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April 24th
1:50pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
11:19am shell tips - [Retrieving Symbols with addr2line] dokuwiki
April 22nd
4:13pm I wrote a post explaining how to make the bash prompt responsive by using the (()) construct to evaluate $? when ca… twitter
2:33pm Responsive colors for the Bash shell prompt david_dlma
April 21st
6:24pm Blue Water Seafood & Crab foursquare
2:23pm I've read a lot of criticism of James Comey, and heard two interviews. This is my favorite. Terry Gross asks two of the questions I wanted her to. 1. What wa... facebook
2:10pm Was it a mistake to shut down As is often the case, it's complicated. Listen to this interesting podcast. facebook
8:28am Anthony Spangler Elementary School foursquare
April 20th
4:35pm RT @TerribleMaps: Prison population per 100,000 people twitter
8:36am Please ignore Robert Reich's political leanings. Consider whether what he says is demonstrably true regardless of party affiliation. If you care about who wi... facebook
April 19th
10:20pm Janis Ian's "At Seventeen". A clear voice and eloquent depiction of a fragile time in life. facebook
April 18th
8:16pm RT @ACLU: We call on @Amazon, @Google, @Microsoft, and @Apple to resist Russia's internet censorship campaign. Stand for human rights by… twitter
April 17th
April 16th
8:23am RT @Kaepernick7: twitter
April 15th
10:29pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
7:33pm I can't imagine what it must be like for that teenager. Helping the police and FBI, but then he was slated for deportation by ICE and marked for death. facebook
12:46pm That time when Tom Cruise made UPS deliveries to show Michael Mann he could blend in. He even had lunch with a guy posing as the delivery man, and nobody kne... facebook
7:56am With the latest drop of iOS, my iMessage conversations have been occurring in chronological order. (Instead of my friends' messages appearing above my latest... facebook
April 14th
2:47pm Japantown Peace Plaza foursquare
12:48pm This view with the old white walls and clear blue skies reminds me of Santorini. instagram
11:50am TC Pastry foursquare
April 13th
7:14pm Bonchon Chicken foursquare
1:11pm Something from the Monterey Bay Aquarium that Rick Mann might appreciate. facebook
9:47am Linux protip: "apropos -s 4 ." to learn about the special files on your system, like /dev/full (which seems to be l… twitter
7:39am Joseph's most complex Rube Goldberg machine yet. The Cake Server. Worth watching. h/t Rick Mann facebook
April 12th
12:30pm Fallen Giants. Includes Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix. facebook
April 11th
12:23pm Another great collection of photos from The Atlantic: China Viewed from Above. facebook
9:45am Music - [Music] dokuwiki
April 10th
4:19pm RT @maxschrems: So #Zuckerberg says that they delete data once you delete it.. 🤔 twitter
8:16am Music - [Music] dokuwiki
April 9th
5:40pm You guys, click through for a nice desktop vacation. Travel Monday: A Photo Trip to Meteora, Greece facebook
April 8th
7:37pm Kai Stinchcombe is still right about blockchain. facebook
2:17pm @zannah Wife just confirmed that this is actually her. twitter
April 7th
9:43pm instagram
12:44pm Fair enough. facebook
9:53am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
9:33am @integerpoet First time I've seen that. It was really rewarding to discover the artist and title in the image. twitter
April 5th
6:57pm Robert Reich is not wrong on this. We should be making repairs in Puerto Rico, not sending troops to the border with Mexico. facebook
4:59pm I absolutely do use our library. I'm a big fan of their reservation system. facebook
April 4th
7:57pm I really love this one. h/t Rick Mann facebook
1:39pm I don't run from my problems. I let my problems run me. facebook
12:36pm April Blooms in The Atlantic's "In Focus" feature. facebook
8:38am A k-nearest neighbors algorithm in Python that Raymond Hettinger calls "magical". (Note to self: Don't forget to ch… twitter
April 3rd
8:16pm You guys, a Game Developer Magazine format Post Mortem! I miss these and love them so much! facebook
9:42am The White House's "1600 Daily" cites this Buzzfeed article on "a huge caravan of Central Americans" crossing Mexico to storm the U.S. You guys, we're under a... facebook
April 1st
5:45pm dblume says I wrote up a little history on the evolution of my user-pic from 2D pixel art to the current voxel art version. plurk
5:34pm I wrote up a little history on the subtle evolution of my user-pic from 2D pixel art to the current voxel art version. facebook
5:29pm RT @cubemusicjp: Bathroom #magicavoxel twitter
5:29pm Here's a post about the creation of my current avatar, made with #magicavoxel. twitter
3:22pm Into the Next Dimension david_dlma
12:54pm Century 20 Great Mall and XD foursquare
March 31st
6:06pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
March 30th
7:14pm Thai Town foursquare
March 29th
1:01am Jan Morris sounds amazing. She served in World War II, accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary when he climbed Mt. Everest, and at 90, wrote a new book about the batt... facebook
March 27th
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