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July 2nd
12:11pm Planet Granite foursquare
9:52am When I read, all I could think was "No, no! Use ISO 8601 for that date format if you have to put it in a filename!" twitter
July 1st
11:27am RT @AtheistRepublic: Science vs. Faith twitter
June 30th
8:24am "Yesterday he said tomorrow." twitter
June 29th
9:13am dblume says I can be such an idiot. plurk
June 28th
9:20pm dblume shares 「進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN」立体機動予告編 plurk
11:11am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
June 27th
10:02pm dblume says You guys, we finally watched 50 Shades of Grey. I now know everything about BDSM. Go ahead and ask me. I'll explain. plurk
10:53am Nature's Tachikoma. This jumping spider kept me company as I waited for one of my kids. instagram
June 26th
8:43pm dblume says Let's play "things Anastasia would say"! plurk
1:49pm RT @_Four_Horsemen: Today's victory is about equality not privilege.. [@rickygervais] #SCOTUSMarriage #MarriageEquaility #Constitution http… twitter
1:23pm This post is *absolutely* worth reading. It's long, so you may want to do it over multiple sessions. It clearly explains what's going on *right now* not only... facebook
10:47am dblume asks won't you join in a general, nationwide whipping up of the anti-American sentiment. plurk
8:41am dblume shares Susan Pigott does the *best* ink reviews. plurk
June 25th
12:08pm Planet Granite foursquare
10:27am @pythondetective @raymondh But "123".rsplit('.', 1) doesn't meet the same argument unpacking size as "1.2.3".rsplit('.', 1) twitter
June 24th
10:17pm Most common ways to die, by age in the US: twitter
8:43am dblume says zannah , DO NOT listen to this week's 99% Invisible podcast: Children of the Magenta. plurk
7:23am RT @akaptur: Found my new favorite Python object while poking around the garbage collector (note the length of zero!) twitter
June 23rd
11:26pm dblume asks is there a pop song that serves as a summer anthem this year? plurk
5:02pm @yacitus Yes, that one. It's not Tweetbot's fault. It's Twitter's. I edited the @ replies on my reply, and it lost the threadedness. twitter
4:46pm @yacitus And yet twitter
June 22nd
11:25pm God dammit @Explosm. I just lost the game. twitter
10:47pm RT @counternotions: We're living in a country where the Pope likely couldn't be head of several Congressional committees because he's not u… twitter
4:56pm "Having just one of the 28 toggles switched on must have been psychological torture for anyone within clacking distance of the device." Esp. for Elliott Noel facebook
12:23pm Planet Granite foursquare
June 21st
5:44pm P.F. Chang's foursquare
5:02pm I wrote a post where I encounter a real-world example of the saying, "If you're not the customer, you're the product." (I also liked saying, FollowMee along Ope... googleplus
4:51pm dblume shares I kinda just liked saying, " FollowMee along OpenPaths". plurk
4:37pm I just posted about why I run the redundant services OpenPaths and FollowMee. twitter
2:40pm TIL The Porlex coffee grinder fits right in the Aeropress press for awesome storage efficiency. <3! twitter
June 20th
10:09pm dblume shares "We gave our bearded dragon a toy lizard, now he's attached and won't leave its side ever this is how he sleeps every day." esp. for pastilla plurk
9:44pm A contractor in the People's Republic of China was *given root access* to the US government's OPM system. twitter
June 19th
2:04pm @yacitus Let's not forget "‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens" twitter
June 17th
8:06am dblume shares LEGO Dimensions Portal Trailer (E3 2015) - All Detai... plurk
June 16th
11:20pm FollowMee along OpenPaths david_dlma
7:10pm AMC Mercado 20 foursquare
5:35pm This is amazing! Awesome work, Nathan. twitter
June 15th
10:10pm dblume says Oops, didn't log back in to my personal account before "liking" a friend's tweet from one of my backup profiles. plurk
June 14th
9:24am Bill's Cafe foursquare
June 12th
10:06pm When shuffle puts Cake's The Distance next to Primus's Jerry was a Racecar Driver, it's a little victory. It's a tragic racer song set. twitter
7:09pm Ohana Hawaiian BBQ foursquare
12:47pm This is a little long, but it's really good in a The Matrix meets The Last Question sort of way. facebook
June 11th
10:42pm @yacitus No worries. Primus sucks. twitter
10:33pm @yacitus The peer pressure from the kids! I'm lucky they let me get my Primus on. twitter
10:31pm @LukeOldBrien Can't live for tomorrow. Tomorrow's much too long. twitter
10:07pm At the gym they were playing '90s music. I liked it and was afraid I was entering another Smashing Pumpkins phase. I got over it. twitter
2:16pm Tech demos by the security team are the best. twitter
12:11pm Planet Granite foursquare
June 10th
11:57am The sample code I share in is all in #python . googleplus
June 8th
12:09pm Bon Chon Chicken foursquare
June 7th
11:54pm So my wife tells me she's not getting me the giant robot Kuratas for Father's Day. Fine, I can be flexible. Instead, she can get me the Furze Toasting Knife. facebook
7:28pm dblume shares you guys wanna see a technical interview question that I've pretty much given up on? Here you go. plurk
3:31pm Here's an interview question that I've wanted to ask, but almost never decide to. googleplus
3:21pm .@raymondh Saw you were mentioned in 2001 for solving an interview question I considered. How would you solve it now? twitter
1:28pm Ways to Break a Dollar into Change david_dlma
June 6th
6:22pm Aha! YouTube's v3 API requires different headers than Google's Contacts API. (Authorization vs. GData-Version). Time for a reward. twitter
2:58pm Now that YouTube API v2 has ended, I want to memorialize the old feed URLs I used for my lifestream and their replacements. googleplus
1:35pm Youtube discontinuing the favorites feed is like Amazon discontinuing the wishlist feed a few years ago. I liked them. But I'm mostly alone. twitter
June 5th
10:43pm .@YouTubeDev, I appreciate your careful shutdown of v2, but those RSS feeds were damned useful. Hate the 410s, but appreciate correct codes. twitter
7:13pm Thai Town foursquare
4:42pm RT @bphogan: So there’s this and then there’s this. Can’t make this stuff up. twitter
4:25pm ProTip: If you search for "std::list" at work, you're gonna get a list of STDs. twitter
June 4th
2:56pm Aaron reminds me of Angus Young with that cap, shirt and tie. instagram
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