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December 22nd
12:20pm Planet Granite foursquare
December 21st
10:29am So, I had my own "Arya Stark Laughing" moment last night. Another geeky post explanation of my ordeal coming soon. twitter
10:09am SNL's "Christmas Serial" sketch killed it. Cecily Strong nailed Sarah Koenig and all the references were spot on. twitter
December 20th
10:29am @danbenjamin @yacitus At my work, WTF stands for Web Template Framework. But that's not what I read. twitter
10:26am @yacitus Not done yet, but it's moreso worth it if you're a generic library writer. Either way, it's interesting. twitter
December 19th
10:52pm It's Friday night and the kids are in bed. You know what that means. Time to watch Scott Meyers's C++ Keynote! twitter
9:08pm The Presidents of the United States of America – Mach 5 last_fm
9:05pm Fiona Apple – Across the Universe last_fm
8:58pm That Red-One belt looks pretty good on Aaron. Congrats, Kiddo. facebook
December 18th
11:26pm dblume shares - Home of Cyanide and Happiness Good episode of Cyanide and Happiness. plurk
10:36pm Note to self: You've got a hold on The Walking Dead 22 and want Chew 8 twitter
12:14pm Planet Granite foursquare
9:47am dblume shares Literally, we are in the realm of beyond stupid with this. - Cybersecurity expert Peter Singer on the Sony Hack. plurk
9:39am Honestly, "The Interview" never sounded that good, and I wasn't going to, and now clearly won't see it in a theater.I'm sad for the potential international... facebook
December 17th
8:44pm RT @jjinux: Farewell Dr. Dobb's: #farewelldrdobbs twitter
December 16th
8:08pm Netflix does A/B testing of DVDs by mail, too. One is left-handed, the other right. twitter
3:11pm dblume says every time I think of it and try to register I discover somebody else got it. plurk
December 15th
9:30pm @joycem137 That was better than I expected! Glad you didn't spoil it. twitter
1:47pm "Liking “Colbert” and “Science” were, incidentally, among the best predictors of high IQ." twitter
2:13am Saw another compromised WordPress blog. People, run "find . -type f -perm -002 -ls" to see which of your files can be modified by anybody. twitter
December 14th
3:43pm Hello @CollinPotato! I'm tweeting to enter the contest. My username on Minetime's website is bumppup #MinetimeChristmas twitter
1:01pm Remember how mad I got at Apple a couple of tweets ago? These are the workarounds: twitter
12:59pm @dpmendenhall I've seen Googlers say that what this country really needs is for all gasoline prices to exceed $5.00/gallon. twitter
12:53pm Sorry, normal people, another ultra geeky post here. Remember how mad I got at Apple? First, I was wrong about one thing: the iPhone doesn't expose a mount p... facebook
11:16am For our weekend breakfast, Aaron plays some smooth jazz while we eat. Today, his mom asked for some Christmas music. Aaron snuck this song in there, all on ... facebook
December 13th
3:08pm Starbucks foursquare
9:31am dblume is pretty impressed with this posable S.H. Figuarts Harley Quinn. plurk
December 12th
5:15pm dblume thinks zannah would be amused to see the results of people looking in the "everyone, worldwide" distribution list and accidentally hitting send here. Then replying-all and saying, "sorry!" plurk
2:47pm dblume shares TIL Changing the pauses in the morse code for "SOS HELP" turns it into "I AM HIS DATE". plurk
December 10th
11:01pm dblume says it's probably going to rain tomorrow, so they're closing the schools. plurk
December 9th
9:55pm On our way out from Christmas in the Park, we passed this painted electrical box. It's part of an art project, "Downtown Doors". It's a piece by Renee Gonzal... facebook
8:24pm I hate Apple more than I have in years, due to their latest iOS DCIM changes. twitter
7:53pm Apple, I hate you more now than I have in years. I have fewer than 300 hand-chosen photos on my iPhone, and you used to keep them in a few DCIM folders that ... facebook
December 8th
10:39pm dblume shares Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer, Project Apollo. via neonepiphany plurk
8:53pm ChocoSanta! instagram
7:18pm Pizz'a Chicago foursquare
12:23pm Planet Granite foursquare
December 7th
10:44am You guys know what "idle games" are? Cookie Clicker is one. My son is playing another one now, "Bitcoin Billionaire."A few years ago, I ran a Bitcoin mine... facebook
December 6th
12:00pm The cute-but-terrifying Australian Pygmy Cheessum! googleplus
11:32am dblume says I just showed my son a Minecraft clip recorded on an Alienware 17 with all effects maxed out. plurk
December 5th
9:43pm Well done, CodeCombat, I've tried a few different things to get my kids to explore whether or not they'd like coding, and your game and incentives are workin... facebook
2:17pm I'm amused that Netflix's "Lipstick" project is a graphical UI for an (Apache) Pig workfow. twitter
8:59am RT @flowingdata: I guess Fox News had it right all along twitter
1:07am dblume says it sorta makes me sad that when people say, "chan-style culture" they mean this. plurk
December 4th
9:34pm This post on the typography of Alien is amazing. I forgot where I found it. If it came from you, all due credit to *you*. facebook
9:30pm dblume shares Alien | Typeset In the Future. plurk
8:07pm "Hello World" step two is to find and infiltrate the user's contacts list and Facebook friends and upload the lists to the home cloud. twitter
12:26pm Planet Granite foursquare
11:30am The new "hello world" sample code is "check for latest updates from the cloud, securely acquire and relaunch". twitter
9:15am dblume wonders if zannah will be one of the ones who gets this story about the benefits of taking Pokemon trade-ins. plurk
December 3rd
6:16pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
10:22am dblume shares The bttn. Reminds me of the old powermate button, dial, controller thingy. plurk
10:04am dblume says The Bay Area is at normal rainfall levels for the season! (For a month, our drought didn't worsen.) Yay! plurk
December 2nd
9:36pm Oh, just a link to Vi Hart's webVR github site. (Navigate with WASD, and use the space bar to dive more deeply into an object. The peach tessellated thing ta... facebook
6:46pm Netflix, Inc. foursquare
1:04pm dblume shares Boomslank's current Crunchyroll playlist. plurk
8:56am dblume shares The 2014 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar. plurk
December 1st
10:56pm dblume shares Zen Pencils, Gavin Aung Than plurk
5:22pm RT @flowingdata: A new challenger for best in show in the fake pie chart category twitter
12:18pm Planet Granite foursquare
November 30th
3:20pm I'm just now watching Fringe's season 3, episode 8, "Entrada". The (first?) one with the alternating red, blue, red, blue, red, blue opening credits. Nice. T... facebook
12:00pm Just sharing the Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer - George Lucas' Special Edition facebook
9:46am "Gather 'round, children. Today we're going to watch 'Requiem for a Dream' for our family activity." From the book, "Things No One Said."I watched Requiem ... facebook
November 28th
8:22pm @yacitus "Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness." twitter
11:48am Seems like io9 hasn't figured out this clue J.J. Abrams left in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. facebook
11:44am dblume shares One of J.J. Abrams's clues in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. plurk
11:12am RT @notch: We got here by sharing ideas, with huge boosts in progress whenever we got better at sharing ideas (language, books, internet). twitter
November 27th
11:48pm I posted a few weeks ago about why dads work on projects in the garage. A little later I came across this charming video that captures some of the spirit. facebook
10:37pm It's Friday in most of the world. Is the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer out now? facebook
8:23pm dblume says the Seahawks are playing strong, and Sherman is earning his keep! plurk
8:43am RT @Amazing_Maps: US GDP split in half twitter
November 26th
2:52pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
November 25th
10:32am dblume says Katie Rice just threw down the gauntlet. plurk
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