Climbing Lesson Number 10

Matthew Childs describes 9 Life Lessons from Rock Climbing:

They're great rules, and anyone can appreciate them. If you really are a rock climber, I think you can appreciate the nuances even better as they apply to each domain. I also think there's a tenth rule.

Rule #10: The first day is for route-finding.

When you go on climbing trips to new destinations, don't get too optimistic about climbing routes as soon as you get there. I think that's an easy pitfall for beginner climbers who are understandably excited to get on the rock. The first time one goes to a new place, getting lost and moving methodically is a part of the experience.

Allocate the time for it. Expect it and plan for it.

If you've set your expectations correctly, then the whole trip is more enjoyable, and it won't feel like a disappointment that you had to do some route-finding on the first day. That first day isn't a loss, it's a part of the preparation for the days of climbing to come, and they'll go more smoothly once you've got the site mapped out.

The same thing applies when going on other adventures in life. You may have a target activity in mind, like enjoying consistent profitability from the residuals of your micro-ISV, but plan on having to do some grunt work to get there. If you're entering uncharted territory, plan on doing a little of your own exploration and mapping.

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