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January 18th
12:43pm RT @SenKamalaHarris: It’s a false choice to say we can’t fund the government, protect Dreamers, and reauthorize CHIP. We can and should do… twitter
9:16am Suppose there's an emergency and your family's access to the internet and phones is down. How does your family get in touch? Where do they go? Make a plan, a... facebook
January 17th
7:42pm @StephenKing Why would they care what the descendants of poor people on an impoverished planet think? These Republi… twitter
January 16th
9:23pm My Google Arts and Culture match. instagram
8:41pm My favorite song by Perfume is "Edge". In the US, they could reserve the Warfield in San Francisco (about 2300 seats). Here they are in Japan closing out the... facebook
12:25pm Gorgeous images of Jupiter's endlessly swirling atmosphere. What is even happening there? facebook
January 15th
7:08pm Bonchon Chicken foursquare
5:33pm I'm getting accustomed to piping JSON to "jq '.'" instead of to "python -m json.tool" now for simple pretty-printing. jq is awesome. twitter
10:27am @zannah What would make it more accurate? Was pretty close for me. twitter
January 14th
1:05pm TC Pastry foursquare
11:03am "The job of libraries is to keep primary documents safe so that they will be there when new insights and technologies make it possible to answer questions we... facebook
January 13th
11:36pm RT @Brainmage: It's only a murder of crows if there's probable caws twitter
5:22pm The 10-year bet between Warren Buffett and Protege Partners is over! Girls Incorporated of Omaha is going to get $2,200,000.00 because Buffett won! facebook
5:20pm @austin_b I think it'd be good to document long bets when they're over. Ex., say something at to note how it ended. twitter
12:11pm Facebook can't remember my setting "Most Recent" instead of "Top Stories". They've (long ago) deprecated the "read_stream" permission from their graph API fo... facebook
January 12th
12:37am Re Twitter: "limit messages to 140 characters and that happens to create, unintentionally, a subtlety-free indignation machine""Both Twitter and Facebook’s... facebook
January 11th
11:09pm For everyone who has to work the night shift. facebook
9:02pm James Dolan, co-creator of SecureDrop passed away a few days ago. Today is the 5th anniversary of Aaron Swartz's suicide. I have much love for their survivor... facebook
3:50pm "In the hands of the Bust Administration this framework was a template to apply indiscriminately to any and all of the military confrontations they had long ... facebook
2:30pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
2:01pm RT @JuddLegum: If we lived in a functional democracy this would be a MAJOR scandal that everyone is talking about and would prompt immedia… twitter
1:12pm RT @quinnnorton: If you are feeling depressed, suicidal, alone, tell someone. Your brain is lying to you, you're not alone. So many of us h… twitter
7:26am RT @bechillcomedian: My translation of Edith Piaf's "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien". Catch me live near you! #paperpuppet… twitter
January 10th
6:03pm President Trump's challenge coin is very fitting. facebook
January 9th
2:18pm @tpederson Oh, it's easier to just capture traffic from session replay services. twitter
11:06am "5 College Life Hacks Everyone Should Know" Forgive me for sharing a listicle. But it's not wrong. facebook
January 7th
10:32pm Raspberry Pi - [Logs] dokuwiki
9:56pm RT @CyrusToulabi: DOJ IS INVESTIGATING THE CLINTON FOUNDATION... To see if they ACCEPTED DONATIONS. To gain ACCESS to and INFLUENCE over… twitter
2:15pm @zannah It'll be really interesting to see how this pans out. I bet the Costcos just outside of Seattle start doing better business. twitter
12:06pm RT @ColMorrisDavis: Truly! 117 days of taxpayer funded vacation, 91 golf outings, more staffers indicted in 1st year ever, historic disapp… twitter
January 6th
2:50pm Well, his sanity is not entirely besides the point. But Greg's statement still stands. twitter
2:08pm @zannah I'm not sure we've ever seen her not blep. twitter
2:07pm You know who else was a "stable genius"? Mr. Ed. facebook
9:54am RT @JohnJHarwood: for cryin' out loud the story is not "Trump vs Bannon." it's the book's depiction, by multiple sources, of the president… twitter
January 5th
11:55am RT @ACLU: FACT CHECK: Republicans and Democrats refused to hand over sensitive data on every voter in the country. They had good reason to… twitter
11:54am RT @CREWcrew: Trump's lawyers sent Bannon a cease-and-desist letter over his employment with Trump's business. Was he working for them whil… twitter
January 4th
5:23pm Roy's foursquare
11:34am instagram
11:00am Just For You foursquare
January 3rd
2:31pm "The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy. As a consequenc... facebook
9:47am RT @NateSilver538: Gotta be honest: On a night like tonight, I'm still pretty pissed at those journalists and news organizations which trea… twitter
January 2nd
8:49pm "Honey, you're doing it wrong. Use long consistent strokes.""No! Short and fast!"--My wife and I on how to use the squeegee on the shower glass. facebook
5:59pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
10:43am AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
December 31st 2017
4:35pm Thinking on top of Goat Rock. instagram
11:57am This needs to be better understood by all: 'Session replay' scripts record everything (including passwords, personal info, etc), like someone looking over yo... facebook
10:07am RT @isik5: Folks, please ask friends in #Iran to click this link with their VPN turned off - it'll help us map the latest internet and tele… twitter
December 30th 2017
12:02pm RT @radleybalko: Understandably, most will focus on the "SWATting" angle here. But we should also be asking about police training, fear, an… twitter
10:42am "Trump’s legacy will be exposing the patina of decency for what it is and revealing just how much a demagogue can get away with. It does not take much to ima... facebook
December 29th 2017
11:22pm This is very much worth your time. It sheds light on why people seem to have less trust nowadays, and if there's anything we can do about it. facebook
12:30pm @zannah No "cola"? twitter
December 28th 2017
11:57am Goat Rock foursquare
8:45am Ha, for my birthday I learned that Owarimonogatari Season 2 is on Crunchyroll. Which is funny, because owarimonogatari translates to something like "story of... facebook
December 26th 2017
4:06pm @esder23 @mattyglesias @yacitus Partially. You do have to play devil's advocate to prepare for such a position, tho… twitter
10:25am @mattyglesias @yacitus Court says there's no standing. Where's the material harm? Otherwise, let him conduct his business as he sees fit. twitter
December 25th 2017
12:25pm RT @SenSanders: What we could do with $1.5 trillion: -Make college tuition-free -Provide universal preschool -Repair our crumbling infrastr… twitter
December 24th 2017
10:52pm Raspberry Pi - [PiHole] dokuwiki
3:06pm This article says what I've been thinking about the blockchain, and goes on to back its case. facebook
9:20am @Scheryl15 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Scheryl! That was very thoughtful. 🎄 I'll be bringing the fam… twitter
9:12am On this: Trump, talking about the tax bill, told friends at a dinner at Mar-a-Lago Friday night, "You all just got a lot richer.” facebook
December 23rd 2017
6:00pm RT @CREWcrew: Then follow the lead of presidents for decades and sell the business and stop trying to profit off the presidency. Also, what… twitter
5:53pm "Our president's crazyDid you hear what he saidBusiness and pleasureLie right to your face"Talking Heads, "Making Flippy Floppy" in 1983 when Ronald Rea... facebook
11:41am The Trump admin is reversing an Obama-era decision, says it will renew mining leases that will benefit a Chilean bi… twitter
11:31am Lillian Blume, we've got to try this! facebook
December 22nd 2017
7:12pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
4:53pm How many years ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps? facebook
12:28pm On the pleasant experience living in a country where there's security in healthcare, education, childcare, sensible work requirements and public works. And w... facebook
December 21st 2017
10:34pm "I am saddened that our government has become so dominated by pro-gun lobbyists that an appointment such as mine — which has no responsibility for gun contro... facebook
10:25pm ...and affordable higher educationand universal health careand to be able to retireand for people to be able to find work facebook
10:19pm RT @hormiga: I don't want a tax cut. I want maintained bridges I want less infant mortality I want well-paid teachers I want federally fund… twitter
12:00pm RT @jacobinmag: Renowned astronomer and anti-nuclear advocate Carl Sagan died on this day in 1996. In 1989, he was asked if he was a soci… twitter
10:52am "It’s easy to forget that a proven lie used to be met with a correction or an apology, not self-righteous defensiveness.It’s easy to forget that faith in g... facebook
9:13am How Machines Learn youtube_favorites
7:51am 2016 America: H.R. 1150: "routinely denying visa applications for religious workers can be indicative of a poor sta… twitter
7:46am One year ago, I was proud of our federal government for enacting a law that says, "a country's practice of routinely denying visa applications for religious ... facebook
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