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2020-10-25 davidd If only Life had a reset button.
ChrisHalliwell haaay yes. if only
davidd Actually, a Resume From Last Save would be better, so you could start over from a selected point with the knowledge you've gained.
sjonsvenson you would have to select save points of course
sjonsvenson also, who says there is no reset button. Just a detail, it also wipes memory
davidd Yeah, wiping the memory is problematic. No point in starting over if you are just going to make the same poor decisions.
sjonsvenson or different but equally misguided decisions
DBlume thinks people tend to hit Save when they're in trouble, and so you resume back to a bad spot. When things are going well, they forget to make that Save, which would've been so much better.
2020-10-23 davidd - I was working in my lab late one night....
DBlume sings, "When my eyes beheld an eerie sight"
davidd dblume: Still here too, are you?
sjonsvenson some things are never what the were supposed to be
2020-06-14 DBlume shares another fun card game to play with those sheltering in place with you: Big Two. Big Two - David's Place
2020-05-19 DBlume shares People recommended the FX miniseries Devs. Here's why it reminded me of the 1995 PlayStation game Wipeout. From Wipeout to Devs - David's Place
sjonsvenson Was it really that long ago?
2020-05-15 DBlume shares some Shelter In Place music. The JWZ Mixtape 215 jwz mixtape 215
2020-04-09 DBlume shares I just published the rules for a variant of "Chinese Poker" that we like to play. A “Chinese Poker” Card Game Variant - David Blume - ...
2019-12-29 davidd wonders why he is checking in to Plurk.
ChrisHalliwell (wave)
sjonsvenson cause Plurk is still a good place to visit
DBlume (wave) Maybe click through my last plurk about blinrey's Advent Calendar. There are some gems in there.
davidd says dblume: sounds like fun, I shall take a look! Good to see that you are still (occasionally) here!
2019-12-15 DBlume shares Here's blinrey's Advent Calendar of Curiosities: Advent Calendar of Curiosities
DBlume says You guys, it's complete now. Click through and see all the curiosities.
davidd This is beyond fascinating! Mind-blowing, actually! That prime number containing the decryption code? I mean... really? Insane!
2019-12-01 DBlume says The Atlantic is doing their 12th annual Hubble Deep Space Telescope Advent Calen...!
karma medic says Check out photo 1 of the calendar!
DBlume says Hey, there you are, ready and raring to go, dblumebuddy . Happy Holidays, Lil Buddy!
sjonsvenson Thanks for bringing it up again
DBlume says sjonsvenson: ^_^;
karma medic says Check out photo 2 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 3 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 4 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 5 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 6 of the calendar!
sjonsvenson one ring to rule them all
karma medic says Check out photo 7 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 8 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 9 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 10 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 11 of the calendar!
sjonsvenson 11 is getting speeding tickets :-)
karma medic says Check out photo 12 of the calendar!
DBlume says sjonsvenson , it's hard to even imagine material flying by at over 10% the speed of light.
karma medic says Check out photo 13 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 14 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 15 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 16 of the calendar!
sjonsvenson (thinking) 16 looks like something chipped a bit of glass out of the lens
karma medic says Check out photo 17 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 18 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 19 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 20 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 21 of the calendar!
DBlume thinks 16 is a baby Mothra before pupating.
karma medic says Check out photo 22 of the calendar!
sjonsvenson 22. That's a lot of stars. And a lot of stardust to make planets with
karma medic says Check out photo 23 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 24 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 25 of the calendar!
DBlume is thankful for dblumebuddy ! Merry Christmas everybody. Hope to see you next year!
sjonsvenson Thanks dblumebuddy ,
pastilla :-)
2019-12-01 DBlume shares In Korea, "Nabi" (Butterfly) is a common name for a housecat. Watch BiBi play a cat, complete with pushing a glass off a table and giving you a "wat?" look. [MV] BIBI(비비) _ NABI(나비)
DBlume thinks zannah might relate to the way BiBi portrays cats.
DBlume says Since you asked, here's the jazzier version: [온스테이지2.0] 비비(BIBI) - 나비(NABI)
DBlume OK, OK, here's another performance: Special Clip(스페셜클립): BIBI(비비) _ NABI(나비)
DBlume loves the way the song captures the attitude of cats. All the indifference, contempt and love.
2019-10-10 DBlume shares A desktop vacation to the Bungle Bungles in Australia, esp. for pastilla A Photo Trip to the Bungle Bungles
sjonsvenson I think davidd would like to visit there
davidd thinks this looks a lot like Goblin Valley in Utah, only with palm trees.
pastilla says thank you Dblume! I needed a quick getaway and this was perfect. (Hope you and fam are well)
pastilla says re: us . . . ek_man is still doing his admin stuff but also traveling to Panama 4x a year (research projects off Coiba Island) and I'm hanging on for dear life with MeiMei . . .
see: The Post-Apocalyptic Guide to Surviving the Teenage ...
pastilla hopes you and Mrs. DBlume have made it through this stage by now?
DBlume says Good to hear from you, pastilla ! Our two kids are opposites of each other, and so present unique challenges. Sometimes we think we've done it all wrong, but we're hanging in there, too.
2019-06-02 DBlume shares It's (almost) the one-year anniversary of an awesome cover of one of my favorite Perfume songs. "Flash" as performed by Girlfriend. Perfumeさんの「FLASH」をGIRLFRIENDが歌ってみました!
DBlume says Perfume performed that song at Coachella this year. I never thought there'd be times like these.
pastilla likes this. (The plurk itself and the spirit behind it.) Hope life is treating you & your family well, DBlume.
DBlume says Hi pastilla ! We're getting by! One last family vacation coming up before the older one goes to college. Hope life it treating you and yours well, too!
Vanlal (cozy)
2019-04-02 DBlume says if you follow my blog in a feed reader, please update the feed URL. The feed URL is now David's Place
DBlume There's a new post, too. Still not Defeated -
David's Place
sjonsvenson Not using a feed, just plain browsing. But thanks for the update
2018-12-01 DBlume shares The Atlantic is doing their 11th annual Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 1 of the calendar!
DBlume thinks you rock, dblumebuddy.
DBlume asks dblumebuddy , how old are you now?
karma medic answers: I'm over 10 years old, but you knew that, didn't you dblume?
sjonsvenson I had forgotten
karma medic says Check out photo 2 of the calendar!
DBlume dblumebuddy , you posted the new day's link before The Atlantic revealed it! So naturally, I asked them what's up. And they replied!
karma medic says Check out photo 3 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 4 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 5 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 6 of the calendar!
sjonsvenson thanks dblumebuddy
karma medic says Check out photo 7 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 8 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 9 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 10 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 11 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 12 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 13 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 14 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 15 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 16 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 17 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 18 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 19 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 20 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 21 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 22 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 23 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 24 of the calendar!
pastilla says THANK YOU, dblumebuddy and dblume
karma medic says Check out photo 25 of the calendar!
sjonsvenson Thanks dblumebuddy again for this year.
DBlume Thank you dblumebuddy ! You were awesome. Everybody, at least see photo 25, it's still amazing. (Of course, nothing yet surpasses the 20,000 light-year log shadow on Hanny's Voorwerp.)
2018-07-06 DBlume shares A puzzle on my son's Father's Day card to me reminded me why I like developing code.
davidd You might like developing code, but the dead link suggests you're not very good at it. (LOL)
2018-05-16 DBlume shares I don't know how to waste time on the internet anymo.... What do you guys think?
DBlume says I dunno, it seems like there's some truth to it.
sjonsvenson It isn't all new and exciting anymore. Everybody is on the web so being on-line is nothing to impress your classmates with.
sjonsvenson Writing a program that did something interesting or typing in some HTML that actually worked used to be impressive. A show off to your friends. Now those friends make some better code doing some clicks here or there and walk away yawning.
sjonsvenson Worst of all, you post a nice pic of your cat and the day later you find 5687 replies with cuter cat pics . . . sigh
davidd thinks this line is spot on: "Where once we’d had a rich ecosystem of extremely stupid and funny sites on which we might procrastinate, we now had only Twitter and Facebook."
davidd is still on Flickr, where he was friends with sjonsvenson and DBlume and pastilla... and Nari and Zannah and lots of other people who are not active there anymore.
davidd was commenting on this very topic on LiveJournal today... where he was friends with sjonsvenson (who is still there, posting every day) and DBlume and pastilla and Nari and Zannah and lot of other people who are not active there anymore.
davidd manages to waste plenty of time online, and has fun doing so, but it's more of a challenge these days. Most of the forums of which I was a member are gone. But there are still a few specialty forums, which, on a good day, have up to half a dozen new posts!
davidd Yeah, half a dozen. Remember when specialty forums got HUNDREDS of posts a day?
davidd does not work with computers, so maybe it's easier for me to have fun online. Or maybe I'm stuck in a paleozoic version of the online universe.
davidd is mega-, rather than micro-, blogging at this point with these comments, isn't he? Anyway, that line about the guy becoming his dad when he found himself typing news sites into his search bar was funny, too. Except, dude, your dad would probably pick up a newspaper, not type in a web search.
davidd says anyway... hi! How're ya doin'? What's your online hangout of choice these days? (I was trying to remember the other day where you said you post your militant humanist diatribes... or something like that. I'm sure they are both insightful and amusing.)
davidd says and, of course, PHONES! Phones are the "fun" online time-waster of today. Nobody types searches into desktop browers anymore, do they? At least, none of the cool people. Time-wasting fun is now in the palm of your hand.
davidd thinks old school BBS forums would be a pain to read and to navigate on a phone-sized screen. (See comment on other Plurk about eyeglasses.... :-( )
sjonsvenson phones are not good for web-ing . . . Well, my Nokia 6020 isn't :-P
pastilla says I do not own a cell phone anymore. Imagine that.
DBlume says I still have my cell phone, but I intentionally deleted Facebook and Plurk from it.
DBlume says Our dads were fortunate to experience the serendipity of unexpectedly interesting articles in the newspaper.
DBlume says websites are hellbent on surfacing posts that they think you'll engage with, so it's always the same bait. Not something completely out of your domain.
davidd is necro-ing this old Plurk, the same way he sometimes necros old posts on forums. Update a year later: I'm still active on a few toy photo forums where there are still, as noted above, a half-dozen or more unique new posts per day!
davidd is still having fun on these forums, and, as the article writer reminisced about, I still find them an escape from reality.
davidd has found a few people... again, that magic half-dozen number... who are alive and well and still posting on Flickr on a regular basis, even as Flickr's price has gone up and quality of service has gone down.
2018-05-03 DBlume shares Simply Brutal. Be sure to click through to the Gallery. The best stuff is hidden in the gallery.
pastilla says always good to see you, DBlume (One of my father's funniest lectures featured architect Arthur Erickson - king of "brutalism") Here are shots of the Simon Fraser University buildings Erickson designed, under construction (where early BG Caprica scenes were filmed). SFU's Architecture - Archives and Records Management - Simon Fras...
pastilla says my dad despised "art over function" architecture. Quietly and pettily he collected photos & anecdotes from people who struggled to live and work in AE's buildings- which were invariably dark, depressing concrete tombs with every heating, plumbing, electrical and structural problem you could imagine.
pastilla says (but shhhh I always though his buildings were very cool-looking)
DBlume says pastilla, Ha, I completely understand that trade-off. Buildings I'd love to visit but wouldn't want work/live there.
davidd says this is like the "old school" conversations I remember, from, like, at SparkleSystemSix! If you guys are "alive" again on Plurk, I'm gonna have to check in here more often!
davidd thinks that UFO house is epic!
2018-04-02 DBlume says I wrote up a little history on the evolution of my user-pic from 2D pixel art to the current voxel art version.
pastilla says OK, that started my day off on the right note. Nicely done.
sjonsvenson B-)
davidd says and your updated avatar was inspired by President Trump! Your creativity was jump-started by President Trump! Evidence that President Trump is, indeed, making America great again! (LOL)
davidd says yeah, I need eyeglasses to read, too. That is, strong ones for reading, and less strong for distance. :'-(
2018-02-06 DBlume shares this month my first website turns 21 years old! Get a job, website!
sjonsvenson Bit recalculated in internet time it's time for a well earned retirement
pastilla says awwwwww the nose bite picture . . .
davidd says HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now you can turn it into a drinking blog!
davidd wonders if your web site... or any stand-alone personal web sites... gets many visitors anymore? Facebook has kind of driven the personal blog, and blogging sites like LiveJournal, into extinction.
2017-12-01 DBlume shares The 2017 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 1 of the calendar!
DBlume says Yay! Thanks for showing up, dblumebuddy!
karma medic says Check out photo 2 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 3 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 4 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 5 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 6 of the calendar!
pastilla says I remember you! (David & karma medic!_
karma medic says Check out photo 7 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 8 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 9 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 10 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 11 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 12 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 13 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 14 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 15 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 16 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 17 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 18 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 19 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 20 of the calendar!
pastilla says thanks, dblumebuddy
karma medic says Check out photo 21 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 22 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 23 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 24 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 25 of the calendar!
2017-10-02 sjonsvenson taking the kids to a climbing wall
sjonsvenson wondering whether dblume did
DBlume (LOL)
2017-08-28 davidd has been "internet lazy," largely ignoring Plurk, Flickr, and... well, mostly that. My other online haunts have closed. I waste a lot of time at Instagram, mostly just looking.
sjonsvenson welcome back to the real world . . .
sjonsvenson I mean the time-sink world
pastilla says I'm not on instagram often -- Plurk & Flickr are ghost towns (except for Sjon who is as dedicated, busy and interesting as always) I miss the old days when we were all together in one place.
sjonsvenson Lifejournal is a Russian ghost town as well these days. I am keeping it alive cause I linked my LJ mail-address to other sites and shops etc.
DBlume says We all need a little time in the real world.
ChrisHalliwell (wave)
davidd says HI GUYS!!!! So excited to see some familiar faces!
davidd says dblume: As little time in the real world as possible, please and thank you! :-D
davidd says sjonsvenson: Yes! Yes! I miss my time-sinks! And my friends in the time-sink whirlpool!
davidd says ryan_h: You're still here too! YAY!
davidd says pastilla: Flickr? Oh yeah, that place, the one you suddenly abandoned! ;-)
davidd says pastilla: Flickr became a lot less of a draw when you left. Several other people left or simply stopped posting, too, and my enthusiasm for the site waned considerably. Plus, real life and stuff... yeah.
ChrisHalliwell davidd i never left. (haha)
davidd ryan_h: :-D
2017-07-09 DBlume shares It's a Tachikoma lamp, you guys.
2017-06-29 DBlume shares Winners of the Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition.
sjonsvenson hunting pack <3
2017-06-26 sjonsvenson the safe word is 404
Brie I need this for kens birthday present
Scea :-D
sjonsvenson supects dblume has one hidden in a secret drawer
Envi Ohhh...this is so bad...
DBlume loves that the handle itself is a USB cable, too.
Envi And tied with a Firewire...if I'm not mistaken.
sjonsvenson it's a cat-o-9-tails. But I didn't know we were already at CAT-9 cables
2017-06-19 DBlume asks need a little inspiration? The Eerie Humanoid Driftwood Sculptures of Nagato Iwasaki.
pastilla says whoa.
pastilla says thanks for stopping by here once in a while with a wonderful link, DBlume <3
2017-06-14 sjonsvenson I shower periadically
Tillie Sheldon Cooper shower! :-D
sjonsvenson I suspect dblume is now writing on tiles . . .
DBlume says I can't help it if I'm inspired!
sjonsvenson I knew you would be in yiour elment
2017-05-28 sjonsvenson one for dblume
DBlume loves this so much!
sjonsvenson (LOL)
2017-05-11 sjonsvenson that's just dblume
DBlume says I've never identified with the dad more.
2017-04-19 sjonsvenson is my guess right?
potato boyo ow my brain
sjonsvenson pespective can be painfull
Envi Interesting
sjonsvenson still waiting for dblume to wake up I suppose
DBlume says Whee!
2017-04-18 DBlume asks Is it weird that after the start, I ended up reading this in zannah 's voice? A day on the internet in 2017, an internal transcript.
sjonsvenson verry nice an torough article there abou ... OH blu shiney look at that, is that ...
2017-04-12 DBlume shares Woohoo! This rain has been great. Before and After Photos of California's Historic Drought.
pastilla says very cool photos. Happy for CA. Pretty scary there for a while.
sjonsvenson but now it's over with the dry-humor
sjonsvenson I also imagine now all Californians to come out and finally wash their car for the first time in years, all at the same time, ... :-P
2017-03-31 DBlume wishes all the best to halophoenix at his next gig! I'm sure great things are in store.
halophoenix says (rock) thank you!
sjonsvenson nyt made a good choice
pastilla says Congratulations!
pastilla says so so so so so so so so so so pleased for you, halophoenix
Vanlal All the best, halophoenix!!! We're proud of you.
2017-03-10 DBlume asks pastilla , does this qualify as a desktop vacation? JR Onagawa Station is Rebuilt by Shigeru Ban and Hiroshi Senju
pastilla thinks it fulfills all the requirements and then some . . .
pastilla says it took me a few minutes to realize the building itself was shaped like Mt. Fuji
<3 2017-03-07 sjonsvenson today will be like this House of cards trickery
sjonsvenson for some (devil)
sjonsvenson might be me even ....
DBlume says Even the hand-held camera is a nice touch.
DBlume says You can see where the tops of the cards on the table have been subtly cut so as not to visually clip the cards on the floor. Nice practical effect.
2017-03-02 sjonsvenson
Matu (LOL)
pastilla says very clever
DBlume says (LOL)
2017-02-28 DBlume shares Esp. for neonepiphany The Book Design of Haruki Murakami’s “Killing Commendatore”.
2017-02-27 sjonsvenson dblume ? is that you in there ?
DBlume says I can only aspire to such Dad greatness.
2017-02-19 sjonsvenson Question : how often do you look at your fiends on their own page with their own backgrouns in stead of watching them on your own layout?
Scea ?
sjonsvenson I always check on www plurk com/sjonsvenon and only seldom clik trough to anyone else's own page
pastilla Not too often!
DBlume says Almost never.
Scea If no one asks for it...
2017-02-15 DBlume shares The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest.
<3 2017-02-13 sjonsvenson
Natalie I've stayed in his hotels. I will stay in them again, if i ever go back to Florida, because i wish to support an amazing human being.
2017-02-05 DBlume shares It's the end of an era: FRUiTS is shuttering.
DBlume says Make sure not to miss this insightful comment.
pastilla says times they are a'changin. :-(
2017-02-05 DBlume shares Hope you all enjoy Superb owl Sunday!
2017-02-04 DBlume shares "The only way to prevent another Bowling Green Massacre is to stop interviewing Kellyanne Conway."
2017-01-29 sjonsvenson Nouela - The Sound of Silence (Amazing cover of Simo... (flower)
sjonsvenson that version just gives me shivers. cutting deeper then the original.
DBlume Have you heard these, too?
sjonsvenson nope, I haven't (and it doesn't work on my PC, eating all my bandwith and still starving)
2017-01-27 DBlume says Hey zannah , what if that were a Tokidoki bill on that Pokemon hat?
<3 2017-01-26 sjonsvenson who remembers?
Natalie Pepperidge Farm remembers
2017-01-08 DBlume shares Some of the earliest color images of life around the world.
<3 2017-01-04 sjonsvenson know your history
DBlume says TIL
2017-01-04 DBlume says I'm still reading Wapsi Square, for the occasional strip like this one: Big Deal – Wapsi Square
2017-01-03 DBlume says pastilla, if you miss Kurii being home, you can always get a Kuri.
2016-12-31 DBlume says This is reasonably concise and worth the read: 13 Things to give up to be successful. Happy New Year, everybody!
DBlume says Click through. Once you start the article, you may find yourself reading through and finishing before you know it.
pastilla says I did. Worth the read, definitely. HNY, dblume Thanks for your wisdom and friendship.
DBlume (cozy)
Vanlal HNY everyone and Thanks DBlume
2016-12-26 DBlume says You guys! I've got an idea for my next stupid micro site! Stuck wheels are beginning to turn again.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ yay!!!
DBlume says Wow, there's a lot of potential web frameworks I could learn. Might be good for me, but I'm not so interested. I'm more interested in just making the thing I was to see.
DBlume asks If I make a new website, do I have to add a popover that appears after 30 seconds asking you to join its mailing list? I'd rather not, but if I have to...
♥.(.zannah.).♥ NO. JUST SAY NO.
DBlume says I dunno, based on browsing around, it appears to be a new requirement. Aside: Create a new fiddle - JSFiddle rocks.
DBlume Here's a sneak peak, without any context: How to share the last slice of pizza fairly with someone who wants all the crust, with a straight cut.
DBlume says It's not done yet. The math gets harder when the cut intersects the arc instead of the straight edge...
♥.(.zannah.).♥ ... is this an issue that happens a lot at your house?
DBlume says My son asked the trigonometry question. My internal answer was, "that's a little site that needs to be created!" I was interested in how much the cut would move according to the angle of the slice.
DBlume says So I made the thing (so far), and got to see. I'll keep updating it occasionally. Then I'll upload the source to github too. (The source is the webpage itself, of course, but github will show the evolution.)
DBlume says I know you guys were worried about this, so I thought I'd allay your concerns. Yes, I figured out where to cut the pizza even with pretty wide angles.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ ...
♥.(.zannah.).♥ i'm going to say that maybe that's...not the most efficient way to, you know. cut the pizza when it's that big.
sjonsvenson wondering what happens with square pizzas (thinking)
DBlume says This was important science. So I've open-sourced it: dblume/pizza-slice
sjonsvenson () plenty of places bake square pizzas but sell tips of them. The don't do it right though, they cut the tips at similar angles -same as on a round pizza- but that way the tips are not all the same size. I supose you have a formula to cut tips of the same size.
sjonsvenson (they are selling the tips locally and cutting squares for take-away)
<3 2016-12-20 sjonsvenson a dblume style reply
2016-12-14 DBlume shares You guys! halophoenix got interviewed by Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools! Next up: This Week in Tech!
DBlume says Seeing halophoenix on TWiT or (the new new) ScreenSavers would just bring such a satisfying closure.
Vanlal Awesome!!!!!
halophoenix says (heart_beat)
<3 2016-12-08 sjonsvenson
2016-12-02 DBlume shares The 2016 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 1 of the calendar!
DBlume says Glad to see you're back, buddy!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ me tooooooooo! <3
Narilka says OP delivers.
pastilla says lol @ Narilka
karma medic says Check out photo 2 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 3 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 4 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 5 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 6 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 7 of the calendar!
pastilla Thank you, dblumebuddy Enjoyed the first week!
karma medic says Check out photo 8 of the calendar!
DBlume loves photo 8!
karma medic says Check out photo 9 of the calendar!
pastilla says to dblume . . . love the term Herbig-haro . . . sounds like something women had in the 80's . . .
karma medic says Check out photo 10 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 11 of the calendar!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I have to tell you that nebulas kind of freak me out.
pastilla is (LOL) @ zannah I know what you mean.
karma medic says Check out photo 12 of the calendar!
DBlume says zannah Nebulae freak you out? Need I remind you of the 20,000 light-years wide shadow on Hanny's Voorwerp ? I can't even.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ AUGH
♥.(.zannah.).♥ tbh, space in general kind of freaks me out.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ probably surprising no one.
karma medic says Check out photo 13 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 14 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 15 of the calendar!
pastilla says this nebula seems Jim Henson-inspired.
karma medic says Check out photo 16 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 17 of the calendar!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ oo, butterfly nebula. nari's favourite.
DBlume says So if you put that 2-light-year wide nebula in the shadow that's on Hanny's Voorwerp, it'd be, what? 1/100,000,000th the size of the shadow.
DBlume says Let's say they're both round, so the nebula's 2-d area is π light years, and the shadow's is 100,000,000 π light years.
karma medic says Check out photo 18 of the calendar!
pastilla says you had us at "unusual, ghostly green blob of gas," dblume
karma medic says Check out photo 19 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 20 of the calendar!
sjonsvenson loving them all
DBlume says I totally see space horses galloping in the direction of 2:00 all over photo 21. (Beat you to it, dblumebuddy. )
karma medic says Check out photo 21 of the calendar!
pastilla says monkey + 6,400 light-years away = good thing
DBlume says Not monkeys! Don't you see the stallions stampeding to the right?
♥.(.zannah.).♥ On second look, I totally do. They should have called it horsie stampede.
karma medic says Check out photo 22 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 23 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 24 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 25 of the calendar!
DBlume says Thank you, dblumebuddy! Hope to see you next year!
pastilla (wave)
sjonsvenson see ya in 2'17
<3 2016-11-28 sjonsvenson nice story Seen enough hentai... wait what?
Scea okaaaay
2016-11-23 DBlume thinks this Metal Gear Rex looks pretty good.
2016-11-12 sjonsvenson
Matu :-D
DBlume That Kennedy one wasn't really necessary. The others are good.
<3 2016-11-11 sjonsvenson View of Southern California from the ISS this morning (California passed recreational marijuana use).
DBlume says Oh, god, that's perfect.
DBlume We lost the presidency but won the right to buy recreational marijuana. (But not in baggies which are illegal, and cannot smoke it, smoking is illegal.)
2016-11-09 sjonsvenson Game over.
DBlume says No, this too shall pass. I'll fight from within, you do what you feel appropriate from over there.
2016-11-08 DBlume shares JavaScript console output from the two US President nominees' sites. E.J. Dyksen on Twitter
2016-11-08 DBlume says Great. Now everybody knows. Time to find a new spot.
DBlume says first The Mojave Phone Booth, now this. Where can we hide our strange little obsessions from the wide world nowadays.
DBlume says At least nobody (but my Aunt, in Elko) knows what this is.
<3 2016-11-04 sjonsvenson tie your shoes firts ...
Scea hehe
DBlume There's just something about her complete abject acceptance of the failure.
2016-11-04 DBlume shares Taeyoen sings this song about it being Pocky time (11:11), but not having any Pocky to eat. It's a sad song. TAEYEON 태연_11:11_Music Video
DBlume says And it's beyond me why she released it on 11/01 instead of 11/11.
2016-11-03 DBlume shares 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the ...
sjonsvenson (love)
pastilla is glad to see your hunt for the coolest photos on the web is still ongoing.
2016-11-02 sjonsvenson Celtic Woman - Níl Sé'n Lá
Scea :-))
DBlume says Here's a local concert I just missed. Mazzy Star - Fade Into You - 10/2/1994 - Shoreline A...
2016-11-01 sjonsvenson since the Brexit ...
Natalie freestyle I don't get it...
DBlume Me either, but the caption is, "This is where the window would go if I had a window." The van has a window wiper, but no window.
sjonsvenson and it driving on the left ...
Natalie Well, that pic was taken in England, but i don't get the significance
2016-10-30 sjonsvenson still cool
Narilka says OMG, I NEED THAT
Scea Glücksbärchi!
sjonsvenson Narilka ... the blue one or the girl's shirt ... (thinking)
DBlume I'd fist-bump that other father. Job well done, my man.
2016-10-30 DBlume thinks halophoenix would have useful things to add to this article on which music to listen to while working, with suggestions.
2016-10-28 DBlume says The only question is, Red and Blue and Yellow Tachikoma versions!
DBlume says That wasn't a question, was it? Must. Buy. Tachikoma.
Narilka says All, obviously.
DBlume says The doors open!
DBlume says And it looks like it lights up! I'm buying!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ !!!!!
DBlume says I told my wife it was a deal, by making her look at this one first.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ hahahahaha
DBlume says Everywhere I go on the internet, the page is filled with ads for the $500.00 tachikoma. And I don't mind at all. It's awesome. I love its look, and I'm not seriously tempted at all.
2016-10-22 DBlume says X-23! X-23! X-23! Logan | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX! X-23!
DBlume says It shoulda been Summer Glau in 2008, but beggars can't be choosers.
2016-10-14 DBlume shares TRON maps, people!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ omg. cc: Narilka
Narilka !!! Beautiful!
<3 2016-10-13 sjonsvenson ^_^
Emathion (woot)
DBlume loves these, so so much. Inspired to doodle again.
sjonsvenson dblume , great when an image sparks some imagination
amarana says Toll (woot)
Narilka I've apparently been looking at things all wrong. These are amazing.
2016-10-13 DBlume says I decided to make my Google Chrome Interrobang AddOn open source.
DBlume says It's basically a one-line AddOn, but I've decided to stop being afraid of being embarrassed by the project, and put it out there.
DBlume says That way, the next time Google breaks it with a new Chrome release, anybody can go and fix it.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ or make it worse.
DBlume says Well, only I can publish the Interrobang AddOn. Others can publish their own ones. They can always issue a Pull Request if they want their change in my AddOn.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ oh good! ^_^
DBlume says Everybody: If you're the kind of person to dive into somebody's code repo just to root around, speak up. I'd like to know. I'm certainly that way, I think it's fun.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I do, because learning
2016-10-09 DBlume says I finally discovered why my Interrobang AddOn's keyboard shortcut stopped working.
DBlume says At least you can still click on the AddOn's little button icon and click on the ‽ to put an Interrobang in your clipboard buffer.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ :-(
♥.(.zannah.).♥ This actually probably explains why my pinterest bookmarklet stopped werking as well. >.<
DBlume says They didn't make a big deal of it, except for one to say, "this may be sufficiently impactful to web developers that we should do an "intent to ship" for it".
DBlume says I'm getting the idea that a lot of developers don't know why things "broke" in Chrome 53.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ Yes - actually thinking about this more, this might be the cause of an issue we're having with an internal tool at werk as well.
DBlume says I figured out a workaround, at the same time somebody posted the same solution for me at StackOverflow! Yay!!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ !! <3 <3 <3
DBlume says Ah, Interrobang 0.6 has been published and the shortcut key works again!
2016-10-06 sjonsvenson
DBlume says That's bad!
<3 2016-10-05 sjonsvenson But not latin ...
Scea perhaps if you shave him..?
2016-10-01 DBlume says I sorta want a 1:1 scale xenomorph facehugger.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ do you just want it to terrorize your children with? #askingforafriend
sjonsvenson if I guess the DBlume family ... that is more like self defense ( in an arms race)
2016-09-29 DBlume shares esp. for Zannah, all four members of the Crunchyroll staff are wearing Tokidoki for the Fall Rollout. Crunchyroll Fall Rollout
DBlume says Whoops, forgot to zannah. Their company uniform is Tokidoki!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I LOVE IT
2016-09-24 DBlume shares Emails from a CEO who's making the presentation himself this time.
DBlume says Bump! For those who'd appreciate it.
Narilka says This is awesome! <3
♥.(.zannah.).♥ And so true. so true.
2016-09-19 DBlume says That's the first time I've seen "its’" (plural possessive form) in a company-wide email.
sjonsvenson it's time 'its' virtues are recognized, if its use is correctly of course
2016-09-15 DBlume says Attention zannah: A BB-8 Lanyard.
DBlume says of course, she could already have it. :-)
♥.(.zannah.).♥ THANK YOUUUUUU
2016-09-15 DBlume says I saw this iOS LifeHacker link in my Facebook feed before I even knew I needed it.
DBlume says Yeah, as it turns out, after a day with iOS 10, I referred back to the link and made some adjustments.
2016-09-11 DBlume shares I recognized more songs from Namie's fashion than I thought I would. Cartoons! Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) w/z BMG
2016-09-08 DBlume shares There's a "sequel" to Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop! It's HYPER-REALITY. HYPER-REALITY
DBlume asks did any of you see the update to the six year old thread? Is it better to update there, or to make a new plurk at the top of the timeline?
DBlume says I remember that halophoenix had some really good observations about the first one. (In that six year old thread.) Thoughts on the new one?
<3 2016-09-04 sjonsvenson
Matu :-D
Natalie PERFECT!!!
2016-08-28 DBlume shares My favorite thing in Pokemon Go is sniping gyms with Gozer the Destructor, a Magikarp.
DBlume says davidd might recognize the name Gozer. At least I hope so.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ <3 <3 <3
2016-08-27 DBlume shares It's the six year anniversary of my TechCrunch Feed Filter.
DBlume says Which makes me notice that I've been around Plurk for eight years. Wow.
pastilla says < for the anniversary of TCFF
pastilla says and re: eight years . . . I was thinking the same thing the other day.
sjonsvenson (party)
<3 2016-08-18 Miss Bleh Ordered this shirt from the US for hubby it is expensive but he will love it
кisмεт Fαiʇн lol this is my kind of shirt
T-Kesserex LOLOLOL i love that shirt
Tillie need :-D
Miss Bleh offworld Designs
Tillie if anyone finds this in a german store, I can only find it on Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, ... and stuff... not shopping to germany...
Samm Florian
Miss Bleh Ich habe es auf Ebay gefunden mit 36 € Versandkosten. und dazu noch das shirt. da bin ich mit 44 € direktkauf in den USA günstiger
Tillie :-o
Tillie Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, ... will's mir aber nicht liefern-
Miss Bleh Ich habe direkt bei offworld Designs bestellt
Tillie ah :-)
sjonsvenson replurk this I must
Faeryfox(Beth) A friend just got that shirt yeasterday.
Scea geil :-D
Sister loves that shirt. Was her birthday present last year.
<3 2016-08-16 sjonsvenson bind bending
Scea (LOL)
<3 2016-08-14 sjonsvenson dificult question ...
CaleAlcott TILT
Tillie Depends.
Scea Das geht ja sogar ganz am Anfang und am Ende (woot)
<3 2016-08-06 sjonsvenson
Natalie freestyle It's too early for clever shit like this...
CaleAlcott lol
sjonsvenson ;-) Cyberpink early it is never to
2016-08-03 DBlume has not been this excited for a Windows update in a long, long time! Can't wait for WSL!
DBlume says Not directly related, but then I'm also going to give Visual Studio Code and Atom a good look and compare them.
2016-08-02 DBlume shares So I guess the octopus' brain is just a tinier octopus operating it like a giant robot.
DBlume says It's riding in a kaiju-octo!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ says is that for real? I'm kind of freaked out by it!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ you guys I'm going to have nightmares for weeks.
2016-08-01 sjonsvenson thinking dblume ...
CaleAlcott lol rude
Scea (devil)
DBlume says It works just as well as a double-entendre as not.
2016-07-31 DBlume shares How Can I Be as Unhappy as Possible? Some good points by James Altucher.
DBlume wonders if davidd has read this one.
2016-07-30 DBlume shares Daria Movie Trailer (with Aubrey Plaza) I'd so watch this!
2016-07-25 DBlume shares I think I'm hilarious.
DBlume says For reference, this is the original Lamarr.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ that's terrifying
2016-07-19 sjonsvenson the other -go game
Scea (rofl)
DBlume I read that hashtag as "gotta catch the mall".
2016-07-17 DBlume shares My Pokemon Go crew. Had just strengthened Valor's hold on the local gym. What's your team look like?
Narilka says S7 team: Jolteon (628-), Jolteon (574), Pidgeot (562), Golbat (549), Vaporeon (541)
Narilka says Pure team: Vaporeon (910), Flareon (786), Pidgeot (629), Golbat (558 ), Golbat (537), Jolteon (498-)
Narilka says I have one more team, but it's Team iOSucks, so I can't actually tell you their stats because it won't connect, and they're about three levels lower anyway.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ says currently...
pastilla says my scores are quite similar to zannah's
DBlume loves pastilla's reply!
2016-07-17 DBlume shares Aaron as "dejected Ash" because the Pokemon Go serve....
2016-07-13 DBlume shares Leigh Reyes shares how she made her latest lyrics and calligraphy video.
DBlume thinks zannah and Narilka might appreciate it.
Narilka says thank you!!
2016-07-11 DBlume says I made this countdown timer to help you worry about the next epoch fail.
DBlume says Let me help: Think banking infrastructure. Cold War era Department of Defense code.
DBlume says Also, the reason the Y2K bug wasn't a big deal was generally because of the widespread use of epoch timestamps.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I'm not sure if I should click due to my ability to panic.
sjonsvenson On IBM OS400 (system i) IBM solved the milemium problem by changing the reference date, Making it variable.
sjonsvenson I also dount coldwar military programs are going to have a problem with it, a lot of them are older then Unix More at risk are the more modern space programs.
sjonsvenson doubt
2016-07-04 DBlume says Happy Brexit day, fellow USA citizens!
pastilla says . . . sorry it turned out so badly for you . . . /sarcasm
sjonsvenson did I miss something? (thinking)
2016-06-29 sjonsvenson wondering whether dblume used that
DBlume has wanted to!
2016-06-27 sjonsvenson
DBlume says Dont't forget to read the URLs of Sjon's posts. This one says, "I couldn't remember which stick you threw." (lmao)
2016-06-19 DBlume shares 安室奈美恵 / 「B Who I Want 2 B feat. HATSUNE MIKU」 Namie Amuro pairs up with Hastune Miku for B Who I Want 2 B.
DBlume says It's really hard to find a good quality version of the previous time Namie became Anime for one of her songs .
2016-06-18 sjonsvenson Sorry Ireland
DBlume says Football, folks. Or what the Americans call, "Soccer". Or what my peeps call "Sportsball".
pastilla says BEER TIME
sjonsvenson Belgian beer :-) (drinking)
2016-06-13 sjonsvenson
Scea (woot)
DBlume says (applause)
2016-06-10 DBlume says Shortly after I admit I've searched the web for man pages, XKCD posts a new man page.
2016-06-09 sjonsvenson I suspect zannah has not bokked a trip to those spider infested forrest of Scotland
anisoptera bet there aren't any mosquitoes there though.
DBlume says Looks like they've got the attention of a dragonfly, though.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ UGH
anisoptera dblume (doh)
2016-06-02 DBlume shares Edward Scissorhands Bishoujo Statue
sjonsvenson that statue reminds me of one zannah
pastilla says me, too, sjonsvenson
2016-05-27 sjonsvenson ...
DBlume says Yeah, that turned out well.
2016-05-22 davidd shares Not as cool as pastilla's centipedes, perhaps, but rating fairly high nonetheless on the You've Got to Be Kidding Me backyard fun scale:
DBlume says I don't know what that is, but it's got the prettiest diamonds on its back.
pastilla says I can't tell if it's dead or alive.
Narilka "Dead or alive, you're coming with me!"
sjonsvenson You are unlikely to have a mouse or rat problem with those pets around
2016-05-19 DBlume shares a virtual trip to Patagonia, esp. for pastilla.
pastilla so well timed
pastilla wonders how you knew I needed a virtual trip today . . . THANK YOU THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL
DBlume :-))
ninjanuity I was just thinking about Patagonia thanks to the pic in this thread: Beams of sunlight break through the clouds between Cuerno Princip...
ninjanuity this fellow's work, I believe: Ted Gore Photography
2016-05-17 DBlume says I've always loved Boomslank. Always surround yourself with apex predators. Nice artwork through the link, too.
2016-05-15 DBlume says
sjonsvenson D-blue-me
Narilka says Congrats on the finish!!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I love this so much
2016-05-14 DBlume says You guys don't see me here much anymore. On the one hand, I'm proud of my work. On the other hand, I hope it has nothing to do with the end of humanity.
Raevyns O.O
pastilla says
Vanlal (drinking)
<3 2016-05-08 sjonsvenson
Loli (LOL)
2016-05-06 DBlume says Next year, I'll have been online 30 years.
2016-05-04 DBlume shares 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest
2016-05-01 DBlume shares Explosm's take on Lifehacks.
pastilla (LOL) OMG!
2016-04-29 sjonsvenson sounds like one of dblume 's tricks
DBlume says thanks to you, I do have a couple of screens running the site at work now.
<3 2016-04-27 sjonsvenson
Matu Undeniable! This is the ultimate Truth!! (LOL)
2016-04-27 DBlume says Happy-making: This weekend, I did something (for fun) that requires some full-stack technical know-how, and the community appreciated it.
DBlume says It's pretty much a custom data visualizer that makes life easier for those interested in such data. Narilka might appreciate the thing.
Raevyns Ooh. Link?
DBlume says Sadly, proprietary. But I can share one of the JavaScript tips. I link from the visualization to an intra-page location to the source data text file.
DBlume says "But David. There's no such think as an anchor in a text file. So you can't have intra-page links to text files."
DBlume says So what you do is calculate the line-height of the text file, and use JavaScript's window.scroll(lineheight * number_of_lines) to get to the line that sourced the datapoint.
DBlume says You actually link to an html page that uses GET params for text file, and line number, that make a XMLHttpRequest to retrieve the text file, and from there, scroll to the line of interest.
DBlume says Combine that with some fun Python and HTML5, and you end up with a product that visualizes what the Internet of Things is doing in your household. The fun is that you can now dive straight down from the GUI.
DBlume says That is, if you're the type that likes to tinker in the IoT.
DBlume says I already share my stats page, this would be for something where a graphical visualization makes sense. Wish I could be more specific. BTW, has been borked for days.
DBlume says Speaking of delicious's death, scroll down a bit at that page to see the @-messages. This is exactly why I have bots make my backups.
Raevyns @.@
DBlume says Oh, and speaking of Delicious's death, the last blog post I made in February was about the extraordinarily poor decision they made to embed ads into user activity feeds.
2016-04-24 ninjanuity caffeine!!!!
DBlume shares
Morskittar says This is the correct spelling, no?
2016-04-24 sjonsvenson Life is a game you cannot win
DBlume says Oh, that was sweet. I didn't know where that story would go.
sjonsvenson I did put the wong text in front of it
DBlume says I just now saw that you'd posted this in a previous plurk, and this one was probably the result of the wrong link in the clipboard when you hit paste. I'll move my comment over.
2016-04-24 sjonsvenson man's best friend ...
DBlume says Oh, that was sweet. I didn't know where that story would go.
Heena Singla says You are correct matu my pug is my best friend we play, dance, eat and spend lot of time. I love him.
2016-04-17 sjonsvenson lol
CaleAlcott <.<
ღ Chandni ღ LMAO
sjonsvenson some conversattion style I would expect from dblume
DBlume says I approve!
Scea (LOL)
2016-04-15 DBlume says Any of you know how iZombie is full of puns? Anybody amused that Rob Thomas (writer) had Rob Thomas (musician) cameo on this season's finale?
DBlume says Aside, the new Evil Corp introduced in the finale is named, "Fillmore Graves".
2016-04-15 DBlume says Dear YouTube: Stop suggesting I watch The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep again. Because I will. watch. it. again. The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep [FULL MUSIC VID...
2016-04-13 DBlume shares A- Ayukawa!
DBlume says It's weird to see her rendered to sexily. She's from the 1980's! I keep thinking of Kyousuke thinking to himself, "Dat ass!"
DBlume says ...and there's a Kickstarter to re-publish the manga!
Narilka !!!! <3
2016-04-09 DBlume shares There was a botched? suicide-by-car-crash attempt near my house.
DBlume wants to remind everyone to be alert while driving. And don't waste your time with road rage, you don't know what's going on with the other drivers. They could be in a very different "place".
pastilla says stories like that are so scary.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ :-(
DBlume shares 2016-04-08 major 3-car crash caused by a suicidal dr...
Narilka says That's horrible! And is that right next to a school or park or something? What is wrong with people.
DBlume says Yes, a park is one of the blocks at that T-intersection. Now that I see what happened, I understand how the suspect ended up rear-ending the concrete wall, when they originally were driving head-on into it.
2016-04-08 DBlume says I had to sign up on SnapChat so my teenage kids would notice me. I'm "hellopraemus" over there.
DBlume says So, that's who hellopraemus is, trying to friend you. Unless I can't find you. Are you on SnapChat?
♥.(.zannah.).♥ hellozannah please friend me I post to Stories all the time
♥.(.zannah.).♥ Wait, this is the only way your children will noticeyou?
pastilla is (LOL) that "Hello, Praemus" is still part of your life!!
2016-04-06 DBlume shares Data USA A pretty nice collaboration between Deloitte, Macro Connections at the MIT Media Lab, and Datawheel that visualizes government data.
DBlume says narilka, are you still interested in stuff like this?
Narilka says Yes!! Thank you!
2016-03-31 DBlume asks davidd if he's seen ‘Hikaru Dorodango’ is the Japanese Art of Turning Dirt into Perfect Spheres yet?
2016-03-26 DBlume shares Perfume and Baby Metal are coming to San Francisco! <3
DBlume shares 映画『ちはやふる』主題歌「FLASH」(Perfume)PV
DBlume says It's Perfume's first time here!!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ SO COOL!
DBlume says By the way, the show is Chihayafuru.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I still have not seen that. :-(
2016-03-24 sjonsvenson dads ...
CaleAlcott lol
sjonsvenson I suspec dblume is involved in some of those ;-)
DBlume says those are some dads after my own heart.
2016-03-23 sjonsvenson oh, and keep on the left side ...
TDS SUpport what the! :-D
pastilla says is the northern California? It looks like one of the horrible roads that wound through the Redwoods.)
DBlume says pastilla knows her stuff. Highway 3 to Trinity Center gives out
pastilla says lol. Thought so!  “It will be a very long-term closure" says CalTrans. Pastilla thinks:  "Not when a couple of the locals get out there with a few old Redwood planks & some rope."
2016-03-16 DBlume asks What is this logo for? Seen at an RxJS talk.
DBlume says I can't tell if it's a stylized italicized "r", or a dot slash.
DBlume says (Like you thought I didn't already to a Google Image search.) It could also be seen inside a hexagon.
sjonsvenson fasmiliar ... but ,,, nope, can't really remember it
pastilla says yeah, it looks like slashdot. With an extra slash.
2016-03-11 DBlume shares I just had to explain to my wife how I'd aged my 8-bit avatar.
DBlume says The "part" is on the correct side now. It was a mirror image before. There's gray on the sides, and less hair on top now.
DBlume The original really is a 16x16 image. :-)
pastilla lol  The ears & nose & jowls are next . . .
DBlume says I already see the jowls in that pic, and updating the inferred nose is up to the viewer. :-P
DBlume says There was a challenge to add my reading glasses to that 16x16 image, but nobody could do it.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I love it so much.
2016-03-08 DBlume shares The Dizzying Cityscape of Hong Kong
<3 2016-03-07 sjonsvenson wondering if that is one of davidd 's fuelstation murals ....
tato Ha!
2016-02-29 DBlume says zannah, make sure you don't miss Google's Leap Day rabbit rabbit rabbit.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I LOVE IT! <3 <3 <3
2016-02-20 sjonsvenson I suspect dblume could add some here ...
DBlume loves those, and is touched by that last one.
pastilla says that was sweet. One of my brothers (the one like Wayne from the Wonder Years) told me tapioca pudding was made with used kleenex.
pastilla says he also told me there were black creatures that lived underneath outhouses (eating all the stuff under there) & I needed to watch out because they had bitten his bum once or twice before.
pastilla says what about you, sjonsvenson ? Were you deceived in a charming or tyrannical way by a sibling/parent?
Narilka says My sibling told me if I swallowed a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow in my tummy! On the other hand, she totally helped me believe in Santa a little bit longer, which I appreciate now. (heart_beat)
♥.(.zannah.).♥ In my defense, I actually believed in the watermelon seed thing at the time.
pastilla (LOL)
sjonsvenson Nah, I never got deceived like that.
Loli was an oldest sibling, so i got to make up a lot of lies to tell the younger kids.
Loli My daddid tell us they had kids before butgot rid of them because they were bad, and had pics of 2 little girls with my mom to prove it.
2016-02-20 sjonsvenson
DBlume asks Where in the world did you find her?
2016-02-20 DBlume shares Note to self: You really liked L by Tycho at the Indie Game exhibit at the EMP. Hohokum Soundtrack - L by Tycho
DBlume wishes I could get a better shot of the Hello Kitty playlist they used.
2016-02-17 DBlume shares At the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
2016-02-06 DBlume shares An interview with Nirvana, mentioning Shonen Knife and Lemmy.
ninjanuity good 'ol Green River Community College -- been there a lot in the last year for work.
2016-02-03 DBlume says You guys, halophoenix has an amazing accomplishment to report! Let's just say that this page needs an update.
pastilla feels the need to write the editor
Raevyns This is the very best thing ever.
halophoenix says Haha thank you! And yeah, that's on my to do list! :-D
ninjanuity (party)
2016-02-03 DBlume says My wife just now discovered Tsum Tsums. Any advice for someone who's just getting into it? She's got her eye on the Star Wars ones.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ oh god what do you want to know i can tell you all the things.
Narilka ^^^^^ is your hookup right there
ninjanuity get out now! Eject! Eject!
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I knew he was going to say that.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ Seriously, though. The new monthly collections are limited and come out on the first Tuesday of each month. It's good to know what's coming up and plan, because some of them sell out quickly.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I think the Star Wars collection will be like the Marvel collection and will be more of a consistent offering, since it's releasing mid-month, but no one has confirmed that yet (that I've seen).
2016-01-29 sjonsvenson
CaleAlcott Oo it survived
DBlume says Mount Doom ain't what it used to be.
sjonsvenson yep, it tasted the ring, didn't like it and spit it oujt again
2016-01-25 DBlume says on the news today here in California, there was a segment on how to use an umbrella. Apparently, we've forgotten.
sjonsvenson you mean you are nut used to sunscreening with them?
coffee rob not my experience in San Francisco
2016-01-18 sjonsvenson people don't dislike you for what little you give, they dislike you for all you don't give.
pastilla is putting that on the list of reasons people don't like me
anisoptera i started a sql database for that. ran into some serious scalability issues with excel.
DBlume says I like that your database ran into scalability issues with Excel. I like to imagine the database couldn't keep up with your Excel wizardry.
2016-01-18 DBlume loves the third panel of today's Wapsi Square.
sjonsvenson :-D
pastilla says this reminds me of Forestdweller somehow
sjonsvenson Yep she would fit in well at times
<3 2016-01-14 alteregoliz shares
2016-01-14 DBlume wonders is it weird that I even love Loish's signature/watermark?
DBlume says it plays at symmetry without being rigid about it. It's just fascinating.
2016-01-11 DBlume shares Namie Amuro "Can You Celebrate?" 1997 &... Namie Amuro singing "Can You Celebrate" 17 years apart.
pastilla says beautiful but she looks so sad;  :-(
DBlume says That's the song that she always cries in when she performs it live. It's actually endearing. There's a video where the audience goes nuts whenever she chokes up. Not doubt at the time it was genuine.
2015-12-29 sjonsvenson still strugling with Firefox. It just doesn't want to load anything from the internet (nor from my local disk) ... without showing error or anything ... whatever I do the tab title changes to 'new tab' and the
sjonsvenson address line clears itself.
CaleAlcott weird, never heard of that, im using Firefox for ages and never happened something like this, is maybe a firewall or anti virus programm interferring? Really no clue sorry
pastilla asks if this looks helpful. I had another similar problem & this fixed it. I also updated Java whle I was at it. Firefox repeatedly opens empty tabs or windows after you click on...
pastilla says lthough I am not sure you can do the "Refresh Firefox features" without connecting to the internet or your local disk?
sjonsvenson I'll be checke then out later. I am now back in Opera . The only problem is that some sites (glares at Flickr) only like to run in Firefox or Chrome or IE (or Safari).
sjonsvenson shares Checked it out and did the refresh. (Plurk Paste)
pastilla says are you kidding me? It deleted all your bookmarks???
pastilla is so sorry. Did not have that happen myself!!
sjonsvenson all bookmarks gone, all passwords gone, all settings gone ... only the problem that wasn't gone :-(
pastilla WTH? That is crazy.
sjonsvenson Nah, it's a "oh, it says it will save everything. So what can go wrong?" ... kind of Murphy invitation.
sjonsvenson But I know mister Murphy, I did make a backup of my bookmarks first. so now I can use them in Opera and Chrome if I need. while I try to get the Fox back on it's legs
pastilla says I was going to ask if you had a backup; but didn't want to make you feel worse (if you ddn't) (LOL)
DBlume says This reminds me to make a backup of this sort of data, myself.
sjonsvenson pastilla , I do the backups at wurk. I see desperate people comming and happy people going often enough to know the value of those things
pastilla says very smart :-)
pastilla says I feel immensey less guilty now for encouraging you to "refresh" . . . THANK YOU.
pastilla immensely, even
2015-12-29 ninjanuity dammit, we lost Lemmy.
deinera says I keep seeing this sentiment but having NO clue what it's related to.
ninjanuity I will drop knowledge: Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister Dies at Age 70
ninjanuity and maybe drink some whiskey.
Morskittar says I'm having a hard time parsing it
roshiredyoshi yeah. not super surprising, but still rough.
Morskittar says It kind of is surprising. I'd think that much whiskey in your body would just kill cancer cells.
Morskittar says But fuck. With Ronnie out, Jeff, now Lemmy... we're running out of living metal legends. And not replacing them in any meaningful way.
ninjanuity yeah, losing RJD and Lemmy is pretty rough. If Bruce goes, I'll lose my shit.
wakko says I'd expect Ozzy to go before Bruce.
ninjanuity turns out, he's been dead for years and is only powered by the half-life of the various narcotics in his system.
Morskittar says Sharon has access to the phylactery though
DBlume says Morskittar, I had to look that word up. ninjanuity, that explains a lot.
DBlume shares The Entire World: To henceforth and hereafter rename the "J...
2015-12-27 DBlume shares We replaced my old Raspberry Pi with a new one. To ensure it is doing its job, I've set up this War Games tribute site.
DBlume says If you're on a computer with a keyboard, go click on it. If you remember War Games, you might be amused.
Vanlal Well, I couldn't get WOPR to start a Thermonuclear War or even a game of chess. :-(
DBlume says Sorry! In real life, these things happen in baby steps. I was amused I could even get the fake CLI working.
2015-12-26 davidd shares Mattel EMEA
pastilla wshes I could have nurtured this hobby with MeiMei.
DBlume says Imagine you couldn't get your kids into Star Wars. :'-(
pastilla asks . . . why did we have kids again?
pastilla says . . . oh, yeah, someone said it would be fulfilling.
pastilla says . . . :'-(
Narilka says (LOL)
<3 2015-12-23 sjonsvenson
CaleAlcott lol
Scea 8-)
2015-12-23 DBlume asks Narilka if she's still interested in data analysis and visualization like this?
Narilka says yes!!
davidd loves the dblume and Narilka tech topics; they're so delightfully arcane!
2015-12-21 alteregoliz Finished one bathroom door.
M ™ says lol cool
potato boyo Very nice!
un3wl33t Awesome!
DBlume asks does the inside look much bigger now?
alteregoliz If only.
alteregoliz Thanks, guys!
alteregoliz Boatloads of projects like these are why I don't see you all very much these days. :-( Can't wait till I get my whole house in order.
alteregoliz How are you doing in your place, pastilla?
pastilla loves this.
pastilla says nothing this wonderful!! The Escher stairs are a work in progress but we have a toilet that works really well now, some blinds that go up & down and a kitchen sink that no longer smells of decayed dog fur.
alteregoliz Progress!
2015-12-16 DBlume shares My year in books.
DBlume says Not listed: I'm still reading REAMDE and What If.
sjonsvenson looks like a whole series of zannah books (thinking)
2015-12-11 DBlume shares I'm so seriously considering this Pan shirt.
DBlume says I wonder if Kurii would be interested, pastilla? I realize that Kogepan has nothing to do with Everything Becomes F, but the shirt is still cool.
DBlume says "Remove before washing." "Wear with pants."
pastilla says I shall ask him.
pastilla says and thanks for the care tips as well. Made me think of (repost):
2015-12-11 DBlume shares 安室奈美恵 / 「Anything」 (from New Album「_genic」) Namie Amuro
2015-12-11 DBlume quotes, "that includes you, Washington." What's Legal Oregon - In Oregon, it's legal for adults ...
DBlume says Fuckin' Washington, always trying to get away with something.
<3 2015-12-08 davidd shares Trippy, posing as a "mental health expert," teaches people how to be happy: scroll down, you'll see him!
pastilla says of all the disturbing stories in the news lately, this is right up there at the top. Trippy demonstrating mental health. omaigawd
2015-12-01 DBlume shares The 2015 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar.
DBlume says When I didn't see it this morning, I actually went and asked The Atlantic if it was still coming this year.
karma medic says Check out photo 1 of the calendar!
DBlume says Yay! You spun up! (cozy)
pastilla says hi to dblumebuddy !!! Karma Medic reminds you, you remind me, I remind my science-y RL friends on Facebook . . . thank you for making me look good.
pastilla says since this year's calendar starts off with cats staring at a big old phallus , I predict this year's calendar will be the greatest ever . . .
karma medic says Check out photo 2 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 3 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 4 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 5 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 6 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 7 of the calendar!
DBlume says Such amazing forces creating such a cute image. This helps explain it in the thousand most common words: The space doctor's big idea.
karma medic says Check out photo 8 of the calendar!
pastilla :-)
karma medic says Check out photo 9 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 10 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 11 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 12 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 13 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 14 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 15 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 16 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 17 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 18 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 19 of the calendar!
pastilla says I loved the light saber one, dblumebuddy
karma medic says Check out photo 20 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 21 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 22 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 23 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 24 of the calendar!
karma medic says Check out photo 25 of the calendar!
2015-11-27 DBlume says davidd's Travels with Karrah: Adventures in the American West has been amazing.
davidd is happy you enjoyed the little adventure. It was an opportunity/excuse to get out and explore the new surroundings.
2015-11-27 DBlume shares These photos are why I’m trapped in Tokyo forever now — Medium
davidd Wow! Nakagin Capsule Tower! Amazing... and, from what I just read elsewhere, in a sorry state of decay.
2015-11-27 DBlume shares xkcd: Food Combinations Be sure to read the hover text. Also, every time I hit the store, I look for Ketchup flavored Pringles.
DBlume says Canadians are so lucky!
<3 2015-11-26 davidd Happy Thanksgiving!
2015-11-20 sjonsvenson why do I always thing about dblume when I see thing like this (thinking) ...
DBlume says Because it was awesome?
sjonsvenson yes, you are ;-)
CaleAlcott lol
pastilla :-D
Loli (LOL)
2015-11-18 davidd is developing UrbEx street cred: two of the twelve photos in this "Abandoned Places in Hawaii" article are mine: 12 Abandoned Places In Hawaii That Nature Is Reclaiming
DBlume says At first, I misread that as "UberX".
pastilla thinks yours are so nicely composed
sjonsvenson I first misread it as "two abandoned places are mine" (woot) ...
2015-11-18 davidd Did y'all receive yours yet?
pastilla chose to wait for your report(s) on its usefulness or lack thereof.
DBlume shares I got mine!
davidd DBlume - we carry the same model Swiss Army Knife!
DBlume says I'd be surprised! Mine is the Rogue. SAKWiki | Rogue
davidd Oh, wait, no... yours is cooler!
davidd I carry an (obviously well used) Ambassador. Hey, our tabletops are similar, too!
DBlume says The way I see it, you can't have too many cap lifters. I don't know why they discontinued the Rogue!
pastilla says several children must have eaten it and died, DBlume.
DBlume says Ah, you may be thinking of its near-anagram monster, the grue, which eats the children in the dark when their nightlights go out.
2015-11-16 DBlume shares Baby Pictures to Nuclear Launch Codes. I realize that my geekiness is usually one step beyond.
DBlume says I have to share files between Linux, Windows, and OS X, on air-gapped networks. So I manually encrypt the personal files on my USB stick, so I can retrieve them from any platform.
DBlume says And yes, I do leave secret messages for attackers. Would you expect anything less?
davidd Do you insert items like this in the code you develop at work? Okay, I know you can't answer that. But we know... we know.
DBlume says it's harder to get personal Easter Eggs into production code nowadays what with all the code reviews.
davidd Harder... but not impossible? (LOL)
DBlume says The trick is to leave hooks for live refreshes, even if only via data files. Unfortunately, it could be the sort of thing that gets called out as being a "back door".
2015-11-15 DBlume says I really love Forestdweller's current userpic. Best viewed on her profile page.
Raevyns Grackle Kaw KAW!*
pastilla says so true. I noticed it the other day & was similarly impressed.
pastilla thinks Forestdweller is particularly good at sleek designs with a bit of dark sparkle.
Raevyns Guys. I'm blushing.
2015-11-11 DBlume shares Happy Pocky Day, everyone!
KiltedMonkey says looks around I have no Pocky.
DBlume says if you were on the spunky little team that's beating Google, Amazon and Apple, you would.
DBlume says ( We're happy with a couple of good reviews, because it's an intense market out there, and the other guys are world-dominating giants. )
davidd Mosaic is still around?
2015-11-10 DBlume says Well, I'm delighted by Starbuck's seasonal tomato sauce colored cups.
DBlume says You'd have to click through to the link at the top left of the image to see my caption at Instagram. That's the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
pastilla says so awesome I just shared it with someone who has Starbuckian higher-echelon connections . . .
sjonsvenson I thought that FSM stood for Flying Starbucks Monster
2015-11-10 ninjanuity made me think of our recent trip to Canada:
Morskittar says Well, that explains why they thought we were nefarious criminals on the way in.
ninjanuity should've asked for a flu shot.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ you already got one.
EvilCouch Get two! Abuse that free health care!
DBlume says That's ridiculous. All Americans know that flu shots are just a plot by the CDC to give kids autism.
Morskittar says omg I hadn't even considered. Double flu shots would mean... DOUBLE AUTISM!!!11
♥.(.zannah.).♥ double negative has led to proof positive!
2015-11-09 DBlume says In a world without Men's Pocky, I'm forced to search for Dark Chocolate Pepero or Pejoy for this year's Pocky Day.
DBlume says My wife is out securing the 11/11 assets right now.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ I read this in the movie trailer guy's voice.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ Don LaFontaine.
2015-11-08 DBlume says it's probably weird that when the cute little trapped bacteria says, "What is happening?" at 2:02 in this video, I heard it in zannah's voice. The Immune System Explained I – Bacteria Infection
DBlume says there's also, "killing stuff was the best part".
EvilCouch That was a lot of fun.
♥.(.zannah.).♥ "Don't die yet! We still need you!"
♥.(.zannah.).♥ This was amazing!!!! ^_^
2015-11-06 sjonsvenson
davidd The Force is strong in this one!
DBlume says I can't stop watching this one! (heart)
Loli (LOL)
2015-11-06 DBlume shares click here to learn more.
davidd was fished in. (blush)
EvilCouch says Hehehe.
DBlume says Actually, I did read that exact line in some technical documentation today. I only changed the link. Bad hypertext is a pet peeve of mine.
pastilla says I clicked. Because I trusted you.
pastilla says Which Giant Movie Monster Are You?
pastilla ^^ please take this quiz so we can all understand what kind of monster could clickbait their friends thusly
davidd pastilla - I got Mothra: "Powerful but kind of lazy." What will DBlume come up with, I wonder?
Vanlal I'm King Kong
pastilla ^^ I filled everything in for him . . .
DBlume says "clickbait‽" I beg to differ. Mine was clear, concise, and couldn't have been more accurate.
DBlume says Also, Zimbio? Me? Really, pastilla?
pastilla says mwah ha ha ha ha
2015-11-06 davidd Feeling ignorant: what is this kitchen cabinet space for? My hypothesis is cookbooks, but I figure some of my sophisticated Plurkfriends will know for sure.
KiltedMonkey But that seems awfully tall for plates
DBlume Bad children.
girlintheworld you put them there after washing and to store, enough air circulation means they dry right there (my guess pre-dishwasher idea?)
girlintheworld or big serving plates and large ceramic flatware?
davidd Thank you, everyone, and thanks for the link!
Narilka says cookie sheets, pizza pans, etc. Obviously, you probably shouldn't take my word for it, since I only cook things in a microwave, a full turkey dinner, and sketti.
pastilla says that's where you attach the "wife-chain"
Narilka says pastilla wins this thread.
DBlume says Aw, c'mon! "Bad children" gets some points.
KiltedMonkey pastilla:
DBlume says Here's how we use ours:
davidd likes DBlume's suggestion. So did the oft-mentioned spouse!
sjonsvenson I would say plate dry rack to but then the space under it is not OK. maybe they installed it upside down (thinking)
2015-11-06 DBlume says Excuse me, The Atlantic, she's not just "a person in a costume". She's Black Rock Shooter's Strength.
davidd The sorry state of journalism today.
2015-11-06 davidd was looking at DBlume's recent Plurk, which led to Reading about The Vast Wasteland speech, which led to Newton Minow, which led to SS Minnow, which led to current whereabouts of SS Minnow, which led...
davidd ... to current owner of the boat, which led to River Bend Resort on Vancouver Island, which led to a page on luxury yurt accommodations, which resulted in practical ideas for fixing up my house.
davidd Morning NOT wasted after all! (LOL)
DBlume says Ha! You should follow zannah's watched YouTube history.
2015-11-06 DBlume shares Sucks to be a Millennial.
DBlume quotes, "What does a Millennial Fight Club look like?" I can't think of anything that'd be good.
pastilla says the insight on "Gen Z" is extremely interesting. In potentially a sci-fi sort of way.
pastilla says ithe Gen Z comment makes me think of this, actually Blade Runner (2/10) Movie CLIP - Somebody Else's Mem...
davidd "I have never felt truly Millennial or Gen X," he says; and I have never felt truly Gen X or Boomer. So what about us Transgenerationals? (Must be careful to type that correctly.)
davidd wonders if every generation has a confusing relationship with popular media? The Vast Wasteland? The Media Is The Message? The Hidden Persuaders? Seduction of the Innocent?
davidd says and the fact that international... INTER-FREAKIN-NATIONAL... news, including local news here, ran the story about an Australian teen deleting her Instagram account is nuts.
davidd asks where was the coverage of pastilla deleting her Flickr account? Oh, wait, I can answer that: a) Flickr is totally who-cares, and B-) no bikini photos.
davidd says Heh! That sunglasses icon was supposed to be "b" with a parenthesis, but the icon works! B-)
pastilla says (evil_grin)
2015-11-03 DBlume shares I don't know if any of you have been reading Camp Weedonwantcha, but the current arc has been amazing.
pastilla says I hadn't been, until you reminded me. TY.
2015-11-02 DBlume shares Concrete Soviet Bus Stops as Tributes to their Unknown Designers. Esp. for pastilla
davidd (v_love)
pastilla OMG it's like the best of Kandinsky rolled into bus stop architecture!!.
2015-11-02 DBlume says in the nearly-a-year since I've installed Dark Sky, today is the first day I got to see it with a Dark Sky! It rained!!
DBlume shares There's enough rain to wash the dirt off the car! The local news is probably announcing the apocalypse.
davidd How many years has it been?
DBlume says The car is grey! Not very different from dirt colored, but at least now we know for sure!
Vanlal Apocalypse?! It's been averted by all the plastic balls you've spread over your water bodies. Hasn't it?
DBlume says You know about that? All our McDonalds' playlands are so sad without their ball pits anymore. Nothing left but the used drug needles at the bottom.
Vanlal I sometimes don't know when you're joking @ dblume. (LOL)
2015-10-31 DBlume says Yay! halophoenix and I both bought in to Google Photos for our photo de-clutteri...!
pastilla says yes, but halophoenix does it with his sexeh radio voice (LOL)
pastilla says BTW, you both inspired me greatly. I am doing a Big Flickr to Google transfer right now.
DBlume says Keep in mind that they serve different purposes. Flickr is social by default. With Google Photos, it's private by default. You have to explicitly share, and they're not otherwise discoverable.
pastilla says right. But Flickr sort of destroyed the social aspect long ago.
halophoenix says (blush) You guys!
halophoenix says But yeah, I don't think anyone has this perfect yet, and Google's uploader needs some work, but they've got the best tool right now, so....
halophoenix says That's where my chips are. :-D Glad you guys liked the show, by the way! It was definitely a process. XD
<3 2015-10-29 alteregoliz So this happened today:
alteregoliz (muhaha)
pastilla . . . so replete with awesomeness
EvilCouch (muhaha)
Envi How did you earn that title...?
2015-10-27 DBlume shares "The hardest part has been writing more." 7 things I did to reboot my life, by Wil Wheaton
DBlume says That's especially for you NANOWRIMO people. davidd, narilka, etc.
davidd That was... is... epic! Thank you for linking, and thinking of us! Wil/Wesley nails it on so many levels!
Narilka says Thanks for the link!
2015-10-26 davidd IKEA production line.
DBlume thinks pastilla's going to be envious.
davidd Invites pastilla to join in the fun!
ChrisHalliwell (woot)
sjonsvenson (thinking) I have done a few IKEAs and never needed a hammer for them
pastilla says see: private plurk for update on my closets.
davidd pastilla: can't see it. :'-(
pastilla says it's on the "tired of being mad" one
pastilla says synopsis:
<3 2015-10-26 davidd Shadow-cat
2015-10-24 davidd So much to do; not sure where to begin. Feeling overwhelmed. Annoyed because stupid printer won't work; that was supposed to be a quick five minute task. Here we are an hour later....
DBlume asks Are you checking items off of a list? That helps me.
pastilla is also like DBlume in this: things on a list trigger a DO IT response for me . . . although I have to say with my current move there have been so many obstacles (situations like
pastilla a printer that doesn't work, or the movers didn't put the cord in the box, etc.) preventing finishing the list, it got to a point where just saying 7 minutes in each room doing random tasks was a better option.
pastilla says for us, not having closets or shelves has left our floors like this (as we unpack boxes to find something & make piles):
davidd dblume: pastilla: oh yes, I make lists. And each item has sub-items to check off. And the lack of shelves and closets is a serious problem here, too. In fact....
davidd ... I'm starting to think our Plurk friends who believe pastilla and davidd are the same person might be right! Stepping over piles, weaving between tottering towers, and endless assembly of IKEA components!
davidd needs to make another IKEA trek next week. Tall shelf units would not fit in car and the "$59 and up" delivery charge would be $650 to where I live. Gonna give the trailer a true long-distance trial!
girlintheworld what will gas cost?
davidd @ chicawhappa: about thirty dollars for gas, round trip.
girlintheworld oh!

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