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September 22nd
September 21st
11:40am Half Moon Bay Art Glass foursquare
September 20th
11:05pm @openpathscc @alexislloyd OpenPaths on iOS 8 still uploads points to your server, but its UI doesn't work. I get a blue field always. Fix? twitter
5:33pm Marrakech Magic Theater foursquare
5:08pm Tropisueño foursquare
2:53pm The working prototype of the Orrery for the 10,000 year clock at the Interval. instagram
1:07pm Coffee break with my wife. <3 instagram
12:59pm Coffee break! facebook
12:53pm Sightglass Coffee foursquare
September 19th
6:40pm Thai Town foursquare
September 18th
7:52pm Honey, I'm getting the new Kindle! facebook
12:19pm Planet Granite foursquare
8:51am .@j_zimms I was wondering the same thing. I just heard the Fresh Air interview and came looking to see if maybe Darnielle had read Preacher? twitter
1:46am dblume says Somehow, I'd never seen Satoshi Kon's "Ohayo" short before. Ohayo (オハヨウ) Satoshi Kon plurk
September 16th
8:38am dblume says we're having a 10 million Rokus celebration at work. It shouldn't surprise me, but the Bay Area, Washington DC, and Seattle are the top users. plurk
September 15th
12:12pm Planet Granite foursquare
9:01am I've shared the "This is Phil Fish" video with you guys before. Notch cites it in his explanation for leaving Mojang. facebook
September 14th
8:10pm I really like that the Extra Credits guys are taking a crack at addressing history in their engaging style. Watch this. I hope you like it as much as I do. (... facebook
September 13th
11:31pm Joyce Mayorga, Elliott Noel, have you played Nothing to Hide? facebook
9:33pm dblume shares Extra History - World War I: The Seminal Tragedy - C... plurk
1:38pm One of our windshield cracks is really flourishing today. facebook
1:34pm Watching cracks grow along your windshield is like watching weeds grow. Another 4cm today? You're a healthy bastard, aren't you? twitter
9:56am dblume says Those of you who are my friends at Facebook can read something that I'm proud of. plurk
9:09am dblume asks How am I not at XOXO‽ plurk
1:02am dblume says You can get a figma Pyramid-Head. plurk
September 12th
10:54pm RT @jorendorff: @raymondh >>> print 4,985 * 2,034 4 1970 28 >>> print time.ctime(4985 * 2034) Tue Apr 28 03:31:30 1970 twitter
September 11th
12:42pm Planet Granite foursquare
September 10th
8:40am Our vacuum cleaner is literally held together by fishing line and duct tape. It's lost some power, so when I went to look at it, I thought to myself, "I'm pr... facebook
September 9th
8:28am dblume shares A little down time. Art by Akihiko Yoshida plurk
September 8th
12:12pm Planet Granite foursquare
September 7th
11:24pm Via Val M JamoraList 10 books that have stuck with you in some way throughout your life. Don't think too hard! These don't have to be the "right" books or ... facebook
September 5th
1:13am dblume says I don't know why Penny Arcade decided to do this comic. But I think ninjanuity will get it. plurk
September 4th
12:11pm Planet Granite foursquare
9:57am dblume says it was cloudy this morning!! Seems like the first time we've had clouds in a very very long time. plurk
September 3rd
September 2nd
September 1st
12:46pm Another reason my wife is so, so lucky?We're beginning to wonder when we should buy a new car. The silly girl is noticing how new cars look. Oh, the poor t... facebook
August 31st
9:29pm I just got done telling my wife the interesting story of how although HTTP has long had DELETE and PATCH commands, most browsers really only implement GET an... facebook
11:39am @Narilka I wish I were there! Hope you share your button loot after all is over. twitter
10:34am I feel icky implementing resource deletion via HTTP POST instead of DELETE, but via web form POST is what's available. twitter
August 30th
10:13pm A physicist sees a young man about to jump off the Empire State Building. He yells "Don't do it! You have so much potential!" facebook
5:27pm So I'm reading this interesting story from a cop working a tough beat and what he and his department are doing to make things better.halfway into it, the a... facebook
3:06pm Blade of the Immortal dokuwiki
August 29th
9:57pm @dpmendenhall Something makes me think you actually saw that. twitter
9:56pm RT @aloria: Tonight I have a date with a model 😊 …and a view… …and a controller… …tonight I'm coding alone. twitter
10:07am RT @hellopraemus: What did I think about Transcendence the movie? Don't get me started. twitter
7:42am dblume shares I've got one more Crunchyroll All-Access Guest Pass. Let me know if you're interested. plurk
August 28th
9:41pm dblume shares Le Telepathé - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts plurk
August 27th
7:51pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
9:40am dblume says I just unchecked "Remove extra line breaks in plain text messages" in Outlook. It's the little things that can make life so much better. plurk
August 26th
August 25th
12:10pm Planet Granite foursquare
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