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February 24th
10:57am Seventy five years ago last week, a group of young idealists stood up to their government, "Every honest German today is ashamed of his government ... We wil... facebook
10:22am Ikigai: a Japanese concept meaning “A Reason For Being” facebook
9:30am Ha, what a practical, entertaining and effective lesson. facebook
February 23rd
7:28am Porto's Bakery & Cafe foursquare
February 22nd
6:45pm Colori Kitchen foursquare
1:05pm Universal Studios Hollywood foursquare
February 21st
7:05pm Little Damage foursquare
6:21pm Umami Burger foursquare
February 20th
5:13pm slurpin' ramen bar foursquare
4:17pm Snow Monster foursquare
4:17pm Quarters Korean BBQ foursquare
February 19th
4:46pm Komodo Venice foursquare
11:04am Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum foursquare
4:39am Casa de Fruta foursquare
February 18th
8:37pm "If you joined an antivaccine group on Facebook, she observed, the platform might suggest that you join flat-earth groups or maybe ones devoted to Pizzagate—... facebook
1:54pm At the Color Factory in San Francisco. instagram
12:34pm @integerpoet It's cool how you and I can say "melt" and "warming" from work because we're not federal employees, an… twitter
February 17th
3:54pm Powder foursquare
11:18am Color Factory #selfie #tomstayte instagram
9:45am Color Factory foursquare
February 16th
8:33pm This is a powerful Twitter thread. Click through and read it. This is the time to do something. facebook
8:36am RT @RespectableLaw: THREAD: An open letter to @KitDaniels1776, who is a reporter for @Infowars and a vile maggot. twitter
12:25am @integerpoet I think I have the same ultimate wishes. I was suggesting that Mueller's report leads elsewhere. Hopef… twitter
February 15th
11:43pm Want to watch how trees suck up CO2 in summer, but not so much in winter? Watch a year in the life of Earth's CO2. facebook
9:03pm @integerpoet Not sure what you guys are on about. Impeachment is a political process. Mueller will at best present… twitter
3:57pm "That’s how ridiculous our situation has become. People are starting to question whether the problem is with sending kids to school, not with pervasive acces... facebook
February 14th
11:18pm RT @adamliaw: Imagine if every day dozens of children were being killed by poison darts and the National Poison Dart Association said, "Act… twitter
11:07pm RT @jasonroeder: When I wrote this headline, I had no idea it would be applied to the high school a mile from my house.… twitter
10:20pm Did I just see Olympic skaters perform to Disturb's cover of Sound of Silence? facebook
10:15pm Ha, didn't expect the cute ending. facebook
10:02pm RT @JasonKander: The leadership of the @NRA has an agenda and it ain’t got a damn thing to do with gun rights. It’s 100% about gun sales. T… twitter
9:20am Robot emotion. facebook
12:25am RT @raymondh: #python #html5 tip: Preserve structure by mapping lists into <ol> or <ul>, ordered or unordered lists. Put dictionaries (o… twitter
February 13th
7:33pm SHN Orpheum Theatre foursquare
February 12th
8:37am RT @RVAwonk: When Trump leaked codeword-level classified intelligence to Russia, he said he had the "absolute right" to declassify & releas… twitter
8:35am "@cwgabriel utterly nailed a visual representation for 'Logan Paul is a dick.'" - Dennis twitter
8:19am Today's XKCD reminds me of a similar joke I made on Twitter two years ago. (You have to click this text link to get to my tweet: facebook
February 11th
9:24pm "The White Darkness: A solitary journey across Antarctica." An moving story of dedication, inspiration and perseverance. It gives you real sense for the dang... facebook
11:10am Chris Newman gets it. Permaculture is part of the solution, not *the* solution. "If technology can offer decent, affordable meat to people without environmen... facebook
10:55am On using Muslims as examples of perpetuators of violence to justify reauthorizing section 702 of FISA: "If the government and its allies wanted to cite cases... facebook
9:55am RT @ACLU: 1. Your government spent months trying to prevent an American citizen detained overseas from seeing a lawyer. 2. In 1989, you to… twitter
9:42am Here's a simple, clean product I adore: ItsyCal. A tiny menu bar calendar for OS X. facebook
9:35am RT @DanielEllsberg: "I was part of a plan that should never have been made, that was a crime against humanity." twitter
February 9th
9:54pm RT @ggreenwald: One of the most vocal critics of Trump happens to be one of the most knowledgeable surveillance experts: @normative. Today… twitter
8:41am Today's White House newsletter demonstrates why my friends just delete it. It repeated his divisive tweets:"Just signed Bill. ... This Bill is a BIG VICTOR... facebook
February 8th
4:13pm As posted from my friend in Belgium. (Who knows how silly America is.) facebook
10:09am From today's White House "1600 Daily": "'America is a Nation [sic] of believers,' President Trump said this morning".That's like saying it's a nation of wh... facebook
February 7th
4:16pm Awesome candid interview with Quincy Jones."You know who sings and plays just like Hendrix? Paul Allen" facebook
February 6th
1:41pm RT @ggreenwald: When even British judges are recognizing that US prison conditions are too primitive, inhumane & repressive to permit extra… twitter
12:17pm RT @Snowden: The first time in generations, you say? twitter
February 5th
5:03pm dblume shares this month my first website turns 21 years old! Get a job, website! plurk
4:40pm This month, my first website turns 21 years old. And it's still online! It's so very web 1.0. facebook
8:23am RT @FreedomofPress: Global press freedom groups are condemning Australia's new gag laws as a "clear and present danger" to journalists: htt… twitter
8:22am "War Dogs" and "American Made" would make a deliciously cynical double feature. facebook
February 4th
10:12am RT @brianbeutler: For the 1000th time, we need to update our professional habits to account for plain-as-day bad faith. The story here is… twitter
10:05am RT @LOLGOP: Imagine the massive freakout from every corner of our media if we were doing this to get all Americans insured. But this is j… twitter
9:54am RT @bartongellman: Once again @FreedomofPress is making an exceptionally important strategic move to keep information available to the publ… twitter
9:54am Some amazing photos for Suberb Owl Sunday. facebook
February 2nd
6:31pm Thai Town foursquare
11:21am RT @Snowden: Those upset about #MemoDay should consider regardless of what the FBI does or doesn't put into an application, FISA warrants h… twitter
8:36am When you stop to self-reflect because you just read "when you learn..." and realized that's when you learned that thing. twitter
8:31am @zannah No, Zannah. This doesn't justify nomming cats. 😄 twitter
February 1st
4:20pm RT @FreedomofPress: Starting with Gawker and L.A. Weekly, we're backing up entire news sites that might be threatened by the "billionaire p… twitter
12:27pm RT @Snowden: #TBT: I required the journalists who broke the 2013 domestic spying stories (as a condition of access) to talk with gov in adv… twitter
9:16am RT @LOLGOP: Because nowhere in any of these bullshit memos is there anything that changes the basic facts: 1. The Trump campaign encourag… twitter
9:16am @yacitus Aww, that's the first time I've seen you unhappy with The Daily. twitter
January 31st
9:28am RT @toddzwillich: "Americans are dreamers too" feels like it could quickly become the "All Lives Matter" of the immigration debate. twitter
January 30th
January 29th
9:04am "If you wonder why this is so important: The Holocaust didn't start with people being rounded up and being dragged into camps. It didn't start with the murde... facebook
8:48am Brown-Eyed Girl originally shared this post. googleplus
January 28th
5:51pm Tomatina foursquare
January 27th
10:23am It's devastating that power has protected those that do harm for so long. facebook
10:02am RT @LOLGOP: The RNC still hasn't commented on the sexual assault accusations against its finance chair. Steve Wynn… twitter
9:52am RT @JohnJHarwood: John McCain’s former campaign manager on Fox News: “The network is increasingly engaged in a misinformation campaign aime… twitter
January 26th
5:14pm RT @krassenstein: Moments ago the President of the United States was BOOED by the foreign press corps after berating the "fake" and "dishon… twitter
January 25th
11:13pm RT @MEPFuller: Sean Hannity: The New York Times is trying to distract you. They say Trump tried to fire Mueller, but our sources aren’t con… twitter
6:58pm Awesome. Snopes reports the same story. Love it. facebook
10:42am There are some salient points in this short video. "Is there something wrong with democracy?" facebook
9:17am The Department of Health and Human Service's new office of "Conscience and Religious Freedom" protects the right to refuse healthcare to the LGBTQ community. facebook
January 24th
9:49pm RT @paulkiel: Let’s talk about the brave new world of Trump consumer protection we’re entering, as articulated yesterday by Mick Mulvaney h… twitter
11:03am @zannah Why can't I think of who your CD is? Did you mean CF? twitter
January 23rd
12:29pm Shocking new study correlates increased happiness with playing sports and hanging out IRL. facebook
11:13am It's always been worth carefully considering "is it me?" and really striving to understand what the other is trying to get at. twitter
January 21st
4:45pm @zannah I was kidding. I was amused that it was by "adragonwithbalanceissues" and then attributed to "adragonwithba… twitter
1:43pm @zannah That's clever. Is there any way to find out who said it? twitter
January 20th
12:52pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
10:34am RT @matthewjdowd: President Trump had promised that he would run government like he ran his businesses. Promise fulfilled. Trump Casinos,… twitter
9:48am After voting a belligerent TV personality president, this doesn't seem so far off course. facebook
January 19th
6:05pm @planetmoney You should cover this other 10-year bet between @WarrenBuffett and Protege Partners LLC that just ende… twitter
1:53pm RT @ACLU: The Intelligence Committee memo about government surveillance abuses should have been made public and given to members of Congres… twitter
10:27am When this rolled into my inbox, it took me a few seconds before I realized it was satire. How sad a statement is that? facebook
8:54am @zannah And now I'm following thekittencovers at tumblr. twitter
8:39am Camp Weedonwantcha is a consistently great webcomic, and the latest, "Why We're Here", is such a touching end to an… twitter
January 18th
12:43pm RT @SenKamalaHarris: It’s a false choice to say we can’t fund the government, protect Dreamers, and reauthorize CHIP. We can and should do… twitter
9:16am Suppose there's an emergency and your family's access to the internet and phones is down. How does your family get in touch? Where do they go? Make a plan, a... facebook
January 17th
7:42pm @StephenKing Why would they care what the descendants of poor people on an impoverished planet think? These Republi… twitter
January 16th
9:23pm My Google Arts and Culture match. instagram
8:41pm My favorite song by Perfume is "Edge". In the US, they could reserve the Warfield in San Francisco (about 2300 seats). Here they are in Japan closing out the... facebook
12:25pm Gorgeous images of Jupiter's endlessly swirling atmosphere. What is even happening there? facebook
January 15th
7:08pm Bonchon Chicken foursquare
5:33pm I'm getting accustomed to piping JSON to "jq '.'" instead of to "python -m json.tool" now for simple pretty-printing. jq is awesome. twitter
10:27am @zannah What would make it more accurate? Was pretty close for me. twitter
January 14th
1:05pm TC Pastry foursquare
11:03am "The job of libraries is to keep primary documents safe so that they will be there when new insights and technologies make it possible to answer questions we... facebook
January 13th
11:36pm RT @Brainmage: It's only a murder of crows if there's probable caws twitter
5:22pm The 10-year bet between Warren Buffett and Protege Partners is over! Girls Incorporated of Omaha is going to get $2,200,000.00 because Buffett won! facebook
5:20pm @austin_b I think it'd be good to document long bets when they're over. Ex., say something at to note how it ended. twitter
12:11pm Facebook can't remember my setting "Most Recent" instead of "Top Stories". They've (long ago) deprecated the "read_stream" permission from their graph API fo... facebook
January 12th
12:37am Re Twitter: "limit messages to 140 characters and that happens to create, unintentionally, a subtlety-free indignation machine""Both Twitter and Facebook’s... facebook
January 11th
11:09pm For everyone who has to work the night shift. facebook
9:02pm James Dolan, co-creator of SecureDrop passed away a few days ago. Today is the 5th anniversary of Aaron Swartz's suicide. I have much love for their survivor... facebook
3:50pm "In the hands of the Bust Administration this framework was a template to apply indiscriminately to any and all of the military confrontations they had long ... facebook
2:30pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
2:01pm RT @JuddLegum: If we lived in a functional democracy this would be a MAJOR scandal that everyone is talking about and would prompt immedia… twitter
1:12pm RT @quinnnorton: If you are feeling depressed, suicidal, alone, tell someone. Your brain is lying to you, you're not alone. So many of us h… twitter
7:26am RT @bechillcomedian: My translation of Edith Piaf's "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien". Catch me live near you! #paperpuppet… twitter
January 10th
6:03pm President Trump's challenge coin is very fitting. facebook
January 9th
2:18pm @tpederson Oh, it's easier to just capture traffic from session replay services. twitter
11:06am "5 College Life Hacks Everyone Should Know" Forgive me for sharing a listicle. But it's not wrong. facebook
January 7th
10:32pm Raspberry Pi - [Logs] dokuwiki
9:56pm RT @CyrusToulabi: DOJ IS INVESTIGATING THE CLINTON FOUNDATION... To see if they ACCEPTED DONATIONS. To gain ACCESS to and INFLUENCE over… twitter
2:15pm @zannah It'll be really interesting to see how this pans out. I bet the Costcos just outside of Seattle start doing better business. twitter
12:06pm RT @ColMorrisDavis: Truly! 117 days of taxpayer funded vacation, 91 golf outings, more staffers indicted in 1st year ever, historic disapp… twitter
January 6th
2:50pm Well, his sanity is not entirely besides the point. But Greg's statement still stands. twitter
2:08pm @zannah I'm not sure we've ever seen her not blep. twitter
2:07pm You know who else was a "stable genius"? Mr. Ed. facebook
9:54am RT @JohnJHarwood: for cryin' out loud the story is not "Trump vs Bannon." it's the book's depiction, by multiple sources, of the president… twitter
January 5th
11:55am RT @ACLU: FACT CHECK: Republicans and Democrats refused to hand over sensitive data on every voter in the country. They had good reason to… twitter
11:54am RT @CREWcrew: Trump's lawyers sent Bannon a cease-and-desist letter over his employment with Trump's business. Was he working for them whil… twitter
January 4th
5:23pm Roy's foursquare
11:34am instagram
11:00am Just For You foursquare
January 3rd
2:31pm "The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy. As a consequenc... facebook
9:47am RT @NateSilver538: Gotta be honest: On a night like tonight, I'm still pretty pissed at those journalists and news organizations which trea… twitter
January 2nd
8:49pm "Honey, you're doing it wrong. Use long consistent strokes.""No! Short and fast!"--My wife and I on how to use the squeegee on the shower glass. facebook
5:59pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
10:43am AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
December 31st 2017
4:35pm Thinking on top of Goat Rock. instagram
11:57am This needs to be better understood by all: 'Session replay' scripts record everything (including passwords, personal info, etc), like someone looking over yo... facebook
10:07am RT @isik5: Folks, please ask friends in #Iran to click this link with their VPN turned off - it'll help us map the latest internet and tele… twitter
December 30th 2017
12:02pm RT @radleybalko: Understandably, most will focus on the "SWATting" angle here. But we should also be asking about police training, fear, an… twitter
10:42am "Trump’s legacy will be exposing the patina of decency for what it is and revealing just how much a demagogue can get away with. It does not take much to ima... facebook
December 29th 2017
11:22pm This is very much worth your time. It sheds light on why people seem to have less trust nowadays, and if there's anything we can do about it. facebook
12:30pm @zannah No "cola"? twitter
December 28th 2017
11:57am Goat Rock foursquare
8:45am Ha, for my birthday I learned that Owarimonogatari Season 2 is on Crunchyroll. Which is funny, because owarimonogatari translates to something like "story of... facebook
December 26th 2017
4:06pm @esder23 @mattyglesias @yacitus Partially. You do have to play devil's advocate to prepare for such a position, tho… twitter
10:25am @mattyglesias @yacitus Court says there's no standing. Where's the material harm? Otherwise, let him conduct his business as he sees fit. twitter
December 25th 2017
12:25pm RT @SenSanders: What we could do with $1.5 trillion: -Make college tuition-free -Provide universal preschool -Repair our crumbling infrastr… twitter
December 24th 2017
10:52pm Raspberry Pi - [PiHole] dokuwiki
3:06pm This article says what I've been thinking about the blockchain, and goes on to back its case. facebook
9:20am @Scheryl15 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Scheryl! That was very thoughtful. 🎄 I'll be bringing the fam… twitter
9:12am On this: Trump, talking about the tax bill, told friends at a dinner at Mar-a-Lago Friday night, "You all just got a lot richer.” facebook
December 23rd 2017
6:00pm RT @CREWcrew: Then follow the lead of presidents for decades and sell the business and stop trying to profit off the presidency. Also, what… twitter
5:53pm "Our president's crazyDid you hear what he saidBusiness and pleasureLie right to your face"Talking Heads, "Making Flippy Floppy" in 1983 when Ronald Rea... facebook
11:41am The Trump admin is reversing an Obama-era decision, says it will renew mining leases that will benefit a Chilean bi… twitter
11:31am Lillian Blume, we've got to try this! facebook
December 22nd 2017
7:12pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
4:53pm How many years ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps? facebook
12:28pm On the pleasant experience living in a country where there's security in healthcare, education, childcare, sensible work requirements and public works. And w... facebook
December 21st 2017
10:34pm "I am saddened that our government has become so dominated by pro-gun lobbyists that an appointment such as mine — which has no responsibility for gun contro... facebook
10:25pm ...and affordable higher educationand universal health careand to be able to retireand for people to be able to find work facebook
10:19pm RT @hormiga: I don't want a tax cut. I want maintained bridges I want less infant mortality I want well-paid teachers I want federally fund… twitter
12:00pm RT @jacobinmag: Renowned astronomer and anti-nuclear advocate Carl Sagan died on this day in 1996. In 1989, he was asked if he was a soci… twitter
10:52am "It’s easy to forget that a proven lie used to be met with a correction or an apology, not self-righteous defensiveness.It’s easy to forget that faith in g... facebook
9:13am How Machines Learn youtube_favorites
7:51am 2016 America: H.R. 1150: "routinely denying visa applications for religious workers can be indicative of a poor sta… twitter
7:46am One year ago, I was proud of our federal government for enacting a law that says, "a country's practice of routinely denying visa applications for religious ... facebook
December 20th 2017
10:48pm "Second decade of the 21st Century. Corporations rule." The daily news, or Johnny Mnemonic? facebook
5:36pm facebook
5:34pm RT @jtm_: I'm getting tired of the #NetNeutrality meme saying "if it passes you'll pay $14.99 for Twitter and $.10 per Google search". It i… twitter
5:24pm facebook
5:23pm RT @GavinNewsom: In one bill the @GOP have perfectly summed up their priorities: Millionaires over children. Corporations over middle cla… twitter
1:39pm RT @peterdaou: Majorities in both houses, the presidency and the Supreme Court, and the best the GOP can do is strip #healthcare from child… twitter
1:37pm RT @imillhiser: AP's been getting a lot of crap from conservatives for this accurate headline so I'm going to take a moment to praise them… twitter
11:31am "don’t let your despair turn into cynicism about our ability to turn this around. That’s what they want most of all -- for the rest of us to become so discou... facebook
10:09am "We fundamentally wish that people from our past cared about us, and if we can't start that cycle of caring about our future then nobody will." Alexander Ros... facebook
8:15am "The purpose of this tax cut is not to raise wages or stimulate the economy. Corporate tax cuts are pretty much the worst way to do that. The purpose is to r... facebook
8:10am RT @JuddLegum: Next time anyone says the government can’t afford to do something, remember that Republicans just spent about $1 TRILLION to… twitter
December 19th 2017
9:32pm RT @EricLiptonNYT: So when Definers--the GOP-affiliated oppo research and PR firm--applied for its no-bid EPA contract to do media monitori… twitter
7:55pm RT @SenSanders: In the mad dash to provide tax breaks for their billionaire campaign contributors, my Republican colleagues forgot to compl… twitter
5:29pm RT @ProPublica: 1/ There are lots of ways the Trump admin is undercutting safety, environmental and other regulations without going through… twitter
2:10pm RT @RobertMaguire_: A water fountain at the EPA backed up and started spewing sewage into the hallway… twitter
9:49am RT @kurteichenwald: Most Americans oppose tax bill. No economic theory backs huge tax cuts in a strong economy w/ high debt. It will explod… twitter
9:48am RT @paulkrugman: So as I understand it, the Corker/Trump loophole/kickback would let many highly paid professionals dodge taxes as follows:… twitter
December 18th 2017
2:00pm Tomorrow, Dec 19th, marks the 33rd anniversary of the horrific car crash that killed five El Centro teens and CUHS students after they went to a party. For t... facebook
1:25pm "Under previous administrations, Republican and Democratic alike, Southerland said staffers could make their case to agency leaders, presenting the scientifi... facebook
12:43pm In 1929, a government decided that an important area of research, one that the worldwide scientific community had been working on for decades, was wrong. Ins... facebook
8:31am RT @EricLiptonNYT: Gary Morton, an EPA employee who prevents underground fuel tanks from polluting water supplies, spoke up at a rally to p… twitter
December 17th 2017
6:46pm RT @yonatanzunger: And here is an example of a sitting Senator taking a straight-up bribe to screw the country. (Thread with other reports… twitter
2:35pm On the repeal of Net Neutrality: There are two "pro-repeal Title II" Express comments from my brother's name, entered a month after he died, from fake out-of... facebook
11:48am One of my favorite actresses of all time, Salma Hayek, on her experience with Harvey Weinstein. facebook
9:28am @ColMorrisDavis @realDonaldTrump @SenBobCorker "That makes me smart." twitter
9:25am "That makes me smart." President Trump on not paying taxes. He got a last-minute real estate deal into the Tax Plan, too. facebook
December 16th 2017
10:46pm @LukeOldBrien Never heard of Wailing, just watched it today based on your mention. The South Korean film, right? Lo… twitter
10:38pm RT @jjmfaraway: We end this week one Star Wars movie closer to being able to try the “Jenny” viewing order: VIII-VI-VII-V-III-RO-IX. twitter
10:27am RT @davidsirota: This is absolutely huge — THEY ADDED IT TO THE FINAL BILL even though it wasn’t in the House- or Senate-passed versions ht… twitter
1:31am PROTIP: After DreamHost Linux update, svn fails with E125012. Fix is svn dump/load: dh$ scp repo compatible_svn_ma… twitter
December 15th 2017
7:17pm The CDC can't even say "evidence-based" and "science-based" for fear of offending nonsense, religion and superstiti… twitter
7:14pm What possible motive could the Trump administration have for refusing the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from using the phrases "evidence based" and "scien... facebook
December 14th 2017
11:47pm Jólabókaflóð is an Icelandic tradition where people give each other books for Christmas, and "everyone reads the books they have been given straight away, of... facebook
2:17pm RT @DavidKlion: Net neutrality dies 3-2. It's really remarkable how many consequential, society-altering decisions are being decided in clo… twitter
11:14am RT @matthewjdowd: A very interesting piece of data from Alabama exit polls: While White women overall voted for Moore 63 to 34, when you br… twitter
10:34am 1.4 billion (and counting) clear text credentials discovered in a handy single database, with a running list of new sources cited. The database maintainer ac... facebook
December 13th 2017
8:40pm This is the post I needed. "Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs" facebook
12:39pm @zannah No, Zannah, they're not for nomming. twitter
12:38pm Inventor of the World Wide Web on #NetNeutrality: twitter
12:33pm "Seven Years", by Randall Munroe, whose fiancée was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. facebook
10:23am @LukeOldBrien Wish we still worked with each other so I could ask if you've seen "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" and "Pon… twitter
8:25am Really interesting charts are the ones regarding born-again Christians, college educated voters, and white voters vs. black voters. I guess it makes sense th... facebook
7:29am Today's "1600 Daily", the White House newsletter, boasts about the large increase in military spending, "one of the largest defense spending increases since ... facebook
December 12th 2017
11:15pm RT @ClintSmithIII: If your take tomorrow doesn’t include the fact that black voters showed up for Democrats *while* being systemically obst… twitter
5:33pm Winners of the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest facebook
December 11th 2017
8:50am RT @MarkHarrisNYC: Whatever happens on Tuesday, the President of the United States endorsed a child molester who thinks gay people should b… twitter
12:51am @OpenDNSHelp Thanks, I've taken it to email. Just discovered that "dig +trace" makes it work, so it has something t… twitter
December 10th 2017
3:59pm @OpenDNSHelp Why is it I still can't get resolved from your servers? Look at these three co… twitter
3:23pm RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) It's time to tell the biggest untold story of the 2016 election: how a cadre of pro-Trump FBI agents and intel o… twitter
2:48pm RT @wirecutter: We especially like that the Roku Streaming Stick+'s customizable interface doesn’t prioritize content from any particular s… twitter
1:58pm On making amazing horror films on a small budget and just a few actors: I strongly recommend "The Autopsy of Jane Doe". Some of the scariest empty hallways i... facebook
9:09am Five cartoonists on guns in the U.S.A. facebook
December 9th 2017
11:03pm “'What shall it profit a man,' Jesus asked, 'if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?' The current Republican Party seems to not under... facebook
8:08pm Yoshi's Jazz Club & Japanese Restaurant foursquare
4:07pm RT @Newsweek: Report: Newly released documents show Mick Mulvaney raked in huge cash from payday loan CEOs just days before he pressured go… twitter
December 8th 2017
7:20pm Ohana Hawaiian BBQ foursquare
2:29pm Hopeful images from 2017. Worth clicking through! facebook
2:24pm @zannah Not like you haven't wondered about it. twitter
9:18am On comparing school districts based on proficiency levels and growth rates instead of standardized tests. (You can enter your local school district and see h... facebook
December 7th 2017
3:41pm RT @RokuPlayer: A choice we fully agree with: @pantone names deep purple 'Ultra Violet' as #PantoneColorOfTheYear! twitter
12:59pm "Why would you ever expect network neutrality to survive within a government that has so completely given up on democratic neutrality?" - Lawrence Lessig facebook
12:26pm tl;dr: Transition away from .dev (a newly SSL-only TLD) and use .test, .localhost, and .invalid instead. facebook
12:10pm @zannah Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley... twitter
8:46am " some point, you're going to compare a string and a Date, and JS doesn't know how to do that. Its response is to convert both to numbers, presumably on... facebook
8:22am RT @sebpatrick: "See all that stuff in there, Zack? That's why your Batman and Superman movie never worked!" twitter
December 6th 2017
3:29pm RT @ezlusztig: I am sitting here shaking with rage and frustration on the point of tears wondering why Democrats will call for Franken's re… twitter
December 5th 2017
4:12pm The command line tool "jq" is handy. facebook
11:19am One of my favorite Advent Calendars. facebook
8:24am "...provide CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the White House with a global, private spy network that would circumvent o… twitter
December 4th 2017
10:11pm facebook
10:08pm RT @ChristnNitemare: Exactly. h/t @BoingBoing cc: @AndyRichter twitter
10:07pm RT @zackwhittaker: New: US government says it doesn't need the FISA Court's approval to ask tech companies for an encryption backdoor. http… twitter
10:04pm "Be wary of anyone who tells you the only options are to attack them now or attack them later. For the last 50 years the USA has blundered into a nearly unbr... facebook
5:50pm Gen Korean BBQ House foursquare
12:24pm Potential Projects - [Python] dokuwiki
December 3rd 2017
8:56pm RT @DanielleMuscato: this is not even an exaggeration like, at all twitter
4:56pm Here's a wonderful post about the relationship between overpopulation and environmental issues. When faced with the issue of overpopulation, some veer toward... facebook
3:05pm Rosie VanHerp, Lillian Blume, this is the story where Project Veritas tried to catfish the Washington Post with an actress who claimed to be in a relationshi... facebook
December 1st 2017
10:46pm RT @neiltyson: A Lunar Eclipse flat-Earther’s have never seen. twitter
10:45pm RT @brianschatz: Please RT if you think that every Senator should be given enough time to read a multi-trillion dollar piece of legislation. twitter
10:42pm RT @clairecmc: This is so bad. We have just gotten list of amendments to be included in bill NOT from our R colleagues, but from lobbyists… twitter
1:06pm Note to self: Next time I have to send a fax, just do it with a curl request via Phaxio. No more trips to FedEx or Kinkos. facebook
11:20am RT @ChrisCoons: Just an idea re: tax reform: Scrap this mess. Start over. Work together. Hold hearings. Listen to experts. Pass real,… twitter
8:08am dblume shares The 2017 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar! plurk
November 29th 2017
1:42pm I want a climbable bookshelf! facebook
8:59am RT @JamilSmith: The White House used a lawyer for payday lending vultures to argue for their illegal @CFPB takeover, reports @ddayen. This… twitter
8:56am RT @tonyschwartz: Passing the tax bill will fuel Trump's grandiosity and make him more likely than ever to do whatever the hell he wants, c… twitter
8:45am "So it’s not actually a song about rape - in fact it’s a song about a woman finding a way to exercise sexual agency in a patriarchal society designed to stop... facebook
8:33am No it' not. That doesn't make sense. That's horrible misdirection. And yes you did. facebook
November 28th 2017
2:24pm RT @SortaBad: 2017: today we learned a woman pretended to be a rape victim in an effort to discredit real rape victims to help a child mole… twitter
November 27th 2017
9:12pm ComCast on charging tolls for Internet fast lanes with the Net Neutrality Repeal. "We never will, but it's very important that we are able to. But we won't. ... facebook
November 25th 2017
6:44pm Pizz'a Chicago foursquare
12:43pm One of the things I'm grateful for is the Open Source Software attitude held by developers like the late Pieter Hintjens, creator of ZeroMQ. Here's one of hi... facebook
8:52am @czamara ‽ twitter
November 24th 2017
10:29pm Raspberry Pi - [PiHole] dokuwiki
9:23pm Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
9:56am @OpenDNSHelp Bad joke ahead: Oh, my home ISP, ComCast, is rolling out a new Reversal of FCC Title II feature, a pay… twitter
9:47am @OpenDNSHelp Your caches are correct. I still get the timeout from home for the one name, but if I ssh to a remote… twitter
12:19am @OpenDNSHelp Suddenly the name can't be found by OpenDNS servers anymore. "DNS request time… twitter
November 22nd 2017
8:43pm RT @zannah: mind blown. twitter
10:39am We're getting closer to checkmate for the Republicans. By silencing scientists, removing access to scientific data, declaring corporations personhood, removi... facebook
November 21st 2017
6:43pm Century 20 Great Mall and XD foursquare
1:47pm RT @LDeeep: This is what the internet looks like without #NetNeutrality in Portugal. twitter
November 20th 2017
9:17pm "If a police officer ever tries to give you a speeding ticket, do not tell him that you are the Kwisatz Haderach and You Can See Where No Bene Gesserit Can S... facebook
4:35pm Probably the most unsettling Zen Pencils yet. But it's timely. William Blake's "A Poison Tree" illustrated by Gavin Aung Than. facebook
3:48pm RT @Mikel_Jollett: The Republican Party is currently defending a pedophile so that he can vote for a tax plan which takes money meant for s… twitter
2:05pm Winners of the 2017 Epson International Pano Awards. Click through, you'll be glad you did. facebook
November 19th 2017
8:27pm How companies encourage you to binge-watch, and how to stop binge-watching from ruining your life. facebook
4:57pm Sen Dai Sushi foursquare
10:56am RT @BruceBartlett: The White House says we can't afford a lousy $44 billion to help our fellow Americans devastated by hurricanes but we ca… twitter
10:53am RT @CharlesFinch: As Jon Lovett pointed out: 10,000 grad students will have to pay an extra $10,000 a year so a single person can inherit a… twitter
November 18th 2017
8:13am They only had two Sriracha donuts left at Starbucks when I got there this morning. Got them both! instagram
7:32am RT @CREWcrew: The tax bill has breaks for private jets, golf course owners and people inheriting millions of dollars. It sounds like it was… twitter
November 17th 2017
7:35am No, really, how shortsighted is Trump? "Where do his hands go" with regard to sexual misconduct? How did he think his opponents would respond? Trump's not ca... facebook
November 16th 2017
10:07am RT @behindyourback: THINGS THAT MAKE THIS COUNTRY WORSE: -Class divide/plutocracy -Sick/dying populace -Uneducated populace -Unhealthy envi… twitter
10:03am RT @davidfrum: To recap today: 1) President of the United States mixed up name of town to which he sent condolences for latest mass school… twitter
10:03am RT @zannah: twitter
November 15th 2017
9:31pm @zannah I don't know whether I'm more impressed you use Discord or that you read their release notes. twitter
8:16am RT @HarrySteinDC: BREAKING: The Senate GOP tax bill is a now permanent middle-class tax increase to pay for a permanent corporate tax cut. twitter
8:15am RT @LOLGOP: And verily I warn you that this nail gun aimed at the heart of the middle class WILL PASS unless there is a massive uprising be… twitter
November 14th 2017
7:57pm RT @mrbenwexler: 1773: *throws tea into harbor to protest taxation without representation* 2017: *throws coffee maker off balcony to defen… twitter
4:56pm RT @benwikler: How new plan works: 1. GOP ends Obamacare’s individual mandate 2. Fewer healthy people buy insurance 3. Premiums shoot up f… twitter
4:50pm @rsyncnet It made me inordinately happy to learn that filesystem snapshots are user configurable now, even though I… twitter
11:01am @feedly Thank you for having keyboard navigation skip over the new ads. I'll still see them, and I'll intentionally… twitter
9:51am It's pretty great when you want to give your company's products as gifts for the holiday season. That's when you ca… twitter
9:08am Details of the tax bill going through Congress, by Michael Linden, Fellow at Roosevelt Inst., Policy & Research Director at the Hub Project. facebook
8:21am RT @MichaelSLinden: RED ALERT: The Trump tax bill being rammed through Congress right now is confusing so let me break down what it’ll mean… twitter
7:26am RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Hi, @23andMe @Bayer @BeachesResorts @bookingcom @CATechnologies @ClearChoice @DIRECTV @DollarShaveClub @etrade @Entyvi… twitter
November 13th 2017
3:14pm The Humorous Self-Portraits of 89-Year Old Kimiko Nishimoto facebook
11:26am RT @AmirAminiMD: @JoyAnnReid @Snowden If you ever cared about facts/specifics, @JoyAnnReid, we wouldn’t be having this discussion today. Bu… twitter
11:25am @zannah It's not wrong. twitter
November 11th 2017
9:39pm Donald Trump called the 20 women who went on the record and accused him of harassment "liars," and suggested they were not attractive enough to harass and vo... facebook
9:15pm @zannah That's just too good. twitter
2:24pm Powder foursquare
11:32am TC Pastry foursquare
9:35am Saejin started off doing an art piece redo of something cheesecake from 2010, and said, "it just kept getting weird until the end". I even love that the YouT... facebook
9:29am RT @LOLGOP: Donald Trump called the 20 women who accused him of harassment "liars," and suggested they were not attractive enough to harass… twitter
November 10th 2017
7:10pm Tomatina foursquare
5:21pm I'm in the waiting queue for a new book now, as a matter of fact. twitter
7:51am Read the whole thread for context. twitter
1:56am Michael Lewis has a fascinating series of articles in Vanity Fair about the transition to Trump's presidency. This is a great interview with him and Dave Dav... facebook
November 9th 2017
9:07pm RT @SenWhitehouse: I don’t even know where to begin with @realdonaldtrump’s CEQ nominee Kathleen Hartnett White—she outright rejects basic… twitter
9:06pm Ha, ha, yeah, Trump's nominee to lead the Council on Environmental Quality won't affirm that water expands when heated, for political reasons. The point to w... facebook
8:44pm The Geneva Mechanism youtube_favorites
November 7th 2017
10:47am Amazon Web Services (AWS) - [History] dokuwiki
7:22am "No way we could have anticipated this, says the only nation in the world who didn't anticipate climate change." twitter
7:19am A satellite monitoring the Arctic broke. We had a replacement ready and paid for. Congress ordered it dismantled. Good news, the more the U.S. blocks educati... facebook
November 6th 2017
8:07pm RT @SenatorDurbin: 94% of Americans (93% of gun owners) want background checks on every gun sale. Retweet if you do too. twitter
5:40pm The Onion continues to make its point. Only the dates, places and numbers change. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. facebook
9:07am This article inadvertently serves to remind us that Edward Snowden was actually a patriot and a hero. facebook
November 5th 2017
11:32am The Melt foursquare
9:17am Even the creator of one of the world's most popular manga is a fan of Blade of the Immortal's creator. Here's "Hiroaki Samura (Blade of the Immortal) in conv... facebook
8:33am In case you missed it, this season's Starbucks Holiday Cup design is a mostly white cup that celebrates two red Starbucks Holiday Cups in its design (at the ... facebook
November 4th 2017
3:27pm Takashi Miike adapted one of my favorite comics of all time, Blade of the Immortal. I followed that comic for years until its bloody end. Go see it. facebook
1:24pm RT @mattyglesias: With Trump we’re left hoping incompetence will save us from an authoritarian nightmare. twitter
10:41am Whoohoo! Chrome stable channel update 62.0.3202.75 reverted to the behavior where new tabs start with the Ominbox's text already selected, so your first key ... facebook
November 3rd 2017
9:29pm RT @RBReich: Mark my words: After they explode the deficit, Republicans will come looking for even deeper cuts to programs that Americans d… twitter
12:24pm @zannah I think it's the price per kid for them to take the kids off your hands. twitter
November 2nd 2017
11:32pm In the U.S., the head of the E.P.A. invoked God while barring domain experts from speaking on science, while in New Zealand, the Prime Minister chose not to ... facebook
10:42pm RT @kurteichenwald: I'm fine letting churches endorse political candidates. Just not with my tax dollars. End their tax breaks, they can en… twitter
12:16pm Worth clicking through. 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest, Part II. facebook
October 31st 2017
8:20am Sarah Sanders explains that if we don't like the tax cut for the rich, then the rich can just walk away and not pay, and then we'll be sorry. This is the Whi... facebook
October 30th 2017
10:00am "Donald Trump has created an unprecedented power vacuum in the United States. ... Donald Trump is America’s Boris Yeltsin. The manufacture of a power vacuum,... facebook
8:56am RT @RBReich: The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world where this nightmare scenario is even possible.… twitter
October 27th 2017
10:23pm RT @LOLGOP: Of all the sexual predators outed recently, only one was vile enough to claim that the women outing him weren't attractive enou… twitter
8:50am "Being friends with white people always involves a fair amount of overlooking ignorance and assuming good intentions. We can’t swear you off altogether becau... facebook
October 26th 2017
10:01pm RT @ASlavitt: About the opioid emergency Trump declared today. When people who constantly diminish government actually need to operate it… twitter
4:37pm "He doesn’t just risk conflict or catastrophe, but also the poisoning of a generation with apathy, cynicism, and resentment." facebook
1:21pm RT @akrabat: This is a useful way of thinking and makes it more obvious why HTTPie works the way it does. twitter
October 25th 2017
October 24th 2017
6:22pm gdb dokuwiki
5:22pm gdb dokuwiki
2:27pm "The president just mouths off at turns ignorantly and dishonestly, and nobody pays much attention to it" facebook
12:12pm This stuff is important, and more people should understand and care. WPA2 was kracked because it was based on a closed standard that you needed to pay to rea... facebook
11:34am RT @franklinleonard: If I give 10 apples to one person and no apples to nine people, the average person has one apple. Why are nine peopl… twitter
October 23rd 2017
7:41pm Trippy: An Introduction and Overview - [Other media] dokuwiki
October 22nd 2017
11:57pm Trippy: An Introduction and Overview - [Other media] dokuwiki
5:05pm On demonizing neither the assaulter nor the victim:"I became a fan of restorative justice. Not because I am some kind of soft-on-crime libtard, but because... facebook
October 21st 2017
4:03pm Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
3:53pm Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
3:00pm 'Awful as the grifterish mentality and behavior may be, worse is the other part of kakistocracy—inept, corrupt, and disruptive governance." facebook
9:55am 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather last_fm
9:52am 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me last_fm
1:24am 10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days last_fm
1:20am Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous last_fm
1:18am Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (single version) last_fm
12:50am Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Single Version) last_fm
12:46am Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
October 20th 2017
6:03pm Going Native 2013 dokuwiki
6:16am Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (single version) last_fm
6:10am Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Single Version) last_fm
6:05am Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
5:57am Dire Straits - Money for Nothing last_fm
5:47am Metric - Black Sheep last_fm
5:42am 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather last_fm
1:18am 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me last_fm
1:14am 10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days last_fm
1:10am Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous last_fm
1:07am Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (single version) last_fm
1:01am Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Single Version) last_fm
12:57am Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
October 18th 2017
3:09pm Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Single Version) last_fm
3:04pm Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
3:00pm Lorde - Green Light last_fm
2:57pm Lorde - Team last_fm
12:09pm Dire Straits - Walk of Life last_fm
12:00pm Dire Straits - Money for Nothing last_fm
11:52am Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
10:07am Metric - Black Sheep last_fm
9:48am Yesterday was America's National Pasta Day! So many Flying Spaghetti Monster and separation of church and state jokes missed. Oh well, hopefully next year! facebook
2:32am Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous last_fm
2:27am Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
2:21am Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Single Version) last_fm
2:18am Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (single version) last_fm
2:15am 10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days last_fm
October 17th 2017
8:33pm Natalie Merchant's "Wonder", a gentle song and a video that celebrates women, caring and diversity. facebook
11:55am 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me last_fm
11:52am 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather last_fm
October 16th 2017
9:07am @zannah That's what she shed. twitter
9:04am Music dokuwiki
12:01am Music dokuwiki
October 15th 2017
9:24am "In the best moments, I think of my scripts as love letters to artists. I want to give them the best story possible so that they will have the best time poss... facebook
October 14th 2017
10:14am Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Right Hand Man [Explicit] last_fm
10:14am Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Right Hand Man [Explicit] last_fm
10:09am Alicia Keys - That Would Be Enough last_fm
10:06am Lenka - Anything I'm Not last_fm
10:03am Lorde - Royals last_fm
9:56am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
9:52am Smash Mouth - All Star last_fm
9:50am Barenaked Ladies - One Week last_fm
October 12th 2017
6:20am Phillipa Soo, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Helpless last_fm
6:19am Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - A Winter's Ball last_fm
6:10am Jonathan Groff, Original Broadway Cast Of Hamilton - You'll Be Back last_fm
6:08am Thayne Jasperson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Farmer Refuted last_fm
6:08am Thayne Jasperson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Farmer Refuted last_fm
6:05am Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The Schuyler Sisters last_fm
6:05am Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The Schuyler Sisters last_fm
6:04am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Okieriete Onaodowan, Daveed Diggs, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The Story Of Tonight last_fm
6:04am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Okieriete Onaodowan, Daveed Diggs, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The Story Of Tonight last_fm
5:58am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - My Shot [Explicit] last_fm
5:58am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - My Shot [Explicit] last_fm
5:53am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom , Jr., Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan - Aaron Burr, Sir last_fm
5:53am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom , Jr., Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan - Aaron Burr, Sir last_fm
5:49am Leslie Odom, Jr., Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Christopher Jackson, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton... last_fm
5:49am Leslie Odom, Jr., Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Christopher Jackson, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton... last_fm
October 11th 2017
9:33am Great nighttime satellite shots to demonstrate how most of Puerto Rico has been in the dark for over 21 days. facebook
October 10th 2017
2:39pm Lawrence Lessig's post starts off like it's going to be supportive of Clinton's "What Happened" but by the end it's pretty scathing (not just of her). facebook
October 9th 2017
10:06am "I find regulations around nonsensical categories like 'assault weapons' (a term made up for political press, not actually a kind of gun), or the 'we demand ... facebook
October 8th 2017
6:00pm Smashburger foursquare
October 5th 2017
7:12pm Century 20 Great Mall and XD foursquare
5:15pm Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2017 Click through, you'll be glad you did. facebook
October 4th 2017
8:28am @zannah How many bananas to one Absolut bottle? twitter
October 3rd 2017
8:50pm RT @natalietran: Gun Control > Condolences twitter
8:31pm "So nothing gets done, and preventable deaths keep occurring." facebook
8:39am "Americans nationwide agreed that years of taking no measures whatsoever to prevent mass shootings may finally be paying off." facebook
October 2nd 2017
1:01pm Music - [Music] dokuwiki
October 1st 2017
5:53pm #inktober "swift" A falcon diving. instagram
5:27pm From a man who worked on policy issues at G+ and YT for years, so he knows what he's talking about. twitter
5:22pm "Apparently, whatever sleep does, it's so basic to survival that even diffuse neural networks need to do it." Yonatan Zunger facebook
5:03pm If I were Kim Jong-un, I'd consider the president's words. Maybe it really is a waste of time to negotiate with the United States while Trump is its presiden... facebook
September 30th 2017
5:12pm At our local CERT class (it's "SAFE" in Milpitas) we got to the part about checking for medical conditions by looking for medical alert bracelets before assi... facebook
2:58pm RT @TheDweck: White House: We can't help Puerto Rico bc there's no way to reach it! also White House: Literally all of us use private plan… twitter
September 29th 2017
10:36pm Nice of YouTube to show me this 2017 Remastered Bladerunner album. I can't believe it's 35 years old. Vangelis's music is ageless. facebook
10:27pm Music - [Music] dokuwiki
7:02pm Tomatina foursquare
6:16pm A little National Coffee Day trivia for you: By the gram of coffee beans, my cold brew (30g/cuppa) is half as efficient as my AeroPress (15g/cuppa). But cold... facebook
7:33am @dreamhost is matching up to $10,000 in donations to @charitywater for their 20th birthday. twitter
7:23am Happy National Coffee Day! ☕ facebook
September 28th 2017
8:56am RT @RokuPlayer: Thanks to the millions of streamers who have made this day possible! #HappyStreaming #RokuIPO twitter
September 27th 2017
10:52am Enrollment for 2018 Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare) starts November 1 and ends December 15. Trump reduced the advertising funds by 90% to announce when... facebook
10:25am @zannah I love that water drop Kodama! twitter
September 26th 2017
9:53pm Wise words. Your stuff has little value. facebook
7:46pm The anime Blade Runner Black Out 2022 is out. facebook
3:22pm @zannah It needs a wider base for safety reasons! San Francisco has a Salesforce Tower that also looks like a thing… twitter
9:00am How does our current president's race baiting and war mongering compare to that of previous modern presidents? facebook
September 25th 2017
8:57am RT @zannah: Engineering Flowchart twitter
8:49am "Donald Trump does not give a shit about whether or not anyone stands, kneels ... on the American flag" Caitlin JohnstoneI don't actually like Caitlin John... facebook
September 24th 2017
5:20pm Coconut’s Fish Cafe foursquare
September 23rd 2017
10:51am AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
12:36am Analyze the movie "mother!" all you want. It's a perfect example of the terribleness of other people when you're an introvert. twitter
12:35am Analyze the movie "mother!" all you want. It's a perfect example of the terribleness of other people when you're an introvert. facebook
September 21st 2017
11:00pm RT @Mikel_Jollett: The hard truth about the United States is that the money other countries spend on health and infrastructure, we spend on… twitter
10:56pm RT @ManMadeMoon: Damn... Americans used to elect guys like this. twitter
September 18th 2017
10:18pm You guys, take a moment and absorb this: We literally have to cache science away from America while Trump is president. How did we ever allow this to become ... facebook
September 17th 2017
8:24pm @zannah Not me, I wouldn't want to remove any of the books to read for fear of changing the curve. twitter
8:23pm "Since taking office, Trump has repeatedly used the prestige of the presidency to promote racist, sexist and violen… twitter
1:40pm Beach Blanket Babylon foursquare
12:45pm instagram
12:19pm Museum Of Ice Cream foursquare
September 16th 2017
9:44pm I just listened to Rage Against the Machine's 1999 song, "Sleep Now In The Fire", (sorta) performed live on Wall Street where some guy holds up a "Trump for ... facebook
7:15pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
10:56am Even-handed and educational. Know your hate groups. Some icons started out that way, some didn't. facebook
9:14am Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo fame is directing a short Blade Runner anime. facebook
September 14th 2017
10:17pm RT @TheStalwart: This is the most interesting nugget in that story about Facebook selling ads against the "jew hater" category… twitter
2:21pm RT @Evan_McMullin: You don't request taxpayer funding for your honeymoon in a vacuum. You do it when corruption has become a feature of gov… twitter
September 13th 2017
12:58pm Zannah Aensland, Loish's second kickstarter got funded in four minutes. facebook
6:49am SISTAR19 - Ma Boy (마보이) last_fm
September 12th 2017
9:44pm A FOIA document shows the Heritage Foundation wrote to Sessions & said voter fraud commission should exclude Democrats & "mainstream Republicans" facebook
September 11th 2017
8:02pm h/t Zannah Aensland facebook
8:24am The hovertext is on the nose, too. facebook
September 10th 2017
5:12pm Sen Dai Sushi foursquare
September 9th 2017
11:13pm RT @SenKamalaHarris: We MUST pass the DREAM Act. Retweet if you agree. twitter
7:35pm RT @SarahKSilverman: twitter
September 8th 2017
11:33pm I see what the LGBT community is going through in Australia with the postal plebiscite, and at first I think, that's one thing that America actually settled ... facebook
September 7th 2017
5:10pm Amazon Books foursquare
9:13am "In the meantime, please enjoy watching this robot fall over" ...and fail to block the ball. There's something I really love about that. facebook
9:10am @OvercastFM Please add an online listener activity (RSS/Atom) feed. They're very handy for recalling podcasts you want to refer to again. twitter
September 6th 2017
11:58am Got to see the X level 9.something solar flare happening now. facebook
September 5th 2017
8:48am RT @Alyssa_Milano: Russian Election Hacking Efforts, Wider Than Previously Known, Draw Little Scrutiny twitter
September 3rd 2017
7:12pm Raspberry Pi - [Logs] dokuwiki
3:08pm h/t David Johansson facebook
2:38pm RT @cblatts: In college, I believed this deeply. It's fundamental to justify libertarian stance. Learning it was empirically false changed… twitter
1:22pm Starbucks foursquare
September 2nd 2017
4:39pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
8:19am RT @jleibenluft: Take a moment to reflect that it is official Trump admin policy to make it harder for people to get health care, w/ no ben… twitter
September 1st 2017
6:34pm Thai Town foursquare
August 31st 2017
9:15am I subscribe to the President's "1600 Daily" and it asks that we share this page of Hurricane Harvey Rumor Control. facebook
9:08am I love things like this: Replicating a big government projects with open source software. facebook
August 30th 2017
1:15pm 씨스타19 - 있다 없으니까 (Gone Not Around Any Longer) last_fm
1:11pm SISTAR - 나혼자 (Alone) last_fm
1:08pm SISTAR - Crying last_fm
1:05pm SISTAR - Give It To Me last_fm
1:00pm Lenka - Anything I'm Not last_fm
12:57pm Lorde - Royals last_fm
12:53pm The Verve Pipe - The Freshmen last_fm
10:30am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
10:26am Smash Mouth - All Star last_fm
10:24am Barenaked Ladies - One Week last_fm
August 29th 2017
12:47pm RT @RonaldKlain: In 140 char: Universal health care; $15 min wage; debt-free college; child care & paid fam leave; fight terrorists w/ alli… twitter
9:40am RT @RVAwonk: Trump's cybersecurity advisors just resigned en masse, citing his 'insufficient attention' to threats twitter
August 27th 2017
5:52pm Pieology Pizzeria foursquare
August 26th 2017
1:37pm RT @phoenixnewtimes: We've been covering Joe Arpaio for more than 20 years. Here's a couple of things you should know about him... 1/many twitter
1:17pm RT @ChrisMurphyCT: The Arpaio pardon is basically a big middle finger to America. A loud, proud declaration that this Administration suppor… twitter
2:39am Leslie Odom, Jr., Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Christopher Jackson, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton... last_fm
August 25th 2017
10:43pm RT @tedneward: Every. Single. Software developer. Must. Take. Note. YOU can go to jail for the code YOUR BOSS tells you to write. https://… twitter
August 23rd 2017
August 22nd 2017
7:34pm I'm a happy paying customer of both @DreamHost and @rsyncnet. They demonstrate that they care about their customers' privacy. twitter
August 21st 2017
10:17am I keep snifffing for the smoke and ash. When the sky is like this, that means a forest fire, right? facebook
9:34am RT @SethAbramson: Trump is unwell, unfit, bigoted, dishonest, corrupt, disloyal, and *dangerously* ignorant—he MUST resign. RETWEET if you… twitter
8:45am Your iris has a sphincter muscle. facebook
August 20th 2017
12:16pm It's sort of reassuring to know that even the Japanese can foul up Godzilla as much as the Americans. I just watched Shin Godzilla, and while it came closer ... facebook
August 18th 2017
9:02pm What's the last four weeks been like for the U.S. President? Here's a handy review! facebook
6:56pm Tomatina foursquare
August 17th 2017
7:53am RT @JamesGleick: These terrorists are being allowed to carry military weaponry and wear pseudomilitary uniforms on American streets. https… twitter
August 16th 2017
7:53pm Have you guys heard about "crown shyness"? It's when trees create rivers of open space between their crowns so that trees don't overlap each others' branches... facebook
August 15th 2017
9:01pm Trump is saying there are ways to be good, intolerant White Supremacists. This is not OK. This intolerance extends to attitudes about gender, gender identity... facebook
4:05pm "The admissions procedures at these schools don’t determine which students get the benefit of a better education; the perception of a better education is its... facebook
August 14th 2017
8:43am "We will not be replaced!" If not, can you be educated and corrected then? facebook
August 13th 2017
9:02pm RT @bcrypt: 8 rabbits, aka 1 rabbyte twitter
5:12pm Bon Chon Chicken foursquare
4:26pm Gates of Hell foursquare
3:05pm Stanford Visitor Center foursquare
12:29pm Stanford Shopping Center foursquare
10:14am Devout Coffee foursquare
August 12th 2017
9:16pm You have to make a simple automation script with dozens of curl requests. Do it in shell-of-your-choice or Python3 with requests module? twitter
9:09pm Pro-Tip: Suppose the .srt subtitle track you're trying to use just isn't working. It might be in an encoding your video player doesn't understand. Open it in... facebook
11:34am Ashanti - Helpless (feat. Ja Rule) last_fm
6:21am Phillipa Soo, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Helpless last_fm
6:21am Phillipa Soo, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Helpless last_fm
6:20am Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - A Winter's Ball last_fm
6:20am Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - A Winter's Ball last_fm
6:15am Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Right Hand Man [Explicit] last_fm
6:15am Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Right Hand Man [Explicit] last_fm
August 11th 2017
12:59pm Primus - Fish On (Fisherman Chronicles, Chapter II) last_fm
12:44pm Primus - Tommy The Cat last_fm
12:41pm Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver last_fm
12:25am Quick: Trump on opioid abuse: Is this quote satire or not? "The opioid crisis is an emergency and I'm saying officially right now it is an emergency. We're g... facebook
August 10th 2017
6:10am 安室奈美恵 - Baby Don't Cry last_fm
August 9th 2017
7:18am 宇多田ヒカル - Beautiful World last_fm
August 8th 2017
7:05pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
August 7th 2017
9:33am Can't tell if I'm happy my client changed a dumb requirement, or unhappy that I have to change already shipped production code. twitter
August 6th 2017
August 5th 2017
3:37pm @neonepiphany Can I come over? twitter
August 4th 2017
7:20pm El Torito foursquare
3:23pm Inspiring and quirky ballpoint pen drawings of Japan by Yukihiro Tada. facebook
August 3rd 2017
August 1st 2017
9:50am Click through, you'll be glad you did. facebook
9:03am "Court costs and other semi-official aspects of the legal system do not plunge people into life-altering cycles of debt by accident. These have always been t... facebook
July 31st 2017
8:25am On Surfing, parallel parking, software projects and the sunk cost fallacy:Chris Baus recently wrote "I consider software projects to be like surfing. Your ... facebook
July 30th 2017
4:19pm Thai Spice foursquare
July 29th 2017
11:58am AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
8:41am From this reddit discussion of what McCain did to the reconciliation bill: "So McCain was actually the fucking hero all along?" "McCain just pulled a Snape." facebook
July 28th 2017
11:19pm RT @Snowden: What "draining the swamp" actually looks like: Courts disqualify national leader—exposed as corrupt by journalists—from office… twitter
7:04pm Thai Town foursquare
July 27th 2017
11:09pm RT @L007_: The thing is - Ellen Bass. twitter
10:56pm "When we have been pushed down for so long, it can become impossible to see whose hands are keeping us there. Is it really welfare queens or immigrant labore... facebook
10:54pm I don't know when I'm ever going to go back to hot coffee. I've been drinking iced cold brew for the past few weeks, and today I just had my first iced cold ... facebook
July 25th 2017
8:29am Surfside Donuts foursquare
July 24th 2017
6:54pm This is so hilarious! I can picture it now. twitter
5:16pm Pelican Rock foursquare
2:54pm Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab foursquare
2:16pm Guiseppe's Cucina Rustica foursquare
July 23rd 2017
7:13pm Splash Café Pismo Beach foursquare
5:39pm Pelican Rock foursquare
2:49pm Madonna Inn foursquare
1:02pm House Of JuJu foursquare
11:35am Morro Rock State Natural Preserve (Morro Rock) foursquare
July 22nd 2017
8:55pm "Trump’s statement in early 2016 that he “could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and… wouldn’t lose voters” has turned out to be prescien... facebook
4:07pm Pismo Beach foursquare
3:22pm Mo's Smoke House foursquare
July 21st 2017
7:12pm SAP Center foursquare
July 20th 2017
7:43pm "The Trump administration didn’t think my years of science and policy experience were better suited to accounts receivable. It sidelined me in the hope that ... facebook
5:25pm It's a scary job where when you f* up, a subreddit bites your head off. twitter
July 19th 2017
8:39am Our master negotiator businessman of a president didn't bring his own interpreter to the secret meeting with Putin? How is that even...? How could you not, i... facebook
1:02am RT @molly_knight: Wanna know how I know you're a monster? You would literally kill people to spite Barack Obama. twitter
July 18th 2017
7:25pm SHN Orpheum Theatre foursquare
7:27am RT @AdamSerwer: Nothing says "small government" quite like legalized theft of property from people convicted of nothing at all… twitter
July 17th 2017
7:09pm John Wayne Airport (SNA) foursquare
July 16th 2017
11:43pm Perfume EDGE ~ MOL youtube_favorites
11:22pm Hamilton Full Soundtrack [Lyrics] youtube_favorites
3:43pm John Wayne Airport (SNA) foursquare
12:52pm Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) foursquare
July 15th 2017
5:08pm Sen Dai Sushi foursquare
July 14th 2017
8:55pm RT @Snowden: The contempt of national leaders for scientific literacy claims more lives than any radical. This kind of thinking is a civili… twitter
8:27pm Same man previously said this "You’re going to have such great health care, at a tiny fraction of the cost—and it’s… twitter
8:05pm "White House releases sensitive personal information of voters worried about their sensitive personal information" facebook
July 13th 2017
1:03pm RT @AlecMacGillis: Never forget: when Obama leaned toward disclosing Russian meddling pre-election, it was McConnell who told him doing so… twitter
9:55am Vanlal Tochhawng, have you heard this episode of Revisionist History about the 1943 Bengali famine? facebook
July 11th 2017
7:58am Here’s every total solar eclipse happening in your lifetime. facebook
July 10th 2017
10:07am "Culture and values flow from the top, like in any hierarchal organization. Since long before he became President, Trump has been setting personal loyalty as... facebook
8:48am Oh, wow. This is intriguing. First I've heard of it. facebook
July 9th 2017
3:02pm RT @NarratedPOTUS: The President of the United States voices much more concern over Obama's handling of Russian hacking than Putin's execut… twitter
3:00pm Referring to the guy who saw the Women's March on Washington and said, "why didn't these people vote?" He couldn't… twitter
10:30am dblume shares It's a Tachikoma lamp, you guys. plurk
July 8th 2017
9:54am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
July 7th 2017
7:15pm Thai Town foursquare
8:08am "So now, when Trump flagrantly violates ethics rules, breaks laws on a daily basis, and even conspires against his own country, there is sweet fuck-all to be... facebook
July 5th 2017
11:06pm Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
7:56am RT @natalietran: Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Nobody else will because you’re gross. twitter
July 4th 2017
5:24pm PPQ Dungeness Island foursquare
2:42pm Pacifica State Beach foursquare
July 3rd 2017
10:30pm My big brother, Randy, called me on Friday afternoon, talking about investing and taking care of his family. He said that he dreamt about Mom and Dad, and th... facebook
8:42am facebook
8:27am RT @bradheath: Pretty extraordinary concurring opinion from Judge Brown: "Our democracy is broken. We must hope, however, that it is not in… twitter
July 2nd 2017
6:19pm Coconut’s Fish Cafe foursquare
July 1st 2017
11:38am It's galling that a black-on-black mass shooting is reported as less troubling than if the same shooting were "terrorism". We are unwell. twitter
11:19am Flip up sights for an AR on the side of a C9 for holding it sideways while shooting. Close them when jabbing it forward while shooting, open them when you wa... facebook
10:37am RT @BlanksSlate: I feel safer now that we've denied a once in a lifetime opportunity to a group of girls whose country we've been bombing s… twitter
June 30th 2017
10:33pm RT @LOLGOP: How many people has Trump attacked, threatened or accused of crimes? GOP fine with a president who thinks he's king if it means… twitter
June 29th 2017
8:31pm "The Court today ... leads us instead to a place whereseparation of church and state is a constitutional slogan,not a constitutional commitment. I dissent.... facebook
7:55pm @yacitus I really loved that one, too! twitter
12:51pm dblume shares Winners of the Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition. plurk
June 28th 2017
11:41am Bon Chon Chicken foursquare
8:34am We're still happy customers of, backing up from Linux, macOS, and Windows to their servers. I don't benefit from this endorsement, but in this time... facebook
8:04am “Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought.To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears.To be led by a fool is to be led by... facebook
June 27th 2017
7:53pm CREAM foursquare
7:38pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
5:18pm RT @JoyAnnReid: Just heard this Octavia Butler quote for the first time and am now obsessed with it. twitter
7:34am It starts with "This is my daughter Rebecca in 2013. She was 5¼ years old when I took this, and less than three days later, she almost died on an ER bed." a... facebook
June 25th 2017
11:20pm I really like the idea behind Reddit's r/changemyview. You post your view on something, and invite others to respectfully change your view. If they succeed, ... facebook
June 24th 2017
5:04pm I overlayed the post-election Trump Rally locations over the New York Times' article about which counties most resemble the past vs. those that most resemble... facebook
1:12pm Kevin Drum's thoughtful critique of Trumpcare. facebook
June 23rd 2017
7:13pm Tomatina foursquare
2:56pm "The motto of the United States is not, in fact, “Fuck you, I got mine.” It was, and should have remained, “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one. We’re all Am... facebook
June 20th 2017
7:54pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
June 19th 2017
10:49pm @zannah Any Bakemonogatari gif gets an upvote from me. twitter
9:56pm Oh, man, my inner 14yo can't stop laughing. facebook
1:38pm @zannah I remember doing that to *you*! You didn't got offended, but you did believe me, which totally surprised me. twitter
8:19am dblume asks need a little inspiration? The Eerie Humanoid Driftwood Sculptures of Nagato Iwasaki. plurk
June 18th 2017
3:42pm AMC Mercado 20 foursquare
June 17th 2017
5:58pm Maybe we're in an alternate reality where the modern-day version of Luddites will win (for their generation, the ne… twitter
1:53pm Philip Roberts: What the heck is the event loop anyway? | JSConf EU 2014 youtube_favorites
12:49pm San Carlos Library foursquare
June 16th 2017
10:51pm Every time I think of diving into JavaScript, I see a video like this that shows various handy ways of avoiding confusion because the value of "this" is dete... facebook
3:11pm Taqueria Las Vegas foursquare
June 15th 2017
7:19pm That wail in Wonder Woman's theme song is supposed to be evocative of a Banshee wail. facebook
1:45pm From the winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2016. Here's a direct link to the climbing photo: facebook
9:24am david added "Ensure all the links on this site are current." tasks
June 14th 2017
12:03am "I believe that [Alex Honnold's free solo ascent of El Capitan] should also be celebrated as one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever." facebook
June 13th 2017
7:31pm Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) foursquare
1:55pm Kahului Airport (OGG) foursquare
June 11th 2017
8:18pm Mama's Fish House foursquare
June 9th 2017
6:07pm I think Americans would be wise to pretend President Trump said this, and to reflect on what they think is right. It's a straight-up surrender of some human ... facebook
11:53am "Will there be a hearing on the health care proposal?" I'm not a fan of images of text, but this is too important not to share. (Taken for a transcript of th... facebook
June 7th 2017
8:57pm Coconut's Fish Cafe foursquare
2:57pm Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice foursquare
12:55pm Kahului Airport (OGG) foursquare
6:55am Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) foursquare
June 6th 2017
8:06pm "What we do know is clear: Winner is accused of serving as a journalistic source for a leading American news outlet about a matter of critical public importa... facebook
7:42pm RT @petersterne: Really great point here from @Snowden: twitter
June 5th 2017
9:10am Good local leaders start the process to recoverty. facebook
June 4th 2017
8:59pm "What the world needs is for the U.S. to stay in the Paris Accords." -- Alex Honnold on the importance of having free-soloed El Cap. twitter
8:58pm "What the world needs is for the U.S. to stay in the Paris Accords." -- Alex Honnold on the importance of having free-soloed El Cap. (I'm not kidding. It's ... facebook
7:25pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
4:09pm RT @zannah: Scott Pilgrim vs the World is one of my all-time favourite movies. twitter
12:45am Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
June 3rd 2017
10:13am "The Dianas grew in number, emboldened by Teen Vogue thinkpieces." facebook
8:57am I accidentally let my letsencrypt certificate expire because I didn't want a cronjob with root privileges doing the renewal. But now I've set up root's cronj... facebook
1:45am Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
1:35am Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
12:54am RT @JerryBrownGov: My statement on @realDonaldTrump’s #ParisAgreement announcement #ActOnClimate… twitter
12:34am RT @neiltyson: If I and my advisors had never learned what Science is or how & why it works, then I’d consider pulling out of the Paris Cli… twitter
12:33am RT @ddale8: The GOP is the world's only governing party that rejects the scientific fact of human-caused global warming:… twitter
June 2nd 2017
3:21pm RT @MachinePix: The 3D illusions of Kokichi Sugihara, an engineering professor at the Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sc… twitter
June 1st 2017
May 31st 2017
2:59pm RT @SenWarren: Today I’m launching #DeVosWatch, a new oversight effort to hold @BetsyDeVosEd & @usedgov accountable. Watch:… twitter
May 29th 2017
May 28th 2017
1:45pm Just imagine having this play structure at your local park, where the kids who wanted to, could try climbing that overhang. facebook
May 27th 2017
8:20am Bill's Cafe foursquare
May 26th 2017
9:57pm RT @zannah: tock-tick! twitter
7:26pm Thai Town foursquare
May 25th 2017
7:18am @zannah Can't say I like them any more than my Thinket. twitter
May 24th 2017
10:49pm RT @KaraCalavera: For every Trump action, there's a past tweet from him accusing Obama of doing it and a quote from Hillary warning us that… twitter
May 23rd 2017
May 21st 2017
1:08pm Giorgio's Pizzeria foursquare
7:29am Bay To Breakers foursquare
6:26am Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station foursquare
May 20th 2017
11:16am Pier 35 foursquare
9:42am Andytown foursquare
7:45am RT @ACLU: Q: What do you call a multi-million dollar investigation into a problem that hardly exists? A: Your tax dollars at work (unfortun… twitter
May 18th 2017
9:40am A blog post combining two of my favorite things: Climbing Gyms and SketchUp. facebook
May 17th 2017
6:34pm Sizzling Stone foursquare
May 16th 2017
9:25pm We still live in that ridiculous era where contractors email you a PDF and expect you to print, sign, and fax it back. twitter
9:24pm We still live in that ridiculous era where contractors email you a PDF and expect you to print, sign, and fax it back. facebook
12:12pm RT @AoDespair: Did any of us ever imagine the United States of America led by a President this stupid, this incompetent, this empty? Am hon… twitter
May 15th 2017
10:09am From someone who directly addressed the issue at a social network on how, if hate speech is de facto legal, it silences the weak and amplifies the powerful: ... facebook
7:29am Congrats to my colleagues who worked on these DolbyVision and HDR TVs. twitter
May 13th 2017
8:22pm I just got an email from someone claiming to be a contract killer and I'm on their list, but I can buy my way out. Usually I delete spam, but I don't like ha... facebook
7:44pm So, the global ransomware thing enabled by the U.S. NSA was accidentally stopped by an analyst? (They registered a domain that the ransomware required to be ... facebook
7:35pm RT @Snowden: Pause a moment to consider why we're left with researchers, not governments, trying to counter the @NSAGov-enabled ransomware… twitter
7:33pm RT @RandPaul: Today I released the following statement in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. twitter
3:53pm Peter J. Shields Library foursquare
3:12pm Sweet & Shavery foursquare
9:47am UC Davis Welcome Store foursquare
May 12th 2017
7:56pm The Counter foursquare
1:41pm Phillipa Soo, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Helpless last_fm
1:34pm Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom , Jr., Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan - Aaron Burr, Sir last_fm
1:30pm Leslie Odom, Jr., Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Christopher Jackson, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton... last_fm
7:31am I just watched Scorsese's powerful movie, "Silence", with Kylo Ren, Spider-Man, and that guy who has a "particular set of skills" in the movie Taken.It's g... facebook
May 11th 2017
2:29am A possible win for 2020 gerrymandering and policy making without data. Perhaps his replacement will be a believer that 800,000 fake votes went for Clinton, a... facebook
May 10th 2017
11:42am Tsubasa Hanekawa (Yui Horie) - sugar sweet nightmare last_fm
11:38am Nadeko Sengoku (Kana Hanazawa) - Ren'ai Circulation last_fm
11:34am Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) - ambivalent world last_fm
9:02am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
6:53am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
6:47am Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - A Winter's Ball last_fm
6:41am Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Right Hand Man [Explicit] last_fm
6:38am Jonathan Groff, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - You'll Be Back last_fm
6:36am Thayne Jasperson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Farmer Refuted last_fm
6:33am Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The Schuyler Sisters last_fm
6:31am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Okieriete Onaodowan, Daveed Diggs, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The Story Of Tonight last_fm
6:26am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Leslie Odom, Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - My Shot [Explicit] last_fm
1:31am Original Broadway Cast Of Hamilton - Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story last_fm
1:25am Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The World Was Wide Enough last_fm
1:24am Phillipa Soo, Lin-Manuel Miranda - Best of Wives and Best of Women last_fm
1:22am Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Your Obedient Servant last_fm
1:18am Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The Election of 1800 [Explicit] last_fm
1:13am Renée Elise Goldsberry, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - It's Quiet Uptown last_fm
1:12am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Phillipa Soo, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Stay Alive (Reprise) last_fm
1:09am Anthony Ramos, Ariana DeBose, Sasha Hutchings, Ephraim Sykes, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Blow Us All Away [Explicit] last_fm
1:05am Phillipa Soo - Burn last_fm
1:03am Original Broadway Cast Of Hamilton - The Reynolds Pamphlet last_fm
1:00am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Hurricane last_fm
12:58am Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom, Jr., Okieriete Onaodowan - We Know last_fm
12:57am Original Broadway Cast Of Hamilton - The Adams Administration last_fm
May 8th 2017
8:20am RT @GeorgeTakei: Iowa's governor just signed a restrictive voter ID law despite no evidence of voter fraud. These GOP voter ID laws are the… twitter
May 7th 2017
9:27pm My nephew was looking at getting a Batarang fidgit spinner. I told my son he could get a fidgit spinner too, but only if it was a Krull fidgit spinner. He lo... facebook
7:04am Jonathan Groff - I Know Him last_fm
6:59am Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - One Last Time last_fm
6:56am Leslie Odom, Jr., Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Washington On Your Side [Explicit] last_fm
May 6th 2017
1:39pm Today's "1600 Daily" links to Trump's "Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty", but if you read it, it reads like Citizen's United for C... facebook
10:08am “We’re going to win so much, [when] you’re going to be so sick [we the rich will be] winning.” - President Trump [predicting the money transfer made possibly... facebook
9:52am RT @sahilkapur: House Republicans have replaced their FAQ section on AHCA. The earlier one included this line, which wasn’t true of the bi… twitter
May 5th 2017
8:19am Christopher Jackson, Daveed Diggs, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Okieriete Onaodowan - Cabinet Battle #2 last_fm
8:18am Anthony Ramos, Phillipa Soo, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr. - Schuyler Defeated last_fm
8:13am Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The Room Where It Happens last_fm
8:09am Jasmine Cephas Jones, Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sydney James Harcourt, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Say No To This last_fm
8:04am Phillipa Soo, Anthony Ramos, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Renée Elise Goldsberry - Take A Break last_fm
May 3rd 2017
8:54am Another inspiring Zen Pencils: "Nicola Tesla: Visions of the Future." facebook
May 2nd 2017
7:50pm RT @BellLabs: BASIC computer language is 53 years old today. Retweet if BASIC was your first computer language? #ThisDayinSTEM… twitter
May 1st 2017
6:12pm "I didn't say, 'don't test a missile.' He's going to have to do what he has to do. But he understands we're not going to be very happy. ... Perhaps nothing's... facebook
April 28th 2017
6:59pm Tomatina foursquare
April 27th 2017
9:37am Feeling optimistic about trends in technology and industry? This is the cure. The title is misleading, it's not a listicle and it's not about Silicon Valley.... facebook
April 25th 2017
12:38pm RT @ProPublica: Build a wall in a floodplain and it acts like a dam. (via @NPR) twitter
9:01am “The Frogger Delusion” helps to explain The Flying Spaghetti Monster with video games by Jack Preston King. Ramen. twitter
April 24th 2017
8:58am I still receive "Your 1600 Daily" and read the occasional full interview transcript with Trump. And I can see how there's the occasional difference of unders... facebook
April 23rd 2017
5:14pm Sen Dai Sushi foursquare
12:13pm Steve Ballmer recently released USAFacts, and I'm really interested in what we can do with it. "USAFacts is a new data-driven portrait of the American popula... facebook
April 22nd 2017
10:47pm RT @JessicaHuseman: Trump's budget would cut the Dept of Interior, which manages national parks, by 12%. EPA by 31%. twitter
1:17pm RT @ProPublica: Members of Congress representing southern border areas who support a wall? Zero.… twitter
April 21st 2017
7:43pm How can you not respect ProPublica? They've just released a report on staff diversity. They're going to get some just criticism. But that's the point, isn't ... facebook
7:35pm I commend the transparency of these companies. It's hard to reveal your own data, especially when it's going to be… twitter
10:29am RT @davidfrum: “I will shut down the government unless Democrats pay for the wall I said Mexico would pay for.” Genius.… twitter
9:10am Thanks, Ireland, for calling attention to the console command correcting tool thefuck. (As seen in facebook
7:22am I needed this. Thanks, Vanlal Tochhawng. facebook
April 20th 2017
April 19th 2017
8:17pm RT @BrooklynSpoke: "In no way could I have foreseen this coming when I voted to confirm the CEO of Exxon as our Secretary of State." - John… twitter
8:16pm Val M Jamora, have you seen the John Coltrane quote? facebook
1:23pm RT @ProPublica: Trump set almost no limits on inauguration giving He raised record $107 mil Where did it go? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯… twitter
8:15am TIL: Disney perpetuated the Lemming Suicide myth by staging one in the documentary White Wilderness. Next time I play the computer game Lemmings, I'll say, "... facebook
April 18th 2017
2:06pm dblume asks Is it weird that after the start, I ended up reading this in zannah 's voice? A day on the internet in 2017, an internal transcript. plurk
1:28pm RT @Evan_McMullin: The Trump family administration has a particular motive for supporting Turkey's despot at the expense of American intere… twitter
7:30am RT @zannah: Red Panda attacks the Police twitter
April 17th 2017
April 16th 2017
11:44pm Katsushika Hokusai on aging: "When I was 50 I had published a universe of designs, but all I have done before the age of 70 is not worth bothering with. At 7... facebook
9:55pm There's no fix for this in Chrome yet. Best to view the URLs in a text-only editor to detect punycode, to avoid phishing. facebook
1:57pm RT @LOLGOP: The president of the United States is suggesting that if you publicly demand his tax returns, you should be investigated. twitter
1:17pm @zannah Excuse me? Minecraft had wangs as soon as it had terrain editing. Related: twitter
10:39am Watching my guilty pleasure, iZombie, right in the middle of some pretty good tech babble, "So I bytemapped an image of the OS footprint, loaded up a hex edi... facebook
April 15th 2017
8:54pm "Reznor was sent [Johnny Cash's cover of 'Hurt'] while in the studio with Rage Against the Machine’s Zach De La Rocha, and, when the pair sat down to watch i... facebook
8:37pm Microsoft's excellent response to the Shadow Brokers disclosure. facebook
12:32pm Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival foursquare
April 14th 2017
6:50pm Thai Town foursquare
4:13pm RT @Miss_Librarian: Your dad wants to cut all of our federal funding but thanks for the tweet. #SaveIMLS twitter
12:00pm @zannah You're kidding, right? I can't believe that that date isn't ISO 8601. twitter
9:06am @dagutierrez I agree with @dagutierrez: Once the ability to export my data and a service's existing RESTful API are… twitter
8:56am @dagutierrez no worries, I'm with since 2010. I use's RSS for local backup too. twitter
April 13th 2017
11:09pm Good or bad, I'd prefer to see transition records maintained and in the public, even government social media accounts. We all make mistakes. I think it looks... facebook
10:24pm This is going to end well. facebook
7:02pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
5:46pm @Delicious The API described here stopped working a few days ago. 404s now. Please turn it back on? twitter
9:00am I just read JavaScript's Prototypal Inheritance explained with SASS (CSS extension). So weird to think of people coming in from using CSS extensions first, t... facebook
April 12th 2017
5:08pm @tpederson Corporations > people. Police follow their request. twitter
4:02pm dblume shares Woohoo! This rain has been great. Before and After Photos of California's Historic Drought. plurk
3:07pm RT @KFILE: Democrats: 37% support Trump's Syria strikes 38% supported Obama doing it GOP: 86% supported Trump doing it 22% supported Obama… twitter
12:29pm The Melt foursquare
April 11th 2017
1:01pm Powder foursquare
12:10pm 4505 Burgers & BBQ foursquare
10:32am Sausalito Ferry Landing foursquare
April 10th 2017
5:01pm Point Reyes Lighthouse foursquare
11:35am Bear Valley Visitor Center foursquare
9:43am Paris Baguette foursquare
April 9th 2017
6:25pm The Kebab Shop foursquare
3:14pm How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers' Buttons. It's got edifying JavaScript interactive games. And what I've seen so far is rational behavi... facebook
2:35pm Windows 10 Setup dokuwiki
11:07am AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
April 6th 2017
10:17pm I love Zen Pencils. The latest is about Frida Kahlo. facebook
April 5th 2017
9:05am Twitter's original default profile photo isn't from "Falling Down", it's from "Being There". twitter
8:45am "I told him, 'I want to show you a movie to help you understand my culture and my people,' and I showed him John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China." facebook
8:23am Let's remember to keep things in perspective. Trump would still have a ways to go to achieve being our worst president. This is a good read. facebook
April 4th 2017
10:54pm I'm one of them. twitter
10:50pm President Trump issued a press release about the sarin gas attack in Syria, and manages to squeeze in a "Thanks, Obama" right in there. Classy, Mr. President. facebook
7:52am Respect to the Christian clergy who followed up and said they should own this. We all need to own up if we want to move forward together. facebook
April 2nd 2017
6:19pm The first in a four-part series. Note, the Times is not calling for blanket “non-cooperation” with the Trump administration. But it is trying to work within ... facebook
April 1st 2017
1:28pm I Heart Pepper Lunch USA foursquare
9:11am RT @testobsessed: Spotted on a whiteboard at @pivotal: you can branch if you want to... twitter
March 31st 2017
5:14pm Sen Dai Sushi foursquare
8:45am dblume wishes all the best to halophoenix at his next gig! I'm sure great things are in store. plurk
8:34am The pairing of "Cheetos" for "All the President's Men" was my responsibility. facebook
7:25am RT @nowthisnews: This scientist has had enough with climate change denial bullsh*t twitter
March 29th 2017
8:57am These past few weeks, the United States have been working in opposition to this noble goal of the Code of Hammurabi: "so that the strong should not harm the ... facebook
7:30am @zannah Blep unclear. At least we have a rough idea of how big the cat is. twitter
7:26am RT @Mikel_Jollett: So according to Republicans voting today: Trump's taxes need privacy protection but your internet privacy doesn't. twitter
March 28th 2017
7:42pm RT @SenSanders: Our job is to save the planet not make more profits for the oil, gas and coal industries. We must act boldly to transform o… twitter
11:29am "The White House is calling for immediate budget cuts of $18 billion from programs like medical research, infrastructure and community development grants to ... facebook
March 27th 2017
8:32pm @zannah Oh, wow. I really enjoyed that. twitter
11:06am This is one of those moments when new technology feels like magic. twitter
March 26th 2017
6:00pm Gina Trapani nailed my JavaScript experience and fears:1. It started off as a cute language on the client side.2. Then became kinda clever with jQuery.3.... facebook
3:53pm Looks like the Everglades. instagram
12:05pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
March 25th 2017
10:38pm President Trump really is unhinged. Read his interview with TIME Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer. Some choice quotes:(On the topic of Time magazine... facebook
March 24th 2017
March 23rd 2017
7:56pm New Gorillaz album coming! facebook
March 22nd 2017
8:35pm They're called "violin plots", and they visualize probability distributions. But that's never what I see. facebook
10:29am @_jayphelps When and where will last night's "Real Time Insights" video be posted? Loved the talk. Thank you! twitter
March 21st 2017
9:09pm The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a non-partisan research and policy institute assess H.R. 1628, the American Health Care Act. facebook
1:32pm shell tips - [Cron] dokuwiki
10:47am We need to develop a better policy to shutting down such easily disprovable statements. twitter
8:57am Regarding Tomi Lahren's suspension: "as a Republican ... I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well."I don... facebook
7:27am Elliott Noel, these seem fine, right? facebook
March 20th 2017
March 19th 2017
12:39pm Some of my Indian friends were critiquing the article "Yogi Adityanath's Men Telling Hindus To Rape Dead Muslim Women Is Beyond Shocking". From their convers... facebook
8:53am RT @SenSanders: It’s time to join the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all of our people. twitter
March 18th 2017
3:46pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
11:49am I'm thinking these two highly rated movies should be seen as a double feature: Loving and Get Out. facebook
9:21am I got an email from The White House, "Your 1600 Daily", promoting this wonderful piece, "Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will ... facebook
March 17th 2017
8:03pm CREAM foursquare
7:10pm Boneheads - Fremont foursquare
3:08pm Netflix said of a title "Recommended based on your interest in Breaking Bad, Inception and Deadwood." I love imagining what a combination of those three show... facebook
March 16th 2017
10:31am I really appreciate it when people post little technical postmortems that include wrong paths taken. facebook
March 14th 2017
1:33pm It bugs me that they're still called "marketing pixels" when they've long stopped being actual (transparent) single pixel images. Just call them tags or noti... facebook
8:39am To contrast the liberal articles that Facebooks feeds me, I subscribe to the White House newsletter. But it's really not helping. They only link to Breitbart... facebook
7:26am Today in 1593: Best Pi Day ever. (Rounding up, of course.) facebook
March 13th 2017
March 12th 2017
10:54pm We're in Laniakea, "immeasurable heaven" in Hawaiian. facebook
10:33pm So yesterday, my Raspberry Pi went from being 0 seconds off from my other web server to being 4950 seconds behind. No idea why. (If it was daylight savings t... facebook
6:09pm Far East Café foursquare
11:03am I upgrade my search engines the way I upgrade my phones. Every other generation. Skip ack and go straight from grep to ag. (The command name is 33% shorter t... facebook
March 10th 2017
11:31pm git - [Renaming branches] dokuwiki
10:29pm In response to Ex-CIA director Hayden saying millennials leak secrets because they are ‘culturally’ different... twitter
2:25pm dblume asks pastilla , does this qualify as a desktop vacation? JR Onagawa Station is Rebuilt by Shigeru Ban and Hiroshi Senju plurk
10:50am git - [Renaming branches] dokuwiki
March 9th 2017
March 7th 2017
9:17am RT @liamstack: Trump said Obama spied on him. Last year he said Obama was the founder of ISIS. Before that he said Obama was Kenyan https:/… twitter
7:34am RT @davepell: When this is all over, the Trump story will represent all the ills of American society: Celebrity-worship, frivolous ignoranc… twitter
March 6th 2017
1:42pm Finally got far enough in the book not to be spoiled by the excellent Weta images in the article about Seveneves. facebook
8:57am Creating software to subvert the law on a corporate level like this infuriates me. facebook
March 5th 2017
8:06pm While I've been able to resist the gamification of... games, I just spent part of today upgrading my CodeClimate GitHub badges, for like, nearly zero practic... facebook
10:03am A note on programming language popularity: While Carlo Zapponi hasn't updated with info past 2014, the is ... facebook
March 4th 2017
4:30pm LUZIA - Cirque du Soleil foursquare
11:36am RT @JillKrajewski: despite all my rage I am still Caillou at middle age twitter
10:45am A blooming agave plant. They bloom once, for about nine months, and then they die. They never used to bloom in Northern California. facebook
10:24am Niles Town Plaza foursquare
9:47am Skillet'z foursquare
March 3rd 2017
6:49pm Thai Town foursquare
9:59am Here's a throwback of me in 2009 saying "Sometimes I search for X-23 and Movie. And then I cry. ... Yeah, let's just make like 5 Punisher movies. And let's j... facebook
March 2nd 2017
7:15pm @neonepiphany Seriously! Can't wait. twitter
March 1st 2017
9:53pm Potential Projects - [Python] dokuwiki
9:37am Why "The Giving Tree" makes you cry. facebook
February 28th 2017
10:35am dblume shares Esp. for neonepiphany The Book Design of Haruki Murakami’s “Killing Commendatore”. plurk
8:47am A letter to Ivanka from a concerned parent."removing protections for transgender kids is a distraction from the myriad of other super-pressing issues facin... facebook
February 27th 2017
8:55am While receiving the Legendary Leader award, "As we sit here and celebrate what we have done, let’s remember that millions of young people who had the misfort... facebook
February 25th 2017
8:16pm Because "This is not the intelligence assessment the president asked for". Next time, just write whatever pre-conceived notion the President had, OK? facebook
February 24th 2017
4:08pm Thai Spice foursquare
3:30pm Powder foursquare
10:35am California Academy of Sciences foursquare
8:51am Trouble Coffee foursquare
February 23rd 2017
9:27pm I'm being asked to re-sign-in to all my Google services. I'm not especially worried, as I recognize everything on the "device-activity" page, my password is ... facebook
11:44am Orenchi Ramen foursquare
February 22nd 2017
6:55pm Heh, I can't really blame the author. Let me just step aside of the Baby Boomer v Millenial smackdown. facebook
12:04pm The Melt foursquare
February 21st 2017
4:28pm I get really tempted to try Amazon Lightsail as I already have a lot of mini sites on my Raspberry Pi and at a shared hosting account at Dreamhost. But... I'... facebook
8:16am Timothy O'Leary reminded me of how Trump reminds me of Tom Vu, that infomercial guy. "Trump’s demographic intersects heavily with the infomercial consumer,... facebook
February 20th 2017
7:53pm CREAM foursquare
7:50pm Blaze Pizza foursquare
9:03am Why are so many barns painted red? facebook
8:42am @CLFLN I like to imagine this commit fixes a bunch of user-facing gender specific pronouns and assumptions. twitter
February 19th 2017
4:18pm Powder foursquare
February 18th 2017
7:01pm If the world's got you down, just remember DJ Cummerbund is probably working Randy Savage into another awesome mix. facebook
February 17th 2017
7:01pm Red Lobster foursquare
February 16th 2017
8:26pm Sometimes I have a hard time believing this is real. facebook
7:38am @Crunchyroll congrats on a million premium members! Next contest, know one 4K Roku TV > 4K Sony TV + Chromecast or Apple TV. twitter
12:30am Why voice your dissent with Trumpism even if you're a middle-class white Christian male? So your dissent can be seen. "10% of people will always be heroes;... facebook
February 15th 2017
10:33am Toilets at work should be in a Faraday cage. twitter
9:25am I noticed that is empty now, too. @whitehouse, any status on this? twitter
9:14am Warren Buffett's Best Investment, by Bill and Melinda Gates facebook
8:52am There's a part of me that really likes the idea of the A-10 getting a refresh. facebook
February 14th 2017
10:12pm dblume shares The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest. plurk
9:14pm John Oliver makes a compelling case here. facebook
8:58pm @jjinux @jonathanfmills I said the same myself: Let me know if you learn anything. twitter
9:06am Trump's response to an international challenge. No communique needed after all. More importantly of his immediate audience, "they've paid me a fortune." facebook
8:51am RT @mattyglesias: I'm starting to think some of the GOP criticism of Clinton's email server wasn't really driven by fanaticism about adheri… twitter
February 13th 2017
February 12th 2017
6:36pm Burnt Rice Korean Restaurant foursquare
February 11th 2017
1:34am Spot on. twitter
February 10th 2017
8:55am "This quietude is good news for Putin—and reason for him to think he could get away with such an operation again." twitter
February 9th 2017
11:24pm Here's an excellent blockchain primer. facebook
11:16pm Blockchain 101 - A Visual Demo youtube_favorites
9:51pm @yacitus You needed to unwind after the all-hands? twitter
8:52pm Windows 10 - created dokuwiki
February 8th 2017
9:22pm RT @RVAwonk: Texas defunded PP. Now they have the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world. #StandWithPP #AMJoy… twitter
8:23am Donating to the ACLU whenever Trump gets your goat is probably my favorite use of the Amazon Dash button yet. facebook
February 7th 2017
7:56pm I love project post-mortems. This one from Cards Against Humanity is excellent. facebook
February 6th 2017
8:01pm To fix the problem with the very dishonest media's underreporting of the Bowling Green Massacre, the White House is providing a list of underreported terrori... facebook
8:50am RT @leahmcelrath: This is Trump telegraphing an intent to weaken or abolish judicial power if (when) there is a terrorist attack: https://… twitter
February 5th 2017
8:28pm Elliott Noel, Remember when you posted a Javascript technique for deep copies that involved serializing to and from JSON? Then we did some library comparison... facebook
1:31pm Raspberry Pi - [Backing-up And Restoring the SD Card] dokuwiki
11:57am Python3 - [Debian based distros] dokuwiki
11:25am Python3 dokuwiki
10:10am dblume shares It's the end of an era: FRUiTS is shuttering. plurk
8:29am dblume shares Hope you all enjoy Superb owl Sunday! plurk
February 4th 2017
6:51pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
February 3rd 2017
9:44pm dblume shares "The only way to prevent another Bowling Green Massacre is to stop interviewing Kellyanne Conway." plurk
9:43pm RT @StartedTweeting: The only way to prevent another Bowling Green Massacre is to stop interviewing Kellyanne Conway. twitter
7:34pm Thai Town foursquare
February 1st 2017
4:23pm Python3 dokuwiki
7:35am A visualization of the emotional arcs of the past ten U.S. presidential inaugural addresses. (Not sure I agree, but I think it's an interesting visualization.) facebook
January 31st 2017
11:15am RT @kim_crawley: Excellent cartoon on #MuslimBan from @barrydeutsch. Support his Patreon: #TrumpBan… twitter
11:13am RT @SwiftOnSecurity: twitter
11:11am RT @RaRaVibes: In the US Holocaust Museum. I'm shook. twitter
January 30th 2017
8:48pm facebook
1:17pm Give this a read: Trial Balloon for a Coup? @yacitus twitter
7:16am RT @LOLGOP: The least satisfying thing of my life is being right about Donald Trump. twitter
January 29th 2017
9:31pm @zannah Without the banana, we couldn't have known how big that blep was. twitter
7:33pm RT @Snowden: No matter your politics, this is a grave concern. A government which refuses to respect the orders of its own courts is called… twitter
9:38am RT @abrahamjoseph: Giuliani says he and others drafted the EO; specific-countries thing intended as fig leaf for an outright Muslim ban htt… twitter
9:18am RT @Snowden: Listen, I don't care about parties. I care about the Constitution. And if you do too, you have a problem with religious prefer… twitter
9:17am RT @slack2thefuture: Remember sitting in history, thinking “If I was alive then, I would’ve…” You’re alive now. Whatever you’re doing is w… twitter
January 28th 2017
3:46pm @DeanNoLongerInO Maybe I'm not understanding you. Click through to the PDF at the ACLU fact sheet I linked, then read the CalTech source. twitter
12:28pm @DeanNoLongerInO Sources cited: "we found there are systematic biases in the application of the identification statute across racial lines." twitter
12:12pm Re: Trying to resist the projection of the worst onto other groups:"This is the fight that we wage against ourselves and each other. Because America is not... facebook
11:03am RT @jordandenari: Pope Francis: You can’t defend Christianity by being ‘against refugees and other religions’ https… twitter
11:01am RT @BFriedmanDC: Today Trump abandoned brave Iraqi and Afghan interpreters who saved thousands of U.S. troops' lives. Mattis stood by smili… twitter
11:00am RT @tparsi: Confirmed: Iran's Asghar Farhadi won't be let into the US to attend Oscar's. He's nominated for best foreign language film... #… twitter
10:52am @DeanNoLongerInO @Duncaldinho10 @z0mgItsHutch The ACLU explains: twitter
10:50am RT @JohnLeguizamo: VOTER FRAUD FAQ Q: Is there voter fraud? A: Nope Q: So why does the GOP claim voter fraud? A: To prevent People of Color… twitter
10:48am RT @LOLGOP: If you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren't, you're going to have to stop pretending your concerns are reli… twitter
12:14am "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest... facebook
January 27th 2017
5:31pm This XKCD comic is brilliantly constructed. If you wanted, you could interpret "Sad" as referring to "Seasonal Affective Disorder". Or you could read the clu... facebook
8:39am dblume says Hey zannah , what if that were a Tokidoki bill on that Pokemon hat? plurk
January 26th 2017
8:33am RT @AltNatParkSer: If you are angered by the science denial coming from Trump's administration, please support the… twitter
7:34am Those hands. twitter
7:23am Trump is sticking to his massive voting fraud story to justify new national voter ID laws. I think that should send chills down the spine of everyone that be... facebook
January 24th 2017
8:05pm RT @zannah: Amazing Lego railway video through the guy's house and garden! twitter
3:08pm RT @Kasparov63: Obvious lies serve a purpose for an administration. They watch who challenges them and who loyally repeats them. The people… twitter
January 22nd 2017
5:45pm Note to self: Here's a John Scalzi link dump. His thoughts before Trump took office.1. ... facebook
January 21st 2017
9:59pm Marrakech foursquare
5:43pm City of San Francisco foursquare
8:25am Persuasion techniques of demagogues:1. Tell people about their pain. Amplify it.2. Give them a scapegoat.3. Say you're the only one who can fix it if the... facebook
January 20th 2017
10:29pm This petition looks like it'll meet its goal in its first 24 hours. facebook
7:11pm Tomatina foursquare
9:00am "All of us, regardless of party, should throw ourselves into that work — the joyous work of citizenship. Not just when there’s an election, not just when our... facebook
January 19th 2017
10:57pm What would you do with your own black hole? facebook
10:19pm "The Comey letter corresponded with a sharp decline in Clinton's polling, of a large enough magnitude to change the election result. The media gave dispropor... facebook
9:52pm RT @JamesSurowiecki: Of all the absurd and terrible things Trump nominees have said so far (and there are a lot of them), this may well be… twitter
12:44pm @The_Pi_Hole I got the changes I needed from, I needed the /admin block and put it in sites-enabled/default wiki FTW twitter
1:18am I installed an instance of @The_Pi_Hole, and it worked perfectly, even over my nginx server, after tweaking /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default twitter
1:11am "We believe there is an objective truth, and we will hold you to that." from "An open letter to Trump from the US press corps" facebook
January 18th 2017
10:00pm I'm trying out Pi Hole to block advertising to the household. So far, so good. facebook
12:03pm RT @ParkerMolloy: It's really scary how many "I voted for Trump, but I hope he enacts the policies of his opponent." stories that seem to b… twitter
11:55am @tpederson Haha, nice. They've got his pattern of speech down. twitter
January 17th 2017
8:14pm Loans dokuwiki
2:50pm Apple - [Daemons, Agents, Cron, Launchd] dokuwiki
2:37pm Apple - [Daemons, Agents, Cron, Launchd] dokuwiki
1:40pm Apple - [Daemons, Agents, Cron, Launchd] dokuwiki
1:13pm Loans dokuwiki
8:42am You Draw It: What got better or worse during Obama's presidency? facebook
8:27am So I just learned about Giuliani Security and Safety's website. Another reminder that As hire As, and Bs hire Cs. We finally get to see what happens when the... facebook
January 16th 2017
3:33pm "These days, everybody needs a side hustle." facebook
2:45pm Apple dokuwiki
11:21am Thank you, Apple Daemonomicon, for assuring me that my backup agent is an agent, not a daemon. twitter
January 15th 2017
5:32pm California Pizza Kitchen foursquare
11:20am Smash Mouth - All Star last_fm
11:20am Smash Mouth - All Star last_fm
10:40am @warrenellis LIfe imitates art. See the update at the bottom of twitter
1:01am Potential Projects dokuwiki
January 14th 2017
11:13pm I just started #JavaScript30, and @Murkrage's post mirrors the notes I made to myself. @wesbos is really good, esp.… twitter
2:42pm @zannah Sideways blep. twitter
1:26pm RT @AriBerman: Trump not just attacking @repjohnlewis. His admin planning to roll back voting rights Lewis nearly died to win… twitter
11:49am @davewiner This from the guy who's concerned with single-owner silos. Still, I take your point: If you're committed to S3, worthless to you twitter
11:06am @davewiner Re: pngWriter, if you want to share, you could post source to GitHub. Re: HTTPS, I recommend Easier now. twitter
10:49am TIL how to Make America Kittens Again. twitter
9:13am For those who couldn't catch the whole thing live, and don't want to sit through a video: President Obama's Farewell Address facebook
January 13th 2017
7:27pm Neal Stephenson explains why he generally stays away from social media. Something for @realDonaldTrump to consider. twitter
10:29am The world's top human rights groups just delivered over one million signatures to President Obama asking him to pardon Snowden. facebook
10:21am And yet apathy is more dangerous yet than ignorance. There's hope to educate the ignorant. @kevverage Americans hav… twitter
9:16am Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
January 12th 2017
7:46pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
7:13pm Apple dokuwiki
January 11th 2017
3:50pm This is interesting. At first, I found it counterintuitive. facebook
12:40pm Note to self: crontab curl commands should be: "curl -fsS ... > /dev/null" to silently succeed but report problems. twitter
12:21pm RT @RonWyden: Retweet if you care about @realDonaldTrump's tax returns twitter
5:43am Ashanti - Helpless (feat. Ja Rule) last_fm
5:39am Andra Day - Burn last_fm
5:33am Alicia Keys - That Would Be Enough last_fm
5:28am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
5:22am Barenaked Ladies - One Week last_fm
January 10th 2017
January 8th 2017
11:21pm I noticed something small but thoughtful that Obama did in his recent message to the American people. facebook
10:46pm Noodle's latest. facebook
10:19pm "Tolerance, viewed as a moral absolute, amounts to renouncing the right to self-protection; but viewed as a peace treaty, it can be the basis of a stable soc... facebook
9:42am dblume shares Some of the earliest color images of life around the world. plurk
12:04am Mark Hamill reads Trump's "Happy New Year" wish. facebook
January 7th 2017
6:02am Kelly Clarkson - It's Quiet Uptown last_fm
5:55am Dessa - Congratulations last_fm
5:52am Ashanti - Helpless (feat. Ja Rule) last_fm
January 6th 2017
9:25pm RT @Xof: 1. Pick a stronger password. 2. No, stronger. 3. STRONGER. 4. Great, now do five bypass questions anyone can guess from your FB pr… twitter
8:58pm @zannah Feedly now. Was using Digg Reader before that. twitter
9:49am Kelly Clarkson - It's Quiet Uptown last_fm
9:47am Dessa - Congratulations last_fm
9:43am Ashanti - Helpless (feat. Ja Rule) last_fm
8:45am A note from the outgoing administration. facebook
12:29am I open-sourced a site that animates where to fairly cut the last slice of pizza for one crust-lover and one not. twitter
12:15am I open-sourced a website that animates the answer to my son's middle-school trigonometry question. (Not a teacher's question, but a question two kids were po... facebook
12:11am Lenka - Anything I'm Not last_fm
12:08am Lorde - Royals last_fm
12:04am The Verve Pipe - The Freshmen last_fm
January 5th 2017
11:59pm Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
11:55pm Smash Mouth - All Star last_fm
11:53pm Barenaked Ladies - One Week last_fm
January 4th 2017
11:44pm Smash Mouth - All Star last_fm
11:41pm Barenaked Ladies - One Week last_fm
12:20pm Loans - created dokuwiki
6:15am Ashanti - Helpless (feat. Ja Rule) last_fm
6:10am K'naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC, Residente - Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) [Explicit] last_fm
6:06am Kelly Clarkson - It's Quiet Uptown last_fm
6:00am Sia - Satisfied (feat. Miguel & Queen Latifah) last_fm
12:15am Usher - Wait For It last_fm
12:10am Nas, Dave East, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Aloe Blacc - Wrote My Way Out [Explicit] last_fm
12:06am The Roots - My Shot (feat. Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz & Nate Ruess) [Rise Up Remix] last_fm
January 3rd 2017
9:18pm dblume says I'm still reading Wapsi Square, for the occasional strip like this one: Big Deal – Wapsi Square plurk
8:59pm The anachronisms in the Hamilton Mixtape make me want to watch Samurai Champloo again. (I don't think many will get that.) twitter
8:25am dblume says pastilla, if you miss Kurii being home, you can always get a Kuri. plurk
4:34am Sia - Satisfied (feat. Miguel & Queen Latifah) last_fm
4:30am Usher - Wait For It last_fm
4:26am Nas, Dave East, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Aloe Blacc - Wrote My Way Out [Explicit] last_fm
4:21am The Roots - My Shot (feat. Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz & Nate Ruess) [Rise Up Remix] last_fm
4:17am Ashanti - Helpless (feat. Ja Rule) last_fm
4:12am K'naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC, Residente - Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) [Explicit] last_fm
4:08am Kelly Clarkson - It's Quiet Uptown last_fm
4:02am Sia - Satisfied (feat. Miguel & Queen Latifah) last_fm
1:55am Sia - Satisfied (feat. Miguel & Queen Latifah) last_fm
1:48am Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here last_fm
January 2nd 2017
8:42pm This has been bugging me: Given a circle sector where 1.9 < θ < 3.14 radians, and position it with the tip down, how high up would you make a horizontal slic... facebook
7:15pm RT @shima_spoon: if. twitter
1:42pm Roy's foursquare
12:44pm Westfield San Francisco Centre foursquare
11:09am Music Concourse foursquare
9:46am Japanese Tea Garden foursquare
8:21am RT @slack2thefuture: RT if you’re an American person and you’re not glad to see Obama go. twitter
January 1st 2017
6:46pm Tomatina foursquare
December 31st 2016
11:18am dblume says This is reasonably concise and worth the read: 13 Things to give up to be successful. Happy New Year, everybody! plurk
10:47am This is a great post to start the new year. Please click through, it's shorter than you might thing, and oh so worth it. facebook
10:32am Choice quote about why to learn Modern Standard English: "I want you to learn the prestige dialect of English, and be able to speak it and sound pitch-perfec... facebook
December 29th 2016
9:18pm RT @Patbagley: Nixon and Trump are Tricky Dicks! #Putin #watergate twitter
12:28pm The Melt foursquare
8:02am When I woke up this morning, my head was playing "The Trial" by Pink Floyd. Especially these lyrics and the lyrics that followed:The evidence before the co... facebook
December 28th 2016
11:06pm A nice piece about Rex Tillerson. facebook
10:50pm RT @raywert: Tonight we light Menorah the Hutt to honor @CarrieFisher. For every RT tonight I'll donate $1 to mental health charity. (cc: @… twitter
9:27pm Happy birthday! facebook
9:17pm I just told my son that if he walks without rhythm, it won't attract the worm. Not only does he not know that it's a Dune reference, he also doesn't know it'... facebook
6:06pm Burnt Rice Korean Restaurant foursquare
1:16pm geolocation's getCurrentPosition() is deprecated in Chrome on insecure origins nowadays. Fine, then. letsencrypt, here comes another domain! twitter
9:33am Happy birthday David!!!! facebook
December 27th 2016
8:12pm Mount Hermon Redwood Canopy Tours foursquare
8:34am RT @danielradosh: Noted: His Christmas spending data point is from a Deloitte survey published before he was elected--and it's called the "… twitter
December 26th 2016
8:21pm Two wonderful things in 2016 (both with links):1. There's a web version of SketchUp now! (I love SketchUp. A world-class 3D modelling app is hosted in the ... facebook
3:37pm dblume says You guys! I've got an idea for my next stupid micro site! Stuck wheels are beginning to turn again. plurk
December 25th 2016
10:25pm Yeah, how dare the GOP compare themselves to the Rebel Alliance with "A New Hope" when everybody knows they're the… twitter
8:06pm This is the Republican National Committee calling Trump the new king (not President Elect), and comparing him to Jesus Christ. facebook
December 24th 2016
1:39pm @zannah He worked one of my friend's daughter's birthday parties a few years back. He's moving up in the world! twitter
10:02am Shocker: Trump and Putin agree: Let's escalate the arms race and American Democrats suck! twitter
9:55am Two things about this tweet from Mr. I'll "Let You Know" If I Concede If I Lose: One: Not only does Putin side with Trump against the democrats, but Trump ... facebook
8:19am RT @GhostPanther: Is this f'n for real? He's quoting Putin against Americans? Come on Repubs, where's ur patriotism? This is disgusting. ht… twitter
December 23rd 2016
6:31pm Thai Town foursquare
December 22nd 2016
8:40pm RT @LOLGOP: It's just simple conservative math. We can't afford Medicare but we can afford nuclear war. twitter
10:41am So many interesting choices for 2017: Trumplethinskin, Der Gropenführer, and Cheetolini... twitter
December 21st 2016
5:08pm shell tips - [Measuring Available Memory] dokuwiki
1:29pm H.R. 1150 now even calls out protection for Humanists! It's very gratifying to see such inclusiveness. (Now to get him to pardon Snowden.) facebook
December 19th 2016
5:07pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
December 18th 2016
11:30pm Go straight to 55m08s. (Hint, append #55m08s to the URL if you click through.) Enjoy before it gets taken down. facebook
7:32pm Yonatan Zunger writes, "What's unusual about this story isn't that an American oil executive is also chairman of the board of a second, joint US-Russian, oil... facebook
11:18am Starbucks foursquare
9:10am facebook
December 17th 2016
10:16pm While campaigning, Trump explained the loss carry-over use as Clinton's fault. "She, as a Senator, didn't make me pay more taxes. I was just being a good bus... facebook
9:10pm "Donald Trump is like a 'Post Tortoise'." facebook
9:07pm If you're into software, this is worth reading, even if you already knew what makes Lisp great. facebook
December 16th 2016
8:25pm @zannah Further enabling Hikikomori across Japan... twitter
December 14th 2016
8:36am dblume shares You guys! halophoenix got interviewed by Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools! Next up: This Week in Tech! plurk
December 12th 2016
December 11th 2016
6:10pm RT @workergnome: Going through old papers my dad gave me, I found his map of the internet as of May 1973. The entire internet. https://t.… twitter
December 10th 2016
11:14pm Please take the time to read this blog post on the Trump transition team’s response to the news that the CIA believes Russia interfered with the election wit... facebook
7:47pm I want to make a playlist of these songs. facebook
6:33pm Teen Vogue killed it. facebook
11:34am 2016: The year of having to choose when to say kakistocracy and when to say kleptocracy. twitter
11:07am @romanmars You pointed out that the "successful charge, eject card" sound for American chip credit cards is an "error" buzz. Where was that? twitter
10:32am Who can answer this without looking it up?Guaraldi : Schulz :: C418 : ? facebook
December 9th 2016
7:41pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
December 8th 2016
December 7th 2016
5:55pm Googleplex - GWC2 foursquare
December 6th 2016
7:38pm Gen Korean BBQ House foursquare
December 5th 2016
9:51pm RT @nickspencer: Yeah man, international diplomacy is weird. You should read up on it before you get us all killed with your fucking twitte… twitter
December 4th 2016
6:28pm Boneheads Fire Grilled foursquare
December 3rd 2016
2:51pm Esp. for Elliott Noel, was browsing for chess sets and found this. facebook
December 2nd 2016
December 1st 2016
5:12pm The Array of Conflicts of Interest facing the Trump Presidency facebook
4:42pm dblume shares The 2016 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar! plurk
November 30th 2016
November 29th 2016
9:20pm SpecOut seems like a pretty good site for doing comparison shopping. facebook
5:52pm Good article: Trump’s lies have a purpose. They are an assault on democracy.h/t to Daryl Spitzer, who usually goes uncredited when I link stuff like this b... facebook
November 27th 2016
7:08pm The thing about Trump's "I won the popular vote, too" tweet is this: He's literally broadcasting how easily manipulated he is. He was suddenly fine with not ... facebook
11:34am AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
November 26th 2016
8:35am From Reddit, "man outside a Texan mosque". facebook
November 25th 2016
6:12pm Pizz'a Chicago foursquare
9:21am Bill's Cafe foursquare
7:54am Explosm take on Black Friday. facebook
November 24th 2016
3:27pm RT @sarahjeong: the turkey takes his mask off it's edward snowden obama groans, it's too late to unpardon him now twitter
11:54am This wearable Rosetta Disk is pretty awesome. facebook
11:41am Music dokuwiki
11:35am Thanks, Elliott Noel, I've been binging on DJ Cummerbund. facebook
November 23rd 2016
12:05pm "Violence and chaos and aggressive wording is what people are attracted to." Celebrating super great election sales of inciting paranoia and violence. (Not n... facebook
10:07am "[Trump] shouldn’t be scolding the media. He should be handing out cigars." facebook
8:46am A sensible post from Senator Sasse. facebook
8:37am dblume thinks this Metal Gear Rex looks pretty good. plurk
November 22nd 2016
7:13pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
6:20pm TIL: "kakistocracy", government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens. twitter
6:10pm Apparently this is real. And you can see video of the president working on his friendship bracelet, too, down in the replies. facebook
5:20pm "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything." facebook
8:42am Mike Kobb, Chris Zamara, have you seen this? Don't let the title throw you. The pictures and stories inside are awesome. facebook
November 21st 2016
9:34pm RT @TheGoodGodAbove: I wish Trump was as hard on Nazis as he is on SNL and Hamilton twitter
4:33pm RT @ZeddRebel: No, really, we just wasted 4 years over Hillary's private server and now Prez-Elect Trump is talking to world leaders on his… twitter
4:27pm This is encouraging. facebook
8:24am Understanding the fake news problem, by Paul Ford. facebook
November 20th 2016
10:34am @Shutterfly Concerned that we're getting spam about "Sutterfly" (note the missing 'h') at twitter
November 19th 2016
12:24pm It's bad enough here in the liberal California echo chamber. I can't imagine what it's like in Washington D.C, where over 95% didn't vote for Trump, and here... facebook
12:12am The Bruno Mars Store issues the GNU Clacks Overhead Terry Pratchett headers. Album purchased twitter
November 17th 2016
4:33pm RT @JohnFugelsang: Snowden told us truth abt NSA collecting data, James Clapper lied abt it under oath to Congress. Guess which one got in… twitter
8:51am RT @tomsguide: 7 Reasons #Roku Ultra Beats #AppleTV twitter
November 16th 2016
9:03am Nice rant from Wil Wheaton. facebook
November 15th 2016
8:31pm Just one snippet partway down: "at a basic level: you do not give someone with a financial interest to work against U.S. policy access to sensitive informati... facebook
November 14th 2016
November 13th 2016
12:11pm Hobee's Restaurant foursquare
November 12th 2016
9:54pm facebook
9:53pm RT @jonnysun: biden: cmon you gotta print a fake birth certificate, put it in an envelope labeled "SECRET" and leave it in the oval office… twitter
5:44pm Pho Mai #1 foursquare
3:45pm RT @drskyskull: Perhaps the most insightful political comment I've seen in the election aftermath from a very smart friend of mine. https:/… twitter
9:50am Why are democrats claiming Trump can't appoint his kids as heads of any Cabinet agency, or nominate his close relative as a Supreme Court Justice? While ther... facebook
November 11th 2016
6:37pm Thai Town foursquare
8:57am Introducing the new, lower calorie Toblerone. facebook
8:38am "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything." facebook
November 10th 2016
8:40pm "Still, it is clear that the places that voted for Trump are under greater economic stress, and the places that swung most toward Trump are those where jobs ... facebook
November 9th 2016
9:55pm According to the "Income" section of this exit poll, the narrative that this was a rebellion by the economically marginalized is merely an ennobling lie. The... facebook
3:37pm RT @maddow: twitter
12:10pm When I was watching the election coverage last night, all the pundits agreed, "this is about the populace being discontent with the status quo in Washington.... facebook
9:35am Activists for feminism, racial equality, immigrant rights, LGBT rights, religious tolerance, I will fight alongside… twitter
9:26am @neonepiphany This is the crest of a wave. There will continue to be good people who will help the disenfranchised. :hug: twitter
9:17am "We in the media have blood on our hands..." facebook
9:11am facebook
8:57am Please remember this. twitter
8:53am RT @Lin_Manuel: F*ck that. I love this country, and there's more work to do than ever. (No offense Canada) twitter
6:44am Thoughts from the editor of The New Yorker. facebook
November 8th 2016
8:28pm Well, that's the trick. Keep making higher education inaccessible, corral all the already educated voters into fewer districts in fewer states, and the Repub... facebook
4:22pm @neonepiphany I have to believe that there's one gender permutation missing! It'd fill an 8x8 grid so nicely. twitter
4:01pm Ha, the JavaScript console output of Hillary Clinton's site is pretty amusing. (For those who know how: Click through and view the console.) facebook
3:38pm dblume shares JavaScript console output from the two US President nominees' sites. E.J. Dyksen on Twitter plurk
3:36pm RT @ejdyksen: JS console output from each candidate's website #cleanupyourerrors twitter
9:51am dblume says Great. Now everybody knows. Time to find a new spot. plurk
November 7th 2016
9:42pm North Carolina appears to be rockin' the minority voter suppression. Other conservative states should take note. facebook
8:27am Newspaper Presidential Endorsements from 1980 to 2016 facebook
November 6th 2016
6:05pm Tomatina foursquare
November 5th 2016
11:35am While I generally agree with the LifeHacker post "Stop Using iCloud", I absolutely cannot believe this part to be true: "When you turn off the Documents and ... facebook
2:27am If you're thinking about reading Anathem on a Kindle, install this glossary in its documents/dictionaries folder: twitter
2:09am In addition to the "phone app" version of the Anathem Glossary I made,, I just created an Anathem Glossary .mobi file to install on ... facebook
November 4th 2016
5:41pm @zannah Always improved by blep! twitter
2:15pm dblume shares Taeyoen sings this song about it being Pocky time (11:11), but not having any Pocky to eat. It's a sad song. TAEYEON 태연_11:11_Music Video plurk
10:05am facebook
2:13am Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
1:19am Despite outdated warnings otherwise, installing @EFF's @letsencrypt CertBot on Raspbian Jessie for Nginx was straight-forward, no surprises! twitter
1:13am Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
12:21am Raspberry Pi - [Backing-up And Restoring the SD Card] dokuwiki
November 3rd 2016
10:06pm Music - [Music] dokuwiki
8:55am dblume shares 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the ... plurk
8:53am 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest, Part II: facebook
November 2nd 2016
12:06pm @yacitus you may enjoy this one: 99% Invisible: 234- The Shift twitter
9:03am Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
7:31am Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
November 1st 2016
9:43pm Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
8:54pm Raspberry Pi - [Cert Bot] dokuwiki
8:40pm Raspberry Pi - [Backing-up And Restoring the SD Card] dokuwiki
October 31st 2016
7:57am @yacitus, your retweet of a Salman Rushdie tweet led me to find this one where he references The Big Lebowski: twitter
October 30th 2016
2:48pm dblume thinks halophoenix would have useful things to add to this article on which music to listen to while working, with suggestions. plurk
October 29th 2016
5:45pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
October 28th 2016
8:16pm I missed the Microsoft event. Did they demo virtual Air Hockey with two Surface Dials on the Surface Studio? twitter
11:13am Where's the Escape key dongle/attachment KickStarter for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro? twitter
12:52am dblume says The only question is, Red and Blue and Yellow Tachikoma versions! plurk
October 27th 2016
October 24th 2016
October 23rd 2016
12:38pm Giorgio's Pizzeria foursquare
October 22nd 2016
4:03pm I love the moment in the NPR interview with Black Mirror's creator, Charlie Booker, where he and Terry Gross both casually note that Booker predicted the sur... facebook
October 21st 2016
8:41pm dblume says X-23! X-23! X-23! Logan | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX! X-23! plurk
11:09am Another analysis of some moments in the third debate. facebook
8:47am Looks like the internet is saving me from updating to a new Fedora Core today. I would've rage quit anyway. Thanks, internet. #DDoS twitter
October 19th 2016
8:54am How should you really respond to unlicensed poll watchers? You'll see a lot of pithy images over the next few days that refer to very old FBI posts, like thi... facebook
7:18am shell tips - [Performance Metrics] dokuwiki
October 18th 2016
9:04pm @yacitus Ooh, I love Aimee Mann. Thanks for suggesting this, just listened to it and really enjoyed it. twitter
9:02am How the Arizona paper that endorsed Clinton responds to the threats after their endorsement. facebook
October 17th 2016
10:01am gdb dokuwiki
October 16th 2016
8:19pm gdb - created dokuwiki
11:15am Raspberry Pi - [Logs] dokuwiki
October 15th 2016
3:35pm Raspberry Pi - [Logs] dokuwiki
12:56pm RT @AdamParkhomenko: Absolutely devastating. twitter
October 14th 2016
9:14pm Just look! facebook
6:59pm Thai Town foursquare
8:42am dblume shares TRON maps, people! plurk
October 13th 2016
10:46pm I just made my Google Chrome Interrobang extension open source. twitter
10:40pm @ResearchGate Please add an ATOM or RSS feed for your excellent blog, so that your readers can know when there's new content. twitter
10:24pm Bill Gates shares four moonshots that government should invest in to accelerate innovation. facebook
8:54pm Trump could be just as dangerous in defeat has he could be in victory. He's priming his supporters to believe the election was stolen from them, and that thi... facebook
4:54pm RT @billyeichner: Win or lose, Trump made our world uglier. I don't want any reality shows from him after this, no cutesy late night sketch… twitter
October 12th 2016
11:49pm dblume says I decided to make my Google Chrome Interrobang AddOn open source. plurk
5:39pm @yacitus I just did my first Swarm review. twitter
3:44pm Woohoo! Shiny new code review tool! It doesn't take a lot to make us happy. twitter
October 11th 2016
4:19pm Just 100 days left. Urge President Obama to pardon Snowden before leaving office. twitter
8:44am Despite the hyperbolic headline, it's worth reading. facebook
October 10th 2016
8:51am For those who don't have the context about Donald Trump and the Central Part Five. facebook
October 9th 2016
5:48pm Tomatina foursquare
2:32pm What do we want?Brains!When do we want them?Brains!"Stagger Slide", Dance Band facebook
2:26pm dblume says I finally discovered why my Interrobang AddOn's keyboard shortcut stopped working. plurk
11:39am JS ProTip: As of Chrome 53, untrusted events (those made with createEvent()) do not invoke the default action. Affects Interrobang AddOn. twitter
1:33am The 21st Century's 100 best Movies. I really like this list, makes me feel like I'm not so alone with some of my favorites.It includes one movie (I didn't ... facebook
October 8th 2016
10:02pm RT @badbanana: The chef who invented turducken died. In keeping with his final wishes, he will be buried normally you monsters. twitter
10:00pm "It is not only acceptable to choose your country over your party, it is your duty." Arnold Schwarzenegger facebook
9:56pm RT @iowahawkblog: "I'd tap that" is locker room banter. "I grab em by the p***y and they can't do anything cuz I'm famous" is a psychopath'… twitter
October 7th 2016
10:02pm Yahoo and Trump: UnremittingI have a friend who brags that nothing can bring Yahoo's stock price down. Not the revelation that they sat on a 500,000,000 em... facebook
October 6th 2016
9:31am “The average American … does not think crime is down, does not think they are safer,” Gingrich replied.“But we are safer, and it is down,” Camerota retorted... facebook
October 5th 2016
10:05pm I've cancelled my Flickr Pro and will be cancelling my Yahoo email accts due to their lack of transparency password breach & email scanning. twitter
October 3rd 2016
11:29am david completed "Add form to photos site." tasks
October 2nd 2016
10:29am Lands End foursquare
October 1st 2016
6:52am dblume says I sorta want a 1:1 scale xenomorph facehugger. plurk
September 30th 2016
6:51pm Red Lobster foursquare
9:43am Two isolated Americas, a short insightful post with great photos. facebook
September 29th 2016
7:43pm One choice quote: “'Had we taken the oil … and we should have taken the oil … they wouldn’t have even formed,' Trump said. That, of course, would be a war cr... facebook
7:26am GQ published a sexist climbing fashion article, and Outdoor Research answered with the perfect response. (Both the perfectly matched photos and captions are ... facebook
September 28th 2016
9:45pm dblume shares esp. for Zannah, all four members of the Crunchyroll staff are wearing Tokidoki for the Fall Rollout. Crunchyroll Fall Rollout plurk
September 27th 2016
9:25pm RT @contrarianp: The World Passes 400 PPM Threshold. Permanently via @ClimateCentral twitter
9:23pm @zannah Doesn't seem like something they won't kill within two years. twitter
8:04pm After upgrading to iOS 10.0.2, my Klipsch R6i's 3-button remote stopped working. But when I connected an Apple branded headphone, its 3-button remote would w... facebook
7:56pm ProTip: After iOS 10, my Klipsch R6i's 3-button remote stopped working. "Touching" Settings->Music->Volume Limit, makes them resume working. twitter
September 26th 2016
3:59pm Today marks the biggest launch in @RokuPlayer’s history! See what I’ve been working on at #Roku: twitter
September 25th 2016
6:02pm Burnt Rice Korean Restaurant foursquare
September 23rd 2016
8:49pm "Looking back, it’s remarkable to realize that, in response to a single day of terror, Washington set the Middle East ablaze, turned air travel into a form o... facebook
8:23pm dblume shares Emails from a CEO who's making the presentation himself this time. plurk
12:03pm shell tips - [Performance Metrics] dokuwiki
8:26am My favorite episode yet: Radiolab: The Primitive Streak twitter
September 22nd 2016
6:56pm LinkedIn foursquare
9:31am A good, concise article: How To Get Better At What You Do, Every Single Day. facebook
September 21st 2016
6:01pm La Fondue foursquare
September 20th 2016
7:47pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
September 19th 2016
9:50am dblume says That's the first time I've seen "its’" (plural possessive form) in a company-wide email. plurk
9:08am I've seen a few of these articles about the F-35. facebook
September 18th 2016
3:31pm Phil's Fish Market & Eatery foursquare
10:29am Moss Landing Harbor foursquare
September 17th 2016
6:53pm Tin Pot Creamery foursquare
3:56pm Union Presbyterian Church foursquare
September 15th 2016
9:35pm Once again, I forget I can't connect to other local devices in the house while on the VPN. twitter
1:22am dblume says Attention zannah: A BB-8 Lanyard. plurk
September 14th 2016
8:18pm dblume says I saw this iOS LifeHacker link in my Facebook feed before I even knew I needed it. plurk
2:44pm RT @AdamParkhomenko: If you watch one thing today watch this. If you RT one thing today RT this. twitter
7:30am I amuse myself by replacing "amateur hack" with "artisanal hand-crafted product". facebook
September 11th 2016
10:12pm @qreenlantern I wonder if those scenes from Suicide Squad intentionally referenced The Silence of the Lambs. twitter
10:06pm Today Aaron explained to the family how Dr. Hannibal Lecter is like Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Both were brilliant psychiatrists who pivoted careers towards psycho... facebook
5:45pm Tomatina foursquare
12:17am Forests before the war were thousands of meters high. What you are actually looking at are merely thirty-meter bushes in front of an Yggdrasil-like stump. facebook
September 10th 2016
10:36pm dblume shares I recognized more songs from Namie's fashion than I thought I would. Cartoons! Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) w/z BMG plurk
11:21am RT @laweez: Real Doonesbury strip from 1999. SCARY. @ChuckNellis #NeverTrump twitter
September 9th 2016
11:33pm I don't know what the people who didn't like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies were expecting. I felt like it hit the right mix. It didn't disappoint. facebook
September 8th 2016
2:03pm @raymondh I might use that tip, but I'll feel guilty doing so unless I knew I needed the speed. twitter
September 7th 2016
9:08pm dblume shares There's a "sequel" to Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop! It's HYPER-REALITY. HYPER-REALITY plurk
8:05pm There's a sequel to Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop! In case you haven't seen that one, here it is: facebook
September 6th 2016
8:51am ProTip: Google Photos gracefully backs up the video part of iPhone Live Photos, too. twitter
September 5th 2016
5:04pm Stanford Shopping Center foursquare
11:55am Eagle Point Labyrinth foursquare
10:59am Lands End foursquare
10:13am Java Beach Cafe foursquare
September 4th 2016
9:34pm @yacitus It sounded like you taught your kid to multi-task: play while enjoying a beer. twitter
8:24pm I don't even know what to add. I really loved George Carlin. Worst. Timing. Ever. facebook
2:00pm Dolce Spazio Dessert Cafe foursquare
1:42pm Castle Rock State Park foursquare
September 3rd 2016
6:43pm The Counter foursquare
September 2nd 2016
8:46pm RT @sherlockmichael: Saudi Arabia sentences a man to 10 years in jail and 2,000 lashes for being an atheist #IStandWithSaudiAtheists http… twitter
6:51pm Thai Town foursquare
9:00am Worth the read. facebook
August 30th 2016
8:19pm Some people model with clay to de-stress. Some people break out their easel and a canvas. I had four days left in my trial edition of SketchUp, so I mocked-u... facebook
6:19pm Milpitas Library foursquare
10:30am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
August 29th 2016
11:07am Milpitas City Hall foursquare
August 28th 2016
6:52pm CREAM foursquare
6:20pm Blaze Pizza foursquare
10:57am dblume shares My favorite thing in Pokemon Go is sniping gyms with Gozer the Destructor, a Magikarp. plurk
10:53am Here's my favorite thing in Pokemon Go: Sniping gym ownership with Gozer the Gozerian, The Destructor Magikarp.If that didn't make perfect sense:Gozer th... facebook
August 27th 2016
10:49pm I'm going through some old Poorly Drawn Lines. This one's "Small Cat and the Asteroid". facebook
10:54am San Jose McEnery Convention Center foursquare
August 26th 2016
11:09pm Six years later, I finally wrote the post describing my TechCrunch Feed Filter. facebook
11:03pm dblume shares It's the six year anniversary of my TechCrunch Feed Filter. plurk
9:56pm My TechCrunch Feed Filter david_dlma
2:40pm Just feel like dropping this here. facebook
5:25am The Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock last_fm
5:22am The Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches last_fm
5:16am Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here last_fm
5:12am Modest Mouse - Float On last_fm
5:07am David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails V1 mix) last_fm
5:04am Cake - The Distance last_fm
5:01am Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket last_fm
4:58am Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked last_fm
4:55am Lorde - Royals last_fm
August 25th 2016
August 24th 2016
4:26am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
4:21am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
August 23rd 2016
12:29pm The Ivy Lee method. "At the end of each workday, write down the six most important things you need to accomplish tomorrow." facebook
7:19am Nick Denton's last Gawker post. facebook
August 22nd 2016
9:01pm When I use my Kaleidescape System, I still go to Cover view just to browse, and enjoy watching the system shuffle similar titles together. Even though they'r... facebook
August 21st 2016
2:38pm I really liked "War Dogs" in the same way I liked "The Big Short". facebook
10:55am AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
6:14am Nadeko Sengoku (Kana Hanazawa) - Ren'ai Circulation last_fm
6:10am Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) - ambivalent world last_fm
August 20th 2016
12:58pm Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
12:47pm SISTAR19 - Ma Boy (마보이) last_fm
12:44pm 씨스타19 - 있다 없으니까 (Gone Not Around Any Longer) last_fm
August 19th 2016
8:19pm Popbar foursquare
6:32pm Gen Korean BBQ House foursquare
2:19pm “That kid’s amygdala isn’t firing.” facebook
1:04am "Of all American homicide victims killed by people they don’t know, approximately one-third of them are victims of the police." facebook
August 18th 2016
August 17th 2016
August 16th 2016
7:28am @yacitus Oh, glad you enjoyed it! twitter
August 15th 2016
August 14th 2016
6:10pm CREAM foursquare
5:28pm Boneheads Fire Grilled foursquare
August 12th 2016
9:51pm Aaron's spirit animal. Because clicking is too hard. facebook
9:36pm I think I've found my son's spirit animal. Let's see if I can leave three links here.1. The Animal: Son: http://www.dlma... facebook
6:53am SISTAR - Crying last_fm
6:50am 4minute - 물 좋아? last_fm
6:46am 4minute - Heart To Heart last_fm
6:42am 소녀시대 - Dancing Queen last_fm
6:39am 北出菜奈 - Lum no Love Song last_fm
6:36am SISTAR - Give It To Me last_fm
6:32am 소녀시대-태티서 - Library last_fm
6:25am Perfume - edge last_fm
August 11th 2016
8:24pm shell tips - [Shared Memory Usage] dokuwiki
August 9th 2016
8:51pm Trump knows full well what he's suggesting, and how his less stable supporters are going to take it. facebook
7:09pm The start of the Singularity is going to be hilarious, full of bad text-to-speech mismappings as the robots try to communicate by voice. twitter
8:55am How things have changed: Household Types, 1970 and 2014, an interactive graphic. Click click. facebook
August 8th 2016
8:33am One of the biggest takeaways I got from the The Constitutional Law Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) taught by Yale's Akhil Reed Amar was that the protest vo... facebook
August 6th 2016
2:35pm Billionaire's Row foursquare
2:22pm Hearts in San Francisco Lyon Street Steps foursquare
2:16pm Lyon Street Steps foursquare
12:53pm The Melt foursquare
8:45am Caffé Greco foursquare
8:36am Le Chat Rouge foursquare
August 4th 2016
9:03pm This post on the life of Fritz Haber is amazing. Read it. facebook
1:09am Some of my deal breakers (mostly window resize correctness & keyboard shortcuts) are listed here: twitter
August 3rd 2016
11:03pm I expected too much of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. A good start, but I have to keep CygWin. twitter
10:58pm RT @realDonaldTrump: The global warming we should be worried about is the global warming caused by NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the hands of crazy or… twitter
8:34am dblume has not been this excited for a Windows update in a long, long time! Can't wait for WSL! plurk
August 2nd 2016
1:17pm dblume shares So I guess the octopus' brain is just a tinier octopus operating it like a giant robot. plurk
August 1st 2016
3:27pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
10:01am @Delicious, both your bookmarklet and "Add Bookmark" links aren't working. Are you still there? twitter
July 31st 2016
9:57pm This new technology is really cool. They shape glass so that the light passing through it creates whatever patterns they want. Watch the video. facebook
5:24pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
4:00pm Niles Ice Cream Shoppe foursquare
8:57am dblume shares How Can I Be as Unhappy as Possible? Some good points by James Altucher. plurk
July 30th 2016
10:25pm Clear and concise. facebook
10:19pm The claim is that a series of 27 non-political questions will determine where you fall on the liberal-conservative spectrum. Would you rather eat a piece of ... facebook
2:28pm Thai Spice foursquare
11:55am Stow Lake Boat House foursquare
9:33am Four Barrel Coffee foursquare
12:11am dblume shares Daria Movie Trailer (with Aubrey Plaza) I'd so watch this! plurk
July 29th 2016
11:39pm Dear Roku: If you send me to a PC to link my new device, I'm just gonna open up reddit in another tab and forget what I was doing. twitter
4:59pm Music - [Music] dokuwiki
July 27th 2016
9:25pm RT @trevortimm: This is also the exact scenario @Snowden warned about when he first went public. He was worried about future Trumps. https:… twitter
7:59am An opinion presented by an anthropologist based on patterns in human history. facebook
July 26th 2016
8:34am RT @jeremoss: Voting for her while loving #BernieSanders because I'm old enough to remember Bush Gore Nader--and the shit-storm that follow… twitter
July 24th 2016
10:33pm When I wrote an update to my remote-backup strategy post, I'd forgotten that was the first commercial company to issue a warrant canary. http://dav... facebook
9:59pm This is really charming! Set aside 14 minutes of your time, and enjoy. h/t Vanlal Tochhawng facebook
9:37pm dblume shares I think I'm hilarious. plurk
8:37pm I finally got my own Lamarr! I'm never going to trade him! #HL2 facebook
8:34pm I've waited so long for my very own Lamarr! #hl2 twitter
6:24pm Here's why my remote backup choice is @rsyncnet. twitter
July 23rd 2016
8:29pm Icicles foursquare
6:57pm Willow Street Pizza foursquare
July 22nd 2016
9:13pm "It’s what happens when weaponised insincerity is applied to structured ignorance." facebook
8:47pm This is fascinating. I love the idea that a recent discovery makes us have to re-think what we thought we knew for the past 150 years. facebook
6:30pm Thai Town foursquare
11:09am Kudos, Jesse. Service providers, take note: this is how you respond to a service outage. twitter
12:24am Smack My Bitch Up Cat Style HD youtube_favorites
July 21st 2016
8:11am shell tips - [Application Memory Usage] dokuwiki
July 18th 2016
8:40am @davewiner It'll never sit right with me how successful screen captures of text are. twitter
8:36am RT @hemantmehta: Best part of Jane Mayer's piece? Where Trump's ghostwriter has donated his royalty money. https://… twitter
July 17th 2016
8:48pm This is a great essay. Deep thoughts out of what was otherwise hate-linking. facebook
7:17pm Niles Ice Cream Shoppe foursquare
6:40pm The Counter foursquare
9:58am dblume shares My Pokemon Go crew. Had just strengthened Valor's hold on the local gym. What's your team look like? plurk
July 16th 2016
9:52pm dblume shares Aaron as "dejected Ash" because the Pokemon Go serve.... plurk
12:13pm Aaron as "dejected Ash" because Pokemon Go servers are so sporadic today. facebook
10:43am Niles Community Park foursquare
July 14th 2016
9:40pm My son got a Headcrab in Pokemon Go! I'm so jealous! Really, really want one, too. I'm going to name mine Lamarr. (Pokemon misspelled it as "kabuto" though.) facebook
July 13th 2016
3:18pm dblume shares Leigh Reyes shares how she made her latest lyrics and calligraphy video. plurk
11:55am Bon Chon Chicken foursquare
July 12th 2016
July 11th 2016
9:52am The Apollo 11 Guidance Computer source code has been uploaded to GitHub. Qi Chen then posted this amazing mashup to Ozymandius. facebook
9:38am @codelesscode, I really loved Case 234, Ozymandius. Nice work. twitter
July 10th 2016
9:07pm dblume says I made this countdown timer to help you worry about the next epoch fail. plurk
9:01pm I'm the sort of person to worry about the next epoch fail, so I made a JSON countdown timer. twitter
4:51pm Backup Solutions: Choosing david_dlma
10:53am Century 20 Great Mall and XD foursquare
10:23am One sees all these online examples to rsync one's home directory to the cloud, but none include a --exclude=".ssh/" flag. twitter
July 9th 2016
12:10pm Protip for @rsyncnet customers: You have to change your password independently via passwd and at the dashboard.html page. They're different. twitter
9:37am While on vacation, we passed by the Deus Ex Machina coffee shop, and I'd remembered reading this enjoyable little article about something that happened there... facebook
July 8th 2016
5:40pm There was a time when The Onion re-ran the "‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens" post whenever there was a certain type o... facebook
1:55pm Casa de Fruta foursquare
9:20am Porto's Bakery & Cafe foursquare
July 7th 2016
3:09pm Umami Burger foursquare
12:13pm J. Paul Getty Museum foursquare
10:59am For New York's July 4th celebration, Pitbull performed Messin' Around, the story of the serendipitous outing of two hedonists. "You've been cheating on me? O... facebook
July 6th 2016
7:27pm Shake Shack foursquare
6:04pm La Brea Tar Pits foursquare
3:20pm Ice Cream Lab foursquare
2:18pm The Last Bookstore foursquare
1:41pm Sticky Rice foursquare
1:02pm Bradbury Building foursquare
10:29am The Broad Museum foursquare
July 5th 2016
7:36pm Residence Inn Los Angeles LAX/Century Boulevard foursquare
5:22pm A-Frame foursquare
12:58pm Starbucks foursquare
July 4th 2016
5:17pm Linn's Bakery & Eatery foursquare
12:34pm Moonstone Beach foursquare
8:47am dblume says Happy Brexit day, fellow USA citizens! plurk
July 3rd 2016
1:54pm I was right to run FollowMee along with @openpathscc. Looks like OpenPaths has stopped with the end of @nytlabs. twitter
1:17pm I was with this essay until the very last line. facebook
12:06am This new #netflix UI is a little bossy and presumptuous. That's not what I want to watch, and please wait to start until I'm ready, OK? twitter
July 2nd 2016
9:05am This is a supremely disappointing ruling: A criminal defendant does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy on their computer if it is connected to the ... facebook
June 30th 2016
June 29th 2016
7:34pm Milpitas Library foursquare
8:46am You know what legacy I want to leave my kids? Repealing the Dickey Amendment. After every gun violence tragedy, there's all this talk about terrorism, hate, ... facebook
8:22am RT @SarcasmMother: America and Britain are having a competition on who can fuck themselves up the most. Britain is in the lead, but America… twitter
June 28th 2016
9:00am My current favorite comic from Poorly Drawn Lines. Sasha. facebook
June 27th 2016
7:52pm P.F. Chang's foursquare
7:15am @raymondh Had to do a double-take when I saw that someone used the word "effect" as a verb correctly. twitter
June 26th 2016
8:40pm To prepare for Suicide Club, I watched Joss Whedon's movie about the violent, psychotic woman with a telepathic link to a desperate convict, "In Your Eyes".... facebook
June 24th 2016
6:13pm Koong's foursquare
June 23rd 2016
9:27pm USA Version: They just voted to Make England Great Again. facebook
June 22nd 2016
June 21st 2016
1:05pm The Melt foursquare
8:44am Looking at the 2003 movie "Thirteen" at Netflix, it says, "More like Thirteen: Diary of a Wimpy Kid". twitter
June 20th 2016
5:27pm @TheOnion really needs to repost the "No Way To Prevent This" article again. twitter
June 19th 2016
6:00pm Burnt Rice Korean Restaurant foursquare
11:27am Cheers, Pop. You were gentle, loving, and generous to the end. Nobody knew that better than Mom and me. While I don't live up to the standard you set, I don'... facebook
June 18th 2016
10:35pm dblume shares 安室奈美恵 / 「B Who I Want 2 B feat. HATSUNE MIKU」 Namie Amuro pairs up with Hastune Miku for B Who I Want 2 B. plurk
June 17th 2016
10:17pm RT @Megavolt1: It's ok to… twitter
3:22pm "You're not a sudoer. This incident will be reported" says the computer. Screw you computer, do what I say or I'll unplug you. twitter
7:56am We now spend more at eating establishments then at the grocery store. facebook
June 16th 2016
9:02am I used to wonder if Australia's success with gun reform could ever translate to the U.S. facebook
June 15th 2016
11:32am Best episode yet: Surprisingly Awesome: #15 Extinct Hockey twitter
June 14th 2016
1:40pm Tree in a tree instagram
June 12th 2016
8:31am Bill's Cafe foursquare
June 10th 2016
6:30pm Thai Town foursquare
June 9th 2016
10:21pm dblume says Shortly after I admit I've searched the web for man pages, XKCD posts a new man page. plurk
June 8th 2016
7:11am It's fun to watch the thought process of the computer play chess with you. facebook
7:11am It's fun to watch the thought process of the computer play chess with you. facebook
June 7th 2016
3:05pm Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 foursquare
June 6th 2016
3:03pm Not sure what Google thinks about the frequency with which I type "man kill" into the Omnibox. (I'm search for *nix documentation.) twitter
June 5th 2016
5:57pm CREAM foursquare
5:19pm Boneheads Fire Grilled foursquare
June 3rd 2016
8:14pm My wife has to go to work tonight. So it's just going to be me and Roger Waters tonight. (I've waited a long time to watch this.) facebook
8:14pm My wife has to go to work tonight. So it's just going to be me and Roger Waters tonight. (I've waited a long time to watch this.) facebook
June 2nd 2016
8:35am dblume shares Edward Scissorhands Bishoujo Statue plurk
June 1st 2016
May 30th 2016
5:37pm Carpenter bees love my house as much as I do! facebook
May 29th 2016
11:29am TC Pastry foursquare
8:25am If you enjoyed the Science Fiction movie Primer, you may enjoy the low-budget movie Synchronicity. It advertises itself as a mind-bending 'Sci-fi Noir' in th... facebook
8:25am If you enjoyed the Science Fiction movie Primer, you may enjoy the low-budget movie Synchronicity. It advertises itself as a mind-bending 'Sci-fi Noir' in th... facebook
May 28th 2016
10:19am Pokey plant thing! instagram
May 27th 2016
7:06pm Red Lobster foursquare
May 26th 2016
May 25th 2016
May 24th 2016
4:11pm It was going to happen eventually: An annotated @davewiner post on why he doesn't like annotated posts. twitter
May 23rd 2016
9:07pm RT @BiIIMurray: The fact there’s a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers. twitter
May 22nd 2016
1:09am Had a nice chat with @RoKhannaUSA on my front porch. Glad to see him pounding the pavement and meeting constituents. twitter
May 21st 2016
9:09pm .@jonathanfmills I loved your Advanced JavaScript tutorial at OutLearn. Is it online anywhere else, now that OutLearn is gone? twitter
12:57pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
May 20th 2016
12:24am It's sweet that my company, #Roku, celebrates National #StreamingDay today, while in my house, it's actually every day. twitter
May 19th 2016
7:29am RT @Snowden: I worked @CIA. I wrote the Emergency Destruction Plan for Geneva. When CIA destroys something, it's never a mistake. https://t… twitter
7:07am dblume shares a virtual trip to Patagonia, esp. for pastilla. plurk
May 18th 2016
9:00am What if your country's leader hated your race? Consider these nightmares. facebook
9:00am What if your country's leader hated your race? Consider these nightmares. facebook
May 17th 2016
6:45pm Romano's Macaroni Grill foursquare
1:40pm Really like this article on the price of housing in San Francisco. facebook
1:40pm Really like this article on the price of housing in San Francisco. facebook
8:42am dblume says I've always loved Boomslank. Always surround yourself with apex predators. Nice artwork through the link, too. plurk
8:25am RT @MikeMongo: This is a photo of the underside of a cliff. Taken by a robot. Aboard a comet. twitter
May 15th 2016
12:08pm Giorgio's Pizzeria foursquare
7:46am dblume says plurk
5:35am We're packed and ready to go! Banana for scale. facebook
May 14th 2016
5:00pm On the one hand, I'm proud of my work. On the other hand, I hope I'm not contributing to the end of humanity. facebook
5:00pm On the one hand, I'm proud of my work. On the other hand, I hope I'm not contributing to the end of humanity. facebook
4:52pm dblume says You guys don't see me here much anymore. On the one hand, I'm proud of my work. On the other hand, I hope it has nothing to do with the end of humanity. plurk
12:06pm Mama's on Washington Square foursquare
10:12am Pier 35 foursquare
May 13th 2016
10:22pm RT @LOLGOP: If you're more worried about the identity of people peeing than people buying guns, stop pretending kids are your big concern. twitter
9:13pm Sno-Crave Tea House foursquare
8:55pm Sno-Crave Tea House foursquare
3:51pm The high point of my day? The file size of the binary I made matches its creation date. 20160513. twitter
May 12th 2016
9:01pm RT @FFRF: Happy birthday, George. twitter
8:41am In today's episode of Explosm, the credits say the part of God was played by John Galt. (It's NSFW.) facebook
8:41am In today's episode of Explosm, the credits say the part of God was played by John Galt. (It's NSFW.) facebook
May 9th 2016
7:21am "What it really comes down to is the political reality that we have a political class that feels it must inoculate itself against allegations of weakness." facebook
7:21am "What it really comes down to is the political reality that we have a political class that feels it must inoculate itself against allegations of weakness."... facebook
May 8th 2016
6:42pm Thai Town foursquare
6:24pm "Trump isn't really that bad. He didn't mean those things he said!" facebook
12:38pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
May 7th 2016
6:01pm Milk & Wood foursquare
5:04pm Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill foursquare
11:41am Darn you, Apple. Apple finally forcibly revoked my legacy Apple ID at iCloud (which was not an email address, and contained a period). I had to use an email ... facebook
May 5th 2016
9:27pm dblume says Next year, I'll have been online 30 years. plurk
11:13am Unless it's a picture of words. As we do here on Twitter. twitter
May 4th 2016
7:02pm RT @hemantmehta: I could get behind this National Day of Prayer proclamation... (via @americansunited)… twitter
8:45am I was raised in one of the weirdest cities in America, promptly escaped, and landed in a whole new region, that also turns out to be one of the weirdest plac... facebook
May 3rd 2016
6:12pm dblume shares 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest plurk
May 2nd 2016
May 1st 2016
1:11pm dblume shares Explosm's take on Lifehacks. plurk
April 30th 2016
1:24pm Moonstar Restaurant foursquare
April 29th 2016
5:49pm RT @isaach: so good. “A poem about Silicon Valley, assembled from Quora questions about Silicon Valley” https://t.c… twitter
10:45am Now that @delicious is back long enough to export one's bookmarks, I'm torn between and just using my own Shaarli. twitter
April 27th 2016
11:01pm If I'm not suffering Imposter Syndrome, then I'm pretty sure it's a symptom of Dunning-Kruger effect. twitter
9:48pm shell tips - [Application Memory Usage] dokuwiki
7:23am dblume says Happy-making: This weekend, I did something (for fun) that requires some full-stack technical know-how, and the community appreciated it. plurk
April 26th 2016
7:19am .@Delicious How's the migration going? You should tweet about big moves like this. Not everybody visits your blog. twitter
April 25th 2016
8:40pm I'm pretty sure Apple remembers. twitter
April 24th 2016
5:29pm Tomatina foursquare
April 23rd 2016
3:02pm @Delicious Your API endpoints at have been missing since 2016-04-21. What's up? twitter
April 21st 2016
7:31am @zannah I recognized the image immediately! twitter
April 20th 2016
2:12pm RT @Snowden: It begins: Secret court rules @FBI's NSA-style programs should be used for ordinary crimes. https://t.… twitter
April 19th 2016
8:59pm A friend'd daughter saw this @_andrio inspired avatar of mine online elsewhere without any context, and recognized that it was me! Awesome! twitter
April 18th 2016
April 16th 2016
1:46pm Cherry Blossom Festival foursquare
11:56am TC Pastry foursquare
April 15th 2016
12:17pm I forgot to watch the credits closely to see if they had any fun with that. twitter
12:13pm dblume says Any of you know how iZombie is full of puns? Anybody amused that Rob Thomas (writer) had Rob Thomas (musician) cameo on this season's finale? plurk
April 14th 2016
8:30pm dblume says Dear YouTube: Stop suggesting I watch The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep again. Because I will. watch. it. again. The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep [FULL MUSIC VID... plurk
6:45pm Thai Town foursquare
6:22pm .@iZombieWriters You guys outdid yourselves with "Fillmore Graves". twitter
1:05am .@yacitus I really wanted @planetmoney to get into Chip and Pin vs. Chip and Signature, too. twitter
April 13th 2016
5:25pm .@twsbi This just happened. Crown broke off of 4yo 540 with normal torque to open. twitter
7:28am dblume shares A- Ayukawa! plurk
April 12th 2016
9:33pm I asked that because has been changing their signage and the format of their email lately. twitter
9:08pm How quietly can Netflix spin off the company now? It's been 4 years since they bought the domain. #qwikster twitter
8:24am .@letsencrypt I love that you appreciated the irony that the "unsubscribe" link in your expiry notice was plain HTTP "We're working on that" twitter
April 11th 2016
11:40am Bon Chon Chicken foursquare
April 10th 2016
7:11pm popbar foursquare
6:31pm The Melt foursquare
April 9th 2016
10:27am dblume shares There was a botched? suicide-by-car-crash attempt near my house. plurk
10:25am There was a botched(?) suicide attempt by the park near my house. googleplus
April 8th 2016
7:28am Love this series of statues called, "Force of Nature". facebook
April 7th 2016
7:52pm dblume says I had to sign up on SnapChat so my teenage kids would notice me. I'm "hellopraemus" over there. plurk
April 6th 2016
1:05pm dblume shares Data USA A pretty nice collaboration between Deloitte, Macro Connections at the MIT Media Lab, and Datawheel that visualizes government data. plurk
April 5th 2016
8:50pm RT @Snowden: In light of the same PM's next-day resignation, add this to the "list of things never to say in Iceland." #cashljós https://t… twitter
April 4th 2016
April 3rd 2016
10:25am AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
April 2nd 2016
5:02pm Thai Spice foursquare
3:42pm Twin Peaks Summit foursquare
3:01pm Watching rooftop parkour from grand view park. instagram
2:57pm Grand View Park foursquare
2:25pm Golden Gate Heights Mosaic Stairway foursquare
April 1st 2016
6:46pm Koong's foursquare
8:53am Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
March 31st 2016
9:35pm Backing up my phone and my flashlight for World Backup Day. instagram
8:36pm Are your backups current? It's World Backup Day. twitter
1:20am People shouldn't abbreviate Batman vs. Superman as BvS, because it looks like Buffy vs. Spike. twitter
12:49am dblume asks davidd if he's seen ‘Hikaru Dorodango’ is the Japanese Art of Turning Dirt into Perfect Spheres yet? plurk
March 30th 2016
4:34pm I may be inordinately excited about the Bash shell coming to Windows 10 this summer. Would love to retire my Cygwin setup. twitter
4:22pm My kids think it's too cruel when I work from home since sometimes I occupy both the best computer and the Roku. Do your homework, kids. twitter
March 29th 2016
March 27th 2016
6:32pm The Counter foursquare
3:21pm Note to self: In PyCharm, turn off PEP-8 Line length checking by adding E501 to Settings->Inspections->PEP-8->Options's Ignore Errors. twitter
9:01am I just explained to my wife how Ladybaby might not what she expects, unless she expects Ladybeard crossed with BABYMETAL. Then it's exactly what she expects.... facebook
March 26th 2016
10:35pm Remember our local domestic terrorist who had procured explosives and assembled a bomb, and had made specific threats to kill all the members of a local mosq... facebook
2:00pm dblume shares Perfume and Baby Metal are coming to San Francisco! <3 plurk
March 25th 2016
12:02pm Train - Hey, Soul Sister last_fm
11:57am The Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches last_fm
11:54am The Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches last_fm
11:54am Modest Mouse - Float On last_fm
11:50am Modest Mouse - Float On last_fm
11:50am Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket last_fm
11:47am Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket last_fm
March 22nd 2016
7:29am "In fact, we have a leading presidential contender who seems like the embodiment of an online comments section." Walter Isaacson in These Are the Two Origina... facebook
March 21st 2016
12:33pm Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked last_fm
March 20th 2016
9:17am .@Delicious If you inject ads into the feeds: encode the & in the guid, link, comments, and wfw:commentRss URLs. See twitter
March 19th 2016
10:37pm @neonepiphany Who eats the handle of the Pocky first‽ twitter
March 18th 2016
7:17pm Tomatina foursquare
March 16th 2016
10:05am dblume asks What is this logo for? Seen at an RxJS talk. plurk
March 15th 2016
March 14th 2016
11:04pm RT @hangingsliders: Obama shows how you deal with protestors at a speech: twitter
March 13th 2016
4:48pm P.F. Chang's foursquare
March 11th 2016
12:06am dblume shares I just had to explain to my wife how I'd aged my 8-bit avatar. plurk
March 10th 2016
2:17pm Sometimes you don't know which yak to shave. twitter
March 8th 2016
March 7th 2016
8:41pm Apple dokuwiki
4:15pm dblume shares The Dizzying Cityscape of Hong Kong plurk
3:57pm I refuse to watch that Stephen King series unless we call it by its true ISO 8601 name, 1963-11-22. twitter
March 6th 2016
9:11pm RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: I am a humanist, which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without any expectation of reward or punishm… twitter
9:08pm @vogrim, @DerFichtl is down. I've appreciated using its API while it was working. Will it come back? twitter
5:14pm My son made a new Minecraft challenge. "Dad, you're going to be my first testee." Me, "How many testees are you going to have?" We both giggled. This is wha... facebook
March 4th 2016
8:51pm @paNTRa9999 All these five years later? Sorry, nope. I wish they did provide a WishList web API. twitter
7:15pm Thai Town foursquare
March 3rd 2016
7:49pm I'm one of those parents who opted out (filed the objection) of providing his kids' social security numbers. It's cold comfort that there were too many opt-o... facebook
7:11am RT @LibyaLiberty: If you're an American confusedly watching the darkest forces of ur nation rally behind a demagogue-maybe u can understand… twitter
March 2nd 2016
12:09pm Bob Marley & The Wailers - Three Little Birds last_fm
11:00am Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here last_fm
March 1st 2016
6:19pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
10:39am I never intentionally set foot on the path to becoming a graybeard. googleplus
8:57am How wrong is it that I thought "obviously it's 'every other sexual, otherwise it'd be semisexual'"? twitter
February 29th 2016
8:28am dblume says zannah, make sure you don't miss Google's Leap Day rabbit rabbit rabbit. plurk
February 28th 2016
6:42pm Boneheads Fire Grilled foursquare
1:06pm “For Sale, ... one adware-adding, GNU-disrespecting and poorly-built software repository.” facebook
February 26th 2016
8:42am This day at work calls for Beastie Boys' Sabotage. Well, either that or Yakety Sax. twitter
February 24th 2016
8:55am "Principles only mean something if you stick by them when they’re inconvenient." James Allworth facebook
February 23rd 2016
6:50pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
February 21st 2016
10:12pm Santa Clara County Library has a great, flexible search system, I hope they don't make any breaking changes, because I rely on custom URLs like this one to f... facebook
10:12pm Santa Clara County Library has a great, flexible search system, I hope they don't make any breaking changes, because I rely on custom URLs like this one to f... facebook
9:40pm One of my quirks? I handcraft the GET parameters for the local library's URLs to keep tabs on when new volumes of my favorite trade paperbacks come in... googleplus
2:14pm .@Delicious look at accounts like @elmauro2011's, that ad spam is because of this: Ads are OK, but abide by the spec twitter
1:39pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
11:16am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
10:47am Take a look at El Mauro's Twitter feed. ( The poor guy linked his Twitter account to his Delicious activity feed, and Delicio... facebook
10:47am Take a look at El Mauro's Twitter feed. ( The poor guy linked his Twitter account to his Delicious activity feed, and Delicio... facebook
10:42am If trust is important, then it's worth protecting. Watch what a serious key signing ceremony looks like, with commentary by Vinton Cerf. facebook
February 20th 2016
3:29pm @davewiner Point taken. The last link at the post is a telling Twitter search for the ads. twitter
2:23pm Monetizing RSS and Atom Feeds david_dlma
1:06pm dblume shares Note to self: You really liked L by Tycho at the Indie Game exhibit at the EMP. Hohokum Soundtrack - L by Tycho plurk
12:27pm My son and I just solved this Vine. It was super fun. facebook
12:27pm My son and I just solved this Vine. It was super fun. facebook
12:19pm Going through the mail, my wife noted all of these ads for services like GrubHub and Munchery. I suggested she read this, and then decided to share with ever... facebook
11:59am @davewiner Only because you're one of the only people I know who'd know why it's wrong. Every GET generates a new unique feed. No more 304s. twitter
11:25am @davewiner Delicious now serving new (current) pubDate elements for ads on every RSS feed fetch. Breaks normal usage twitter
11:17am .@Delicious to be clear, we'd be less annoyed if the pubDate elements remained static per item, or the feed returned 304 "Not Modified". twitter
10:57am .@Delicious You're injecting sponsored ads with bogus pubDate elements into users' RSS feeds. That's ineffective and misleading. twitter
February 19th 2016
9:54pm San Francisco International Airport (SFO) foursquare
3:55pm Ivar's Fish Bar foursquare
3:09pm Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) foursquare
12:04pm Space Needle foursquare
10:59am Chief Seattle Statue foursquare
10:12am Starbucks foursquare
February 18th 2016
7:59pm Hyatt House Seattle/Downtown foursquare
6:35pm 13 Coins foursquare
3:51pm Theo Chocolate foursquare
11:12am EMP Museum foursquare
10:17am Olympic Sculpture Park foursquare
10:09am instagram
February 17th 2016
6:34pm MOD Pizza foursquare
5:38pm RT @Snowden: This is the most important tech case in a decade. Silence means @google picked a side, but it's not the public's. https://t.c… twitter
3:57pm Hyatt House Seattle/Downtown foursquare
2:01pm Starbucks foursquare
1:29pm Piroshky Piroshky foursquare
12:54pm Pike Place Market foursquare
11:19am The Seattle Great Wheel foursquare
10:18am Hammering Man foursquare
10:09am Seattle's own flatiron building. instagram
8:45am Top Pot Doughnuts foursquare
February 16th 2016
8:18pm dblume shares At the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. plurk
3:58pm Chihuly Garden and Glass foursquare
2:43pm Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation foursquare
1:33pm Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream foursquare
12:43pm 8oz Burger Bar foursquare
11:58am Bruce Lee's Grave foursquare
11:28am Kurt Cobain Memorial Bench foursquare
10:29am Kinokuniya Book Store foursquare
10:20am Uwajimaya foursquare
10:13am Chinatown-International District foursquare
February 15th 2016
6:38pm Engineers in Seattle are so lazy. They didn't even pound this skyscraper all the way in. facebook
6:35pm Another reason to like James Gunn. facebook
4:34pm Piroshky Piroshky foursquare
3:04pm Columbia Center Sky View Observatory foursquare
12:32pm Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room foursquare
12:02pm Pike Place Chowder foursquare
11:27am Beecher's Handmade Cheese foursquare
10:34am Gum Wall foursquare
10:00am Pike Place Market foursquare
9:31am Seattle Free Walking Tours foursquare
7:33am If it's going to rain everyday, I get to leave the shower water on the whole four minutes. -A Californian in Seattle. twitter
February 14th 2016
7:09pm RT @Snowden: Counterpoint: Failing to confirm a #Scalia replacement could significantly increase voter turnout, which historically works ag… twitter
5:24pm Hyatt House Seattle/Downtown foursquare
4:20pm The Fremont Troll foursquare
3:36pm Trophy Cupcakes foursquare
1:05pm Amazon Books foursquare
12:51pm Starbucks foursquare
12:37pm Din Tai Fung Dumpling House foursquare
11:35am Jimi Hendrix Memorial foursquare
9:51am It's daytime, yet I have no shadow, and everything is wet here. What is this place? twitter
9:48am Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) foursquare
6:07am San Francisco International Airport (SFO) foursquare
February 12th 2016
7:05pm Ohana Hawaiian BBQ foursquare
February 10th 2016
11:44am Lisa’s Tea Treasures foursquare
February 9th 2016
9:01am shell tips - [Perl tips] dokuwiki
February 6th 2016
10:46am Super Bowl City foursquare
9:03am dblume shares An interview with Nirvana, mentioning Shonen Knife and Lemmy. plurk
February 5th 2016
8:18pm Boneheads Fire Grilled foursquare
February 4th 2016
7:23am I can't decide which I love more, the XL Giant Isopod Realistic Plush pillow, or this Giant Tardigrade Plush pillow. The isopod? Or the Tardigrade‽ facebook
February 3rd 2016
9:40pm World of Tomorrow is an Oscar-nominated short animation made by another UCSB alum, and it's available on Netflix. facebook
9:40pm World of Tomorrow is an Oscar-nominated short animation made by another UCSB alum, and it's available on Netflix. facebook
February 2nd 2016
8:50pm dblume says You guys, halophoenix has an amazing accomplishment to report! Let's just say that this page needs an update. plurk
4:25pm dblume says My wife just now discovered Tsum Tsums. Any advice for someone who's just getting into it? She's got her eye on the Star Wars ones. plurk
11:26am Apple dokuwiki
8:17am @milpitaspost We haven't received our paper version of the Milpitas Post for a few weeks. Do you still deliver it to local residents? twitter
February 1st 2016
January 31st 2016
6:08pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
January 30th 2016
9:09am Somebody's birthday is coming up! Who wouldn't want a giant isopod realistic plush pillow‽ facebook
January 25th 2016
7:58pm I fixed one of my bugs today by wiggling and reseating the wires connected to my computer. Sigh. twitter
1:45pm RT @RyanJohnNelson: St Cecilia, patron saint of people who literally can't even. twitter
1:29am @openpathscc @nytlabs's data service has been emitting only 502 and 504 (mostly) since 2016-01-04. Recurring issue? twitter
January 24th 2016
8:29pm dblume says on the news today here in California, there was a segment on how to use an umbrella. Apparently, we've forgotten. plurk
8:04am Here's an article from someone a little grumpy about it because he's a teacher in the trenches, who gets to see how helpless most people are with their compu... facebook
8:04am Here's an article from someone a little grumpy about it because he's a teacher in the trenches, who gets to see how helpless most people are with their compu... facebook
January 23rd 2016
7:34pm The Paperwork Reduction Act needs to be scraped.