About David Blume


I'm a software developer and father of two living in Silicon Valley.

What are your interests?

These "about the author" pages get stale quickly. The best way to discover what I'm into and where to find me is to visit my lifestream.

Where are you now?

Without getting metaphysical, I'm probably here.

Anything not web-centric to tell us?

I'm an avid lunchtime rock climber at Movement in Santa Clara. I've almost always got a queue of a couple of books I'm reading by the side of my bed. I occasionally read some comics, usually in Trade Paperback form. I loved Lee's. I've got an unhealthy affection for dark chocolate covered espresso beans.

Anything else?

It's not fair to associate myself with content that others have created, but I'll go so far as to admit that I love these three videos.

Here are some additional profiles of mine: at GitHub, and at Facebook.