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July 22nd
9:13pm "It’s what happens when weaponised insincerity is applied to structured ignorance." facebook
8:47pm This is fascinating. I love the idea that a recent discovery makes us have to re-think what we thought we knew for the past 150 years. facebook
6:30pm Thai Town foursquare
11:09am Kudos, Jesse. Service providers, take note: this is how you respond to a service outage. twitter
12:24am Smack My Bitch Up Cat Style HD youtube_favorites
July 21st
8:11am shell tips - [Application Memory Usage] dokuwiki
July 18th
8:40am @davewiner It'll never sit right with me how successful screen captures of text are. twitter
8:36am RT @hemantmehta: Best part of Jane Mayer's piece? Where Trump's ghostwriter has donated his royalty money. https://… twitter
July 17th
8:48pm This is a great essay. Deep thoughts out of what was otherwise hate-linking. facebook
7:17pm Niles Ice Cream Shoppe foursquare
6:40pm The Counter foursquare
9:58am dblume shares My Pokemon Go crew. Had just strengthened Valor's hold on the local gym. What's your team look like? plurk
July 16th
9:52pm dblume shares Aaron as "dejected Ash" because the Pokemon Go serve.... plurk
12:13pm Aaron as "dejected Ash" because Pokemon Go servers are so sporadic today. facebook
10:43am Niles Community Park foursquare
July 14th
9:40pm My son got a Headcrab in Pokemon Go! I'm so jealous! Really, really want one, too. I'm going to name mine Lamarr. (Pokemon misspelled it as "kabuto" though.) facebook
July 13th
3:18pm dblume shares Leigh Reyes shares how she made her latest lyrics and calligraphy video. plurk
11:55am Bon Chon Chicken foursquare
July 12th
July 11th
9:52am The Apollo 11 Guidance Computer source code has been uploaded to GitHub. Qi Chen then posted this amazing mashup to Ozymandius. facebook
9:38am @codelesscode, I really loved Case 234, Ozymandius. Nice work. twitter
July 10th
9:07pm dblume says I made this countdown timer to help you worry about the next epoch fail. plurk
9:01pm I'm the sort of person to worry about the next epoch fail, so I made a JSON countdown timer. twitter
10:53am Century 20 Great Mall and XD foursquare
10:23am One sees all these online examples to rsync one's home directory to the cloud, but none include a --exclude=".ssh/" flag. twitter
July 9th
12:10pm Protip for @rsyncnet customers: You have to change your password independently via passwd and at the dashboard.html page. They're different. twitter
9:37am While on vacation, we passed by the Deus Ex Machina coffee shop, and I'd remembered reading this enjoyable little article about something that happened there... facebook
July 8th
5:40pm There was a time when The Onion re-ran the "‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens" post whenever there was a certain type o... facebook
1:55pm Casa de Fruta foursquare
9:20am Porto's Bakery & Cafe foursquare
July 7th
3:09pm Umami Burger foursquare
12:13pm J. Paul Getty Museum foursquare
10:59am For New York's July 4th celebration, Pitbull performed Messin' Around, the story of the serendipitous outing of two hedonists. "You've been cheating on me? O... facebook
July 6th
7:27pm Shake Shack foursquare
6:04pm La Brea Tar Pits foursquare
3:20pm Ice Cream Lab foursquare
2:18pm The Last Bookstore foursquare
1:41pm Sticky Rice foursquare
1:02pm Bradbury Building foursquare
10:29am The Broad Museum foursquare
July 5th
7:36pm Residence Inn Los Angeles LAX/Century Boulevard foursquare
5:22pm A-Frame foursquare
12:58pm Starbucks foursquare
July 4th
5:17pm Linn's Bakery & Eatery foursquare
12:34pm Moonstone Beach foursquare
8:47am dblume says Happy Brexit day, fellow USA citizens! plurk
July 3rd
1:54pm I was right to run FollowMee along with @openpathscc. Looks like OpenPaths has stopped with the end of @nytlabs. twitter
1:17pm I was with this essay until the very last line. facebook
12:06am This new #netflix UI is a little bossy and presumptuous. That's not what I want to watch, and please wait to start until I'm ready, OK? twitter
July 2nd
9:05am This is a supremely disappointing ruling: A criminal defendant does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy on their computer if it is connected to the ... facebook
June 30th
June 29th
7:34pm Milpitas Library foursquare
8:46am You know what legacy I want to leave my kids? Repealing the Dickey Amendment. After every gun violence tragedy, there's all this talk about terrorism, hate, ... facebook
8:22am RT @SarcasmMother: America and Britain are having a competition on who can fuck themselves up the most. Britain is in the lead, but America… twitter
June 28th
9:00am My current favorite comic from Poorly Drawn Lines. Sasha. facebook
June 27th
7:52pm P.F. Chang's foursquare
7:15am @raymondh Had to do a double-take when I saw that someone used the word "effect" as a verb correctly. twitter
June 26th
8:40pm To prepare for Suicide Club, I watched Joss Whedon's movie about the violent, psychotic woman with a telepathic link to a desperate convict, "In Your Eyes".... facebook
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