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November 28th
8:22pm @yacitus "Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness." twitter
11:48am Seems like io9 hasn't figured out this clue J.J. Abrams left in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. facebook
11:44am dblume shares One of J.J. Abrams's clues in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. plurk
11:12am RT @notch: We got here by sharing ideas, with huge boosts in progress whenever we got better at sharing ideas (language, books, internet). twitter
November 27th
11:48pm I posted a few weeks ago about why dads work on projects in the garage. A little later I came across this charming video that captures some of the spirit. facebook
10:37pm It's Friday in most of the world. Is the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer out now? facebook
8:23pm dblume says the Seahawks are playing strong, and Sherman is earning his keep! plurk
8:43am RT @Amazing_Maps: US GDP split in half twitter
November 26th
2:52pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
November 25th
10:32am dblume says Katie Rice just threw down the gauntlet. plurk
November 24th
9:49am dblume shares an online customer support success story. plurk
November 23rd
11:14am dblume says Did you know that when the ambient temperature is below, I dunno, 85°f, bacon grease solidifies‽ The things you learn in winter! plurk
November 22nd
8:41pm Obama conspiracy infiltrates House Intelligence Committee and falsifies report on Benghazi. Proof: They denied the conspiracy. twitter
8:35pm Fox News missed an angle. Instead of just burying the story that the House Intelligence Committee found no Obama-sanctioned wrongdoings related to the 2012 B... facebook
11:25am dblume says As a Californian, watching these bozos clean their filters under continuously running, clean, water was madness. plurk
10:39am One of the most useful Chrome extensions I've ever used. googleplus
November 21st
10:20pm dblume says some days you cruise by Reddit and say to yourself, "how do I make sure that link stays blue forever?" plurk
10:10pm I liked both stories from Tuesday's "Fresh Air" podcast. I'd be hard pressed to pick one, so listen to both. One's the true story about the mutually assured ... facebook
7:15pm @DocKaotic Don't forget "she" as in "shebang" #! twitter
9:24am dblume shares Commitlogs from Last Night does not disappoint. plurk
8:26am dblume shares Olympus. plurk
November 20th
10:06pm dblume says Yes, I love the Braintree HTML source ads in places like this. plurk
8:14pm #TBT Clowning around in the early '80s with Val M Jamora and Felicia Mignola. facebook
12:13pm Planet Granite foursquare
November 19th
1:23pm dblume says I forgot to celebrate Pocky Day last week!! plurk
1:16pm When I set "subtitles on" I want them on from now on, even for subsequent shows. Until I say otherwise. Got that, Netflix and Kaleidescape? twitter
November 18th
9:03pm Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" was just made for parodies, wasn't it? facebook
10:46am Blade of the Immortal - [From Vol 29: Raining Chaos] dokuwiki
November 17th
7:43pm Over at Google+, I posted about how much I love creative smart people sharing things. I forgot to mention that I really love the names BioCurious and Evil Ma... facebook
7:40pm Smart people sharing and making. twitter
7:37pm What amazing thing can we make next? googleplus
12:31pm Planet Granite foursquare
November 16th
10:03pm "...the right of such beneficiary to take any interest given to him or her under this trust or any trust created pursuant to this trust shall be determined a... facebook
9:23pm Here's a note I wrote to my son regarding something that happened today. (The Facebook slug says it all. You don't even have to click through.) facebook
9:20pm In a minute… mydlma
12:19pm RT @eurogamer: Half-Life 2 is 10 years old today. @RichStanton gets to the heart of a classic: twitter
November 15th
5:05pm Giorgio's Pizzeria foursquare
4:09pm Starbucks foursquare
4:09pm San Francisco Athletic Club foursquare
November 14th
8:48pm "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat‽"If there ever was call for an interrobang... facebook
6:20pm Thai Town foursquare
2:23pm RT @DisegnoDaily: "I like to work in a small team. There is only 18 of us on the design team. Nobody has ever left" Jonathan Ive #DM25IveLi… twitter
9:15am Looking forward to a Python IDE-off between PyCharm and Visual Studio Community Edition 2013 when I get home. twitter
9:11am I'm pretty excited to go home and have an free IDE-off between JetBrains PyCharm and Microsoft's Visual Studio Community Edition 2013 for #Python development. googleplus
November 13th
11:01pm @dougblume Doug, I'm still receiving your receipts to my email account. Please correct your iTunes account email information. twitter
12:09pm Planet Granite foursquare
November 12th
10:03pm dblume says Top story of the news: Storm Watch! Storm Tracker! "...playing havoc..." Fancy graphics. Doppler radar! plurk
November 11th
8:29pm RT @Crunchyroll: Fans of Time of Eve! RT this to WIN a copy of the Deluxe Edition! More info: twitter
November 10th
7:12pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
12:45pm Planet Granite foursquare
11:15am dblume says "I don’t want to sound like one of those idiots but the fact of the matter is the Xbox One is a garbage system for trash people." --Gabe, Penny Arcade plurk
8:52am Another excellent The Codeless Code, "Horizontal, Vertical" twitter
7:43am Such an enjoyable book throughout. Hope it wins. facebook
November 9th
4:09pm “Samuel Beckett once said: ‘Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.’” ... "On the other hand, he SAID it." -- Art Spiegelman in M... facebook
November 8th
11:47pm I wrote about why dads work on jalopies. googleplus
11:44pm dblume shares I wrote about why dads work on jalopies in the garage. Except it was about web services and Python. plurk
11:40pm I wrote about why dads work on jalopies. Except it was about web services and #python. It's probably the most technical thing I've written yet. You can skim ... facebook
11:33pm I wrote about why dads work on jalopies. Except it was about web services and #python. twitter
10:49am Unsatisfied Women in Western Art. Click through. Read the captions. facebook
November 7th
10:11pm dblume shares 100% honest random screen cap. I got up to kiss the kids goodnight, and walked back to this. plurk
11:13am @big_picture Without an RSS/Atom feed, I've missed everything since the move. Losing keyboard navigation hurts usability, too. I gave up. twitter
8:45am Yo Dawg, I heard you like the history command, so we're grepping history for when you grepped history. twitter
November 6th
10:54pm @dougblume Check your Facebook "Other Folder" for an email. twitter
10:46pm @dougblume Doug, we have the same initial and last name. You accidentally are having some email sent to a yahoo account I maintain. twitter
12:49pm Planet Granite foursquare
7:37am Python - [Python] dokuwiki
November 5th
9:41pm dblume shares ALL ABOUT THAT BASE (Star Wars Parody - Meghan Train... plurk
6:02pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
11:29am @flowingdata Chart of cousins: The relationship of a child to a grandchild of a common ancestor is an aunt or uncle. (row 2, column 3) twitter
10:48am dblume shares the food truck outside is "Oh Miso Hungry". plurk
November 4th
9:35pm Towards the end of the latest This Week in Tech (TWiT) around 1:21:15.Leo Laporte: "What would you get, Chromecast or a Fire TV Stick?"Rafe Needleman: "Ro... facebook
9:19pm Leo Laporte: "What would you get, Chromecast or a Fire TV Stick?" Rafe Needleman: "Roku." @ 1:21:15 twitter
November 3rd
7:31pm I'm tempted to vote "yes" on Milpitas's Measure E for a new gambling card room just to spite those other casinos sending me fliers to vote "no" on the measur... facebook
12:40pm Planet Granite foursquare
November 2nd
2:19pm We triaged another couple of boxes of my parents' things. Mom kept everything, including things like her grammar school valentines and mementos from previous... facebook
November 1st
10:39am dblume says I've been telling people that my son, in the bottom right, is going as a Koch Industries Executive. Scariest thing ever. plurk
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