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September 21st
11:42am Where it all started. Always read the plaque. instagram
September 20th
10:49am On the same VW as the last sticker. instagram
September 19th
7:44am I respect James Gunn's response to the credible accusations of his past actions more than I do Kavanaugh's. And Gunn still lost his job for it anyway. An exc... facebook
September 18th
12:50pm instagram
September 17th
12:14pm RT @TheTattooedProf: Tax this asshole's "church." As George Carlin one said, you wanna play politics, pay your fckin admission price like th… twitter
8:12am "Thinking about Attention - Walk with Me" facebook
September 16th
September 15th
2:30pm Mission Dolores Park foursquare
12:58pm Clarion Alley foursquare
10:48am Balmy Alley foursquare
September 14th
12:16pm @ryanestrada I just read "Shiv Sena Riot" from This is How You Die. You really captured human behavior wonderfully. I LOL'ed at least twice.… twitter
September 13th
10:39am RT @zannah: twitter
8:48am RT @bbw1984: Our statement 1/2: This landmark judgment confirming that the UK’s mass spying breached fundamental rights vindicates @Snowde… twitter
September 11th
7:58pm RT @axios: The CBO has changed its prediction for when the deficit will reach $1 trillion from 2020 to the end of this fiscal year twitter
September 10th
11:14am RT @carterforva: This comic is over 80 years old and yet you don't have to change a thing about it. It's every bit as relevant today as the… twitter
September 9th
1:44pm Tucker Carlson asks (in bad faith), "How is diversity our strength?" Noah Smith gives an answer in good faith. (Please click through for the thread. It's wor... facebook
1:35pm RT @Noahpinion: 1/Tucker Carlson's question - "How is diversity our strength?" was not asked in good faith, but for purposes of racist demag… twitter
September 8th
10:31am RT @chrislhayes: If the GOP retains control of both houses in the midterms, it seems certain to me Trump will take it as a sign he can do an… twitter
September 7th
12:26pm RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Hey Rick, this year’s Republican budget proposes cutting $500 billion - $500 BILLION - from Medicare. I didn’t make tha… twitter
September 6th
12:34pm RT @catvalente: The next person who tells me both sides are the same can jump in a pit. When the Democrats were completely in charge we all … twitter
12:32pm RT @SenKamalaHarris: Kirstjen Nielsen just announced a new Trump administration proposal to indefinitely incarcerate immigrant children in w… twitter
7:57am RT @brianklaas: For anyone wondering when Republicans might finally turn on Trump after all the scandals, corruption, lies, chaos, and insan… twitter
7:55am RT @yacitus: “… that would set a good precedent: that the Cabinet should and will remove a president who is mentally unfit for the job. By i… twitter
September 5th
12:22pm Images of the Destruction Left by Typhoon Jebi in Japan (click through) facebook
11:33am Reflections of the chambermaid. facebook
8:53am How would Ajit Pai treat an ISP that favored access to one party's sites over the other's then? Now he's suggesting tech companies are censoring conservative... facebook
September 4th
2:38pm RT @PreetBharara: I still can’t get over this tweet. It’s the most outrageous and damning proof of Trump’s utter contempt for the rule of la… twitter
12:54pm shell tips - [Application Memory Usage] dokuwiki
11:43am The fire at the National Museum of Brazil was devastating. (Click through.) facebook
September 2nd
6:04pm I'm still working on this, too. facebook
11:24am " They are seething with imaginary grievances, illusory persecution complexes, in which they’ve become the victims of fictional, nightmarish enemies, with th... facebook
10:43am TIL: Shooting around the net, no higher than the net is legal in tennis. What an amazing shot. facebook
8:29am Voyager Craft Coffee foursquare
September 1st
9:44pm The Trump administration knows which side of their bread is buttered. American farmers will be impacted by the tariffs, so they're considering subsidies for ... facebook
9:24pm RT @fawfulfan: No. No they're not. The bill they're pushing does not protect pre-existing conditions. It says people with pre-existing cond… twitter
11:20am Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
11:16am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
11:11am 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me last_fm
11:08am 10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days last_fm
11:04am 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather last_fm
10:58am Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
August 31st
12:46pm Reliability and consistency are requirements for building a brand. That's why some major brands can't be exceptional. facebook
9:39am New bucket-list item. Will I ever be a person lucky enough to enjoy that kind of moment? twitter
August 30th
9:53pm RT @GeorgeLakoff: Stay focused. via @RBReich twitter
10:56am RT @zannah: Proof. twitter
August 29th
11:06pm Hey Rosie VanHerp! It's the 9-year anniversary of Nathan's website (Flowing Data) appearance at 10/GUI! It's in the video around 7:15 in. facebook
7:05pm RT @RepAdamSchiff: Trump owns a hotel across the street from the FBI HQ. He has a financial stake in plans to redevelop or relocate. He car… twitter
12:10pm Wow, that's basically my current understanding. facebook
August 28th
10:31am RT @yacitus: Republicans in Congress have been scared of what they might expose if they did their job of investigation and oversight. Now th… twitter
9:48am RT @KamalaHarris: Every single day these families are separated, another child goes to sleep terrified because they don’t know where their p… twitter
August 27th
12:29pm These social rules could be adopted in many different situations. Nice job explaining them so clearly, @recursecenter. twitter
August 26th
9:18pm @b0rk Slight preference for the handwritten text. I love seeing little margin notes like the "↖byte 11" one that's only in the handwritten o… twitter
9:34am Modest Mouse - Float On last_fm
9:29am David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails V1 mix) last_fm
9:26am Cake - The Distance last_fm
9:23am Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket last_fm
August 25th
8:44pm This helps explain why the Wells Fargo of the 1980s is so different that Wells Fargo today. facebook
4:40pm Hacking conference organizers said kids had hacked “exact clones” of state election reporting websites, but that didn’t happen. facebook
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