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January 24th
5:22pm Giorgio's Pizzeria foursquare
3:02pm dblume shares Portal plurk
10:33am Just now: One kid: "What's the difference between an archangel and a regular angel?" The other kid: "Instead of being just an admin, he's an op." facebook
January 23rd
9:22pm dblume shares The Bay Area setting world records again! W00T! plurk
7:24pm The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf foursquare
7:13pm Chipotle Mexican Grill foursquare
9:11am @OvercastFM I'm looking for an app that supports scrobbling, so I can keep a history there. twitter
January 22nd
12:13pm Planet Granite foursquare
7:33am RT @notch: We're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamber. twitter
January 21st
8:31pm Our local KRON 4 News ran a segment on the measles outbreak. On one side of the vaccination debate, they gave air time to a pediatrician who gave her credent... facebook
4:17pm TicketMaster sent this out. Just try to get past that kerning. Augh! twitter
4:16pm dblume shares TicketMaster sent this out. The kerning is making my head hurt. Who would do that‽ plurk
January 19th
8:02pm Watching the Bay Bridge Lights with the family. instagram
5:58pm Roy's San Francisco foursquare
January 18th
9:30pm Sharing a note to myself of these charts for healthier meals and eating. Some should be handy. h/t Lisa Warmerdam White facebook
1:52pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
1:05pm Stealth Ohrwurm Injection: We we dropping off some of Lillian's nurse uniforms at Goodwill. I asked her, "You don't want no scrubs?" facebook
10:41am @tehnyancatboy and I built a little Himeji Castle together! It looks great, but it was hard! #picstitch instagram
January 16th
9:47am Thanks, @fractal, I had to redo so that it'd make more sense with a 400-series HTTP status. twitter
January 15th
10:14pm dblume says I can't be the only one who saw the tie between the spider skit in the latest Episode Schmepisode - S1E10 - Cyanide & Happiness Sh... and Charlie Hebdo. plurk
1:06pm Planet Granite foursquare
9:51am @fractal @idiot @ramalhoorg Because you requested brewed coffee from a teapot. twitter
January 14th
2:38pm dblume says Um, I don't understand why the Japanese should buy a selfie stick. plurk
8:49am RT @raymondh: #whiteboard tip: Whiteboards cleaned with a surfactant leaves a film and smears when erased. Re-clean it with an alcohol ba… twitter
January 13th
7:25pm Picture this: The father of the family is in the kitchen doing the dishes. He's talking to himself. The words are strange but familiar. Lyrical. He's doing a... facebook
January 12th
12:18pm Planet Granite foursquare
January 11th
10:16pm david added "Add form to photos site." tasks
9:25pm We played Monopoly with the kids this morning. Maddie was the banker. There was yelling and screaming and miscounting of the roll. But it was all in good fun... facebook
9:12pm dblume says I just watched "The Wind Rises" and didn't realize the main character was voiced by Hideaki Anno until I watched the extras. plurk
9:12pm I just watched "The Wind Rises" and didn't realize the main character was voiced by Hideaki Anno until I watched the extras. twitter
January 10th
January 9th
6:38pm Thai Town foursquare
12:40pm Planet Granite foursquare
January 8th
12:08am Sometimes I draw doodles on the backs of my page-a-day calendar pages. The one I drew yesterday deserves some explanation. The way I see it, both the Flying ... facebook
January 7th
5:30pm Sometimes I doodle on the back of my page-a-day calendar pages. googleplus
4:36pm dblume shares One of my first drawing from this year's page-a-day calendar. plurk
4:32pm #jesuischarlie twitter
3:31pm @TheAtlanticFoto Tip: When The Big Picture recently dropped keyboard navigation and its syndication feed, it lost me twitter
11:59am dblume shares since zannah and narilka are talking about mice and keyboards, I'll share that my son went nuts when he got a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for his birthday. plurk
9:24am The artist renditions of the 11-inch MacBook Air's keyboard moved the Esc key. That's a recipe for disaster in vim. twitter
9:00am Thank you, Barbra Streisand Effect, now I know who #KirbyDelauter is. twitter
January 6th
5:24pm @DocKaotic Funny, mine have ZZ all over them. twitter
12:43pm " contributes to the sad weakness of America’s critical-thinking skills." facebook
January 4th
January 3rd
10:48pm Blade of the Immortal - [From Vol 29: Beyond Good and Evil] dokuwiki
January 2nd
January 1st
9:47pm dblume shares 18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit In Their Lifetime plurk
9:39pm On my microwave, to cook something on high for one minute and twenty seconds, it's objectively better to hit "Add Minute", "More", "More" than to hit "8", "0... facebook
10:42am Mama's On Washington Square foursquare
December 31st 2014
5:23pm Goodbye 2014. I'm pouring one out for the 16:10 aspect ratio that monitors used to come in. Coding was easier then. twitter
5:20pm As we say goodbye to 2014, I'm pouring one out for 1920x1200 resolution monitors. googleplus
11:05am Mayflower Restaurant foursquare
December 30th 2014
12:40am @dpmendenhall Glad you're making the effort. You'll be a few releases ahead of me because it's not push button simple. twitter
December 29th 2014
December 28th 2014
4:05pm This Facebook stream seems weird... Some of these... Damn it, Facebook, stop changing my stream from "Most Recent" to "Top Stories." What you think are "Top ... facebook
10:45am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
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