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In 1995, the PlayStation game Wipeout was released, and its influence was massive. It had great playability, music and visuals. The clean and futuristic visuals were designed by The Designers Republic and they were incorporated into all parts of the game, advertising copy and at least one music video.

The music of Wipeout included works by the Chemical Brothers, Fluke, and The Prodigy. The official music video for Fluke's "Atom Bomb" revolves around Ariel Tetsuo, one of the characters in Wipeout. it's a combination of in-game video, animation, effects, and live video suitable for a screening at a rave party.

For years, when returning from San Francisco on an empty 280 freeway with racetrack curves, I'd play Atom Bomb (or just remember the tune) and be reminded of flying by on a Wipeout course looking for imaginary power-up pads.

The Chemical Brothers

Wipeout got me further interested in electronic and techno music from artists like The Chemical Brothers. The Chemical Brothers have a history of innovative music video from creative directors like the legendary Michel Gondry. Their video for "Wide Open" ft. Beck stars Sonoya Mizuno dancing alone in a warehouse as parts of her body become 3D-printed lattice constructions – in one amazing four and a half minute shot. It was directed by Dom & Nic.

The video is worth watching. The music and the dance are haunting on their own, and her transformation to the printed lattice self is on another level. It's amazing.

Fx Guide has an excellent, deep article on the making of that music video, So, just how was that Chemical Brothers video made? There is also a worthy four-minute documentary, "The Chemical Brothers - The Making Of Wide Open" on YouTube:

FX's miniseries Devs

I was already a huge fan of the original series on FX Legion. So when I heard people raving about a new miniseries called, "Devs", I was very willing to give it a chance.

I've just started Devs and it looks to be really good. The main character is played by Sonoya Mizuno, the dancer from "Wide Open"! Oh man, there's nothing but positive associations there for me going all the way back to 1995. Everything from FX, Sonoya Mizuno, to the Chemical Brothers all the way back to Wipeout.

I really hope I like the rest of Devs. ^_^;

PSNation was the source for the Wipeout image.

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