never could, even when it was new.  Grr!

I'd pretty much given up.

Yesterday, thanks to TechCrunch, I've discovered CrunchyRoll!  Whee!  Wonder what I should watch first?
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 davidd on Aug 31st 2007 at 3:02 AM
Azumi sounds pretty cool... and it's available fairly reasonably on eBay.