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Secret Project Interruptus

The wife is at work, doing her night shift thing.  The kids are asleep.  I've closed the plurk tab.  Settling in for a good, productive night.

I'm going to make some progress on this secret project, God willing and the creek don't rise.  I'll keep this LJ post open as I go along, to mark my progress.

10:25pm: Tonight's task: Transform the thrusters.  Starting with one, auto-generate the other five.  Replace all CObjArray with std:vector.

12:01am: Doing good work.  Time for a Potential Breakup Song break.

12:12am : The neighbor's motion sensor light won't go off.  There's some kids hanging around within its range.  They're not the neighbors.

12:25am: Momo-chan break.  (Peach Girl)  Too late for Deadwood.

12:40am: Police sirens.  Somebody must have called them on the kids.  Good.

12:42am: Yep, the police car is here.  Good.  Because there's more punk kids here now, too.  All types.  Vagrants? They're all talking to the officers in the car.

The police are flying off the handle!  I'm gonna get my video camera.  Will kepp blogging too!
No video camera batteries.  Shots fired!  Don't know who!! More kidts everywhere!  Looking for still camera.  Much catch this.  Calling 911!
They're banging on MY door.
Gah!  My kids awake!  Crying!  Punks at door all bloody.  Won't let them in.  THey're incoherent, something VERY wrong with them.
SHitshithsit  Door will break.  They won't stop.  Putting kids in office with me.  No lock though.
Will blog as much as I can. Air raid sirens? auto-save pls work  won't click "post' until I it's the en


 davidd on Jun 14th 2008 at 9:47 AM
This was really well done. You actually had me on edge, like the Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast, for a bit. The typos in the last several lines are an inventive touch.

 dblume on Jun 17th 2008 at 6:45 AM
Thanks! The believable parts were ripped from real life. I was working on my project, did take the breaks, etc. I'm really glad it had the desired effect.