Backup of David's Livejournal

Content may be king, but style takes time!

I'm in the middle of porting my blog from one location to another. Porting from one opaque database system to MySQL turned out to be pretty easy. (I just had a python script munge the actual generated web pages and archives page, and generate SQL add row commands.)

But making the design of the site my own... Oomph, that's killing me. There are a bajillion jpgs in the theme that I want to use as a base. But that did allow me to do one thing: I got to get rid of at least four jpeg files by replacing style commands like this:

background: url(images/title_top.jpg) no-repeat center top;
with style commands like this:
background-color: white; border-left: #a6b6b6 1px solid; border-right: #abb5be 1px solid;

Whee! The pages load faster, and there's less for me to manage. I'm so happy!
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