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October 19th
8:54am How should you really respond to unlicensed poll watchers? You'll see a lot of pithy images over the next few days that refer to very old FBI posts, like thi... facebook
7:18am shell tips - [Performance Metrics] dokuwiki
October 18th
9:04pm @yacitus Ooh, I love Aimee Mann. Thanks for suggesting this, just listened to it and really enjoyed it. twitter
9:02am How the Arizona paper that endorsed Clinton responds to the threats after their endorsement. facebook
October 17th
10:01am gdb dokuwiki
October 16th
8:19pm gdb - created dokuwiki
11:15am Raspberry Pi - [Logs] dokuwiki
October 15th
3:35pm Raspberry Pi - [Logs] dokuwiki
12:56pm RT @AdamParkhomenko: Absolutely devastating. twitter
October 14th
9:14pm Just look! facebook
6:59pm Thai Town foursquare
8:42am dblume shares TRON maps, people! plurk
October 13th
10:46pm I just made my Google Chrome Interrobang extension open source. twitter
10:40pm @ResearchGate Please add an ATOM or RSS feed for your excellent blog, so that your readers can know when there's new content. twitter
10:24pm Bill Gates shares four moonshots that government should invest in to accelerate innovation. facebook
8:54pm Trump could be just as dangerous in defeat has he could be in victory. He's priming his supporters to believe the election was stolen from them, and that thi... facebook
4:54pm RT @billyeichner: Win or lose, Trump made our world uglier. I don't want any reality shows from him after this, no cutesy late night sketch… twitter
October 12th
11:49pm dblume says I decided to make my Google Chrome Interrobang AddOn open source. plurk
5:39pm @yacitus I just did my first Swarm review. twitter
3:44pm Woohoo! Shiny new code review tool! It doesn't take a lot to make us happy. twitter
October 11th
4:19pm Just 100 days left. Urge President Obama to pardon Snowden before leaving office. twitter
8:44am Despite the hyperbolic headline, it's worth reading. facebook
October 10th
8:51am For those who don't have the context about Donald Trump and the Central Part Five. facebook
October 9th
5:48pm Tomatina foursquare
2:32pm What do we want?Brains!When do we want them?Brains!"Stagger Slide", Dance Band facebook
2:26pm dblume says I finally discovered why my Interrobang AddOn's keyboard shortcut stopped working. plurk
11:39am JS ProTip: As of Chrome 53, untrusted events (those made with createEvent()) do not invoke the default action. Affects Interrobang AddOn. twitter
1:33am The 21st Century's 100 best Movies. I really like this list, makes me feel like I'm not so alone with some of my favorites.It includes one movie (I didn't ... facebook
October 8th
10:02pm RT @badbanana: The chef who invented turducken died. In keeping with his final wishes, he will be buried normally you monsters. twitter
10:00pm "It is not only acceptable to choose your country over your party, it is your duty." Arnold Schwarzenegger facebook
9:56pm RT @iowahawkblog: "I'd tap that" is locker room banter. "I grab em by the p***y and they can't do anything cuz I'm famous" is a psychopath'… twitter
October 7th
10:02pm Yahoo and Trump: UnremittingI have a friend who brags that nothing can bring Yahoo's stock price down. Not the revelation that they sat on a 500,000,000 em... facebook
October 6th
9:31am “The average American … does not think crime is down, does not think they are safer,” Gingrich replied.“But we are safer, and it is down,” Camerota retorted... facebook
October 5th
10:05pm I've cancelled my Flickr Pro and will be cancelling my Yahoo email accts due to their lack of transparency password breach & email scanning. twitter
October 3rd
11:29am david completed "Add form to photos site." tasks
October 2nd
10:29am Lands End foursquare
October 1st
6:52am dblume says I sorta want a 1:1 scale xenomorph facehugger. plurk
September 30th
6:51pm Red Lobster foursquare
9:43am Two isolated Americas, a short insightful post with great photos. facebook
September 29th
7:43pm One choice quote: “'Had we taken the oil … and we should have taken the oil … they wouldn’t have even formed,' Trump said. That, of course, would be a war cr... facebook
7:26am GQ published a sexist climbing fashion article, and Outdoor Research answered with the perfect response. (Both the perfectly matched photos and captions are ... facebook
September 28th
9:45pm dblume shares esp. for Zannah, all four members of the Crunchyroll staff are wearing Tokidoki for the Fall Rollout. Crunchyroll Fall Rollout plurk
September 27th
9:25pm RT @contrarianp: The World Passes 400 PPM Threshold. Permanently via @ClimateCentral twitter
9:23pm @zannah Doesn't seem like something they won't kill within two years. twitter
8:04pm After upgrading to iOS 10.0.2, my Klipsch R6i's 3-button remote stopped working. But when I connected an Apple branded headphone, its 3-button remote would w... facebook
7:56pm ProTip: After iOS 10, my Klipsch R6i's 3-button remote stopped working. "Touching" Settings->Music->Volume Limit, makes them resume working. twitter
September 26th
3:59pm Today marks the biggest launch in @RokuPlayer’s history! See what I’ve been working on at #Roku: twitter
September 25th
6:02pm Burnt Rice Korean Restaurant foursquare
September 23rd
8:49pm "Looking back, it’s remarkable to realize that, in response to a single day of terror, Washington set the Middle East ablaze, turned air travel into a form o... facebook
8:23pm dblume shares Emails from a CEO who's making the presentation himself this time. plurk
12:03pm shell tips - [Performance Metrics] dokuwiki
8:26am My favorite episode yet: Radiolab: The Primitive Streak twitter
September 22nd
6:56pm LinkedIn foursquare
9:31am A good, concise article: How To Get Better At What You Do, Every Single Day. facebook
September 21st
6:01pm La Fondue foursquare
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