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July 30th
9:54pm I miss Xevious. twitter
8:55am dblume shares A good review of the Futayaku double-sided brush pen. plurk
July 29th
9:58pm dblume shares Bay Area to Standard American English Translator. Pretty accurate. plurk
8:15am dblume thinks Windows 10 is getting closer to the functionality of Dave's Quick Search Deskbar from 2002. Good steps, please keep going, Microsoft! plurk
8:13am Windows 10 brings the OS one step closer to the functionality of Dave's Quick Search Deskbar (From 2002!) Keep going! twitter
July 28th
July 27th
4:46pm ProTip: DreamHost shared servers disabled SMTP port 25 two weeks ago. Some scripts (Python) that send email affected. Use port 587 instead. twitter
2:22am dblume shares a 7.5' Baymax. plurk
July 24th
6:38pm One-Minute Time Machine | Sploid Short Film Festival · Official Selection youtube_favorites
8:38am dblume wonders why do I love depressing comic week? plurk
July 23rd
9:45am dblume shares Learning Seattle's Work Habits from Bicycle Counts, esp. for Narilka plurk
July 21st
10:45am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
July 20th
7:48pm San Francisco International Airport (SFO) foursquare
12:10pm Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) foursquare
July 19th
11:42pm Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) foursquare
11:36pm Au revoir France! We even enjoyed your TV show Fort Boyard! twitter
10:44am dblume says In some ways, I can see where Alan Moore is coming from. plurk
10:16am I'm returning to the land where my neighbors read and understand posts like: (I got the meaning, if not the details.) twitter
8:28am Il Naturale foursquare
5:06am Maison de Victor Hugo foursquare
4:20am Amorino foursquare
2:41am Île Saint-Louis foursquare
July 18th
6:44am Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre foursquare
5:06am Hard Rock Cafe Paris foursquare
4:10am Place Vendôme foursquare
12:40am Musée d'Orsay foursquare
July 17th
6:18am Ladurée foursquare
5:54am Secret climbing wall for kids on the Seine, instagram
5:28am Pont Alexandre III foursquare
4:14am Tribeca foursquare
3:58am Rue Cler foursquare
12:19am Tour Eiffel foursquare
July 16th
11:43am Lav' Club foursquare
8:38am Pharmacie BOUJEN foursquare
4:47am Starbucks foursquare
1:56am Musée du Louvre foursquare
July 15th
3:09pm dblume says I was at the house where Harry Potter was born in Godric's Hollow! (That's what they told me...) plurk
9:37am Fat Tire Bike Tours foursquare
5:29am dblume says Quest complete! I found Glico Men's Pocky in Europe! plurk
3:57am Bertie's CupCakery foursquare
3:51am Sur Le Pouce foursquare
3:49am Sainte-Chapelle foursquare
1:19am Point Zéro des Routes de France foursquare
1:16am Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris foursquare
July 14th
12:38pm #bastilleday instagram
10:16am Pizza Vesuvio foursquare
8:22am Arc de Triomphe foursquare
6:39am Hotel Residence Foch foursquare
6:12am Métro Gare du Nord [4,5] foursquare
1:53am London St Pancras International Railway Station (STP) foursquare
July 13th
2:00pm Nando's foursquare
9:03am Stonehenge Visitors Centre foursquare
9:02am Stonehenge foursquare
5:52am Bath foursquare
5:23am The Royal Crescent foursquare
4:37am Lacock foursquare
4:23am King John's Hunting Lodge Tea Rooms foursquare
4:13am Red Lion foursquare
1:54am Heston Westbound Motorway Services (Moto) foursquare
July 12th
10:58am PizzaExpress foursquare
8:57am British Library foursquare
6:54am Platform 9¾ foursquare
6:39am Sculpture at St. Pancreas Intl. Notice that while they embrace, she's checking her phone? instagram
5:25am Nando's foursquare
2:11am British Museum foursquare
July 11th
7:55am Camden Market foursquare
6:26am Wagamama foursquare
5:07am 10 Downing St. foursquare
2:29am Buckingham Palace foursquare
2:16am Green Park foursquare
July 10th
11:48am PizzaExpress foursquare
8:42am Piccadilly Circus foursquare
8:16am National Gallery foursquare
7:36am Trafalgar Square foursquare
7:29am Jubilee Walkway foursquare
7:28am Houses of Parliament foursquare
3:42am Westminster Abbey foursquare
July 9th
8:59am Sky Garden foursquare
6:46am Tower Bridge foursquare
4:38am The kids in front of the White Tower in London with one round turret. instagram
2:23am The Crown Jewels foursquare
2:17am Tower of London foursquare
2:03am Me, the Thames, and the Shard instagram
1:50am The Monument to the Great Fire of London foursquare
July 8th
9:53am Shake Shack foursquare
6:34am London Heathrow Airport (LHR) foursquare
July 7th
4:40pm George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) foursquare
9:28am San Francisco International Airport (SFO) foursquare
July 6th
7:32pm Bento Xpress foursquare
10:17am Another excellent The Codeless Code, "This Too Shall Pass": twitter
8:27am RT @saladinahmed: I don't claim to know shit about soccer, but I know this women vs. dudes gif amuses me. ht @docky twitter
8:21am After bugging my son (because that's what dad do), "Dad, please go read Reddit or something." twitter
July 5th
7:27pm RT @SciencePorn: This is one of my favorite quotes by Neil deGrasse Tyson. We're proud to have been there when he said it.… twitter
5:59pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
July 4th
2:18pm dblume shares Flirting, then and now. plurk
2:18pm Flirting, then and now. twitter
2:16pm Flirting, then and now. I transcribed a conversation I had with my son yesterday. facebook
2:12pm Flirting mydlma
July 3rd
5:43pm Thai Town foursquare
11:02am dblume asks Why don't I have this Feral Finders shirt‽ plurk
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