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July 24th
10:26am Sucré foursquare
10:11am Rum House foursquare
July 23rd
6:00pm Preservation Hall foursquare
4:25pm My wife invented a fusion Creole Asian appetizer: blackened gator tail bite lettuce wraps! instagram
1:47pm Hotel Le Marais foursquare
12:00pm Killer Po-boys foursquare
9:36am Café Du Monde foursquare
8:00am Enjoying the thunder, lightning, and rain when our phones blare an emergency alert about flash flooding. No Ninth Ward tours for us today. facebook
July 22nd
5:03pm I finished Andy Weir's The Martian yesterday (great book), and today's appetizer before dinner was potatoes. Potatoes. facebook
9:51am Café Du Monde foursquare
July 21st
3:36pm Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) foursquare
10:39am John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) foursquare
July 20th
8:53am Siren, 1570 - 90; Anybody want a Starbucks coffee? instagram
July 18th
7:14am RT @tdawks: Asking for trouble. twitter
July 17th
6:18pm Sublime Text Giveaway via @sublimetxttips twitter
9:13am LaGuardia Airport (LGA) foursquare
July 16th
5:31pm Hard Rock Cafe Chicago foursquare
12:39pm The Art Institute of Chicago foursquare
8:46am Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain foursquare
7:31am dblume shares 3 Years Later, Google+ Drops Its Dumb Real Name Rule And Apologizes. Esp. for some of my friends. plurk
July 15th
6:00pm Another sweet coffee drink: an Affogato with two two shots of Piemontese hazelnut liqueur. instagram
9:37am Skydeck Chicago foursquare
July 14th
11:59am Salami and cheese sandwich with garlic aioli, a Riesling and the White Wine Cheese Sampler at the Uber Tap Room. instagram
11:18am Wisconsin Cheese Mart foursquare
July 13th
7:14pm Eataly foursquare
1:27pm Hyatt Place Chicago/River North foursquare
11:01am Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) foursquare
5:42am San Francisco International Airport (SFO) foursquare
July 12th
7:35pm Ted Rosenthal – Love Walked In last_fm
7:28pm Ted Rosenthal – Someone To Watch Over Me last_fm
7:21pm Ted Rosenthal – Strike Up The Band last_fm
7:15pm Ted Rosenthal – They Can't Take That Away from Me last_fm
7:09pm Ted Rosenthal – I Loves You Porgy last_fm
1:21pm Config dokuwiki
1:16pm I just sang the two words, "Sheena is..."And my daughter completed, "...a punk rocker!"I'm a happy Daddy. facebook
11:24am Ted Rosenthal – Fascinatin' Rhythm last_fm
11:18am Ted Rosenthal – Let's Call the Whole Thing Off last_fm
11:13am Ted Rosenthal – Rhapsody in Blue last_fm
10:35am dblume says I'm on the cusp of releasing one more personal project, but vacation interferes! Why do I have to leave my dev environment‽ Or, how many big wide monitors can I take with me? plurk
10:15am I'm on the cusp of being "that guy"* when it comes a Google use case scenario. googleplus
July 11th
9:09pm I jokingly told my daughter that if she wants to be a good citizen of the Internet, she'll have to hate Nickelback. I almost started to explain the joke, but... facebook
6:11pm Thai Town foursquare
July 10th
8:03pm dblume shares I almost died during my workout today. plurk
7:58pm I had a pretty good time bouldering today. Good news: Was keeping my own with the high school and college kids doing easy problems. Bad news: Had my scariest... facebook
12:16pm Planet Granite foursquare
11:10am dblume shares After years of the native hierarchical list application TaskPaper, I just learned about Workflowy. plurk
10:59am I've been a big fan of the hierarchical list apps TaskPaper on OS X and TodoPaper on Windows. I've just discovered WorkFlowy, and it looks really good. The l... facebook
9:59am I'm spending a couple of days automating something that takes me like 20 minutes once or twice a year. twitter
9:39am In all seriousness, I'm spending a couple of days automating something that takes me like 20 minutes once or twice a year. Why? Because "I should be able to ... facebook
July 9th
11:21pm I finished Dune, which I probably should have read as a Senior in high school. Now I'm starting Andy Weir's "The Martian". It's just one thing after another ... facebook
July 8th
10:37am dblume shares This is one of the cutest user-submitted stories at The Trenches about game development. "'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' ... type type type." plurk
10:33am This is one of the cutest user-submitted stories at The Trenches about game development. "'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' ... type type type." facebook
10:23am @foursquareAPI Please let us know if the existing checkin feeds change because of Swarm. Still using them! twitter
8:40am Python is now the most popular introductory teaching language at top U.S. universities | Communications of the ACM twitter
July 7th
6:49pm Ohana Hawaiian BBQ foursquare
12:12pm Planet Granite foursquare
11:23am dblume says a blog post is forming in my head about open recs for "full stack" developers, but I don't think I'd write it, as my general audience doesn't know the domain. plurk
July 6th
12:16am I watched "The Breakfast Club" with the kids. It opens with "I don't like Mondays" (quotes and all) etched in some wood. It took everything I had not to paus... facebook
July 5th
11:30pm RT @hellopraemus: Disclaimer (just fine print, really): Reaching the Singularity may result in a difference of opinion between man and mach… twitter
10:15pm @DreamHostCare Maybe FastCGI process manager on Rabun affecting Python sites with 30s delay. Maybe restart Apache again? Item: #6383902 twitter
July 4th
3:27pm Born and bred. Half Southern and half Northern California. facebook
9:10am Monterey Bay Aquarium foursquare
July 3rd
7:19pm Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) – staple stable last_fm
7:14pm Supercell – Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
9:53am dblume asks vanlal pastilla Have you guys seen The Lunchbox yet? It finally became available over here, and I saw it last night. plurk
July 2nd
9:15pm @jhusain The tutorial is surprisingly addictive. Well done! twitter
10:28am Planet Granite foursquare
July 1st
8:39am Mother Jones shares a useful and concise TL;DR version of Ginsburg's dissent on the Hobby Lobby contraception decision. facebook
June 30th
June 29th
6:28pm Maddie made Shrimp Scampi for the family. There was this moment where she stood idly over the range looking at the shrimp and pasta cook while there were dir... facebook
June 28th
5:14pm Spending the day in the city with my wife with no agenda at all. Having Thai Ice Coffees at Thai Spice. instagram
1:38pm @neonepiphany "We bet we can make you make your friends depressed!" twitter
10:17am An un-retouched phone-cam picture of a faded photograph of my best friend in High School. Who in an earlier Facebook thread said, "Oh, bring it on." facebook
June 27th
3:06pm Best birthday ever! My 150 in 1 Science Kit and new pellet gun! Good times. instagram
June 26th
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