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February 24th
10:57am Seventy five years ago last week, a group of young idealists stood up to their government, "Every honest German today is ashamed of his government ... We wil... facebook
10:22am Ikigai: a Japanese concept meaning “A Reason For Being” facebook
9:30am Ha, what a practical, entertaining and effective lesson. facebook
February 23rd
7:28am Porto's Bakery & Cafe foursquare
February 22nd
6:45pm Colori Kitchen foursquare
1:05pm Universal Studios Hollywood foursquare
February 21st
7:05pm Little Damage foursquare
6:21pm Umami Burger foursquare
February 20th
5:13pm slurpin' ramen bar foursquare
4:17pm Snow Monster foursquare
4:17pm Quarters Korean BBQ foursquare
February 19th
4:46pm Komodo Venice foursquare
11:04am Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum foursquare
4:39am Casa de Fruta foursquare
February 18th
8:37pm "If you joined an antivaccine group on Facebook, she observed, the platform might suggest that you join flat-earth groups or maybe ones devoted to Pizzagate—... facebook
1:54pm At the Color Factory in San Francisco. instagram
12:34pm @integerpoet It's cool how you and I can say "melt" and "warming" from work because we're not federal employees, an… twitter
February 17th
3:54pm Powder foursquare
11:18am Color Factory #selfie #tomstayte instagram
9:45am Color Factory foursquare
February 16th
8:33pm This is a powerful Twitter thread. Click through and read it. This is the time to do something. facebook
8:36am RT @RespectableLaw: THREAD: An open letter to @KitDaniels1776, who is a reporter for @Infowars and a vile maggot. twitter
12:25am @integerpoet I think I have the same ultimate wishes. I was suggesting that Mueller's report leads elsewhere. Hopef… twitter
February 15th
11:43pm Want to watch how trees suck up CO2 in summer, but not so much in winter? Watch a year in the life of Earth's CO2. facebook
9:03pm @integerpoet Not sure what you guys are on about. Impeachment is a political process. Mueller will at best present… twitter
3:57pm "That’s how ridiculous our situation has become. People are starting to question whether the problem is with sending kids to school, not with pervasive acces... facebook
February 14th
11:18pm RT @adamliaw: Imagine if every day dozens of children were being killed by poison darts and the National Poison Dart Association said, "Act… twitter
11:07pm RT @jasonroeder: When I wrote this headline, I had no idea it would be applied to the high school a mile from my house.… twitter
10:20pm Did I just see Olympic skaters perform to Disturb's cover of Sound of Silence? facebook
10:15pm Ha, didn't expect the cute ending. facebook
10:02pm RT @JasonKander: The leadership of the @NRA has an agenda and it ain’t got a damn thing to do with gun rights. It’s 100% about gun sales. T… twitter
9:20am Robot emotion. facebook
12:25am RT @raymondh: #python #html5 tip: Preserve structure by mapping lists into <ol> or <ul>, ordered or unordered lists. Put dictionaries (o… twitter
February 13th
7:33pm SHN Orpheum Theatre foursquare
February 12th
8:37am RT @RVAwonk: When Trump leaked codeword-level classified intelligence to Russia, he said he had the "absolute right" to declassify & releas… twitter
8:35am "@cwgabriel utterly nailed a visual representation for 'Logan Paul is a dick.'" - Dennis twitter
8:19am Today's XKCD reminds me of a similar joke I made on Twitter two years ago. (You have to click this text link to get to my tweet: facebook
February 11th
9:24pm "The White Darkness: A solitary journey across Antarctica." An moving story of dedication, inspiration and perseverance. It gives you real sense for the dang... facebook
11:10am Chris Newman gets it. Permaculture is part of the solution, not *the* solution. "If technology can offer decent, affordable meat to people without environmen... facebook
10:55am On using Muslims as examples of perpetuators of violence to justify reauthorizing section 702 of FISA: "If the government and its allies wanted to cite cases... facebook
9:55am RT @ACLU: 1. Your government spent months trying to prevent an American citizen detained overseas from seeing a lawyer. 2. In 1989, you to… twitter
9:42am Here's a simple, clean product I adore: ItsyCal. A tiny menu bar calendar for OS X. facebook
9:35am RT @DanielEllsberg: "I was part of a plan that should never have been made, that was a crime against humanity." twitter
February 9th
9:54pm RT @ggreenwald: One of the most vocal critics of Trump happens to be one of the most knowledgeable surveillance experts: @normative. Today… twitter
8:41am Today's White House newsletter demonstrates why my friends just delete it. It repeated his divisive tweets:"Just signed Bill. ... This Bill is a BIG VICTOR... facebook
February 8th
4:13pm As posted from my friend in Belgium. (Who knows how silly America is.) facebook
10:09am From today's White House "1600 Daily": "'America is a Nation [sic] of believers,' President Trump said this morning".That's like saying it's a nation of wh... facebook
February 7th
4:16pm Awesome candid interview with Quincy Jones."You know who sings and plays just like Hendrix? Paul Allen" facebook
February 6th
1:41pm RT @ggreenwald: When even British judges are recognizing that US prison conditions are too primitive, inhumane & repressive to permit extra… twitter
12:17pm RT @Snowden: The first time in generations, you say? twitter
February 5th
5:03pm dblume shares this month my first website turns 21 years old! Get a job, website! plurk
4:40pm This month, my first website turns 21 years old. And it's still online! It's so very web 1.0. facebook
8:23am RT @FreedomofPress: Global press freedom groups are condemning Australia's new gag laws as a "clear and present danger" to journalists: htt… twitter
8:22am "War Dogs" and "American Made" would make a deliciously cynical double feature. facebook
February 4th
10:12am RT @brianbeutler: For the 1000th time, we need to update our professional habits to account for plain-as-day bad faith. The story here is… twitter
10:05am RT @LOLGOP: Imagine the massive freakout from every corner of our media if we were doing this to get all Americans insured. But this is j… twitter
9:54am RT @bartongellman: Once again @FreedomofPress is making an exceptionally important strategic move to keep information available to the publ… twitter
9:54am Some amazing photos for Suberb Owl Sunday. facebook
February 2nd
6:31pm Thai Town foursquare
11:21am RT @Snowden: Those upset about #MemoDay should consider regardless of what the FBI does or doesn't put into an application, FISA warrants h… twitter
8:36am When you stop to self-reflect because you just read "when you learn..." and realized that's when you learned that thing. twitter
8:31am @zannah No, Zannah. This doesn't justify nomming cats. 😄 twitter
February 1st
4:20pm RT @FreedomofPress: Starting with Gawker and L.A. Weekly, we're backing up entire news sites that might be threatened by the "billionaire p… twitter
12:27pm RT @Snowden: #TBT: I required the journalists who broke the 2013 domestic spying stories (as a condition of access) to talk with gov in adv… twitter
9:16am RT @LOLGOP: Because nowhere in any of these bullshit memos is there anything that changes the basic facts: 1. The Trump campaign encourag… twitter
9:16am @yacitus Aww, that's the first time I've seen you unhappy with The Daily. twitter
January 31st
9:28am RT @toddzwillich: "Americans are dreamers too" feels like it could quickly become the "All Lives Matter" of the immigration debate. twitter
January 30th
January 29th
9:04am "If you wonder why this is so important: The Holocaust didn't start with people being rounded up and being dragged into camps. It didn't start with the murde... facebook
8:48am Brown-Eyed Girl originally shared this post. googleplus
January 28th
5:51pm Tomatina foursquare
January 27th
10:23am It's devastating that power has protected those that do harm for so long. facebook
10:02am RT @LOLGOP: The RNC still hasn't commented on the sexual assault accusations against its finance chair. Steve Wynn… twitter
9:52am RT @JohnJHarwood: John McCain’s former campaign manager on Fox News: “The network is increasingly engaged in a misinformation campaign aime… twitter
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