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April 25th
5:36pm I didn't volunteer for the school function today. I dropped by anyway, and they had my volunteer name-tag already printed for me. twitter
April 24th
9:59pm dblume says I didn't know that Tsukimonogatari was already out! plurk
April 23rd
11:54pm dblume asks why isn't Wolf Children easier to find and watch‽ (I love Mamoru Hosoda's other works, Samurai Champloo, Summer Wars, The Girl Who Lept Through Time.) plurk
11:40pm I just watched and really enjoyed The Tale of Princess Kaguya. I couldn't get anybody else to watch it, even though it's a Studio Ghibli film, and directed b... facebook
11:19am Planet Granite foursquare
10:41am dblume shares A snail being hand fed. plurk
April 22nd
2:44pm dblume shares my congressman has a transgender grandchild, and supports and loves her. plurk
April 21st
April 20th
4:43pm tail -f /dev/mind >> /dev/null 2>&1 twitter
2:47pm .@davewiner Did you notice all YouTube feeds now have a "Device Not Supported" video at the top today? Sad. Ex., twitter
12:17pm Planet Granite foursquare
April 19th
10:24pm @nytlabs Thanks for checking. Twitter's not great for debugging. Look here to see the slow decline speed of the API. twitter
10:20pm This is for @nylabs on Twitter, regarding this thread:... googleplus
2:05pm Python - [Python] dokuwiki
April 18th
7:40pm You know what still works as expected nowadays? The Kindle. I still transition unexpected from device to app and back, and it syncs to the last page read fro... facebook
April 17th
7:02pm Ohana Hawaiian BBQ foursquare
3:33pm RT @jjinux: Life changing: Raymond Hettinger - Beyond PEP 8 -- Best practices for beautiful intelligible code - PyCon 2015… twitter
9:48am RT @theresa_lauren: I love how all our reactions to the Star Wars trailer are those of a cautious, feral animal who fears human touch, yet … twitter
8:23am youtube
April 16th
10:51pm @openpathscc @nytlabs The OpenPaths API endpoint has been taking longer 1m vs 3s and returning 502s and 504s. Look: twitter
10:15pm TIE Fighter. The Empire's perspective. facebook
April 15th
April 14th
9:56am dblume says Slack seems to be getting more and more popular. plurk
April 12th
5:19pm Tomatina foursquare
April 11th
12:00pm Here's details on my new "New tab" page. twitter
11:54am dblume shares My "New tab" page. For those of you who like to snoop in on other people's desks and desktops and things. plurk
11:50am Since my old "New Tab" extension for Chrome was calling out to , I decided to just use my own. googleplus
April 10th
3:21pm dblume shares Godzilla View Room. plurk
April 9th
12:13pm Planet Granite foursquare
7:43am @dpmendenhall Was it Total Drama Island? twitter
April 7th
April 6th
12:27pm Planet Granite foursquare
April 5th
8:03pm Raspberry Pi - [Apache vs Cherokee vs Nginx Webserver] dokuwiki
April 4th
4:19pm Chrome "Speed Dial 2" took too long to start because of delay at Uninstalled. Now my RaspPi serves my home page. twitter
April 3rd
9:08pm @neonepiphany That last one is pretty clever. (The vine, that is.) twitter
6:36pm dblume loved Furious 7. And not just because of that wiggle. (Spoilers in the comments.) plurk
10:17am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
April 2nd
7:27pm The Kickin' Crab foursquare
3:13pm @yacitus I meant the almost-sparklines at the bottom of the blog. I'd like to imagine a positive correlation between the two, but it's not. twitter
2:54pm Compare spending over time allocated to Education vs. Reading at the bottom of "How we Spend our Money, a Breakdown". twitter
12:14pm Planet Granite foursquare
April 1st
8:30am Very impressive CSS style change at The Codeless Code today. twitter
March 31st
7:33am dblume shares Toyota G's Japanese Baseball Commercial plurk
March 30th
8:39pm dblume says it sounds like zannah was especially lucky to avoid the SDCC hotel sale fail. plurk
10:28am Motto on the first U.S. penny: "Liberty Parent of Science & Industry" twitter
March 29th
8:53pm dblume shares "When you said 'sandwich', it make me think of Japan." plurk
9:04am @kissgyorgy @raymondh That's what I was thinking for 2. and for 3. twitter
March 28th
8:09pm Just watched S1:E3 of Black Mirror, "The Entire History of You". Completely stand-alone episode. Best thing I've watched in a long time. It's available for s... facebook
11:45am Saturday, or, Before the Accident. (The top is propped by a thin box resting on the spinning drum.) instagram
10:57am Science? Nah, what's the economic value? twitter
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