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Nov 16, 3:43pm
@yacitus I don't. But I'm wary for a continued free press in this administration. Just being vigilant, to keep those laws in place. twitter
Nov 16, 12:19pm
I don't like Assange at all. But I need a transparent and accountable government. We can't let them set a precedent here that'd narrow the b… twitter
Nov 16, 12:00pm
RT @LizaGoitein: If you're wondering why this is a big deal (and it is BIG), I wrote in @just_security last year about why prosecuting Assan… twitter
Nov 16, 11:55am
RT @PaulBlu: The thrust of the Gulen story is that the WH considered shipping a U.S. green card holder to likely torture and death in exchan… twitter
Nov 15, 10:08pm
@ProtonMailHelp @ProtonMail In addition to appreciating the new security features you just rolled out, I want to call out that I am now get… twitter
Nov 15, 1:42pm
RT @CREWcrew: That's amazing. Not one. Not two. Not three. FOUR Mar-a-Lago members as ambassadors. People paying the president money are get… twitter
Nov 15, 1:41pm
RT @markos: Pelosi didn't cost Democrats a single seat. And anyone who thinks that a Pelosi replacement wouldn't get the same right-wing-noi… twitter
Nov 15, 11:30am
RT @yashar: My God twitter
Nov 14, 11:40am
RT @m_older: so maybe let's stop pretending that education is an optional add-on when it comes to a functioning democracy twitter
Nov 14, 9:36am
RT @integerpoet: 📷 hifructosemag: William Kidd’s ceramic sculptures imagine fruits and vegetables that don’t exist in... twitter
Nov 13, 12:36pm
@zannah We used this resource to send help: twitter
Nov 13, 12:11pm
RT @RBReich: House Democrats have already outlined a bill that would: 1) Overturn Citizens United. 2) Establish Automatic Voter Registrati… twitter
Nov 10, 3:26pm
RT @stevesilberman: Spot-on: "America doesn’t have a 'tribalism' problem. It has a racism problem. And the parties are not equally responsib… twitter
Nov 10, 11:24am
"The differences between the parties are never clearer than in these crisis moments. Rs get on a gut level that this is about power & th… twitter
Nov 10, 11:20am
RT @TheLoveBel0w: Imagine looking at this and thinking nothing needs to change. twitter
Nov 9, 3:35pm
RT @drvox: The differences between the parties are never clearer than in these crisis moments. Rs get on a gut level that this is about powe… twitter
Nov 9, 2:28pm
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) The Whitaker scandal is deepening, as it becomes clear that Sessions' Russia recusal was a coordinated sham and h… twitter
Nov 8, 12:12pm
RT @FreedomofPress: Join us this weekend in San Francisco to hack on @SecureDrop and celebrate the life of computer scientist, digital right… twitter
Nov 7, 7:54am
@Narilka My Twitter anniversary is one day after yours! Now today is my 12th #MyTwitterAnniversary twitter
Nov 5, 8:32pm
@zannah The four engineers wear orange brassieres. twitter
Nov 5, 9:05am
Olympe de Gouges. She was ahead of her time, and her story was almost erased. twitter
Nov 4, 8:29am
@ryanqnorth I see two How to Invent Everythings at Amazon. One's a survival guide, the other promises 96% fewer catastrophes. Which do I get… twitter
Nov 3, 4:18pm
RT @MaxFagin: November is here, and that means a massive shift is coming. And by "massive" I am of course referring to the redefinition of t… twitter
Nov 2, 1:33pm
RT @bangbangconwest: Our shiny new website is up! twitter
Nov 2, 9:07am
RT @ddale8: Trump says he has told US officers at the border that, if migrants throw rocks, "Consider it a rifle." He's saying, obviously, t… twitter
Oct 31, 12:53pm
RT @DanRather: Any media operation that acts as a stenographer for this president, in headlines or tweets, is at risk for sending false info… twitter
Oct 30, 10:30pm
RT @ACLU: This is further proof that the president’s move to send troops to the border is a racist ploy and a huge waste of resources. twitter
Oct 29, 2:32pm
RT @voxdotcom: Republicans in Congress have been drifting towards political extremism since long before Trump, and they’re making it impossi… twitter
Oct 29, 10:49am
RT @raymondh: Inspection Paradox with #Python: In a school with an average class size of 31, a student's average class size is 63. >>… twitter
Oct 27, 9:40pm
@bangbangconwest Please let us know when registration opens! twitter
Oct 26, 12:24pm
@lizargall I'm a jaded old man, but I caught my breath and had to stop for a beat when I read your "Blunt Force Trauma Delivered by Spouse" … twitter
Oct 26, 11:07am
@McFaul You missed the scare quotes around the word "bomb". He's implying it's not to be taken at face value. twitter
Oct 25, 3:22pm
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: to recap: our racist moron president is sending troops to the border to protect our country against an imaginary threat… twitter
Oct 25, 12:29am
RT @YouCaughtScott: The fact the President Of The United States can call for violence against his political enemies for almost 3 years and t… twitter
Oct 24, 5:33pm
RT @davidaxelrod: We don’t know who sent the bombs. We do know this. Words of incitement do incite. Words of encouragement for acts of viol… twitter
Oct 24, 5:29pm
RT @ClaraJeffery: Basically the White House is telling us not to worry about Trump's hacked cellphones because he's a dumbshit who doesn't k… twitter
Oct 23, 12:21pm
@zannah Yup. This is the world that my kids are growing into. I thought I had a lock on making them work for "experience". Turns out compani… twitter
Oct 23, 11:26am
RT @StephenKing: Donald Trump’s campaign message in two words: Be afraid. My campaign message in two words: Be brave. twitter
Oct 22, 8:32am
The brain is an odd thing. @natalietran's [bring them here], for Australia's refugee crisis, always reminds me of Siouxsie and the Banshee's… twitter
Oct 20, 9:08pm
RT @steak_ham: One thing Americans love doing is having 20% of their paycheck deducted for their “employer-provided health insurance” and th… twitter
Oct 19, 2:24pm
RT @NazeoAelkoNezen: @TheirNameIsLola One of my favorite quotes. twitter
Oct 19, 2:18pm
Just got some great music recommendations from someone with synesthesia. twitter
Oct 19, 1:03pm
RT @mmfa: CNN failed to disclose during an interview that their commentator signed an NDA legally prohibiting him from criticizing Trump htt… twitter
Oct 18, 11:27am
@fpccraig @zannah Was pretty sure that participants in fisticuffs can't use the Popeye-style spinach buff, but hyperspace mallets can be neg… twitter
Oct 17, 8:39pm
RT @zannah: The Empire Strikes Back’s long-lost making-of documentary surfaces on YouTube! #starwars twitter
Oct 17, 2:16pm
RT @markfollman: If the Dems don't win, "the lesson will be obvious: A hate-filled and low-information president can preside over a regime o… twitter
Oct 16, 10:46pm
@zannah My last share is a good article on Natalie Portman. I'm twitter
Oct 16, 3:27pm
RT @neiltyson: Imagine how much more advanced society would be today if women, who comprise half the world’s brain power, were socially &… twitter
Oct 16, 2:19pm
RT @TranslateRealDT: The actual President of the United States just publicly referred to the woman he slept with while his wife was nursing … twitter
Oct 15, 12:19pm
RT @neilrkaye: Animating the Mercator projection to the true size of each country in relation to all the others. Focusing on a single count… twitter
Oct 12, 9:07pm
RT @RBReich: Last week, we learned that the President of the United States engaged in fraud to avoid millions of dollars in taxes on his fam… twitter
Oct 12, 1:40pm
RT @funder: BREAKING: Before Jamal Khashoggi disappeared, U.S. intelligence intercepted communications of Saudi officials discussing a plan … twitter
Oct 12, 1:37pm
@zannah It bothers me that you'd almost never get a perfect sphere, since the initial cut is made at a plane, not a point on the sphere, and… twitter
Oct 11, 9:15pm
RT @waltshaub: There you have it, the formula: Kashoggi was not an American citizen, and Saudis pay Trump’s hotels in American dollars. Pay … twitter
Oct 11, 7:57am
RT @JuliusGoat: Hi, guys. Imagine if one day you got kicked in the nuts, really hard, on purpose. You doubled over. Felt the pain. Nearly … twitter
Oct 10, 2:37pm
RT @LEBassett: 1. Brian Kemp is running for GA gov against Stacey Abrams (a black woman) 2. Kemp is in charge of elections & voter regi… twitter
Oct 10, 12:27pm
@JohnTakis I know this is years late, but I just read and really enjoyed your story, Apitoxin, in This Is How You Die. Thank you for writing… twitter
Oct 10, 12:18pm
RT @neilhimself: I never know whether to smile or cry at the knowledge that my rarest and most expensive book is the hardcover edition of th… twitter
Oct 10, 12:10pm
@zannah Honestly, it's even better than it looks, and it looks awesome. It's a collection of stories edited by the Dinosaur Comics guy, @rya… twitter
Oct 10, 10:27am
@zannah twitter
Oct 8, 5:18pm
RT @drvox: The only remaining strategy is for the left to, at long last, after apologizing for itself since Reagan, fully & proudly embr… twitter
Oct 8, 12:09pm
RT @tragedythyme: A quick reminder for men: Common events for you can turn into really scary situations for women in a snap. Case in point… twitter
Oct 6, 11:04pm
I just published “Getting Pip working for Python 3.7 on Rasbian” twitter
Oct 6, 10:22pm
RT @mikkipedia: I think the Banksy thing is pretty badass but never forget that in 1998 Chris Burden installed a battering ram connected to … twitter
Oct 4, 8:33pm
RT @dizwire: Holy shit, Mad Magazine 👏👏👏 Pulling no punches. twitter
Oct 4, 4:41pm
I'm just going to leave "man strip" there in my history and hope I don't have to explain anything to human resources. twitter
Oct 4, 1:01pm
I didn't start singing until the final panel, then I read it again and sang along. twitter
Oct 4, 12:48pm
@thenib @yacitus Hands were way too big. twitter
Oct 4, 8:43am
This is my favorite quote of the year, and if Elana hadn't transcribed it, I would've. twitter
Oct 4, 8:33am
RT @renato_mariotti: A couple of law professors I know hesitated to sign their names to this because they were afraid about the consequences… twitter
Oct 4, 7:36am
RT @Riana_Crypto: But sure, give the police an encryption backdoor guaranteeing access to everything on your phone and every message you sen… twitter
Oct 2, 3:44pm
RT @Spacekatgal: Please RT if you are a man who has never been in a bar fight. twitter
Sep 27, 2:51pm
RT @FiveThirtyEight: “The Supreme Court must never be viewed as a partisan institution. The Justices on the Supreme Court do not sit on oppo… twitter
Sep 26, 8:32pm
RT @molly_knight: There it is. “I would rather have a Republican child molester win than a Democrat.” Our president just said it out loud. H… twitter
Sep 25, 9:42pm
RT @_cingraham: Trudeau took a swipe at U.S. redistricting processes today and, well, he's got a point twitter
Sep 23, 4:38pm
RT @missmayn: It would be nice if a Supreme Court nominee were scrutinized as hard a guy who was shot in his own apartment. twitter
Sep 17, 12:14pm
RT @TheTattooedProf: Tax this asshole's "church." As George Carlin one said, you wanna play politics, pay your fckin admission price like th… twitter
Sep 14, 12:16pm
@ryanestrada I just read "Shiv Sena Riot" from This is How You Die. You really captured human behavior wonderfully. I LOL'ed at least twice.… twitter
Sep 13, 10:39am
RT @zannah: twitter
Sep 13, 8:48am
RT @bbw1984: Our statement 1/2: This landmark judgment confirming that the UK’s mass spying breached fundamental rights vindicates @Snowde… twitter
Sep 11, 7:58pm
RT @axios: The CBO has changed its prediction for when the deficit will reach $1 trillion from 2020 to the end of this fiscal year twitter
Sep 10, 11:14am
RT @carterforva: This comic is over 80 years old and yet you don't have to change a thing about it. It's every bit as relevant today as the… twitter
Sep 9, 1:35pm
RT @Noahpinion: 1/Tucker Carlson's question - "How is diversity our strength?" was not asked in good faith, but for purposes of racist demag… twitter
Sep 8, 10:31am
RT @chrislhayes: If the GOP retains control of both houses in the midterms, it seems certain to me Trump will take it as a sign he can do an… twitter
Sep 7, 12:26pm
RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Hey Rick, this year’s Republican budget proposes cutting $500 billion - $500 BILLION - from Medicare. I didn’t make tha… twitter
Sep 6, 12:34pm
RT @catvalente: The next person who tells me both sides are the same can jump in a pit. When the Democrats were completely in charge we all … twitter
Sep 6, 12:32pm
RT @SenKamalaHarris: Kirstjen Nielsen just announced a new Trump administration proposal to indefinitely incarcerate immigrant children in w… twitter
Sep 6, 7:57am
RT @brianklaas: For anyone wondering when Republicans might finally turn on Trump after all the scandals, corruption, lies, chaos, and insan… twitter
Sep 6, 7:55am
RT @yacitus: “… that would set a good precedent: that the Cabinet should and will remove a president who is mentally unfit for the job. By i… twitter
Sep 4, 2:38pm
RT @PreetBharara: I still can’t get over this tweet. It’s the most outrageous and damning proof of Trump’s utter contempt for the rule of la… twitter
Sep 1, 9:24pm
RT @fawfulfan: No. No they're not. The bill they're pushing does not protect pre-existing conditions. It says people with pre-existing cond… twitter
Aug 31, 9:39am
New bucket-list item. Will I ever be a person lucky enough to enjoy that kind of moment? twitter
Aug 30, 9:53pm
RT @GeorgeLakoff: Stay focused. via @RBReich twitter
Aug 30, 10:56am
RT @zannah: Proof. twitter
Aug 29, 7:05pm
RT @RepAdamSchiff: Trump owns a hotel across the street from the FBI HQ. He has a financial stake in plans to redevelop or relocate. He car… twitter
Aug 28, 10:31am
RT @yacitus: Republicans in Congress have been scared of what they might expose if they did their job of investigation and oversight. Now th… twitter
Aug 28, 9:48am
RT @KamalaHarris: Every single day these families are separated, another child goes to sleep terrified because they don’t know where their p… twitter
Aug 27, 12:29pm
These social rules could be adopted in many different situations. Nice job explaining them so clearly, @recursecenter. twitter
Aug 26, 9:18pm
@b0rk Slight preference for the handwritten text. I love seeing little margin notes like the "↖byte 11" one that's only in the handwritten o… twitter
Aug 24, 4:27pm
RT @byepoleher: I read this recently and I love it. Never make fun of someone if they mispronounce a word. It means they learned it by rea… twitter
Aug 23, 3:25pm
RT @GeorgeTakei: So if you broke the law to win a close election, do you still get to appoint justices for life? Asking for 65.8 million fri… twitter
Aug 23, 3:16pm
That honestly took me a doubletake to figure out. twitter
Aug 23, 3:13pm
RT @FreedomofPress: Our statement on whistleblower Reality Winner being sentenced to the longest prison sentence in the history of leak case… twitter
Aug 22, 3:51pm
O'Rourke inspires me to become a more compassionate and understanding person when explaining my views. twitter
Aug 21, 9:08pm
RT @vermontgmg: THREAD: I want to take a moment to elaborate why we should be so concerned that Jim Clapper, John Brennan, Admiral McRaven, … twitter
Aug 19, 1:32pm
RT @TomSteyer: If this story doesn’t make your blood run cold, remember every dictator in history—you choose your favorite—and reread it. twitter
Aug 19, 9:14am
RT @yacitus: “Make no mistake: if Republicans hold both houses of Congress this November, Trump will go full authoritarian, abusing institut… twitter
Aug 18, 9:59pm
RT @EricLevitz: Genuinely impressive how bad Donald Trump is at literally every aspect of his job. twitter
Aug 18, 9:57pm
RT @SusanKristol: Don't let military parade, Omarosa, Brennan, and Manafort stories (all important) drown out this major disgrace. twitter
Aug 18, 9:50pm
@yacitus At first blush, seems more amusing than practical. I'm more interested in docopt. twitter
Aug 18, 8:53pm
RT @everyplace: @waxpancake You know, I've had the domain for years now, and never did anything with it. I just made… twitter
Aug 16, 7:47pm
RT @pemalevy: A majority-black county in Georgia plans to shutter 7 of 9 polling locations for the November elections. This is the kind of v… twitter
Aug 16, 1:30pm
RT @SenSanders: Listen to this historian explain why Trump chants "Build That Wall!" (with @TimothyDSnyder) twitter
Aug 16, 1:27pm
RT @ACLU: Let’s have a conversation about ‘honesty.’ THREAD 👇 twitter
Aug 16, 9:27am
This is literally the way I understood the Trump Tower meeting supposedly being about "orphans". Strange to see it portrayed as a comic. twitter
Aug 16, 9:23am
RT @nicolehe: I made, a cyberpunk game you play by yelling at your computer like you're in a movie. It's an homage t… twitter
Aug 15, 3:20pm
RT @JoeNBC: There are so many lies Trump worshippers tell themselves to sleep at night. But the lie they repeat most often is that Trump tur… twitter
Aug 14, 1:29pm
RT @GMPaiella: Liberals angry at Trump for this instead of the $717 BILLION defense bill are going to give me a fucking aneurysm twitter
Aug 14, 12:21pm
RT @zannah: About coffee. twitter
Aug 14, 9:51am
RT @RBReich: Even if the Pentagon budget were cut in half, the United States would still outspend China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea combi… twitter
Aug 13, 10:08am
RT @cosmiquemuffin: And now, because it is late summer -- a guide to Yellow Stripey Things twitter
Aug 10, 7:33pm
RT @Evan_McMullin: Demographic changes don't threaten the America we know and love because America isn't defined by so-called racial purity.… twitter
Aug 9, 10:45pm
I just published “How to Torture your Kids from Anywhere” twitter
Aug 8, 12:45pm
RT @adamdavidson: This is insane. Wow. What else is going on in this administration. twitter
Aug 6, 7:49am
RT @natalietran: This story... Nick minding the closed Olympia Milk Bar stocked with empty cans... reads like a character from a book. Hope … twitter
Aug 5, 1:08pm
RT @davidfrum: They knew they would be meeting with representatives of the Russian state. They knew they were being offered Russian state … twitter
Aug 3, 8:55pm
RT @RBReich: twitter
Aug 3, 9:37am
My kingdom for a 1080p (not 4K) HDR TV and an 8:5 aspect ratio laptop screen (Linux). twitter
Aug 3, 9:36am
RT @zannah: It's the only way to be sure. twitter
Aug 1, 8:33pm
RT @libbycwatson: any headline saying medicare for all would cost $32 trillion without noting the same study said the status quo would cost … twitter
Jul 31, 7:53pm
RT @MarsCuriosity: I shall call her Mini-Me. Build your own robot with these open source rover plans from @NASAJPL 🤖 twitter
Jul 31, 4:19pm
@rawbytz @dandgerson @WorkFlowy Agreed, there's too much whitespace, especially between the top bar and the first title/bullet. (For context… twitter
Jul 30, 6:42am
RT @ferrisjabr: If you put chalk under a powerful microscope—white cliffs of Dover type chalk, not the modern blackboard variety—you will se… twitter
Jul 29, 9:41am
@ProtonMailHelp On free accounts, email notification is sent for but not for messages, even when… twitter
Jul 29, 9:31am
The Calif. Supreme Court decided a case that could add billions to the state economy by requiring employers to pay employees for work time t… twitter
Jul 28, 9:32am
Love this. Learn fundamentals first. "AutocarJS has a modular plugin system to allow you to add bicycle pedals to your car-bike abomination.… twitter
Jul 25, 2:47pm
RT @majornelson: The Xbox Adaptive Controller features accessible packaging, as shown in this unboxing animation. The team knew this would b… twitter
Jul 23, 9:33pm
RT @scalzi: A leading indicator for me that you're probably a real asshole is whether you think libraries should be shut down and/or replace… twitter
Jul 22, 1:08pm
RT @paulkrugman: I don't know the answer, but it seems like an essential question to ask, because even if democracy survives Trump -- which … twitter
Jul 21, 2:33pm
RT @CREWcrew: This week in the NRA: -Maria Butina is charged with espionage for infiltrating groups including the NRA -news breaks that the … twitter
Jul 21, 2:31pm
RT @CREWcrew: President Trump’s handling of Scott Pruitt’s ethics fiasco highlights his failures as a manager and leader. By not immediately… twitter
Jul 19, 3:53pm
RT @kurteichenwald: Unbelievable. Although nothing is unbelievable anymore. Republicans refuse to approve funding for cyber security upgra… twitter
Jul 18, 8:07pm
RT @MaxBoot: The fallout from the surrender summit is reminiscent of the old Soviet joke: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” T… twitter
Jul 17, 2:58pm
RT @cameron_kasky: Wait, hold on, this is getting lost in the fire: The NRA was LITERALLY colluding with a Russian spy and within 24 HOURS,… twitter
Jul 17, 12:08pm
@zannah Makes me want to read Microserfs. twitter
Jul 16, 10:33am
@zannah Risky answer, indeed. twitter
Jul 16, 10:31am
RT @DanRather: The President of the United States trusts the word of a former KGB agent over the consensus of the American intelligence comm… twitter
Jul 15, 10:54am
RT @ChrisMurphyCT: I refuse to live in a world where nothing is untrue or morally wrong, just left or right. Facebook’s inability to disti… twitter
Jul 15, 10:52am
RT @NewYorkStateAG: Last month, @BetsyDeVosED quietly broke with nearly two decades of practice & stopped sharing student loan info with… twitter
Jul 15, 10:01am
If the world at large can fix and forgive FIFA, then hopefully they can forgive the U.S.A. once we make reparations for a regrettable presid… twitter
Jul 13, 6:59pm
RT @KenDilanianNBC: On a normal day this would be a big story. twitter
Jul 13, 11:36am
RT @jonfavs: The Russian government literally hacked state election boards and stole the information of 500,000 voters. Fuck the Republica… twitter
Jul 12, 9:40pm
RT @The_UnSilent_: Number of people who go bankrupt every year because of medical bills: Britain - 0 France - 0 Germany - 0 Netherlands - 0… twitter
Jul 12, 11:41am
Oh, wow. I didn't even know this misreading of Luke vs. Vader in Return of the Jedi might happen. Interesting take. twitter
Jul 12, 10:04am
This thread between @b0rk and @xthread demonstrates the positive potential of Twitter. Smart people helping others out. Just wonderful. twitter
Jul 11, 2:30pm
RT @RexHuppke: Please share this. Please be as mad as I am about this. Please fight this. Please shame everyone involved in this. twitter
Jul 10, 10:54am
@zannah Click through to sign up for his Seminar on the Teachings of Thump. Apparently from the guy who also brought you the "I bought every… twitter
Jul 9, 2:00pm
@KansenChu , as your constituent I urge you to vote YES on SB 822 (Wiener) and SB 460 (de Leon), the strongest net neutrality bills in the n… twitter
Jul 9, 1:21pm
@TechCrunch More than once, I've enjoyed an article and intend to share its URL, but when I scroll to the bottom to finish reading it, TechC… twitter
Jul 9, 8:31am
I'm amused that Russia stepped in to protect the world at large from the off-the-rails U.S.A. when it comes to the World Health breast-feedi… twitter
Jul 7, 12:20pm
@hellomattspicer @BillyMagnussen Ingrid Goes West's Nicky Sloane was deliciously contemptible/privileged from beginning to end. Thank you fo… twitter
Jul 7, 10:36am
RT @MarkHarrisNYC: To put it less glibly: Outreach can't change the minds of those who base their worldview on rejecting information. Which … twitter
Jul 6, 3:34pm
RT @DanRather: "No man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others, can possibly do his duty by the community." - Theodore Roos… twitter
Jul 5, 9:36pm
A puzzle on my Father's Day card reminded me why I like developing code. twitter
Jul 4, 7:45am
RT @tchebotarev: @stshank @500px @GettyImages @creativecommons @SmugMug @Flickr Creative Commons is critical to the growth and support of th… twitter
Jul 3, 6:54pm
RT @SenMarkey: At the ICE facility I visited, I met a woman from Mexico who has lived here for 18 years. She called 911 after her husband br… twitter
Jul 2, 1:34pm
{w[i:]+w[:i] for i in range(len(w))} is Python for JavaScript's [...w].map((_, i, a) => a.slice(i).join('') + a.slice(0, i).join('')). I… twitter
Jul 1, 11:32am
RT @CREWcrew: If anyone in this administration cared about ethics, Scott Pruitt would've been fired a long time ago twitter
Jun 29, 2:09pm
RT @keeltyc: Yes, I can think the top marginal tax rate should be 80%, and still be friends with someone who thinks it should be 35%. I can… twitter
Jun 29, 2:08pm
RT @CindyOtis_: Today seems like the right time to do a thread I've been thinking about for a while on how to handle the seemingly never-end… twitter
Jun 28, 2:39pm
RT @RokuPlayer: Introducing @amazonmusic on #Roku devices. 🎵 Stream millions of songs with your Prime membership and more with Amazon Mus… twitter
Jun 26, 12:48pm
RT @LilyMasonPhD: There needs to be an honest conversation about asymmetric expectations of civility. (Thread) twitter
Jun 26, 12:41pm
RT @Lawrence: Please keep doing this, Andrew. Please. (Retweet if you want more reporters to do this.) twitter
Jun 25, 9:40am
RT @AoDespair: This THREAD has it exactly and overwhelmingly correct. Civility facilities the operation of a healthy, pluralistic republic… twitter
Jun 25, 9:32am
RT @rickygervais: Suggesting that all immigrants are like gang members is like suggesting that all Americans are like Trump. twitter
Jun 24, 9:21pm
RT @futurebreed: Friendly reminder that posting screenshots of tweets makes them less accessible to people who utilize screen readers, and… twitter
Jun 22, 4:47pm
RT @anticorruption: Tomorrow is World Whistleblowing Day 📣 RT and ❤ to your support to all #whistleblowers & the importance to #SpeakUp. #… twitter
Jun 22, 4:38pm
At the beginning of every technical challenge, I'm all "I don't even... They got me now. There's no way I'll fix th… twitter
Jun 22, 10:14am
Especially for @zannah, who actually reads the silly things. twitter
Jun 22, 10:12am
RT @ACLU: That moment when you realize you won. Thanks to @NateWessler, who argued Carpenter in front of the Supreme Court, leading to tod… twitter
Jun 22, 8:33am
RT @Snowden: The Supreme Court just ruled the government's decades-old practice of warrantlessly tracking your historical movements via cel… twitter
Jun 21, 7:52pm
@DreamHostCare DreamObjects migration from west to east may not preserve public permissions of individual objects.… twitter
Jun 21, 3:15pm
RT @EricHolder: Here’s another zero tolerance program for the Trump Administration: EVERY child, EVERY baby has to be reunited with his or… twitter
Jun 21, 8:29am
RT @APBusiness: Burger King is sorry for offering a lifetime supply of Whoppers to Russian women who get pregnant by World Cup players to g… twitter
Jun 20, 6:41am
RT @JuddApatow: Just shut it all off. If it says Fox on it— shut it off. Have you noticed not one executive at Fox will speak publicly ab… twitter
Jun 18, 9:13pm
RT @LeeCMcIntyre: Cognitive scientists recommend using a "truth sandwich" to report lies: say the truth, then show the liar telling the lie… twitter
Jun 18, 9:11pm
RT @JebBush: Children shouldn’t be used as a negotiating tool. @realDonaldTrump should end this heartless policy and Congress should get an… twitter
Jun 18, 9:10pm
RT @greenfield64: In a media universe consumed by the outrage of children torn from their parents, the FORBES Magazine reporting of the fla… twitter
Jun 18, 6:20am
RT @lizthegrey: I'm a believer in Pride as a fight for justice rather than purely as a celebration. Therefore, this year for Pride, I'm mat… twitter
Jun 17, 6:52pm
@zannah I'm reading this in Costa Rica where there's no standing army. So their taxes go to education (97% literacy… twitter
Jun 17, 5:56am
RT @Mikel_Jollett: “Mexico will pay for the Wall.” “OK taxpayers will pay for the Wall.” “If taxpayers don’t pay for the Wall I’m going t… twitter
Jun 17, 5:55am
RT @ASlavitt: As you play with your own kids, Fathers’ Day would be a great time to support this bill with a veto proof majority. It would… twitter
Jun 17, 5:54am
@zannah Took me a few seconds. (It's also a reverse offset cypher.) twitter
Jun 16, 6:57am
RT @AshaRangappa_: POTUS: I am the President with all the executive power and I can start and stop whatever investigations and enforce the… twitter
Jun 15, 6:54pm
RT @rabiasquared: Someone tell the Christian Taliban it actually does not matter what they believe the Bible says because the point of the… twitter
Jun 15, 6:47pm
The article about the cartoonist getting fired over anti-Trump cartoons. twitter
Jun 14, 8:42pm
RT @TheRealDratch: Amy Poehler was named one of the 40 most powerful people in comedy and her answers to these questions are genius: (Also… twitter
Jun 14, 8:23pm
RT @HillaryClinton: But my emails. twitter
Jun 14, 6:45pm
RT @NoahShachtman: SCOOP: Defense contractors making millions off of immigrant kids' detention. twitter
Jun 14, 7:17am
RT @jonathanalter: This should be new standard for ALL of journalism. Don’t quote Trump if he’s lying. Just because he says it doesn’t make… twitter
Jun 5, 9:53am
RT @Foone: @yasarsafkan @munin Yes! It's not JPEG, JPEG is the creator. You're thinking of JPEG's monster. twitter
Jun 3, 3:30pm
RT @KevinMKruse: The Samantha Bee controversy reminds us that the death count in Puerto Rico is approximately 70 times higher than the gove… twitter
Jun 2, 7:55pm
@b0rk @b0rk Treat yourself to this from the "date" documentation: $ info '(coreutils) date invocation' -> Date Inpu… twitter
Jun 2, 7:50pm
@b0rk You know what else is the exception for "man" being useful? The "date string". It's amazingly versatile. "The… twitter
Jun 1, 3:54pm
RT @JimCarrey: The WORST TERROR a child can experience is being taken from their parents. Would blonde, blue-eyed children ever be treated… twitter
May 31, 12:39pm
@zannah Flouncing about *disrespectfully*. Just flaunting their flouncing. Floutfully flouncing. twitter
May 30, 8:06am
@neonepiphany I spent too long looking for an XBox anachronism in there. twitter
May 26, 12:45pm
@rascalking @garrett_wollman @b0rk Yep, a colleague and I use vi bindings in bash. Downside is when other colleague… twitter
May 25, 1:47pm
RT @Iron_Spike: This is the kinda shit I think about when I'm told religion is necessary because it provides humanity with a moral compass.… twitter
May 25, 7:18am
TIL about Fore Edge Paintings. They're so very cool. twitter
May 24, 11:14am
@zannah Do the lights "flow" to the left? twitter
May 23, 7:14pm
RT @MuslimIQ: White man executes 9 in Charleston •NOT Terrorism White man executes 17 at Parkland •NOT Terrorism White man executes 28 at… twitter
May 22, 8:27pm
RT @brianbeutler: Hillary's email, Trump's phone, and how the media rewards bad faith. twitter
May 22, 1:41pm
RT @bgreene: "I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of e… twitter
May 18, 12:56pm
RT @MarcHilberer: the number of school shootings that have happened since the year 2000 around the world: ENGLAND: 0 GREECE: 1 NETHERLAN… twitter
May 18, 8:02am
@baus Just wanted to call out I appreciate your blog, read every word, and like your experiments in twitter
May 16, 5:19pm
RT @mattmfm: Can pundits stop saying that there are “extremists” in both parties? On the right, an “extremist” denies science and embrace… twitter
May 15, 9:35am
@zannah Just came across this in the freetype changelog: "I should really stop coding late in the evening..." from Werner Lemberg twitter
May 12, 10:00pm
@JNGross @mkapor @FakeRayKurzweil Both points taken. I know the actual test will be far more rigorous. twitter
May 12, 9:55pm
@b0rk @bangbangcon A part of me was hoping that bangbangcon would be the same conference day over and over again, Groundhog Day style. twitter
May 12, 2:02pm
Seems to me that @FakeRayKurzweil is on his way to winning his Turing Test bet against @mkapor at… twitter
May 11, 7:46am
RT @LOLGOP: This is a good point and if Hillary Clinton had done this, it would be the screaming top headline of the front page of your pap… twitter
May 9, 10:00pm
RT @MartinHeinrich: No Senator can consider Gina Haspel’s nomination to be CIA Director in good conscience without first reviewing the Durh… twitter
May 9, 12:37pm
RT @ColMorrisDavis: I resigned as Chief Prosecutor at #Guantanamo rather than use torture-derived evidence and later was fired from my gov’… twitter
May 9, 7:44am
RT @integerpoet: That makes no sense whatsoever. Obama is way too young to have negotiated that. twitter
May 7, 8:31pm
@b0rk I always compress with "tar -jcvf", and picture tar as Jean-Claude Van File (jcvf) compressing the files into one smaller archive. twitter
May 3, 3:31pm
RT @KenTremendous: Again, feel like someone probably had this exact headline in a 2015 "What Would the Future Be Like If Trump Became Presi… twitter
May 2, 10:13am
RT @CillizzaCNN: Think about this: The current president of the United States faked a doctor's note about his overall health. He did so… twitter
Apr 30, 11:01am
@zannah They can send it to us in California if they like. There's no risk of wet here. twitter
Apr 28, 5:42pm
@zannah Oh, that's so sweet! twitter
Apr 28, 10:33am
RT @irishrygirl: The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe because it’s handle was made of wood and they thought it w… twitter
Apr 27, 1:15pm
@blingcoder Had been using vim-powerline for years, just migrated to vim-airline, and love that it reports bad-smel… twitter
Apr 26, 12:59pm
Huge congrats to @marjoriemliu and Sana Takeda for your multiple Eisner Awards nominations for Monstress. Such a great comic book! twitter
Apr 22, 4:13pm
I wrote a post explaining how to make the bash prompt responsive by using the (()) construct to evaluate $? when ca… twitter
Apr 20, 4:35pm
RT @TerribleMaps: Prison population per 100,000 people twitter
Apr 18, 8:16pm
RT @ACLU: We call on @Amazon, @Google, @Microsoft, and @Apple to resist Russia's internet censorship campaign. Stand for human rights by… twitter
Apr 16, 8:23am
RT @Kaepernick7: twitter
Apr 13, 9:47am
Linux protip: "apropos -s 4 ." to learn about the special files on your system, like /dev/full (which seems to be l… twitter
Apr 10, 4:19pm
RT @maxschrems: So #Zuckerberg says that they delete data once you delete it.. 🤔 twitter
Apr 8, 2:17pm
@zannah Wife just confirmed that this is actually her. twitter
Apr 7, 9:33am
@integerpoet First time I've seen that. It was really rewarding to discover the artist and title in the image. twitter
Apr 4, 8:38am
A k-nearest neighbors algorithm in Python that Raymond Hettinger calls "magical". (Note to self: Don't forget to ch… twitter
Apr 1, 5:29pm
RT @cubemusicjp: Bathroom #magicavoxel twitter
Apr 1, 5:29pm
Here's a post about the creation of my current avatar, made with #magicavoxel. twitter
Mar 24, 7:51pm
RT @ephtracy: #MagicaVoxel An easier way to create mountains : Enter cmd "copy | paste | loop z 1 | ero xy" -> Press UP key -> repeat http… twitter
Mar 24, 7:44pm
RT @Anguswoodly: I have to say,the new version of the light effect is fantastic #MagicaVoxel #voxel twitter
Mar 24, 6:21pm
My very first #magicavoxel render is of my avatar image! twitter
Mar 23, 2:19pm
ProTip: If you're going to use vi binding in bash, put "set -o vi" in your ~/.bashrc, and put "set editing-mode vi"… twitter
Mar 23, 2:06pm
@integerpoet The best help you provided was hashtagging MagicaVoxel. Maybe this'll be enough to get me to try it out. twitter
Mar 23, 12:39pm
@integerpoet Does it help to know that I noticed that intentional spacing while hopefully looking for asymmetry wit… twitter
Mar 23, 9:33am
@integerpoet It would mean everything to me if just one of the sliders were offset by just one or two voxels. twitter
Mar 22, 10:09am
I needed to see some minified json, and remembered I could pipe it to "python -m json.tool" without having to check… twitter
Mar 21, 10:45am
RT @zannah: This just makes my heart happy. twitter
Mar 21, 9:02am
@zannah I'm imagining smoothy trying to get between 3rd gear and 4th gear. twitter
Mar 16, 2:05pm
Somewhere somebody is regularly committing the blockchain to their git repo. twitter
Mar 16, 12:37pm
Updates: ⓪ (No discernible sides) is a salad. ⑤ is actually a quiche. twitter
Mar 16, 8:52am
"The only need for a human is to connect the device to a network and a power supply." This phrase is still on the u… twitter
Mar 15, 10:32pm
@zannah I love how this is a thing for you. Guess you had to skip class then? twitter
Mar 13, 1:46pm
RT @SkyNebula: Donate to @FreedomofPress today, and @DuckDuckGo will match your donation! twitter
Mar 13, 8:47am
RT @Snowden: Congratulations to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who has officially escaped felony charges for lying… twitter
Mar 13, 8:10am
RT @Snowden: The new CIA director was a key part of the torture program and its illegal cover-up. Her name was on the Top Secret order dema… twitter
Mar 10, 11:18pm
@zannah They're still two different things! ^_^; twitter
Mar 9, 7:11am
RT @Snowden: This attack could have been prevent post-2013, when the @IETF considered including mandatory encryption as part of the new HTT… twitter
Mar 7, 10:08am
RT @zannah: twitter
Mar 6, 8:34am
@neonepiphany Maybe that's what happens after 400,000. Like Chloe Kim winning gold. She felt really empty. Your sou… twitter
Mar 6, 8:19am
RT @thevonwong: We Transformed a Lifetime of Electronic Waste into Art (4/4): via @YouTube twitter
Mar 5, 11:04am
RT @tpope: here's richard typing some python into a .java file on a sony vaio running macos, wow they really did their homework https://t.c… twitter
Mar 4, 7:21am
RT @NormOrnstein: Remember When Justice Alito mouthed “not true” when President Obama said in his SOTU that Citizens United would open the… twitter
Mar 3, 10:41pm
I really want a Linux laptop that has screen dimensions better for programming than 16:9. Do I really have to settl… twitter
Mar 3, 2:11pm
RT @ultek85: I like trains... 🚂🤪 #voxels #voxelart #magicavoxel #lowpoly #gamedev #screenshotsaturday twitter
Mar 2, 8:34am
RT @kylegriffin1: 4 years after the U.S. pledged to help fight infectious-disease epidemics such as Ebola, the Centers for Disease Control… twitter
Feb 28, 2:53pm
RT @americansunited: We respect that many people revere Billy Graham, but he also did things that are greatly troubling. Our position is th… twitter
Feb 18, 12:34pm
@integerpoet It's cool how you and I can say "melt" and "warming" from work because we're not federal employees, an… twitter
Feb 16, 8:36am
RT @RespectableLaw: THREAD: An open letter to @KitDaniels1776, who is a reporter for @Infowars and a vile maggot. twitter
Feb 16, 12:25am
@integerpoet I think I have the same ultimate wishes. I was suggesting that Mueller's report leads elsewhere. Hopef… twitter
Feb 15, 9:03pm
@integerpoet Not sure what you guys are on about. Impeachment is a political process. Mueller will at best present… twitter
Feb 14, 11:18pm
RT @adamliaw: Imagine if every day dozens of children were being killed by poison darts and the National Poison Dart Association said, "Act… twitter
Feb 14, 11:07pm
RT @jasonroeder: When I wrote this headline, I had no idea it would be applied to the high school a mile from my house.… twitter
Feb 14, 10:02pm
RT @JasonKander: The leadership of the @NRA has an agenda and it ain’t got a damn thing to do with gun rights. It’s 100% about gun sales. T… twitter
Feb 14, 12:25am
RT @raymondh: #python #html5 tip: Preserve structure by mapping lists into <ol> or <ul>, ordered or unordered lists. Put dictionaries (o… twitter
Feb 12, 8:37am
RT @RVAwonk: When Trump leaked codeword-level classified intelligence to Russia, he said he had the "absolute right" to declassify & releas… twitter
Feb 12, 8:35am
"@cwgabriel utterly nailed a visual representation for 'Logan Paul is a dick.'" - Dennis twitter
Feb 11, 9:55am
RT @ACLU: 1. Your government spent months trying to prevent an American citizen detained overseas from seeing a lawyer. 2. In 1989, you to… twitter
Feb 11, 9:35am
RT @DanielEllsberg: "I was part of a plan that should never have been made, that was a crime against humanity." twitter
Feb 9, 9:54pm
RT @ggreenwald: One of the most vocal critics of Trump happens to be one of the most knowledgeable surveillance experts: @normative. Today… twitter
Feb 6, 1:41pm
RT @ggreenwald: When even British judges are recognizing that US prison conditions are too primitive, inhumane & repressive to permit extra… twitter
Feb 6, 12:17pm
RT @Snowden: The first time in generations, you say? twitter
Feb 5, 8:23am
RT @FreedomofPress: Global press freedom groups are condemning Australia's new gag laws as a "clear and present danger" to journalists: htt… twitter
Feb 4, 10:12am
RT @brianbeutler: For the 1000th time, we need to update our professional habits to account for plain-as-day bad faith. The story here is… twitter
Feb 4, 10:05am
RT @LOLGOP: Imagine the massive freakout from every corner of our media if we were doing this to get all Americans insured. But this is j… twitter
Feb 4, 9:54am
RT @bartongellman: Once again @FreedomofPress is making an exceptionally important strategic move to keep information available to the publ… twitter
Feb 2, 11:21am
RT @Snowden: Those upset about #MemoDay should consider regardless of what the FBI does or doesn't put into an application, FISA warrants h… twitter
Feb 2, 8:36am
When you stop to self-reflect because you just read "when you learn..." and realized that's when you learned that thing. twitter
Feb 2, 8:31am
@zannah No, Zannah. This doesn't justify nomming cats. 😄 twitter
Feb 1, 4:20pm
RT @FreedomofPress: Starting with Gawker and L.A. Weekly, we're backing up entire news sites that might be threatened by the "billionaire p… twitter
Feb 1, 12:27pm
RT @Snowden: #TBT: I required the journalists who broke the 2013 domestic spying stories (as a condition of access) to talk with gov in adv… twitter
Feb 1, 9:16am
RT @LOLGOP: Because nowhere in any of these bullshit memos is there anything that changes the basic facts: 1. The Trump campaign encourag… twitter
Feb 1, 9:16am
@yacitus Aww, that's the first time I've seen you unhappy with The Daily. twitter
Jan 31, 9:28am
RT @toddzwillich: "Americans are dreamers too" feels like it could quickly become the "All Lives Matter" of the immigration debate. twitter
Jan 27, 10:02am
RT @LOLGOP: The RNC still hasn't commented on the sexual assault accusations against its finance chair. Steve Wynn… twitter
Jan 27, 9:52am
RT @JohnJHarwood: John McCain’s former campaign manager on Fox News: “The network is increasingly engaged in a misinformation campaign aime… twitter
Jan 26, 5:14pm
RT @krassenstein: Moments ago the President of the United States was BOOED by the foreign press corps after berating the "fake" and "dishon… twitter
Jan 25, 11:13pm
RT @MEPFuller: Sean Hannity: The New York Times is trying to distract you. They say Trump tried to fire Mueller, but our sources aren’t con… twitter
Jan 24, 9:49pm
RT @paulkiel: Let’s talk about the brave new world of Trump consumer protection we’re entering, as articulated yesterday by Mick Mulvaney h… twitter
Jan 24, 11:03am
@zannah Why can't I think of who your CD is? Did you mean CF? twitter
Jan 23, 11:13am
It's always been worth carefully considering "is it me?" and really striving to understand what the other is trying to get at. twitter
Jan 21, 4:45pm
@zannah I was kidding. I was amused that it was by "adragonwithbalanceissues" and then attributed to "adragonwithba… twitter
Jan 21, 1:43pm
@zannah That's clever. Is there any way to find out who said it? twitter
Jan 20, 10:34am
RT @matthewjdowd: President Trump had promised that he would run government like he ran his businesses. Promise fulfilled. Trump Casinos,… twitter
Jan 19, 6:05pm
@planetmoney You should cover this other 10-year bet between @WarrenBuffett and Protege Partners LLC that just ende… twitter
Jan 19, 1:53pm
RT @ACLU: The Intelligence Committee memo about government surveillance abuses should have been made public and given to members of Congres… twitter
Jan 19, 8:54am
@zannah And now I'm following thekittencovers at tumblr. twitter
Jan 19, 8:39am
Camp Weedonwantcha is a consistently great webcomic, and the latest, "Why We're Here", is such a touching end to an… twitter
Jan 18, 12:43pm
RT @SenKamalaHarris: It’s a false choice to say we can’t fund the government, protect Dreamers, and reauthorize CHIP. We can and should do… twitter
Jan 17, 7:42pm
@StephenKing Why would they care what the descendants of poor people on an impoverished planet think? These Republi… twitter
Jan 15, 5:33pm
I'm getting accustomed to piping JSON to "jq '.'" instead of to "python -m json.tool" now for simple pretty-printing. jq is awesome. twitter
Jan 15, 10:27am
@zannah What would make it more accurate? Was pretty close for me. twitter
Jan 13, 11:36pm
RT @Brainmage: It's only a murder of crows if there's probable caws twitter
Jan 13, 5:20pm
@austin_b I think it'd be good to document long bets when they're over. Ex., say something at to note how it ended. twitter
Jan 11, 2:01pm
RT @JuddLegum: If we lived in a functional democracy this would be a MAJOR scandal that everyone is talking about and would prompt immedia… twitter
Jan 11, 1:12pm
RT @quinnnorton: If you are feeling depressed, suicidal, alone, tell someone. Your brain is lying to you, you're not alone. So many of us h… twitter
Jan 11, 7:26am
RT @bechillcomedian: My translation of Edith Piaf's "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien". Catch me live near you! #paperpuppet… twitter
Jan 9, 2:18pm
@tpederson Oh, it's easier to just capture traffic from session replay services. twitter
Jan 7, 9:56pm
Jan 7, 2:15pm
@zannah It'll be really interesting to see how this pans out. I bet the Costcos just outside of Seattle start doing better business. twitter
Jan 7, 12:06pm
RT @ColMorrisDavis: Truly! 117 days of taxpayer funded vacation, 91 golf outings, more staffers indicted in 1st year ever, historic disapp… twitter
Jan 6, 2:50pm
Well, his sanity is not entirely besides the point. But Greg's statement still stands. twitter
Jan 6, 2:08pm
@zannah I'm not sure we've ever seen her not blep. twitter
Jan 6, 9:54am
RT @JohnJHarwood: for cryin' out loud the story is not "Trump vs Bannon." it's the book's depiction, by multiple sources, of the president… twitter
Jan 5, 11:55am
RT @ACLU: FACT CHECK: Republicans and Democrats refused to hand over sensitive data on every voter in the country. They had good reason to… twitter
Jan 5, 11:54am
RT @CREWcrew: Trump's lawyers sent Bannon a cease-and-desist letter over his employment with Trump's business. Was he working for them whil… twitter
Jan 3, 9:47am
RT @NateSilver538: Gotta be honest: On a night like tonight, I'm still pretty pissed at those journalists and news organizations which trea… twitter
Dec 31 2017, 10:07am
RT @isik5: Folks, please ask friends in #Iran to click this link with their VPN turned off - it'll help us map the latest internet and tele… twitter
Dec 30 2017, 12:02pm
RT @radleybalko: Understandably, most will focus on the "SWATting" angle here. But we should also be asking about police training, fear, an… twitter
Dec 29 2017, 12:30pm
@zannah No "cola"? twitter
Dec 26 2017, 4:06pm
@esder23 @mattyglesias @yacitus Partially. You do have to play devil's advocate to prepare for such a position, tho… twitter
Dec 26 2017, 10:25am
@mattyglesias @yacitus Court says there's no standing. Where's the material harm? Otherwise, let him conduct his business as he sees fit. twitter
Dec 25 2017, 12:25pm
RT @SenSanders: What we could do with $1.5 trillion: -Make college tuition-free -Provide universal preschool -Repair our crumbling infrastr… twitter
Dec 24 2017, 9:20am
@Scheryl15 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Scheryl! That was very thoughtful. 🎄 I'll be bringing the fam… twitter
Dec 23 2017, 6:00pm
RT @CREWcrew: Then follow the lead of presidents for decades and sell the business and stop trying to profit off the presidency. Also, what… twitter
Dec 23 2017, 11:41am
The Trump admin is reversing an Obama-era decision, says it will renew mining leases that will benefit a Chilean bi… twitter
Dec 21 2017, 10:19pm
RT @hormiga: I don't want a tax cut. I want maintained bridges I want less infant mortality I want well-paid teachers I want federally fund… twitter
Dec 21 2017, 12:00pm
RT @jacobinmag: Renowned astronomer and anti-nuclear advocate Carl Sagan died on this day in 1996. In 1989, he was asked if he was a soci… twitter
Dec 21 2017, 7:51am
2016 America: H.R. 1150: "routinely denying visa applications for religious workers can be indicative of a poor sta… twitter
Dec 20 2017, 5:34pm
RT @jtm_: I'm getting tired of the #NetNeutrality meme saying "if it passes you'll pay $14.99 for Twitter and $.10 per Google search". It i… twitter
Dec 20 2017, 5:23pm
RT @GavinNewsom: In one bill the @GOP have perfectly summed up their priorities: Millionaires over children. Corporations over middle cla… twitter
Dec 20 2017, 1:39pm
RT @peterdaou: Majorities in both houses, the presidency and the Supreme Court, and the best the GOP can do is strip #healthcare from child… twitter
Dec 20 2017, 1:37pm
RT @imillhiser: AP's been getting a lot of crap from conservatives for this accurate headline so I'm going to take a moment to praise them… twitter
Dec 20 2017, 8:10am
RT @JuddLegum: Next time anyone says the government can’t afford to do something, remember that Republicans just spent about $1 TRILLION to… twitter
Dec 19 2017, 9:32pm
RT @EricLiptonNYT: So when Definers--the GOP-affiliated oppo research and PR firm--applied for its no-bid EPA contract to do media monitori… twitter
Dec 19 2017, 7:55pm
RT @SenSanders: In the mad dash to provide tax breaks for their billionaire campaign contributors, my Republican colleagues forgot to compl… twitter
Dec 19 2017, 5:29pm
RT @ProPublica: 1/ There are lots of ways the Trump admin is undercutting safety, environmental and other regulations without going through… twitter
Dec 19 2017, 2:10pm
RT @RobertMaguire_: A water fountain at the EPA backed up and started spewing sewage into the hallway… twitter
Dec 19 2017, 9:49am
RT @kurteichenwald: Most Americans oppose tax bill. No economic theory backs huge tax cuts in a strong economy w/ high debt. It will explod… twitter
Dec 19 2017, 9:48am
RT @paulkrugman: So as I understand it, the Corker/Trump loophole/kickback would let many highly paid professionals dodge taxes as follows:… twitter
Dec 18 2017, 8:31am
RT @EricLiptonNYT: Gary Morton, an EPA employee who prevents underground fuel tanks from polluting water supplies, spoke up at a rally to p… twitter
Dec 17 2017, 6:46pm
RT @yonatanzunger: And here is an example of a sitting Senator taking a straight-up bribe to screw the country. (Thread with other reports… twitter
Dec 17 2017, 9:28am
@ColMorrisDavis @realDonaldTrump @SenBobCorker "That makes me smart." twitter
Dec 16 2017, 10:46pm
@LukeOldBrien Never heard of Wailing, just watched it today based on your mention. The South Korean film, right? Lo… twitter
Dec 16 2017, 10:38pm
RT @jjmfaraway: We end this week one Star Wars movie closer to being able to try the “Jenny” viewing order: VIII-VI-VII-V-III-RO-IX. twitter
Dec 16 2017, 10:27am
RT @davidsirota: This is absolutely huge — THEY ADDED IT TO THE FINAL BILL even though it wasn’t in the House- or Senate-passed versions ht… twitter
Dec 16 2017, 1:31am
PROTIP: After DreamHost Linux update, svn fails with E125012. Fix is svn dump/load: dh$ scp repo compatible_svn_ma… twitter
Dec 15 2017, 7:17pm
The CDC can't even say "evidence-based" and "science-based" for fear of offending nonsense, religion and superstiti… twitter
Dec 14 2017, 2:17pm
RT @DavidKlion: Net neutrality dies 3-2. It's really remarkable how many consequential, society-altering decisions are being decided in clo… twitter
Dec 14 2017, 11:14am
RT @matthewjdowd: A very interesting piece of data from Alabama exit polls: While White women overall voted for Moore 63 to 34, when you br… twitter
Dec 13 2017, 12:39pm
@zannah No, Zannah, they're not for nomming. twitter
Dec 13 2017, 12:38pm
Inventor of the World Wide Web on #NetNeutrality: twitter
Dec 13 2017, 10:23am
@LukeOldBrien Wish we still worked with each other so I could ask if you've seen "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" and "Pon… twitter
Dec 12 2017, 11:15pm
RT @ClintSmithIII: If your take tomorrow doesn’t include the fact that black voters showed up for Democrats *while* being systemically obst… twitter
Dec 11 2017, 8:50am
RT @MarkHarrisNYC: Whatever happens on Tuesday, the President of the United States endorsed a child molester who thinks gay people should b… twitter
Dec 11 2017, 12:51am
@OpenDNSHelp Thanks, I've taken it to email. Just discovered that "dig +trace" makes it work, so it has something t… twitter
Dec 10 2017, 3:59pm
@OpenDNSHelp Why is it I still can't get resolved from your servers? Look at these three co… twitter
Dec 10 2017, 3:23pm
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) It's time to tell the biggest untold story of the 2016 election: how a cadre of pro-Trump FBI agents and intel o… twitter
Dec 10 2017, 2:48pm
RT @wirecutter: We especially like that the Roku Streaming Stick+'s customizable interface doesn’t prioritize content from any particular s… twitter
Dec 9 2017, 4:07pm
RT @Newsweek: Report: Newly released documents show Mick Mulvaney raked in huge cash from payday loan CEOs just days before he pressured go… twitter
Dec 8 2017, 2:24pm
@zannah Not like you haven't wondered about it. twitter
Dec 7 2017, 3:41pm
RT @RokuPlayer: A choice we fully agree with: @pantone names deep purple 'Ultra Violet' as #PantoneColorOfTheYear! twitter
Dec 7 2017, 12:10pm
@zannah Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley... twitter
Dec 7 2017, 8:22am
RT @sebpatrick: "See all that stuff in there, Zack? That's why your Batman and Superman movie never worked!" twitter
Dec 6 2017, 3:29pm
RT @ezlusztig: I am sitting here shaking with rage and frustration on the point of tears wondering why Democrats will call for Franken's re… twitter
Dec 5 2017, 8:24am
"...provide CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the White House with a global, private spy network that would circumvent o… twitter
Dec 4 2017, 10:08pm
RT @ChristnNitemare: Exactly. h/t @BoingBoing cc: @AndyRichter twitter
Dec 4 2017, 10:07pm
RT @zackwhittaker: New: US government says it doesn't need the FISA Court's approval to ask tech companies for an encryption backdoor. http… twitter
Dec 3 2017, 8:56pm
RT @DanielleMuscato: this is not even an exaggeration like, at all twitter
Dec 1 2017, 10:46pm
RT @neiltyson: A Lunar Eclipse flat-Earther’s have never seen. twitter
Dec 1 2017, 10:45pm
RT @brianschatz: Please RT if you think that every Senator should be given enough time to read a multi-trillion dollar piece of legislation. twitter
Dec 1 2017, 10:42pm
RT @clairecmc: This is so bad. We have just gotten list of amendments to be included in bill NOT from our R colleagues, but from lobbyists… twitter
Dec 1 2017, 11:20am
RT @ChrisCoons: Just an idea re: tax reform: Scrap this mess. Start over. Work together. Hold hearings. Listen to experts. Pass real,… twitter
Nov 29 2017, 8:59am
RT @JamilSmith: The White House used a lawyer for payday lending vultures to argue for their illegal @CFPB takeover, reports @ddayen. This… twitter
Nov 29 2017, 8:56am
RT @tonyschwartz: Passing the tax bill will fuel Trump's grandiosity and make him more likely than ever to do whatever the hell he wants, c… twitter
Nov 28 2017, 2:24pm
RT @SortaBad: 2017: today we learned a woman pretended to be a rape victim in an effort to discredit real rape victims to help a child mole… twitter
Nov 25 2017, 8:52am
@czamara ‽ twitter
Nov 24 2017, 9:56am
@OpenDNSHelp Bad joke ahead: Oh, my home ISP, ComCast, is rolling out a new Reversal of FCC Title II feature, a pay… twitter
Nov 24 2017, 9:47am
@OpenDNSHelp Your caches are correct. I still get the timeout from home for the one name, but if I ssh to a remote… twitter
Nov 24 2017, 12:19am
@OpenDNSHelp Suddenly the name can't be found by OpenDNS servers anymore. "DNS request time… twitter
Nov 22 2017, 8:43pm
RT @zannah: mind blown. twitter
Nov 21 2017, 1:47pm
RT @LDeeep: This is what the internet looks like without #NetNeutrality in Portugal. twitter
Nov 20 2017, 3:48pm
RT @Mikel_Jollett: The Republican Party is currently defending a pedophile so that he can vote for a tax plan which takes money meant for s… twitter
Nov 19 2017, 10:56am
RT @BruceBartlett: The White House says we can't afford a lousy $44 billion to help our fellow Americans devastated by hurricanes but we ca… twitter
Nov 19 2017, 10:53am
RT @CharlesFinch: As Jon Lovett pointed out: 10,000 grad students will have to pay an extra $10,000 a year so a single person can inherit a… twitter
Nov 18 2017, 7:32am
RT @CREWcrew: The tax bill has breaks for private jets, golf course owners and people inheriting millions of dollars. It sounds like it was… twitter
Nov 16 2017, 10:07am
RT @behindyourback: THINGS THAT MAKE THIS COUNTRY WORSE: -Class divide/plutocracy -Sick/dying populace -Uneducated populace -Unhealthy envi… twitter
Nov 16 2017, 10:03am
RT @davidfrum: To recap today: 1) President of the United States mixed up name of town to which he sent condolences for latest mass school… twitter
Nov 16 2017, 10:03am
RT @zannah: twitter
Nov 15 2017, 9:31pm
@zannah I don't know whether I'm more impressed you use Discord or that you read their release notes. twitter
Nov 15 2017, 8:16am
RT @HarrySteinDC: BREAKING: The Senate GOP tax bill is a now permanent middle-class tax increase to pay for a permanent corporate tax cut. twitter
Nov 15 2017, 8:15am
RT @LOLGOP: And verily I warn you that this nail gun aimed at the heart of the middle class WILL PASS unless there is a massive uprising be… twitter
Nov 14 2017, 7:57pm
RT @mrbenwexler: 1773: *throws tea into harbor to protest taxation without representation* 2017: *throws coffee maker off balcony to defen… twitter
Nov 14 2017, 4:56pm
RT @benwikler: How new plan works: 1. GOP ends Obamacare’s individual mandate 2. Fewer healthy people buy insurance 3. Premiums shoot up f… twitter
Nov 14 2017, 4:50pm
@rsyncnet It made me inordinately happy to learn that filesystem snapshots are user configurable now, even though I… twitter
Nov 14 2017, 11:01am
@feedly Thank you for having keyboard navigation skip over the new ads. I'll still see them, and I'll intentionally… twitter
Nov 14 2017, 9:51am
It's pretty great when you want to give your company's products as gifts for the holiday season. That's when you ca… twitter
Nov 14 2017, 8:21am
RT @MichaelSLinden: RED ALERT: The Trump tax bill being rammed through Congress right now is confusing so let me break down what it’ll mean… twitter
Nov 14 2017, 7:26am
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Hi, @23andMe @Bayer @BeachesResorts @bookingcom @CATechnologies @ClearChoice @DIRECTV @DollarShaveClub @etrade @Entyvi… twitter
Nov 13 2017, 11:26am
RT @AmirAminiMD: @JoyAnnReid @Snowden If you ever cared about facts/specifics, @JoyAnnReid, we wouldn’t be having this discussion today. Bu… twitter
Nov 13 2017, 11:25am
@zannah It's not wrong. twitter
Nov 11 2017, 9:15pm
@zannah That's just too good. twitter
Nov 11 2017, 9:29am
RT @LOLGOP: Donald Trump called the 20 women who accused him of harassment "liars," and suggested they were not attractive enough to harass… twitter
Nov 10 2017, 5:21pm
I'm in the waiting queue for a new book now, as a matter of fact. twitter
Nov 10 2017, 7:51am
Read the whole thread for context. twitter
Nov 9 2017, 9:07pm
RT @SenWhitehouse: I don’t even know where to begin with @realdonaldtrump’s CEQ nominee Kathleen Hartnett White—she outright rejects basic… twitter
Nov 7 2017, 7:22am
"No way we could have anticipated this, says the only nation in the world who didn't anticipate climate change." twitter
Nov 6 2017, 8:07pm
RT @SenatorDurbin: 94% of Americans (93% of gun owners) want background checks on every gun sale. Retweet if you do too. twitter
Nov 4 2017, 1:24pm
RT @mattyglesias: With Trump we’re left hoping incompetence will save us from an authoritarian nightmare. twitter
Nov 3 2017, 9:29pm
RT @RBReich: Mark my words: After they explode the deficit, Republicans will come looking for even deeper cuts to programs that Americans d… twitter
Nov 3 2017, 12:24pm
@zannah I think it's the price per kid for them to take the kids off your hands. twitter
Nov 2 2017, 10:42pm
RT @kurteichenwald: I'm fine letting churches endorse political candidates. Just not with my tax dollars. End their tax breaks, they can en… twitter
Oct 30 2017, 8:56am
RT @RBReich: The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world where this nightmare scenario is even possible.… twitter
Oct 27 2017, 10:23pm
RT @LOLGOP: Of all the sexual predators outed recently, only one was vile enough to claim that the women outing him weren't attractive enou… twitter
Oct 26 2017, 10:01pm
RT @ASlavitt: About the opioid emergency Trump declared today. When people who constantly diminish government actually need to operate it… twitter
Oct 26 2017, 1:21pm
RT @akrabat: This is a useful way of thinking and makes it more obvious why HTTPie works the way it does. twitter
Oct 24 2017, 11:34am
RT @franklinleonard: If I give 10 apples to one person and no apples to nine people, the average person has one apple. Why are nine peopl… twitter
Oct 16 2017, 9:07am
@zannah That's what she shed. twitter
Oct 4 2017, 8:28am
@zannah How many bananas to one Absolut bottle? twitter
Oct 3 2017, 8:50pm
RT @natalietran: Gun Control > Condolences twitter
Oct 1 2017, 5:27pm
From a man who worked on policy issues at G+ and YT for years, so he knows what he's talking about. twitter
Sep 30 2017, 2:58pm
RT @TheDweck: White House: We can't help Puerto Rico bc there's no way to reach it! also White House: Literally all of us use private plan… twitter
Sep 29 2017, 7:33am
@dreamhost is matching up to $10,000 in donations to @charitywater for their 20th birthday. twitter
Sep 28 2017, 8:56am
RT @RokuPlayer: Thanks to the millions of streamers who have made this day possible! #HappyStreaming #RokuIPO twitter
Sep 27 2017, 10:25am
@zannah I love that water drop Kodama! twitter
Sep 26 2017, 3:22pm
@zannah It needs a wider base for safety reasons! San Francisco has a Salesforce Tower that also looks like a thing… twitter
Sep 25 2017, 8:57am
RT @zannah: Engineering Flowchart twitter
Sep 23 2017, 12:36am
Analyze the movie "mother!" all you want. It's a perfect example of the terribleness of other people when you're an introvert. twitter
Sep 21 2017, 11:00pm
RT @Mikel_Jollett: The hard truth about the United States is that the money other countries spend on health and infrastructure, we spend on… twitter
Sep 21 2017, 10:56pm
RT @ManMadeMoon: Damn... Americans used to elect guys like this. twitter
Sep 17 2017, 8:24pm
@zannah Not me, I wouldn't want to remove any of the books to read for fear of changing the curve. twitter
Sep 17 2017, 8:23pm
"Since taking office, Trump has repeatedly used the prestige of the presidency to promote racist, sexist and violen… twitter
Sep 14 2017, 10:17pm
RT @TheStalwart: This is the most interesting nugget in that story about Facebook selling ads against the "jew hater" category… twitter
Sep 14 2017, 2:21pm
RT @Evan_McMullin: You don't request taxpayer funding for your honeymoon in a vacuum. You do it when corruption has become a feature of gov… twitter
Sep 9 2017, 11:13pm
RT @SenKamalaHarris: We MUST pass the DREAM Act. Retweet if you agree. twitter
Sep 9 2017, 7:35pm
RT @SarahKSilverman: twitter
Sep 7 2017, 9:10am
@OvercastFM Please add an online listener activity (RSS/Atom) feed. They're very handy for recalling podcasts you want to refer to again. twitter
Sep 5 2017, 8:48am
RT @Alyssa_Milano: Russian Election Hacking Efforts, Wider Than Previously Known, Draw Little Scrutiny twitter
Sep 3 2017, 2:38pm
RT @cblatts: In college, I believed this deeply. It's fundamental to justify libertarian stance. Learning it was empirically false changed… twitter
Sep 2 2017, 8:19am
RT @jleibenluft: Take a moment to reflect that it is official Trump admin policy to make it harder for people to get health care, w/ no ben… twitter
Aug 29 2017, 12:47pm
RT @RonaldKlain: In 140 char: Universal health care; $15 min wage; debt-free college; child care & paid fam leave; fight terrorists w/ alli… twitter
Aug 29 2017, 9:40am
RT @RVAwonk: Trump's cybersecurity advisors just resigned en masse, citing his 'insufficient attention' to threats twitter
Aug 26 2017, 1:37pm
RT @phoenixnewtimes: We've been covering Joe Arpaio for more than 20 years. Here's a couple of things you should know about him... 1/many twitter
Aug 26 2017, 1:17pm
RT @ChrisMurphyCT: The Arpaio pardon is basically a big middle finger to America. A loud, proud declaration that this Administration suppor… twitter
Aug 25 2017, 10:43pm
RT @tedneward: Every. Single. Software developer. Must. Take. Note. YOU can go to jail for the code YOUR BOSS tells you to write. https://… twitter
Aug 22 2017, 7:34pm
I'm a happy paying customer of both @DreamHost and @rsyncnet. They demonstrate that they care about their customers' privacy. twitter
Aug 21 2017, 9:34am
RT @SethAbramson: Trump is unwell, unfit, bigoted, dishonest, corrupt, disloyal, and *dangerously* ignorant—he MUST resign. RETWEET if you… twitter
Aug 17 2017, 7:53am
RT @JamesGleick: These terrorists are being allowed to carry military weaponry and wear pseudomilitary uniforms on American streets. https… twitter
Aug 13 2017, 9:02pm
RT @bcrypt: 8 rabbits, aka 1 rabbyte twitter
Aug 12 2017, 9:16pm
You have to make a simple automation script with dozens of curl requests. Do it in shell-of-your-choice or Python3 with requests module? twitter
Aug 7 2017, 9:33am
Can't tell if I'm happy my client changed a dumb requirement, or unhappy that I have to change already shipped production code. twitter
Aug 5 2017, 3:37pm
@neonepiphany Can I come over? twitter
Jul 28 2017, 11:19pm
RT @Snowden: What "draining the swamp" actually looks like: Courts disqualify national leader—exposed as corrupt by journalists—from office… twitter
Jul 27 2017, 11:09pm
RT @L007_: The thing is - Ellen Bass. twitter
Jul 24 2017, 6:54pm
This is so hilarious! I can picture it now. twitter
Jul 20 2017, 5:25pm
It's a scary job where when you f* up, a subreddit bites your head off. twitter
Jul 19 2017, 1:02am
RT @molly_knight: Wanna know how I know you're a monster? You would literally kill people to spite Barack Obama. twitter
Jul 18 2017, 7:27am
RT @AdamSerwer: Nothing says "small government" quite like legalized theft of property from people convicted of nothing at all… twitter
Jul 14 2017, 8:55pm
RT @Snowden: The contempt of national leaders for scientific literacy claims more lives than any radical. This kind of thinking is a civili… twitter
Jul 14 2017, 8:27pm
Same man previously said this "You’re going to have such great health care, at a tiny fraction of the cost—and it’s… twitter
Jul 13 2017, 1:03pm
RT @AlecMacGillis: Never forget: when Obama leaned toward disclosing Russian meddling pre-election, it was McConnell who told him doing so… twitter
Jul 9 2017, 3:02pm
RT @NarratedPOTUS: The President of the United States voices much more concern over Obama's handling of Russian hacking than Putin's execut… twitter
Jul 9 2017, 3:00pm
Referring to the guy who saw the Women's March on Washington and said, "why didn't these people vote?" He couldn't… twitter
Jul 5 2017, 7:56am
RT @natalietran: Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Nobody else will because you’re gross. twitter
Jul 3 2017, 8:27am
RT @bradheath: Pretty extraordinary concurring opinion from Judge Brown: "Our democracy is broken. We must hope, however, that it is not in… twitter
Jul 1 2017, 11:38am
It's galling that a black-on-black mass shooting is reported as less troubling than if the same shooting were "terrorism". We are unwell. twitter
Jul 1 2017, 10:37am
RT @BlanksSlate: I feel safer now that we've denied a once in a lifetime opportunity to a group of girls whose country we've been bombing s… twitter
Jun 30 2017, 10:33pm
RT @LOLGOP: How many people has Trump attacked, threatened or accused of crimes? GOP fine with a president who thinks he's king if it means… twitter
Jun 29 2017, 7:55pm
@yacitus I really loved that one, too! twitter
Jun 27 2017, 5:18pm
RT @JoyAnnReid: Just heard this Octavia Butler quote for the first time and am now obsessed with it. twitter
Jun 19 2017, 10:49pm
@zannah Any Bakemonogatari gif gets an upvote from me. twitter
Jun 19 2017, 1:38pm
@zannah I remember doing that to *you*! You didn't got offended, but you did believe me, which totally surprised me. twitter
Jun 17 2017, 5:58pm
Maybe we're in an alternate reality where the modern-day version of Luddites will win (for their generation, the ne… twitter
Jun 6 2017, 7:42pm
RT @petersterne: Really great point here from @Snowden: twitter
Jun 4 2017, 8:59pm
"What the world needs is for the U.S. to stay in the Paris Accords." -- Alex Honnold on the importance of having free-soloed El Cap. twitter
Jun 4 2017, 4:18pm
Jun 4 2017, 4:09pm
RT @zannah: Scott Pilgrim vs the World is one of my all-time favourite movies. twitter
Jun 3 2017, 12:54am
RT @JerryBrownGov: My statement on @realDonaldTrump’s #ParisAgreement announcement #ActOnClimate… twitter
Jun 3 2017, 12:34am
RT @neiltyson: If I and my advisors had never learned what Science is or how & why it works, then I’d consider pulling out of the Paris Cli… twitter
Jun 3 2017, 12:33am
RT @ddale8: The GOP is the world's only governing party that rejects the scientific fact of human-caused global warming:… twitter
Jun 2 2017, 3:21pm
RT @MachinePix: The 3D illusions of Kokichi Sugihara, an engineering professor at the Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sc… twitter
May 31 2017, 2:59pm
RT @SenWarren: Today I’m launching #DeVosWatch, a new oversight effort to hold @BetsyDeVosEd & @usedgov accountable. Watch:… twitter
May 26 2017, 9:57pm
RT @zannah: tock-tick! twitter
May 25 2017, 7:18am
@zannah Can't say I like them any more than my Thinket. twitter
May 24 2017, 10:49pm
RT @KaraCalavera: For every Trump action, there's a past tweet from him accusing Obama of doing it and a quote from Hillary warning us that… twitter
May 20 2017, 7:45am
RT @ACLU: Q: What do you call a multi-million dollar investigation into a problem that hardly exists? A: Your tax dollars at work (unfortun… twitter
May 16 2017, 9:25pm
We still live in that ridiculous era where contractors email you a PDF and expect you to print, sign, and fax it back. twitter
May 16 2017, 12:12pm
RT @AoDespair: Did any of us ever imagine the United States of America led by a President this stupid, this incompetent, this empty? Am hon… twitter
May 15 2017, 7:29am
Congrats to my colleagues who worked on these DolbyVision and HDR TVs. twitter
May 13 2017, 7:35pm
RT @Snowden: Pause a moment to consider why we're left with researchers, not governments, trying to counter the @NSAGov-enabled ransomware… twitter
May 13 2017, 7:33pm
RT @RandPaul: Today I released the following statement in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. twitter
May 8 2017, 8:20am
RT @GeorgeTakei: Iowa's governor just signed a restrictive voter ID law despite no evidence of voter fraud. These GOP voter ID laws are the… twitter
May 6 2017, 9:52am
RT @sahilkapur: House Republicans have replaced their FAQ section on AHCA. The earlier one included this line, which wasn’t true of the bi… twitter
May 2 2017, 7:50pm
RT @BellLabs: BASIC computer language is 53 years old today. Retweet if BASIC was your first computer language? #ThisDayinSTEM… twitter
Apr 25 2017, 12:38pm
RT @ProPublica: Build a wall in a floodplain and it acts like a dam. (via @NPR) twitter
Apr 25 2017, 9:01am
“The Frogger Delusion” helps to explain The Flying Spaghetti Monster with video games by Jack Preston King. Ramen. twitter
Apr 22 2017, 10:47pm
RT @JessicaHuseman: Trump's budget would cut the Dept of Interior, which manages national parks, by 12%. EPA by 31%. twitter
Apr 22 2017, 1:17pm
RT @ProPublica: Members of Congress representing southern border areas who support a wall? Zero.… twitter
Apr 21 2017, 7:35pm
I commend the transparency of these companies. It's hard to reveal your own data, especially when it's going to be… twitter
Apr 21 2017, 10:29am
RT @davidfrum: “I will shut down the government unless Democrats pay for the wall I said Mexico would pay for.” Genius.… twitter
Apr 19 2017, 8:17pm
RT @BrooklynSpoke: "In no way could I have foreseen this coming when I voted to confirm the CEO of Exxon as our Secretary of State." - John… twitter
Apr 19 2017, 1:23pm
RT @ProPublica: Trump set almost no limits on inauguration giving He raised record $107 mil Where did it go? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯… twitter
Apr 18 2017, 1:28pm
RT @Evan_McMullin: The Trump family administration has a particular motive for supporting Turkey's despot at the expense of American intere… twitter
Apr 18 2017, 7:30am
RT @zannah: Red Panda attacks the Police twitter
Apr 16 2017, 1:57pm
RT @LOLGOP: The president of the United States is suggesting that if you publicly demand his tax returns, you should be investigated. twitter
Apr 16 2017, 1:17pm
@zannah Excuse me? Minecraft had wangs as soon as it had terrain editing. Related: twitter
Apr 14 2017, 4:13pm
RT @Miss_Librarian: Your dad wants to cut all of our federal funding but thanks for the tweet. #SaveIMLS twitter
Apr 14 2017, 12:00pm
@zannah You're kidding, right? I can't believe that that date isn't ISO 8601. twitter
Apr 14 2017, 9:06am
@dagutierrez I agree with @dagutierrez: Once the ability to export my data and a service's existing RESTful API are… twitter
Apr 14 2017, 8:56am
@dagutierrez no worries, I'm with since 2010. I use's RSS for local backup too. twitter
Apr 13 2017, 5:46pm
@Delicious The API described here stopped working a few days ago. 404s now. Please turn it back on? twitter
Apr 12 2017, 5:08pm
@tpederson Corporations > people. Police follow their request. twitter
Apr 12 2017, 3:07pm
RT @KFILE: Democrats: 37% support Trump's Syria strikes 38% supported Obama doing it GOP: 86% supported Trump doing it 22% supported Obama… twitter
Apr 5 2017, 9:05am
Twitter's original default profile photo isn't from "Falling Down", it's from "Being There". twitter
Apr 4 2017, 10:54pm
I'm one of them. twitter
Apr 1 2017, 9:11am
RT @testobsessed: Spotted on a whiteboard at @pivotal: you can branch if you want to... twitter
Mar 31 2017, 7:25am
RT @nowthisnews: This scientist has had enough with climate change denial bullsh*t twitter
Mar 29 2017, 7:30am
@zannah Blep unclear. At least we have a rough idea of how big the cat is. twitter
Mar 29 2017, 7:26am
RT @Mikel_Jollett: So according to Republicans voting today: Trump's taxes need privacy protection but your internet privacy doesn't. twitter
Mar 28 2017, 7:42pm
RT @SenSanders: Our job is to save the planet not make more profits for the oil, gas and coal industries. We must act boldly to transform o… twitter
Mar 27 2017, 8:32pm
@zannah Oh, wow. I really enjoyed that. twitter
Mar 27 2017, 11:06am
This is one of those moments when new technology feels like magic. twitter
Mar 22 2017, 10:29am
@_jayphelps When and where will last night's "Real Time Insights" video be posted? Loved the talk. Thank you! twitter
Mar 21 2017, 10:47am
We need to develop a better policy to shutting down such easily disprovable statements. twitter
Mar 19 2017, 8:53am
RT @SenSanders: It’s time to join the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all of our people. twitter
Mar 10 2017, 10:29pm
In response to Ex-CIA director Hayden saying millennials leak secrets because they are ‘culturally’ different... twitter
Mar 7 2017, 9:17am
RT @liamstack: Trump said Obama spied on him. Last year he said Obama was the founder of ISIS. Before that he said Obama was Kenyan https:/… twitter
Mar 7 2017, 7:34am
RT @davepell: When this is all over, the Trump story will represent all the ills of American society: Celebrity-worship, frivolous ignoranc… twitter
Mar 4 2017, 11:36am
RT @JillKrajewski: despite all my rage I am still Caillou at middle age twitter
Mar 2 2017, 7:15pm
@neonepiphany Seriously! Can't wait. twitter
Feb 20 2017, 8:42am
@CLFLN I like to imagine this commit fixes a bunch of user-facing gender specific pronouns and assumptions. twitter
Feb 16 2017, 7:38am
@Crunchyroll congrats on a million premium members! Next contest, know one 4K Roku TV > 4K Sony TV + Chromecast or Apple TV. twitter
Feb 15 2017, 10:33am
Toilets at work should be in a Faraday cage. twitter
Feb 15 2017, 9:25am
I noticed that is empty now, too. @whitehouse, any status on this? twitter
Feb 14 2017, 8:58pm
@jjinux @jonathanfmills I said the same myself: Let me know if you learn anything. twitter
Feb 14 2017, 8:51am
RT @mattyglesias: I'm starting to think some of the GOP criticism of Clinton's email server wasn't really driven by fanaticism about adheri… twitter
Feb 11 2017, 7:35pm
Feb 11 2017, 1:34am
Spot on. twitter
Feb 10 2017, 8:55am
"This quietude is good news for Putin—and reason for him to think he could get away with such an operation again." twitter
Feb 9 2017, 9:51pm
@yacitus You needed to unwind after the all-hands? twitter
Feb 8 2017, 9:22pm
RT @RVAwonk: Texas defunded PP. Now they have the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world. #StandWithPP #AMJoy… twitter
Feb 6 2017, 8:50am
RT @leahmcelrath: This is Trump telegraphing an intent to weaken or abolish judicial power if (when) there is a terrorist attack: https://… twitter
Feb 3 2017, 9:43pm
RT @StartedTweeting: The only way to prevent another Bowling Green Massacre is to stop interviewing Kellyanne Conway. twitter
Jan 31 2017, 11:15am
RT @kim_crawley: Excellent cartoon on #MuslimBan from @barrydeutsch. Support his Patreon: #TrumpBan… twitter
Jan 31 2017, 11:13am
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: twitter
Jan 31 2017, 11:11am
RT @RaRaVibes: In the US Holocaust Museum. I'm shook. twitter
Jan 30 2017, 1:17pm
Give this a read: Trial Balloon for a Coup? @yacitus twitter
Jan 30 2017, 7:16am
RT @LOLGOP: The least satisfying thing of my life is being right about Donald Trump. twitter
Jan 29 2017, 9:31pm
@zannah Without the banana, we couldn't have known how big that blep was. twitter
Jan 29 2017, 7:33pm
RT @Snowden: No matter your politics, this is a grave concern. A government which refuses to respect the orders of its own courts is called… twitter
Jan 29 2017, 9:38am
RT @abrahamjoseph: Giuliani says he and others drafted the EO; specific-countries thing intended as fig leaf for an outright Muslim ban htt… twitter
Jan 29 2017, 9:18am
RT @Snowden: Listen, I don't care about parties. I care about the Constitution. And if you do too, you have a problem with religious prefer… twitter
Jan 29 2017, 9:17am
RT @slack2thefuture: Remember sitting in history, thinking “If I was alive then, I would’ve…” You’re alive now. Whatever you’re doing is w… twitter
Jan 28 2017, 3:46pm
@DeanNoLongerInO Maybe I'm not understanding you. Click through to the PDF at the ACLU fact sheet I linked, then read the CalTech source. twitter
Jan 28 2017, 12:28pm
@DeanNoLongerInO Sources cited: "we found there are systematic biases in the application of the identification statute across racial lines." twitter
Jan 28 2017, 11:03am
RT @jordandenari: Pope Francis: You can’t defend Christianity by being ‘against refugees and other religions’ https… twitter
Jan 28 2017, 11:01am
RT @BFriedmanDC: Today Trump abandoned brave Iraqi and Afghan interpreters who saved thousands of U.S. troops' lives. Mattis stood by smili… twitter
Jan 28 2017, 11:00am
RT @tparsi: Confirmed: Iran's Asghar Farhadi won't be let into the US to attend Oscar's. He's nominated for best foreign language film... #… twitter
Jan 28 2017, 10:52am
@DeanNoLongerInO @Duncaldinho10 @z0mgItsHutch The ACLU explains: twitter
Jan 28 2017, 10:50am
RT @JohnLeguizamo: VOTER FRAUD FAQ Q: Is there voter fraud? A: Nope Q: So why does the GOP claim voter fraud? A: To prevent People of Color… twitter
Jan 28 2017, 10:48am
RT @LOLGOP: If you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren't, you're going to have to stop pretending your concerns are reli… twitter
Jan 26 2017, 8:33am
RT @AltNatParkSer: If you are angered by the science denial coming from Trump's administration, please support the… twitter
Jan 26 2017, 7:34am
Those hands. twitter
Jan 24 2017, 8:05pm
RT @zannah: Amazing Lego railway video through the guy's house and garden! twitter
Jan 24 2017, 3:08pm
RT @Kasparov63: Obvious lies serve a purpose for an administration. They watch who challenges them and who loyally repeats them. The people… twitter
Jan 19 2017, 9:52pm
RT @JamesSurowiecki: Of all the absurd and terrible things Trump nominees have said so far (and there are a lot of them), this may well be… twitter
Jan 19 2017, 12:44pm
@The_Pi_Hole I got the changes I needed from, I needed the /admin block and put it in sites-enabled/default wiki FTW twitter
Jan 19 2017, 1:18am
I installed an instance of @The_Pi_Hole, and it worked perfectly, even over my nginx server, after tweaking /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default twitter
Jan 18 2017, 12:03pm
RT @ParkerMolloy: It's really scary how many "I voted for Trump, but I hope he enacts the policies of his opponent." stories that seem to b… twitter
Jan 18 2017, 11:55am
@tpederson Haha, nice. They've got his pattern of speech down. twitter
Jan 16 2017, 11:21am
Thank you, Apple Daemonomicon, for assuring me that my backup agent is an agent, not a daemon. twitter
Jan 15 2017, 10:40am
@warrenellis LIfe imitates art. See the update at the bottom of twitter
Jan 14 2017, 11:13pm
I just started #JavaScript30, and @Murkrage's post mirrors the notes I made to myself. @wesbos is really good, esp.… twitter
Jan 14 2017, 2:42pm
@zannah Sideways blep. twitter
Jan 14 2017, 1:26pm
RT @AriBerman: Trump not just attacking @repjohnlewis. His admin planning to roll back voting rights Lewis nearly died to win… twitter
Jan 14 2017, 11:49am
@davewiner This from the guy who's concerned with single-owner silos. Still, I take your point: If you're committed to S3, worthless to you twitter
Jan 14 2017, 11:06am
@davewiner Re: pngWriter, if you want to share, you could post source to GitHub. Re: HTTPS, I recommend Easier now. twitter
Jan 14 2017, 10:49am
TIL how to Make America Kittens Again. twitter
Jan 13 2017, 7:27pm
Neal Stephenson explains why he generally stays away from social media. Something for @realDonaldTrump to consider. twitter
Jan 13 2017, 10:21am
And yet apathy is more dangerous yet than ignorance. There's hope to educate the ignorant. @kevverage Americans hav… twitter
Jan 11 2017, 12:40pm
Note to self: crontab curl commands should be: "curl -fsS ... > /dev/null" to silently succeed but report problems. twitter
Jan 11 2017, 12:21pm
RT @RonWyden: Retweet if you care about @realDonaldTrump's tax returns twitter
Jan 6 2017, 9:25pm
RT @Xof: 1. Pick a stronger password. 2. No, stronger. 3. STRONGER. 4. Great, now do five bypass questions anyone can guess from your FB pr… twitter
Jan 6 2017, 8:58pm
@zannah Feedly now. Was using Digg Reader before that. twitter
Jan 6 2017, 12:29am
I open-sourced a site that animates where to fairly cut the last slice of pizza for one crust-lover and one not. twitter
Jan 3 2017, 8:59pm
The anachronisms in the Hamilton Mixtape make me want to watch Samurai Champloo again. (I don't think many will get that.) twitter
Jan 2 2017, 7:15pm
RT @shima_spoon: if. twitter
Jan 2 2017, 8:21am
RT @slack2thefuture: RT if you’re an American person and you’re not glad to see Obama go. twitter
Dec 29 2016, 9:18pm
RT @Patbagley: Nixon and Trump are Tricky Dicks! #Putin #watergate twitter
Dec 28 2016, 10:50pm
RT @raywert: Tonight we light Menorah the Hutt to honor @CarrieFisher. For every RT tonight I'll donate $1 to mental health charity. (cc: @… twitter
Dec 28 2016, 1:16pm
geolocation's getCurrentPosition() is deprecated in Chrome on insecure origins nowadays. Fine, then. letsencrypt, here comes another domain! twitter
Dec 27 2016, 8:34am
RT @danielradosh: Noted: His Christmas spending data point is from a Deloitte survey published before he was elected--and it's called the "… twitter
Dec 25 2016, 10:25pm
Yeah, how dare the GOP compare themselves to the Rebel Alliance with "A New Hope" when everybody knows they're the… twitter
Dec 24 2016, 1:39pm
@zannah He worked one of my friend's daughter's birthday parties a few years back. He's moving up in the world! twitter
Dec 24 2016, 10:02am
Shocker: Trump and Putin agree: Let's escalate the arms race and American Democrats suck! twitter
Dec 24 2016, 8:19am
RT @GhostPanther: Is this f'n for real? He's quoting Putin against Americans? Come on Repubs, where's ur patriotism? This is disgusting. ht… twitter
Dec 22 2016, 8:40pm
RT @LOLGOP: It's just simple conservative math. We can't afford Medicare but we can afford nuclear war. twitter
Dec 22 2016, 10:41am
So many interesting choices for 2017: Trumplethinskin, Der Gropenführer, and Cheetolini... twitter
Dec 16 2016, 8:25pm
@zannah Further enabling Hikikomori across Japan... twitter
Dec 11 2016, 6:10pm
RT @workergnome: Going through old papers my dad gave me, I found his map of the internet as of May 1973. The entire internet. https://t.… twitter
Dec 10 2016, 11:34am
2016: The year of having to choose when to say kakistocracy and when to say kleptocracy. twitter
Dec 10 2016, 11:07am
@romanmars You pointed out that the "successful charge, eject card" sound for American chip credit cards is an "error" buzz. Where was that? twitter
Dec 5 2016, 9:51pm
RT @nickspencer: Yeah man, international diplomacy is weird. You should read up on it before you get us all killed with your fucking twitte… twitter
Nov 24 2016, 3:27pm
RT @sarahjeong: the turkey takes his mask off it's edward snowden obama groans, it's too late to unpardon him now twitter
Nov 22 2016, 6:20pm
TIL: "kakistocracy", government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens. twitter
Nov 21 2016, 9:34pm
RT @TheGoodGodAbove: I wish Trump was as hard on Nazis as he is on SNL and Hamilton twitter
Nov 21 2016, 4:33pm
RT @ZeddRebel: No, really, we just wasted 4 years over Hillary's private server and now Prez-Elect Trump is talking to world leaders on his… twitter
Nov 20 2016, 10:34am
@Shutterfly Concerned that we're getting spam about "Sutterfly" (note the missing 'h') at twitter
Nov 19 2016, 12:12am
The Bruno Mars Store issues the GNU Clacks Overhead Terry Pratchett headers. Album purchased twitter
Nov 17 2016, 4:33pm
RT @JohnFugelsang: Snowden told us truth abt NSA collecting data, James Clapper lied abt it under oath to Congress. Guess which one got in… twitter
Nov 17 2016, 8:51am
RT @tomsguide: 7 Reasons #Roku Ultra Beats #AppleTV twitter
Nov 12 2016, 9:53pm
RT @jonnysun: biden: cmon you gotta print a fake birth certificate, put it in an envelope labeled "SECRET" and leave it in the oval office… twitter
Nov 12 2016, 3:45pm
RT @drskyskull: Perhaps the most insightful political comment I've seen in the election aftermath from a very smart friend of mine. https:/… twitter
Nov 9 2016, 3:37pm
RT @maddow: twitter
Nov 9 2016, 9:35am
Activists for feminism, racial equality, immigrant rights, LGBT rights, religious tolerance, I will fight alongside… twitter
Nov 9 2016, 9:26am
@neonepiphany This is the crest of a wave. There will continue to be good people who will help the disenfranchised. :hug: twitter
Nov 9 2016, 8:57am
Please remember this. twitter
Nov 9 2016, 8:53am
RT @Lin_Manuel: F*ck that. I love this country, and there's more work to do than ever. (No offense Canada) twitter
Nov 8 2016, 4:22pm
@neonepiphany I have to believe that there's one gender permutation missing! It'd fill an 8x8 grid so nicely. twitter
Nov 8 2016, 3:36pm
RT @ejdyksen: JS console output from each candidate's website #cleanupyourerrors twitter
Nov 5 2016, 2:27am
If you're thinking about reading Anathem on a Kindle, install this glossary in its documents/dictionaries folder: twitter
Nov 4 2016, 5:41pm
@zannah Always improved by blep! twitter
Nov 4 2016, 1:19am
Despite outdated warnings otherwise, installing @EFF's @letsencrypt CertBot on Raspbian Jessie for Nginx was straight-forward, no surprises! twitter
Nov 2 2016, 12:06pm
@yacitus you may enjoy this one: 99% Invisible: 234- The Shift twitter
Oct 31 2016, 7:57am
@yacitus, your retweet of a Salman Rushdie tweet led me to find this one where he references The Big Lebowski: twitter
Oct 28 2016, 8:16pm
I missed the Microsoft event. Did they demo virtual Air Hockey with two Surface Dials on the Surface Studio? twitter
Oct 28 2016, 11:13am
Where's the Escape key dongle/attachment KickStarter for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro? twitter
Oct 21 2016, 8:47am
Looks like the internet is saving me from updating to a new Fedora Core today. I would've rage quit anyway. Thanks, internet. #DDoS twitter
Oct 18 2016, 9:04pm
@yacitus Ooh, I love Aimee Mann. Thanks for suggesting this, just listened to it and really enjoyed it. twitter
Oct 15 2016, 12:56pm
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Absolutely devastating. twitter
Oct 13 2016, 10:46pm
I just made my Google Chrome Interrobang extension open source. twitter
Oct 13 2016, 10:40pm
@ResearchGate Please add an ATOM or RSS feed for your excellent blog, so that your readers can know when there's new content. twitter
Oct 13 2016, 4:54pm
RT @billyeichner: Win or lose, Trump made our world uglier. I don't want any reality shows from him after this, no cutesy late night sketch… twitter
Oct 12 2016, 5:39pm
@yacitus I just did my first Swarm review. twitter
Oct 12 2016, 3:44pm
Woohoo! Shiny new code review tool! It doesn't take a lot to make us happy. twitter
Oct 11 2016, 4:19pm
Just 100 days left. Urge President Obama to pardon Snowden before leaving office. twitter
Oct 9 2016, 11:39am
JS ProTip: As of Chrome 53, untrusted events (those made with createEvent()) do not invoke the default action. Affects Interrobang AddOn. twitter
Oct 8 2016, 10:02pm
RT @badbanana: The chef who invented turducken died. In keeping with his final wishes, he will be buried normally you monsters. twitter
Oct 8 2016, 9:56pm
RT @iowahawkblog: "I'd tap that" is locker room banter. "I grab em by the p***y and they can't do anything cuz I'm famous" is a psychopath'… twitter
Oct 5 2016, 10:05pm
I've cancelled my Flickr Pro and will be cancelling my Yahoo email accts due to their lack of transparency password breach & email scanning. twitter
Sep 27 2016, 9:25pm
RT @contrarianp: The World Passes 400 PPM Threshold. Permanently via @ClimateCentral twitter
Sep 27 2016, 9:23pm
@zannah Doesn't seem like something they won't kill within two years. twitter
Sep 27 2016, 7:56pm
ProTip: After iOS 10, my Klipsch R6i's 3-button remote stopped working. "Touching" Settings->Music->Volume Limit, makes them resume working. twitter
Sep 26 2016, 3:59pm
Today marks the biggest launch in @RokuPlayer’s history! See what I’ve been working on at #Roku: twitter
Sep 23 2016, 8:26am
My favorite episode yet: Radiolab: The Primitive Streak twitter
Sep 15 2016, 9:35pm
Once again, I forget I can't connect to other local devices in the house while on the VPN. twitter
Sep 14 2016, 2:44pm
RT @AdamParkhomenko: If you watch one thing today watch this. If you RT one thing today RT this. twitter
Sep 11 2016, 10:12pm
@qreenlantern I wonder if those scenes from Suicide Squad intentionally referenced The Silence of the Lambs. twitter
Sep 10 2016, 11:21am
RT @laweez: Real Doonesbury strip from 1999. SCARY. @ChuckNellis #NeverTrump twitter
Sep 8 2016, 2:03pm
@raymondh I might use that tip, but I'll feel guilty doing so unless I knew I needed the speed. twitter
Sep 6 2016, 8:51am
ProTip: Google Photos gracefully backs up the video part of iPhone Live Photos, too. twitter
Sep 4 2016, 9:34pm
@yacitus It sounded like you taught your kid to multi-task: play while enjoying a beer. twitter
Sep 2 2016, 8:46pm
RT @sherlockmichael: Saudi Arabia sentences a man to 10 years in jail and 2,000 lashes for being an atheist #IStandWithSaudiAtheists http… twitter
Aug 16 2016, 7:28am
@yacitus Oh, glad you enjoyed it! twitter
Aug 9 2016, 7:09pm
The start of the Singularity is going to be hilarious, full of bad text-to-speech mismappings as the robots try to communicate by voice. twitter
Aug 4 2016, 1:09am
Some of my deal breakers (mostly window resize correctness & keyboard shortcuts) are listed here: twitter
Aug 3 2016, 11:03pm
I expected too much of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. A good start, but I have to keep CygWin. twitter
Aug 3 2016, 10:58pm
RT @realDonaldTrump: The global warming we should be worried about is the global warming caused by NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the hands of crazy or… twitter
Aug 1 2016, 10:01am
@Delicious, both your bookmarklet and "Add Bookmark" links aren't working. Are you still there? twitter
Jul 29 2016, 11:39pm
Dear Roku: If you send me to a PC to link my new device, I'm just gonna open up reddit in another tab and forget what I was doing. twitter
Jul 27 2016, 9:25pm
RT @trevortimm: This is also the exact scenario @Snowden warned about when he first went public. He was worried about future Trumps. https:… twitter
Jul 26 2016, 8:34am
RT @jeremoss: Voting for her while loving #BernieSanders because I'm old enough to remember Bush Gore Nader--and the shit-storm that follow… twitter
Jul 24 2016, 8:34pm
I've waited so long for my very own Lamarr! #hl2 twitter
Jul 24 2016, 6:24pm
Here's why my remote backup choice is @rsyncnet. twitter
Jul 22 2016, 11:09am
Kudos, Jesse. Service providers, take note: this is how you respond to a service outage. twitter
Jul 18 2016, 8:40am
@davewiner It'll never sit right with me how successful screen captures of text are. twitter
Jul 18 2016, 8:36am
RT @hemantmehta: Best part of Jane Mayer's piece? Where Trump's ghostwriter has donated his royalty money. https://… twitter
Jul 11 2016, 9:38am
@codelesscode, I really loved Case 234, Ozymandius. Nice work. twitter
Jul 10 2016, 9:01pm
I'm the sort of person to worry about the next epoch fail, so I made a JSON countdown timer. twitter
Jul 10 2016, 10:23am
One sees all these online examples to rsync one's home directory to the cloud, but none include a --exclude=".ssh/" flag. twitter
Jul 9 2016, 12:10pm
Protip for @rsyncnet customers: You have to change your password independently via passwd and at the dashboard.html page. They're different. twitter
Jul 3 2016, 1:54pm
I was right to run FollowMee along with @openpathscc. Looks like OpenPaths has stopped with the end of @nytlabs. twitter
Jul 3 2016, 12:06am
This new #netflix UI is a little bossy and presumptuous. That's not what I want to watch, and please wait to start until I'm ready, OK? twitter
Jun 29 2016, 8:22am
RT @SarcasmMother: America and Britain are having a competition on who can fuck themselves up the most. Britain is in the lead, but America… twitter
Jun 27 2016, 7:15am
@raymondh Had to do a double-take when I saw that someone used the word "effect" as a verb correctly. twitter
Jun 21 2016, 8:44am
Looking at the 2003 movie "Thirteen" at Netflix, it says, "More like Thirteen: Diary of a Wimpy Kid". twitter
Jun 20 2016, 5:27pm
@TheOnion really needs to repost the "No Way To Prevent This" article again. twitter
Jun 17 2016, 10:17pm
RT @Megavolt1: It's ok to… twitter
Jun 17 2016, 3:22pm
"You're not a sudoer. This incident will be reported" says the computer. Screw you computer, do what I say or I'll unplug you. twitter
Jun 15 2016, 11:32am
Best episode yet: Surprisingly Awesome: #15 Extinct Hockey twitter
Jun 6 2016, 3:03pm
Not sure what Google thinks about the frequency with which I type "man kill" into the Omnibox. (I'm search for *nix documentation.) twitter
May 24 2016, 4:11pm
It was going to happen eventually: An annotated @davewiner post on why he doesn't like annotated posts. twitter
May 23 2016, 9:07pm
RT @BiIIMurray: The fact there’s a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers. twitter
May 22 2016, 1:09am
Had a nice chat with @RoKhannaUSA on my front porch. Glad to see him pounding the pavement and meeting constituents. twitter
May 21 2016, 9:09pm
.@jonathanfmills I loved your Advanced JavaScript tutorial at OutLearn. Is it online anywhere else, now that OutLearn is gone? twitter
May 20 2016, 12:24am
It's sweet that my company, #Roku, celebrates National #StreamingDay today, while in my house, it's actually every day. twitter
May 19 2016, 7:29am
RT @Snowden: I worked @CIA. I wrote the Emergency Destruction Plan for Geneva. When CIA destroys something, it's never a mistake. https://t… twitter
May 17 2016, 8:25am
RT @MikeMongo: This is a photo of the underside of a cliff. Taken by a robot. Aboard a comet. twitter
May 13 2016, 10:22pm
RT @LOLGOP: If you're more worried about the identity of people peeing than people buying guns, stop pretending kids are your big concern. twitter
May 13 2016, 3:51pm
The high point of my day? The file size of the binary I made matches its creation date. 20160513. twitter
May 12 2016, 9:01pm
RT @FFRF: Happy birthday, George. twitter
May 5 2016, 11:13am
Unless it's a picture of words. As we do here on Twitter. twitter
May 4 2016, 7:02pm
RT @hemantmehta: I could get behind this National Day of Prayer proclamation... (via @americansunited)… twitter
Apr 29 2016, 5:49pm
RT @isaach: so good. “A poem about Silicon Valley, assembled from Quora questions about Silicon Valley” https://t.c… twitter
Apr 29 2016, 10:45am
Now that @delicious is back long enough to export one's bookmarks, I'm torn between and just using my own Shaarli. twitter
Apr 27 2016, 11:01pm
If I'm not suffering Imposter Syndrome, then I'm pretty sure it's a symptom of Dunning-Kruger effect. twitter
Apr 26 2016, 7:19am
.@Delicious How's the migration going? You should tweet about big moves like this. Not everybody visits your blog. twitter
Apr 25 2016, 8:40pm
I'm pretty sure Apple remembers. twitter
Apr 23 2016, 3:02pm
@Delicious Your API endpoints at have been missing since 2016-04-21. What's up? twitter
Apr 21 2016, 7:31am
@zannah I recognized the image immediately! twitter
Apr 20 2016, 2:12pm
RT @Snowden: It begins: Secret court rules @FBI's NSA-style programs should be used for ordinary crimes. https://t.… twitter
Apr 19 2016, 8:59pm
A friend'd daughter saw this @_andrio inspired avatar of mine online elsewhere without any context, and recognized that it was me! Awesome! twitter
Apr 15 2016, 12:17pm
I forgot to watch the credits closely to see if they had any fun with that. twitter
Apr 14 2016, 6:22pm
.@iZombieWriters You guys outdid yourselves with "Fillmore Graves". twitter
Apr 14 2016, 1:05am
.@yacitus I really wanted @planetmoney to get into Chip and Pin vs. Chip and Signature, too. twitter
Apr 13 2016, 5:25pm
.@twsbi This just happened. Crown broke off of 4yo 540 with normal torque to open. twitter
Apr 12 2016, 9:33pm
I asked that because has been changing their signage and the format of their email lately. twitter
Apr 12 2016, 9:08pm
How quietly can Netflix spin off the company now? It's been 4 years since they bought the domain. #qwikster twitter
Apr 12 2016, 8:24am
.@letsencrypt I love that you appreciated the irony that the "unsubscribe" link in your expiry notice was plain HTTP "We're working on that" twitter
Apr 5 2016, 8:50pm
RT @Snowden: In light of the same PM's next-day resignation, add this to the "list of things never to say in Iceland." #cashljós https://t… twitter
Mar 31 2016, 8:36pm
Are your backups current? It's World Backup Day. twitter
Mar 31 2016, 1:20am
People shouldn't abbreviate Batman vs. Superman as BvS, because it looks like Buffy vs. Spike. twitter
Mar 30 2016, 4:34pm
I may be inordinately excited about the Bash shell coming to Windows 10 this summer. Would love to retire my Cygwin setup. twitter
Mar 30 2016, 4:22pm
My kids think it's too cruel when I work from home since sometimes I occupy both the best computer and the Roku. Do your homework, kids. twitter
Mar 27 2016, 3:21pm
Note to self: In PyCharm, turn off PEP-8 Line length checking by adding E501 to Settings->Inspections->PEP-8->Options's Ignore Errors. twitter
Mar 20 2016, 9:17am
.@Delicious If you inject ads into the feeds: encode the & in the guid, link, comments, and wfw:commentRss URLs. See twitter
Mar 19 2016, 10:37pm
@neonepiphany Who eats the handle of the Pocky first‽ twitter
Mar 14 2016, 11:04pm
RT @hangingsliders: Obama shows how you deal with protestors at a speech: twitter
Mar 10 2016, 2:17pm
Sometimes you don't know which yak to shave. twitter
Mar 7 2016, 3:57pm
I refuse to watch that Stephen King series unless we call it by its true ISO 8601 name, 1963-11-22. twitter
Mar 6 2016, 9:11pm
RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: I am a humanist, which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without any expectation of reward or punishm… twitter
Mar 6 2016, 9:08pm
@vogrim, @DerFichtl is down. I've appreciated using its API while it was working. Will it come back? twitter
Mar 4 2016, 8:51pm
@paNTRa9999 All these five years later? Sorry, nope. I wish they did provide a WishList web API. twitter
Mar 3 2016, 7:11am
RT @LibyaLiberty: If you're an American confusedly watching the darkest forces of ur nation rally behind a demagogue-maybe u can understand… twitter
Mar 1 2016, 8:57am
How wrong is it that I thought "obviously it's 'every other sexual, otherwise it'd be semisexual'"? twitter
Feb 26 2016, 8:42am
This day at work calls for Beastie Boys' Sabotage. Well, either that or Yakety Sax. twitter
Feb 21 2016, 2:14pm
.@Delicious look at accounts like @elmauro2011's, that ad spam is because of this: Ads are OK, but abide by the spec twitter
Feb 20 2016, 3:29pm
@davewiner Point taken. The last link at the post is a telling Twitter search for the ads. twitter
Feb 20 2016, 11:59am
@davewiner Only because you're one of the only people I know who'd know why it's wrong. Every GET generates a new unique feed. No more 304s. twitter
Feb 20 2016, 11:25am
@davewiner Delicious now serving new (current) pubDate elements for ads on every RSS feed fetch. Breaks normal usage twitter
Feb 20 2016, 11:17am
.@Delicious to be clear, we'd be less annoyed if the pubDate elements remained static per item, or the feed returned 304 "Not Modified". twitter
Feb 20 2016, 10:57am
.@Delicious You're injecting sponsored ads with bogus pubDate elements into users' RSS feeds. That's ineffective and misleading. twitter
Feb 17 2016, 5:38pm
RT @Snowden: This is the most important tech case in a decade. Silence means @google picked a side, but it's not the public's. https://t.c… twitter
Feb 15 2016, 7:33am
If it's going to rain everyday, I get to leave the shower water on the whole four minutes. -A Californian in Seattle. twitter
Feb 14 2016, 7:09pm
RT @Snowden: Counterpoint: Failing to confirm a #Scalia replacement could significantly increase voter turnout, which historically works ag… twitter
Feb 14 2016, 9:51am
It's daytime, yet I have no shadow, and everything is wet here. What is this place? twitter
Feb 2 2016, 8:17am
@milpitaspost We haven't received our paper version of the Milpitas Post for a few weeks. Do you still deliver it to local residents? twitter
Jan 25 2016, 7:58pm
I fixed one of my bugs today by wiggling and reseating the wires connected to my computer. Sigh. twitter
Jan 25 2016, 1:45pm
RT @RyanJohnNelson: St Cecilia, patron saint of people who literally can't even. twitter
Jan 25 2016, 1:29am
@openpathscc @nytlabs's data service has been emitting only 502 and 504 (mostly) since 2016-01-04. Recurring issue? twitter
Jan 21 2016, 11:20pm
I'm pouring one out for the last non-screen-scraping Amazon Wishlist Widget API. widgets/q?Operation=GetResults&ListId=... ended 2016-01-11. twitter
Jan 15 2016, 2:49pm
Gray is a color, and grey is a colour. (via Reddit) twitter
Jan 9 2016, 9:00pm
@CLFLN Ha, how can we help but look at twof's commit to figure out what he did to make it faster. (It's not really a mystery.) twitter
Jan 6 2016, 9:50pm
@zannah ‽ ノ( º_ºノ) There, I put one back together for you. twitter
Jan 5 2016, 9:27pm
@yacitus That's *awesome*! Thank you for sharing. Definitely going into my dotfiles repo. twitter
Jan 4 2016, 10:14pm
RT @JohnCleese: I would like 2016 to be the year when people remembered that science is a method of investigation,and NOT a belief system twitter
Dec 31 2015, 7:09pm
IMHO: San Francisco City Hall's Goddess of Liberty was better than that the U.S. Capitol's Statue of Freedom. That thing looks silly. twitter
Dec 30 2015, 3:20pm
@Delicious Further info: "" disappeared around 2015-12-28, 16:00 US/Pacific. It had been working fine for years. twitter
Dec 30 2015, 3:01pm
@Delicious I take it feed URLs like the old are replaced with ? Or is "feeds" coming back? twitter
Dec 28 2015, 10:22am
After a couple of years, it's totally worth upgrading devices like Kindles, Raspberry Pis and Rokus. The newer ones are delightful upgrades. twitter
Dec 26 2015, 8:51pm
To ensure our little Raspberry Pi is alive, I have it serve this little tribute site to War Games. #retro twitter
Dec 23 2015, 12:49pm
@littleark Do you intend to refresh GitHut at with data from 2015? I'd be interested! twitter
Dec 23 2015, 8:47am
@neonepiphany Why did you do that to me? Cannot unsee. twitter
Dec 22 2015, 7:18pm
@marshmelones Is that at the Alamo Drafthouse? twitter
Dec 22 2015, 7:14pm
RT @the_intercept: Obama is right: terrorism has taken over cable news by @ZaidJilani twitter
Dec 19 2015, 5:48pm
RT @Snowden: Reports indicate a backdoor designed by NSA has been repurposed by America's adversaries and used against us:… twitter
Dec 19 2015, 8:22am
RT @RonWyden: I voted against the omnibus because it contained CISA. Pointblank: CISA harms security & liberty. I could not vote for that. twitter
Dec 19 2015, 8:21am
Drove into work on Saturday morning blasting a favorite song of despair and regret: The Verge Pipe's "The Freshmen". So, it could be worse. twitter
Dec 18 2015, 3:10pm
@yacitus The scene can be watched without spoiling the movie. Viewer discretion is definitely advised for the movie. YMMV with the movie. twitter
Dec 18 2015, 3:09pm
Loved the twist at the end of Star Wars: Into Darkness. twitter
Dec 17 2015, 10:20pm
The 2015 Voight Kampff Empathy Test twitter
Dec 17 2015, 9:29pm
You wouldn't want to know how many times I've watched the business card scene in American Psycho. twitter
Dec 8 2015, 2:23pm
@tpederson Did you keep your spellbook and wand improvements changelist? It's time to issue a pull request! twitter
Dec 8 2015, 8:24am
NetHack has moved to Git, enjoys fuzz testing, and adds tributes to Terry Pratchett with the release of 3.6.0. twitter
Dec 7 2015, 8:38am
You could replace "play Fallout 4" with just about anything, and we'd still have had one of those days. twitter
Dec 4 2015, 1:20am
I make no sense. Settled down to watch a movie, and ended up upgrading an old Raspberry Pi from Wheezy to Jessie. twitter
Dec 3 2015, 9:18am
It ends with, "that's how the fuck you well-regulate a goddamn American militia." twitter
Dec 3 2015, 9:05am
RT @ccfinlay: Protip: We don't elect legislators to pray. We elect them to legislate. If your legislator only prays and won't pass laws, ge… twitter
Dec 2 2015, 1:46pm
@rmd1023 looks like you'd get this one: twitter
Dec 2 2015, 1:44pm
For those too lazy to see the beginning of the thread, they're talking about tramp stamps. twitter
Dec 1 2015, 7:18am
.@TheAtlPhoto Will there be a Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar this year? I looked forward to those! twitter
Nov 26 2015, 2:11pm
The November update of Windows 7 seems to cause Dave's Quick Search Deskbar DQSD to fail with JavaScript error, document.selection.empty() twitter
Nov 23 2015, 9:45pm
I have a lot of calendar notifications in 2016 reminding me to cancel the free (or discounted) one-year trial. twitter
Nov 21 2015, 4:10pm
...And the old Twitter API endpoint to know the share count of a URL is dead. Back to the drawing board. twitter
Nov 17 2015, 5:17pm
I was slightly amused to consider changing my password to [redacted]. twitter
Nov 15 2015, 3:56pm
I like to imagine the president leaving secret messages to the attackers that got his encrypted files. twitter
Nov 15 2015, 12:03pm
RT @_Four_Horsemen: "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire #ParisAttacks… twitter
Nov 11 2015, 9:10am
Happy Pastaval! Happy Pastimus? Happy... Pastivus? Great Meatballs, what do Pastafari call our holiday? twitter
Nov 10 2015, 8:31am
.@kommonKat Great minds think alike. twitter
Nov 9 2015, 8:54am
Nicely done, Canada! twitter
Nov 8 2015, 9:06pm
One of our top Republican front runners is defending himself from claims that he never attempted to murder a child. twitter
Nov 8 2015, 2:50pm
@marshmelones I can't tell you how good that sounds. twitter
Nov 8 2015, 2:20pm
GitList fits my needs pretty well. Happy to see that README (even without the .md extension) is rendered as markdown twitter
Nov 8 2015, 11:29am
Not sure whose fault it is, but it sure sucks to discover the keys swapped like that after upgrading to El Capitan. twitter
Nov 5 2015, 1:41pm
@CoinbaseSupport @coinbase It's an ingenious phishing attack, I had multifactor authentication turned on with Authy, but it was bypassed. twitter
Nov 5 2015, 11:28am
@c11t_ It was a superior phishing scheme. Nicely formatted email, good fake site, everything. Hope I helped others by tweeting about my fail twitter
Nov 5 2015, 10:46am
@CoinbaseSupport Please look into case ID 710928. I'm a victim of "Coinbase security request" phishing. twitter
Nov 5 2015, 10:45am
@c11t_ @coinbase Definitely phishing. They just transferred all my bitcoin out. Transaction is still pending. Don't know what I can do. twitter
Nov 5 2015, 10:41am
.@coinbase I just fell victim to a "Coinbase Security Request" email phishing scheme. There's a pending transfer of all my bitcoin out. twitter
Nov 4 2015, 9:56pm
@dpmendenhall Don't despair, you're not the first, and you won't be the last. And at the real #rockbottom, there's no launch, period. twitter
Nov 4 2015, 9:13pm
.@wowcool Just found your site by typing in because I'm reading Vaughan's Ex Machina TPB #6 right now. Nice. twitter
Nov 4 2015, 8:29am
ProTip: Before getting rid of your old smart phone, ensure Google Authenticator and Authy have all their accounts on the new phone. twitter
Nov 3 2015, 8:42am
.@katiejrice @adamwallander You're doing wonderful things with Camp Weedonwantcha. Love the current arc and the way you're showing it. twitter
Nov 2 2015, 8:14pm
RT @Snowden: Journos: UK officials don't want to "ban encryption" -- they want to ban encryption that *works*. Deceptive intent. https://t.… twitter
Oct 31 2015, 12:04pm
Today's Owarimonogatari (on @Crunchyroll) reminds me of Hirokazu Koreeda's "Nobody Knows". Great film. twitter
Oct 31 2015, 11:33am
RT @ryantate: lol — nailed it, Apple twitter
Oct 30 2015, 11:41am
.@zozi Online registration for @Baytobreakers went really smoothly. Much easier for families than it was a few years ago. Nice work. twitter
Oct 29 2015, 2:16pm
The side of my personalized Coke can reads, "of dubious consequence". twitter
Oct 28 2015, 2:09pm
RT @droosien: @Snowden "Runaway surveillance blimp" is the perfect metaphor for the military/intelligence industrial complex. And the perfe… twitter
Oct 26 2015, 9:35pm
.@SenatorBoxer, @SenFeinstein #CISA erodes user privacy and consumer trust in American tech businesses. Vote NO twitter
Oct 26 2015, 8:38am
@marshmelones "someone may have scraped meringue off the third?" After you torched it? Sounds criminal to me! twitter
Oct 21 2015, 10:31am
I know what we're doing today! (typo fixed) twitter
Oct 20 2015, 8:45pm
@zannah You misunderstood. They called in sick alright. Sick of work. twitter
Oct 20 2015, 7:37pm
I know that I'm doing tomorrow! twitter
Oct 16 2015, 5:14pm
Facebook's "authentic name" policy can be dangerous for users. Tell Facebook it's time to fix it. via @eff twitter
Oct 14 2015, 11:14pm
@neonepiphany That looks like a new Kate Beaton book!! twitter
Oct 13 2015, 8:44am
There comes a point when you concede this point, and you may as well speak your mind anyway. twitter
Oct 13 2015, 8:19am
My wife's iPhone 6S Touch ID button is really hot and the phone won't turn on. Beware, this is a hot button topic for her. twitter
Oct 11 2015, 7:34am
David's Dead Man's Switch has been triggered. This is real, but almost certainly a false positive. More at twitter
Oct 7 2015, 12:00pm
@neonepiphany Um. The Roku 4? I kind of desperately want one. twitter
Oct 5 2015, 10:03pm
At one time, "Liberty Parent of Science and Industry" was on American coins. twitter
Oct 4 2015, 11:17pm
RT @lifehacker: It's Sunday Showdown time! We compared the Roku Stick, Fire TV Stick, and the Chromecast: http://t.c… twitter
Oct 2 2015, 7:26am
Here I thought the dissent was going to be "corps aren't people" (Citizens United), not "gay people aren't people". twitter
Oct 1 2015, 9:54pm
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, they let children out alone where only the criminals have guns! twitter
Oct 1 2015, 8:09am
RT @TheTweetOfGod: “Kim Davis Secretly Met with the Pope.” It’s true. A thrice-divorced woman met with a 78-year-old virgin to complain abo… twitter
Sep 27 2015, 12:35pm
Wherein I write "most horrible Skeuomorphism abominations of all time"... twitter
Sep 26 2015, 10:09am
@lastfm Did you forget to restore recent tracks feeds for users? Down during the migration. twitter
Sep 23 2015, 5:12pm
@yacitus Here's the shot of my wife's grandma's place, from the fortune cookie factory: twitter
Sep 22 2015, 8:28pm
Is it ever going to stop being Stillsuit weather? twitter
Sep 22 2015, 11:55am
@yacitus ...or they're Levi's Stadium. twitter
Sep 22 2015, 11:47am
@yacitus I'm honestly surprised! Did you write "don't" before the "wash me"? twitter
Sep 22 2015, 8:17am
California: Where no one draws "wash me" in the dirt on your car anymore. twitter
Sep 19 2015, 8:59pm
So I'm singing Love Fool by The Cardigans, and my daughter asks why I'm singing Justin Bieber. Shoot me now. twitter
Sep 5 2015, 4:32pm
RT @madeofthecosmos: This is what happens if #kimdavis is allowed to not do her job. twitter
Sep 5 2015, 4:30pm
@Rob_guillory @themightylayman Loved Chew TPB 8! Had to read your biographies off the back page to the family. Nice accomplishments, guys. twitter
Sep 4 2015, 1:38pm
RT @BettyBowers: As America’s Best Christian™, let me explain the difference between Religion and Religious Freedom. You’re welcome! http:… twitter
Aug 30 2015, 9:28pm
"reached a point in American history where electoral politics and South Park are no longer clearly distinguishable." twitter
Aug 30 2015, 10:15am
How do you not love a language they make cookies for? twitter
Aug 28 2015, 10:13pm
RT @utomisphere: Parseltongue? RT @ColasM78:@FinTechFR: #Python overtakes French as most popular language taught in US primary schools http… twitter
Aug 26 2015, 3:57pm
ProTip: How to export iCal feed from Outlook365 to Google Calendar. Manually edit the http ics link to https. twitter
Aug 26 2015, 7:10am
RT @KentBeck: If you can't make engineering decisions based on data, then make engineering decisions that result in data. twitter
Aug 25 2015, 12:36pm
RT @palmerandrew: Panic in world markets: a photo gallery twitter
Aug 24 2015, 9:25pm
Now there's Bash for iOS‽ It's an OK shell, but... Oh, nevermind. twitter
Aug 23 2015, 3:48pm
@lastfm Will the recent tracks feeds for users come back soon? They've been down during the migration. twitter
Aug 21 2015, 9:57am
(tail -F /var/log/sound & tail -F /var/log/fury) 1>/dev/null 2>&1 twitter
Aug 21 2015, 9:40am
cat <(/usr/bin/sound & /usr/bin/fury) 1>/dev/null 2>&1 twitter
Aug 11 2015, 9:31am
.@BrentButt Google motto 2015: We are the alpha and the omega. twitter
Aug 6 2015, 7:49am
RT @zannah: Love this. twitter
Aug 5 2015, 1:47pm
@zannah I'd have loved to have been a part of that conversation. Anybody mention twitter
Aug 4 2015, 8:55am
ProTip: Chrome: settings, content (chrome://settings/content), plug-ins - select "let me choose when to run content". Nothing will autoplay. twitter
Aug 3 2015, 10:18am
First thing I did when I heard about HitchBot was search for him and the word dentist. twitter
Aug 1 2015, 10:59am
.@MattGroening4 When I saw this subtitle in ep. 2 of Daredevil, it made me want to read old Life In Hell comics. twitter
Jul 30 2015, 9:54pm
I miss Xevious. twitter
Jul 29 2015, 8:13am
Windows 10 brings the OS one step closer to the functionality of Dave's Quick Search Deskbar (From 2002!) Keep going! twitter
Jul 27 2015, 4:46pm
ProTip: DreamHost shared servers disabled SMTP port 25 two weeks ago. Some scripts (Python) that send email affected. Use port 587 instead. twitter
Jul 19 2015, 11:36pm
Au revoir France! We even enjoyed your TV show Fort Boyard! twitter
Jul 19 2015, 10:16am
I'm returning to the land where my neighbors read and understand posts like: (I got the meaning, if not the details.) twitter
Jul 6 2015, 10:17am
Another excellent The Codeless Code, "This Too Shall Pass": twitter
Jul 6 2015, 8:27am
RT @saladinahmed: I don't claim to know shit about soccer, but I know this women vs. dudes gif amuses me. ht @docky twitter
Jul 6 2015, 8:21am
After bugging my son (because that's what dad do), "Dad, please go read Reddit or something." twitter
Jul 5 2015, 7:27pm
RT @SciencePorn: This is one of my favorite quotes by Neil deGrasse Tyson. We're proud to have been there when he said it.… twitter
Jul 4 2015, 2:18pm
Flirting, then and now. twitter
Jul 2 2015, 9:52am
When I read, all I could think was "No, no! Use ISO 8601 for that date format if you have to put it in a filename!" twitter
Jul 1 2015, 11:27am
RT @AtheistRepublic: Science vs. Faith twitter
Jun 30 2015, 8:24am
"Yesterday he said tomorrow." twitter
Jun 26 2015, 1:49pm
RT @_Four_Horsemen: Today's victory is about equality not privilege.. [@rickygervais] #SCOTUSMarriage #MarriageEquaility #Constitution http… twitter
Jun 25 2015, 10:27am
@pythondetective @raymondh But "123".rsplit('.', 1) doesn't meet the same argument unpacking size as "1.2.3".rsplit('.', 1) twitter
Jun 24 2015, 10:17pm
Most common ways to die, by age in the US: twitter
Jun 24 2015, 7:23am
RT @akaptur: Found my new favorite Python object while poking around the garbage collector (note the length of zero!) twitter
Jun 23 2015, 5:02pm
@yacitus Yes, that one. It's not Tweetbot's fault. It's Twitter's. I edited the @ replies on my reply, and it lost the threadedness. twitter
Jun 23 2015, 4:46pm
@yacitus And yet twitter
Jun 22 2015, 11:25pm
God dammit @Explosm. I just lost the game. twitter
Jun 22 2015, 10:47pm
RT @counternotions: We're living in a country where the Pope likely couldn't be head of several Congressional committees because he's not u… twitter
Jun 21 2015, 4:37pm
I just posted about why I run the redundant services OpenPaths and FollowMee. twitter
Jun 21 2015, 2:40pm
TIL The Porlex coffee grinder fits right in the Aeropress press for awesome storage efficiency. <3! twitter
Jun 20 2015, 9:44pm
A contractor in the People's Republic of China was *given root access* to the US government's OPM system. twitter
Jun 19 2015, 2:04pm
@yacitus Let's not forget "‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens" twitter
Jun 16 2015, 5:35pm
This is amazing! Awesome work, Nathan. twitter
Jun 12 2015, 10:06pm
When shuffle puts Cake's The Distance next to Primus's Jerry was a Racecar Driver, it's a little victory. It's a tragic racer song set. twitter
Jun 11 2015, 10:42pm
@yacitus No worries. Primus sucks. twitter
Jun 11 2015, 10:33pm
@yacitus The peer pressure from the kids! I'm lucky they let me get my Primus on. twitter
Jun 11 2015, 10:31pm
@LukeOldBrien Can't live for tomorrow. Tomorrow's much too long. twitter
Jun 11 2015, 10:07pm
At the gym they were playing '90s music. I liked it and was afraid I was entering another Smashing Pumpkins phase. I got over it. twitter
Jun 11 2015, 2:16pm
Tech demos by the security team are the best. twitter
Jun 7 2015, 3:21pm
.@raymondh Saw you were mentioned in 2001 for solving an interview question I considered. How would you solve it now? twitter
Jun 6 2015, 6:22pm
Aha! YouTube's v3 API requires different headers than Google's Contacts API. (Authorization vs. GData-Version). Time for a reward. twitter
Jun 6 2015, 1:35pm
Youtube discontinuing the favorites feed is like Amazon discontinuing the wishlist feed a few years ago. I liked them. But I'm mostly alone. twitter
Jun 5 2015, 10:43pm
.@YouTubeDev, I appreciate your careful shutdown of v2, but those RSS feeds were damned useful. Hate the 410s, but appreciate correct codes. twitter
Jun 5 2015, 4:42pm
RT @bphogan: So there’s this and then there’s this. Can’t make this stuff up. twitter
Jun 5 2015, 4:25pm
ProTip: If you search for "std::list" at work, you're gonna get a list of STDs. twitter
Jun 3 2015, 8:38am
@neonepiphany It wasn't iTunes Ping bad, was it? twitter
Jun 2 2015, 1:18pm
@zannah I just about lost it when I heard Kazu Kibuishi was going to do the covers for Harry Potter. Was not disappointed. <3 twitter
May 30 2015, 8:05am
RT @GodlessErgoFree: When bill nye gets tough. #atheism #religion #bible #science twitter
May 27 2015, 9:56pm
@neavilag @betterfool Yes, it's still slow, but OpenPaths has come back. Hope they get some engineering time to make things better. twitter
May 27 2015, 9:42pm
@nytlabs @openpathscc That's good news! I see that our Bay-to-Breakers walk got uploaded. Happy about that. Good luck w/ remaining issues! twitter
May 26 2015, 9:50am
@nytlabs FWIW I've noticed a gradual slowdown in responsiveness over weeks. As if the load builds up or a slow resource leak. Architectural? twitter
May 24 2015, 9:01pm
@openpathscc @nytlabs It's been a week of only 502s and 504s from for everybody. Please revive it or emit 410 GONE. twitter
May 24 2015, 11:40am
Cardboard Tube Samurai poster spotted on Weeds S6:E2, 22:30. @cwgabriel Classy show. twitter
May 23 2015, 8:48am
@yacitus I doodle on pageaday calendars but I take inspiration from people like Leigh Reyes twitter
May 22 2015, 11:50pm
@yacitus The ink is notoriously beautiful and ruinous. twitter
May 22 2015, 11:49pm
@yacitus It's about the danger of putting permanent ink in a clear fountain pen, even if I really like the color. twitter
May 22 2015, 9:51pm
Is my TWSBI demonstrator old enough that I'll put Baystate Blue in it and maybe permanently stain it? Not yet, but one day... twitter
May 22 2015, 9:27am
@openpathscc @nytlabs I only bother you to revive and its service because I think you and it are awesome + valuable. twitter
May 22 2015, 12:00am
Corollary to the "Law of the Instrument": When you've got a freshly filled fountain pen, everything needs your signature on it. twitter
May 21 2015, 1:55pm
Will re-watch Asghar Farhadi's "A Separation" with family. Netflix's best guess for me? 4.9/5.0. Sounds about right. But I won't tell them. twitter
May 20 2015, 10:04am
My daughter and I will be putting our @RokuPlayer through its paces today since its National #StreamingDay. twitter
May 20 2015, 8:32am
@neavilag @openpathscc @nytlabs You meant "not working since Sat", right? twitter
May 19 2015, 11:02pm
@openpathscc @nytlabs & service haven't been working for two days. iPhone app or API. Only 502s and 504s. twitter
May 19 2015, 10:15am
RT @justincampbell: Code comments twitter
May 19 2015, 10:14am
RT @raymondh: #python tip: You can use functools.partial() to store custom methods in an object dictionary: twitter
May 17 2015, 8:11am
All out of tortillas. Let's race! And by that, I mean walk. twitter
May 16 2015, 8:45pm
@jjinux Despite some comments to your post, I think you made your case. I'd have expected consistent behavior in b when you append to a. twitter
May 14 2015, 8:45pm
RT @raymondh: Today was a good day for the internet. The RFC for HTTP/2 was released today. twitter
May 14 2015, 12:58pm
@yacitus What‽ And let the title wrap? :) OK, yes, of course you're right, but that's just the tip of the iceberg of things I need to fix. twitter
May 14 2015, 11:58am
@yacitus I'll consider migrating when it's free for the first 100 GB shared devices, and $2.50 for subsequent blocks. twitter
May 14 2015, 9:22am
@dreamhostcare: I updated to warn against the empty restored Google Authenticator problem. (See my last tweet, too.) twitter
May 14 2015, 9:03am
ProTip: Select "Encrypt iPhone Backup" to backup Google Authenticator accounts, too. Otherwise it restores as new. twitter
May 14 2015, 7:52am
@DreamHostCare (2) site in addition to the personal info. The personal info is easier to obtain. Ability to edit site is near proof. twitter
May 14 2015, 7:50am
@DreamHostCare (1) Google Authenticator didn't move to my new iPhone with accounts. Your support should have asked me to leave a file at ... twitter
May 13 2015, 11:25pm
98.5% correlation between video games and CS degrees. twitter
May 13 2015, 12:33pm
Verifying I am +dblume on my passcard. twitter
May 12 2015, 8:56pm
Ah, it is just a regular delete-able bookmark. I might revert enhanced-bookmarks-experiment anyway. It's not better. twitter
May 12 2015, 8:51pm
How do I get rid of the new Open All Bookmarks button on the bookmarks bar in Chrome? It's not chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment twitter
May 10 2015, 1:17pm
The G.O.P.’s War on Science Gets Worse via @ElizKolbert twitter
May 8 2015, 7:28pm
Princeton Study: Congress literally doesn't care what you think. twitter
May 8 2015, 5:35pm
I've got loads of data. And I've got a business question. Having trouble trying to manipulate the data into something useful. twitter
May 8 2015, 5:32pm
UX Designers: Telling me I clicked on a nearby item's *shadow* for dragging instead of the actual item underneath the cursor is wrong. twitter
May 8 2015, 5:05pm
RT @alexjbroad: I drink water constantly. Flavoured water. Made from all natural ingredien-- Fine. It's coffee. twitter
May 8 2015, 2:17pm
@yacitus Glad you liked it. They had me at "Science Fiction Design Apologetics". twitter
May 4 2015, 10:51am
"I’m equal parts father and, somehow, dystopian data druglord." -Tycho at Penny Arcade twitter
May 4 2015, 7:34am
I searched for the teen horror film, "Unfriended", at Netflix, and it came up with the 1987 film, "Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel". twitter
May 1 2015, 9:31pm
Protip: Turn Chrome's "what tab is making sound" speaker icon into a mute button, too. twitter
Apr 30 2015, 10:01pm
RT @alex_macdonald: I will fight to support the Oxford comma until I draw my last breath. twitter
Apr 25 2015, 5:36pm
I didn't volunteer for the school function today. I dropped by anyway, and they had my volunteer name-tag already printed for me. twitter
Apr 20 2015, 4:43pm
tail -f /dev/mind >> /dev/null 2>&1 twitter
Apr 20 2015, 2:47pm
.@davewiner Did you notice all YouTube feeds now have a "Device Not Supported" video at the top today? Sad. Ex., twitter
Apr 19 2015, 10:24pm
@nytlabs Thanks for checking. Twitter's not great for debugging. Look here to see the slow decline speed of the API. twitter
Apr 17 2015, 3:33pm
RT @jjinux: Life changing: Raymond Hettinger - Beyond PEP 8 -- Best practices for beautiful intelligible code - PyCon 2015… twitter
Apr 17 2015, 9:48am
RT @theresa_lauren: I love how all our reactions to the Star Wars trailer are those of a cautious, feral animal who fears human touch, yet … twitter
Apr 16 2015, 10:51pm
@openpathscc @nytlabs The OpenPaths API endpoint has been taking longer 1m vs 3s and returning 502s and 504s. Look: twitter
Apr 11 2015, 12:00pm
Here's details on my new "New tab" page. twitter
Apr 9 2015, 7:43am
@dpmendenhall Was it Total Drama Island? twitter
Apr 4 2015, 4:19pm
Chrome "Speed Dial 2" took too long to start because of delay at Uninstalled. Now my RaspPi serves my home page. twitter
Apr 3 2015, 9:08pm
@neonepiphany That last one is pretty clever. (The vine, that is.) twitter
Apr 2 2015, 3:13pm
@yacitus I meant the almost-sparklines at the bottom of the blog. I'd like to imagine a positive correlation between the two, but it's not. twitter
Apr 2 2015, 2:54pm
Compare spending over time allocated to Education vs. Reading at the bottom of "How we Spend our Money, a Breakdown". twitter
Apr 1 2015, 8:30am
Very impressive CSS style change at The Codeless Code today. twitter
Mar 30 2015, 10:28am
Motto on the first U.S. penny: "Liberty Parent of Science & Industry" twitter
Mar 29 2015, 9:04am
@kissgyorgy @raymondh That's what I was thinking for 2. and for 3. twitter
Mar 28 2015, 10:57am
Science? Nah, what's the economic value? twitter
Mar 27 2015, 2:54am
@openpathscc @nytlabs FYI, the OpenPaths API endpoint has been returning 502s and 504s in the evenings since March 8. twitter
Mar 26 2015, 6:19pm
At Starbucks with GvR about four feet away from me. twitter
Mar 25 2015, 8:34am
RT @SkylerFoxy: A group of wolves is called a pack. A group of crows is called a murder. A group of developers is called a merge conflict. twitter
Mar 24 2015, 2:33pm
"A strange tool. The only way to fix recursive make is not to use recursive make." twitter
Mar 24 2015, 11:01am
@yacitus Yet another reason not to use recursive make is unusable (for IDEs) error messages. twitter
Mar 24 2015, 9:56am
RT @sublimehq: Sublime Text 3 Build 3080 is out now - twitter
Mar 24 2015, 8:33am
"How can it be possible that we have been misusing make for 20 years?" Peter Miller, 18 years ago. Still true. twitter
Mar 23 2015, 10:55am
@joycem137 I thought you felt the other one! twitter
Mar 23 2015, 9:34am
People in the bay area are searching for prequakes now. We've had a 2.7 and a 2.9 in close proximity (time and distance). twitter
Mar 23 2015, 9:30am
@joycem137 I felt it too! But then again, we're pretty close to each other. twitter
Mar 16 2015, 8:43am
@antibible_t @yacitus Reminded me of this XKCD: twitter
Mar 14 2015, 1:54am
@dpmendenhall Micro Bits - stripped-down computers similar to the Raspberry Pi - will be given to all 11yo pupils in the UK in fall. twitter
Mar 11 2015, 8:50am
With the anti-vaxxers and 47traitors, this video on "thought germs" is more relevant than ever. twitter
Mar 9 2015, 9:16pm
RT @joycem137: When Rosetta met 67b: twitter
Mar 7 2015, 9:22pm
Impressed that @foxnews posted this opinion: "America is not a Christian Nation" twitter
Mar 7 2015, 7:38pm
The way to see seconds in the iOS clock is not to use the clock. Look at its icon in the home screen and notice the red second hand. WTF‽ twitter
Mar 6 2015, 2:08pm
RT @kyleve: 👍 twitter
Mar 2 2015, 8:39am
Protip: My favorite Google search tip is appending " vs" to your search, to let autocomplete suggest alternatives. E.g., "vagrant vs" twitter
Feb 27 2015, 7:11am
RT @notch: People make gifs of entire youtube videos, upload them to imgur, which converts them to webm to save bandwidth. And reddit loves… twitter
Feb 26 2015, 10:39pm
@dpmendenhall You didn't mention the House passing the bill that prohibits expert scientific advice to the EPA passing on party lines HR1422 twitter
Feb 25 2015, 8:42pm
RT @GaryGJohnson: vim users get ready to accidentally power down your new Macbook every 5 seconds twitter
Feb 24 2015, 8:32am
Another great The Codeless Code today. "Past Perfect" twitter
Feb 22 2015, 5:26pm
Just spent some time wondering why passing GET params to curl was behaving oddly. I didn't quote the URL, so the & was processed by bash. twitter
Feb 22 2015, 4:56pm
RT @thedirtycoder: I finally figured out how to get those pesky semicolons and curly braces out of my Java code twitter
Feb 20 2015, 6:37pm
@dpmendenhall At least you have that third grader. Mine are all above 4th grade so we simply miss out. Forever. twitter
Feb 16 2015, 9:25am
Admiration, contempt and acceptance. The three stages of my relationship with seagulls throughout my life. twitter
Feb 14 2015, 7:51pm
@joycem137 That's nice and meta. Looking forward to parts for games. twitter
Feb 14 2015, 11:35am
Force Majeure is our kind of Valentine's Day movie. Just saw it. Loved it. twitter
Feb 13 2015, 10:06pm
Remember my tweet about the CIA leaning on reporters? The USA fell to 49th position for press freedom. twitter
Feb 12 2015, 7:52pm
@dpmendenhall I remember that, too. And I attended the PyCon with the dongle joke, so I watched that closely, too. twitter
Feb 12 2015, 7:19pm
It's chilling that American mainstream media has not covered the CIA planting stories overseas to promote war. This is newsworthy. twitter
Feb 12 2015, 2:49pm
Drat! is down, and I'm configuring a new machine. I need scripts! twitter
Feb 12 2015, 1:59pm
Editor of major German newspaper says he planted stories for the CIA to drive nations toward war. twitter
Feb 11 2015, 9:07pm
@yacitus Not me. These are reasons I get up in the morning: twitter
Feb 11 2015, 5:33pm
@yacitus It's one thing to be classified as something. It's another to have a reason to get up in the morning. twitter
Feb 11 2015, 4:41pm
Crazy homicidal atheist is crazy. And homicidal. My condolences go out to his victims' families. This is why I identify as Humanist. twitter
Feb 10 2015, 9:06am
I keep checking if @OvercastFM has added scrobbling to I'll start using it as soon as it does. twitter
Feb 7 2015, 10:28pm
Here's a story about my one-changed-word GitHub fork. twitter
Feb 5 2015, 9:14pm
@yacitus So, "gf" in vim? :) twitter
Feb 4 2015, 9:56pm
When you have to fork a colorscheme that came installed with your editor, you've crossed a certain line. twitter
Feb 4 2015, 12:38pm
"Even imagining something bad is wrong." twitter
Feb 4 2015, 7:42am
Finally changed my Minecraft username. Thanks for the new feature, Mojang! twitter
Feb 2 2015, 5:18pm
RT @umangdua: Pete Carroll's phone twitter
Feb 2 2015, 5:17pm
@zannah Did you ever find the answer to this? I was wondering the same thing. twitter
Feb 2 2015, 2:43pm
RT @johnmyers: Per @mikeallen: @SenFeinstein at Sat Alfalfa Dinner on Jeb Bush for prez: "Now we know what the Bush family means by 'no chi… twitter
Jan 31 2015, 10:37pm
RT @benhammersley: I wonder if one could engineer a fashion for "Proud to be unvaccinated" wristbands. Really bright ones. twitter
Jan 31 2015, 10:41am
I just noticed the logo for JetBrains' CLion. Maybe it was the influence of OS X but I thought of the big cat before I clued in to sea lion. twitter
Jan 31 2015, 1:27am
It's hard to wait for JetBrains' CLion to exit its EAP stage. I may have to install and play with it anyway. twitter
Jan 30 2015, 9:29pm
My last tweet: Maybe it's because 1977 + 35 < 2015. They all get to use the song without paying royalties? twitter
Jan 30 2015, 9:26pm
So we watched Horns, Boyhood and the latest Game of Thrones trailer. They all have David Bowie's 1977 song "Heroes" in them. twitter
Jan 28 2015, 8:55am
The chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee believes himself to be unassailably correct. twitter
Jan 27 2015, 1:21pm
RT @CassandraAtLaw: How the fuck do we have families be investigated for letting 8yos go to parks alone, but you can just let your kid get … twitter
Jan 26 2015, 10:18am
@dpmendenhall Color me shocked that Google abandoned more old code and products. twitter
Jan 23 2015, 9:11am
@OvercastFM I'm looking for an app that supports scrobbling, so I can keep a history there. twitter
Jan 22 2015, 7:33am
RT @notch: We're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamber. twitter
Jan 21 2015, 4:17pm
TicketMaster sent this out. Just try to get past that kerning. Augh! twitter
Jan 16 2015, 9:47am
Thanks, @fractal, I had to redo so that it'd make more sense with a 400-series HTTP status. twitter
Jan 15 2015, 9:51am
@fractal @idiot @ramalhoorg Because you requested brewed coffee from a teapot. twitter
Jan 14 2015, 8:49am
RT @raymondh: #whiteboard tip: Whiteboards cleaned with a surfactant leaves a film and smears when erased. Re-clean it with an alcohol ba… twitter
Jan 11 2015, 9:12pm
I just watched "The Wind Rises" and didn't realize the main character was voiced by Hideaki Anno until I watched the extras. twitter
Jan 7 2015, 4:32pm
#jesuischarlie twitter
Jan 7 2015, 3:31pm
@TheAtlanticFoto Tip: When The Big Picture recently dropped keyboard navigation and its syndication feed, it lost me twitter
Jan 7 2015, 9:24am
The artist renditions of the 11-inch MacBook Air's keyboard moved the Esc key. That's a recipe for disaster in vim. twitter
Jan 7 2015, 9:00am
Thank you, Barbra Streisand Effect, now I know who #KirbyDelauter is. twitter
Jan 6 2015, 5:24pm
@DocKaotic Funny, mine have ZZ all over them. twitter
Dec 31 2014, 5:23pm
Goodbye 2014. I'm pouring one out for the 16:10 aspect ratio that monitors used to come in. Coding was easier then. twitter
Dec 30 2014, 12:40am
@dpmendenhall Glad you're making the effort. You'll be a few releases ahead of me because it's not push button simple. twitter
Dec 26 2014, 10:38am
@leighpod I just saw the opening credits to the Netflix "Marco Polo" original series (w/ wet ink on paper), and thought you'd appreciate it. twitter
Dec 26 2014, 9:19am
RT @nickderoeck: Nerd joke twitter
Dec 25 2014, 11:08pm
@samhocevar Happy 10 Year Anniversary to the WTFPL, Version 2, December 2004. I still use it, glad is still there. twitter
Dec 23 2014, 3:22pm
When I compress a directory with "tar -jcvf" I imagine Jean Claude Van File squeezing the directory between his hands into a little file. twitter
Dec 23 2014, 10:13am
Bash trick I keep forgetting: Use Esc+. to populate the last argument of the previous command. Ex.: $ git checkout $ vim <esc+.> twitter
Dec 23 2014, 10:06am
RT @SciencePorn: twitter
Dec 21 2014, 10:29am
So, I had my own "Arya Stark Laughing" moment last night. Another geeky post explanation of my ordeal coming soon. twitter
Dec 21 2014, 10:09am
SNL's "Christmas Serial" sketch killed it. Cecily Strong nailed Sarah Koenig and all the references were spot on. twitter
Dec 20 2014, 10:29am
@danbenjamin @yacitus At my work, WTF stands for Web Template Framework. But that's not what I read. twitter
Dec 20 2014, 10:26am
@yacitus Not done yet, but it's moreso worth it if you're a generic library writer. Either way, it's interesting. twitter
Dec 19 2014, 10:52pm
It's Friday night and the kids are in bed. You know what that means. Time to watch Scott Meyers's C++ Keynote! twitter
Dec 18 2014, 10:36pm
Note to self: You've got a hold on The Walking Dead 22 and want Chew 8 twitter
Dec 17 2014, 8:44pm
RT @jjinux: Farewell Dr. Dobb's: #farewelldrdobbs twitter
Dec 16 2014, 8:08pm
Netflix does A/B testing of DVDs by mail, too. One is left-handed, the other right. twitter
Dec 15 2014, 9:30pm
@joycem137 That was better than I expected! Glad you didn't spoil it. twitter
Dec 15 2014, 1:47pm
"Liking “Colbert” and “Science” were, incidentally, among the best predictors of high IQ." twitter
Dec 15 2014, 2:13am
Saw another compromised WordPress blog. People, run "find . -type f -perm -002 -ls" to see which of your files can be modified by anybody. twitter
Dec 14 2014, 3:43pm
Hello @CollinPotato! I'm tweeting to enter the contest. My username on Minetime's website is bumppup #MinetimeChristmas twitter
Dec 14 2014, 1:01pm
Remember how mad I got at Apple a couple of tweets ago? These are the workarounds: twitter
Dec 14 2014, 12:59pm
@dpmendenhall I've seen Googlers say that what this country really needs is for all gasoline prices to exceed $5.00/gallon. twitter
Dec 9 2014, 8:24pm
I hate Apple more than I have in years, due to their latest iOS DCIM changes. twitter
Dec 5 2014, 2:17pm
I'm amused that Netflix's "Lipstick" project is a graphical UI for an (Apache) Pig workfow. twitter
Dec 5 2014, 8:59am
RT @flowingdata: I guess Fox News had it right all along twitter
Dec 4 2014, 8:07pm
"Hello World" step two is to find and infiltrate the user's contacts list and Facebook friends and upload the lists to the home cloud. twitter
Dec 4 2014, 11:30am
The new "hello world" sample code is "check for latest updates from the cloud, securely acquire and relaunch". twitter
Dec 1 2014, 5:22pm
RT @flowingdata: A new challenger for best in show in the fake pie chart category twitter
Nov 28 2014, 8:22pm
@yacitus "Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness." twitter
Nov 28 2014, 11:12am
RT @notch: We got here by sharing ideas, with huge boosts in progress whenever we got better at sharing ideas (language, books, internet). twitter
Nov 27 2014, 8:43am
RT @Amazing_Maps: US GDP split in half twitter
Nov 22 2014, 8:41pm
Obama conspiracy infiltrates House Intelligence Committee and falsifies report on Benghazi. Proof: They denied the conspiracy. twitter
Nov 21 2014, 7:15pm
@DocKaotic Don't forget "she" as in "shebang" #! twitter
Nov 19 2014, 1:16pm
When I set "subtitles on" I want them on from now on, even for subsequent shows. Until I say otherwise. Got that, Netflix and Kaleidescape? twitter
Nov 17 2014, 7:40pm
Smart people sharing and making. twitter
Nov 16 2014, 12:19pm
RT @eurogamer: Half-Life 2 is 10 years old today. @RichStanton gets to the heart of a classic: twitter
Nov 14 2014, 2:23pm
RT @DisegnoDaily: "I like to work in a small team. There is only 18 of us on the design team. Nobody has ever left" Jonathan Ive #DM25IveLi… twitter
Nov 14 2014, 9:15am
Looking forward to a Python IDE-off between PyCharm and Visual Studio Community Edition 2013 when I get home. twitter
Nov 13 2014, 11:01pm
@dougblume Doug, I'm still receiving your receipts to my email account. Please correct your iTunes account email information. twitter
Nov 11 2014, 8:29pm
RT @Crunchyroll: Fans of Time of Eve! RT this to WIN a copy of the Deluxe Edition! More info: twitter
Nov 10 2014, 8:52am
Another excellent The Codeless Code, "Horizontal, Vertical" twitter
Nov 8 2014, 11:33pm
I wrote about why dads work on jalopies. Except it was about web services and #python. twitter
Nov 7 2014, 11:13am
@big_picture Without an RSS/Atom feed, I've missed everything since the move. Losing keyboard navigation hurts usability, too. I gave up. twitter
Nov 7 2014, 8:45am
Yo Dawg, I heard you like the history command, so we're grepping history for when you grepped history. twitter
Nov 6 2014, 10:54pm
@dougblume Check your Facebook "Other Folder" for an email. twitter
Nov 6 2014, 10:46pm
@dougblume Doug, we have the same initial and last name. You accidentally are having some email sent to a yahoo account I maintain. twitter
Nov 5 2014, 11:29am
@flowingdata Chart of cousins: The relationship of a child to a grandchild of a common ancestor is an aunt or uncle. (row 2, column 3) twitter
Nov 4 2014, 9:19pm
Leo Laporte: "What would you get, Chromecast or a Fire TV Stick?" Rafe Needleman: "Roku." @ 1:21:15 twitter
Oct 31 2014, 1:59pm
I read quotes on signs as air-quotes rather than as something for added emphasis. Ex., "Please" clean up after yourself. twitter
Oct 29 2014, 7:38pm
@nytlabs @openpathscc FYI:The API just returned "400: (144, "Table './op/points' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed")" twitter
Oct 26 2014, 9:43pm
I like the huge number of hits you get when you Google "crocheted hyperbolic pseudosphere". twitter
Oct 24 2014, 9:08am
Remind me to play "Older" by They Might be Giants and "Time" by Pink Floyd on repeat on my birthday. Hmm, what else? twitter
Oct 23 2014, 10:37am
It's sad to see bugs that you know will get triaged into oblivion. Sorry, little guy, but you will never be anyone's highest priority. twitter
Oct 23 2014, 7:45am
RT @notch: Whatever you pay attention and react to gains mindshare and grows. Culture is built by us choosing what [not] to ignore. twitter
Oct 22 2014, 7:41am
.@h0use Glad to see you're going to try something with OpenPaths data! (Did you notice the app's UI doesn't work anymore with iOS 8+?) twitter
Oct 19 2014, 1:29pm
If you remove my programming editor (vi) from my work identity (David), you get my home identity (Dad). twitter
Oct 16 2014, 8:54pm
@DreamHostCare Thank you! I was hoping you'd do this. twitter
Oct 16 2014, 9:31am
Note to self: Add --ssl-version-min=tls1 to your Chrome shortcuts until SSLv3 is disabled by default. twitter
Oct 15 2014, 7:20pm
@robfield66 So glad you finally watched The Lunchbox! I read your review. I enjoyed it too. twitter
Oct 15 2014, 9:41am
Awesome interactive small multiples chart illustrating trajectory of Metafilter: twitter
Oct 14 2014, 3:01pm
@dpmendenhall Going through resumes, I see. twitter
Oct 13 2014, 2:55pm
RT @Mythic_Beasts: @Raspberry_Pi there are 2 hard problems in computer science, cache invalidation, naming things and off by one errors. twitter
Oct 13 2014, 2:53pm
@zannah My environment is cross-platform, so no OnmiFocus, but I did see this post a while back: twitter
Oct 12 2014, 12:43am
My shared web hosting distro is now more current than my work one. Congrats, @DreamHostCare on what looks like a successful upgrade! twitter
Oct 11 2014, 9:13am
@BostonPicture The new site needs to have keyboard navigation via j,k keys like the old site, too. Good luck finishing the move! twitter
Oct 11 2014, 9:06am
I just spent 2 to 3 late-night hours on an .htaccess problem. Redirecting folder index to file elsewhere. Subfolder had residual .htaccess. twitter
Oct 10 2014, 9:30pm
@dpmendenhall It's nice to complement that with a good online presence, ala Peter Norvig. Terse employment history but very interesting blog twitter
Oct 10 2014, 3:00pm
My son asked me if I knew any gang signs. I threw him the "vim" sign. He asked right away if it was for a nice nerdy group. He knows me. twitter
Oct 9 2014, 3:44pm
@BostonPicture The new location needs an RSS/Atom feed, or many of us won't know to visit. twitter
Oct 6 2014, 12:08am
... Red Bull misleads consumers about the superiority of its products with its slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” ... twitter
Oct 2 2014, 7:47am
RT @YGalanter: @RokuPlayer I am controlling my streaming from my @Pebble smartwatch twitter
Sep 30 2014, 7:30am
@translukesent I got both those references, and now have a pretty good understanding of Gotham. twitter
Sep 29 2014, 3:42pm
@KevinSidwar I hadn't heard. Thanks for the heads-up! twitter
Sep 29 2014, 9:16am
Just patched my public-network-facing Raspberry Pi against Shellshock. Would've been easy to forget. twitter
Sep 27 2014, 9:31am
After Shellshock and Heartbleed, I'm spending all weekend naming, designing logos, and buying domains for my bugs. twitter
Sep 26 2014, 4:00pm
Here's an inconsistent UI experience from Microsoft that I hate. twitter
Sep 26 2014, 7:48am
RT @crazybob "A bug called Bash" #WeInvestigate twitter
Sep 25 2014, 3:16pm
QA Engineer walks into a bar and orders an env x='() { :;}; sudo yum install beer' bash -c /bin/true twitter
Sep 25 2014, 9:17am
Inbox Zero only lasts minutes at best. I strive for Inbox with no Scrollbar. Failing that, "Inbox with only Two Pages of Action Items". twitter
Sep 24 2014, 3:50pm
It's National Punctuation Day. Help yourself to the Chrome Interrobang Extension! How awesome is that‽ twitter
Sep 24 2014, 11:01am
@softmodeling A couple of those remind me of this XKCD: twitter
Sep 24 2014, 10:53am
@joycem137 And as a Humanist, I have to make an effort not to be dismissive of people's personal beliefs. twitter
Sep 23 2014, 8:34pm
@translukesent So I hear. twitter
Sep 23 2014, 8:33pm
RT @sempf: QA Engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a … twitter
Sep 23 2014, 10:53am
The Codeless Code case 163: "Vacation" really hits home! twitter
Sep 20 2014, 11:05pm
@openpathscc @alexislloyd OpenPaths on iOS 8 still uploads points to your server, but its UI doesn't work. I get a blue field always. Fix? twitter
Sep 18 2014, 8:51am
.@j_zimms I was wondering the same thing. I just heard the Fresh Air interview and came looking to see if maybe Darnielle had read Preacher? twitter
Sep 13 2014, 1:34pm
Watching cracks grow along your windshield is like watching weeds grow. Another 4cm today? You're a healthy bastard, aren't you? twitter
Sep 12 2014, 10:54pm
RT @jorendorff: @raymondh >>> print 4,985 * 2,034 4 1970 28 >>> print time.ctime(4985 * 2034) Tue Apr 28 03:31:30 1970 twitter
Aug 31 2014, 11:39am
@Narilka I wish I were there! Hope you share your button loot after all is over. twitter
Aug 31 2014, 10:34am
I feel icky implementing resource deletion via HTTP POST instead of DELETE, but via web form POST is what's available. twitter
Aug 29 2014, 9:57pm
@dpmendenhall Something makes me think you actually saw that. twitter
Aug 29 2014, 9:56pm
RT @aloria: Tonight I have a date with a model 😊 …and a view… …and a controller… …tonight I'm coding alone. twitter
Aug 29 2014, 10:07am
RT @hellopraemus: What did I think about Transcendence the movie? Don't get me started. twitter
Aug 24 2014, 9:37pm
On HTML5's <input type"range"> onchange(), I've given up on Firefox, IE and Safari. My users should prefer Chrome. twitter
Aug 23 2014, 10:22pm
Poor Jamie Chung, nobody could replace Devon Aoki's coldness as deadly little Miho. twitter
Aug 21 2014, 10:27pm
We interrupt this book to bring you this other interesting looking book! twitter
Aug 21 2014, 1:21am
@joycem137 Congrats! twitter
Aug 11 2014, 4:36pm
@joycem137 That's Super Meat Boy mode! twitter
Aug 5 2014, 8:23am
@joycem137 I plan to be there! twitter
Aug 5 2014, 8:22am
@DocKaotic @kwartzlab Tell me it only takes U.S.A. coins! twitter
Aug 3 2014, 12:01am
@gilbrookie 50mm in one hour?! We got 224mm in the LAST YEAR. Send your water our way, please! OAMC1 twitter
Aug 1 2014, 10:56pm
@neonepiphany Coming for California, I had to do a double-take. There's no cold and no water here, hence no frosty. So what... Oh, Apple. twitter
Jul 18 2014, 7:14am
RT @tdawks: Asking for trouble. twitter
Jul 17 2014, 6:18pm
Sublime Text Giveaway via @sublimetxttips twitter
Jul 10 2014, 9:59am
I'm spending a couple of days automating something that takes me like 20 minutes once or twice a year. twitter
Jul 8 2014, 10:23am
@foursquareAPI Please let us know if the existing checkin feeds change because of Swarm. Still using them! twitter
Jul 8 2014, 8:40am
Python is now the most popular introductory teaching language at top U.S. universities | Communications of the ACM twitter
Jul 5 2014, 11:30pm
RT @hellopraemus: Disclaimer (just fine print, really): Reaching the Singularity may result in a difference of opinion between man and mach… twitter
Jul 5 2014, 10:15pm
@DreamHostCare Maybe FastCGI process manager on Rabun affecting Python sites with 30s delay. Maybe restart Apache again? Item: #6383902 twitter
Jul 2 2014, 9:15pm
@jhusain The tutorial is surprisingly addictive. Well done! twitter
Jun 28 2014, 1:38pm
@neonepiphany "We bet we can make you make your friends depressed!" twitter
Jun 24 2014, 2:24pm
@DocKaotic I implemented that on my Coffee Pot (via Raspberry Pi) a long time ago: twitter
Jun 22 2014, 8:08pm
@DreamHostCare I think restarting Apache on Rabun will fix my Python site timeout problem. Ticket: #6366242 twitter
Jun 20 2014, 9:23pm
@DocKaotic Congrats on getting it released! twitter
Jun 15 2014, 1:46pm
Aw, I have to retire or rejigger my 6-yo movie rating service now that Netflix is retiring their public API. twitter
Jun 13 2014, 10:13pm
Looked at Wing IDE because it's fast, less than half the size of PyCharm and not written in Java, but PyCharm seems to suit me. twitter
Jun 13 2014, 10:10pm
@DocKaotic I want to see gameplay video! twitter
Jun 5 2014, 6:38pm
One day I want to copy someone’s tweet word for word and see if they notice. twitter
Jun 5 2014, 1:27pm
My friends at @longnow might like this image of the Milky Way over a Bristlecone Pine forest. twitter
Jun 3 2014, 8:56am
.@translukesent That laugh will stay with me to the end of my days. twitter
May 30 2014, 7:38am
RT @Helena_LB: Brilliant. RT @theagilepirate: Genius at #xp2014 lightning talks. No further comment needed :D twitter
May 22 2014, 9:26pm
@jjinux Great talk. Let us know when Twitter opens a dev office in the south bay. I'd apply! twitter
May 22 2014, 9:23pm
@jjinux reminder: s/interest/investment/ on the ROI slide. :) twitter
May 20 2014, 2:18pm
@kaleidescape That was a good post about the various versions of Blade Runner. Your buddy David is very informative and helpful. twitter
May 18 2014, 8:24pm
Tortilla Protip for #BayToBreakers: twitter
May 17 2014, 7:50pm
@zannah You're right! It's unsettling. twitter
May 14 2014, 7:46am
@translukesent It's good to keep perspective. I'm grateful for the wonderful people who've crossed my path, too. twitter
May 5 2014, 5:20pm
@openpathscc Welcome back! Really pleased you were able to devote the effort needed to bring the service back up. Thank you. twitter
May 1 2014, 9:47pm
@openpathscc Thanks for speaking up! Good luck managing the load on your servers and getting the service back in top shape. twitter
May 1 2014, 2:01am
@alexislloyd NYT's has been down for days. It's a much appreciated service. Do you at the R+D Lab expect it to come back? twitter
May 1 2014, 1:45am
.@openpathscc @nytlabs @h0use @blprnt OpenPaths has been down for everyone for days. We miss it! Any help? twitter
Apr 29 2014, 9:45pm
.@openpathscc your site and API endpoint (via the mobile app too) are all failing more often than not. How can I help? twitter
Apr 22 2014, 2:54pm
Dear Microsoft's text selection algorithm: Stop trying to be helpful. I know you mean well, but stop. twitter
Apr 21 2014, 9:25pm
.@openpathscc @blprnt website and API endpoint have only been returning 502 and 504s since 2014-04-18. twitter
Apr 21 2014, 9:19pm
@puuikibeach Seems like you enjoyed the last one! :) twitter
Apr 18 2014, 9:02am
@datagrok Thanks for your Python script that uses Dreamhost's DNS API. That's a well-written wiki page. twitter
Apr 9 2014, 7:50am
@DreamHostCare FYI rabun is over two minutes ahead of current time. No helpdesk ticket, hasn't seen anything broken yet. Better safe though twitter
Apr 6 2014, 12:11pm
@InstagramHelp I'm a good API client. Dreamhost moved me to 173.236.152.[116|210]. Now get 500s from there. Old blocked IP? Unblock now pls? twitter
Apr 6 2014, 12:05pm
@DreamHostCare Thanks for the quick look and reply. This is one for The Happy DreamHost Migration Team. Will work with you for resolution. twitter
Apr 5 2014, 8:15pm
@DreamHostCare Re: #6252572 FYI, my best guess is that Instagram is blocking calls from templer's IP address. I know you got this. twitter
Apr 4 2014, 4:56pm
@DreamHostCare Yes, #6250103 was resolved for me just minutes after my tweet! Thanks, we're good to go! twitter
Apr 4 2014, 4:38pm
@DreamHostCare Wait, what? Re: My last tweet, the site's already back up. Thank you! twitter
Apr 4 2014, 4:27pm
@DreamHostCare #6250103: Our "lastpass" site. Until it's fixed we're locked out of many accounts. Server moved: static IP, prof. signed cert twitter
Mar 25 2014, 9:41pm
@DreamHostCare My site is responsive again. Thanks for the quick response! twitter
Mar 25 2014, 8:53pm
@DreamHostCare Ticket #6228565 has been open over a day. If you're swamped, just restart the offending Apache service. It's a workaround. twitter
Mar 17 2014, 8:41am
Sometimes my coding theme song is the Theme to National Geographic. Sometimes it's Yakety Sax or Entrance of the Gladiators. #badbrain twitter
Mar 16 2014, 3:16pm
@DocKaotic Sounds like you watched Vi Hart's latest anti-pi rant. twitter
Mar 15 2014, 10:06pm
I've got a challenge coin to turn in at the @LongNowsalon for a drink when it opens! twitter
Mar 14 2014, 12:46pm
RT @DepressedDarth: Dear J.J. Abrams, If the new Star Wars isn't good, you will be called Jar Jar Abrams. Sincerely, Star Wars fans twitter
Mar 11 2014, 8:47am
RT @raymondh: #python tip: The locals dictionary for eval() can be any mapping. This confers some truly amazing powers:… twitter
Mar 10 2014, 10:51pm
I scored 11704 points at 2048, a game where you join numbers to score high! #2048game via @gabrielecirulli twitter
Mar 9 2014, 11:54pm
Nice to see @longnow get mentioned in the hover-text to today's XKCD. ISO-8601 should be updated! twitter
Mar 8 2014, 11:00am
@zannah Because Texas. twitter
Mar 6 2014, 8:50pm
@tpederson I am gravely disappointed. Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war. twitter
Mar 4 2014, 12:47pm
@DocKaotic Congrats! Looking forward to seeing a link to it after it's approved. twitter
Mar 4 2014, 10:51am
Esp. for @zannah and everyone at #SXSW this weekend: twitter
Mar 3 2014, 4:17pm
@LongNowsalon Nicely done. The embedded video plays back for me in Chrome, too, now. twitter
Mar 3 2014, 11:05am
@longnow I'm a fan! Have been there with the site migration, too. So I get it. An old tip in case you move the blog: twitter
Mar 3 2014, 10:32am
It's amusing that the link to the *supporters page* of the @longnow "salon" rotted, without a precise redirect. It's now the "Interval." twitter
Mar 1 2014, 10:42pm
.@longnow The video at doesn't play when the user is using Chrome for their browser. IE warns. Firefox is fine. twitter
Mar 1 2014, 5:34pm
If I ever get to name a street, I'm going to name it "Some Random". twitter
Mar 1 2014, 11:35am is already taken. Three years of development and business plans out the window. Have to start over from scratch now. twitter
Feb 23 2014, 6:36pm
I wrote some thoughts on hope and inspiration based on a couple of things that happened around here last week. twitter
Feb 21 2014, 3:12pm
@gilbrookie Our bet? twitter
Feb 19 2014, 9:39pm
@blprnt I figured as much! You're all appreciated and we value the service! If we didn't, you wouldn't hear from us. twitter
Feb 19 2014, 8:43pm
@eramirez @nytimes @openpathscc I bet they're hoping it mostly runs itself at this point. But as you can see from my logs, its slowing. twitter
Feb 19 2014, 8:33pm
@eramirez @openpathscc If they answer your query in under a minute you'll get your data. But lately it's hit-or-miss: twitter
Feb 19 2014, 7:45pm
Are there any geolocation alternatives to @openpathscc now that its site and API endpoints return HTTP 502 and 504 errors? #quantifiedself twitter
Feb 14 2014, 9:05am
@zannah The girl who has a unicode heart in her username spells out the word "heart" in her tweet. twitter
Feb 14 2014, 8:59am
Today is 2♥14/2014 twitter
Feb 13 2014, 9:10am
If you didn't know that <<< was a "here string", you'd have a hard time searching for it. twitter
Feb 10 2014, 7:44am
RT @zannah: Today I learned that if I need Lorem Ipsum for a personal project, there's a Samuel L. Jackson-version generator:… twitter
Feb 5 2014, 8:34pm
Is it weird that I like the Yale Broadcast Center video outro? It's got a great transition from 3D card to 2D digital. twitter
Feb 5 2014, 7:49am
.@joycem137 that reminds me of Rigali's Law and Lovaglia's Law. twitter
Feb 3 2014, 9:39am
Ha, there sure are a lot of fake Esurance accounts being made now. Oh, and #esurancesave30 twitter
Jan 30 2014, 1:29pm
.@flowingdata One of the columns was off as compared to the other two here so I fixed it: twitter
Jan 28 2014, 4:26pm
@neonepiphany Would try those. twitter
Jan 25 2014, 9:21pm
RT @pycoders: Parallelism in one line #python twitter
Jan 23 2014, 11:10am
I hand-wrote a hashtag. And drew a goblin. For National Handwriting Day during #goblinweek twitter
Jan 22 2014, 1:37pm
@natalietran - sounds like it's time to make a lamington tutorial. twitter
Jan 21 2014, 11:00pm
I go on and on about changing my avatar over here: twitter
Jan 21 2014, 3:43pm
RT @Jenthulhu: Syfy's leadership has changed, is looking to bring back SCIENCE FICTION (O_O) | io9 twitter
Jan 21 2014, 3:09pm
@dotgirl Did your account get compromised? twitter
Jan 21 2014, 1:43pm
Made a new pixel-art avatar based on @_andrio's artwork. (Shamelessly stole some colors, too.) twitter
Jan 20 2014, 5:34pm
It's goblin week! twitter
Jan 16 2014, 2:05pm
What's a System Tray alternative to the soon-to-be-unsupported Gmail Notifier? twitter
Jan 14 2014, 8:54am
RT @raymondh: #python news: When it comes to speed, the devil is in the details. See Python beat C++ twitter
Jan 6 2014, 4:36pm
@DerFichtl @vogrim, thanks for the JSON API at It's handy for an informal sanity check. (See my last tweet.) twitter
Jan 4 2014, 1:59pm
@DreamHostCare Clock drift at Wonderwoman seemingly causing oauth requests to fail. It's five minutes behind. Other problems too? #6104638 twitter
Jan 2 2014, 2:27pm
RATM's "Bulls on Parade" was released in the halcyon days of 1996. Before Citizens United and during the lowest military budget in 30 years. twitter
Jan 2 2014, 1:48pm
@DocKaotic "Fake thermodynamic imagery - it's the new phrenology." twitter
Dec 20 2013, 9:31am
RT @BrentButt: Google motto 2004: Don't be evil Google motto 2010: Evil is tricky to define Google motto 2013: We make military robots twitter
Dec 18 2013, 9:32am
Got an email from Amazon Direct with two coupons: "Golf Lesson" and "Windshield Replacement". If you buy the first, you'll need the second. twitter
Dec 17 2013, 4:18pm
.@openpathscc Your API endpoint has recently (for two days) been returning HTTP error 400 "Not Authorized". @h0use, are you still involved? twitter
Dec 16 2013, 1:34pm
RT @raymondh: #python tip: str.format() supports the datetime format codes: 'On {0:%A} at {0:%I:%M%p}, the total is {1}'.format(datetime.… twitter
Dec 14 2013, 9:54am
Don't allow Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 to upgrade to 11 if you use Dave's Quick Search Deskbar. (DQSD, iexplore) twitter
Dec 3 2013, 8:32pm
Love you Maddie in the front row! <3 #TripleHoShow twitter
Dec 3 2013, 4:26pm
RT @DocKaotic: Kaleidescape also hiring a UI guru in Sunnyvale, California if you know some amazing developers down there… twitter
Dec 3 2013, 11:43am
.@in_focus What time of the day (don't forget to mention timezone) do you reveal each new day in the Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar? twitter
Nov 27 2013, 11:03am
One of my next projects is going to have to be named, KINAB. KINAB Is Not A Backronym. twitter
Nov 25 2013, 11:13am
@notch Have you read "The Black Triangle"? twitter
Nov 25 2013, 11:09am
@DocKaotic Welcome to the CSEC watch list, friend. twitter
Nov 20 2013, 9:54am
RT @MarsCuriosity: Oh, @OxfordWords... Need an illustration for #WOTYselfie? For your consideration. twitter
Nov 13 2013, 10:58am
There is no ceiling for BitCoin. This currency could go to practically infinite value and soon. twitter
Nov 12 2013, 2:01pm
@DocKaotic Nice, thank you! Making a note of this. pHash for grouping similar photos / images. twitter
Nov 5 2013, 6:25pm
RT @kaleidescape: Enjoy the ultimate home theater experience with 50 FREE MOVIES from the Kaleidescape Store with the purchase of a Cinema … twitter
Nov 5 2013, 8:49am
RT @raymondh: Unicode 7.0 added a code point for Spock's hand sign: U+1F596 RAISED HAND WITH PART BETWEEN MIDDLE AND RING FINGERS. Live lo… twitter
Oct 29 2013, 3:27pm
RT @ultrasaurus: "Hey, Google. You Know that New Floating Facility You’re Building in the Bay? Please Name it Floating Point"… twitter
Oct 23 2013, 8:28pm
RT @grok_: Wow. Texan voters must now show ID with up-to-date legal name. Which disenfranchises 34% of women, 1% of men:… twitter
Oct 23 2013, 3:04pm
RT @kaleidescape: We’ve got some exciting releases coming soon from Lionsgate. RT if you’re thrilled to see what’s in store! twitter
Oct 21 2013, 10:22am
@DiggSupport Workaround for request #37777, sites should add a GET parameter to their URLs, like ?digg_reader_workaround_37777=<timestamp> twitter
Oct 19 2013, 5:18pm
@zannah LOL, Nice one, C. twitter
Oct 14 2013, 1:41pm
@TychoBrahe I wouldn't agree to "tuat" being the agreed upon truncation for The Agreed Upon Truncation. Try "taut" next time. twitter
Oct 14 2013, 9:46am
@flowingdata Would have liked to see the median Man's body, too. Not just the mean Man's body in that @TheAtlantic article. twitter
Oct 12 2013, 12:17pm
@ryanqnorth The obsidian tunnel between Denmark and England ending is pretty awesome, too, though. (Have not read Ophelia yet, can't wait!) twitter
Oct 11 2013, 9:43am
@ryanqnorth Found my way to the hidden mathematically calculated path in To Be Or Not To Be. That was fun! Thanks. twitter
Oct 7 2013, 9:07pm
@thinkgeek Ouch! Your coupons expire at 9:00pm Pacific Time, I see. I just missed the Halloween one by a second. Thought I'd have all day. twitter
Oct 5 2013, 11:41am
There was a bold, majestic creature outside our front door this morning. twitter
Sep 30 2013, 9:11am
@myoung Not in date parsing. It's related to GUID vs. different link? Links don't have to be different. GUIDs do. twitter
Sep 29 2013, 3:02am
@DiggSupport Digg Reader seems to have a feed parsing bug. Consider this feed in Digg Reader. Wrong date by months. twitter
Sep 28 2013, 9:53pm
A. The story of how, after a traumatizing event, a man's Dark Passenger causes him to kill. Q. What is Lawrence of Arabia? twitter
Sep 25 2013, 9:26am
@joycem137 I especially love it when your smile looks so genuine! Wonderful pic. twitter
Sep 24 2013, 4:08pm
@zannah At first, I thought you linked to twitter
Sep 22 2013, 9:34am
@DreamHostCare Recently my Python-based sites are very slow (30s) but my PHP and static file sites are still fast. Issue #5952631 twitter
Sep 19 2013, 11:15pm
Note to self: You want Walking Dead Vol. 19 and Chew Vol. 7 Watch that SCCL library inventory. twitter
Sep 19 2013, 9:06pm
Thank you for Chew, @themightylayman @Rob_guillory. Just read TPB Vol 6, *loved* the Poyo one-shot and guest artwork. twitter
Sep 19 2013, 2:14pm
@DocKaotic That's a great project! That kid's going places! twitter
Sep 19 2013, 1:58pm
@joycem137 That's valid. The post you retweeted suggested protesting, though. I'm with them. I think change for the better is possible here. twitter
Sep 19 2013, 12:29pm
@joycem137 Hence the Bayesian post. I see evidence. It's early, but I see potential for a better trajectory than you do. I'm prone to this. twitter
Sep 19 2013, 12:08pm
@joycem137 OTOH, Pax Dickinson sets off my bullshit alarm with his explanations. I don't just blindly trust anything anybody says. twitter
Sep 19 2013, 12:05pm
@joycem137 Yes. Your confidence in the hypothesis that Mike is irredeemable seems to be more certain than mine. twitter
Sep 19 2013, 11:30am
@joycem137 Have you read this essay on fundamentalists and Bayesian probability? twitter
Sep 19 2013, 10:51am
@joycem137 I'm flawed in that I'm betting everything (as a Dad) on an optimistic belief that people can learn and grow. I seek it out. twitter
Sep 19 2013, 10:43am
@joycem137 That fan art refers to the story in The Tithe. (Just so you have the context.) twitter
Sep 19 2013, 10:41am
@joycem137 Have you seen this fan art? I think it describes him, resisting growing, but it can happen. I think it is. twitter
Sep 19 2013, 10:35am
@joycem137 You're right. But he was ignorant and damaged. I'm holding out hope that he learns and grows. I think he's showing signs. twitter
Sep 18 2013, 11:32pm
@joycem137 "I will still apologize for it. Everything we did after that initial comic strip was a mistake and I regret all of it." twitter
Sep 18 2013, 11:23pm
My "Lawrence of Arabia" DVD arrived cracked and unplayable. So it's "Spring Breakers" instead. Not what I'd planned on... twitter
Sep 16 2013, 7:28am
This week's Breaking Bad's subtitles had, "tow the line." It should be "toe the line." twitter
Sep 15 2013, 5:23pm
Dreamhost has been my host for 7 years. They're giving away 6 1yr .com registrations today. #DreamHostSweet16 twitter
Sep 14 2013, 1:03am
It's late Friday night! Are you assessing vim with jedi-vim and taglist.vim vs. PyCharm, too‽ twitter
Sep 9 2013, 8:52pm
Thank you, @lastfm for making your desktop scrobbler pick up podcasts from the Podcast app on iPhone! twitter
Sep 4 2013, 9:08pm
"You fucks that are still alive better fuckin watch it." - Kate Beaton. Truer words were never spoken. twitter
Aug 31 2013, 3:22pm
In case you were wondering, @Chobani, your free-samples-at-street-fairs program was a success! We're regular customers now. twitter
Aug 30 2013, 7:39am
"Killer Joe" goes on that list with "Irréversible" for movies that you can't watch with just anybody. twitter
Aug 23 2013, 9:37am
I'm still in my pre-Radiohead phase. twitter
Aug 19 2013, 9:35am
This post helps explain why I run so many of my own services: twitter
Aug 16 2013, 2:10pm
Thoughts on "Undivided attention is the greatest compliment you can pay someone." twitter
Aug 15 2013, 8:03am
Tips to be more present and reduce mindless phone use: twitter
Aug 13 2013, 11:07am
"This instant convenience, and high quality, is really how all things should work." Forbes review of Kaleidescape twitter
Aug 13 2013, 9:07am
There's already a glyph for that: “Ye Olde “The”” by @TPrime twitter
Aug 10 2013, 7:14pm
What's the different between the Earth's ecosystem and Goldman Sachs? The Earth's Ecosystem is not too big to fail. --@ClimateReality twitter
Aug 10 2013, 6:58pm
@lthadeo Sure, take one of mine. twitter
Aug 10 2013, 12:08pm
There was a teachable moment between my son and me this morning. twitter
Aug 8 2013, 8:24am
@DocKaotic My kid eases off with Terraria. Have you tried that? (Learn the advanced techniques, and which order to take the bosses in.) twitter
Aug 2 2013, 10:16pm
.@ArianaGrande Thanks for coming to our town to sing. Come back and sing again! We came to support you! twitter
Aug 2 2013, 5:05pm
@joycem137 You might like this article on "Meaning is Healthier than Happiness": twitter
Aug 2 2013, 10:15am
@joycem137 Friday is Tryday. You won't be between projects for long! twitter
Jul 28 2013, 10:24pm
“the mask of the grotesque celebrates the beautiful side of life, and the darker side of life.” —@annawiener twitter
Jul 23 2013, 8:25am
vacation_over && update_local_sourcecode && ctags && cscope && make_everything && unit_test && go_back_to_work_and_see_if_it_all_worked twitter
Jul 9 2013, 4:09pm
Need Digg Reader to be compatible with Chrome RSS Subscription Extension! @DiggSupport twitter
Jul 2 2013, 8:40am
Red Tree Reader and Digg Reader are doing quite nicely, both web and mobile. twitter
Jun 30 2013, 7:54pm
For a peek into my real life, a video I took while biking with the kids: twitter
Jun 24 2013, 10:52am
Red Tree Reader looks like a promising feed reader. twitter
Jun 23 2013, 9:40pm
@joycem137 Pick up a new instrument? Read a new book? Write a book? Pick up fire poi? Unicycle? twitter
Jun 9 2013, 12:56pm
dblume: Now with boto-rsync and duplicity examples for DreamHost DreamObjects: twitter
Jun 8 2013, 1:41am
dblume: I share some thoughts about backing up t the Cloud. twitter
Jun 1 2013, 9:26pm
dblume: My son and I still love my wife, even though she peels bananas from the wrong end. twitter
Jun 1 2013, 5:13pm
dblume: "Dark Skies" had really promising buildup, but dropped the ball a bit towards the end. Felt disappointed. twitter
May 23 2013, 7:42am
dblume: @DocKaotic How about this one? "Renovator finds dry rot in walls of a house" twitter
May 22 2013, 8:02am
dblume: RT @notch: What I _really_ want is an exercise bike connected to a pc + an oculus rift, and games designed for it. That might make me less … twitter
May 18 2013, 8:06pm
dblume: @kprochnow Nice, We're wearing Boston shirts at Bay To Breakers, too! twitter
May 18 2013, 4:39pm
dblume: Seriously, we're debating the best throwing tortillas here at Safeway. #baytobreakers twitter
May 13 2013, 10:13am
dblume: @flowingdata Today's "The Geography of Hate" post was the one of the few heatmaps I've seen that didn't look like twitter
May 8 2013, 9:51am
dblume: I'm getting an itch to see Pelican working on a Raspberry Pi running Nginx. twitter
May 7 2013, 9:38am
dblume: @DocKaotic Another reason Waterloo is so much better than Silicon Valley: Their spelling of odour has more panache. twitter
May 3 2013, 11:04am
dblume: try: pass finally: do or not do twitter
Apr 27 2013, 4:56pm
dblume: I want companies to be able to track every move I make online and sell that information to make money. twitter
Apr 25 2013, 3:08pm
dblume: Any Raspberry Pi users with Nginx try out ngx_pagespeed yet? twitter
Apr 23 2013, 9:44pm
dblume: One day, my kids will read my Twitter stream and realize I made 2 Live Crew and AC/DC lyrics jokes. twitter
Apr 23 2013, 5:08pm
dblume: Every time I see the Me So Hungry food truck, I say to myself, "Me eat food long time." twitter
Apr 22 2013, 12:19pm
dblume: Cinnamon is proving to be more dangerous than Buckyballs were. twitter
Apr 21 2013, 9:41pm
dblume: @lthadeo That's what I wanted to talk to you about. twitter
Apr 20 2013, 11:14am
dblume: At Golden Gate Park on 4/20. What's that smell? twitter
Apr 19 2013, 4:30pm
dblume: @mikemadden @joyce137 He has health insurance and his employer is also matching donations made by colleagues at the chain’s Nashua location. twitter
Apr 18 2013, 7:00pm
dblume: @zannah I don't know what you're talking about. twitter
Apr 18 2013, 2:17pm
dblume: @DocKaotic Happy Birthday, Doc! twitter
Apr 15 2013, 8:37pm
dblume: RT @pattonoswalt: "Look for the helpers. You'll always find people who are helping." -- Fred Rogers, on what to do when scary things are ... twitter
Apr 9 2013, 10:36am
dblume: Protip: You can launch Chrome with --disable-new-menu-style to get the denser menu style back. twitter
Apr 8 2013, 9:36am
dblume: ProTip: If you load Penny Arcade Report articles in Internet Explorer, it'll improve the display of its font in Chrome and Firefox. twitter
Mar 31 2013, 10:48am
dblume: Here's why I've chose selfoss to replace Google Reader: twitter
Mar 27 2013, 12:05pm
dblume: An unannounced outage cannot be “we bumped up the maintenance window.” Fine, bump up maintenance, but TELL US BEFOREHAND. @dreamhostcare twitter
Mar 27 2013, 11:42am
dblume: My sites and the Dreamhost Panel are inaccessible. But doesn't indicate a problem. @DreamHostCare please update. twitter
Mar 25 2013, 8:52pm
dblume: Don't forget to have your router clone your main computer's MAC address if you use Comcast. twitter
Mar 20 2013, 9:43am
dblume: I woke up this morning to every Pythonista's favorite AC/DC song, "Dirty Deeds __Cheap__." #python twitter
Mar 17 2013, 3:53pm
dblume: @jvankoten Thanks, using that devious en-US spelling of neighbour, I see. twitter
Mar 17 2013, 11:15am
dblume: @razpeitia_ How'd you figure out what to do with the Klinglon palindrome in question 5? twitter
Mar 17 2013, 2:29am
dblume: @jvankoten How do I figure out what to do with the Klingon palindrome at twitter
Mar 16 2013, 11:03pm
dblume: RT @jacobian: “Well, it said it was a duck, and that’s good enough for me” — @raymondh #pycon twitter
Mar 15 2013, 10:27am
dblume: There was a "one more thing" at #pycon! We get RaspberryPis! twitter
Mar 5 2013, 9:32am
dblume: As somebody who wrote his own digital Dead Man's Switch, I'm really happy that @penzu gave it some thought too, and released Penzu Legacy. twitter
Mar 3 2013, 9:47pm
dblume: @zannah Found it. twitter
Feb 24 2013, 11:28pm
dblume: @Sainobg You have to Delete the "SC Info" directory and re-authorize. twitter
Feb 24 2013, 11:27pm
dblume: PSA: Did you upgrade iTunes and start getting a -42110 error every time it launches? Delete the "SC Info" directory and re-authorize. twitter
Feb 24 2013, 8:35am
dblume: I made an Anathem (the book by Neal Stephenson) Glossary for use by smart phones: twitter
Feb 20 2013, 10:13pm
dblume: .@Heilemann I like Kitbashed, but its navigation is backwards. Your readers want to go *left* to read older entries, like a diary. twitter
Feb 15 2013, 9:24pm
dblume: My wife got me a titanium KeyShark! <3 Now all I need is more beer! twitter
Feb 11 2013, 1:27am
dblume: Does livefyre have a direct (RESTful) way to get comment counts by URL like does? twitter
Feb 7 2013, 11:32pm
dblume: Faulkner and Bukowski on Creativity twitter
Feb 5 2013, 3:25pm
dblume: @joycem137 @netflix It's exactly the kind of high quality exclusive content that'd entice us to start a streaming subscription. twitter
Feb 4 2013, 5:13pm
dblume: @joycem137 @netflix Since Silverlight is a Microsoft product, I tried Internet Explorer, and only then could I watch House of Cards. twitter
Feb 1 2013, 10:56pm
dblume: @joycem137 Netflix won't let me watch House of Cards! It keeps making me re-install Silverlight and relaunching Chrome. I'm not alone. twitter
Jan 28 2013, 9:43am
dblume: @joycem137 Which Walking Dead? Comic, TV show, or video game? twitter
Jan 25 2013, 3:22pm
dblume: @joycem137 Always helped by Gaffer's tape, some ShapeLock, wire and sometimes by an Arduino and some servos. twitter
Jan 22 2013, 10:00pm
dblume: @awesomeculture You may want to do a fresh install, or at least verify all instances of require_once, eval, and base64_decode. Good luck! twitter
Jan 22 2013, 9:50pm
dblume: @awesomeculture Please disinfect your blog, it fell victim to a WordPress hack and has many Cialis ads injected into the HTML source. twitter
Jan 19 2013, 11:34pm
dblume: I can't tell you how happy I am to have fixed a usability bug in my Flashlight's software. twitter
Jan 18 2013, 2:37pm
dblume: @joycem137 I refuted your boiled down simplification by proving you right! twitter
Jan 18 2013, 2:35pm
dblume: @joycem137 If you don't think any controversial issue can be boiled down to something simple, you're mistaken. (See what I did there?) twitter
Jan 16 2013, 3:51pm
dblume: This new artist they got for the Hellboy "In Hell" comic does work that sure looks like Mike Mignola's. #laterealization twitter
Jan 6 2013, 2:26pm
dblume: Just asked for a Sriracha-flavored Jelly Belly. They had Tabasco instead. Partial win. twitter
Jan 2 2013, 11:23am
dblume: Join me on HelloFax. It's the easiest way to sign and send documents online - twitter
Dec 28 2012, 12:32am
dblume: My son doesn't really like Star Wars or LEGO, but he's enjoying building my Sith Fury-class Interceptor with me. I couldn't be happier. <3 twitter
Dec 25 2012, 10:29pm
dblume: The "Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh Collection" at the Kaleidescape store is *dangerous*. Best collection ever. twitter
Dec 25 2012, 9:55pm
dblume: The HexBright is an amazing spiderweb finder. twitter
Dec 25 2012, 9:38pm
dblume: Psycho killer qu'est que c'est? twitter
Dec 23 2012, 9:03pm
dblume: In case you forget what a geek I am, I'm getting myself Vim for my birthday. twitter
Dec 23 2012, 1:29pm
dblume: Do you have smartindent set in vim when you edit Python files? Add this to your .vimrc file: autocmd FileType python inoremap # X<c-h># twitter
Dec 23 2012, 12:44pm
dblume: @joycem137 Nice! I love them like that. twitter
Dec 18 2012, 7:41pm
dblume: RT @DannyZuker: Scientists are baffled by Canadians' ability to watch movies and play video games and not shoot each other. twitter
Dec 17 2012, 9:38pm
dblume: @LibraryThing Any chance you'll restore your user activity RSS feeds? Compare with twitter
Dec 13 2012, 1:53pm
dblume: @joycem137 Which NAS are you using now? twitter
Dec 3 2012, 9:12am
dblume: @DocKaotic FWIW, I assumed you meant the one time. twitter
Nov 27 2012, 8:44pm
dblume: @joycem137 That's one reason why I hand-rolled some data portability routines a couple years back. I'd be responsible! twitter
Nov 21 2012, 9:18am
dblume: @joycem137 That's an artifact of the rate of growth rather than early adaption. It says I've been on for more than 100% of its others uses! twitter
Nov 20 2012, 4:43pm
dblume: I thought of @joycem137 when I read this twitter
Nov 19 2012, 9:26pm
dblume: Note to self: You want Walking Dead Vol. 17 and Chew Vol. 6 Watch that SCCL inventory. #comics twitter
Nov 19 2012, 3:25pm
dblume: If you made your Foo_action inherit from your Foo_item, you need a rethink. (Prefer containment to inheritance.) twitter
Nov 18 2012, 7:02pm
dblume: @neonepiphany But this search in Google, "cocoa site:" shows the right hits, doesn't it? twitter
Nov 16 2012, 10:37pm
dblume: TechCrunch Giveaway: iRobot Roomba 650. Get Clean For The Holidays #TechCrunch via @techcrunch twitter
Nov 9 2012, 12:08am
dblume: @tpederson My last tweet was especially for you. We know the beginning of one number and the ending of the other. twitter
Nov 8 2012, 8:11pm
dblume: Nate Silver can recite Graham's number. Forwards. #NateSilverFacts twitter
Nov 6 2012, 2:17pm
dblume: RT @RobDenBleyker: I am moving to Canada no matter who wins. It just seems nice. twitter
Nov 6 2012, 10:57am
dblume: Is it because it's Election Day that all I want to play is Rage Against The Machine? twitter
Nov 3 2012, 10:57am
dblume: RT @MikeBloomberg: Please join me in saying THANK YOU to the thousands of city employees working around the clock to get NYC back up and ... twitter
Nov 1 2012, 3:14pm
dblume: Just upgraded to PHP 5.3.13 in anticipation of updating my blog's engine to Habari 0.9. Thanks, DreamHost, for making it trivial. twitter
Oct 30 2012, 8:27pm
dblume: @jmhindle Oh, that's *excellent*! twitter
Oct 23 2012, 10:37pm
dblume: My iPhone 5 has the well-documented failure to take flash photos. twitter
Oct 19 2012, 8:37pm
dblume: TechCrunch Giveaway: A New Samsung Chromebook #TechCrunch via @techcrunch twitter
Oct 18 2012, 1:20am
dblume: Frustrated that Google+ hides and deletes some posts. #falsepositive twitter
Oct 17 2012, 9:11pm
dblume: It's like a personal little victory when I catch the Java updater trying to install McAfee. Caught you! No you don't! twitter
Oct 14 2012, 7:20pm
dblume: @SawLady Oh! Your performance was ethereal and fitting for the movie. I didn't know that a Twitter auto-reply bot could play the saw. :) twitter
Oct 14 2012, 1:42am
dblume: New blog post: "The Well-Mannered Daemon" at twitter
Oct 14 2012, 12:49am
dblume: I just saw Another Earth, and really liked it. It would make an interesting double-feature with Melancholia. twitter
Oct 13 2012, 1:19am
dblume: @daniel_jacobson @netflixapi It's Friday night, what do I do? Make a workaround for the removal of the AtHomeRSS feed. twitter
Oct 4 2012, 4:53pm
dblume: @PlanetGranite Love the easier levels on the bouldering dyno challenge on The Bow in Sunnyvale. Want more like that. twitter
Oct 2 2012, 12:09pm
dblume: @notch Reminds me of this video explaining Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange twitter
Oct 1 2012, 9:23am
dblume: @halophoenix We all know that the actual best pen is the Uni-ball Signo (DX) UM-151 0.38. Please. twitter
Sep 25 2012, 4:17pm
dblume: @daniel_jacobson Thanks for the quick reply. I'd read and forgotten about that. twitter
Sep 25 2012, 2:17pm
dblume: @netflixapi The AtHomeRSS feed has been broken since 2012-09-20. Maybe you forgot to move it to from twitter
Sep 21 2012, 10:47pm
dblume: RT @1Password: Your Hotmail password was too long, so Microsoft fixed it for you: This is what we’re up against, f ... twitter
Sep 21 2012, 11:16am
dblume: Endeavour passing NASA Ames, as seen from a Sunnyvale rooftop. #spottheshuttle twitter
Sep 19 2012, 7:51am
dblume: Today only: Open registration at We Draw Comics! twitter
Sep 16 2012, 10:06am
dblume: @zannah @tyger11 I really thought Men's Pocky was gone forever! Can you get some? twitter
Sep 15 2012, 1:44am
dblume: @tillig Also, the predicted_rating field is not populated with the right data for DVD customers twitter
Sep 13 2012, 9:48am
dblume: Did Netflix neglect API maintenance? The forum is full of spam and @netflixapi is quiet. No status on current bugs. twitter
Sep 11 2012, 2:12pm
dblume: @joycem137 Where can I get such a deal? twitter
Sep 5 2012, 11:36am
dblume: @joycem137 That sounds like Kathy Sierra's story. She is such an amazing writer, too. twitter
Sep 4 2012, 2:13pm
dblume: RT @joycem137: A straight man loses friends over his brother's gay wedding, and gains some perspective on what we LGBT face... http://t. ... twitter
Sep 2 2012, 4:03pm
dblume: @neonepiphany Devastating! twitter
Aug 28 2012, 9:18am
dblume: "One of these days, you're going to wake up with a pen barrel stabbed into the side of your neck." - My wife's sweet nothing to me. twitter
Aug 27 2012, 6:57pm
dblume: @joycem137 Inorite? I'm a huge fan, too! twitter
Aug 23 2012, 1:44pm
dblume: @joycem137 I'd like that. I'd be a member of the Transparent and Evidence-Based Decision Making Party. twitter
Aug 23 2012, 9:51am
dblume: @davewiner @openpathscc To be fair it's only been down two days at this point. But I haven't heard anything. Still hoping it comes back. twitter
Aug 23 2012, 9:29am
dblume: @davewiner Re: Web being Socialist but not a Family, the NYT's disappeared without a warning. All their data, gone. twitter
Aug 23 2012, 2:18am
dblume: @blprnt Do you have any insight into why openpaths has recently become unavailable? Will it come back? twitter
Aug 22 2012, 12:19pm
dblume: @openpathscc Your site (and API endpoint) has been down lately. Hope you can get it back up soon. twitter
Aug 19 2012, 3:31pm
dblume: @tpederson #DidYouKnow you're working on the weekend? (Thought you could use one that didn't come from you.) twitter
Aug 14 2012, 6:16pm
dblume: @joycem137 Please don't buy things from the SCP Foundation anymore. twitter
Aug 13 2012, 9:48pm
dblume: @zannah Did your butt bring its cape? twitter
Aug 5 2012, 10:35pm
dblume: RT @MarsCuriosity: I'm safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!! #MSL twitter
Jul 21 2012, 11:15am
dblume: Apparently my son is starting the day off with The Final Countdown. Over, and over. What did I do to him? twitter
Jul 17 2012, 11:51am
dblume: @zannah Passenger behind her is tweeting! twitter
Jul 16 2012, 10:24pm
dblume: Why do I keep going back to the Steam store day after day and finding new stuff to buy? twitter
Jul 11 2012, 2:09pm
dblume: @notch @jeb_ Thanks for making this possible: twitter
Jun 23 2012, 1:14am
dblume: RT @nytimes: Longtime gay marriage opponent David Blankenhorn now says he supports it in NYT Op-Ed twitter
Jun 20 2012, 8:23pm
dblume: @zannah What's wrong with it? We have lots of k-drama fans down here, and they're sincere about the fandom. twitter
Jun 20 2012, 10:57am
dblume: .@adamson I'm a real human. Not a Markov-chain making synonym-replacing plagiarizing algorithm like @elifemagz. twitter
Jun 19 2012, 4:40pm
dblume: .@joycem137 I didn't see Rihanna, Katy Perry or a Kardashian in Pop Culture, nor Felicia Day or Flora Lichtman in Geek Culture. twitter
Jun 19 2012, 10:09am
dblume: I'm optimistic about Microsoft's Surface tablet. It's like they responded to my complaint about the Chromebook at twitter
Jun 17 2012, 11:21pm
dblume: Why I returned my Chromebook. Hint: #chromeos twitter
Jun 13 2012, 2:05pm
dblume: RT @DalaiLama: I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religio ... twitter
Jun 10 2012, 10:52pm
dblume: @jmhindle Oh, man, sorry to hear about that. Hope tomorrow goes better. twitter
Jun 7 2012, 8:31pm
dblume: "That was epic!" My 9yo son's playing Super Meat Boy for the first time. Thanks, Humble Indie Bundle V! @humble twitter
Jun 6 2012, 10:26am
dblume: @joycem137 You were so awesome for setting that up. Thank you! twitter
Jun 1 2012, 1:16am
dblume: I'm a Humanist 'til the day I die. That day, my faith is in God. (Due to Pascal's Wager.) twitter
May 17 2012, 4:03pm
dblume: @joycem137 Yes, but the more you age in good health, the more you're winning! twitter
May 13 2012, 11:27am
dblume: A Future Without Key Social and Economic Statistics for the Country twitter
May 11 2012, 2:53am
dblume: Especially for @joycem137: Board games + music + stop motion animation = twitter
May 9 2012, 9:24am
dblume: @Templesmith These Tentacle Ladies' Tees made me think of you. Not that *you'd* be so fetching in them, of course. twitter
May 7 2012, 3:28pm
dblume: .@stevelosh Love the (changing opacity) left sidebar scrolling-header at your blog. twitter
May 3 2012, 10:48am
dblume: RT @doubleored: @notch and if you fight a pack of clowns, always go for the juggler. twitter
May 1 2012, 11:58am
dblume: @zannah Yay! (And not just because I'm a Blume.) twitter
Apr 29 2012, 4:24pm
dblume: @joycem137 They had such a great time! Thank you for making it so fun. I can't wait to take them out again. twitter
Apr 27 2012, 8:53pm
dblume: LEGO® CUUSOO | Motorized Tachikoma twitter
Apr 27 2012, 4:16pm
dblume: RT @thinkgeek: Step 1: Google "zerg rush" Step 2: Enjoy. (Doesn't appear to work on mobile, sorry!) twitter
Apr 26 2012, 3:17pm
dblume: @joycem137 Are you going to this one? I might bring my kids, they haven't really seen the night sky yet. Would be good to see you. twitter
Apr 26 2012, 9:54am
dblume: @zannah @ninjanuity I'm undecided too. Wish it weren't hackneyed to play the Rolling Stones' You Can't Always Get What You Want. twitter
Apr 23 2012, 10:05pm
dblume: @openpathscc Your site has been returning error 502 Bad Gateway. Hope you can fix it. twitter
Apr 23 2012, 9:49pm
dblume: You're on the ground floor of the Bubble, Baby! Yee-haw! Ride 'em, Cowboy! #bubble #notthatbigadeal twitter
Apr 17 2012, 2:49pm
dblume: Note to self: You want Walking Dead Vol. 16 and Chew Vol. 5 Watch that SCCL inventory. #comics twitter
Apr 13 2012, 10:48pm
dblume: Watching The Black Keys right now. twitter
Apr 11 2012, 3:03pm
dblume: @DreamHostCare I haven't received an acknowledgement (or reply) for helpdesk ticket #4951367. Would you check that it's in your queue? twitter
Apr 10 2012, 2:39pm
dblume: Climbing during lunchtime! twitter
Apr 8 2012, 11:35am
dblume: @nytlabs You need to filter bad data from OpenPaths. See "Bad Data" at Contact me for more. twitter
Apr 6 2012, 1:49pm
dblume: Bottle house at Palo Alto City Hall. twitter
Apr 4 2012, 9:59am
dblume: @jmhindle If I'd known about Koding, I could have tried it for twitter
Apr 2 2012, 3:15pm
dblume: I describe some of the backend details of a tiny webpage, my location predictor. #python #code #web twitter
Apr 1 2012, 3:43pm
dblume: @zannah @katiecandraw That's adorable! twitter
Apr 1 2012, 11:49am
dblume: @Netflixhelps It was better when you put the actors' and director's names in the descriptions in your feed at twitter
Mar 30 2012, 9:49am
dblume: RT @notch: If you can't decide something important, flip a coin. Your immediate reaction to the result will tell you what your innermost ... twitter
Mar 29 2012, 11:42am
dblume: *Right now* I accidentally have big headphones on and am not listening to anything. You? #ikeepforgetting twitter
Mar 28 2012, 12:22pm
dblume: @joycem137 Don't be so surprised about having good articles! twitter
Mar 19 2012, 9:07am
dblume: @notch Yo dawg, you heard we like computers, so your put a computer in our computer. twitter
Mar 17 2012, 9:51am
dblume: @verameat @square What's with this $20.00 charge dated Mar 17, 2012 at 12:31pm‽ Fraud or mistake? How do I contest? I've never been to NY. twitter
Mar 10 2012, 8:34pm
dblume: @zannah I want to know about CSS for Grown-ups! Seriously, hope you write something, or that the talk goes online later. twitter
Mar 9 2012, 9:55pm
dblume: I'm the only guy I know that has a past/present/future key at a Google Maps site. #prediction #location twitter
Mar 4 2012, 1:44pm
dblume: I've fixed my Kindle Touch so I can stand it up without depressing the power button. #fix #kindle #hack twitter
Mar 1 2012, 8:39pm
dblume: Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Peter Weyland's historic #2023TED speech. Watch it here: twitter
Feb 4 2012, 7:36pm
dblume: Really enjoying the fifth and final arc of Blade of the Immortal. Just read Massacre. Thanks @darkhorsecomics. With you since the start. twitter
Feb 2 2012, 7:30pm
dblume: @DocKaotic Why have you strayed from Eclipse, son? twitter
Feb 2 2012, 1:29pm
dblume: @neonepiphany Why would you do that to me‽ twitter
Feb 2 2012, 7:34am
dblume: David's Dead Man's Switch has been triggered. This is real, but almost certainly a false positive. More at twitter
Jan 31 2012, 4:27pm
dblume: @neonepiphany The Cliff Stearns investigation into Planned Parenthood? Forcing Komen away? The whole thing stinks. twitter
Jan 31 2012, 8:00am
dblume: @neonepiphany The only way to find the true KitKat maximum is: More KitKats. Keep going. twitter
Jan 22 2012, 11:41am
dblume: @JimShoe If you're doing it in Python, I'd suggest using , and the rest is just sorting and saving to store. twitter
Jan 21 2012, 9:55pm
dblume: Just read @RobertKirkman's The Walking Dead TPB 14, "No Way Out." Really amazing. Feel like I got punched in the gut. Love this series. twitter
Jan 21 2012, 9:50pm
dblume: Note to self: You want Walking Dead Vol. 15 and Chew Vol. 4 Watch that SCCL library inventory. twitter
Jan 20 2012, 1:18am
dblume: @JimShoe Thanks! Yes, the code is mine, it's in Python. The CSS though, is @adactio's. (That's probably what you liked, anyway!) twitter
Jan 18 2012, 9:49am
dblume: @neonepiphany They're not frequently updated but I have and twitter
Jan 16 2012, 2:47am
dblume: My description of my Python implementation of an online Dead Man's Switch: twitter
Jan 15 2012, 9:19pm
dblume: @zannah Her 2-year-old daughter picked it for her. Knowing that, it's sorta sweet. twitter
Jan 2 2012, 8:31pm
dblume: @joycem137 The wombat's scat is cubic because... You're *in* MineCraft right now. Wake up. You're in the Matrix. twitter
Dec 30 2011, 9:34am
dblume: Sarah and the Seed - a comic by @hey_ryan_a Part 3 is up! <-- Part 1 #comics twitter
Dec 29 2011, 7:21pm
dblume: @zannah Also, you can play Balls of Fury or Scott Pilgrim in the background while you work on the project. Coffee and Irish Whiskey a plus. twitter
Dec 29 2011, 7:20pm
dblume: @zannah You need an Arduino, a Dremel, solder, LEDs, some rubber bands, wires, springs, four servo motors, and some projectiles. twitter
Dec 28 2011, 8:47am
dblume: @joycem137 Happy Birthday! Treat yourself right! twitter
Dec 23 2011, 8:19pm
dblume: RT @notch: Programming tip #76: Don't write code you don't immediately need. Exception: writing APIs. twitter
Dec 19 2011, 9:39am
dblume: RT @joycem137: Yo Dawg, I herd you like fractals so I put a fractal in yo fractal so… oh. twitter
Dec 15 2011, 3:03pm
dblume: Just got my #db-class Statement of Accomplishment. I scored 97%. Pretty happy with that! Thanks, @db-class. twitter
Dec 12 2011, 11:11pm
dblume: I updated my WordPress blog to 3.3 and my Habari blog to 0.8 today. No problems. Yay advancements in technology! twitter
Dec 11 2011, 12:32pm
dblume: Just finished the final exam from @dbclass. Just like the midterm, only made one or two dumb mistakes. Thanks to everyone involved! #dbclass twitter
Dec 9 2011, 9:05am
dblume: RT @dbclass: We made it to the end... now.... here comes the final exam! 20 questions long, 2 hours long, do your best. Out later today ... twitter
Dec 8 2011, 2:16pm
dblume: @zannah I have the one trebuchet at work. But I take it with me to fire at enemies where needed. twitter
Dec 8 2011, 2:12pm
dblume: @joycem137 The almost-grief? Maybe because we share the same birthday and my dad passed a couple of weeks ago. twitter
Dec 8 2011, 9:39am
dblume: @zannah More than than, it's a fun tool to have at the home and office. twitter
Dec 5 2011, 7:55pm
dblume: RT @shitmydadsays: My dad explains why he thinks internet comments will end the world. twitter
Nov 30 2011, 8:16pm
dblume: If @neiltyson can tweet from the Flint Center stage, I can from the audience. So there! twitter
Nov 27 2011, 7:48pm
dblume: @neonepiphany That sounds like a blog that needs to be written. What went wrong with the Sony Blu-ray players? twitter
Nov 25 2011, 6:38pm
dblume: RT @ParallelsMac: On this #BlackFriday we want to give back to our amazing fans! RT to enter for the chance to win a MacBook Air & more. ... twitter
Nov 16 2011, 8:53am
dblume: Thanks, @zannah, you're my MillaJovovich curator! twitter
Nov 13 2011, 1:00pm
dblume: RT @C418: Hey, and you know what, twitter? As a sincere apology on my side, how about a FREE ALBUM twitter
Nov 12 2011, 8:27pm
dblume: Missed one question on the midterm I thought I got right. Can't wait to discuss when we're all allowed! @dbclass #dbclass #hesoneofthose twitter
Nov 12 2011, 4:39pm
dblume: @MinecraftChick My son and I will be there Thursday night! Can't wait! twitter
Nov 12 2011, 10:33am
dblume: Why am I suddenly in a house-cleaning frenzy? Oh, that's right. I don't want to take the #dbclass midterm. @dbclass twitter
Nov 11 2011, 10:38pm
dblume: Nice to see the "effected/affected" misspelling issue fixed in the software you use! @dbclass twitter
Nov 10 2011, 12:00pm
dblume: RT @rayleee: Do Americans realise that tomorrow is 11/11/11 and not 11/11/11? twitter
Nov 7 2011, 10:58pm
dblume: Wait, did I really have to look up degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon to answer my @dbclass UML homework? Awesome. #dbclass twitter
Nov 5 2011, 10:11pm
dblume: RT @tservo: I think the XQuery FLWOR is a variety of Pitcher Plant, trapping unwary programmers with slippery constructs and drowning th ... twitter
Nov 5 2011, 10:07pm
dblume: I lost 15 minutes over lexicographical sorting on XML Course-Catalog XPath and XQuery Exercises' prob. 9. Hint everyone: xs:int() #dbclass twitter
Nov 5 2011, 1:26pm
dblume: @joycem137 Where did you want that link to go to? (Twitter shortens the bitly link, and in the end it only resolves to the root of G+.) twitter
Nov 2 2011, 8:02pm
dblume: RT @wilw: Money House GOP spent today on creating jobs: $0. Money GOP spent on reaffirming "In God We Trust": $215,000. We are governed ... twitter
Nov 2 2011, 10:39am
dblume: .@MinecraftChick My son beat Mojang to the laser-eyed sharks at 5yo! He's going to MineCon with me, too! twitter
Nov 2 2011, 12:33am
dblume: I wasn't fully prepared for the Multivalue Dependencies Quiz or Normalization Quiz based on lectures alone. Got 'em eventually. #dbclass twitter
Oct 29 2011, 10:51pm
dblume: I really *get* the concepts behind Functional Dependencies vs. Multivalue Dependencies! How do I cement this into my brain‽ #dbclass twitter
Oct 28 2011, 9:48am
dblume: @joycem137 That's like the way people are upset over the Klout algorithm change. twitter
Oct 27 2011, 8:13pm
dblume: @joycem137 You might be interested in some of Nina Yau's writing. twitter
Oct 25 2011, 11:31am
dblume: @notch @teczlin But name changes are a commonly requested feature! Please make it happen. twitter
Oct 24 2011, 10:52am
dblume: @zannah Yay! That's so awesome! twitter
Oct 20 2011, 9:24am
dblume: Good man. "If you're good at something, never do it for free!" --Joker @maoxian twitter
Oct 19 2011, 5:11pm
dblume: "Catastrophic malfunctions are on the menu." twitter
Oct 19 2011, 8:40am
dblume: @maoxian I'm missing great links and Lucy Kellaway posts because your delicious bookmarks feed stopped! You still book bookmarking anywhere? twitter
Oct 18 2011, 8:13pm
dblume: Then build your own password vault, Silly! @zannah @halophoenix twitter
Oct 15 2011, 2:39pm
dblume: Glico, please ship your new Dark Chocolate Pocky to Northern California! twitter
Oct 15 2011, 10:02am
dblume: Oh, I just loved that, @joycem137 ! twitter
Oct 14 2011, 10:18pm
dblume: @puuikibeach Why, thank you, Mr. D! twitter
Oct 14 2011, 2:56am
dblume: @zannah One of the questions actually said, "this is very difficult, if you get it right, extra congratulations to you!" twitter
Oct 13 2011, 9:31pm
dblume: "Extra congratulations" to me! I got 9.0/9.0 on the Relational Algebra Exercises. That was hard but fun! @dbclass twitter
Oct 12 2011, 5:03pm
dblume: A contest for Dropbox Pro for life! via @appsumo twitter
Oct 11 2011, 10:04pm
dblume: When you're not worried about failing or time constraints, doing the exercises is fun! @dbclass twitter
Oct 8 2011, 7:16pm
dblume: What is this Pocky "Dark?" Is it a new replacement for Men's Pocky‽ Who's seen it? twitter
Oct 5 2011, 12:36am
dblume: I downloaded and watched Press Pause Play. A film about how digital technology has changed society, for better and worse. @presspauseplay twitter
Oct 4 2011, 9:08pm
dblume: Would love to have an RSS/Atom feed for the announcements at @dbclass #dbclass twitter
Sep 29 2011, 10:18am
dblume: Explaining the last tweet: The word "scroll" is charged with punishment for @notch, so Henley's poem carries additional meaning. twitter
Sep 29 2011, 10:07am
dblume: It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. @notch twitter
Sep 26 2011, 2:11pm
dblume: Great article on Netflix's move by Marc Randolph: twitter
Sep 24 2011, 10:31am
dblume: RT @lcranston1939: GOP claims that ending Big Oil subsidies will cost jobs. They're right. ExxonMobile alone will be forced to layoff ab ... twitter
Sep 23 2011, 2:13pm
dblume: I'll be using the Amalgamated Vomitworks URL to get to Netflix's qwikster from now on. twitter
Sep 22 2011, 2:49pm
dblume: @joycem137 The article itself was sensible. While we're all for improving streaming, we can still be against removing features. twitter
Sep 22 2011, 2:35pm
dblume: RT @GLaDOS_2: RT @cave_johnson: They said nothing can travel faster than light. Neutrino: "Did it anyway." I like this guy, where can I ... twitter
Sep 22 2011, 10:16am
dblume: @zannah Yay! I'm happy to share the blame with @samanthakira. Hope you put them to good use! twitter
Sep 21 2011, 10:00pm
dblume: @joycem137 That's a wrongheaded article. Hastings and his customers are coming at this from different angles. It's not a case of smarter. twitter
Sep 18 2011, 6:07pm
dblume: My Minecraft username "davidblume" makes a pretty good world seed: Lots of trees and *two* criss-crossing ravines of different depths! twitter
Sep 17 2011, 12:06pm
dblume: I accidentally closed a tab with a half-composed GMail message in it. I reopened the tab, and my auto-saved message was restored. Yay! twitter
Sep 14 2011, 3:25pm
dblume: .@Desiree_SSS I can recommend Planet Granite in Sunnyvale! Been going there *forever*. You'd love it! @PlanetGranite twitter
Sep 14 2011, 3:14pm
dblume: .@Desiree_SSS I've been rock climbing over 14 years, now! Old trip report: twitter
Sep 14 2011, 8:58am
dblume: @neonepiphany How old is he? Seven? twitter
Sep 12 2011, 10:13pm
dblume: Aw man, I put Python 2.7 on the new computer and now I have to get VS2008 to compile py-bcrypt and such for the new version. twitter
Sep 8 2011, 11:34am
dblume: @hulu_support It's been over a month since user feeds were temporarily turned off. Are they really coming back? twitter
Sep 4 2011, 10:34pm
dblume: RT @HeckYeahSteve: My friend said Twitter is a waste of time, so I made a bet with him. For every retweet this gets, he'll give me £1. G ... twitter
Sep 3 2011, 10:13pm
dblume: @zannah I use Google Contacts now. Did you actually think you'd get a meatspace answer for the cards? twitter
Aug 28 2011, 11:03am
dblume: Just saved money by dropping the streaming feature from my Netflix plan. We're BD/DVD-only now, for the huge library with all the extras! twitter
Aug 27 2011, 10:21pm
dblume: My *wife* is playing "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton! This is a summer vacation mix-tape success! twitter
Aug 19 2011, 8:39am
dblume: @puuikibeach Yes. Yes it is. twitter
Aug 19 2011, 1:12am
dblume: I made the Interrobang extension for Chrome even better! twitter
Aug 19 2011, 12:59am
dblume: @shadychars @ChrisPhilpot I updated the Chrome Interrobang extension. Hope you like it! twitter
Aug 17 2011, 8:31am
dblume: @notch There's precedent for the duel. Two CEOs arm wrestled over the phrase "plane smart" instead of going forward with a lawsuit. twitter
Aug 15 2011, 1:45pm
dblume: .@Narilka @zannah Not useless, but suspect. Maybe they're mock-worthy oblivious, OTOH, maybe their presence is easy to find. twitter
Aug 12 2011, 4:36pm
dblume: @asarazan No prob, it was funny. Re :Greplin: I've been storing lifestream data and more for years- Interested in API. twitter
Aug 12 2011, 4:19pm
dblume: @asarazan Did you follow the wrong David Blume? (Should have been Bloom?) Funny, I thought you followed me 'cause I do my own greplin thing! twitter
Aug 12 2011, 3:55pm
dblume: RT @pulmyears: The USA should invade the USA and win the hearts and minds of the population by building roads, bridges and putting local ... twitter
Aug 12 2011, 12:06am
dblume: RT @SherriWhit: Let's make sure the new #supercongress operates in the open. #opensupercongress twitter
Aug 8 2011, 8:25pm
dblume: @shadychars @ChrisPhilpot Ooh, I love I'll see if I can add it to my Chrome extension. Give me a few days... twitter
Aug 5 2011, 9:16pm
dblume: "Whoops I Gourced My Lifestream", my lifestream visualization experiment now has annotations: twitter
Aug 1 2011, 9:18am
dblume: Why is the interrobang so hard to access‽ It shouldn't be. I'm trying to make it better: It's a work in progress. twitter
Jul 25 2011, 11:19am
dblume: The world's last Men's Pocky was eaten today. #glico #pocky twitter
Jul 23 2011, 8:44pm
dblume: @hulu_support: You did say that activity feeds were coming back. Are they? Did they move? twitter
Jul 23 2011, 2:48pm
dblume: RT @joycem137: Samsung studies 3D viewing discomfort, finds out bloggers don't read twitter
Jul 18 2011, 7:18pm
dblume: Thanks for the b-sides download @C418! You're awesome! twitter
Jul 18 2011, 4:42pm
dblume: There's only one unopened box of Men's Pocky left in the world. What do I do with it? twitter
Jul 17 2011, 10:38pm
dblume: The kids are asleep. The wife is at work. Time to read RFC 5023! twitter
Jul 17 2011, 10:35pm
dblume: @zannah No kidding. Getting rid of that junk is one of the reasons I love Kaleidescape. twitter
Jul 16 2011, 5:49pm
dblume: @zannah That's the part of Harry Potter that got me and my wife misty-eyed. The magic and discovery continue for another generation. twitter
Jul 14 2011, 4:40pm
dblume: RT @DougWintersInc: @FreshAirFund I was watching "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" and the whole idea of the FAF was laid out by Jimmy Ste ... twitter
Jul 6 2011, 10:08am
dblume: @natalietran 44, I use Kindle for books made of words, but I still read comics (trade paperbacks usually) in dead-tree format. twitter
Jul 5 2011, 10:55am
dblume: @hulu_support Were user activity feeds turned off? This link worked last week: Please restore activity feeds. Thanks! twitter
Jul 3 2011, 8:58pm
dblume: New video project: iMovie? Avid Studio? LightWorks? Choices, choices... twitter
Jul 2 2011, 9:46pm
dblume: The Fillmore Jazz Festival gets my vote for best Bay Area street fair. twitter
Jul 2 2011, 11:01am
dblume: My son started spleefing me on the sidewalk in real life. twitter
Jun 29 2011, 6:36pm
dblume: Note to self: You want Walking Dead Vol. 14 and Chew Vol. 4 Watch that SCCL library inventory. twitter
Jun 25 2011, 8:25pm
dblume: RT @Pinboard: Every time I see a field for "promotion code" during checkout all I can think is "I'm getting overcharged for this" twitter
Jun 24 2011, 3:31pm
dblume: @srch It's been a month, I'm still waiting for my prize from the Starbucks SRCH challenge. Is it coming in email? twitter
Jun 23 2011, 8:54am
dblume: @BenSLeveritt Thanks! I got the inspiration and design from @adactio. This describes some changes I made: twitter
Jun 17 2011, 8:34am
dblume: RT @XperiaGames: We have 3 @Minecraft Steve heads to giveaway signed by #Notch! Follow and RT to enter! #Comp closes on Monday! twitter
Jun 16 2011, 8:43am
dblume: RT @thewanderingjew: Republican New York Senator Comes Out For Gay Marriage With Awesome Quote: twitter
Jun 16 2011, 2:36am
dblume: Really frustrated that Google removed my access to my bookmarks. I can't always install Chrome wherever I am. twitter
Jun 13 2011, 9:42pm
dblume: I evidently have security issues. twitter
Jun 5 2011, 3:32pm
dblume: I'm honestly writing another goddamn login page. Must play Jonathan Coulton's "Code Monkey." twitter
Jun 1 2011, 8:20pm
dblume: @zannah Amir Salihefendic, who helped make Plurk, made, but I use twitter
Jun 1 2011, 8:16pm
dblume: Best. Secret project. Ever. twitter
May 26 2011, 7:44pm
dblume: Updated my dokuwiki to Rincewind. Thank you, Andreas Gohr! twitter
May 24 2011, 2:57pm
dblume: @zannah You don't understand. That's my favorite stall. We have a ... connection. I want it to be vacant. twitter
May 19 2011, 8:40am
dblume: On Transparency vs. Anonymity: (A response to the namesake infographic.) twitter
May 18 2011, 10:33am
dblume: @joycem137 Have you played ? twitter
May 17 2011, 9:39pm
dblume: @zannah I liked The Brothers Bloom, too! And not just because of my last name. twitter
May 17 2011, 9:13am
dblume: RT @microconf Awesome free ebook of startup wisdom from Hiten Shah, Noah Kagan, Patrick McKenzie and others twitter
May 16 2011, 10:21am
dblume: @chloe_sparkle That's the cutest thing I've ever seen! twitter
May 12 2011, 4:41pm
dblume: Broke another Bodum Bistro Double-Wall Insulated Glass by gently hand-dropping an ice cube into it. They're too fragile. twitter
May 10 2011, 2:11pm
dblume: @joycem137 I know! Twitter and Facebook are both to blame. (Hmm, is it weird that that's a plurk link?) twitter
May 10 2011, 11:51am
dblume: @joycem137 Aww, I had to stop at season one, because Netflix doesn't have Dexter season two. (On disc, I need out-of-band subtitles.) twitter
May 7 2011, 9:46pm
dblume: @joycem137 Yeah, the transparency of the glass and making it a two-layer arena added an interesting element to the Spleef game. twitter
May 7 2011, 9:14am
dblume: Spent a fun night playing Spleef with my son in a two layer glass arena. #minecraft twitter
May 2 2011, 7:05am
dblume: RT @jazmcdougall: Minecraft has made me realise that I'm basically a dwarf. I love gems, gold, and digging both deeply and greedily. twitter
Apr 29 2011, 2:01pm
dblume: @zannah Perfume's Edge (Yes, I'm nuts.) and Ayu's Evolution... twitter
Apr 29 2011, 10:25am
dblume: @zannah You're a pico user? Then my obtuse private vim cheat sheet will be of no use to you: :) twitter
Apr 28 2011, 10:57am
dblume: I would opt-in for an unencrypted passive location log on my Apple iPhone. If it goes away, I'll look to Android. twitter
Apr 27 2011, 4:10pm
dblume: RT @zannah: Hurray! Yahoo Sells Delicious To YouTube Founders (TechCrunch link) twitter
Apr 22 2011, 1:40pm
dblume: RT @NathanFillion: Instead of shouting, "Asshole!" at an asshole, try "Somebody needs a hug!" You'll find it really pisses them off. twitter
Apr 20 2011, 2:34pm
dblume: @notch No! Stick with the modding API first. Reward yourself afterwards with new crazy huge features. twitter
Apr 19 2011, 5:10pm
dblume: When I get home tonight, will it be Minecraft beta 1.5 (my son's choice) or Portal 2 (mine)? Damn you, new releases! twitter
Apr 16 2011, 1:43am
dblume: @joyce137 RE: TSA investigating complainers: The first Stasi lesson in "The Lives of Others" is that the *innocent* remain defiant. twitter
Apr 16 2011, 1:36am
dblume: After hearing about, first thing I did was manually navigate to twitter
Apr 15 2011, 1:53pm
dblume: David Mitchell says one who stammers also stammers in foreign languages but not when talking to animals. Source: twitter
Apr 12 2011, 9:58am
dblume: RT @SamGimbel: Roger Ebert does a follow-up on Stiglitz' article on the top 1% of Americans: twitter
Apr 11 2011, 2:25pm
dblume: RT @joelhousman: Remember when Planned Parenthood & NPR crashed the market, wiped out half our 401Ks and took TARP money? Me neither. twitter
Apr 9 2011, 8:40pm
dblume: Glad the @logitech Control Center for Mac OS allows me to turn off mouse wheel acceleration. Thanks, guys. twitter
Apr 9 2011, 6:42pm
dblume: Wil Wheaton shares thoughts on the TSA experience: twitter
Apr 6 2011, 3:41pm
dblume: @joycem137 I know. I'm just bitter that my own googleganger is an SEO expert. I have lots of blogs & online presence, but you can't find me. twitter
Apr 6 2011, 11:32am
dblume: @joycem137 That doesn't always work. Compare vs. twitter
Apr 5 2011, 3:08pm
dblume: RT @timberners_lee: Sign at and retweet please twitter
Apr 1 2011, 1:56pm
dblume: I'm a bad Daddy. Changed my son's bookmarks to Minecraft to for April Fool's. twitter
Mar 28 2011, 3:58pm
dblume: @neonepiphany Aww. Then I won't listen to it again. I have fond memories of the show. I prefer the illusion. twitter
Mar 15 2011, 3:13pm
dblume: RT @joyce137 @Netflix has a "chaos monkey" running around in its servers randomly killing stuff to test failures! twitter
Mar 10 2011, 10:28pm
dblume: I'm happier than when I gave my son the grappling hook mod in Minecraft! twitter
Mar 6 2011, 8:09pm
dblume: Yay! There were bonus track on @C418's Minecraft album! twitter
Feb 28 2011, 11:54am
dblume: Hooray: Alan Turing's Papers Successfully Acquired For Public Display twitter
Feb 24 2011, 3:54pm
dblume: RT @Motorola: We gifted movie star nominees w/ special gold Motorola XOOM tablets. RT for chance to win 1! #motoxoom twitter
Feb 24 2011, 3:53pm
dblume: RT @joycem137: I've never understood why single occupancy bathrooms have gender markers on them. twitter
Feb 20 2011, 8:17pm
dblume: The March Wired (19.03) issue has a GREAT article: Faster - One man's quest to outrace the wind. twitter
Feb 20 2011, 8:13pm
dblume: @zannah: You retweeted @flowingdata! Small world: he's one of my best friend's cousins! twitter
Feb 17 2011, 10:16am
dblume: Really loved PC Gamer's The Minecraft Experiment. Sad it's over. twitter
Feb 17 2011, 9:53am
dblume: Great troll analysis with a personal message at the end: twitter
Feb 13 2011, 8:18pm
dblume: Darn you, @notch, Creeper pancakes are much harder to make than Micky Mouse pancakes. twitter
Feb 7 2011, 5:11pm
dblume: RT @alyankovic: BTW, Christina Aguilera, nice job at the Super Bowl, but changing the words to songs is MY gig. twitter
Feb 5 2011, 3:02pm
dblume: I used Minecraft to teach my kids about local file storage, home networks, and the internet. twitter
Feb 5 2011, 11:36am
dblume: RT @Teanah: Here is a flyer of my missing sister twitter
Feb 4 2011, 9:20pm
dblume: @joycem137 Agreed. The WOW quest joke was funny. The specific violence wasn't. And the resulting fan behavior was very inappropriate. twitter
Feb 4 2011, 1:21am
dblume: The new algorithm for the TechCrunch Feed Filter is coming along nicely. I feel a blog post coming on. twitter
Feb 1 2011, 9:55am
dblume: Just installed PuTTY beta 0.60 yet again onto a new computer. Beta 0.60. I don't know, really worried about this sketchy Beta 0.60 software. twitter
Jan 27 2011, 12:30am
dblume: I posted what I took away from Jonah Lehrer's Importance of Vacation article: twitter
Jan 24 2011, 4:15pm
dblume: Please invent an ear implant that combines Shazam music tagging with music scrobbling. I want to identify and note all music I hear. twitter
Jan 22 2011, 12:38pm
dblume: @notch Please let us know when we can upload skins again. and twitter
Jan 19 2011, 10:09am
dblume: Will be following Alan Taylor from The Big Picture to In Focus. Hope it'll have a syndication feed. (RSS or Atom) @in_focus twitter
Jan 18 2011, 8:18pm
dblume: @shwood's Dead Man's Switch should work like IT watches YOU to see when you've died. twitter
Jan 17 2011, 5:12pm
dblume: @joycem137 I meant, instead of a story drawn out over the series, we got a montage of the design and evolution of cylons. twitter
Jan 17 2011, 1:55pm
dblume: @joycem137 The series was a good ride until the end, like BSG. :) The ending flash-forwarded to "here's what we would've written for you." twitter
Jan 17 2011, 9:36am
dblume: @mjkobb Lucky you. I just finished the burn off marathon of Caprica. There's no coming back from the last couple of minutes of that. twitter
Jan 16 2011, 12:52pm
dblume: @readernaut I'd prefer the books that I've added directly into my "finished" category to show up in my activity list, too. twitter
Jan 16 2011, 12:11pm
dblume: I do WAY TOO MUCH internet grooming. twitter
Jan 16 2011, 11:54am
dblume: @zannah We can be villain buddies! I'm a villain in another story! twitter
Jan 13 2011, 3:15pm
dblume: @joycem137 Aww, some idiot with a broken-spark-plug set of ninja rocks got you, too? Is that a security sticker in the bottom right corner? twitter
Jan 12 2011, 2:02pm
dblume: RT @notch: Minecraft just passed one million copies sold. twitter
Jan 10 2011, 8:59am
dblume: @zannah Yeah, where we all show off our awesome minecraft replicas of real life locations. "Dude, that's amazing! Lookit mine!" twitter
Jan 8 2011, 10:39pm
dblume: I'm building a replica of our home in Minecraft. twitter
Jan 8 2011, 10:56am
dblume: @zannah I'm shocked! But it's about time you allowed yourself a little digital shiny. Good on you. twitter
Dec 30 2010, 3:49pm
dblume: Dare me to knock over that lamp with this here tebuchet? twitter
Dec 28 2010, 11:08pm
dblume: I'm loving my new trebuchet way too much. #thinkgeek twitter
Dec 28 2010, 2:35pm
dblume: @joycem137 Aww, you remembered! :hug:! twitter
Dec 27 2010, 9:12pm
dblume: @joycem137 Happy Birthday! twitter
Dec 20 2010, 11:44pm
dblume: @zannah Our sky cleared up, too! So lucky! twitter
Dec 20 2010, 11:38pm
dblume: I just showed my son our shadow on the moon. It was awesome. twitter
Dec 16 2010, 10:58pm
dblume: I'll give the servers a break before I import my delicious bookmarks. Disappointed in Yahoo. @PinboardIN twitter
Dec 16 2010, 9:05pm
dblume: RT @notch: My notes say "fix prediction trollback". I think the t is supposed to be a +, but I'll spend 30 minutes googling "trollback" ... twitter
Dec 15 2010, 11:31pm
dblume: Finally, I jot down some notes from the Growing Up Digital article. twitter
Dec 13 2010, 2:08pm
dblume: @joycem137 Lucky you. I had an account at Lifehacker. My Twitter and Google accounts suffered suspicious activity. twitter
Dec 11 2010, 11:13pm
dblume: RT @joycem137: This video of a Lego Antikythera ancient Greek computer is just awesome. twitter
Dec 8 2010, 9:24pm
dblume: RT @evil_sibe: I see you driving/ round town with the girl I love/ And I'm like, haiku. twitter
Dec 7 2010, 2:19pm
dblume: @Narilka @zannah Ha, ha! Good one. Zannah, what where you doing, tweeting that? "Robbing the bank. Out in a minute." twitter
Dec 7 2010, 2:09pm
dblume: Wonder if I'll hear from @joyce137 as much now that Cataclysm is out. twitter
Nov 29 2010, 9:53am
dblume: RIP Irvin Kershner, director of The Empire Strikes Back. One of my all-time favorite movies. twitter
Nov 26 2010, 3:47pm
dblume: @puuikibeach That made me chuckle. Clever hashtag, too. twitter
Nov 24 2010, 10:13pm
dblume: I'm really tempted to buy these: twitter
Nov 24 2010, 4:00pm
dblume: @joycem137 I can't believe you'd do that to us. twitter
Nov 24 2010, 2:51pm
dblume: Note to self: You're waiting for The Walking Dead Vol 13 to be listed at the Santa Clara County Library. twitter
Nov 23 2010, 4:25pm
dblume: In Python, who your parents are matters less than what you actually do. twitter
Nov 21 2010, 11:11am
dblume: @mjkobb Did you post the wrong link with the United Nations tweet? twitter
Nov 21 2010, 10:38am
dblume: RT @mjkobb: Dear TSA: You owe this man an apology. Have some class. twitter
Nov 19 2010, 8:44am
dblume: @puuikibeach Oh, I wish I could've been there to enjoy it with you. I love lightning storms. twitter
Nov 18 2010, 8:59am
dblume: RT @mjkobb: A big thumbs up to Anderson Cooper for doing actual journalism, and to Thomas Friedman for the public attaboy. http://bit.l ... twitter
Nov 16 2010, 8:34pm
dblume: @joycem137 I *so* can't wait for you to watch the final episode! twitter
Nov 7 2010, 2:20pm
dblume: @zannah @Amazon That's only part of the problem. Remember this:!/dblume/statuses/27909049513 twitter
Nov 4 2010, 11:35pm
dblume: @joycem137 Wait, what? I didn't know that. Source? twitter
Nov 4 2010, 3:35pm
dblume: Go ahead, watch Star Wars in the theater again. #tweetyour16yearoldself twitter
Nov 4 2010, 9:37am
dblume: @joycem137 I love this one, too: twitter
Nov 2 2010, 2:12pm
dblume: I'm starting a #Movember effort to change the face of men's health via @movember twitter
Oct 29 2010, 3:38pm
dblume: RT @notch: Minecraft has now sold half a million copies! Cake for everyone! twitter
Oct 29 2010, 11:00am
dblume: @puuikibeach I liked the response. I was amused to be acknowledged for reading through to the bottom (unless, of course, I skipped ahead). twitter
Oct 27 2010, 4:43pm
dblume: @joycem137 I know you're not hating on batman. twitter
Oct 27 2010, 9:45am
dblume: @tpederson What Minecraft video? Here are some example pics: twitter
Oct 25 2010, 8:55am
dblume: The square moon rises / I couldn't mine any coal / I cower in here. twitter
Oct 23 2010, 12:02pm
dblume: Happiness is shopping at Mitsuwa while hungry! twitter
Oct 22 2010, 10:02am
dblume: Minecraft with a 7yo and a 9yo: Go! twitter
Oct 20 2010, 12:33am
dblume: See what people think of Amazon breaking wishlists: twitter
Oct 20 2010, 12:05am
dblume: Amazon removed the ListLookup operation from the AWSECommerceService Service. Now web services can't work with your wishlists. So stupid! twitter
Oct 20 2010, 12:03am
dblume: @joycem137 Glad you caught it. Now back it up! twitter
Oct 16 2010, 11:40pm
dblume: I just deployed a "scheduled rsync succeeded double-checker" Python script. 'Cause I noticed once my rsync didn't even run. twitter
Oct 14 2010, 10:17pm
dblume: Shibboleet. twitter
Oct 14 2010, 5:20pm
dblume: RT @GelaSkins: Extremely creative and amazing paper cut art by Peter Callensen... twitter
Oct 12 2010, 3:23pm
dblume: Gorillaz are coming to town! Who am I going to see? Justin Bieber. Greater love hath no father for his daughter. twitter
Oct 10 2010, 7:35pm
dblume: I'll migrate my service to the first API that works with the new IMDB pages: imdbphp or imdbpy. twitter
Oct 4 2010, 2:10pm
dblume: Dear foursquare: How am I supposed to know where @zannah is if you're down for maintenance? twitter
Sep 30 2010, 10:52pm
dblume: Dear Random Guys I Met In Line at ComicCon: You're right, "The Walking Dead" is a really great series. Thanks! twitter
Sep 20 2010, 11:06am
dblume: @freejoe76 @dreamhosttweets Aww, your retweet of my Dreamhost tweet cut the URL. You'd have had to shorten the URL for the retweet to work. twitter
Sep 19 2010, 9:30pm
dblume: I wrote up some notes on how I use Dreamhost personal backup from a Windows system here: twitter
Sep 19 2010, 3:01am
dblume: Oh! 50GB personal backup at Dreamhost, not 5GB! I've been culling way too much stuff from the backup. Here comes music and pictures! twitter
Sep 18 2010, 12:50pm
dblume: @deinera I *love* Appa! My kid had bison on his mind since we'd just visited them at Golden Gate Park. twitter
Sep 18 2010, 12:02am
dblume: The kids are asleep and the wife has gone to work. What do I do? Install Mercurial and Google Go. twitter
Sep 17 2010, 11:45pm
dblume: For his 2nd grade class assignment, my son wrote: "My favorite pet is: a bison." twitter
Sep 15 2010, 9:27am
dblume: Yay! Digg turned user activity (or user history) feeds back on! Thanks, @digg! twitter
Sep 7 2010, 12:08am
dblume: @deinera: Yeah, my son yelled, "A Koopa!" It was my wife who responded, "A Cooper with a Koopa!" We got lots of stores here that have 'em. twitter
Sep 6 2010, 8:40pm
dblume: Just drove behind a green MINI Cooper with plush Koopa dangling from the trailer hitch. twitter
Sep 3 2010, 2:18pm
dblume: My main climbing partner just got lead certified! Woohoo! I have a partner for lead climbing again! twitter
Sep 2 2010, 1:15pm
dblume: Still waiting for digg to turn personal history feeds back on. should work again. #digg twitter
Aug 29 2010, 12:48pm
dblume: If I never go to the mall again, it'll be too soon. twitter
Aug 26 2010, 9:09pm
dblume: RT @joycem137: Don't retweet this. twitter
Aug 24 2010, 9:48pm
dblume: RT @GelaSkins: Help get this iPhone 4 off my desk - follow us and retweet to WIN THIS DAMN PHONE ONCE AND FOR ALL! twitter
Aug 16 2010, 10:32am
dblume: Restore Google Chrome's default Classic Blue theme from the new gray one here: twitter
Aug 16 2010, 10:18am
dblume: @slinky317 I don't like it either. twitter
Aug 16 2010, 12:29am
dblume: Enjoyed Daemon and Freedom (TM) by Daniel Suarez. Hope my geek friends give them a chance. twitter
Aug 13 2010, 9:54am
dblume: @joycem137 Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your broken ankle! Get better soon. See you at the climbing gym! (JK) twitter
Aug 12 2010, 11:02pm
dblume: RT @natalietran: I love when I'm alone in the house. It's like pants were never invented. twitter
Aug 11 2010, 8:44pm
dblume: Happy to have donated DNA to the world's largest civilian electronic health record. twitter
Aug 11 2010, 2:33pm
dblume: RT @joycem137: Awesome "parkour" style action! twitter
Aug 9 2010, 9:49am
dblume: RT @jasonfried: In English, "two weeks" means "it's going to be late". twitter
Aug 7 2010, 11:59am
dblume: I wonder why the FriendFeed Facebook app hasn't cross-posted my last couple tweets to Facebook. Does it still work right? twitter
Aug 4 2010, 2:19pm
dblume: RT @GavinNewsom: The federal court has struck down Prop 8! A major victory for equal rights & for thousands of committed couples, famili ... twitter
Aug 4 2010, 8:14am
dblume: Currently obsessed with the idea of filling my office with bright plastic balls. twitter
Jul 31 2010, 10:05pm
dblume: So pissed at iTunes for dropping cover art from some MP3s on the latest sync. WTF?! It's still *right there* in the MP3 tag. Pick it up!! twitter
Jul 29 2010, 4:12pm
dblume: @Narilka Figured it out! "Not available in your region" means "Use Microsoft Internet Explorer, not Google Chrome." It works in IE. twitter
Jul 29 2010, 3:08pm
dblume: @narilka The link says, "Not available in your region." What? California? But it is available in Washington? twitter
Jul 28 2010, 9:33pm
dblume: @thatkidwho Yeah, I thought it, too, but didn't say it. twitter
Jul 28 2010, 9:32pm
dblume: @czamara You'll have to show me Flipboard when you get back! twitter
Jul 26 2010, 10:11pm
dblume: @joycem137 Does that employer's name start with a "G"? twitter
Jul 24 2010, 7:57am
dblume: RT @MillaJovovich: Well its abt 330am and I jst got 2 comicon, I relate 2 the zombies I kill right now. I feel like I've been clubbed i ... twitter
Jul 23 2010, 10:33pm
dblume: @zannah What?! No! twitter
Jul 23 2010, 10:18am
dblume: At the Aloha Earth panel at SDCC #H50 twitter
Jul 19 2010, 7:06pm
dblume: @joycem137 The entire screen he's looking at is a horrible paste job, not to mention it's evidently a Microsoft Excel cell. (See bar above.) twitter
Jul 18 2010, 1:23pm
dblume: @thatkidwho darn you! I lost the game, too. (But will be doing very well in it soon!) twitter
Jul 16 2010, 3:56pm
dblume: @thatkidwho @narilka If the rental car has an audio-in jack, then I've got a lot of playlists ready for the family. The CD is just in case. twitter
Jul 16 2010, 1:51pm
dblume: @Narilka: I have to burn a mix CD for the rental car. It's a vacation tradition! twitter
Jul 8 2010, 9:45pm
dblume: My son is a Master of Galaxies! (Super Mario Galaxy 2) I'm so proud! twitter
Jul 3 2010, 10:04pm
dblume: @narilka @thatkidwho Aang was reasonably true to the cartoon. Airbender is better than the lousy ratings it's being given. Appa was cool! twitter
Jul 3 2010, 2:47pm
dblume: Really enjoyed Airbender. There's been entirely too much backlash. twitter
Jul 2 2010, 1:48pm
dblume: @zannah Look, I can only "favorite" that photo on so many social networks. twitter
Jul 1 2010, 9:39pm
dblume: @joycem137 Don't be ridiculous. Nobody'd make a Minesweeper solver. twitter
Jul 1 2010, 9:38pm
dblume: @joycem137Don't be ridiculous. Nobody'd make a Minesweeper solver. twitter
Jul 1 2010, 10:38am
dblume: I'm torn between the new Kindle DX and an Audible account. Looks like I'm retreating from the dead tree format either way, though. twitter
Jun 27 2010, 9:24pm
dblume: Will be listening to a free Audible book on my commute this week. Sorry @leolaporte, (TWiT) sorry @pri (This American Life). Will return! twitter
Jun 24 2010, 9:18pm
dblume: Just had to explain to my son that "alcohol free" didn't mean "free alcohol." twitter
Jun 20 2010, 4:34pm
dblume: My wife rolls brains. #zombiedice twitter
Jun 17 2010, 2:38am
dblume: So... The Wii supports SDHC, but its Rock Band 2 doesn't. #fail twitter
Jun 15 2010, 1:36am
dblume: I do love me some HDMI on the new Mac Mini. twitter
Jun 11 2010, 10:04pm
dblume: @zannah [Start] [Enter] [Pause Break] [End] [Ctrl] twitter
Jun 8 2010, 9:34am
dblume: Voted. Dumb budget problems. twitter
Jun 2 2010, 3:56pm
dblume: @joycem137: What? That's what their business cards said? twitter
May 30 2010, 2:10am
dblume: @joycem137 Where? Where? twitter
May 19 2010, 11:39pm
dblume: Learning to really love eclipse with Pydev. Eclipse is flexible enough to accommodate all my old IDE habits. Awesome. twitter
May 18 2010, 9:36am
dblume: @blockbuster: Yay! Your NewRelease feed has taken a step in the right direction! twitter
May 14 2010, 8:41am
dblume: @zannah I hope the PHP is for a personal project! Also, the deep thinking with a concussion might not be such a good idea. twitter
May 11 2010, 9:44am
dblume: @blockbuster: Your rss/NewRelease feed won't show you have Tooth Fairy for rent for another three weeks?! Fix this, use your advantage. twitter
May 5 2010, 9:35am
dblume: Awesome hair! That sword won't save you from Evil Otto, though. (Noticed the background.) (@Cheapachu) twitter
May 4 2010, 9:17am
dblume: @blockbuster: Please put your NewRelease feed on Blockbuster availability time instead of RedBox and NetFlix time. Use your advantage! twitter
May 4 2010, 9:14am
dblume: @blockbuster: Bad Lieutenant: PoCNO was available for rent weeks ago, but announces it today. twitter
May 1 2010, 1:46am
dblume: How and Why To Reclaim Your Attention: twitter
Apr 27 2010, 11:45am
dblume: @blockbuster: Sherlock Holmes was available for rental four weeks ago, but announces it today. twitter
Apr 26 2010, 3:53pm
dblume: @halophoenix: Note that does not show up in my "mention" @dblume list. #twitterfail twitter
Apr 20 2010, 9:57pm
dblume: @joycem137 Soon you'll be ready for NetHack. twitter
Apr 20 2010, 2:05pm
dblume: @blockbuster: Sorry I deleted that tweet! Will try to prepare examples where your feed is out-of-sync with what you have available. twitter
Apr 20 2010, 10:09am
dblume: RT @narendra: Watching my dog pee this morning I realized they have been playing @foursquare forever. twitter
Apr 16 2010, 3:38pm
dblume: @terryblanchard: That simulator is AWESOME! twitter
Apr 13 2010, 10:05am
dblume: @schwarzenegger: I'm sending you a letter in the mail re: funding education as I mention here: twitter
Apr 13 2010, 8:38am
dblume: I tried to pit Brian Green vs. Stephen Wolfram on Stupid Fight. twitter
Apr 12 2010, 9:24am
dblume: I really like from DreamHost's Josh Jones. (Blogged here: twitter
Apr 11 2010, 6:12pm
dblume: RT @TechCrunch Dear Authors, Your Next Book Should be an App, Not an iBook twitter
Apr 6 2010, 4:03pm
dblume: Enter to win a chance for 1 of 5 iPads, or an iPad Game from @AmbrosiaSW! Follow and RT to win! #Ambrosia twitter
Apr 6 2010, 9:52am
dblume: @zannah: Re: People not reading blogs: Depends on the quality of the blog. Consider Joel Spolsky and Kathy Sierra. Good writing is rewarded. twitter
Apr 2 2010, 10:17am
dblume: @The_Dharmatist: I noted your terrible little joke over at S3. :) twitter
Apr 1 2010, 10:28am
dblume: @joycem137: Regarding's unixkcd: Try "make me a sandwich" twitter
Mar 24 2010, 11:07am
dblume: Played the @hunch twitter predictor game at -- it guessed right 89% twitter
Mar 17 2010, 3:52pm
dblume: @PastillaTru Now that you've mentioned Dreamhost, there's a word you're not supposed to tweet. See the bottom of twitter
Mar 12 2010, 10:06am
dblume: RT @TechCrunch TechCrunch Friday GiveAway: An Apple iPad #CRUNCH twitter
Mar 10 2010, 8:56am
dblume: @neonepiphany I know... twitter
Mar 1 2010, 8:39pm
dblume: @The_Dharmatist Oh! Gotcha! Yeah, gotta drop in again. (And I know who you are there, so I can find your most recent stuff.) twitter
Mar 1 2010, 4:15pm
dblume: @The_Dharmatist Is there an @halophoenix and @dblume in Seattle, or did you really mean us? What S3? twitter
Feb 27 2010, 2:05pm
dblume: @sauntimo Yep, I usually read tweets via a feed reader. I agree, I'd love to see @mentions optionally integrated into the home feed. twitter
Feb 25 2010, 2:24pm
dblume: @joycem137 He's also part bat, judging by the inverted no-hands rest at 2:24 into the clip. twitter
Feb 25 2010, 9:01am
dblume: @sauntimo Thanks! Funny, the only reason I saw your mention was because I merge the mention stream with the home stream. twitter
Feb 23 2010, 3:42pm
dblume: I connected Twitter to my page - #flavorsme twitter
Feb 23 2010, 2:26pm
dblume: @joycem137 Yay! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the office. twitter
Feb 22 2010, 3:26pm
dblume: I'd need the Apple iPad to support user profiles, because it'll be the communal living room device. twitter
Feb 10 2010, 11:03am
dblume: I think Google Buzz is going to lead to more attention fragmentation. twitter
Jan 30 2010, 9:11am
dblume: @milkypink Another thing WP got wrong Prev/Next. To read OLD STUFF, go LEFT. twitter
Jan 29 2010, 8:49pm
dblume: @joycem137 Congrats, Joyce! twitter
Jan 28 2010, 9:05am
dblume: @terryblanchard You got me wrong! I loved Audry! I said I'd buy the iPad the moment the price was announced. twitter
Jan 28 2010, 8:59am
dblume: @milkypink And my Habari 0.6.3 comment subsystem broke! twitter
Jan 27 2010, 10:14pm
dblume: I'll put my Apple iPad in the spot for my 3Com Audrey. twitter
Jan 27 2010, 9:05am
dblume: I'm pretty happy about WSGI at DreamHost. twitter
Jan 22 2010, 2:09pm
dblume: @joycem137: By all accounts, she wasn't doing it right. twitter
Jan 13 2010, 8:39am
dblume: @michaeltwofish and @mikelietz: Thanks for the 0.6 tagged version of the Habari comment notifier! I appreciate the ongoing development. twitter
Jan 12 2010, 8:33pm
dblume: Just plugged the wrong end of my USB Zippo lighter into the computer. Whoosh! twitter
Jan 11 2010, 6:37pm
dblume: @michaeltwofish: Thanks! All I had to do was add an info() method to comment_notifier, and it worked in my Habari 0.6.3 installation. twitter
Jan 11 2010, 1:29pm
dblume: My most desired Habari feature: Optional email notification for comments and important events. #habari twitter
Jan 10 2010, 12:03am
dblume: I've collated twitter mentions.rss and home_timeline.rss. Test: < &♨☄ > twitter
Jan 8 2010, 4:24pm
dblume: Also, hate that average twitter web or brizzly user doesn't even know how twitter is failing them. Your feeds are missing @mentions, people. twitter
Jan 8 2010, 4:20pm
dblume: Sick to death of Twitter homepage list not including my @mentions. Will munge mentions.rss with home_timeline.rss tonight. Grr! twitter
Jan 8 2010, 9:33am
dblume: Still waiting for CES blogs and pics from @narilka and @halophoenix... twitter
Jan 6 2010, 9:24pm
dblume: @joycem137 Gonna do any climbing at Pinnacles? twitter
Jan 5 2010, 9:49pm
dblume: TechCrunch Giveaway: A Google Nexus One #TechCrunch - twitter
Jan 2 2010, 8:23pm
dblume: RT @LJBigBrother: Happy Palindrome Day. Today's date is the same forward and backward 01 02 2010 = 01022010 twitter
Jan 2 2010, 12:41am
dblume: Made new sets of backups for the new year. USB drive on-site, DVD-RW and rsync offsite. Yay! twitter
Dec 29 2009, 9:47pm
dblume: @milkypink I'm dreading the transition to Habari 0.7, though. twitter
Dec 28 2009, 11:26am
dblume: @joycem137 Happy Birthday! twitter
Dec 26 2009, 9:03pm
dblume: @mentions aren't included in home_timeline or friends_timeline feeds anymore, be sure to include mentions.rss with home_timeline.rss now. twitter
Dec 25 2009, 8:41pm
dblume: I'm sniping family members with my new airzooka. *Snap!* ... :Whoosh!: twitter
Dec 22 2009, 12:17pm
dblume: @zannah Cardboard Tube Samurai does that? twitter
Dec 18 2009, 3:37pm
dblume: Had to change my twitter password because of the way I extract my friends feed, and the stupid DNS Twitter attack by the Iranian Cyber Army. twitter
Dec 11 2009, 11:48pm
dblume: Just entered to win a Schott NYC Leather Jacket. Just retweet to enter yourself: twitter
Dec 11 2009, 11:32pm
dblume: Just realized I'm sitting alone on a Friday night, reading every comment in porno-music/comment time. How sad is this? Thanks, @natalietran twitter
Dec 8 2009, 9:45pm
dblume: I think it's weird that Chrome Bookmarks are sync'ed to Google Docs, not Google Bookmarks. twitter
Nov 24 2009, 7:35pm
dblume: @zannah That's called Inbox Bankruptcy. twitter
Nov 24 2009, 2:44pm
dblume: Especially for @joycem137: Most Dice Aren't That Random twitter
Nov 20 2009, 4:36pm
dblume: @joycem137 They run Windows and open enclosures. twitter
Nov 17 2009, 1:55pm
dblume: RT @Narilka: Xbox gets Facebook, Twitter,, and Zune Video today. twitter
Nov 17 2009, 1:54pm
dblume: When plurk throws a Python exception, it makes me want to dive in and fix it. twitter
Nov 13 2009, 9:48pm
dblume: RT @TechCrunch The TechCrunch Friday Giveaway: Sonos S5 Music System #Crunch twitter
Nov 9 2009, 9:28am
dblume: @joycem137 Tell me you got some sleep last night. (Or that you're sleeping now.) twitter
Nov 6 2009, 9:54am
dblume: Techcrunch has been down for a while. For all the grief they give twitter, tweeting this is fun. #techcrunch #schadenfreude twitter
Oct 30 2009, 10:40am
dblume: "Never accept candy from strangers, unless it’s Halloween - when you should wander around the neighborhood begging for it." - Shamus Young twitter
Oct 18 2009, 6:28pm
dblume: @zannah I didn't get the HP Mini 2140 way back when, so now I'm tempted again! twitter
Oct 9 2009, 10:25am
dblume: @terryblanchard I'm tapping out the opening to YYZ right now! twitter
Oct 7 2009, 8:34pm
dblume: The Prettiest Little QR Code Ever: A Tragedy twitter
Oct 7 2009, 11:20am
dblume: When I go home tonight, I finish and post my (failed) project's post-mortem. Promise. twitter
Sep 26 2009, 10:13pm
dblume: @milkypink So true! But Plurk may not be able to accommodate the traffic that twitter has. twitter
Sep 18 2009, 1:30am
dblume: @zannah What you need is a bag of holding! twitter
Sep 11 2009, 8:43pm
dblume: "Crank 2" BluRay Disc won't work on Profile 2.0 players without external memory like USB stick. WTF. I'm pissed off! twitter
Sep 2 2009, 9:38am
dblume: @defunkt spaces, 4, dark, python, undecided, vim twitter
Aug 31 2009, 8:32am
dblume: @puuikibeach If I know you, you will eventually. (I make occasional sweeps myself.) twitter
Aug 30 2009, 4:39pm
dblume: Sending best wishes to all my friends going to Burning Man. I'm with you in spirit! #bman09 Have fun! twitter
Aug 28 2009, 2:43pm
dblume: I can't stop adding tasks to my todo list for the weekend! twitter
Aug 21 2009, 9:27am
dblume: @zannah What wiki engine are are using for the new one? twitter
Aug 17 2009, 12:58pm
dblume: I'm not sure the Atheist twibbon should be a scarlet letter "A". twitter
Aug 17 2009, 9:17am
dblume: @zannah Oh, I'm there, too. I also have a half-started subdomain I keep meaning to finish and publish or delete. twitter
Aug 14 2009, 9:09am
dblume: #winMBP @taptaptap is giving away a $5999 ColorWare STEALTH MacBook Pro to celebrate launching Convert for iPhone! twitter
Aug 7 2009, 12:04pm
dblume: The effect of all the DDOS attacks lately? I cleaned up my cron job status page. twitter
Jul 31 2009, 10:56am
dblume: If FiveTen had a more useful site, I might've bought from them again. Love the Stealth rubber, but I can't tell which shoe is for me. twitter
Jul 31 2009, 1:11am
dblume: I wrote up a ComicCon trip report here: twitter
Jul 15 2009, 9:54pm
dblume: @dotgirl: You signed the email, "Penelope"?! twitter
Jul 13 2009, 4:32pm
dblume: @joycem137: Yeah, some LOLcats speak profound truth. Re: twitter
Jul 6 2009, 9:08pm
dblume: @milkypink I like the new Haruhi ED too, but not to the point of putting it on repeat. twitter
Jul 3 2009, 5:39pm
dblume: @puuikibeach: Maybe now you'll appreciate my onsen mark sputnik? twitter
Jul 1 2009, 9:13am
dblume: Very torn between #Firefox 3.5 and #Chrome. Would be Chrome, except for awesome Firefox AddIns. (XMarks, Delicious Post, IETab, WebDevel.) twitter
Jun 29 2009, 10:44am
dblume: @joycem137: You may be interested in the study on Happiness I quote here: twitter
Jun 29 2009, 10:39am
dblume: @joycem137: Re Obesity and life expectancy. Empirical studies rock. twitter
Jun 24 2009, 6:19pm
dblume: RT @TechCrunch Get A Free Copy Of Sarah Lacy’s Startup Book (via @tweetmeme) twitter
Jun 23 2009, 4:44pm
dblume: @puuikibeach Twitter took that option away from you.You had to have set it when it was available. twitter
Jun 23 2009, 8:56am
dblume: @puuikibeach Yes, your friends *who chose to see all @replies* might now see the replies, and the reply will link to the tweet. I see some. twitter
Jun 22 2009, 8:31pm
dblume: I'm seeing peoples' replies again! Twitter restored the feature! Thanks, Twitter! Now let's make it be on a per-friend basis. twitter
Jun 22 2009, 10:00am
dblume: @neonepiphany, please keep tweeting your @drobo symptoms. I'd also suggest you contact their tech. support. Don't wait. They'd want to know. twitter
Jun 21 2009, 9:01pm
dblume: And another blog post! The Boys' Adventure twitter
Jun 21 2009, 8:58pm
dblume: Blog post: Father's Day and Attempting to be Rational twitter
Jun 17 2009, 1:32pm
dblume: @joycem137 Loan me your skateboard until you return, then? I'll take excellent care of it! twitter
Jun 15 2009, 7:19pm
dblume: @joycem137 You're kidding! I came looking for you today, too. Anybody see the wipeout? twitter
Jun 11 2009, 10:40pm
dblume: The HeisenTwitter Uncertainty Principle: Make sure you understand. #twitterfail twitter
Jun 4 2009, 9:18am
dblume: RT @terryblanchard Wow, even if you're not a Rockband owner or a fan of The Beatles, you gotta check out this animation. twitter
Jun 1 2009, 9:08am
dblume: Can't understand why #Shelfari still doesn't have activity feeds. twitter
May 29 2009, 4:38pm
dblume: I'm thrilled about Google wave. #wave Also: icland is an icland. twitter
May 28 2009, 3:54pm
dblume: @joycem137 ::hug:: I'm here to talk whenever you want. twitter
May 26 2009, 11:57am
dblume: I'm not disappointed in the CA Supreme Court so much as I still am with the majority of California voters that passed it originally. #prop8 twitter
May 21 2009, 11:41pm
dblume: It's ironic that I'm linking my people-don't-blog-as-much-anymore-because-of-twitter post here. twitter
May 20 2009, 9:35pm
dblume: Productivity Lessons from Comics! twitter
May 19 2009, 5:26pm
dblume: I hate that twitter removed my ability to see @replies if you used the reply button. It's better if you type "@person" now. #twitterfail twitter
May 19 2009, 9:28am
dblume: Voting today was like pulling teeth. California has bad, hard choices to make. #vote twitter
May 16 2009, 9:47pm
dblume: Saw this amazing little real-life Camilla D’Errico girl at the pool today. She wasn't eating a bee or anything, though. twitter
May 16 2009, 5:53pm
dblume: @puuikibeach That is truly eerie. I can't get it out of my head. I begin to fear it was in my head before I heard it. twitter
May 15 2009, 5:05pm
dblume: An illuminating and important study on happiness: No time to read it? An except: twitter
May 14 2009, 7:36am
dblume: @michaeltwofish Delayed response, but I settled on markUp 0.4 by Habari Community, using HTML markup. The resizable edit box is critical. twitter
May 13 2009, 1:14pm
dblume: I was just writing a script to deal with @replies better, too! #fixreplies #twitterfail twitter
May 8 2009, 2:05pm
dblume: @terranaomi Anybody nominate The Police's Every Breath You Take yet? #creepypopsongs twitter
May 8 2009, 10:35am
dblume: Getting rsync to work on my Windows PC gives me a warm fuzzy.