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September 29th
7:43pm One choice quote: “'Had we taken the oil … and we should have taken the oil … they wouldn’t have even formed,' Trump said. That, of course, would be a war cr... facebook
7:26am GQ published a sexist climbing fashion article, and Outdoor Research answered with the perfect response. (Both the perfectly matched photos and captions are ... facebook
September 28th
9:45pm dblume shares esp. for Zannah, all four members of the Crunchyroll staff are wearing Tokidoki for the Fall Rollout. Crunchyroll Fall Rollout plurk
September 27th
9:25pm RT @contrarianp: The World Passes 400 PPM Threshold. Permanently via @ClimateCentral twitter
9:23pm @zannah Doesn't seem like something they won't kill within two years. twitter
8:04pm After upgrading to iOS 10.0.2, my Klipsch R6i's 3-button remote stopped working. But when I connected an Apple branded headphone, its 3-button remote would w... facebook
7:56pm ProTip: After iOS 10, my Klipsch R6i's 3-button remote stopped working. "Touching" Settings->Music->Volume Limit, makes them resume working. twitter
September 26th
3:59pm Today marks the biggest launch in @RokuPlayer’s history! See what I’ve been working on at #Roku: twitter
September 25th
6:02pm Burnt Rice Korean Restaurant foursquare
September 23rd
8:49pm "Looking back, it’s remarkable to realize that, in response to a single day of terror, Washington set the Middle East ablaze, turned air travel into a form o... facebook
8:23pm dblume shares Emails from a CEO who's making the presentation himself this time. plurk
12:03pm shell tips - [Performance Metrics] dokuwiki
8:26am My favorite episode yet: Radiolab: The Primitive Streak twitter
September 22nd
6:56pm LinkedIn foursquare
9:31am A good, concise article: How To Get Better At What You Do, Every Single Day. facebook
September 21st
6:01pm La Fondue foursquare
September 20th
7:47pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
September 19th
9:50am dblume says That's the first time I've seen "its’" (plural possessive form) in a company-wide email. plurk
9:08am I've seen a few of these articles about the F-35. facebook
September 18th
3:31pm Phil's Fish Market & Eatery foursquare
10:29am Moss Landing Harbor foursquare
September 17th
6:53pm Tin Pot Creamery foursquare
3:56pm Union Presbyterian Church foursquare
September 15th
9:35pm Once again, I forget I can't connect to other local devices in the house while on the VPN. twitter
1:22am dblume says Attention zannah: A BB-8 Lanyard. plurk
September 14th
8:18pm dblume says I saw this iOS LifeHacker link in my Facebook feed before I even knew I needed it. plurk
2:44pm RT @AdamParkhomenko: If you watch one thing today watch this. If you RT one thing today RT this. twitter
7:30am I amuse myself by replacing "amateur hack" with "artisanal hand-crafted product". facebook
September 11th
10:12pm @qreenlantern I wonder if those scenes from Suicide Squad intentionally referenced The Silence of the Lambs. twitter
10:06pm Today Aaron explained to the family how Dr. Hannibal Lecter is like Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Both were brilliant psychiatrists who pivoted careers towards psycho... facebook
5:45pm Tomatina foursquare
12:17am Forests before the war were thousands of meters high. What you are actually looking at are merely thirty-meter bushes in front of an Yggdrasil-like stump. facebook
September 10th
10:36pm dblume shares I recognized more songs from Namie's fashion than I thought I would. Cartoons! Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) w/z BMG plurk
11:21am RT @laweez: Real Doonesbury strip from 1999. SCARY. @ChuckNellis #NeverTrump twitter
September 9th
11:33pm I don't know what the people who didn't like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies were expecting. I felt like it hit the right mix. It didn't disappoint. facebook
September 8th
2:03pm @raymondh I might use that tip, but I'll feel guilty doing so unless I knew I needed the speed. twitter
September 7th
9:08pm dblume shares There's a "sequel" to Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop! It's HYPER-REALITY. HYPER-REALITY plurk
8:05pm There's a sequel to Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop! In case you haven't seen that one, here it is: facebook
September 6th
8:51am ProTip: Google Photos gracefully backs up the video part of iPhone Live Photos, too. twitter
September 5th
5:04pm Stanford Shopping Center foursquare
11:55am Eagle Point Labyrinth foursquare
10:59am Lands End foursquare
10:13am Java Beach Cafe foursquare
September 4th
9:34pm @yacitus It sounded like you taught your kid to multi-task: play while enjoying a beer. twitter
8:24pm I don't even know what to add. I really loved George Carlin. Worst. Timing. Ever. facebook
2:00pm Dolce Spazio Dessert Cafe foursquare
1:42pm Castle Rock State Park foursquare
September 3rd
6:43pm The Counter foursquare
September 2nd
8:46pm RT @sherlockmichael: Saudi Arabia sentences a man to 10 years in jail and 2,000 lashes for being an atheist #IStandWithSaudiAtheists http… twitter
6:51pm Thai Town foursquare
9:00am Worth the read. facebook
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