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To all you web divas out there...

1. Open Internet Explorer in one window and Firefox in another. In each browser... 2. Go to 3. Click on "stuff you can buy"
4. Click on "hoops & yoyo Capped Sleeve T-shirt"

Watch carefully:
5. Select the "Medium hoops & yoyo Capped Sleeve T-shirt"
See the difference? See what happened in IE?
Even better, in Firefox, your selection is actually lost. It's impossible to make the server think you've selected anything but the small version. If you fill out the form incorrectly, (select "Someone Else" but don't type in a name, for example), the page reloads forgetting your selection. Even better, when the page reloads after you click on "Select date" your shirt-size selection is lost.

What happens? Your wife gets the wrong present on her birthday!
How many ways is that web page poorly designed?
A. The Small shirt isn't called, "Small" so on all the other pages you don't know which shirt you actually bought. You think they're all called, "hoops & yoyo shirt." B. The page re-orders the choices in a radio button cluster. (Don't be clever like that. It's annoying.) C. The page doesn't work with the 2nd most popular browser.
How's that for a start? Grrr!
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