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She Knows Me Well

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary a little early this year. Last year, she accepted what a geek I am.

This year, she acknowledged my, erm, unconventional taste in art.
I melted when I saw that she gave me two of Gris Grimley's children's books. How could you not love something like, Wicked Nursery Rhymes? Storytime is going to be a lot more fun in our house!

And she gave me a couple of - get this - "parent and child" tickets to see Keiko Matsui at Yoshi's! I didn't even know jazz clubs did parent-and-child things like that. The whole family's gonna go see the Matsuis! (I'm assuming Kazu will be there.)
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 halophoenix on May 12th 2006 at 1:51 PM
Oh now that's just amazingly cool on all counts. I'm something of a closet (no more!) Keiko Matsui fan, and I'm crazy jealous you'll get to see her live. :)

 dblume on May 12th 2006 at 3:53 PM
I'm really excited! Gris Grimley, Edward Gorey, and Mike Mignola all inspire me to doodle, in different, but similar ways. And my wife and I used to see Keiko more frequently a long time ago, so it'll be nice seeing her again. It'll be like visiting an old friend, in a way.