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October 30th
12:19pm Planet Granite foursquare
October 29th
11:44pm dblume shares I fear anime might be getting worse. Or at least lazier. plurk
10:01pm dblume says That was an awesome nail-biting end to the World Series. And I'm glad that my home team won. But... plurk
7:38pm @nytlabs @openpathscc FYI:The API just returned "400: (144, "Table './op/points' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed")" twitter
3:39pm dblume shares My kids are rabid! plurk
1:06pm One of the very last sandwiches to ever be served by Saratoga's The Prolific Oven. End of an era. facebook
1:01pm Prolific Oven foursquare
October 28th
10:06pm Rick Mann's posts citing OK Go and The Postal Service songs inevitably led me here. While I love the cover, the tribute to Oderus Urungus brings a tear to th... facebook
8:31pm Hiller Aviation Museum foursquare
October 27th
12:15pm Planet Granite foursquare
10:26am dblume says my daughter's school just sent a mass email with photo for a "lost right with writing". plurk
October 26th
9:43pm I like the huge number of hits you get when you Google "crocheted hyperbolic pseudosphere". twitter
5:50pm Raspberry Pi dokuwiki
1:28pm More "rain" in California. instagram
11:19am dblume shares It’s deep. It’s long. It’s completely unfair. It doesn’t even feel bad about it. Shamus Young on Nethack. plurk
12:43am Trippy: An Introduction and Overview - [The Groves of Academe] dokuwiki
October 25th
9:13pm dblume shares a Spot-on description of hacker motivation. plurk
10:44am dblume shares CONFIRMED: EXPECTED CLOUDS plurk
October 24th
9:08am Remind me to play "Older" by They Might be Giants and "Time" by Pink Floyd on repeat on my birthday. Hmm, what else? twitter
October 23rd
12:38pm Planet Granite foursquare
11:59am dblume shares "A week after the attack, 28 bodies were discovered in a mass grave outside the city, but forensic analysis so far suggests that none of them belonged to the 43 missing students." plurk
11:57am "A week after the attack, 28 bodies were discovered in a mass grave outside the city, but forensic analysis so far suggests that none of them belonged to the... facebook
11:39am dblume almost shared a cute giraffe flowerpot that I saw in Pinterest for zannah , but then realized that she's the one who pinned it. plurk
10:37am It's sad to see bugs that you know will get triaged into oblivion. Sorry, little guy, but you will never be anyone's highest priority. twitter
7:45am RT @notch: Whatever you pay attention and react to gains mindshare and grows. Culture is built by us choosing what [not] to ignore. twitter
October 22nd
7:41am .@h0use Glad to see you're going to try something with OpenPaths data! (Did you notice the app's UI doesn't work anymore with iOS 8+?) twitter
October 21st
8:51pm When we're alone with our elder kid, we tell her that she's the main child, and her younger brother is a backup. When we're alone with the younger, we tell h... facebook
8:49pm Doing the laundry tonight, my wife was singing "I do everything for you" to the tune of Sammy Hagar's "I've done Everything for You." (She doesn't know it's ... facebook
10:44am dblume shares From a Vimeo email. plurk
October 20th
4:57pm Dry sidewalk with wet leaf. instagram
October 19th
1:29pm If you remove my programming editor (vi) from my work identity (David), you get my home identity (Dad). twitter
11:47am dblume shares You guys. "Tsukimonogatari" anime adaptation confirmed. plurk
11:40am Neil Patrick Harris's rich character was showing off his ridiculously nice lake house in a movie we saw last night. He grabbed the remote to the T.V., and ta... facebook
11:31am Driving home with the family yesterday, we were talking about things related to Halloween. My daughter asked, "I wonder what the scary man will do this year?... facebook
October 18th
8:34pm Sunset at Rossi park in San Francisco instagram
11:40am TC Pastry foursquare
October 17th
9:24pm I just threw my hands in the air and yelled, "yes!" and my wife rolled her eyes at me. facebook
12:50am dblume shares It's a pull-back tank from the closing of Girls Und Panzer. plurk
12:07am dblume says Sooo, I just played a level of the gamespot 404 page. plurk
October 16th
8:54pm @DreamHostCare Thank you! I was hoping you'd do this. twitter
8:26pm Especially for Mike Kobb, America's Test Kitchen reviews some knives. facebook
12:35pm Planet Granite foursquare
9:31am Note to self: Add --ssl-version-min=tls1 to your Chrome shortcuts until SSLv3 is disabled by default. twitter
October 15th
8:50pm You won't go wrong with the Roku 3 if you watch Netflix. It's got the best UI of all. In our house, creating and using profiles is handy, so my profile doesn... facebook
7:20pm @robfield66 So glad you finally watched The Lunchbox! I read your review. I enjoyed it too. twitter
9:41am Awesome interactive small multiples chart illustrating trajectory of Metafilter: twitter
9:40am dblume shares Medium post on fate of Metafilter leads to awesome demo of small multiples interactive chart. plurk
October 14th
11:09pm dblume says some clouds grazed by us on their way to Seattle and the local news teams went nuts. plurk
3:01pm @dpmendenhall Going through resumes, I see. twitter
October 13th
7:20pm Hope you all had fine Goth Chick Appreciation Day. facebook
2:55pm RT @Mythic_Beasts: @Raspberry_Pi there are 2 hard problems in computer science, cache invalidation, naming things and off by one errors. twitter
2:53pm @zannah My environment is cross-platform, so no OnmiFocus, but I did see this post a while back: twitter
12:35pm Planet Granite foursquare
8:56am dblume shares Free, unlimited cloud storage. Linked to the Hacker News discussion because "free unlimited" is interesting. plurk
October 12th
7:47pm If you didn't have to break out the fire extinguisher, did you really BBQ as hard as you could? I know I did. facebook
11:43am One Redditor complained that his dad insisted that Jerry's last name was "Steinfeld". Here's the reply from another Redditor that explains one of the Dad Pri... facebook
12:43am My shared web hosting distro is now more current than my work one. Congrats, @DreamHostCare on what looks like a successful upgrade! twitter
October 11th
10:24pm I really enjoyed this 4-part telling of the start of World War I. It bears being linked-to again. You don't have to be a history buff to enjoy this short ani... facebook
10:05pm I've long been a fan of Dave Winer, have maintained a couple of blogs and RSS drives most of my cronjobs. Happy 20th anniversary to the blog, Señor Winer! (I... facebook
12:32pm Milpitas Library foursquare
11:05am dblume shares Winter in Japan. Especially for pastilla plurk
9:13am @BostonPicture The new site needs to have keyboard navigation via j,k keys like the old site, too. Good luck finishing the move! twitter
9:06am I just spent 2 to 3 late-night hours on an .htaccess problem. Redirecting folder index to file elsewhere. Subfolder had residual .htaccess. twitter
October 10th
9:30pm @dpmendenhall It's nice to complement that with a good online presence, ala Peter Norvig. Terse employment history but very interesting blog twitter
3:00pm My son asked me if I knew any gang signs. I threw him the "vim" sign. He asked right away if it was for a nice nerdy group. He knows me. twitter
10:08am dblume shares An Indonesian Marine tank fires in mid-air. plurk
October 9th
7:37pm I've been waiting for this book. I never got the Steve Jobs biography, I've always been a Woz man, and this books looks to be more inclusive. facebook
5:03pm UltraEdit - [Code on Linux Boxes] dokuwiki
3:44pm @BostonPicture The new location needs an RSS/Atom feed, or many of us won't know to visit. twitter
October 8th
8:59am dblume asks have any of my DreamHost-using friends survived the transition from Debian "squeeze" to Ubuntu 12.4 Precise? plurk
October 7th
8:47am dblume shares if you buy one of Leigh's pens, she'll send you hearts and doodles. plurk
October 6th
12:16pm Planet Granite foursquare
12:08am ... Red Bull misleads consumers about the superiority of its products with its slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” ... twitter
October 5th
11:34pm Half an hour into Only Lovers Left Alive, there's a scene where Eve packs a suitcase for a trip. googleplus
10:12pm I unpacked and installed a new electronic gizmo today. Best part? I peeled off the thin protective plastic sheet that's over the shiny surfaces before my wif... facebook
9:59pm dblume has a friend who flew to Seattle yesterday. She gloated with a capture of the weather app: 99° San Jose, 70° Seattle. Pretty much a 30° difference. plurk
October 3rd
10:02pm dblume shares Visualization of Server Traffic is Like the Coolest Game of Pong plurk
3:47pm I love Tachikoma. They're adorable salticidious robots. (Oh, you didn't know salticidious was a word? It means, "having attributes similar to the jumping spi... facebook
12:33pm UltraEdit dokuwiki
12:23pm dblume asks How do you hyphenate "jumping spider like" in the sentence, "Tachikoma are jumping spider like robots"? plurk
9:32am UltraEdit - created dokuwiki
8:29am Kina Grannis – In Your Arms last_fm
8:26am Lenka – The Show last_fm
8:22am Lupe Fiasco – Daydreamin' (Featuring Jill Scott) (Explicit) last_fm
October 2nd
9:59pm dblume thinks EvilCouch is being very brave in the face of Jessica's departure from SNSD. plurk
6:36pm 神前暁 – "Senjougahara, Tore" last_fm
6:34pm Tsubasa Hanekawa (Yui Horie) – sugar sweet nightmare last_fm
6:30pm Nadeko Sengoku (Kana Hanazawa) – Ren'ai Circulation last_fm
6:25pm Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) – ambivalent world last_fm
6:21pm Supercell – Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
6:15pm Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) – staple stable last_fm
2:16pm 현아 – Bubble Pop! last_fm
12:26pm Planet Granite foursquare
7:47am RT @YGalanter: @RokuPlayer I am controlling my streaming from my @Pebble smartwatch twitter
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