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May 24th
9:01pm @openpathscc @nytlabs It's been a week of only 502s and 504s from for everybody. Please revive it or emit 410 GONE. twitter
11:40am Cardboard Tube Samurai poster spotted on Weeds S6:E2, 22:30. @cwgabriel Classy show. twitter
May 23rd
8:48am @yacitus I doodle on pageaday calendars but I take inspiration from people like Leigh Reyes twitter
May 22nd
11:50pm @yacitus The ink is notoriously beautiful and ruinous. twitter
11:49pm @yacitus It's about the danger of putting permanent ink in a clear fountain pen, even if I really like the color. twitter
9:51pm Is my TWSBI demonstrator old enough that I'll put Baystate Blue in it and maybe permanently stain it? Not yet, but one day... twitter
4:38pm dblume shares From The Trenches. Checked Mate Check. plurk
12:25pm Planet Granite foursquare
9:27am @openpathscc @nytlabs I only bother you to revive and its service because I think you and it are awesome + valuable. twitter
12:00am Corollary to the "Law of the Instrument": When you've got a freshly filled fountain pen, everything needs your signature on it. twitter
May 21st
1:55pm Will re-watch Asghar Farhadi's "A Separation" with family. Netflix's best guess for me? 4.9/5.0. Sounds about right. But I won't tell them. twitter
May 20th
12:58pm Roku celebrated National #streamingday with a Roku 3 cake! instagram
10:04am My daughter and I will be putting our @RokuPlayer through its paces today since its National #StreamingDay. twitter
8:32am @neavilag @openpathscc @nytlabs You meant "not working since Sat", right? twitter
May 19th
11:02pm @openpathscc @nytlabs & service haven't been working for two days. iPhone app or API. Only 502s and 504s. twitter
7:13pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
10:15am RT @justincampbell: Code comments twitter
10:14am RT @raymondh: #python tip: You can use functools.partial() to store custom methods in an object dictionary: twitter
9:56am TWSBI 580 Disassembly- Ink Nouveau youtube_favorites
9:29am TWSBI Diamond 580 Maintenance youtube_favorites
May 18th
12:17pm Planet Granite foursquare
May 17th
2:43pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
11:57am Giorgio's Pizzeria foursquare
8:11am All out of tortillas. Let's race! And by that, I mean walk. twitter
7:34am Bay To Breakers 2015 foursquare
6:26am Fremont BART AC Transit Center foursquare
May 16th
8:50pm dblume shares Catch and Release by Matt Simons - calligraphy lyric... plurk
8:45pm @jjinux Despite some comments to your post, I think you made your case. I'd have expected consistent behavior in b when you append to a. twitter
11:38am Starbucks foursquare
May 15th
9:11pm dblume says the weather here is amazing. plurk
7:38pm Ohana Hawaiian BBQ foursquare
12:13pm Planet Granite foursquare
May 14th
8:45pm RT @raymondh: Today was a good day for the internet. The RFC for HTTP/2 was released today. twitter
12:58pm @yacitus What‽ And let the title wrap? :) OK, yes, of course you're right, but that's just the tip of the iceberg of things I need to fix. twitter
11:58am @yacitus I'll consider migrating when it's free for the first 100 GB shared devices, and $2.50 for subsequent blocks. twitter
9:22am @dreamhostcare: I updated to warn against the empty restored Google Authenticator problem. (See my last tweet, too.) twitter
9:03am ProTip: Select "Encrypt iPhone Backup" to backup Google Authenticator accounts, too. Otherwise it restores as new. twitter
7:52am @DreamHostCare (2) site in addition to the personal info. The personal info is easier to obtain. Ability to edit site is near proof. twitter
7:50am @DreamHostCare (1) Google Authenticator didn't move to my new iPhone with accounts. Your support should have asked me to leave a file at ... twitter
May 13th
11:25pm 98.5% correlation between video games and CS degrees. twitter
12:33pm Verifying I am +dblume on my passcard. twitter
12:29pm dblume shares Tiger's Nest, in Bhutan plurk
May 12th
8:56pm Ah, it is just a regular delete-able bookmark. I might revert enhanced-bookmarks-experiment anyway. It's not better. twitter
8:51pm How do I get rid of the new Open All Bookmarks button on the bookmarks bar in Chrome? It's not chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment twitter
4:05pm Raymond Hettinger suggests two ways to computer a dot product in . googleplus
May 11th
May 10th
5:26pm Tomatina foursquare
1:17pm The G.O.P.’s War on Science Gets Worse via @ElizKolbert twitter
May 9th
10:38pm I've just read the first Hellboy in Hell TPB, and I really loved it. I've always been a sucker for when Mignola illustrates his stories. I'm happy to report ... facebook
May 8th
7:28pm Princeton Study: Congress literally doesn't care what you think. twitter
5:35pm I've got loads of data. And I've got a business question. Having trouble trying to manipulate the data into something useful. twitter
5:32pm UX Designers: Telling me I clicked on a nearby item's *shadow* for dragging instead of the actual item underneath the cursor is wrong. twitter
5:05pm RT @alexjbroad: I drink water constantly. Flavoured water. Made from all natural ingredien-- Fine. It's coffee. twitter
2:17pm @yacitus Glad you liked it. They had me at "Science Fiction Design Apologetics". twitter
May 7th
12:14pm Planet Granite foursquare
May 5th
May 4th
12:09pm Planet Granite foursquare
10:53am dblume says Sure, they joke. But the scenario is legitimately horrifying. plurk
10:51am "I’m equal parts father and, somehow, dystopian data druglord." -Tycho at Penny Arcade twitter
7:34am I searched for the teen horror film, "Unfriended", at Netflix, and it came up with the 1987 film, "Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel". twitter
7:31am dblume says I searched for the teen horror film, "Unfriended" at Netflix, and they came up with the 1987 film, "Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel". plurk
12:48am dblume says May the 4th be with you. plurk
May 3rd
5:49pm Ex Machina is my kind of movie. My wife didn't like the end so much, but I especially liked the end. facebook
May 2nd
5:43pm Thai Spice foursquare
2:20pm AMC Van Ness 14 foursquare
11:24am TC Pastry foursquare
10:01am dblume shares Protip: Turn Chrome's "what tab is making sound" speaker icon into a mute button, too. plurk
May 1st
9:31pm Protip: Turn Chrome's "what tab is making sound" speaker icon into a mute button, too. twitter
6:29pm Thai Town foursquare
12:31pm Planet Granite foursquare
April 30th
10:01pm RT @alex_macdonald: I will fight to support the Oxford comma until I draw my last breath. twitter
April 29th
11:09pm dblume says Leigh Reyes references Bill Sienkiewicz's Electra and then doodles Electra in her latest post. plurk
April 27th
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