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July 29th
9:50am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
July 28th
10:49pm dblume says I photobombed my wife again. I had to run and stand on my toes, practically jumped, but it worked. plurk
10:47pm My wife tried to take a selfie of herself with the Cloud Gate in Chicago. Aaron and I wouldn't have that. Consider this a two-for-one photobomb, Honey. facebook
12:09pm Planet Granite foursquare
11:09am dblume shares there's a new OKCupid blogpost! "So, your picture is worth that fabled thousand words, but your actual words are worth…almost nothing." plurk
9:53am I saw this video yesterday, and today I'm still appreciating it. It's nine minutes long, and worth watching. Comments in this thread could contain spoilers, ... facebook
2:50am dblume shares Numbers plurk
July 27th
8:04pm Beware: Uber geek mind-dump ahead!How nice is it nowadays that we don't need Dave's Quick Search Deskbar as much anymore? (Much of its functionality can be... facebook
5:13pm xampp dokuwiki
1:31pm I just watched Penn & Teller's "Tim's Vermeer", which was really good, (especially after having seen a few Vermeers on vacation, and working in the same indu... facebook
July 26th
2:13pm Updating Cygwin - created dokuwiki
1:30pm dblume loves The Comic-Con exclusive Ghost in the Shell anniversary poster. plurk
9:45am Today's unexpected, unrealistic Google Image search: "Hayao Miyazaki, Alan Moore" since they both were entered into the Will Eisner Comic Industry Hall of Fa... facebook
8:50am 1851 New Orleans me would always be confusing my 3-cent pieces with my gold dollar coins! (Both shown here.) instagram
July 25th
4:53pm Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) foursquare
7:31am Cafe Beignet foursquare
July 24th
4:12pm Hot morning at the cemeteries. I'm in front of a grave that's not Marie Laveau's but still gets the same treatment. instagram
12:26pm I like to see Joel Spolsky's "yes, this developer-friendly corporate policy sure is working" posts. The proof is in the pudding. facebook
10:26am Sucré foursquare
10:11am Rum House foursquare
July 23rd
6:00pm Preservation Hall foursquare
4:25pm My wife invented a fusion Creole Asian appetizer: blackened gator tail bite lettuce wraps! instagram
1:47pm Hotel Le Marais foursquare
12:00pm Killer Po-boys foursquare
9:36am Café Du Monde foursquare
8:00am Enjoying the thunder, lightning, and rain when our phones blare an emergency alert about flash flooding. No Ninth Ward tours for us today. facebook
July 22nd
5:03pm I finished Andy Weir's The Martian yesterday (great book), and today's appetizer before dinner was potatoes. Potatoes. facebook
9:51am Café Du Monde foursquare
July 21st
3:36pm Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) foursquare
10:39am John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) foursquare
July 20th
8:53am Siren, 1570 - 90; Anybody want a Starbucks coffee? instagram
July 18th
7:14am RT @tdawks: Asking for trouble. twitter
July 17th
6:18pm Sublime Text Giveaway via @sublimetxttips twitter
9:13am LaGuardia Airport (LGA) foursquare
July 16th
5:31pm Hard Rock Cafe Chicago foursquare
12:39pm The Art Institute of Chicago foursquare
8:46am Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain foursquare
7:31am dblume shares 3 Years Later, Google+ Drops Its Dumb Real Name Rule And Apologizes. Esp. for some of my friends. plurk
July 15th
6:00pm Another sweet coffee drink: an Affogato with two two shots of Piemontese hazelnut liqueur. instagram
9:37am Skydeck Chicago foursquare
July 14th
11:59am Salami and cheese sandwich with garlic aioli, a Riesling and the White Wine Cheese Sampler at the Uber Tap Room. instagram
11:18am Wisconsin Cheese Mart foursquare
July 13th
7:14pm Eataly foursquare
1:27pm Hyatt Place Chicago/River North foursquare
11:01am Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) foursquare
5:42am San Francisco International Airport (SFO) foursquare
July 12th
7:35pm Ted Rosenthal – Love Walked In last_fm
7:28pm Ted Rosenthal – Someone To Watch Over Me last_fm
7:21pm Ted Rosenthal – Strike Up The Band last_fm
7:15pm Ted Rosenthal – They Can't Take That Away from Me last_fm
7:09pm Ted Rosenthal – I Loves You Porgy last_fm
1:21pm Config dokuwiki
1:16pm I just sang the two words, "Sheena is..."And my daughter completed, "...a punk rocker!"I'm a happy Daddy. facebook
11:24am Ted Rosenthal – Fascinatin' Rhythm last_fm
11:18am Ted Rosenthal – Let's Call the Whole Thing Off last_fm
11:13am Ted Rosenthal – Rhapsody in Blue last_fm
10:35am dblume says I'm on the cusp of releasing one more personal project, but vacation interferes! Why do I have to leave my dev environment‽ Or, how many big wide monitors can I take with me? plurk
10:15am I'm on the cusp of being "that guy"* when it comes a Google use case scenario. googleplus
July 11th
9:09pm I jokingly told my daughter that if she wants to be a good citizen of the Internet, she'll have to hate Nickelback. I almost started to explain the joke, but... facebook
6:11pm Thai Town foursquare
July 10th
8:03pm dblume shares I almost died during my workout today. plurk
7:58pm I had a pretty good time bouldering today. Good news: Was keeping my own with the high school and college kids doing easy problems. Bad news: Had my scariest... facebook
12:16pm Planet Granite foursquare
11:10am dblume shares After years of the native hierarchical list application TaskPaper, I just learned about Workflowy. plurk
10:59am I've been a big fan of the hierarchical list apps TaskPaper on OS X and TodoPaper on Windows. I've just discovered WorkFlowy, and it looks really good. The l... facebook
9:59am I'm spending a couple of days automating something that takes me like 20 minutes once or twice a year. twitter
9:39am In all seriousness, I'm spending a couple of days automating something that takes me like 20 minutes once or twice a year. Why? Because "I should be able to ... facebook
July 9th
11:21pm I finished Dune, which I probably should have read as a Senior in high school. Now I'm starting Andy Weir's "The Martian". It's just one thing after another ... facebook
July 8th
10:37am dblume shares This is one of the cutest user-submitted stories at The Trenches about game development. "'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' ... type type type." plurk
10:33am This is one of the cutest user-submitted stories at The Trenches about game development. "'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' ... type type type." facebook
10:23am @foursquareAPI Please let us know if the existing checkin feeds change because of Swarm. Still using them! twitter
8:40am Python is now the most popular introductory teaching language at top U.S. universities | Communications of the ACM twitter
July 7th
6:49pm Ohana Hawaiian BBQ foursquare
12:12pm Planet Granite foursquare
11:23am dblume says a blog post is forming in my head about open recs for "full stack" developers, but I don't think I'd write it, as my general audience doesn't know the domain. plurk
July 6th
12:16am I watched "The Breakfast Club" with the kids. It opens with "I don't like Mondays" (quotes and all) etched in some wood. It took everything I had not to paus... facebook
July 5th
11:30pm RT @hellopraemus: Disclaimer (just fine print, really): Reaching the Singularity may result in a difference of opinion between man and mach… twitter
10:15pm @DreamHostCare Maybe FastCGI process manager on Rabun affecting Python sites with 30s delay. Maybe restart Apache again? Item: #6383902 twitter
July 4th
3:27pm Born and bred. Half Southern and half Northern California. facebook
9:10am Monterey Bay Aquarium foursquare
July 3rd
7:19pm Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) – staple stable last_fm
7:14pm Supercell – Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
9:53am dblume asks vanlal pastilla Have you guys seen The Lunchbox yet? It finally became available over here, and I saw it last night. plurk
July 2nd
9:15pm @jhusain The tutorial is surprisingly addictive. Well done! twitter
10:28am Planet Granite foursquare
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