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July 22nd
1:39am A good lesson from Poorly Drawn Lines. facebook
July 21st
2:42pm So it goes. I appreciate James Gunn's statement about being fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3. facebook
2:33pm RT @CREWcrew: This week in the NRA: -Maria Butina is charged with espionage for infiltrating groups including the NRA -news breaks that the … twitter
2:31pm RT @CREWcrew: President Trump’s handling of Scott Pruitt’s ethics fiasco highlights his failures as a manager and leader. By not immediately… twitter
5:53am C418 - Chris last_fm
5:50am C418 - Clark last_fm
5:48am C418 - Wet Hands last_fm
5:47am C418 - Dry Hands last_fm
5:42am C418 - Sweden last_fm
5:40am C418 - Key last_fm
5:38am Eric Fullerton - In Search of Diamonds last_fm
5:10am SISTAR - Give It To Me last_fm
5:07am Smash Mouth - All Star last_fm
5:04am Barenaked Ladies - One Week last_fm
4:57am Metric - Black Sheep last_fm
3:08am Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
3:03am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
3:00am 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me last_fm
July 20th
10:58am Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) - ambivalent world last_fm
July 19th
3:53pm RT @kurteichenwald: Unbelievable. Although nothing is unbelievable anymore. Republicans refuse to approve funding for cyber security upgra… twitter
July 18th
8:07pm RT @MaxBoot: The fallout from the surrender summit is reminiscent of the old Soviet joke: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” T… twitter
July 17th
2:58pm RT @cameron_kasky: Wait, hold on, this is getting lost in the fire: The NRA was LITERALLY colluding with a Russian spy and within 24 HOURS,… twitter
12:42pm Character matters. facebook
12:08pm @zannah Makes me want to read Microserfs. twitter
July 16th
5:16pm This cannot be true. (Putin helpfully answers for Trump.) facebook
12:35pm Protonmail, a secure email alternative, has a uniquely clever short URL. While works, they've also got I like the natural mne... facebook
10:33am @zannah Risky answer, indeed. twitter
10:31am RT @DanRather: The President of the United States trusts the word of a former KGB agent over the consensus of the American intelligence comm… twitter
July 15th
10:54am RT @ChrisMurphyCT: I refuse to live in a world where nothing is untrue or morally wrong, just left or right. Facebook’s inability to disti… twitter
10:52am RT @NewYorkStateAG: Last month, @BetsyDeVosED quietly broke with nearly two decades of practice & stopped sharing student loan info with… twitter
10:01am If the world at large can fix and forgive FIFA, then hopefully they can forgive the U.S.A. once we make reparations for a regrettable presid… twitter
4:48am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
July 13th
6:59pm RT @KenDilanianNBC: On a normal day this would be a big story. twitter
11:36am RT @jonfavs: The Russian government literally hacked state election boards and stole the information of 500,000 voters. Fuck the Republica… twitter
July 12th
9:40pm RT @The_UnSilent_: Number of people who go bankrupt every year because of medical bills: Britain - 0 France - 0 Germany - 0 Netherlands - 0… twitter
11:41am Oh, wow. I didn't even know this misreading of Luke vs. Vader in Return of the Jedi might happen. Interesting take. twitter
10:04am This thread between @b0rk and @xthread demonstrates the positive potential of Twitter. Smart people helping others out. Just wonderful. twitter
10:02am This Twitter thread shows how things can go right on Twitter. Smart person shares that she learned something. Another smart person chimes in about some of th... facebook
July 11th
2:30pm RT @RexHuppke: Please share this. Please be as mad as I am about this. Please fight this. Please shame everyone involved in this. twitter
8:49am It's amusing when the title doesn't match the URL. The title here is, "Believe it or not, Trump just told the truth". But the URL is help-vladimir-the-europe... facebook
4:14am Younha - Houki boshi last_fm
4:10am Younha - Aitai last_fm
4:05am 宇多田ヒカル - Beautiful World last_fm
4:00am Touhou - Bad Apple!! last_fm
3:54am Sowelu - Mamoru beki mono last_fm
3:50am Sowelu - Get Over last_fm
3:46am solua - Yoake no ashioto last_fm
3:42am Rie fu - 5000 Miles last_fm
2:33am Perfume - edge last_fm
2:31am 北出菜奈 - LUM no LOVE SONG last_fm
2:26am 安室奈美恵 - WoWa last_fm
July 10th
10:54am @zannah Click through to sign up for his Seminar on the Teachings of Thump. Apparently from the guy who also brought you the "I bought every… twitter
6:20am 安室奈美恵 - Baby Don't Cry last_fm
July 9th
2:00pm @KansenChu , as your constituent I urge you to vote YES on SB 822 (Wiener) and SB 460 (de Leon), the strongest net neutrality bills in the n… twitter
1:21pm @TechCrunch More than once, I've enjoyed an article and intend to share its URL, but when I scroll to the bottom to finish reading it, TechC… twitter
8:45am Nice, to verify the E.P.A.'s curated findings, ProPublica went to the contractor testers, and reviewed the military's tests, and got a better understanding o... facebook
8:31am I'm amused that Russia stepped in to protect the world at large from the off-the-rails U.S.A. when it comes to the World Health breast-feedi… twitter
July 8th
9:25pm Wait, what? This can't be true. "If Ecuador refused to drop the resolution [supporting breastfeeding instead of substitutes], Washington would unleash punish... facebook
5:36pm I'm gonna be honest: I'm only to the Madison Square Garden picture in this article about the brain and Neuralink, but I've already learned so much about the ... facebook
3:49pm On information warfare and the "#walkaway" campaign: "this psychological operation ... represents a trial run for future social media manipulation efforts.... facebook
July 7th
12:20pm @hellomattspicer @BillyMagnussen Ingrid Goes West's Nicky Sloane was deliciously contemptible/privileged from beginning to end. Thank you fo… twitter
10:36am RT @MarkHarrisNYC: To put it less glibly: Outreach can't change the minds of those who base their worldview on rejecting information. Which … twitter
July 6th
10:41pm Anybody see Ant-Man and the Wasp yet? Let me know if you have. Do not read the comments if you haven't. facebook
3:34pm RT @DanRather: "No man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others, can possibly do his duty by the community." - Theodore Roos… twitter
8:01am The Postal Service trolled stock image sites for a photo of the statue of Liberty, and ended up using one of the replica in Las Vegas instead of the original... facebook
July 5th
9:36pm A puzzle on my Father's Day card reminded me why I like developing code. twitter
9:31pm dblume shares A puzzle on my son's Father's Day card to me reminded me why I like developing code. plurk
9:11pm A puzzle my son wrote on my Father's Day card set me on a path that reminds me why I like code development. facebook
July 4th
10:15pm Father's Day Challenge david_dlma
7:45am RT @tchebotarev: @stshank @500px @GettyImages @creativecommons @SmugMug @Flickr Creative Commons is critical to the growth and support of th… twitter
July 3rd
6:54pm RT @SenMarkey: At the ICE facility I visited, I met a woman from Mexico who has lived here for 18 years. She called 911 after her husband br… twitter
10:03am Inspiring art from Loish from her recent trip to the Cévennes in France. facebook
July 2nd
1:34pm {w[i:]+w[:i] for i in range(len(w))} is Python for JavaScript's [...w].map((_, i, a) => a.slice(i).join('') + a.slice(0, i).join('')). I… twitter
July 1st
5:05pm Sen Dai Sushi foursquare
12:57pm There are some good points in this essay, although the title is a little provocative. "How American Collapse is Powered by Modern History’s Most Backwards Id... facebook
11:32am RT @CREWcrew: If anyone in this administration cared about ethics, Scott Pruitt would've been fired a long time ago twitter
June 30th
10:17am That's pretty much what I imagined Dave Grohl would say when asked if he would replace Neil Peart. Such a silly question. facebook
June 29th
9:20pm Airline's got me acclimated to neo grotesque Roboto.You're all probably going, Dude, just settle with Open Sans. But Roboto's got a version with the triang... facebook
2:09pm RT @keeltyc: Yes, I can think the top marginal tax rate should be 80%, and still be friends with someone who thinks it should be 35%. I can… twitter
2:08pm RT @CindyOtis_: Today seems like the right time to do a thread I've been thinking about for a while on how to handle the seemingly never-end… twitter
June 28th
9:40pm Winners of the 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest facebook
2:39pm RT @RokuPlayer: Introducing @amazonmusic on #Roku devices. 🎵 Stream millions of songs with your Prime membership and more with Amazon Mus… twitter
June 27th
11:37am Grace Hopper explaining and handing out nanoseconds. facebook
June 26th
2:34pm "Hypothetically if, while targeting [a single foreigner abroad], they happened to collect every single Gmail and every single Facebook message ... then the N... facebook
12:48pm RT @LilyMasonPhD: There needs to be an honest conversation about asymmetric expectations of civility. (Thread) twitter
12:41pm RT @Lawrence: Please keep doing this, Andrew. Please. (Retweet if you want more reporters to do this.) twitter
June 25th
9:40am RT @AoDespair: This THREAD has it exactly and overwhelmingly correct. Civility facilities the operation of a healthy, pluralistic republic… twitter
9:32am RT @rickygervais: Suggesting that all immigrants are like gang members is like suggesting that all Americans are like Trump. twitter
June 24th
9:48pm It really burns my britches to hear American politicians go on about how America's the greatest country and then also to refuse to hear criticism. Jesus, be ... facebook
9:35pm "At the end of the day, however, particularly in a rich country like the United States, the persistence of extreme poverty is a political choice made by thos... facebook
9:21pm RT @futurebreed: Friendly reminder that posting screenshots of tweets makes them less accessible to people who utilize screen readers, and… twitter
9:31am h/t to both William Gibson and Rick Mann for sharing. This is amazing. facebook
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