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The Ways I'll Improve FeedParser

So, I'm going to start a lifestreaming project. (Yes, I've wanted to do this since 2006.) I've already got a lot of snippets that I can use, but I'll use Mark Pilgrim's feedparser.

It seems like a good jumping off point. I'll improve it with various advanced features I've already implemented elsewhere like:
  1. Conditional GETs.
  2. Authentication, (cURL example)
  3. Accessing all feeds with a simplified interface.
Let's see, where do I get started?
  1. Conditional GETs. Mark already did it.
  2. Authentication. Mark already did it.
  3. Content Normalization. (That's what I meant.) Mark already did it.
Wow. That's a nice, fully-featured little library there.

There's nothing left for me to do, but the stuff I can't do. Make it pretty.