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February 25th
8:42pm RT @GaryGJohnson: vim users get ready to accidentally power down your new Macbook every 5 seconds twitter
February 24th
8:32am Another great The Codeless Code today. "Past Perfect" twitter
February 23rd
12:22pm Planet Granite foursquare
February 22nd
5:26pm Just spent some time wondering why passing GET params to curl was behaving oddly. I didn't quote the URL, so the & was processed by bash. twitter
4:56pm RT @thedirtycoder: I finally figured out how to get those pesky semicolons and curly braces out of my Java code twitter
February 21st
2:05pm instagram
7:05am Starbucks foursquare
February 20th
6:37pm @dpmendenhall At least you have that third grader. Mine are all above 4th grade so we simply miss out. Forever. twitter
8:29am Radiator Springs Racers foursquare
February 19th
12:42pm UltraLuxe Anaheim Cinemas at GardenWalk foursquare
10:42am Starbucks foursquare
February 18th
7:25am dblume shares Samurai General Darth Vader plurk
February 17th
2:18pm Woodstock's Pizza foursquare
10:11am Santa Barbara Courthouse foursquare
9:19am Santa Barbara Mission Church foursquare
9:18am Mission Historical Park & Rose Garden foursquare
February 16th
4:01pm Danish people making takoyaki at Solvang. instagram
12:25pm Solvang Restaurant - Home of Arne's Aebleskiver foursquare
9:25am Admiration, contempt and acceptance. The three stages of my relationship with seagulls throughout my life. twitter
February 15th
4:00pm Beachfront room in San Simeon. instagram
9:04am Hearst Castle foursquare
February 14th
7:51pm @joycem137 That's nice and meta. Looking forward to parts for games. twitter
7:46pm This is the results of the way I shop online. I drew little 1:1 scale models of clips for my keychain. The one I bought came in! instagram
11:35am Force Majeure is our kind of Valentine's Day movie. Just saw it. Loved it. twitter
February 13th
10:06pm Remember my tweet about the CIA leaning on reporters? The USA fell to 49th position for press freedom. twitter
February 12th
7:52pm @dpmendenhall I remember that, too. And I attended the PyCon with the dongle joke, so I watched that closely, too. twitter
7:19pm It's chilling that American mainstream media has not covered the CIA planting stories overseas to promote war. This is newsworthy. twitter
2:49pm Drat! is down, and I'm configuring a new machine. I need scripts! twitter
1:59pm Editor of major German newspaper says he planted stories for the CIA to drive nations toward war. twitter
12:16pm Planet Granite foursquare
10:11am dblume shares So I read a post on notebook covers that starts with, "I seem to have a problem." and I think of Narilka. For no particular reason. plurk
February 11th
9:07pm @yacitus Not me. These are reasons I get up in the morning: twitter
9:06pm Reasons to get up in the morning: googleplus
8:34pm No joke: the day my daughter enrolls to Milpitas High, we get the Keanu Reeves movie about the student murder there. facebook
8:34pm No joke: the day my daughter enrolls to Milpitas High, we get the Keanu Reeves movie about the student murder there. instagram
5:33pm @yacitus It's one thing to be classified as something. It's another to have a reason to get up in the morning. twitter
4:41pm Crazy homicidal atheist is crazy. And homicidal. My condolences go out to his victims' families. This is why I identify as Humanist. twitter
February 10th
2:28pm dblume shares so I'm reading an article on dating in San Francisco, when some text, "OOH SHINY THING OVER THERE", reminded me of zannah plurk
9:06am I keep checking if @OvercastFM has added scrobbling to I'll start using it as soon as it does. twitter
February 9th
12:15pm Planet Granite foursquare
10:57am Chrome - [Speed Dial] dokuwiki
9:12am Chrome dokuwiki
1:31am speeddial2.jpg dokuwiki
1:17am Chrome dokuwiki
February 8th
10:35am dblume likes the Valentine's Day themed Plurk Creatures in the corner. plurk
February 7th
10:34pm Here's a story about my one-changed-word GitHub fork. googleplus
10:31pm dblume shares A story about my one-changed-word GitHub fork. plurk
10:28pm Here's a story about my one-changed-word GitHub fork. twitter
8:57pm The Smallest GitHub Fork david_dlma
February 6th
6:33pm Thai Town foursquare
3:09pm dblume says All the little weather apps have a new icon! plurk
12:23am dblume shares No one is born a butterfly. A song by Rie Fu, where women write messages to themselves 10 years ago. plurk
February 5th
9:14pm @yacitus So, "gf" in vim? :) twitter
12:19pm Planet Granite foursquare
February 4th
9:56pm When you have to fork a colorscheme that came installed with your editor, you've crossed a certain line. twitter
12:40pm dblume asks can you hear the "The Odd Couple" theme in your head? Tycho and Gabriel's desks. Esp. for halophoenix plurk
12:38pm "Even imagining something bad is wrong." twitter
10:47am dblume shares Lois van Baarle's still trying to come to terms with the ugly purple fairy I drew at 16yo. plurk
7:42am Finally changed my Minecraft username. Thanks for the new feature, Mojang! twitter
February 2nd
5:18pm RT @umangdua: Pete Carroll's phone twitter
5:17pm @zannah Did you ever find the answer to this? I was wondering the same thing. twitter
2:43pm RT @johnmyers: Per @mikeallen: @SenFeinstein at Sat Alfalfa Dinner on Jeb Bush for prez: "Now we know what the Bush family means by 'no chi… twitter
12:20pm Planet Granite foursquare
8:42am dblume says the Seahawks played well, and it was the best Superbowl in years. Arizona, Seattle, and New England should be proud. plurk
January 31st
10:37pm RT @benhammersley: I wonder if one could engineer a fashion for "Proud to be unvaccinated" wristbands. Really bright ones. twitter
1:27pm "The sky above was an uncompromising blue from horizon to horizon, and the air felt hot and dry." Altered Carbon.That's every single day of 2015 in Califor... facebook
10:41am I just noticed the logo for JetBrains' CLion. Maybe it was the influence of OS X but I thought of the big cat before I clued in to sea lion. twitter
1:27am It's hard to wait for JetBrains' CLion to exit its EAP stage. I may have to install and play with it anyway. twitter
January 30th
9:29pm My last tweet: Maybe it's because 1977 + 35 < 2015. They all get to use the song without paying royalties? twitter
9:26pm So we watched Horns, Boyhood and the latest Game of Thrones trailer. They all have David Bowie's 1977 song "Heroes" in them. twitter
9:26pm So we watched Horns, Boyhood and the latest Game of Thrones trailer. They all have David Bowie's 1977 song "Heroes" in them. facebook
9:05pm I can't say what I love more, Jamie Hewlett's art or Damon Albarn's voice. facebook
January 29th
11:12pm February. Just for Elliott Noel. facebook
10:30pm From the Press Box at Levi's Stadium. instagram
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