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November 27th
9:34am dblume says davidd's Travels with Karrah: Adventures in the American West has been amazing. plurk
9:26am dblume shares These photos are why I’m trapped in Tokyo forever now — Medium plurk
9:06am dblume shares xkcd: Food Combinations Be sure to read the hover text. Also, every time I hit the store, I look for Ketchup flavored Pringles. plurk
November 26th
2:11pm The November update of Windows 7 seems to cause Dave's Quick Search Deskbar DQSD to fail with JavaScript error, document.selection.empty() twitter
November 25th
8:37pm Lies, damned lies, and statistics. I was amused to see Fox News referenced as the exemplar liar, but not for the reason you might've thought. facebook
6:58pm A true story about covert actions that changed the course of history. It's the stuff of action movies and thrillers. facebook
11:14am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
November 24th
10:13pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
November 23rd
9:45pm I have a lot of calendar notifications in 2016 reminding me to cancel the free (or discounted) one-year trial. twitter
November 22nd
5:48pm Tomatina foursquare
November 21st
4:10pm ...And the old Twitter API endpoint to know the share count of a URL is dead. Back to the drawing board. twitter
1:31pm Chick-Fil-A foursquare
November 18th
November 17th
9:17pm I really love the lesson in this tale. facebook
5:17pm I was slightly amused to consider changing my password to [redacted]. twitter
November 16th
November 15th
11:26pm D&D Monster A-Z: There may be some of you that recognize these. facebook
4:35pm dblume shares Baby Pictures to Nuclear Launch Codes. I realize that my geekiness is usually one step beyond. plurk
3:56pm I like to imagine the president leaving secret messages to the attackers that got his encrypted files. twitter
3:51pm If you encrypt a 7z archive with 7z's encryption, attackers can still navigate the hierarchy of the archive, it's only the compressed files within the hierarchy... googleplus
12:03pm RT @_Four_Horsemen: "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire #ParisAttacks… twitter
8:42am dblume says I really love Forestdweller's current userpic. Best viewed on her profile page. plurk
November 14th
4:56pm Congrats Aaron, you earned it! facebook
3:13pm Buchser Middle School foursquare
9:19am Bill's Cafe foursquare
November 13th
6:06pm Thai Town foursquare
November 11th
9:10am Happy Pastaval! Happy Pastimus? Happy... Pastivus? Great Meatballs, what do Pastafari call our holiday? twitter
8:25am dblume shares Happy Pocky Day, everyone! plurk
November 10th
8:59am dblume says Well, I'm delighted by Starbuck's seasonal tomato sauce colored cups. plurk
8:31am .@kommonKat Great minds think alike. twitter
8:25am Since Starbucks removed the Flying Spaghetti Monster from their red cups, I got my barista to add it herself! Happy Pastaval, everyone! facebook
8:25am Since Starbucks removed the Flying Spaghetti Monster from their red cups, I got my barista to add it herself! Happy Pastaval, everyone! instagram
November 9th
3:30pm dblume says In a world without Men's Pocky, I'm forced to search for Dark Chocolate Pepero or Pejoy for this year's Pocky Day. plurk
8:54am Nicely done, Canada! twitter
November 8th
9:06pm One of our top Republican front runners is defending himself from claims that he never attempted to murder a child. twitter
9:03pm One of our top two Republican front runners is defending himself from allegations that he never attempted to murder a child. facebook
5:03pm This is a surprisingly charming explanation of just how complicated our immune systems are. Highly recommended! facebook
5:03pm This is a surprisingly charming explanation of just how complicated our immune systems are. Highly recommended! facebook
5:00pm Security dokuwiki
2:50pm @marshmelones I can't tell you how good that sounds. twitter
2:20pm GitList fits my needs pretty well. Happy to see that README (even without the .md extension) is rendered as markdown twitter
12:26pm Google dokuwiki
11:29am Not sure whose fault it is, but it sure sucks to discover the keys swapped like that after upgrading to El Capitan. twitter
11:08am dblume says it's probably weird that when the cute little trapped bacteria says, "What is happening?" at 2:02 in this video, I heard it in zannah's voice. The Immune System Explained I – Bacteria Infection plurk
8:27am git - [git at] dokuwiki
November 7th
11:10pm git - [git at] dokuwiki
10:26pm git dokuwiki
9:54am I don’t even know how many times I’ve let this one replay. And... tumblr
November 6th
1:08pm dblume shares click here to learn more. plurk
8:58am dblume says Excuse me, The Atlantic, she's not just "a person in a costume". She's Black Rock Shooter's Strength. plurk
November 5th
10:50pm dblume shares Sucks to be a Millennial. plurk
1:41pm @CoinbaseSupport @coinbase It's an ingenious phishing attack, I had multifactor authentication turned on with Authy, but it was bypassed. twitter
11:28am @c11t_ It was a superior phishing scheme. Nicely formatted email, good fake site, everything. Hope I helped others by tweeting about my fail twitter
10:46am @CoinbaseSupport Please look into case ID 710928. I'm a victim of "Coinbase security request" phishing. twitter
10:45am @c11t_ @coinbase Definitely phishing. They just transferred all my bitcoin out. Transaction is still pending. Don't know what I can do. twitter
10:41am .@coinbase I just fell victim to a "Coinbase Security Request" email phishing scheme. There's a pending transfer of all my bitcoin out. twitter
November 4th
9:56pm @dpmendenhall Don't despair, you're not the first, and you won't be the last. And at the real #rockbottom, there's no launch, period. twitter
9:13pm .@wowcool Just found your site by typing in because I'm reading Vaughan's Ex Machina TPB #6 right now. Nice. twitter
8:54am My wife's favorite season is officially here!#redcupcontest instagram
8:29am ProTip: Before getting rid of your old smart phone, ensure Google Authenticator and Authy have all their accounts on the new phone. twitter
November 3rd
8:42am .@katiejrice @adamwallander You're doing wonderful things with Camp Weedonwantcha. Love the current arc and the way you're showing it. twitter
8:29am dblume shares I don't know if any of you have been reading Camp Weedonwantcha, but the current arc has been amazing. plurk
November 2nd
8:14pm RT @Snowden: Journos: UK officials don't want to "ban encryption" -- they want to ban encryption that *works*. Deceptive intent. https://t.… twitter
9:42am dblume shares Concrete Soviet Bus Stops as Tributes to their Unknown Designers. Esp. for pastilla plurk
7:23am dblume says in the nearly-a-year since I've installed Dark Sky, today is the first day I got to see it with a Dark Sky! It rained!! plurk
November 1st
October 31st
3:03pm dblume says Yay! halophoenix and I both bought in to Google Photos for our photo de-clutteri...! plurk
12:04pm Today's Owarimonogatari (on @Crunchyroll) reminds me of Hirokazu Koreeda's "Nobody Knows". Great film. twitter
11:33am RT @ryantate: lol — nailed it, Apple twitter
October 30th
7:11pm CREAM foursquare
6:43pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
11:41am .@zozi Online registration for @Baytobreakers went really smoothly. Much easier for families than it was a few years ago. Nice work. twitter
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