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April 28th
6:59pm Tomatina foursquare
April 27th
9:37am Feeling optimistic about trends in technology and industry? This is the cure. The title is misleading, it's not a listicle and it's not about Silicon Valley.... facebook
April 25th
12:38pm RT @ProPublica: Build a wall in a floodplain and it acts like a dam. (via @NPR) twitter
9:01am “The Frogger Delusion” helps to explain The Flying Spaghetti Monster with video games by Jack Preston King. Ramen. twitter
April 24th
8:58am I still receive "Your 1600 Daily" and read the occasional full interview transcript with Trump. And I can see how there's the occasional difference of unders... facebook
April 23rd
5:14pm Sen Dai Sushi foursquare
12:13pm Steve Ballmer recently released USAFacts, and I'm really interested in what we can do with it. "USAFacts is a new data-driven portrait of the American popula... facebook
April 22nd
10:47pm RT @JessicaHuseman: Trump's budget would cut the Dept of Interior, which manages national parks, by 12%. EPA by 31%. twitter
1:17pm RT @ProPublica: Members of Congress representing southern border areas who support a wall? Zero.… twitter
April 21st
7:43pm How can you not respect ProPublica? They've just released a report on staff diversity. They're going to get some just criticism. But that's the point, isn't ... facebook
7:35pm I commend the transparency of these companies. It's hard to reveal your own data, especially when it's going to be… twitter
10:29am RT @davidfrum: “I will shut down the government unless Democrats pay for the wall I said Mexico would pay for.” Genius.… twitter
9:10am Thanks, Ireland, for calling attention to the console command correcting tool thefuck. (As seen in facebook
7:22am I needed this. Thanks, Vanlal Tochhawng. facebook
April 19th
8:17pm RT @BrooklynSpoke: "In no way could I have foreseen this coming when I voted to confirm the CEO of Exxon as our Secretary of State." - John… twitter
8:16pm Val M Jamora, have you seen the John Coltrane quote? facebook
1:23pm RT @ProPublica: Trump set almost no limits on inauguration giving He raised record $107 mil Where did it go? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯… twitter
8:15am TIL: Disney perpetuated the Lemming Suicide myth by staging one in the documentary White Wilderness. Next time I play the computer game Lemmings, I'll say, "... facebook
April 18th
2:06pm dblume asks Is it weird that after the start, I ended up reading this in zannah 's voice? A day on the internet in 2017, an internal transcript. plurk
1:28pm RT @Evan_McMullin: The Trump family administration has a particular motive for supporting Turkey's despot at the expense of American intere… twitter
7:30am RT @zannah: Red Panda attacks the Police twitter
April 17th
April 16th
11:44pm Katsushika Hokusai on aging: "When I was 50 I had published a universe of designs, but all I have done before the age of 70 is not worth bothering with. At 7... facebook
9:55pm There's no fix for this in Chrome yet. Best to view the URLs in a text-only editor to detect punycode, to avoid phishing. facebook
1:57pm RT @LOLGOP: The president of the United States is suggesting that if you publicly demand his tax returns, you should be investigated. twitter
1:17pm @zannah Excuse me? Minecraft had wangs as soon as it had terrain editing. Related: twitter
10:39am Watching my guilty pleasure, iZombie, right in the middle of some pretty good tech babble, "So I bytemapped an image of the OS footprint, loaded up a hex edi... facebook
April 15th
8:54pm "Reznor was sent [Johnny Cash's cover of 'Hurt'] while in the studio with Rage Against the Machine’s Zach De La Rocha, and, when the pair sat down to watch i... facebook
8:37pm Microsoft's excellent response to the Shadow Brokers disclosure. facebook
12:32pm Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival foursquare
April 14th
6:50pm Thai Town foursquare
4:13pm RT @Miss_Librarian: Your dad wants to cut all of our federal funding but thanks for the tweet. #SaveIMLS twitter
12:00pm @zannah You're kidding, right? I can't believe that that date isn't ISO 8601. twitter
9:06am @dagutierrez I agree with @dagutierrez: Once the ability to export my data and a service's existing RESTful API are… twitter
8:56am @dagutierrez no worries, I'm with since 2010. I use's RSS for local backup too. twitter
April 13th
11:09pm Good or bad, I'd prefer to see transition records maintained and in the public, even government social media accounts. We all make mistakes. I think it looks... facebook
10:24pm This is going to end well. facebook
7:02pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
5:46pm @Delicious The API described here stopped working a few days ago. 404s now. Please turn it back on? twitter
9:00am I just read JavaScript's Prototypal Inheritance explained with SASS (CSS extension). So weird to think of people coming in from using CSS extensions first, t... facebook
April 12th
5:08pm @tpederson Corporations > people. Police follow their request. twitter
4:02pm dblume shares Woohoo! This rain has been great. Before and After Photos of California's Historic Drought. plurk
3:07pm RT @KFILE: Democrats: 37% support Trump's Syria strikes 38% supported Obama doing it GOP: 86% supported Trump doing it 22% supported Obama… twitter
12:29pm The Melt foursquare
April 11th
1:01pm Powder foursquare
12:10pm 4505 Burgers & BBQ foursquare
10:32am Sausalito Ferry Landing foursquare
April 10th
5:01pm Point Reyes Lighthouse foursquare
11:35am Bear Valley Visitor Center foursquare
9:43am Paris Baguette foursquare
April 9th
6:25pm The Kebab Shop foursquare
3:14pm How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers' Buttons. It's got edifying JavaScript interactive games. And what I've seen so far is rational behavi... facebook
2:35pm Windows 10 Setup dokuwiki
11:07am AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
April 6th
10:17pm I love Zen Pencils. The latest is about Frida Kahlo. facebook
April 5th
9:05am Twitter's original default profile photo isn't from "Falling Down", it's from "Being There". twitter
8:45am "I told him, 'I want to show you a movie to help you understand my culture and my people,' and I showed him John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China." facebook
8:23am Let's remember to keep things in perspective. Trump would still have a ways to go to achieve being our worst president. This is a good read. facebook
April 4th
10:54pm I'm one of them. twitter
10:50pm President Trump issued a press release about the sarin gas attack in Syria, and manages to squeeze in a "Thanks, Obama" right in there. Classy, Mr. President. facebook
7:52am Respect to the Christian clergy who followed up and said they should own this. We all need to own up if we want to move forward together. facebook
April 2nd
6:19pm The first in a four-part series. Note, the Times is not calling for blanket “non-cooperation” with the Trump administration. But it is trying to work within ... facebook
April 1st
1:28pm I Heart Pepper Lunch USA foursquare
9:11am RT @testobsessed: Spotted on a whiteboard at @pivotal: you can branch if you want to... twitter
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