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Two Things You Didn't Know About Me

Happy Productivity Day!

  • My Kibo Number is 1.
  • This happens a lot:
  1. My Gmail Notifier indicates unread mail.
  2. I click on it and read the email.
  3. I dismiss the browser window when I'm done.
  4. I notice my Gmail Notifier indicates unread mail.
  5. I click on it and realize there's actually no new mail. (The notifier hadn't updated yet.)


 tpederson on Aug 25th 2007 at 12:18 AM
I guess my KN is 2 then. The notifier is quite sucky, which is surprising. I feel your pain. I guess it just polls every n minutes, and you have to wait n minutes before it will update. I would much rather have it just reset itself when I double-click it. So basically it would keep track of new mail only, forget about unread mail. It would have to add a whole lot of smarts to do that, and it would probably be error prone to boot. They should have implemented keeping track of "new" versus "viewed" email on the server side.