The Essential Kindle Touch Mod


An infuriating design decision of the Kindle Touch was to put the power button on the slick and slightly angled bottom of the device. This design decision confounds most attempts to stand up the Kindle on a hard surface and lean it against something so that the user can do his reading with his hands free.

Two things usually go wrong when you try to stand up an unmodded Kindle Touch for reading with your hands free.

One: The Kindle is likely to slide down, since the bottom surface of the Kindle is relatively slick.

Two: Once you balance the Kindle just right, you're balancing it on the power button, depressing it continuously, putting the Kindle into a reboot mode.

The fix for this is to cut little sections of vinyl bumper surface guards, and adhere them on the flat bottom of the Kindle Touch. The best part of the vinyl bumper to cut is the molding around the actual bumpers. It's just the right height to protect the power button from being accidentally depressed.


Even better, the vinyl has a high coefficient of friction, so the Kindle Touch won't slide down when you try to stand it up anymore. Both problems are fixed by this one simple mod!

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  1. Sze Chan on March 6th, 2012

    I saw a similar concept on Instructables using Cardboard but this plastic bumper is much simpler.

    Can you post your instructions to Instructables?


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