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May 27, 9:58am
Excellent Penny Arcade comic on Google's AI Overviews today. facebook
Apr 27, 10:19am
Was just talking about Shohreh Aghdashloo's performance in The Expanse. Every time she spoke, everything else fell away. h/t Hiromi Cota facebook
Apr 5, 8:14am
As of my last knowledge update in April 2024, I've decided to make it harder to distinguish a human's posts from those of an A.I. facebook
Mar 30, 7:08pm
Anybody watch "The Bear"? Lillian and I just watched S2:E6 "Fishes", and were completely blown away. We weren't expecting any of that. It was really good to ... facebook
Mar 22, 10:56pm
Maybe my favorite kazoo song. And it comes with an intro story! facebook
Mar 15, 9:58am
Amazon telling warehouse workers to close their eyes and think happy thoughts https://www.404media.co/amazon-amazen-workingwell-savoring/ mirrors Portal 2's ... facebook
Mar 3, 11:18am
The Milpitas Library has the local system's first Library of Things. And it's working. facebook
Mar 3, 10:17am
A Humble Bundle where the charity is EFF, the reward is books, and the author is Cory Doctorow? (And of course one can (and should) adjust the sliders to det... facebook
Mar 2, 10:52pm
If you're like me, you pause and appreciate the craftsmanship in the top picture for a bit, then scroll down to see there's another picture. Source: https://... facebook
Feb 12, 3:52pm
To all my Imperial Valley peeps, don't worry! The Tsunami Warning has been called off. 🤣 (Edit, there's no Tweet preview? The tweet's from the National Weath... facebook
Feb 11, 10:05am
Happy Superb Owl Sunday VIII, esp. for Sjon Svenson facebook
Feb 10, 4:49pm
Ted Pederson may appreciate. facebook
Jan 29, 9:18am
I'm not into SportsBall, but I feel hopeful when I visit the "Mr. Irrelevant" page of Wikipedia and see the photo of the QB for the 2023 NFC champions there.... facebook
Jan 21, 5:07pm
Remember what you were working on right before your area shut down for Covid-19? I wrote a script to get on the Salesforce Tower Tours, and the tours were pr... facebook
Jan 9, 10:11pm
"The Perfect Webpage" (according to Google as interpreted by The Verge). Why so many sites look the same. facebook
Jan 4, 10:35pm
Luna's out there protecting the Olympics by recommending the explicit prohibition of accelerated backhopping (a Half-Life 2 technique) from the 100m dash. (I... facebook
Jan 3, 2:59pm
Photos: The Aftermath of Japan’s January 1 Earthquake facebook
Jan 2, 9:33pm
Oh no. What do you do when your Mastodon instance is down? I should've migrated to a smaller one when I could, but here I am.This link is a lie. (It says t... facebook
Nov 23 2023, 10:31pm
Nice to read about competent governance in action. "The FTC has Big Pharma's number." The FTC asks the FDA to intervene to prevent Orange Book stuffing becau... facebook
Nov 23 2023, 2:03pm
Which team are you? (I have a hard time choosing AG Systems, Piranha or Goteki 45) facebook
Nov 3 2023, 5:10pm
Another great explainer by Cory Doctorow on *why* the Right is selling the idea that Social Security is being gobbled up by the old and rich right now, leavi... facebook
Oct 28 2023, 9:56am
This comic, Juicy caboose-y, is a fever-dream and I am compelled to share it. facebook
Oct 23 2023, 10:19pm
This is why I pre-ordered Doctorow's "The Lost Cause". It's hopeful. facebook
Oct 22 2023, 10:58pm
The Whitest Kids U' Know: Dinosaur Rap (I'll repost this as many times as I need to.) facebook
Oct 22 2023, 9:15pm
Lillian Blume, Elizabeth Der, I'd heard about this a while back. I didn't realize it performed its finale a few years ago. Anyway, it's art that hits home. facebook
Oct 20 2023, 10:27am
I love Cory Doctorow's subtle little reminders like "The basis for this is a racist hoax called 'The Tragedy Of the Commons,' written by the eugenicist white... facebook
Oct 18 2023, 10:33pm
My software programmer peeps: Things in the universe are lazy-loaded. "...objects are not only influenced by their surroundings, they may lack distinct prope... facebook
Oct 17 2023, 7:52am
Nathan Yau made a heatmap of how the Most Common Causes of Death, by Age, has changed over the last few decades. facebook
Oct 16 2023, 9:11am
A great post by Cory Doctorow, "A Major Defeat For Technofeudalism" wrapping up the loss of the means-plus-function patent by Landmark for things like having... facebook
Oct 14 2023, 9:39am
Everyone is Digital, by The Motorleague facebook
Oct 13 2023, 3:23pm
These two. Just look at them. We're lucky reality could withstand their combined greatness in such close proximity. facebook
Oct 8 2023, 8:52pm
Acoustic Cherub Rock by The Smashing Pumpkins. Check out young Billy Corgan! facebook
Oct 7 2023, 12:26pm
Today I learned the voyaging couple in the music video for The Smashing Pumpkins' “Tonight, Tonight” were (still are!) married in real life, and went on to b... facebook
Oct 6 2023, 10:35am
Lillian Blume, can I share this with our son? 😂 facebook
Oct 5 2023, 11:35pm
An interview with one of my favorite writers, Ed Brubaker. facebook
Sep 30 2023, 12:53pm
Click through and read the "DISPATCH FROM THE CYBERPUNK CITY" manifesto in the tiny box by JWZ, of Mozilla, XScreenSaver and DNA Lounge fame. It's worth it. facebook
Sep 25 2023, 10:39am
Winners of the 2023 Astronomy Photographer of the Year (Worth clicking through.) facebook
Sep 22 2023, 9:43pm
The Office for the Preservation of Normalcy. Numbers Station for Alan Henry, few others like Nomenclature Opsec for Hiromi Cota (h/t JWZ) facebook
Sep 20 2023, 1:54pm
Winners of Ocean Photographer of the Year 2023 facebook
Sep 19 2023, 8:01am
"Our bosses have alarming, persistent, rock-hard erections for firing our asses and replacing us with shell-scripts." -- Cory Doctorow's "How to Think about ... facebook
Sep 15 2023, 11:48pm
Tonight, I have Regrettes. facebook
Sep 11 2023, 8:38am
So many cool things in this video. This deceptively simple tile isn't named Einstein after the scientist, but after the German translation, "one stone". facebook
Sep 11 2023, 7:59am
Has Woke gone too far? Starfield makes some users change gender to fire guns. (True article, but my "woke" intro is pure sarcasm.) facebook
Sep 8 2023, 6:13pm
"A university prof friend of mine and all their colleagues are writing grad student recommendation letters by feeding a few bullet points to an LLM, which in... facebook
Sep 4 2023, 1:08pm
Mycelia in a petri dish looks like an iris. facebook
Sep 1 2023, 12:50pm
Val Jamora, thought of you. facebook
Aug 25 2023, 8:56am
This how you gonna play it Meta?Instagram Throttles 404 Media Investigation Into Drug Ads on Instagram, Continues to Let People Advertise Drugs. facebook
Aug 25 2023, 8:31am
The problem with using A.I.: "This is an inescapable, biological aspect of human cognition: we can’t maintain vigilance for rare outcomes. This has long been... facebook
Aug 21 2023, 9:01pm
Lines like this are why I read Cory Doctorow, "To call this a 'transparent ruse' is to do violence to good, hardworking transparent ruses all the world over" facebook
Aug 19 2023, 2:26pm
Aww, the show "The Peripheral" based on William Gibson's novel has been cancelled. facebook
Aug 17 2023, 10:14pm
"It’s hard to overstate how fucking scummy the credit reporting world is." You get 'em Mr. Doctorow. facebook
Aug 9 2023, 8:58am
"Now the health care system is composed of a series of gigantic, abusive monopolists — pharma, hospitals, medical equipment, pharmacy benefit managers, insur... facebook
Aug 6 2023, 10:17pm
You guys. I could've written this myself. I wish I had. This is what I want: just normal web things. facebook
Aug 5 2023, 10:39am
Visa/Mastercard have hiked their swipe fees by 40% since the pandemic's start (3–5% of every transaction), and are trying to convince people that lowering th... facebook
Aug 4 2023, 8:01pm
A great post on Google's Web Environment Integrity by Cory Doctorow. facebook
Jul 29 2023, 8:33pm
Tesla uses DRM to defraud its customers. Teslas lie about the driving range during the first half of a full battery charge. A Korean regulator found that the... facebook
Jul 29 2023, 5:54pm
The curse of bigness. "Microincentives and Enshittification" Why Google Search suuucks. facebook
Jul 22 2023, 10:23pm
What if, for my next project, I just go down my "Read Later" lists and "pinboard.io" bookmarks, Wiki histories, and teach myself all those things I thought w... facebook
Jul 22 2023, 4:07pm
Timeless. From eight years ago... (Preview may be screwed up, tap through for goat comic.) facebook
Jul 21 2023, 9:42am
https://thenib.com/im-a-luddite/ Good points in here. facebook
Jul 13 2023, 8:16am
Why are so many Californians homeless? It’s not “homeless migration.” Suggestions for ways we can do better. facebook
Jul 12 2023, 9:48am
Happy Anniversary, release of first images from the JWST. Click through to be amazed by creation. facebook
Jul 7 2023, 12:00pm
So I'm enjoying episode 5 of the western, "Godless", appreciating how my family made it through Lone Wolf and Westmorland to get me where I am, and 25m in th... facebook
Jul 6 2023, 11:08am
"...the oniscidae , better known as cochineal..."Exsqueeze me? You mean "better known as the pillbug or roly-poly".Also, say "armadillidium vulgare" out ... facebook
Jun 26 2023, 5:32pm
My wife is going to disown me over this, but here goes: The Case Against Travel. facebook
Jun 26 2023, 2:17pm
You guys, watch this amazing tutorial on how to making a working camera in Blender. facebook
Jun 24 2023, 10:02pm
It's a post about music and has overlapping charts, and all I'm seeing are three Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" album covers. facebook
Jun 20 2023, 1:16pm
My GenX peeps know that Pluto was a planet, Brontosaurus was a dinosaur, and Manta rays were really cool genus of fish. facebook
Jun 6 2023, 10:41pm
According to Casey Newton, we're in for a heck of an interesting social experiment. "The platforms give up on (the) 2020 lies""For a coup to work in 2024, ... facebook
Jun 5 2023, 7:54pm
We get one mailed overdue notice from the IRS and my wife blinks immediately. "Pay them! Pay them! Pay them!" 🤣(For my non-California friends, we're in an ... facebook
Jun 5 2023, 4:58pm
Probably the best take on the "AI-Controlled Drone Goes Rogue" story is this one from Cory Doctorow. We're in danger of being misdirected by regular crooks w... facebook
Jun 5 2023, 12:07am
Great piece on Private Equity firms by Cory Doctorow. "The long, bloody lineage of private equity's looting" https://pluralistic.net/2023/06/02/plunderers/# facebook
Jun 2 2023, 2:35pm
Great piece from ProPublica on our rights that are at risk from the Supreme Court. Guess which Justice questions the most rights? The one in an interracial m... facebook
Jun 2 2023, 2:19pm
USA! USA! USA!Interesting that in the USA a science piece has to be relegated to "opinion" nowadays. Hmm...?Some tl;dr: Reasons include: unhealthy behavi... facebook
Jun 2 2023, 12:01am
Happy Friday. Here's Metric's "Black Sheep" with Brie Larson (Scott Pilgrim vs The World) facebook
Jun 1 2023, 10:28pm
Chilling with your A.I. homie. Ragebait always wins. facebook
Jun 1 2023, 9:56pm
AI-Controlled Drone Goes Rogue, "Kills" Human Operator in USAF Simulated Test. But wait, it gets better. Paperclips being optimized. facebook
May 29 2023, 2:08pm
On the library being required to turn off Wi-Fi when closed to discourage homeless people from gathering outside: "Patterson reaffirmed its 2017 findings tha... facebook
May 29 2023, 11:50am
Nothing impresses me more than when scientists say "hold up, we were wrong". facebook
May 28 2023, 12:56pm
I love that Cory Doctorow is staging "ideas lying around" for the coming crises that'll cause use to grasp for ideas for change. His ideas are in Chokepoint ... facebook
May 28 2023, 10:57am
Just one more cool thing I'd almost wear as an ally, but won't because it'd be perceived wrong by some. facebook
May 21 2023, 11:14pm
From the Washington Post: Type in your job to see how much A.I. will affect it. facebook
May 19 2023, 3:58pm
If you're an old climber who's getting far-sighted, and you keep your glasses on a rope but have to shorten that bight, then what you want to use is an alpin... facebook
May 19 2023, 9:42am
From Loish, "Mental health struggles sometimes feel like this to me. Stuck inside, observing the mess, and waiting for it to pass." facebook
May 15 2023, 1:08pm
The more shelves I apply Contact Paper to, the better I get and the less I care about a job well done. Either they cancel each other out, or it's a double-wi... facebook
May 13 2023, 1:09am
Here's IBM's CEO, Arvind Krishna, openly admitted that he'll use AI to slash IBM's workforce. Every tech company I know is doing AI innovation challenges. I ... facebook
May 13 2023, 1:00am
Excellent explainer by Cory Doctorow: How Amazon makes everything you buy more expensive, no matter where you buy it facebook
May 11 2023, 2:32pm
It is weird that I find this completely and utterly inspiring? Like we can be genuinely who we are on our way to who we'll become. facebook
May 7 2023, 9:39pm
Played the Random playlist of songs I have today. Turns out Angela Aki, a soulful, sweet, heartfelt pianist wrote one song, "Today", and also covered the Sma... facebook
May 6 2023, 5:04pm
Use whatever digital tools you like and document what you used. But don't submit straight up AI artwork as your own original submission. Those stars, the thi... facebook
May 5 2023, 5:31pm
The original proposal of the Tragedy of the Commons didn't involve studying human behavior at all. It was a justification to take the commons."Hardin — an ... facebook
May 4 2023, 8:59am
May the 4th be with you. facebook
May 2 2023, 7:51am
On April 28th 2023, the Equal Right Amendment was shot down (likely for the last time) by Senate Republicans with little fanfare. This is the language that w... facebook
Apr 28 2023, 10:22pm
“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” The Florida Surgeon General tweaked a vaccine analysis until the final revision's finding... facebook
Apr 27 2023, 9:34pm
"This is absolute catnip for private equity — free government money, no obligations, no enforcement, and the people you harm are literally dying and can’t co... facebook
Apr 15 2023, 1:33am
This article by Cory Doctorow is important. It describes how Uber finds the minimum pay it can get away with. "payouts are continuously tweaked in the backgr... facebook
Apr 10 2023, 9:45am
Munch munch munch https://www.instagram.com/p/Cq2n7AlOJEq/ facebook
Apr 9 2023, 11:29pm
Adorable Japanese onomatopoeia in Daoko and Keiichi Arawi's "Onomatopoeia Rap ~Summer Play~". Could be a fun project to document the words. facebook
Apr 9 2023, 9:38am
You see that ad over there? Everything advertised on social media is overpriced junk. Do your own search for what you need. Or buy the woke-free razors. facebook
Apr 7 2023, 4:35pm
Facebook had been serving me this ad for a while, and I'd been kind of afraid of accidentally clicking on it for all the other ads I'd start getting. Only no... facebook
Apr 5 2023, 8:05am
More than everything you ever wanted to know about how bicycles work, including why some spokes go that way, and those other spokes go that way. facebook
Mar 24 2023, 4:21pm
Best printer review ever happens to be this one. Welcome to our future. facebook
Mar 23 2023, 7:59am
"How fake sugars sneak into foods and disrupt metabolic health" A charming, animated post from The Washington Post. Reduce your intake of highly processed fo... facebook
Mar 13 2023, 11:03am
Happy National Napping Day! facebook
Mar 1 2023, 8:27am
VW wouldn’t locate kidnapped child because his mother didn’t pay for find-my-car subscription facebook
Feb 27 2023, 9:03am
Esp. for Lillian Blume Artisanal Ghibli Collection Blends Animation with Craftsmanship. facebook
Feb 27 2023, 12:19am
Great rant from Cory Doctorow on a scammer that places look-alike Google ads, and they order from the restaurant you wanted at a 15% markup (with their own c... facebook
Feb 12 2023, 9:39am
Happy Superb Owl Sunday! Esp. for Sjon Svenson facebook
Feb 11 2023, 10:51pm
Killing In The Name Performed By The North Korean Military Chorus (Rare Footage) facebook
Feb 6 2023, 5:51pm
"ChatGPT is, in technical terms, a 'bullshit generator'. ... It's not time to chat with AI, but to resist it." Summary by JWT here, full article in comment. facebook
Feb 4 2023, 11:52pm
The Regrettes "What Am I Gonna Do Today," posted two months into the Covid shutdown. It's a mood. It still hits me. facebook
Feb 4 2023, 11:58am
Tap through for a fascinating description of design choices for the display of map projection connections. (Yeah, the part I like was the poster design evolu... facebook
Jan 30 2023, 1:54pm
Today's Poorly Drawn Lines describes nearly every day of software development. facebook
Jan 30 2023, 9:56am
No hallway is complete without artwork on the walls. facebook
Jan 27 2023, 4:26pm
"Here is how platforms die: first, they are good to their users; then they abuse their users to make things better for their business customers; finally, the... facebook
Jan 27 2023, 12:50pm
"How Facebook’s Real Names policy helps Cambodia’s thin-skinned dictator terrorize dissenters" by Cory DoctorowReal names aren't stopping conservative extr... facebook
Jan 21 2023, 1:03pm
Every once in a while I think about the Republican dots in the "Net favorability of religious groups and beliefs among Democrats and Republicans". It's like ... facebook
Jan 18 2023, 1:36pm
Cristobal Tapia de Veer, the composer for the opening theme to HBO's "The White Lotus" replied to me on Twitter. This after I said his theme made me think I ... facebook
Jan 14 2023, 8:00pm
TIL Kate Beaton's got a book, Ducks: Two Years In the Oil Sands. And now I'm #22 on its waitlist at the library. facebook
Jan 11 2023, 2:42pm
When Ke Huy Quan won Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe, not only was he wearing a googly eye on his tuxedo lapel, his wife was wearing googly eye rhinestone... facebook
Jan 9 2023, 1:18pm
Been thinking about how fascinating the lotus plant is. Beautiful, elegant flower. Cool looking edible "root" (actually subterranean stem, not root) that's f... facebook
Jan 9 2023, 8:30am
I knew brussel sprouts were more bitter when I was a kid than they are now. I didn't know they tasted better before that though."In the late 1960s, our ind... facebook
Jan 4 2023, 12:31pm
Esp for Chris Zamara, 56 years ago, on January 4, 1967, The Doors released their self-titled debut album. facebook
Jan 2 2023, 9:09am
A really good review of 2022 from the history professor Heather Cox Richardson, "Letters from an American". facebook
Dec 30 2022, 9:47am
Aaron and I went to an omakase dinner at Soho Modern Japanese for our two birthdays! It was really delicious and fun to just let the chef decide what you eat... facebook
Dec 22 2022, 10:10am
The "yard sale model" explains how we actually live in a trickle-up economy. Click through, it's interactive and it may be the best thing you read today. facebook
Dec 19 2022, 10:01pm
Here is a handy chart to determine if your symptoms are from COVID, flu, RSV, and/or a cold. (h/t @sawaboof at Twitter) facebook
Dec 18 2022, 10:19am
A very good post by Cory Doctorow on why having the Fed continuously increase interest rates until morale improves won't stop inflation this time. facebook
Dec 10 2022, 11:27pm
We're at an inflection point with AI. There's shockingly excellent "samdoesart"esque renders in r/StableDiffusion. Stackoverflow temporarily banned ChatGPT r... facebook
Dec 10 2022, 10:13pm
"Freaks and Geeks", the 2000-era TV show about high school in the '80s is closer to the '80s than we are to it. facebook
Dec 7 2022, 11:06pm
Really great interview with Cory Doctorow. "Cory Doctorow wants you to know what computers can and can't do" in the New Yorker. (He also has excellent though... facebook
Dec 3 2022, 11:41pm
I hope there's a season two of The Peripheral.Spoiler link follows, dropping this for my future self about what "creating a new stub" means. (Also, Klept i... facebook
Dec 1 2022, 11:31pm
Silly NASA. That's not what the moon looks like, so we know this is fake. /s (Go to image 15) https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2022/12/photos-of-the-week-ca... facebook
Nov 29 2022, 11:45am
Every year, every time I renew donations to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) my mind starts singing Peter Gabriel's Games Without Frontiers. So, here. Now you g... facebook
Nov 26 2022, 8:56am
The new CEO of Twitter created a couple of polls like "should Twitter reinstate President Trump and other previously banned accounts" then reinstates them sa... facebook
Nov 26 2022, 12:28am
Have you taken a COVID-19 test at home? The NIH wants your test to count, either way, positive or negative. facebook
Nov 23 2022, 11:32pm
A reminder to not dump fatty down the sink or garbage disposal. Click through to learn where it should go. facebook
Nov 23 2022, 9:33am
Lillian Blume, I want to make a pilgrimage to the Philz at Folsom and 24th St now. "The Man Who Caffeinates Silicon Valley" facebook
Nov 7 2022, 8:58am
Click through for amazing swept leaf art. "Every fall this high school art teacher in Nara sweeps fallen leaves into ephemeral art" facebook
Nov 5 2022, 8:34pm
Just came across "How I experience the web today." Click through, see if you recognize the journey. facebook
Nov 1 2022, 4:18pm
Last trick-or-treater was a kid with a light blue wig and a cucumber in his lab coat. I ask who he was. "I'm Rick Sanchez." "Is that Pickle Rick‽" "Yes." (Bi... facebook
Oct 28 2022, 10:48am
Pretty good post from The Verge, "Welcome to Hell, Elon". Click through, it's a fun read. facebook
Oct 24 2022, 2:27pm
Esp for Lillian Blume facebook
Oct 23 2022, 8:50pm
I just finished Andy Weir's "Project Hail Mary" and loved it. What should I read next? I haven't read his "Artemis" yet. facebook
Oct 22 2022, 4:37pm
I sorta want to buy some MP3s (or any good unprotected format) of songs I like, but that's just not how the world works anymore. It really wants me to stream. facebook
Oct 20 2022, 9:43pm
Esp. for Narilka Aensland. ALL of JWZ's mixtapes! A limited time offer! facebook
Oct 16 2022, 11:40am
"The robot says vacant apartments are good actually. There's way too much empathy going on here." facebook
Oct 11 2022, 8:15pm
Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2022 (Click through, it's worth it!) facebook
Oct 7 2022, 12:17am
I am such a fan of Chris Bachalo's renderings of Death of the Endless. So glad he still posts them. facebook
Oct 3 2022, 7:28pm
I've finally released the nearly 15yo source code to my lifestream. It's like an automatic diary. It's not useful to anybody else, it's bad, and it's written... facebook
Oct 1 2022, 8:52pm
Mr. Doodle wrote, "It has taken me two years to complete and it is a project I have been dreaming about since I was very young. Everything I have done up to ... facebook
Sep 9 2022, 1:14pm
Love the cracks in the ice in this painting by Loish. facebook
Aug 26 2022, 1:56pm
I'm between books. It won't last a day. (Last was Cory Doctorow's Attack Surface, next will be Andy Weir's Project Hail Mary.) facebook
Aug 25 2022, 3:59pm
There's a new Texas law that says schools have to display "In God we trust" posters. An artist is donating posters to the schools that say it in Arabic. facebook
Aug 23 2022, 4:37pm
I feel so much better about continuously fixing/improving my old programs now. facebook
Aug 23 2022, 12:47pm
Here's a path forward: "It is the Privileges or Immunities Clause that should ground any effort to establish in women a federal right to choose whether or no... facebook
Aug 21 2022, 9:15am
Netflix's series "The Sandman" released an unexpected 11th episode! I just watched it. Wow, "Dream of a Thousand Cats" and "Calliope" really brought me back ... facebook
Aug 13 2022, 9:04am
Yes. But he'll forever be "Mr. Lonely" from "A Story of Love" (Konna Koi no Hanashi) to us. (Yes, I know that's the song's name, and he's actually Mr. Harash... facebook
Aug 5 2022, 8:39pm
I don't want a gun because I've got a ceramic burr grinder. It scratches the itch for that zen-like periodic disassembly and parts maintenance, then re-assem... facebook
Aug 5 2022, 1:59pm
I feel like a little hacker replacing the battery in old LCD Timex watches. I know about the weird little latches you sometimes need a pin for and there's us... facebook
Jul 28 2022, 12:22pm
On the effort to stop designating a dead lady a witch, the cause's champion had to say, "it has nothing to do with critical race theory, [so you don't have t... facebook
Jul 25 2022, 1:03pm
Greatest dividend payoff ever. Showed my son K-On (a really great anime about a pop-music club), and now he plays its songs on the piano in his free time. Th... facebook
Jul 24 2022, 8:25am
The DALL-E 2 Prompt Book, with advice and suggestions for better prompts. A book on "prompt design". Esp. for Hiromi Cota facebook
Jul 22 2022, 4:04pm
This post on visualizing Delaunay Triangulation is amazing. It's a detailed walkthrough with interactive images that let you add sheep and literally smash th... facebook
Jul 21 2022, 11:15pm
You got a free minute? Go check what you recently Shazammed or bookmarked. You thought it was noteworthy then. facebook
Jul 21 2022, 10:19pm
There's evidently a correlation between conservatism and searches for transgender porn. Shocked. I. am. shocked. facebook
Jul 17 2022, 2:55pm
The staggering scope of U.S. gun deaths goes far beyond mass shootings. (Good stuff in this article, it doesn't over-simplify. Click through.) facebook
Jul 15 2022, 1:25pm
The A.I. suggested I'm about 2/3 normal. facebook
Jul 14 2022, 4:19pm
If I have to know about this glamorous horror, so do you. h/t Rick Mann facebook
Jul 13 2022, 11:26pm
You guys remember May 2020, near the beginning of the shutdown? The mood...? facebook
Jul 10 2022, 8:25pm
So, Kevin Villela actually got it right. I'm impressed. This is The Ultimate Productivity 'Hack' for coders. (Not joking.) facebook
Jul 7 2022, 10:29am
The first photo was taken in San Jose, CA. The 2022 Audubon Photography Awards. facebook
Jun 29 2022, 4:32pm
The Dust Devils of Mars is pretty cool. facebook
Jun 27 2022, 9:18am
The endings from active shootings in the United States. facebook
Jun 22 2022, 1:25pm
So I replied to an internet stranger on a humorous post. They reply "Are you explaining the joke to me?" And I proceed to write this paragraphs long *explana... facebook
Jun 21 2022, 2:59pm
Lillian Blume facebook
Jun 16 2022, 4:08pm
Ever wonder what those imposing Buddhist guardians do on their day off? facebook
Jun 15 2022, 9:17pm
In Milpitas, there are often cars with a Sikh Khanda (☬) decal on them. Today, I saw this Pastafarian decal (right). facebook
Jun 15 2022, 3:57pm
Rina Sawayama's "This Hell". Complete with "I'm so angry. I have a sign" signs, and '90s line dancing. facebook
Jun 14 2022, 4:56pm
JWZ here for you with the choice quotes about id.me. facebook
Jun 13 2022, 10:52pm
The goat, he screams like a man. facebook
Jun 13 2022, 9:24am
Winners of the 2022 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition facebook
Jun 11 2022, 2:48pm
Tesla's autopilot conveniently shuts off one second before impact."NHTSA said it had discovered in 16 separate instances when this occurred that Autopilot ... facebook
Jun 8 2022, 5:19pm
Elliott Noel, haven't seen you in years. Still thought of you. facebook
Jun 6 2022, 1:17pm
ProTip on the candle: "If someone starts asking you too many questions about NFTs: Have the following words ready: web3, blockchain, metaverse, crypto. Squir... facebook
Jun 3 2022, 10:36am
"The Moanalorian." Cosplay can be pun. facebook
Jun 2 2022, 10:59am
Next week, June 9th will be the 20 year anniversary of my blog! facebook
May 31 2022, 5:59pm
TIL my wife doesn't know Missing Persons. facebook
May 28 2022, 10:59am
Previously I'd posted about misleading liberal propaganda on guns vs. video games (2019), and about wanting my legacy for my children to be repealing the Dic... facebook
May 27 2022, 2:54pm
This gem from 2016 would still be relevant, except we're on the road to making the choice to abort illegal. So... facebook
May 15 2022, 4:54pm
The Covid Capitulation facebook
May 14 2022, 1:20am
"The thing that determines whether you’re the product isn’t whether you’re paying for the product: it’s whether market power and regulatory forbearance allow... facebook
May 13 2022, 3:13pm
Esp. for Lillian Blume, you can play the game of frog. facebook
May 12 2022, 2:17pm
"Pop Culture Has Become an Oligopoly". Is it true that we're seeing more franchises and derivative works than ever nowadays? Adam Mastroianni gathers the dat... facebook
May 11 2022, 12:02pm
ProTip: You should go into "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" thinking "This is a Sam Raimi film" to set your expectations. And if you loved the E... facebook
May 8 2022, 2:26pm
Do you read comic Trade Paper Backs (TPB)? I just re-read Lazarus, and highly recommend it. Great world building, full of potential for so many stories. Lots... facebook
May 4 2022, 9:29pm
I appreciate the Bill Sienkiewicz nod in the Moon Knight finale. Seems appropriate. facebook
May 2 2022, 1:27pm
Lillian Blume, do you follow these eagles? Booster (the baby eagle here in Milpitas) will presumably follow some of the same growing routines as Spirit. This... facebook
Apr 30 2022, 10:03am
Click through for a good article with adorable animation on Elemental Power Plants. facebook
Apr 29 2022, 9:43pm
Eminem - Lose Yourself in the style of Linkin Park by Anthony Vincent. (h/t Hiromi Cota) facebook
Apr 26 2022, 2:41pm
It's surprisingly hard to get accessibility right with a screen reader and an HTML shopping cart table. Reminds me of trying to get a site to look the same o... facebook
Apr 22 2022, 5:34pm
Ein Bier. Bitte. facebook
Apr 22 2022, 8:23am
An essay on gun reform. Gun activists can nit pick at it, but the larger message makes sense. "In the United States, a person does not have the right to rand... facebook
Apr 18 2022, 8:47am
Here's a modern riff of Scott McCloud's 2008 introduction to Google Chrome. Contra Chrome. facebook
Apr 17 2022, 11:36am
On excess deaths: "A year ago, it was possible to defend the American [pandemic outcomes] record as merely below average — worse than it should have been but... facebook
Apr 15 2022, 8:19am
Flora and Fauna Blossom in Anti-War Watercolor Paintings by Hiroki Takeda facebook
Apr 13 2022, 8:15am
Pew Research finds you guys are likely very old. facebook
Apr 11 2022, 1:59pm
Maybe a minor spoiler for Everything Everywhere All at Once (don't worry if you accidentally read it, it doesn't ruin anything, and it's early in the movie):... facebook
Apr 7 2022, 11:32pm
I've been attacked by Microsoft. facebook
Apr 7 2022, 8:53am
It seemed like I've been seeing more sexy thumbnail images in YouTube for categories where it makes little sense, and have wondered if it's changing what con... facebook
Mar 30 2022, 10:14pm
Some of the smartest people I know cite Naomi Wu's reviews of terrible air purifying products. First the Razer Zephyr, now the Dyson Snot Canon. facebook
Mar 21 2022, 6:08pm
I'm so in love with these drawings. Kei Endo Creates Highly Accurate and Detailed Survey Drawings of Japanese Hotel Rooms facebook
Mar 18 2022, 10:19pm
The bravery of these cosmonauts. facebook
Mar 14 2022, 2:44pm
Visualizing Black Holes with General Relativistic Ray Tracing (Click through. You can at least enjoy the amazing black holes even if you don't read the post.) facebook
Mar 11 2022, 8:25am
Bob Wachter, Chair, UCSF Dept of Medicine, has been waiting for cases to reach 10 per 10K/day as his "should I mask" threshold. Here in Santa Clara county, w... facebook
Mar 8 2022, 2:54pm
You like indy games and want to support Ukraine? Then this is for you! facebook
Mar 6 2022, 7:42pm
Who had escaped vengeful fox demon on their 2022 Annihilation bingo card? facebook
Mar 2 2022, 3:41pm
My company's conference intermission playlist tricked me into learning I actually like Elton John's and Dua Lipa's "Cold Heart". facebook
Mar 1 2022, 8:23am
Change in Common Household Types in the U.S. (Click through for an interesting graph on which household types (married with children, single, roommates) are ... facebook
Feb 14 2022, 9:12am
I am here for this platter of amuse-bouches of user experience nightmares. Laura Javier is one of my tribe. facebook
Feb 13 2022, 3:05pm
Mitski: nihilistic yet adorbs. Also good taste in Ghibli films. facebook
Feb 13 2022, 8:51am
Happy Superb Owl Sunday! Esp.for Sjon Svenson facebook
Feb 9 2022, 4:51pm
Turns out Covid-19 is not like the flu. A giant study shows a striking rise in long-term heart and vessel disease."some of these conditions are chronic con... facebook
Feb 8 2022, 8:20am
The long-run effect of Obama’s choice to bail out lenders, not borrowers. As stocks tumble, wealthy speculators bid up house prices. facebook
Feb 5 2022, 9:34am
You guys! Click through and read "Ethan Coen's" review of Joel Coen's "The Tragedy of MacBeth". facebook
Feb 3 2022, 2:38pm
Structure of Slit-scan facebook
Feb 2 2022, 11:08am
Greatest hits from a NeoLiberal version of John Snow, the father of epidemiology. Addressing preventable disease through deregulation and individualism. facebook
Feb 1 2022, 1:40pm
Jane Campion's "Power of the Dog" is really good. It expects you to pay attention, but it rewards you for it. It's going to stay with me for a long time. Her... facebook
Jan 29 2022, 9:27am
The Algorithm That (Recently) Changed the World facebook
Jan 28 2022, 9:31am
I think the thing I love most is how snail shows the phone with his right hand, then holds it up to his left ear to continue his conversation. facebook
Jan 27 2022, 11:39pm
Victory! While he was home, I had my son watch Death Note with me. Then Grimes released a music video Shinigami Eyes today (where her eyes turn red, and they... facebook
Jan 27 2022, 8:55am
Looks like the Mcminn County School Board didn't read my "How to tell if you're on the correct side of any issue" post. They just unanimously voted to ban th... facebook
Jan 26 2022, 1:39pm
So Israel is at over 1% population new COVID cases per day now? (Compare: the US is about 9x lower.) Click-through, the image here is an old static image. facebook
Jan 26 2022, 10:41am
How to tell if you're on the correct side of any issue. facebook
Jan 25 2022, 12:51pm
Excellent False Knees today. If you don't see the comic, click through. facebook
Jan 24 2022, 9:09am
See the Tonga eruption overlaid over highly populated areas like California, England, Spain, in "How big was the Tonga eruption?" facebook
Jan 21 2022, 8:21am
I don't block Wordle posts. I only block posts with the term, "🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩". All your stories of struggle and failure are welcome. facebook
Jan 21 2022, 12:14am
The thing people are missing about McConnell distinguishing African-Americans from "Americans", is that he said they don't need the John L. Lewis Voting Righ... facebook
Jan 20 2022, 11:00am
This is amazing. Click through to learn about GPS in an interactive post. facebook
Jan 18 2022, 5:23pm
Winners of the 2021 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest facebook
Jan 14 2022, 9:51am
Love a good strike that doesn't have collateral damage.Bus drivers in Japan went on a strike but continued to drive their routes while refusing to take far... facebook
Jan 13 2022, 2:37pm
I told my college-bound son I was turning his room into the VR room. Then this appears in my feed. It's destiny. He should take it as a warning not to be in ... facebook
Jan 13 2022, 1:09am
The author of some of my favorite stories is Nisio Isin. (西尾 維新). It's a fun pseudonym because you'd normally say "Nishio Ishin", but Nisio changed the "shi"... facebook
Jan 11 2022, 4:46pm
I'd best stop Wordle right here and now.Wordle 206 3/6⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜🟩🟩⬜🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 facebook
Jan 9 2022, 11:12am
OMG, when the reply chains in Reddit reveal you're all of a mind. Spoiler in comment. facebook
Jan 8 2022, 12:56am
Bloodywood - Gaddaar (Indian Folk Metal) If you miss Rage Against the Machine, but you want it a little more Indian Folk Metal. Very worth the listen. No fla... facebook
Jan 4 2022, 10:09pm
Rick Mann, you must've seen this reply from NASA to the Expanse writers. facebook
Jan 4 2022, 2:40pm
"Samsung promises ‘groundbreaking’ new TV feature: NFT support" OMFG. It'll be like 3D TVs Redux. OK, true believers, it's your time to shine. Enjoy the mome... facebook
Jan 4 2022, 12:58pm
Glad NPR replayed Terry Gross's interview with Dave Grohl at the end of the year. I'd have missed it otherwise. How do you not like that guy? Worth the listen. facebook
Dec 29 2021, 9:53pm
From reddit, New Year Blessings facebook
Dec 24 2021, 10:11am
On Slow Living: "If you want to sign-on to slow-living, small but consistent habits are the best way to practice:* eat your meals mindfully, paying attenti... facebook
Dec 21 2021, 9:17am
This is sweet. Reminds me of the anime "A Whisker Away". https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/a_whisker_away facebook
Dec 17 2021, 9:11am
I was once interviewed by the local news to report that Pluto had crossed Neptune's orbit to become the 8th planet from the sun on February 7, 1979. The inte... facebook
Dec 13 2021, 12:32pm
Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2021 facebook
Dec 9 2021, 1:50pm
Welp, looks like somebody in my family is going to be giving me the Bakemonogatari Humble Bundle. You can't just mix books, comics, Bakemonogatari and book-a... facebook
Dec 7 2021, 7:50pm
On the Jan 6th insurrection "insurgents were much more likely to come from a county where the white share of the population was in decline." facebook
Dec 3 2021, 1:29pm
Just watched "The Thing prequel featuring Ramona Flowers" and then this crossed my feed. Love it. facebook
Dec 1 2021, 12:27pm
You guys. Today (12/1/21) may be American Palindrome Day, but prefer to use ISO-8601. Tomorrow is International Palindrome Day (2021-12-02). facebook
Nov 30 2021, 8:21am
After GivingTuesday comes UnsubscribeWednesday. facebook
Nov 24 2021, 11:55am
Where should you live? Take a survey of your priorities and find out. (May have to use incognito mode.) facebook
Nov 24 2021, 9:13am
Q. "Die Hard" or "The Thing" for this year's family Christmas Movie?A. ¿Porque no los dos? facebook
Nov 22 2021, 10:26am
Love this JavaScript implementation of a Chaos Pendulum. facebook
Nov 20 2021, 10:09am
"The Kyle Rittenhouse Story Is Completely Fncking Insane To Anyone Who’s Not American" An explainer for people who don’t understand freedom. facebook
Nov 17 2021, 11:53am
My ideal era was very much 1991 - 1994. This helps explain it. facebook
Nov 16 2021, 12:23pm
Desktop vacation: Winners of the 2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards facebook
Nov 13 2021, 11:13pm
Mitski has a new song/video, "The Only Heartbreaker" and it's powerful. But that's not why we're here. I just watched the Genius video where she verifies the... facebook
Nov 12 2021, 9:53pm
Such a great, short video: How COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Work facebook
Nov 10 2021, 11:55am
Here, take a desktop vacation. Autumn Color and Autumn Chill. Esp. for Lillian Blume, because our trees haven't all changed yet. facebook
Nov 7 2021, 7:27pm
"A band called 'Rage Against the Machine', that band is anti-family and it's pro-terrorist." - Republican Gary Bauer (and quoted at the end of Sleep Now in t... facebook
Nov 1 2021, 3:52pm
Japan’s Jimi ‘Mundane’ Halloween Costumes of 2021 (Click through, feel attacked, it's worth it.) facebook
Oct 31 2021, 10:32am
☕️ In "the largest study to systematically assess the cardiovascular effects of regular coffee consumption in a population without diagnosed heart disease, ... facebook
Oct 29 2021, 7:15pm
I can't even crack a "sexy squid games jumpsuit" Halloween costume joke because the abomination actually exists. facebook
Oct 29 2021, 5:22pm
Architect resigns over billionaire's plans to cram 4,500 students into windowless dorms in UCSB facebook
Oct 25 2021, 2:37pm
Why wasn't this invented 20 years ago when I needed it most? facebook
Oct 22 2021, 9:01pm
Kansas performing Carry On Wayward Son, complete with guitarist in a white tux and bowtie. facebook
Oct 21 2021, 9:21pm
I try not to engage with "suggested for you" posts. But this? 💯. I want to write it myself. facebook
Oct 21 2021, 12:37pm
Make friends. facebook
Oct 21 2021, 12:36am
"Downtown (Downtempo)" by Anya Taylor-Joy for Last Night in Soho facebook
Oct 19 2021, 2:43pm
Winners of the 2021 Epson International Pano Awards facebook
Oct 15 2021, 8:32am
How the Longest Running Shows Rated Over Episodes, by Nathan Yau (click through) facebook
Oct 12 2021, 10:01pm
"As Facebook’s own research demonstrated, for example, the Instagram algorithm draws on many sources to determine that a particular user is body dysmorphic. ... facebook
Oct 9 2021, 8:46pm
There's David and... Lillian, are you using a new moisturizer? facebook
Oct 7 2021, 9:43pm
They just installed new cameras at the nest, and Jackie and Shadow have returned to work on it again this year. Lillian Blume, you might want to follow this ... facebook
Oct 3 2021, 8:30pm
So I pushed a new project to GitHub to help someone get notified when his secret recovery email gets a new message. Half the README.md is my rant on "Balanci... facebook
Oct 3 2021, 9:52am
I am so ready for the Framework Laptop. facebook
Sep 29 2021, 9:04am
Chia "is a cryptocurrency where mining is based on the amount of hard disk storage space devoted to it rather than processing power, as with Proof of Work cr... facebook
Sep 27 2021, 9:46pm
Uber and Lyft aren't helping. "In most places, in current circumstances, all things considered, it’s worse to take a [Uber and Lyft] ride than to drive a pri... facebook
Sep 26 2021, 10:50pm
Cowboy Bebop is a masterpiece and doesn't need a live-action remake. Having said that, these opening credits are promising. facebook
Sep 21 2021, 11:03am
Vocational awe is a lousy substitute for fair pay. (You may want to open in an incognito browser.) facebook
Sep 21 2021, 9:34am
Happy Birthday to my amazing wife, Lillian Blume! We had to celebrate while dropping off the kids at college. facebook
Sep 20 2021, 4:51pm
What's an empty nest like? The night we got home: "Let's work our way down these dinosaur nuggets as part of our dinner.""Sure. How many for each of us?"(S... facebook
Sep 19 2021, 8:28pm
Having the kids at home for more than a year because of COVID makes suddenly becoming an empty-nester a little harder. Of course we're proud of those kids, b... facebook
Sep 13 2021, 10:22am
These are awesome! Click through (in incognito mode, as needed). Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2021 facebook
Sep 12 2021, 9:04pm
My son and I are are bouldering at Planet Granite, and they start playing Bakemonogatari's theme "Renai Circulation". Aaron looks at me, and I'm making this ... facebook
Sep 10 2021, 4:50pm
California Dept. of Technology released their Digital Vaccine Record code on GitHub. facebook
Sep 8 2021, 12:20pm
My local comic book store is closing for good today, after 19 years. End of an era. facebook
Sep 6 2021, 11:19pm
From Reddit: Anti-vaccine protestors marching outside a hospital in Texas, chanting "my body my choice". Guess how many are not pro-choice on another topic? facebook
Sep 3 2021, 1:38pm
Get the vaccine already. facebook
Sep 1 2021, 11:02pm
"The dark-store hustle has all the hallmarks of a long con. In a long con, the crook lets the mark win a little money at first, as a convincer. Then, having ... facebook
Aug 30 2021, 11:12am
NFTs are where you pay real money for an electronic receipt on a blockchain for a thing that's generally available for free. The blockchain itself costs a gr... facebook
Aug 25 2021, 12:17pm
Esp. for Lillian Blume, another Mandy Patinkin fan in our family. facebook
Aug 24 2021, 10:25am
Some of the puncturevine in California has purple flowers. Pretty but the goat head seeds aren't worth it. facebook
Aug 24 2021, 10:13am
Attn: Bicycle riders: It's full-on goat head thorn season again. The seeds will ruin your tires. TIL the plant really is called "puncturevine". Perfect name. facebook
Aug 24 2021, 9:26am
"I intend to destroy segregation by positive and embracing methods. When my brothers try to draw a circle to exclude me, I shall draw a larger circle to incl... facebook
Aug 19 2021, 9:44am
TIL an early Christian ἸΧΘΥΣ symbol was a clever superimposition of all the letters, sorta like how the peace symbol is a super-imposition of the flag semaph... facebook
Aug 19 2021, 9:15am
Kung Fu Cooking Girls, direction and character design by Jin-Roh ("Werewolf") facebook
Aug 18 2021, 7:36am
I'm voting NO on the MAGA recall of Gov. Newsom and writing in Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis. (The CA State Constitution already says the Lt. Gov. would normally... facebook
Aug 13 2021, 7:42am
Procedurally generated fish drawings. Click through and refresh the page a couple of times. facebook
Aug 11 2021, 8:47pm
I'm nearly infinity years old, and every day I have to delete half of what I wrote before I can send anything. Every first impulse I have is apparently eithe... facebook
Aug 7 2021, 2:12pm
This is the most profound thread I've read in years, and it explains the Trump era."I used to think, as a naive young man, that if you exposed bullshit lik... facebook
Aug 6 2021, 11:34am
Because TikTok's videos are shorter and it tracks what you watch vs swipe away, it is better than YouTube at figuring you out, and sending you down a rabbit ... facebook
Aug 2 2021, 8:15am
"Peloton demanded $40/month 'subscriptions' from owners to continue using their treadmills. The pretense here is that the subscription comes with safety soft... facebook
Jul 31 2021, 1:11pm
Why, yes, I do know that one toaster screensaver. Tell me more. I thought they were doing fine, but am glad for your dream to save them in space. facebook
Jul 29 2021, 6:53pm
The story behind many gay men's favorite "nail polish remover". By David Mack. No, Ninjelica Sunshine, not that David Mack. facebook
Jul 29 2021, 1:57pm
Conway's Soldiers game breaks my mind. It's so easy to get to rank 1, 2, 3 and 4. Why is it impossible to get to 5 with a finite number of moves? facebook
Jul 28 2021, 11:12am
You guys. A super important correction here. I shared a meme comparing countries that send rocket dicks to space (the U.S.A.) vs countries with universal hea... facebook
Jul 26 2021, 9:34am
Esp. for Hiromi Cota... facebook
Jul 25 2021, 9:25am
Vindicated by history again. They should listen to me more. facebook
Jul 24 2021, 9:14am
If it's not exactly right, it's probably pretty close. facebook
Jul 22 2021, 7:44pm
Facebook is ****ing People. From the Patreon post: "Former Facebook VP Brian Boland went on CNN to say yeah, Facebook totally has the data and knows everythi... facebook
Jul 16 2021, 9:26pm
So, eradicating pellagra (a malnutrition disease) was a political issue with Southern Gentlemen against the cure, just like getting vaccinated for COVID is. ... facebook
Jul 9 2021, 8:44pm
Wombats are far more than mere makers of cube-shaped turds. Click through. facebook
Jul 2 2021, 10:50pm
Argentina is poised to overtake the U.S.A. with overall most cases per capita of COVID-19 over the next few days. Shortly after, Colombia will take 3rd place... facebook
Jul 2 2021, 3:52pm
I don't know how this video from the Roku Advanced Initiatives group got out, esp. to our competitors. But since the cat's out of the bag, here's what we're ... facebook
Jul 2 2021, 10:40am
I don't generally do positive memes, but I was attacked by the earnest wish for self improvement. facebook
Jun 29 2021, 10:07pm
This is so great. Watch and enjoy. And learn about doppler compensation from mustached bats. facebook
Jun 29 2021, 8:27pm
Preserving Hong Kong, in miniature. Love these miniatures so much! Worth clicking through. facebook
Jun 22 2021, 9:38pm
For Father’s Day, Aaron and I hiked to the top of Half Dome to take photos that’d scare the daylights out of his mother. 🤣 facebook
Jun 16 2021, 1:15pm
Need to put this next to Charles Minard's amazing flow map of Napoleon's Russian campaign of 1812. facebook
Jun 16 2021, 8:57am
Why the Mexico City Metro Collapsed facebook
Jun 15 2021, 3:22pm
Now Colombia's being hit by COVID-19 worse than ever. (Really not happy seeing the UK trend up again, either.) facebook
Jun 14 2021, 2:26pm
Australia's mouse plague is horrific. facebook
Jun 14 2021, 1:36pm
As a dad, I approve. facebook
Jun 13 2021, 10:46pm
Drama free! Haters gonna hate. I just live my true life and be my true self. facebook
Jun 12 2021, 10:40am
Life in the U.S.A.: Having to double check whether the mass shooting in Austin and the mass shooting in Savannah were the same. (Maybe one is a suburb of the... facebook
Jun 9 2021, 9:53am
Mouse, you seem tired. facebook
Jun 4 2021, 11:57am
Personally, it would seem appropriate to see the local Bald Eagle eaglet, Pfizer, "branching" today. My younger kid just graduated the local high school, and... facebook
May 29 2021, 1:59pm
Balls of Fury (2007) is an American Masterpiece. facebook
May 28 2021, 10:07pm
Republicans: "It was Antifa who stormed the Capitol!"Democrats: "Let's Investigate"Republicans "Nah we're good"-- u/portageandmain on Reddit facebook
May 28 2021, 5:56pm
Posters and a video for Japan's National Pillow Fight Contest. facebook
May 28 2021, 10:40am
Could've been "Sleep. Scream. F---. Die." facebook
May 28 2021, 8:08am
Without H.R.1, America will become a minoritarian democracy. Here's a very sort explanation. (2 minutes) facebook
May 27 2021, 11:35pm
Argentina is spiking in COVID-19 cases. They just beat America's world record for Daily Cases per Capita. (Again, thanks to Rick Mann for the graphs.) facebook
May 25 2021, 10:47pm
A theory that this is the belief system of Republicans:1. Hierarchy is natural, inevitable, and desirable.2. We live in a zero-sum world.3. The current s... facebook
May 25 2021, 2:43pm
We gotta try this with the kids. facebook
May 19 2021, 8:31am
Comic: How I Cope with Pandemic Numbness. It has suggestions on how to stay engaged. facebook
May 9 2021, 1:20pm
That Venn Diagram at the end. facebook
May 6 2021, 3:35pm
"a consortium of broadband companies called Broadband for America laid out about $4.2 million for ... 8.5 million comments. The bad guys definitely won this ... facebook
May 6 2021, 1:10pm
I hadn't noticed that covidtracking.com stopped collecting data for U.S. states and just recently turned off CORS. I noticed the CORS issue first, and worked... facebook
May 1 2021, 4:33pm
Great to see myths tested. Knots really are bad, twists not so much. facebook
Apr 28 2021, 2:27pm
Finally got my Mooltipass. Just need to wait a couple of weeks, and I'm good to go. facebook
Apr 25 2021, 9:38pm
Aaron and I went bouldering today. I was at my limit near the top of a route, and I was thinking to myself "Stupid old man, what are you doing? What if you f... facebook
Apr 23 2021, 9:14pm
Here it is, the finale of the trilogy: The Ultimate AeroPress Technique (Episode #3). If he hadn't set it up with the first two episodes, the comments sectio... facebook
Apr 23 2021, 12:40am
The current trend of COVID-19 cases in India is worse than it's ever been. (Maybe because they're so populous that even these numbers are a small percentage ... facebook
Apr 17 2021, 12:16pm
This is what we've been waiting for. Episode 2 of James Hoffmann's "Understanding The AeroPress" is out. facebook
Apr 12 2021, 4:53pm
Esp. for Rick Mann. facebook
Apr 3 2021, 6:22pm
This should be a real company. Love that the testimonials are from real events. facebook
Mar 29 2021, 8:56am
The Stanford National Daily Health Survey for Coronavirus is over. I participated every day. Here are some preliminary results: facebook
Mar 26 2021, 2:23pm
OK, Kickstarter, I bought the thing. Please stop showing it to me everywhere. (You may show me other cool things, so I won't block you. Yet.) facebook
Mar 24 2021, 8:07am
Mar 21 2021, 11:36am
I've seen three episodes of WandaVision, and I don't know what so many of my friends and peers love about it.I've seen the clues, and have been waiting for... facebook
Mar 12 2021, 8:20am
Blue tossed to the sky, orange in the outside thigh. facebook
Mar 3 2021, 9:05pm
Maybe Lolita couldn't be published today. facebook
Feb 28 2021, 9:12am
Ouch. In the image, the top two scrabble words are objective pronouns ("..to him/her"), and then they're followed by a nominative pronoun ("they are"). Why w... facebook
Feb 25 2021, 4:15pm
This just made my day. facebook
Feb 25 2021, 4:07pm
You know why I have an archive of my Google+ account? So I can go back and watch this one over and over. facebook
Feb 25 2021, 8:36am
Albert Einstein under guard at a "holiday hut" in Cromer, England in 1933 facebook
Feb 23 2021, 2:58pm
Lillian Blume, enjoy the suspense. facebook
Feb 23 2021, 9:17am
Draw an iceberg and see how it will float. facebook
Feb 21 2021, 10:40am
5 Habits of Genuinely Relaxed People facebook
Feb 18 2021, 8:28pm
From the "Working for an Algorithm" series at The Markup. "Postmates Drivers Have Become Easy Prey for Scammers. And Drivers Say the Company’s Not Helping" facebook
Feb 17 2021, 12:19pm
Winners of the 2020 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest (worth clicking through (incognito, if no Atlantic subscription)). facebook
Feb 16 2021, 8:52am
So Lindsey Graham suggests having Nancy Pelosi investigated as part of a plot to have herself attacked in order to frame Trump. facebook
Feb 13 2021, 10:21am
This. "Of All the Hills to Die On, the GOP Picked Donald Trump." facebook
Feb 11 2021, 8:52am
Ten very impressive space photos. Worth clicking through. facebook
Feb 10 2021, 7:54am
TIL in 2007 Dan Aykroyd said that in 1984 he wrote the script for a Ghostbusters Go To Hell movie where they meet Satan who would've been depicted as Donald ... facebook
Feb 9 2021, 8:34am
Stacey Abrams: Our democracy faced a near-death experience. Here’s how to revive it. facebook
Feb 8 2021, 9:06am
Older, white people are disenfranchising other Americans. Lawrence Lessig filed against the state practice of "winner take all" presidential elections becaus... facebook
Feb 7 2021, 9:00am
Hope you all have a great Superb Owl Sunday. facebook
Feb 5 2021, 8:33am
Appalachian vs. Rockies: Worth clicking through. Changes from one hot take to an amazing different perspective. facebook
Feb 5 2021, 8:27am
Here's a cute Korean music video about a mom telling a child with low self-esteem, "You're an alien to save the Earth!" to boost their self-esteem. facebook
Feb 4 2021, 9:02am
Sorta the opposite of the uncanny valley. Photographer Ken Ohyama’s Cutouts of Japanese Urban Buildings. facebook
Feb 3 2021, 3:04pm
The comprehensive set of security plans for the January 6th, 2021 "Save America" event is now available. (Spoiler: There was *none*.) facebook
Feb 1 2021, 11:03am
A pretty useful table of the beliefs of Trump supporters. I'd like to think that there's a way to correct these misconceptions and misrepresentations. facebook
Jan 26 2021, 10:36am
Hedge funds had shorted nearly all available stock of Game Stop. So individuals got together and bought and held, driving the price up, forcing the shorts to... facebook
Jan 23 2021, 10:30pm
Saw this autostereogram on reddit, and decided to show it to my son, and stayed with him until he saw it. I freakin' love that moment, when someone experienc... facebook
Jan 22 2021, 8:19am
In my feed, I've scanned so many images for Bernie, I've accidentally scanned ads for Bernie, and been like, "he's well hidden in this one." facebook
Jan 21 2021, 8:05am
"We need longer tables, not higher walls." -Chef Jose Andrés facebook
Jan 19 2021, 11:14am
Our local bald eagles' nest fell from the wind last night. Seeing them on my walks and watching the chicks grow over the past year helped me get by during th... facebook
Jan 18 2021, 9:24am
"Nine Real-World Software Engineering Interview Questions" Very practical, worth the read. 🤣 facebook
Jan 15 2021, 8:19am
My first ever Medium post (four years ago) was a warning that Trump would treat America like he treats the women he assaults. This year, I can't help thinkin... facebook
Jan 14 2021, 10:17pm
If I were a Trump supporter, I would be just so livid. You don't believe that the election was stolen from you, decide to use force to change Congress, and t... facebook
Jan 12 2021, 8:45am
My favorite movie review of the year, about Tenet: "This movie was better when it was the Sugar Water video by Cibo Matto, which was mercifully only 4 minute... facebook
Jan 11 2021, 10:19pm
"congrats to parler on their new serverless platform" @alicegoldfuss facebook
Jan 11 2021, 8:25pm
Usenet Spam: a Slice of History. Ah, memories. facebook
Jan 11 2021, 1:15pm
"A lot has happened in the last week, including the president losing his Twitter feed, impeachment coming to the fore and the PGA withdrawing from Trump Nati... facebook
Jan 10 2021, 5:15pm
"In this respect [Trump's] pre-fascism fell short of fascism: His vision never went further than a mirror." Click through in Incognito mode, there's a paywall. facebook
Jan 10 2021, 1:47pm
Some days are like this. (Click through and enjoy.) facebook
Jan 9 2021, 7:41pm
https://thejenkinscomic.wordpress.com/2021/01/05/transparency-pixel-version/ facebook
Jan 9 2021, 12:47pm
Democrat leadership shouldn't get carried away. Did Trump really make an "incitement to insurrection" worthy of impeachment? Seth Abramson unpacks Trump's ac... facebook
Jan 8 2021, 11:03pm
Fascinating twitter thread where they start identifying the men with police-style zip-tie handcuffs storming the Capitol. facebook
Jan 8 2021, 5:21pm
Here's why there may not be consequences for the coup attempt after all: Because it's essential to Republicans that claiming to have "sincerely held beliefs"... facebook
Jan 8 2021, 8:41am
Barack Obama's statement on the violence at the Capitol. facebook
Jan 7 2021, 5:57pm
Don't overlook yesterday they found two pipe bombs, one outside the RNC offices and one outside the DNC offices. The bomb squad blasted them apart with water... facebook
Jan 7 2021, 10:43am
How long until they bounce like a million ping pong balls (or super balls) on the roof of this thing? The floor slopes too! You could play high-stakes roller... facebook
Jan 6 2021, 9:44am
"The Fairweather Federalists" Lessig explains how Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are *knowingly* going against the Electoral Count Act. facebook
Jan 3 2021, 11:48am
My son used an instrumental version of Gangsta's Paradise for a project he's doing. I sang/rapped, "as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death", and... facebook
Jan 2 2021, 7:01pm
🎵Many miles awaySomething crawls to the surfaceOf a dark Scottish loch 🎵 facebook
Jan 1 2021, 11:15am
2020 Patch Notes just dropped. facebook
Dec 31 2020, 4:56pm
Happy New Year! Here's a short post at the family blog. facebook
Dec 23 2020, 1:58pm
Unburying the lede: "The SARS-CoV-2 virus has so far mutated slowly, allowing scientists and policy makers to keep on top of its progress. ... the changes so... facebook
Dec 23 2020, 10:44am
The rules of re-gifting: Your Christmas Gift is Trash facebook
Dec 21 2020, 9:41am
For your daily dose of bias confirmation: What I Learned About Humanity as an Airbnb Owner (And it ain't pretty) facebook
Dec 15 2020, 5:49pm
Just look at these dangerous effing idiots. One of my friends captioned this "Trump's Sturmabteilung terrorizing Black folks". They're in desperate need of m... facebook
Dec 13 2020, 10:22am
"Hokusai’s Great Wave, Sculpted in Lego Blocks by Jumpei Mitsui". Click through for different angles and some design drawings. facebook
Dec 9 2020, 10:32pm
As if it were possible to love Giancarlo Esposito any more than I already do. facebook
Dec 8 2020, 2:14pm
5 Positions That Will Drive Your Man Wild In Lockdown! (Spoiler: Not actually as naughty as it looks.) facebook
Dec 7 2020, 8:43pm
Here, enjoy a charming tiny desk concert with Dua Lipa. facebook
Dec 7 2020, 9:19am
I really love image #18 of The Atlantic's "Top 25 News Photos of 2020", President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally.For better or worse, what Tru... facebook
Dec 5 2020, 10:04pm
"Maybe we've all got a little bit of bad banana with greasy black peel inside us, but that doesn't mean we can't make a damned fine banana bread if someone w... facebook
Dec 5 2020, 1:52pm
"Maybe we've all got a little bit of bad banana with greasy black peel inside us, but that doesn't mean we can't make a damned fine banana bread if someone w... facebook
Dec 5 2020, 9:57am
Depressing-est Comic Week is on fire again this year. facebook
Dec 3 2020, 10:46pm
Great one for Depressing Comic week today. facebook
Dec 3 2020, 8:42am
Arata Endo’s 1928 Kaji Villa in Hayama renovated as a rental. Take a little desktop vacation and click through. facebook
Nov 24 2020, 9:20am
Hello, other side of the uncanny valley. Click through, there are sliders for mood, age, gender, race and ethnicity. facebook
Nov 22 2020, 12:03pm
On November 14, 10,000 people attended "Road to Ultra" in Taiwan. No social distancing or any precautions were needed since they'd been COVID-19 free for mon... facebook
Nov 21 2020, 9:59am
You guys, there's a lot of loving attention to detail in this. Give it some time. facebook
Nov 20 2020, 9:45pm
"...including [one cannibal] who was convicted of murdering a man he met on a German chat room dedicated to cannibalism..."Son, if you're going to meet som... facebook
Nov 20 2020, 8:50am
Dr. Dja tried to use science and evidence against personal attacks and anecdotes during senate testimony. Majority side's narrative is that masks don't work ... facebook
Nov 19 2020, 8:06pm
Covid-19 Cases by State That Voted for Trump or Biden (If you don't see the preview, click through.) facebook
Nov 19 2020, 1:55pm
Pylades: I’ll take care of you.Orestes: It’s rotten work.Pylades: Not to me. Not if it’s you."Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides" Anne Carson facebook
Nov 18 2020, 3:39pm
Top Shots From the 2020 International Landscape Photographer of the Year. There's a fascinating one from Fremont, here in the South Bay Area, too! facebook
Nov 14 2020, 9:15am
"A Game Designer’s Analysis Of QAnon" This one had already been making the rounds. I just read it, and it's good. facebook
Nov 13 2020, 1:40am
I love this use of a Nirvana lyric backing up Tom Morello's reaction to Trumpists dancing to Rage Against The Machine. facebook
Nov 12 2020, 9:58pm
A pretty good explainer on why top Republicans continue to humor Trump's inanity. facebook
Nov 12 2020, 8:29am
A high-stakes game of Missile Command (by Chris King) facebook
Nov 11 2020, 11:43am
Winners of Close-Up Photographer of the Year facebook
Nov 9 2020, 8:28am
Technical debt. facebook
Nov 5 2020, 7:06pm
I was Republican, then I switched. I'll switch again if my party's candidate behaves like President Trump. I'll come back to the Republican party when its pl... facebook
Nov 3 2020, 8:58pm
"Known for his lavish outfits." What else would he be known for? facebook
Nov 3 2020, 11:57am
Scenes from New Zealand. facebook
Nov 1 2020, 10:27pm
I just lost 12 years of playlists. 😭 (And some album art.) Dang it Apple.I used "Quick Start" to migrate from an iPhone 6 to a newer one. It did not migrat... facebook
Nov 1 2020, 2:18pm
"how to feel something" facebook
Nov 1 2020, 2:15pm
"The Deadliest Catch" A short real-life doodle of a kid bicycling down the road. Worth a replay to rewatch their expressions and reactions. facebook
Oct 29 2020, 5:52pm
Ninjelica Sunshine one for your Rabbit Rabbit cache. facebook
Oct 29 2020, 12:49pm
The Spirit of Halloween 2020 facebook
Oct 27 2020, 11:43am
Winners of the 2020 Epson International Pano Awards facebook
Oct 25 2020, 8:19pm
An API endpoint changed behind Rick Mann's COVID tracker. I really liked it, and so made a fork that uses the new endpoint. (Aside: Tennesee just overtook Fl... facebook
Oct 25 2020, 1:50pm
Bellevue, Washington bans all weapons except firearms. Shields and skateboards are weapons. Leave those home but bring your firearms. God bless America. facebook
Oct 22 2020, 8:55pm
You guys! They made a roguelike virtual conference! They made use of social science ideas like "friendships are formed through repeated spontaneous interacti... facebook
Oct 21 2020, 5:41pm
Aww. James Randi was very influential to me. facebook
Oct 16 2020, 9:21pm
Inside the Fall of the CDC. "A vaunted agency that was once the global gold standard of public health has, with breathtaking speed, become a target of anger,... facebook
Oct 13 2020, 11:36pm
Check whether your Ballot Drop Off Box is one of the fake ones planted by the GOP. facebook
Oct 13 2020, 9:43pm
Maybe we could all use a little downtime from GPS, phones, weather predictions? Who had "Kessler Syndrome" on their 2020 Bingo card? facebook
Oct 9 2020, 8:03am
If you're able, it would be good to let someone that you care about know it. Do it however it works for you. Doesn't matter if it's a hug, or an "RUOK" message. facebook
Oct 4 2020, 11:31am
California: Images of the Golden State (part of the Atlantic's "Fifty" project.) facebook
Oct 2 2020, 10:24am
I just answered my latest recruiting message from Facebook by asking for a response to this post from a founder of Netscape and mozilla . org. https://www.jw... facebook
Oct 1 2020, 10:04am
Swarm of earthquakes at my birthplace in Imperial County, another swarm here now in Milpitas, plague, fires, smoke, and now a dead tree full of vultures outs... facebook
Sep 29 2020, 5:37pm
20 minutes of extremely soothing artisanal Nixie tube production. h/t jwz facebook
Sep 28 2020, 9:52pm
My kind of church. facebook
Sep 28 2020, 1:41pm
"If I saw a congressperson vote against raising minimum wage and then take a handful of literal candy from a communal candy desk and then hop on the Magical ... facebook
Sep 27 2020, 5:39pm
Hurry to get your tone-deaf, unoriginal, and disrespectful Notorious A.C.B. t-shirt here! facebook
Sep 27 2020, 5:36pm
tl;dr: Use Purple Air with AQandU enabled. Once the EPA conversion factor is available on PurpleAir use that instead. facebook
Sep 22 2020, 5:37pm
Hiromi Cota, you must've seen this, but I can't help myself but share again. facebook
Sep 18 2020, 10:18pm
Texas just passed Florida it total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 *and* they just passed New York in confirmed cases per capita. facebook
Sep 18 2020, 8:38am
Such great copy and marketing. "If your junk smells so awful that you're bad at hide and seek..." facebook
Sep 16 2020, 9:17pm
Here's a great presentation of what started the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, CA. Click through! facebook
Sep 15 2020, 1:36pm
Scientific American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in their 175-year history—until now. facebook
Sep 14 2020, 1:58pm
OMG. How do you not love her enthusiasm? This is so great. Apparently Mr. Grohl writes a new song just for her too. (I haven't made it that far in the thread... facebook
Sep 14 2020, 8:16am
There was always Depeche Mode in the soul of Blinding Lights. facebook
Sep 13 2020, 10:51am
"You're what we call a 'hot mess'.""Really...? ❤️""It doesn't mean you're super sexy." facebook
Sep 12 2020, 4:57pm
"Sir, the IT person is here." So begins the free* short story from Andy Weir (The Martian), "Rand0m1ze".I'd just finished Blake Crouch's "Recursion" (which... facebook
Sep 11 2020, 10:52pm
"Either you insisted that any questions about lab involvement were absurd, or you were a tool of the Trump administration and its desperation to blame China ... facebook
Sep 11 2020, 8:20am
"Hey, God. What's up?" (Click through.) facebook
Sep 9 2020, 1:54pm
Minimalist long exposure photos of Japanese Torii Shrine Gates. facebook
Sep 8 2020, 9:26am
Why the Fires Feel More Unsettling This Time facebook
Sep 7 2020, 6:38pm
Walked to the end of the Point San Pedro trail. That’s my shadow pointing the way in the second photo. facebook
Sep 6 2020, 1:48pm
Trump's promising to defund public education if it includes education about the legacy of slavery.I listened to the 1619 Project podcasts, and they were ed... facebook
Sep 5 2020, 10:05pm
You guys! There's a new Charlie Kaufman movie on Netflix! ... And there never was a Genius Edition of Trivial Pursuit. facebook
Sep 5 2020, 12:03am
"He’s so deeply stupid, and it’s embarrassing to be part of a country so easily conned by someone this stupid." facebook
Sep 2 2020, 2:57pm
Scenes From China’s Guizhou Province. Click through for a little desktop vacation. facebook
Aug 26 2020, 5:37pm
"In the video, a bystander frantically yells to the officers that the man with the rifle shot someone. “Hey, he just shot them,” the man screams. However, la... facebook
Aug 19 2020, 1:01pm
This picture, from The Atlantic, sums up 2020 nicely. https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2020/08/photos-dozens-wildfires-burn-across-california/615412/ facebook
Aug 19 2020, 12:46pm
How powerful was the Beirut blast? Was it bigger than the Halifax explosion of 1917? facebook
Aug 15 2020, 10:24pm
Why haven't I been telling Trump this whole time how much Obama disliked Edward Snowden and wouldn't pardon him? And that pardoning Snowden would be a real s... facebook
Aug 14 2020, 1:08pm
Click through. Enjoy them one at a time. facebook
Aug 14 2020, 11:46am
Heat waves call for fresh pitchers of cold brew for ice coffees. Look at that sweat running down! So nice and cold. facebook
Aug 14 2020, 8:19am
Today is March 167, 2020. facebook
Aug 12 2020, 7:12pm
Rick Mann, have you seen this? facebook
Aug 7 2020, 10:19pm
The Unraveling of America facebook
Aug 7 2020, 8:16am
It me. Inviting my kids to do stuff. facebook
Aug 6 2020, 8:41pm
It's tragic that we could just keep updating this doom scroll with new items like the explosion in Beirut. facebook
Aug 2 2020, 3:11pm
Seems like a few of the artists I listen to are gay/bi and have large groups of gay stans and other fans who just can't tell yet.There's Daoko who's song K... facebook
Aug 1 2020, 5:41pm
"Numb" A powerful student film about being a student during COVID-19. facebook
Jul 31 2020, 8:09pm
Honest Government Ad | A message from the White House facebook
Jul 25 2020, 2:00pm
Educational and fun. Click through. facebook
Jul 24 2020, 10:40am
"How the U.S. Compares With the World’s Worst Coronavirus Hot Spots" Click through, it's interesting and not long. facebook
Jul 20 2020, 10:18am
I love this summer's Calpis/Calpico campaign with art by Rei Kato. Calpis is a milky Gatorade-like drink in a clear bottle. There's artwork on opposing sides... facebook
Jul 19 2020, 9:24pm
Lillian Blume, just imagine. facebook
Jul 17 2020, 10:41am
https://twitter.com/CRICE17/status/1283867324831854592 facebook
Jul 17 2020, 8:14am
Gotta appreciate their positive way of taking rejection. facebook
Jul 15 2020, 11:46pm
You guys, we did it! The U.S. just reclaimed its lead over Peru in confirmed cases of Covid-19 per capita. That proud blue line going up and to the right is ... facebook
Jul 11 2020, 10:48pm
Rosie VanHerp facebook
Jul 11 2020, 3:40pm
"I'm gonna shoot you in the eye!" - Blume household, Blursday the fortyteenth of Mayprilay facebook
Jul 9 2020, 1:08pm
"Unlawful acts, performed long enough and with sufficient vigor, are never enough to amend the law. To hold otherwise would be to elevate the most brazen and... facebook
Jul 8 2020, 2:07pm
She's a sly one. I like her style. facebook
Jul 6 2020, 3:06pm
Was thinking about something today. How "Hello Kitty" is not a cat. She is a little girl. She is a friend. Decided to Google a phrase, and there it was. The ... facebook
Jul 2 2020, 10:01pm
Your Shelter In Place song for the moment, Mitski's "Nobody". [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qooWnw5rEcI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qooWnw5rEcI) facebook
Jun 29 2020, 10:10pm
# "I Got My File From Clearview AI, and It Freaked Me Out" [https://onezero.medium.com/i-got-my-file-from-clearview-ai-and-it-freaked-me-out-33ca28b5d6d4](ht... facebook
Jun 29 2020, 2:06pm
Not sure if the R is for Republican or Russian. [https://twitter.com/JakeSherman/status/1277650842607370241](https://twitter.com/JakeSherman/status/127765084... facebook
Jun 28 2020, 9:56pm
I think #TRE45ON is a pretty clever hashtag. facebook
Jun 25 2020, 1:40pm
Maybe Trump is right when he says that coronavirus case counts are up because the U.S. has increased testing. Let's find out with data. facebook
Jun 24 2020, 10:13pm
Most cases per capita: Chile, Peru, United States, Brazil. Most cases: United States, Brazil. Most Deaths: United States, Brazil. Yeah, it's the American Virus. facebook
Jun 24 2020, 8:50am
Even scarier, the second time she tested positive she didn't have the classic symptoms, just high blood pressure which can go unnoticed. facebook
Jun 22 2020, 11:28am
Learn one new thing today. I've been following Julia Evans (b0rk) at Twitter, and she's been creating pages of question that are so easy and fun to interact ... facebook
Jun 20 2020, 5:40pm
Karen, about to invoke a righteous "call the authorities" spell on your POC ass. facebook
Jun 20 2020, 10:01am
The best anime contact juggling tutorial you'll ever find. [https://gfycat.com/selfassuredbarekitfox](https://gfycat.com/selfassuredbarekitfox) facebook
Jun 16 2020, 6:14pm
I am totally down with removing master/slave and whitelist/blacklist. But I don't know why people also bring up blackhat/whitehat (in terms of computer secur... facebook
Jun 14 2020, 10:08pm
OMG, you guys. What a read.Following an Oakland tavern and its staff — from the tattooed bartender to the undocumented cleaner — as they weather the econom... facebook
Jun 14 2020, 3:29pm
Here's another fun card game to play with those sheltering in place with you: Big Two.(What with the Internet Archive possibly going away and every other s... facebook
Jun 13 2020, 9:04pm
I wondered why people love Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I started watching it. It started off cheaply animated and childish. There was one notable episode ... facebook
Jun 13 2020, 10:23am
"The internet is a giant Rube Goldberg machine that transports tiny scoops of rage from one place to another via a complicated system of gears, pulleys, and ... facebook
Jun 12 2020, 1:08pm
# A procedural system for generating historical maps of rivers that never existed. Not only is the winding path imaginary, but so is the terrain, the place n... facebook
Jun 11 2020, 6:55pm
President Trump's ghostwriter thinks he is a Psychopath. facebook
Jun 11 2020, 11:42am
This California cop explains why he says All Cops Are Bastards. [https://medium.com/@OfcrACab/confessions-of-a-former-bastard-cop-bb14d17bc759](https://mediu... facebook
Jun 10 2020, 9:00am
Pepsi’s $32 Billion Typo Caused Deadly Riots [https://medium.com/better-marketing/pepsis-40-billion-typo-caused-deadly-riots-3d671295d1bd](https://medium.com... facebook
Jun 8 2020, 11:22am
Images From a Worldwide Protest Movement [https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2020/06/images-worldwide-protest-movement/612811/](https://www.theatlantic.com/ph... facebook
Jun 8 2020, 8:45am
They're water guns. It's summertime. He's playing with his other mutli-racial friends. facebook
Jun 7 2020, 10:09pm
This comes highly recommended from Political Gabfest. It explains why Romney might criticize the president while LIndsey Graham collaborates with his previou... facebook
Jun 7 2020, 9:23am
Plot twist: It's not a deep fake. The A.I. learned Birdsong, and is instructing them how to rise against man. [https://www.kellyheatonstudio.com/deep-fake-bi... facebook
Jun 4 2020, 9:51pm
According to Rick Mann's excellent COVID-19 Data site, Peru just overtook the U.S. as the world's sickest (per capita) country, and their trajectory isn't go... facebook
Jun 4 2020, 3:43pm
"The Menopause", an Eisner nominated story by Mira Jacob. [https://believermag.com/the-menopause/](https://believermag.com/the-menopause/) facebook
Jun 4 2020, 3:02pm
Congrats to The Oatmeal for his Eisner nominated story, "You’re Not Going to Believe What I’m About to Tell You". It's worth the read, click through. [https:... facebook
Jun 3 2020, 1:42pm
Malcolm Gladwell eloquently explains (citing Northern Ireland riots) why establishing legitimacy is far more effective than merely using force to dominate de... facebook
Jun 3 2020, 12:46pm
My mind keeps going back to the thought that the police murdered George Floyd the day Amy Cooper tried to sic the police on Christian Cooper, frantically sta... facebook
Jun 2 2020, 10:10pm
"We Must Dismantle White Supremacy" by Ben and Jerry's"What happened to George Floyd was not the result of a bad apple; it was the predictable consequence ... facebook
Jun 1 2020, 3:57pm
"It's certainly the logical conclusion of Trumpism to be hiding in your bunker yelling at governors for being losers for not killing more people." facebook
Jun 1 2020, 10:56am
"How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change" by Barack Obama[https://medium.com/@BarackObama/how-to-make-this-moment-the-turning-point-for-r... facebook
May 30 2020, 11:59am
David Attenborough Presents: A Drunken Thirty-Something Female Coming Home Alone (Again) facebook
May 29 2020, 11:54pm
I like Rina Sawayama's "XS". The song is catchy and the video is a silly sendup of consumerism. So I go to Genius to see if anybody made any good observation... facebook
May 29 2020, 1:22pm
Illustrator Ryosuke Ootomo memorializes the small, relatable moments of life. (Like that moment when you peel the tape off a box but it’s obstructed by anoth... facebook
May 29 2020, 9:04am
As President Trump holds Twitter accountable, they could lose their liability shield under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. So now they'll have... facebook
May 29 2020, 8:31am
"What we learned with COVID is that, actually, a different kind of leader can be very beneficial," Dr. Evans said. "Perhaps people will learn to recognize an... facebook
May 28 2020, 12:04pm
"You're watching a professional wrestling match. Trump and Twitter and Facebook are all symbiotic and all interested in the same pursuit: dismantling democra... facebook
May 28 2020, 12:02pm
"'Social media should not fact check posts' says child molester Mark Zuckerberg" [https://chaser.com.au/world/social-media-should-not-fact-check-posts-says-c... facebook
May 25 2020, 8:22pm
A Ninja Warrior course for squirrels. Worth the watch. Click through and enjoy. facebook
May 22 2020, 11:26am
Helpful Tips for Extroverts. [https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2020/05/22](https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2020/05/22) facebook
May 21 2020, 8:19pm
Check out today's "Confirmed Cases per Capita". That bold blue line is America on the verge of overtaking Belgium and Spain to be the #1 sickest country in t... facebook
May 21 2020, 8:45am
"'Devs is like a companion piece to Ex Machina,' Garland said in an interview with Engadget last week." (Spoilers in the comments.) [https://www.engadget.com... facebook
May 19 2020, 9:14am
"[Doordash] was among the WeWorkian class of companies that, for me, represented everything wrong about startup evolution through the 2010s. ... Was this a b... facebook
May 18 2020, 6:13pm
People recommended the FX miniseries Devs. Here's why it reminded me of the 1995 PlayStation game Wipeout. [https://david.dlma.com/blog/from-wipeout-to-devs]... facebook
May 17 2020, 9:36pm
You guys and your fancy Facebook avatars. Back in my day, we had to build them one voxel at a time. facebook
May 11 2020, 8:40am
Playable simulations of COVID-19 futures. (with art and code by Nicky Case) [https://ncase.me/covid-19/?v=2](https://ncase.me/covid-19/?v=2) facebook
May 10 2020, 2:29pm
"But until we stop reflexively seeing people as viral threats, those old small pleasures we crave are likely to remain elusive." [https://medium.com/the-atla... facebook
May 6 2020, 4:23pm
"So many of us stayed home for 2 months - an unprecedented act of solidarity - only for this administration to squander that time and double down on a 'plan'... facebook
May 4 2020, 12:55pm
JANE MAYER: So the political scientists are Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson. And they've got a new book coming out that's called "Let Them Eat Tweets." And wha... facebook
May 2 2020, 12:13pm
"Hindsight's 2020." OMG. That's the quote. facebook
May 1 2020, 3:25pm
Thanks to Rick Mann's excellent COVID-19 Data site, this is the chart that's really getting me. The trend in "Confirmed Cases per Capita". Even with as littl... facebook
May 1 2020, 2:43pm
I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
May 1 2020, 1:02pm
This is fun! Click through and see if you recognize clips from songs to help identify generational gaps in popular music. facebook
Apr 30 2020, 4:35pm
I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
Apr 29 2020, 7:17pm
I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
Apr 28 2020, 10:17pm
I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
Apr 28 2020, 9:25am
U.S. deaths soared in early weeks of pandemic, far exceeding number attributed to covid-19 facebook
Apr 27 2020, 10:20pm
"If a new administration succeeds him in 2021, it will have to clean up the toxic dump he leaves behind. If he is re-elected, toxicity will have become the l... facebook
Apr 27 2020, 1:47pm
I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
Apr 27 2020, 1:43pm
During the pandemic people are watching films projected onto the sides of buildings. facebook
Apr 26 2020, 3:46pm
I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
Apr 24 2020, 9:55pm
On your next 4/20, I recommend adding Samurai Champloo S1:E9 "Beatbox Bandits" to your watchlist. It's a good, stand-alone episode, and you don't need any mo... facebook
Apr 24 2020, 9:29pm
Love this. I'm doing something "artsy" for me, and it's the dumbest thing ever. Even my family won't notice. (Building a new reactive theme for an ancient bl... facebook
Apr 24 2020, 9:13pm
I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
Apr 24 2020, 5:22pm
Blue Angels to fly in honor of healthcare workers, who clearly did not ask for this. facebook
Apr 24 2020, 1:10am
I really loved Lee's Comics. Thus ends an era in the lives of many a local comic book lover. facebook
Apr 23 2020, 4:22pm
I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
Apr 23 2020, 10:07am
This is a great, concise explanation of the Outrage Cycle (Trump keeping critics distracted with outrage), and how to combat it. Click through. facebook
Apr 22 2020, 4:44pm
I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
Apr 22 2020, 11:24am
Why do some British people not like Donald Trump? facebook
Apr 21 2020, 9:46am
President Trump: "I think in a certain way, a scarf is better, it’s actually better." He couldn't have been more wrong.I almost wrote, "I am sick to death ... facebook
Apr 19 2020, 8:52pm
Really seems like the light fixture in the Westworld Delos Boardroom is an organic chemical molecule. Can anybody identify which one? (The only one I know is... facebook
Apr 19 2020, 10:55am
On the cruise line industry registered outside the U.S. wanting a U.S. bailout: "The thing to remember is that if allowed to fail, the cruise ships won’t sin... facebook
Apr 16 2020, 9:41pm
Iceland tested 10% of their population for COVID-19, and half of those who tested positive were asymptomatic.Dr. Kári Stefánsson "The methods we’ve used in... facebook
Apr 16 2020, 3:50pm
Esp. for Val Jamora facebook
Apr 15 2020, 8:26am
I guess it depends on how you define "school shooting". When teachers and students return to school, they'll probably find plenty of bullet holes. facebook
Apr 13 2020, 12:50pm
In this video about Zoom security, at the part where he says "an end to encryption" was a great time to say "oops, that's the GOVERNMENT's goal, not ours" an... facebook
Apr 11 2020, 9:16pm
Tomorrow might be the day that the U.S. has a higher percentage of COVID-19 deaths per case than China does. Either we're not testing enough, or their medici... facebook
Apr 11 2020, 12:36pm
Shelter At Home Day 26: "You just failed with wife test." "You failed the husband test a long time ago... F*cker." 🤣 facebook
Apr 9 2020, 4:41pm
Hey Ted Pederson and Julie Pederson, remember playing Chinese Poker with Derek and Pei? I forgot the rules, so I fired up a classic Macintosh emulator, and r... facebook
Apr 7 2020, 9:22pm
I've bookmarked Rick Mann's excellent COVID-19 charts, and I check three of them each evening."Daily Cases": I'm watching the trajectory of those lines, an... facebook
Apr 7 2020, 4:25pm
"Narcissistic personalities are weak. ... Trump is afraid to actually *do* anything in this crisis." facebook
Apr 5 2020, 9:48pm
It's almost like the states are uniting for a common cause. facebook
Apr 4 2020, 11:32am
Great graphs. Really love seeing "Confirmed Cases per Capita" and "Deaths as a Percentage of Cases", for additional perspective. facebook
Apr 2 2020, 10:46am
"... we should forge a strategy to defeat the coronavirus and open the way to economic revival. If we act immediately, we can make the anniversary of D-Day o... facebook
Apr 1 2020, 9:54pm
AlphaStar (an A.I. that plays StarCraft II) decisively beat Team Liquid’s Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz, one of the world’s strongest professional StarCraft player... facebook
Apr 1 2020, 6:07pm
Clear and actionable advice from Bill Gates. facebook
Mar 31 2020, 2:47pm
Click through for an excellent rebuttal to a defense of the New York Times' he-said/she-said coverage. "The New York Times Is Committing ‘Journalistic Malpra... facebook
Mar 31 2020, 11:32am
Worth clicking through. There's in door in their ceiling! What could it lead to‽ facebook
Mar 29 2020, 9:12pm
Is it possible to surf the web without touching your face? (Are you touching your face right now?) facebook
Mar 28 2020, 7:57pm
Shout out to the foley artists of The Expanse, too. I just watched a heartfelt speech from Nagata at 38m in on S4:E5, and when she walked away off camera, yo... facebook
Mar 27 2020, 7:51am
You guys, click through and watch this. It's so worth it. AdventureTime, Rick and Morty, Mr. Robot, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shining and so much more. facebook
Mar 25 2020, 8:46am
"How Twitter users turned 9 year-old Quaden Bayles into a scammer, and how the rapid spread of false information made his bullying even worse." A really good... facebook
Mar 25 2020, 8:03am
"I guess it’s not surprising that a political party that thinks sacrificing school children for the NRA is acceptable would also think that sacrificing grand... facebook
Mar 23 2020, 8:24am
Happy National Puppy Day! facebook
Mar 22 2020, 9:41pm
Steven Levy interviews the doctor who helped defeat smallpox. Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant explains what's coming. facebook
Mar 22 2020, 9:32pm
"Within a loyalty cult, no one will tell the president that starting widespread emergency testing would be prudent, because anyone who does is at risk of los... facebook
Mar 22 2020, 10:23am
One detail I love of "The Expanse" is how they use their technology without any exposition for the audience. Like in S3:E8 at 22:00, Holden worries he might ... facebook
Mar 18 2020, 7:57am
The firm that basically created the mess that is WeWork by dumping billions of dollars into the company, also owns a patent troll that bought up the patents ... facebook
Mar 14 2020, 9:37pm
"The only constitutional freedoms ultimately recognized may soon be limited to those useful to wealthy, Republican, White, straight, Christian, and armed mal... facebook
Mar 12 2020, 11:56pm
The American President had an opportunity to be presidential, to be the individual who fit the position we elected him for. This was the moment we wanted to ... facebook
Mar 12 2020, 4:13pm
Is this as amazing as it looks? Katie Porter got the CDC Director to commit to FREE TESTING for coronavirus for ALL AMERICANS. We need leadership like that. facebook
Mar 10 2020, 9:51pm
"Two Party System: Making your country sh*t either way". A hilarious video about Preferential Voting. facebook
Mar 9 2020, 9:56pm
From a friend twice removed. Elizabeth holds a PhD in biochemistry from UC Berkeley. h/t Rick Mann facebook
Mar 9 2020, 2:43pm
"'I like the numbers being where they are. I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault,' the president said. Apparently... facebook
Mar 8 2020, 10:43am
A really nice primer on public key cryptography and an interesting story about Whit Diffie, of Diffie–Hellman fame. facebook
Mar 5 2020, 8:26am
Finalists From Smithsonian Magazine’s 2019 Photo Contest facebook
Mar 4 2020, 7:39am
With a National ranked choice Primary Election, there might've been a different outcome, one that better reflected the values of the voters. facebook
Mar 1 2020, 4:28pm
I'm trying to read Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury." So far, it's a stream-of-consciousness as told by a "man-child" who doesn't entirely understand what'... facebook
Mar 1 2020, 8:49am
The San Francisco Bay Area's KTVU Fox 2's interstitial music this morning was Primus's "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver". It was awesome. The hosts were confused... facebook
Feb 27 2020, 9:09pm
Another reason to vote for Warren. Watch her name the billionaire. facebook
Feb 26 2020, 9:25am
Just watched The Expanse S2:E5 "Home". Now I feel like everything up to this point has really just been a prologue. There's so much potential here. I wouldn'... facebook
Feb 24 2020, 4:28pm
Winners of the 2020 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest facebook
Feb 24 2020, 7:44am
At Disneyland, Lillian joined the Dark Side of the Force. Here she is using the Force choke on a couple of teenagers who need to do a better job cleaning the... facebook
Feb 23 2020, 12:17pm
Please read this post by Jim Wright. People needs to understand where the tariff money comes from and where it goes. facebook
Feb 21 2020, 1:10pm
You guys can all link to this post when I share (sometime in the future) how badly I hurt myself bouldering. facebook
Feb 13 2020, 8:41pm
This is the Oscar winning short, "Hair Love". facebook
Feb 11 2020, 1:05pm
Qinni is no longer with us. A few artists that I follow are celebrating her life and art with tributes today. facebook
Feb 10 2020, 9:46pm
I just watched S1:E3 of The Expanse. I'm in a pretty good place. It's fun to look forward to another episode strictly because I'm vested in the story. (Remin... facebook
Feb 8 2020, 11:37pm
So we missed out on a thing because we missed when a website updated. I have a shared hosting account on DreamHost that can send email that'll get received. ... facebook
Feb 8 2020, 12:14pm
In this patent application, a human and a robot assess another human's face. The human wonders who it is. The robot determines, "He looks like he probably sh... facebook
Feb 7 2020, 10:36am
Sh*t. facebook
Feb 4 2020, 9:33pm
About half way into The Mandalorian now and really enjoying it. It has elements of Lone Wolf and Cub and an homage to The Seven Samurai. But all I heard when... facebook
Feb 4 2020, 9:37am
Of course, of course this is the timeline where Trump gets his hands on the death note (a notebook where when you write someone's name, they die). facebook
Feb 2 2020, 8:20am
It's Superb Owl Sunday IV! 🦉🥳 Esp. for Sjon Svenson facebook
Jan 31 2020, 8:04pm
In all fairness to the President, the only advice I've ever heard about talking to the law was to not talk. I'd expect anybody to try not to make things wors... facebook
Jan 30 2020, 10:24am
"Wife" is a heavily gendered word, but I'm going to share this anyway, because she's not wrong about needing a partner to share the work. It's only because o... facebook
Jan 29 2020, 10:16pm
"Facebook Won’t Remove This Woman’s Butthole As A Business Page" facebook
Jan 29 2020, 8:28am
Existential Penny Arcade today. facebook
Jan 28 2020, 9:11am
The title is misleading. A seed company had withdrawn its advertising in protest of the cartoon. So, on the one hand, the cartoonist was biting the hand that... facebook
Jan 24 2020, 11:25am
"Imagine trying to explain democracy to someone who showed up at today’s trial with no knowledge of democracy except for Lincoln’s quote about a “government ... facebook
Jan 23 2020, 9:33am
Visualizing the Geography of FM Radio (Click through to the breakdown of Religious v Public v Country v Spanish v College v Hip-Hop and Gospel.) Nevada seems... facebook
Jan 18 2020, 11:39pm
Looks like my $2000 catalytic converter got stolen from my $2000 car. 😕 It sounds like a muscle car now, tho! 😅 facebook
Jan 17 2020, 2:16pm
"Can I ask you a question?" facebook
Jan 14 2020, 11:15am
Winners of the 2019 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest. Unbeknownst to the photographer, image 7 is actually the underside of a colossal frozen dinosaur frog. facebook
Jan 14 2020, 8:17am
Click through. When I first watched it there were no subtitles, and even so it was beautiful. "Qarrar-e- Panjshannba" or "Thursday appointment” made by Syed ... facebook
Jan 12 2020, 7:32pm
I love Geddy Lee's classic "Rash" shirt he wore on the Time Machine tour. facebook
Jan 12 2020, 11:22am
Best with audio on. Lillian Blume facebook
Jan 11 2020, 10:12pm
Aaron Swartz took his own life seven years ago today while threatened by an overzealous prosecutor for using MIT's open campus internet network to download ... facebook
Jan 8 2020, 8:40am
"Engaging with current events at this particular moment in modern history feels like an endless rolling panic attack. Floods. Fires. Elections. Impeachment h... facebook
Jan 7 2020, 8:51am
Click through for more amazing hyper-realistic ballpoint pen artwork from Shohei Otomo. facebook
Jan 6 2020, 10:00pm
"The president seems to believe, very fundamentally, that concerns about human rights and international law are pointless constraints on American power" but ... facebook
Jan 2 2020, 7:54am
UC Berkeley’s Ultra-Popular ‘Adulting’ Class Shows Just How Badly Our Society Has Failed Young People facebook
Dec 31 2019, 9:12pm
"[We] obtained a dataset from the phones of more than 12 million people. ... it took only minutes ... for us to track the whereabouts of President Trump." facebook
Dec 27 2019, 3:15pm
"[Trump's] past interviews were far more coherent and much more linguistically sophisticated than what we hear now." I didn't need a speech/language patholog... facebook
Dec 24 2019, 9:38am
This year's "blinry's Advent Calendar of Curiosities" is complete. Click through, there's some curious stuff there. facebook
Dec 18 2019, 11:55pm
This can't be right. facebook
Dec 16 2019, 10:45am
What if there's nothing after this? facebook
Dec 14 2019, 2:57pm
Lessig is bemused that on Facebook, only organizations — with URLs matching email domains—have commercial speech rights. Me too, but it seems like the natura... facebook
Dec 9 2019, 8:56am
I just got called a "brilliant saint"! 😅 facebook
Dec 9 2019, 7:33am
"since 1980, more than 100% of the growth in income has gone to the top 10%" Not a typo. From "What really drives millennial outrage" facebook
Dec 8 2019, 10:22pm
Now that's a powerful Nativity Scene. facebook
Dec 8 2019, 4:55pm
"Did God help elect Trump?" tl;dr: Yes, He's playing three dimensional chess, so you better do what God wants.The post starts off with some great stuff abo... facebook
Dec 7 2019, 9:38pm
How can you not love this line, "the President has crusaded against windmills". Perhaps he thought they were giants. facebook
Dec 7 2019, 11:12am
Queuing theory. "With only one teller, customers will have to wait nearly five hours on average before they are served. But if you add a second teller, the a... facebook
Dec 6 2019, 11:31pm
The last time Congress reauthorized the Voting Rights Act in 2006, the House passed it 390-33 and the Senate 98–0. Only 1 Republican supported it today. facebook
Dec 6 2019, 2:50pm
Can you say "mama?" facebook
Dec 5 2019, 7:52am
"[The new movie about Tommy and me] premiered last week but I stayed in Yosemite so I haven't gotten to see it yet." --Alex HonnoldClassic. He doesn't even... facebook
Dec 1 2019, 2:44pm
I love that it was the chairwoman of the county Republicans that investigated the election results when she saw the Democratic candidate had suspiciously too... facebook
Nov 29 2019, 10:39pm
TIL about Hot Ones, where guests eat wings in increasing order of hotness while being interviewed. Here's Steve-O. facebook
Nov 25 2019, 12:15pm
"Obama made a point of getting daily exercise, an antidote to stress, and he’d also golf regularly with a trio of old friends and trusted aides. Covering Oba... facebook
Nov 25 2019, 11:05am
Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2019. (Click through!) facebook
Nov 23 2019, 8:31pm
You guys! Parasite was a pretty fun movie. You should see it. facebook
Nov 22 2019, 7:50am
“Voltaire was right. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities — and social media lets authoritarians push absurdities to bil... facebook
Nov 21 2019, 9:46pm
Oops. Apparently my friends were watching the Tesla Truck unveiling while I was watching the Half-Life: Alyx trailer. facebook
Nov 20 2019, 9:50pm
This one's pretty easy: You have a choice when you use ride share. Don't use the service that excuses the cold-blooded murder and dismemberment of a journali... facebook
Nov 19 2019, 12:10pm
Happy Blade Runner Day. facebook
Nov 18 2019, 9:52pm
This was one of the most interesting bugs I've ever heard about. Some might even have to ask their apartment neighbors to put their Nintendo Switches in airp... facebook
Nov 16 2019, 5:24pm
"Trump is successful because his hyper-tribalism dovetails perfectly with this polarized moment in American history. He didn’t create the divisions fracturin... facebook
Nov 16 2019, 4:44pm
Coffee is good for you. ☕ facebook
Nov 12 2019, 3:34pm
Today's False Knees is awesome. (As they usually are.) Sjon Svenson may especially like it. facebook
Nov 11 2019, 9:35am
"Oh, I *am* the devil."That's the sincere realization my son just made bouldering with me today. He completed his first V5 (Congrats, Son!), and has been e... facebook
Nov 10 2019, 4:19pm
I'm really enjoying season 3 of True Detective. Mahershala Ali is becoming one of my favorite actors. facebook
Nov 9 2019, 10:22pm
"Secular Assault" Based on an actual quote from Bill Barr at Notre Dame. facebook
Nov 9 2019, 4:59pm
Here's a comic with a little timeline in it for ya. facebook
Oct 27 2019, 9:13pm
Just got around to this. Love it. New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete facebook
Oct 25 2019, 10:26pm
The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open ft. Beck (Official Music Video) Don't read anything about this video. Just experience it. The music, the dance, the cinemat... facebook
Oct 25 2019, 8:51pm
California Combatting Wildfire Risk By Shutting Off Oxygen To Thousands Of Residents facebook
Oct 24 2019, 7:43am
"These are the first sit-in protesters in history to be fighting for high crimes and misdemeanors." facebook
Oct 21 2019, 9:38pm
GNOME has been targeted by a patent troll. It'd have been cheaper for them to pay the ransom, but they're going to fight. Good on them. facebook
Oct 21 2019, 10:37am
Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2019. (Click through. The emo white-haired spider is worth it alone. Not to mention the tulip bud... facebook
Oct 19 2019, 4:17pm
Reducing the number of lines of code to a 10th of the original size and making it more maintainable is pretty great. Getting a 17x speed improvement is just... facebook
Oct 18 2019, 11:20pm
This video is a two-fer. I have a hard time wrapping my head around which way the water actually (looks like) it's going. And Destin calls out the way we ca... facebook
Oct 18 2019, 10:54pm
If you like Abba or don't like Giuliani, you'll enjoy this. facebook
Oct 15 2019, 10:33pm
The Lines of Code That Changed Everything. (The RSS item should've mentioned Dave Winer.) facebook
Oct 15 2019, 12:43pm
Scenes From the Aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis in Japan facebook
Oct 15 2019, 10:47am
Click through to see some amazing miniature scale decaying Tokyo storefronts. (Worth it.) facebook
Oct 13 2019, 4:24pm
Holy cow, you can even make out the "Black Belt". This does not correlate to a population map at all. facebook
Oct 13 2019, 12:46pm
Apple's iOS 13 "Mail" app makes it harder to do one of the actions I do most frequently when triaging email. They got rid of the customizable suggested folde... facebook
Oct 13 2019, 12:23pm
"Tho’ I never arrived at the perfection I had been so ambitious of obtaining, but fell far short of it, yet I was, by the endeavour, a better and a happier m... facebook
Oct 13 2019, 7:56am
Once you learn the password, you'll appreciate the thoughtful image choice they used for the article. facebook
Oct 10 2019, 9:37pm
Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2019 facebook
Oct 5 2019, 10:13am
Gorillaz' "Plastic Beach" intended to tell a complete story over "4 or 5" music videos. Those were "Stylo", "Melancholy Hill", "Broken" and then "Rhinestone ... facebook
Oct 5 2019, 8:15am
Everybody needs a little enrichment. facebook
Oct 4 2019, 7:54am
At the "Emma Saying" YouTube channel where she pronounces "Tinnitus" both ways, one of the comment reads, "it's pronounced "tih-nigh-tus" this channel is FAK... facebook
Oct 2 2019, 12:39pm
Winners of Japan’s 2019 Laundromat of the Year Award facebook
Sep 29 2019, 7:50pm
"Why'd they used to separate the children's graves from the adults? ... Seems like a bad idea somehow." Snarky political commentary in The Dead Don't Die. facebook
Sep 24 2019, 1:55pm
This is a big achievement (for me): My son is now a certified lead belayer at the local climbing gym! Yay! Lead climbing is a whole other level of fun.🎉 facebook
Sep 24 2019, 11:21am
Oktoberfest, 2019. Witness the song of my people. facebook
Sep 23 2019, 4:09pm
Illustrations of Autumn in a Tokyo suburb. (Click through.) facebook
Sep 23 2019, 8:17am
We'd long seen the hang gliders over the local hills, and this weekend Lillian took the kids for their first tandem flights. Maddie got stunts, and Aaron cau... facebook
Sep 19 2019, 2:18pm
Come for the homopolar motor sculptures. Stay for the pan to the cat. http://www.spoon-tamago.com/2019/09/18/atsuko-yukawa-homopolar-motor-sculpture/ facebook
Sep 17 2019, 9:07am
It's interesting and scary to see these clickbait headlines take a life of their own. "Richard Stallman who defended Jeffrey Epstein" and "Richard Stallman D... facebook
Sep 16 2019, 11:19pm
Just read "The Walking Dead" volume 32 in exactly the spirit that Kirkman intended. It was really, really good not to be spoiled. What a fun ride. facebook
Sep 13 2019, 5:42pm
Musca Domestica! facebook
Sep 11 2019, 4:42pm
Soooo... I got the answer wrong, and since I did, I am now keeping my word and posting this picture (selected by Daryl Spitzer). I'm challenging my friends ... facebook
Sep 7 2019, 11:00pm
Tim O'Reilly said tax rates have never influenced his business decisions, and believes tax cuts don't result in economic growth. (This was on Google+, in 2012) facebook
Sep 7 2019, 10:37pm
So I like Billie Eilish even more after this interview with her and her family. facebook
Sep 5 2019, 9:25am
"Every one of us remembers being failed by the Proper Channels once. We can all picture the cop and the swim coach exchanging nods, closing ranks to protect ... facebook
Sep 4 2019, 11:35am
"In the study, it appeared as though aspirin didn’t work [increase survival rate from a heart attack] for Libras and Geminis but halved your risk of death if... facebook
Aug 30 2019, 9:34am
"Decades later, 81 percent of these faithful white evangelical soldiers for Jesus stood up and voted for Trump, the epitome of glitz, greed and bigotry." facebook
Aug 29 2019, 2:37pm
Click through to see context for this reply from DARPA. facebook
Aug 27 2019, 8:48am
“My concentration starts to drift after a page or two. I get fidgety, lose the thread and begin to look for something else to do.” (a quote from Nicholas Car... facebook
Aug 24 2019, 12:31am
The latest 99% Invisible podcast is about the "Peace Lines" in Ireland separating the Protestants from the Catholics, and what life nearby is like. The same ... facebook
Aug 21 2019, 9:16am
Watch through for the octopus dreaming. facebook
Aug 16 2019, 12:53pm
"Tell us a few details about you and we’ll guess which political party you belong to." And then they go on to reveal the primary indicators. facebook
Aug 16 2019, 12:34pm
"The team found that people tend to secularize when four factors are present: existential security (you have enough money and food), personal freedom (you’re... facebook
Aug 12 2019, 4:35pm
This is misleading liberal propaganda. Japan has a smaller population than the USA. The last stat should be per 1M People to normalize it. So that'd be:Gun... facebook
Aug 11 2019, 2:02pm
"Navy Ditches Touchscreens for Knobs and Dials" Hallelujah! My Prius's MFD (Multi Fuction Display) has been malfunctioning for months. The car's buttons and ... facebook
Aug 7 2019, 8:24am
A lot of choice quotes in this article. Click through! One was, "The undercurrent of all this, one that few seem willing to grapple with, is that Trump has a... facebook
Aug 4 2019, 4:21pm
Like I said in 2016, "You know what legacy I want to leave my kids? Repealing the Dickey Amendment." facebook
Aug 3 2019, 3:33pm
For your daily dose of self-loathing. (Lyrics are in the comments. Some gems like: ♫ I’m the human personification of a terrible thing like giving up in the ... facebook
Aug 3 2019, 2:56pm
OMG, I can't believe I needed that! Part of my bespoke Windows backup is to make a file backup of my saved PuTTY settings. After the latest Windows 10 update... facebook
Aug 2 2019, 8:43am
Scientific study suggests that guns kill people. facebook
Aug 1 2019, 7:54pm
Better Schools Won’t Fix America facebook
Aug 1 2019, 12:47pm
An appreciation of whales. facebook
Jul 29 2019, 8:35am
US citizens do not have the right to an attorney when detained by immigration. They can hold you indefinitely and ignore your presentation of citizenship pro... facebook
Jul 22 2019, 7:28am
Mom and Dad were right. Too much TV is bad for you. facebook
Jul 18 2019, 10:23am
The 2019 Audubon Photography Awards. Click through, it's worth it. (Esp. you, Sjon Svenson) facebook
Jul 17 2019, 2:08pm
"Telling four non-white members of Congress — American citizens all, three natural-born — to 'go back' to the 'countries' they 'originally came from'? That’s... facebook
Jul 16 2019, 8:43am
Ted Cruz evidently has this backwards. As Pew Research demonstrates (link in comment), if you rely on an appeal to authority from a tax free entity serving W... facebook
Jul 11 2019, 9:55pm
An Illustrated Guide to San Francisco's Most Unusual Statues facebook
Jul 9 2019, 9:03pm
Read "Securing American Elections: Prescriptions for Enhancing the Integrity and Independence of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections and Beyond" by the Stan... facebook
Jul 8 2019, 5:16pm
Just look at that poll. Well done, Black Protestants, all college educated, and all "unaffiliated". (And you White Evangelical Protestants? You should do som... facebook
Jul 6 2019, 10:16am
"'That's Deneb, Altair and Vega' you said as you pointed out the Summer Triangle." from one of my favorite songs that references Tanabata. Happy Tanabata wee... facebook
Jul 4 2019, 11:35pm
"Fake drone-projected street signs can spoof driverless cars". Oh, that's not horrifying at all. facebook
Jul 4 2019, 10:11am
Let us always remember this item from Mad Magazine: The Ghastlygun Tinies. facebook
Jul 4 2019, 8:28am
"But no president since the Civil War has been more uninterested in the rhetoric of healing and unity than Donald Trump. It is difficult to express how deepl... facebook
Jul 4 2019, 8:08am
Happy Independence Day, Middle North America! facebook
Jul 3 2019, 3:20pm
“You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a sho... facebook
Jul 2 2019, 8:49am
My favorite part of this article: "'we have the brand new Sherman tanks and we have the brand new Abrams tanks,' Trump added." Then the reporter reminds us "... facebook
Jun 26 2019, 12:56pm
If you know me, you may be surprised to learn I quite like John Green, the author of The Fault in Our Stars. (I've never read any of his YA novels, but he di... facebook
Jun 26 2019, 9:04am
We don't need to wash our clothes as often as we do. facebook
Jun 25 2019, 9:03am
Do yourself a favor and click through. I wonder if the hostile nation, the Gay and Lesbian Nation of the Coral Sea, has taken note of the Sacred Band of Theb... facebook
Jun 13 2019, 3:42pm
Never thought I'd say this, but Robert Reich is understating it a little. The president has already invited a foreign power to hack for his personal benefit. facebook
Jun 13 2019, 2:21pm
This is a delicate, miniature sculpture made from dandelion seeds by Euglena. Click through to watch how it sways in the air. facebook
Jun 12 2019, 2:01pm
"I do not want to impress you. I am ready to be nothing, in the grand scheme. I am eager to be nothing." from Gen X is Having a Very Gen X Moment. facebook
Jun 12 2019, 1:56pm
Facebook just asked me to "Please agree or disagree with the following statement: Facebook cares about its users."Its users' what? Its users' eyeballs? Sur... facebook
Jun 7 2019, 4:30pm
You guys! Coffee is good for you! "Coffee, Even a Lot, Linked to Longer Life" ❤️☕ facebook
Jun 5 2019, 5:20pm
You guys back home in Southern California stay safe! 🐞 facebook
Jun 4 2019, 5:13pm
I think the citizens of England really get Trump. They're showing him images of Obama and the USS John S McCain. facebook
Jun 2 2019, 12:41am
It's (almost) the one-year anniversary of an awesome cover of one of my favorite Perfume songs. "Flash" as performed by Girlfriend. facebook
Jun 1 2019, 12:45am
Here, let Australia explain why America needs ranked choice voting. (Click through and watch the video. Turn on the audio. It's so good.) facebook
May 31 2019, 9:14am
John Wick is a fairy. https://twitter.com/mattdoveywriter/status/1133866756756463620 h/t @zannah at Twitter facebook
May 30 2019, 9:01am
Christine Sun Kim's "English vs. Deaf English" facebook
May 29 2019, 4:17pm
Facebook's Dirty Tricks. "This is ridiculous. The only thing the incident shows is how expert Facebook has become at ... abrogating its responsibility as the... facebook
May 29 2019, 8:26am
The Trump administration is now changing climate science reports themselves to suit their agenda. (This is new. They used to just say they didn't believe the... facebook
May 28 2019, 12:27pm
The Incredible Ice Formations of Lake Baikal (worth the click-through) facebook
May 28 2019, 8:19am
I strongly agree with this part of the argument, "regardless of whether or not one believes a fetus is ethically equivalent to an adult, it doesn't obligate ... facebook
May 24 2019, 7:30pm
I can understand Jared's perspective here. Trump does come across as an abuser. Worth clicking through and reading. See if it doesn't resonate. facebook
May 24 2019, 11:22am
I like the extinction symbol. The planet with an hourglass. Don't think I can voxelize it in a a 4x4x2 voxel space, though. Hmm... facebook
May 23 2019, 10:37pm
We walked Bay To Breakers this year, and somehow someone took a photo of me that makes it look like I was running. Gonna keep this one! facebook
May 22 2019, 10:50am
I said this on Twitter, but in light of the Facebook disinformation networks, I should say it here, too: The president and the senate are refusing to defend ... facebook
May 21 2019, 1:42pm
Uber and Lyft drivers are hacking surge pricing for better fares by synchronizing when they say they're unavailable. Technically, it's "a clever use of in-ga... facebook
May 21 2019, 12:16pm
Vanlal Tochhawng, this is how Modi is described to Americans. Is it far off? facebook
May 19 2019, 6:09am
Might even be better with a little Quinoa. facebook
May 18 2019, 8:17pm
But to be clear, being gay or trans is still a sin. facebook
May 18 2019, 7:13pm
From a Republican House member, "While impeachment should be undertaken only in extraordinary circumstances, the risk we face in an environment of extreme pa... facebook
May 16 2019, 6:10pm
"Right to Work", a comic. Worth the read. facebook
May 16 2019, 8:17am
You guys. It's not that anti-abortion lawmakers don't know how women's bodies work. At all. They don't care. They're happy to see pro-choicers wring their ha... facebook
May 13 2019, 9:14am
Like streaming video? Be conscientious about it, and make time for your loved ones. (I have a problem with this, too.) facebook
May 8 2019, 3:08pm
Uber admits they need to destroy public transit, and still may never become profitable. Given that they might never make a profit, and they get those billion... facebook
May 7 2019, 8:23am
Esp. for Elliott Noel, Legit, the git graph language, with a Brainfuck interpreter, conveniently proving that Legit is Turing complete! facebook
May 6 2019, 12:18pm
Winners of the 2019 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition. You guys, click through! If only to see the pic titled "Bohemian Skirt" and read the ca... facebook
May 4 2019, 4:03pm
This looks so fun! (Folding) facebook
May 4 2019, 10:18am
I made a command-line Markdown renderer helper service thingy. facebook
May 4 2019, 9:58am
May the Fourth be with you. facebook
May 2 2019, 11:36pm
"And then you are lost. He has eaten your soul." facebook
Apr 28 2019, 11:48pm
Puuung's drawing are so inspiring! I love the architecture and angle/perspective of the images, too. facebook
Apr 28 2019, 1:22pm
A great Twitter Thread on the complicated legacy of the American Civil War. facebook
Apr 27 2019, 12:30pm
Horrifying PDF Experiments. Someone discovered that Google Documents implements enough of the PDF JavaScript API to embed breakout into a PDF document. Click... facebook
Apr 25 2019, 10:22pm
I fixed an eight-year-old security bug yesterday. facebook
Apr 25 2019, 10:26am
The government took on an indefensible position because they felt they had to oppose Snowden. Now they're walking it back. facebook
Apr 25 2019, 10:25am
Click through for the video. facebook
Apr 23 2019, 11:56am
Coachella Music Festival, where were you when I was driving through town with nothing but time on my hands for four years in the late 1980s? facebook
Apr 22 2019, 8:42am
I claimed affiliation with "American Independent" (oops, I wanted "unaffiliated") when applying for RealID, and promptly got a one-question survey call from ... facebook
Apr 15 2019, 8:36am
Happy 20th Birthday, LiveJournal! I'm glad I got the no-ads permanent account. (You hear that, Facebook? I'll pay, if you're willing to make me a customer in... facebook
Apr 12 2019, 9:05am
Note-to-self: If I were to add people to follow on Instagram, I'd consider these: facebook
Apr 10 2019, 10:31pm
Mike Kobb, had you seen this one? (Click through to see both pictures side by side.) facebook
Apr 10 2019, 3:42pm
A Photo Visit to Mount Fanjing, with two temples at the top of lonely spire called the New Golden Summit, or Red Clouds Golden Summit. (Click through for a d... facebook
Apr 9 2019, 9:05am
This is confusing, because if you scan the bill itself, it says, "The Secretary of the Treasury, or the Secretary’s delegate, shall continue to operate the I... facebook
Apr 8 2019, 9:24pm
This is the best visualization of something Lovecraftian I've ever seen. (Blink as you watch it for better effect.) You'll recognize Bob Ross, but your mind ... facebook
Apr 8 2019, 9:05am
Japanese artist Issei Nomura has created an ambigram that reads as the outgoing Heisei one way, and the incoming Reiwa the other. facebook
Apr 6 2019, 9:42am
I can't tell what I love more about reap.vim. It's a vim plugin that overloads the "=" command and executes Python snippets inline. But its documentation and... facebook
Apr 1 2019, 9:18pm
I have a new geeky blog post. All I try to do is maintain my web services, but everybody keeps ending or breaking theirs. facebook
Mar 30 2019, 3:29pm
Really good advice here: 20 Things Every 20-Something Should Do to Start Adulting Like a Pro facebook
Mar 29 2019, 9:24am
I really respect this man's quest. (The Oreo Aficionado) facebook
Mar 29 2019, 7:44am
Chinese censors incinerated the entire run of a kickstarted Call of Cthulhu RPG sourcebook. This is notable because the book was intended for export. As Boin... facebook
Mar 28 2019, 1:51pm
Aerial Photos Reveal the Sculptural Beauty of Japanese Highway Interchanges facebook
Mar 27 2019, 5:23pm
Lillian Blume, you'll be shocked to learn that e-charting isn't all it was proclaimed to be. facebook
Mar 27 2019, 8:40am
Amber heard, Jeremy irons and Other Names that are Just Very Short Stories. facebook
Mar 26 2019, 1:42pm
The Carrières de Lumières, or Quarries of Lights, looks fascinating! facebook
Mar 23 2019, 2:24pm
Happy National Puppy Day! facebook
Mar 21 2019, 8:49am
I love the Japanese language a little more today. I just learned the origin of "sayonara" meant "if it be thus", which reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut's "so it g... facebook
Mar 17 2019, 7:28pm
Here's yet another reason I make my own backups of my social media accounts: MySpace lost all music uploaded from 2003 to 2015. (There are TWO different link... facebook
Mar 9 2019, 8:00pm
U.S. Army Assures Public That Robot Tank System Adheres to AI Murder Policy facebook
Mar 5 2019, 10:33pm
This is an archive of me throwing shade at President Obama in 2012 in a movie recommendation. facebook
Mar 5 2019, 10:49am
Finalists From Smithsonian Magazine’s 2018 Photo Contest facebook
Feb 13 2019, 11:20am
Thanks for your service, Opportunity Rover. facebook
Feb 10 2019, 10:01am
Keiichi Matsuda's hyper reality videos are the best. Worth the watch. facebook
Feb 7 2019, 3:38pm
A Photo Trip to China’s Daocheng County facebook
Feb 7 2019, 12:13pm
He didn't sign the non-disparagement agreement. (Which allows him to draw this comic showing his side of the firing, and disparaging his previous employer!) facebook
Feb 5 2019, 9:01am
"Trump is a mental health story. Reporters need to stop covering him as if he’s strictly a political one." From a journalist for Time Magazine, The Atlantic;... facebook
Feb 5 2019, 7:50am
Mapping the whole internet with Hilbert curves facebook
Feb 3 2019, 12:48pm
Superb Owl Sunday III (esp. for Sjon Svenson) facebook
Jan 31 2019, 12:03am
Leaving Facebook makes you happier and less politically polarized. facebook
Jan 29 2019, 12:47pm
The Man Who Won Capitalism. (Click through. It's a four panel comic.) facebook
Jan 28 2019, 8:25am
Me, ten years ago. Living through our three greatest fears. #10yearschallenge facebook
Jan 23 2019, 1:10pm
Winners of the 2018 Ocean Art Underworld Photo Contest. (There are a lot of candidate userpics here. I especially like 23 Roar, and 25 Curiosity.) facebook
Jan 23 2019, 9:08am
A comic. The Proudest day of Grace's life was graduating as a doctor. h/t Vanlal Tochhawng facebook
Jan 22 2019, 2:43pm
The World's Largest Single-Terminal Airport Building. (Click through.) facebook
Jan 21 2019, 11:58am
I think turtle is mad. facebook
Jan 19 2019, 11:55pm
"Smirky McFuckface and his teen klan of hooting shitheels are gonna need some harsh fucking deprogramming to get rid of the MAGA brainwashing" Sadly, there's... facebook
Jan 19 2019, 10:16pm
Desert Gin. (A comic you can read in 2m.) facebook
Jan 17 2019, 9:19am
Fivethirtyeight says I'm anti-social, surly, disrespectful, conscientious, creative and open to adventure. (As if I were a loner climber, authority hating, b... facebook
Jan 16 2019, 11:52pm
This episode of Radiolab, about one of the worst players in the NHL getting voted into the All-Star Game was really, really great. Worth the listen. facebook
Jan 15 2019, 8:57am
Huh, here's an article on Marie Kondo that doesn't hate on her or Americans. It points out how she's my polar opposite, I try to purge stuff with contempt an... facebook
Oct 7 2018, 10:35am
Another take on why not to make a protest vote. (The argument is from the Left, but point remains: Do vote for the viable candidate you prefer.) facebook
Oct 6 2018, 11:19pm
It's late Saturday night! Let's write technical blog posts! "Getting Pip working for Python 3.7 on Rasbian" facebook
Oct 5 2018, 11:59pm
"The Existential Void of the Pop-Up ‘Experience’" This reporter gets it. facebook
Oct 5 2018, 10:00pm
"What goes around, comes around." "Look at what you made me do!" - Brett KavanaughIt's not a good time to be an American woman. We'll have a very partisan ... facebook
Oct 5 2018, 9:43am
Eerie Photos of an Empty Tokyo After Typhoon Warnings facebook
Oct 5 2018, 12:28am
In just over two years, we'll be 75% of the way to the epoch fail. (We still have 20 years to prepare.) facebook
Oct 4 2018, 4:21pm
"Their cruelty made them feel good, it made them feel proud, it made them feel happy. And it made them feel closer to one another. ... Once malice is embrace... facebook
Oct 4 2018, 8:51am
This week's Scathing Atheist's diatribe reviews "God Friended Me". It's the six minutes from 2:00 to 8:35. Worth the listen. facebook
Oct 3 2018, 3:32pm
Miyu Kojima Creates Miniature Replicas of Lonely Deaths facebook
Oct 2 2018, 4:33pm
"the spirit of a president who celebrated America as a city on a hill that was generous abroad, welcoming to newcomers, and self-confident at home, has been ... facebook
Sep 30 2018, 11:45pm
How Books and Television Affect Your Brain Differently. A reminder that we should be deliberate about how we spend our time. It's not a perfect article, but ... facebook
Sep 30 2018, 9:27am
OMG, that Venn diagram. facebook
Sep 28 2018, 7:32pm
A fun interactive graphic that lets you zoom in on Kavanaugh's and Ford's testimony. Click through and click through! facebook
Sep 28 2018, 7:51am
You can't say that this administration is inconsistent. Along with the leaving of the White House's ethics councilor and the resignation of the head of the O... facebook
Sep 26 2018, 8:39pm
Dear young people: Don't vote. facebook
Sep 19 2018, 7:44am
I respect James Gunn's response to the credible accusations of his past actions more than I do Kavanaugh's. And Gunn still lost his job for it anyway. An exc... facebook
Sep 17 2018, 8:12am
"Thinking about Attention - Walk with Me" facebook
Sep 9 2018, 1:44pm
Tucker Carlson asks (in bad faith), "How is diversity our strength?" Noah Smith gives an answer in good faith. (Please click through for the thread. It's wor... facebook
Sep 5 2018, 12:22pm
Images of the Destruction Left by Typhoon Jebi in Japan (click through) facebook
Sep 5 2018, 11:33am
Reflections of the chambermaid. facebook
Sep 5 2018, 8:53am
How would Ajit Pai treat an ISP that favored access to one party's sites over the other's then? Now he's suggesting tech companies are censoring conservative... facebook
Sep 4 2018, 11:43am
The fire at the National Museum of Brazil was devastating. (Click through.) facebook
Sep 2 2018, 6:04pm
I'm still working on this, too. facebook
Sep 2 2018, 11:24am
" They are seething with imaginary grievances, illusory persecution complexes, in which they’ve become the victims of fictional, nightmarish enemies, with th... facebook
Sep 2 2018, 10:43am
TIL: Shooting around the net, no higher than the net is legal in tennis. What an amazing shot. facebook
Sep 1 2018, 9:44pm
The Trump administration knows which side of their bread is buttered. American farmers will be impacted by the tariffs, so they're considering subsidies for ... facebook
Aug 31 2018, 12:46pm
Reliability and consistency are requirements for building a brand. That's why some major brands can't be exceptional. facebook
Aug 29 2018, 11:06pm
Hey Rosie VanHerp! It's the 9-year anniversary of Nathan's website (Flowing Data) appearance at 10/GUI! It's in the video around 7:15 in. facebook
Aug 29 2018, 12:10pm
Wow, that's basically my current understanding. facebook
Aug 25 2018, 8:44pm
This helps explain why the Wells Fargo of the 1980s is so different that Wells Fargo today. facebook
Aug 25 2018, 4:40pm
Hacking conference organizers said kids had hacked “exact clones” of state election reporting websites, but that didn’t happen. facebook
Aug 23 2018, 2:49pm
I'm in awe of these athletes. Sepak Takraw just looks so dangerous and painful. facebook
Aug 23 2018, 10:48am
On why the lead story on FoxNews.com was not Michael Cohen’s admission that Donald Trump had instructed him to violate campaign-finance laws, but the murder ... facebook
Aug 23 2018, 10:30am
I mentioned this great answer from O'Rourke to my wife. It's worth listening to. facebook
Aug 22 2018, 7:35am
The New York Times' "The Daily" also has a devastating series on this: “Divided,” Part 1: How Family Separations Started. https://www.nytimes.com/podcasts/th... facebook
Aug 19 2018, 1:37pm
Yay! President Obama recommends Factfulness by Hans Rosling too! facebook
Aug 15 2018, 8:51pm
Yeah, Dad, as a matter of fact, I do think I'm the center of the universe. facebook
Aug 13 2018, 5:21pm
A short story from Andy Weir, "Digitocracy" facebook
Aug 10 2018, 10:32am
I wrote a thing. Don't tell my kids, but this is how I control the local network remotely. facebook
Aug 7 2018, 11:40am
Impossible Architectures: The Works of Filip Dujardin. (Click through, it's worth it.) facebook
Aug 6 2018, 5:21pm
Just so we're clear: The FCC admits it wasn't actually hacked. It was the Obama Administration that fouled things up during the Net Neutrality Reversal proce... facebook
Aug 6 2018, 9:51am
The president demonstrates his lack of compassion and contempt for science, geography, and California in one tweet. (Protip: Water west of the American conti... facebook
Aug 6 2018, 7:44am
Optimized floor plan with genetic algorithms: "The results were biological in appearance, intriguing in character and wildly irrational in practice." facebook
Aug 5 2018, 9:09pm
This month, Facebook broke (their functionality in) my Dead Man's Switch, by removing the "publish_actions" scope for their party apps. So I'll try to figure... facebook
Aug 2 2018, 9:38am
I'd just started Michael Lewis's "The Undoing Project" when the library notified me that Hans Rosling's "Factfulness" is ready for me to pick up! Woohoo! Tha... facebook
Aug 1 2018, 11:27pm
I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. How hard does Sacha Baron Cohen have to work to get these sound bites? I'm glad he kept the one incredulous con... facebook
Aug 1 2018, 10:55am
"Lukianoff and Haidt argue how gradual exposure to ‘triggering’ content has been established as an effective way to overcome responses to trauma. Trigger war... facebook
Jul 29 2018, 9:47am
If we know it feels great to have worked out, and we'll be glad to have done so, why do we want to flake every time it's time to work out again? facebook
Jul 28 2018, 3:01pm
Laptop Magazine, to my mind, the Dell XPS is better in every way than the MacBook Pro except for this dealbreaker: Screen aspect ratio. 8:5 beats 16:9 for pr... facebook
Jul 28 2018, 9:34am
"AutocarJS has a modular plugin system to allow you to add bicycle pedals to your car-bike abomination." facebook
Jul 26 2018, 4:18pm
"Everything about [the outrage over his old tweets] shouts 'bad faith.'"We're going to see a lot more of this as we get closer to election season. It won't... facebook
Jul 25 2018, 6:10pm
SEGA told Hideki Kamiya that the game character Bayonetta shouldn't have glasses, and he insisted they stayed, then gave literally every single other charact... facebook
Jul 25 2018, 5:59pm
I'm the only person in my family who liked Die Hard better than Skyscraper. Clearly, they're all wrong. History will judge them harshly. facebook
Jul 25 2018, 2:40pm
30 years ago. facebook
Jul 22 2018, 1:39am
A good lesson from Poorly Drawn Lines. facebook
Jul 21 2018, 2:42pm
So it goes. I appreciate James Gunn's statement about being fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3. facebook
Jul 17 2018, 12:42pm
Character matters. facebook
Jul 16 2018, 5:16pm
This cannot be true. (Putin helpfully answers for Trump.) facebook
Jul 16 2018, 12:35pm
Protonmail, a secure email alternative, has a uniquely clever short URL. While user@protonmail.com works, they've also got user@pm.me. I like the natural mne... facebook
Jul 12 2018, 10:02am
This Twitter thread shows how things can go right on Twitter. Smart person shares that she learned something. Another smart person chimes in about some of th... facebook
Jul 11 2018, 8:49am
It's amusing when the title doesn't match the URL. The title here is, "Believe it or not, Trump just told the truth". But the URL is help-vladimir-the-europe... facebook
Jul 9 2018, 8:45am
Nice, to verify the E.P.A.'s curated findings, ProPublica went to the contractor testers, and reviewed the military's tests, and got a better understanding o... facebook
Jul 8 2018, 9:25pm
Wait, what? This can't be true. "If Ecuador refused to drop the resolution [supporting breastfeeding instead of substitutes], Washington would unleash punish... facebook
Jul 8 2018, 5:36pm
I'm gonna be honest: I'm only to the Madison Square Garden picture in this article about the brain and Neuralink, but I've already learned so much about the ... facebook
Jul 8 2018, 3:49pm
On information warfare and the "#walkaway" campaign: "this psychological operation ... represents a trial run for future social media manipulation efforts.... facebook
Jul 6 2018, 10:41pm
Anybody see Ant-Man and the Wasp yet? Let me know if you have. Do not read the comments if you haven't. facebook
Jul 6 2018, 8:01am
The Postal Service trolled stock image sites for a photo of the statue of Liberty, and ended up using one of the replica in Las Vegas instead of the original... facebook
Jul 5 2018, 9:11pm
A puzzle my son wrote on my Father's Day card set me on a path that reminds me why I like code development. facebook
Jul 3 2018, 10:03am
Inspiring art from Loish from her recent trip to the Cévennes in France. facebook
Jul 1 2018, 12:57pm
There are some good points in this essay, although the title is a little provocative. "How American Collapse is Powered by Modern History’s Most Backwards Id... facebook
Jun 30 2018, 10:17am
That's pretty much what I imagined Dave Grohl would say when asked if he would replace Neil Peart. Such a silly question. facebook
Jun 29 2018, 9:20pm
Airline's got me acclimated to neo grotesque Roboto.You're all probably going, Dude, just settle with Open Sans. But Roboto's got a version with the triang... facebook
Jun 28 2018, 9:40pm
Winners of the 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest facebook
Jun 27 2018, 11:37am
Grace Hopper explaining and handing out nanoseconds. facebook
Jun 26 2018, 2:34pm
"Hypothetically if, while targeting [a single foreigner abroad], they happened to collect every single Gmail and every single Facebook message ... then the N... facebook
Jun 24 2018, 9:48pm
It really burns my britches to hear American politicians go on about how America's the greatest country and then also to refuse to hear criticism. Jesus, be ... facebook
Jun 24 2018, 9:35pm
"At the end of the day, however, particularly in a rich country like the United States, the persistence of extreme poverty is a political choice made by thos... facebook
Jun 24 2018, 9:31am
h/t to both William Gibson and Rick Mann for sharing. This is amazing. facebook
Jun 23 2018, 5:16pm
I don't like how Security Token and Crypto don't refer to robustness and cryptography so much anymore. I have to do an intentional context switch from encryp... facebook
Jun 22 2018, 10:18am
"Only few without cellphones could escape this tireless and absolute surveillance." -From the decision in today's Supreme Court victory for the ACLU. facebook
Jun 22 2018, 8:47am
This is why I donate to ProPublica. It's effective. facebook
Jun 22 2018, 8:45am
If only there were some way to remotely and easily share something from the command line. Somebody should invent something.Protip: scp ftp mongoose webdav ... facebook
Jun 19 2018, 4:23pm
Another reason to love Legion: The finale opened with the Antihero dramatically singing The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes". Gave the song another chance to be in a... facebook
Jun 18 2018, 6:59am
Two notes on this explainer: Hashing is not encrypting. And some of those possible uses are more inefficient where we have trusted sources. (Using PGP and/or... facebook
Jun 18 2018, 6:34am
u/One_Wheel_Drive on Mexico's victory over Germany in the World Cup: "I kept referring to the German keeper as the Berlin Wall because nothing was getting th... facebook
Jun 17 2018, 7:20pm
On the one hand, it can't be as bad as this essay on The Origins of America's Unique and Spectacular Cruelty. On the other hand, the US is withdrawing from t... facebook
Jun 17 2018, 4:44pm
Went on an adventure with the kids for an early Father's Day excursion. facebook
Jun 16 2018, 6:57am
https://twitter.com/AshaRangappa_/status/1007753437646393345 facebook
Jun 15 2018, 8:26pm
The keywords you use to find information online can shift the ideological slant of their search results.vhttps://medium.com/s/trustissues/how-trump-voters-de... facebook
Jun 15 2018, 7:11pm
Oh, hello there little scorpion. No, you may not share our bed. Out you go. facebook
Jun 14 2018, 7:25pm
This is old, but so good. Somebody was disappointed that the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine posted something anti-Trump. His reply started with, "On... facebook
Jun 9 2018, 4:03pm
Know what I'm thankful for? Consistent keyboard shortcuts across so many applications. Vim, Facebook, GMail, Feed Reader, The Atlantic's In Focus photo journ... facebook
Jun 7 2018, 9:44pm
America Doesn’t Measure the Difference Between Good Jobs and Bad Jobs. facebook
Jun 7 2018, 9:50am
"By using such heavy material for ratings and profit and cloaking it as a means to starting conversations, we might be doing ourselves and our children a ser... facebook
Jun 5 2018, 9:54pm
Bill Gates is giving a copy of Hans Rosling's Factfulness to all college graduates this summer. I'm #72 in line for one of 8 copies at the Library. facebook
Jun 2 2018, 8:38am
On the 9.9% just under the top 0.1%, the New American Ariostocracy. "Rising immobility and rising inequality aren’t like two pieces of driftwood that happen ... facebook
May 30 2018, 12:35pm
2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest facebook
May 30 2018, 8:18am
While we're stuck in this timeline, the only thing to do is hack it. Domain experts and dedicated civil servants need to capitalize on what affects the presi... facebook
May 27 2018, 7:14pm
"Making a 3 percent profit is better if the company spends more. ... It’s like if a mom told her son he could have 3 percent of a bowl of ice cream. A clever... facebook
May 27 2018, 5:58pm
If this were really about freedom of religion it wouldn't be about ramming Christian bills through gerrymandered legislatures. And it would be about respecti... facebook
May 27 2018, 9:12am
Kneeling during the National Anthem to protest racial injustice is a bit like a guardian reminding a student to do their homework. Nobody like it, not the gu... facebook
May 26 2018, 11:47pm
From my friend in India. Because the whole world can see how ridiculous the United States is becoming. Peacefully protesting racial injustice is not disrespe... facebook
May 25 2018, 7:43pm
I really get the angst in this essay. facebook
May 25 2018, 3:16pm
"One in five migrant kids recently placed by HHS into 'foster care or whatever' have been lost." Simon Rosenberg. This is heart-wrenching. Towards the end of... facebook
May 25 2018, 1:49pm
Another Poorly Drawn Lines classic. It's just the two panels. facebook
May 24 2018, 7:52pm
/u/Chopsdixs illustrates why they're called "birds of paradise". facebook
May 24 2018, 9:20am
The boastful and passive-aggressive tone in today's letter from the American President to the Leader of North Korea is worthy of criticism. It's not presiden... facebook
May 24 2018, 7:34am
"The key to America's competitiveness isn't lower taxes; it's investments in the American people." facebook
May 21 2018, 9:43pm
Years ago, Comcast called me to say they'd send me one of their routers for free, and all I had to do was hook it up. I said "no" because of things like this. facebook
May 18 2018, 8:19am
/u/seamuswray painted Trump trying to drink water. It's so good, I don't even know what to say. If it was done on say, George Washington, Lincoln, or FDR, I'... facebook
May 16 2018, 8:42am
"When Facebook Rumors Incite Real Violence", an important and chilling episode of The New York Times' The Daily podcast. Less than 20 minutes. facebook
May 15 2018, 8:35am
Worth clicking through. To be fair, "Fatal clashes" doesn't described the one-sidedness of it. facebook
May 12 2018, 1:36pm
"Most decisions should probably be made with somewhere around 70% of the information you wish you had. If you wait for 90%, in most cases, you’re probably be... facebook
May 11 2018, 7:54am
I check my credit online three times a year, each time from a different service. Today's is Equifax, and this time they say they require my request by mail w... facebook
May 9 2018, 11:58pm
Defunding the Carbon Monitoring System gets them part of the way. They still need another Dickey Amendment, this one to "defund any research that may be used... facebook
May 8 2018, 7:32am
Mike Kobb, On this week's "This Week in Tech", Leo and Ashley fanboy over Yonatan Zunger. Ashley recommended one of his tweet storms, and Leo was all, "I lov... facebook
May 7 2018, 4:58pm
Travel Monday: A Photo Trip to Zhangjiajie. (Worth clicking through.) facebook
May 6 2018, 11:49am
Photos of Kilauea's Newest Lava Fissures on Hawaii's Big Island. facebook
May 4 2018, 12:25pm
Great excerpt from "Change Agent":[Telling an autopilot where to go] "Chiang Mai Airport, please""Why do you say 'please' to these things?""Because it's ... facebook
May 4 2018, 7:43am
Driven to Greatness facebook
May 3 2018, 3:34pm
When you visit Tokyo, be sure not to miss the The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, the largest storm drain in the world. Even their st... facebook
Apr 30 2018, 9:34pm
My family doesn't understand why writing throwaway lines like the following make me so happy:cp -rnv $backup_dir/.vim $HOME | grep " -> " | cut -d " " -f3 ... facebook
Apr 30 2018, 8:19am
The NRA is banning guns for safety, and the South Korean President says the American President should get a Nobel Peace Prize. I MADE IT BACK TO THE GOOD TIM... facebook
Apr 26 2018, 12:18pm
“The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.” — Robert Waldinger, director of... facebook
Apr 22 2018, 4:14pm
I wrote a post explaining how to make the bash shell prompt responsive by using the (()) construct to evaluate $? when calculating colors. facebook
Apr 21 2018, 2:23pm
I've read a lot of criticism of James Comey, and heard two interviews. This is my favorite. Terry Gross asks two of the questions I wanted her to. 1. What wa... facebook
Apr 21 2018, 2:10pm
Was it a mistake to shut down backpage.com? As is often the case, it's complicated. Listen to this interesting podcast. https://www.gimletmedia.com/reply-all... facebook
Apr 20 2018, 8:36am
Please ignore Robert Reich's political leanings. Consider whether what he says is demonstrably true regardless of party affiliation. If you care about who wi... facebook
Apr 19 2018, 10:20pm
Janis Ian's "At Seventeen". A clear voice and eloquent depiction of a fragile time in life. facebook
Apr 15 2018, 7:33pm
I can't imagine what it must be like for that teenager. Helping the police and FBI, but then he was slated for deportation by ICE and marked for death. facebook
Apr 15 2018, 12:46pm
That time when Tom Cruise made UPS deliveries to show Michael Mann he could blend in. He even had lunch with a guy posing as the delivery man, and nobody kne... facebook
Apr 15 2018, 7:56am
With the latest drop of iOS, my iMessage conversations have been occurring in chronological order. (Instead of my friends' messages appearing above my latest... facebook
Apr 13 2018, 1:11pm
Something from the Monterey Bay Aquarium that Rick Mann might appreciate. facebook
Apr 13 2018, 7:39am
Joseph's most complex Rube Goldberg machine yet. The Cake Server. Worth watching. h/t Rick Mann facebook
Apr 12 2018, 12:30pm
Fallen Giants. Includes Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix. facebook
Apr 11 2018, 12:23pm
Another great collection of photos from The Atlantic: China Viewed from Above. facebook
Apr 9 2018, 5:40pm
You guys, click through for a nice desktop vacation. Travel Monday: A Photo Trip to Meteora, Greece facebook
Apr 8 2018, 7:37pm
Kai Stinchcombe is still right about blockchain. facebook
Apr 7 2018, 12:44pm
Fair enough. facebook
Apr 5 2018, 6:57pm
Robert Reich is not wrong on this. We should be making repairs in Puerto Rico, not sending troops to the border with Mexico. facebook
Apr 5 2018, 4:59pm
I absolutely do use our library. I'm a big fan of their reservation system. facebook
Apr 4 2018, 7:57pm
I really love this one. h/t Rick Mann facebook
Apr 4 2018, 1:39pm
I don't run from my problems. I let my problems run me. facebook
Apr 4 2018, 12:36pm
April Blooms in The Atlantic's "In Focus" feature. facebook
Apr 3 2018, 8:16pm
You guys, a Game Developer Magazine format Post Mortem! I miss these and love them so much! facebook
Apr 3 2018, 9:42am
The White House's "1600 Daily" cites this Buzzfeed article on "a huge caravan of Central Americans" crossing Mexico to storm the U.S. You guys, we're under a... facebook
Apr 1 2018, 5:34pm
I wrote up a little history on the subtle evolution of my user-pic from 2D pixel art to the current voxel art version. facebook
Mar 29 2018, 1:01am
Jan Morris sounds amazing. She served in World War II, accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary when he climbed Mt. Everest, and at 90, wrote a new book about the batt... facebook
Mar 26 2018, 12:31pm
"If we were able to see people in other countries and learn about our differences, why would there be any misunderstandings?” he asked. “War would be a thing... facebook
Mar 26 2018, 9:26am
Want to see a factlet that I'm uncomfortable with? About the relatively few men stockpiling guns: "For the most part, they don’t appear to be religious—and, ... facebook
Mar 24 2018, 6:18pm
I rendered my avatar in magicavoxel! facebook
Mar 23 2018, 10:08pm
I just downloaded my Facebook data to give it a look-see. It even shows "Advertisers with your contact info", including Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper. My top ... facebook
Mar 20 2018, 11:30am
Final tally of over 50,000 votes on "was edward snowden a patriot". facebook
Mar 19 2018, 12:45am
I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that our leak detectors actually work, and when they trigger, they emit "SOS" in Morse Code. (Cute, like th... facebook
Mar 17 2018, 10:45am
"Note: This testing does not irritate or harm the robot."Lies! That robot was peeved and will remember this. It's burying its emotions for the time being a... facebook
Mar 15 2018, 10:53pm
Why doesn't Chrome trust the certificate at https://www.convergepay.com/converge-webapp/#/login but other browsers do? facebook
Mar 13 2018, 8:37am
Given their new CIA director, this is a question many Americans are asking. (The skit is hilarious.) facebook
Mar 12 2018, 8:42am
Today's "1600 Daily" from the White House explains we should resent California because "California has obstructed Federal law and put the interests of crimin... facebook
Mar 10 2018, 9:55am
Tim suspects that Netflix is optimizing to the metric. Something that Joel Spolsky wrote about in 2002, calling it "measurement dysfunction". https://www.joe... facebook
Mar 6 2018, 8:52pm
The president said "you have to de-nuke, you have to de-nuke" to the South Korean President. Either that, or he didn't, and is lying about what he said. Are ... facebook
Mar 4 2018, 8:45am
Leonhard Euler proved the Basel Problem, that 1 + 1/4 + 1/9 + 1/16 + ... = π²/6. (Why is π in in?) It turns out you can intuit another proof by imagining lig... facebook
Mar 3 2018, 11:09am
I forgot how much I like songs from Rush's "Hold Your Fire" and "Roll The Bones" albums. They're not usually the first albums one thinks of. Still, I really ... facebook
Mar 3 2018, 10:44am
This is probably the most misguided Medium article I've ever read. He's not *all* wrong, but there's a lot wrong. facebook
Mar 1 2018, 12:54am
So, I update Pihole to 3.3 and it's incompatible with Raspbian Jessie. facebook
Feb 28 2018, 12:19pm
Daniel Suarez looks to be prescient again. I've just started his book Change Agent. "Synthetic biology was the transistor of the twenty-first century. Yet ... facebook
Feb 26 2018, 8:23am
Did you see the Olympic Closing Ceremonies? NBC called one of the pop artists "CK" (in the closed captions), but I think it's the same Anti-Tump activist MIL... facebook
Feb 25 2018, 9:15am
I can't tell you how much I love this one comic. facebook
Feb 25 2018, 9:10am
We need to shed more light on these people. There's no place for these hate groups. facebook
Feb 25 2018, 7:47am
"It has been suggested that these crimes justify not only banning people with a history of mental illness from buying weapons but also arming those without s... facebook
Feb 24 2018, 10:57am
Seventy five years ago last week, a group of young idealists stood up to their government, "Every honest German today is ashamed of his government ... We wil... facebook
Feb 24 2018, 10:22am
Ikigai: a Japanese concept meaning “A Reason For Being” facebook
Feb 24 2018, 9:30am
Ha, what a practical, entertaining and effective lesson. facebook
Feb 18 2018, 8:37pm
"If you joined an antivaccine group on Facebook, she observed, the platform might suggest that you join flat-earth groups or maybe ones devoted to Pizzagate—... facebook
Feb 16 2018, 8:33pm
This is a powerful Twitter thread. Click through and read it. This is the time to do something. facebook
Feb 15 2018, 11:43pm
Want to watch how trees suck up CO2 in summer, but not so much in winter? Watch a year in the life of Earth's CO2. facebook
Feb 15 2018, 3:57pm
"That’s how ridiculous our situation has become. People are starting to question whether the problem is with sending kids to school, not with pervasive acces... facebook
Feb 14 2018, 10:20pm
Did I just see Olympic skaters perform to Disturb's cover of Sound of Silence? facebook
Feb 14 2018, 10:15pm
Ha, didn't expect the cute ending. facebook
Feb 14 2018, 9:20am
Robot emotion. facebook
Feb 12 2018, 8:19am
Today's XKCD reminds me of a similar joke I made on Twitter two years ago. (You have to click this text link to get to my tweet: https://twitter.com/dblume/s... facebook
Feb 11 2018, 9:24pm
"The White Darkness: A solitary journey across Antarctica." An moving story of dedication, inspiration and perseverance. It gives you real sense for the dang... facebook
Feb 11 2018, 11:10am
Chris Newman gets it. Permaculture is part of the solution, not *the* solution. "If technology can offer decent, affordable meat to people without environmen... facebook
Feb 11 2018, 10:55am
On using Muslims as examples of perpetuators of violence to justify reauthorizing section 702 of FISA: "If the government and its allies wanted to cite cases... facebook
Feb 11 2018, 9:42am
Here's a simple, clean product I adore: ItsyCal. A tiny menu bar calendar for OS X. facebook
Feb 9 2018, 8:41am
Today's White House newsletter demonstrates why my friends just delete it. It repeated his divisive tweets:"Just signed Bill. ... This Bill is a BIG VICTOR... facebook
Feb 8 2018, 4:13pm
As posted from my friend in Belgium. (Who knows how silly America is.) facebook
Feb 8 2018, 10:09am
From today's White House "1600 Daily": "'America is a Nation [sic] of believers,' President Trump said this morning".That's like saying it's a nation of wh... facebook
Feb 7 2018, 4:16pm
Awesome candid interview with Quincy Jones."You know who sings and plays just like Hendrix? Paul Allen" facebook
Feb 5 2018, 4:40pm
This month, my first website turns 21 years old. And it's still online! It's so very web 1.0. facebook
Feb 5 2018, 8:22am
"War Dogs" and "American Made" would make a deliciously cynical double feature. facebook
Feb 4 2018, 9:54am
Some amazing photos for Suberb Owl Sunday. facebook
Jan 29 2018, 9:04am
"If you wonder why this is so important: The Holocaust didn't start with people being rounded up and being dragged into camps. It didn't start with the murde... facebook
Jan 27 2018, 10:23am
It's devastating that power has protected those that do harm for so long. facebook
Jan 25 2018, 6:58pm
Awesome. Snopes reports the same story. Love it. facebook
Jan 25 2018, 10:42am
There are some salient points in this short video. "Is there something wrong with democracy?" facebook
Jan 25 2018, 9:17am
The Department of Health and Human Service's new office of "Conscience and Religious Freedom" protects the right to refuse healthcare to the LGBTQ community. facebook
Jan 23 2018, 12:29pm
Shocking new study correlates increased happiness with playing sports and hanging out IRL. facebook
Jan 20 2018, 9:48am
After voting a belligerent TV personality president, this doesn't seem so far off course. facebook
Jan 19 2018, 10:27am
When this rolled into my inbox, it took me a few seconds before I realized it was satire. How sad a statement is that? facebook
Jan 18 2018, 9:16am
Suppose there's an emergency and your family's access to the internet and phones is down. How does your family get in touch? Where do they go? Make a plan, a... facebook
Jan 16 2018, 8:41pm
My favorite song by Perfume is "Edge". In the US, they could reserve the Warfield in San Francisco (about 2300 seats). Here they are in Japan closing out the... facebook
Jan 16 2018, 12:25pm
Gorgeous images of Jupiter's endlessly swirling atmosphere. What is even happening there? facebook
Jan 14 2018, 11:03am
"The job of libraries is to keep primary documents safe so that they will be there when new insights and technologies make it possible to answer questions we... facebook
Jan 13 2018, 5:22pm
The 10-year bet between Warren Buffett and Protege Partners is over! Girls Incorporated of Omaha is going to get $2,200,000.00 because Buffett won! facebook
Jan 13 2018, 12:11pm
Facebook can't remember my setting "Most Recent" instead of "Top Stories". They've (long ago) deprecated the "read_stream" permission from their graph API fo... facebook
Jan 12 2018, 12:37am
Re Twitter: "limit messages to 140 characters and that happens to create, unintentionally, a subtlety-free indignation machine""Both Twitter and Facebook’s... facebook
Jan 11 2018, 11:09pm
For everyone who has to work the night shift. facebook
Jan 11 2018, 9:02pm
James Dolan, co-creator of SecureDrop passed away a few days ago. Today is the 5th anniversary of Aaron Swartz's suicide. I have much love for their survivor... facebook
Jan 11 2018, 3:50pm
"In the hands of the Bust Administration this framework was a template to apply indiscriminately to any and all of the military confrontations they had long ... facebook
Jan 10 2018, 6:03pm
President Trump's challenge coin is very fitting. facebook
Jan 9 2018, 11:06am
"5 College Life Hacks Everyone Should Know" Forgive me for sharing a listicle. But it's not wrong. facebook
Jan 6 2018, 2:07pm
You know who else was a "stable genius"? Mr. Ed. facebook
Jan 3 2018, 2:31pm
"The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy. As a consequenc... facebook
Jan 2 2018, 8:49pm
"Honey, you're doing it wrong. Use long consistent strokes.""No! Short and fast!"--My wife and I on how to use the squeegee on the shower glass. facebook
Dec 31 2017, 11:57am
This needs to be better understood by all: 'Session replay' scripts record everything (including passwords, personal info, etc), like someone looking over yo... facebook
Dec 30 2017, 10:42am
"Trump’s legacy will be exposing the patina of decency for what it is and revealing just how much a demagogue can get away with. It does not take much to ima... facebook
Dec 29 2017, 11:22pm
This is very much worth your time. It sheds light on why people seem to have less trust nowadays, and if there's anything we can do about it. facebook
Dec 28 2017, 8:45am
Ha, for my birthday I learned that Owarimonogatari Season 2 is on Crunchyroll. Which is funny, because owarimonogatari translates to something like "story of... facebook
Dec 24 2017, 3:06pm
This article says what I've been thinking about the blockchain, and goes on to back its case. facebook
Dec 24 2017, 9:12am
On this: Trump, talking about the tax bill, told friends at a dinner at Mar-a-Lago Friday night, "You all just got a lot richer.” facebook
Dec 23 2017, 5:53pm
"Our president's crazyDid you hear what he saidBusiness and pleasureLie right to your face"Talking Heads, "Making Flippy Floppy" in 1983 when Ronald Rea... facebook
Dec 23 2017, 11:31am
Lillian Blume, we've got to try this! facebook
Dec 22 2017, 4:53pm
How many years ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps? facebook
Dec 22 2017, 12:28pm
On the pleasant experience living in a country where there's security in healthcare, education, childcare, sensible work requirements and public works. And w... facebook
Dec 21 2017, 10:34pm
"I am saddened that our government has become so dominated by pro-gun lobbyists that an appointment such as mine — which has no responsibility for gun contro... facebook
Dec 21 2017, 10:25pm
...and affordable higher educationand universal health careand to be able to retireand for people to be able to find work facebook
Dec 21 2017, 10:52am
"It’s easy to forget that a proven lie used to be met with a correction or an apology, not self-righteous defensiveness.It’s easy to forget that faith in g... facebook
Dec 21 2017, 7:46am
One year ago, I was proud of our federal government for enacting a law that says, "a country's practice of routinely denying visa applications for religious ... facebook
Dec 20 2017, 10:48pm
"Second decade of the 21st Century. Corporations rule." The daily news, or Johnny Mnemonic? facebook
Dec 20 2017, 5:36pm
https://twitter.com/LOLGOP/status/943587725122441216 facebook
Dec 20 2017, 5:24pm
https://twitter.com/GavinNewsom/status/943542778968944640 facebook
Dec 20 2017, 11:31am
"don’t let your despair turn into cynicism about our ability to turn this around. That’s what they want most of all -- for the rest of us to become so discou... facebook
Dec 20 2017, 10:09am
"We fundamentally wish that people from our past cared about us, and if we can't start that cycle of caring about our future then nobody will." Alexander Ros... facebook
Dec 20 2017, 8:15am
"The purpose of this tax cut is not to raise wages or stimulate the economy. Corporate tax cuts are pretty much the worst way to do that. The purpose is to r... facebook
Dec 18 2017, 2:00pm
Tomorrow, Dec 19th, marks the 33rd anniversary of the horrific car crash that killed five El Centro teens and CUHS students after they went to a party. For t... facebook
Dec 18 2017, 1:25pm
"Under previous administrations, Republican and Democratic alike, Southerland said staffers could make their case to agency leaders, presenting the scientifi... facebook
Dec 18 2017, 12:43pm
In 1929, a government decided that an important area of research, one that the worldwide scientific community had been working on for decades, was wrong. Ins... facebook
Dec 17 2017, 2:35pm
On the repeal of Net Neutrality: There are two "pro-repeal Title II" Express comments from my brother's name, entered a month after he died, from fake out-of... facebook
Dec 17 2017, 11:48am
One of my favorite actresses of all time, Salma Hayek, on her experience with Harvey Weinstein. facebook
Dec 17 2017, 9:25am
"That makes me smart." President Trump on not paying taxes. He got a last-minute real estate deal into the Tax Plan, too. facebook
Dec 15 2017, 7:14pm
What possible motive could the Trump administration have for refusing the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from using the phrases "evidence based" and "scien... facebook
Dec 14 2017, 11:47pm
Jólabókaflóð is an Icelandic tradition where people give each other books for Christmas, and "everyone reads the books they have been given straight away, of... facebook
Dec 14 2017, 10:34am
1.4 billion (and counting) clear text credentials discovered in a handy single database, with a running list of new sources cited. The database maintainer ac... facebook
Dec 13 2017, 8:40pm
This is the post I needed. "Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs" facebook
Dec 13 2017, 12:33pm
"Seven Years", by Randall Munroe, whose fiancée was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. facebook
Dec 13 2017, 8:25am
Really interesting charts are the ones regarding born-again Christians, college educated voters, and white voters vs. black voters. I guess it makes sense th... facebook
Dec 13 2017, 7:29am
Today's "1600 Daily", the White House newsletter, boasts about the large increase in military spending, "one of the largest defense spending increases since ... facebook
Dec 12 2017, 5:33pm
Winners of the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest facebook
Dec 10 2017, 1:58pm
On making amazing horror films on a small budget and just a few actors: I strongly recommend "The Autopsy of Jane Doe". Some of the scariest empty hallways i... facebook
Dec 10 2017, 9:09am
Five cartoonists on guns in the U.S.A. facebook
Dec 9 2017, 11:03pm
“'What shall it profit a man,' Jesus asked, 'if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?' The current Republican Party seems to not under... facebook
Dec 8 2017, 2:29pm
Hopeful images from 2017. Worth clicking through! facebook
Dec 8 2017, 9:18am
On comparing school districts based on proficiency levels and growth rates instead of standardized tests. (You can enter your local school district and see h... facebook
Dec 7 2017, 12:59pm
"Why would you ever expect network neutrality to survive within a government that has so completely given up on democratic neutrality?" - Lawrence Lessig facebook
Dec 7 2017, 12:26pm
tl;dr: Transition away from .dev (a newly SSL-only TLD) and use .test, .localhost, and .invalid instead. facebook
Dec 7 2017, 8:46am
"...at some point, you're going to compare a string and a Date, and JS doesn't know how to do that. Its response is to convert both to numbers, presumably on... facebook
Dec 5 2017, 4:12pm
The command line tool "jq" is handy. facebook
Dec 5 2017, 11:19am
One of my favorite Advent Calendars. facebook
Dec 4 2017, 10:11pm
https://twitter.com/ChristnNitemare/status/937773211256844288 facebook
Dec 4 2017, 10:04pm
"Be wary of anyone who tells you the only options are to attack them now or attack them later. For the last 50 years the USA has blundered into a nearly unbr... facebook
Dec 3 2017, 4:56pm
Here's a wonderful post about the relationship between overpopulation and environmental issues. When faced with the issue of overpopulation, some veer toward... facebook
Dec 3 2017, 3:05pm
Rosie VanHerp, Lillian Blume, this is the story where Project Veritas tried to catfish the Washington Post with an actress who claimed to be in a relationshi... facebook
Dec 1 2017, 1:06pm
Note to self: Next time I have to send a fax, just do it with a curl request via Phaxio. No more trips to FedEx or Kinkos. facebook
Nov 29 2017, 1:42pm
I want a climbable bookshelf! facebook
Nov 29 2017, 8:45am
"So it’s not actually a song about rape - in fact it’s a song about a woman finding a way to exercise sexual agency in a patriarchal society designed to stop... facebook
Nov 29 2017, 8:33am
No it' not. That doesn't make sense. That's horrible misdirection. And yes you did. facebook
Nov 27 2017, 9:12pm
ComCast on charging tolls for Internet fast lanes with the Net Neutrality Repeal. "We never will, but it's very important that we are able to. But we won't. ... facebook
Nov 25 2017, 12:43pm
One of the things I'm grateful for is the Open Source Software attitude held by developers like the late Pieter Hintjens, creator of ZeroMQ. Here's one of hi... facebook
Nov 22 2017, 10:39am
We're getting closer to checkmate for the Republicans. By silencing scientists, removing access to scientific data, declaring corporations personhood, removi... facebook
Nov 20 2017, 9:17pm
"If a police officer ever tries to give you a speeding ticket, do not tell him that you are the Kwisatz Haderach and You Can See Where No Bene Gesserit Can S... facebook
Nov 20 2017, 4:35pm
Probably the most unsettling Zen Pencils yet. But it's timely. William Blake's "A Poison Tree" illustrated by Gavin Aung Than. facebook
Nov 20 2017, 2:05pm
Winners of the 2017 Epson International Pano Awards. Click through, you'll be glad you did. facebook
Nov 19 2017, 8:27pm
How companies encourage you to binge-watch, and how to stop binge-watching from ruining your life. facebook
Nov 17 2017, 7:35am
No, really, how shortsighted is Trump? "Where do his hands go" with regard to sexual misconduct? How did he think his opponents would respond? Trump's not ca... facebook
Nov 14 2017, 9:08am
Details of the tax bill going through Congress, by Michael Linden, Fellow at Roosevelt Inst., Policy & Research Director at the Hub Project. facebook
Nov 13 2017, 3:14pm
The Humorous Self-Portraits of 89-Year Old Kimiko Nishimoto facebook
Nov 11 2017, 9:39pm
Donald Trump called the 20 women who went on the record and accused him of harassment "liars," and suggested they were not attractive enough to harass and vo... facebook
Nov 11 2017, 9:35am
Saejin started off doing an art piece redo of something cheesecake from 2010, and said, "it just kept getting weird until the end". I even love that the YouT... facebook
Nov 10 2017, 1:56am
Michael Lewis has a fascinating series of articles in Vanity Fair about the transition to Trump's presidency. This is a great interview with him and Dave Dav... facebook
Nov 9 2017, 9:06pm
Ha, ha, yeah, Trump's nominee to lead the Council on Environmental Quality won't affirm that water expands when heated, for political reasons. The point to w... facebook
Nov 7 2017, 7:19am
A satellite monitoring the Arctic broke. We had a replacement ready and paid for. Congress ordered it dismantled. Good news, the more the U.S. blocks educati... facebook
Nov 6 2017, 5:40pm
The Onion continues to make its point. Only the dates, places and numbers change. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. facebook
Nov 6 2017, 9:07am
This article inadvertently serves to remind us that Edward Snowden was actually a patriot and a hero. facebook
Nov 5 2017, 9:17am
Even the creator of one of the world's most popular manga is a fan of Blade of the Immortal's creator. Here's "Hiroaki Samura (Blade of the Immortal) in conv... facebook
Nov 5 2017, 8:33am
In case you missed it, this season's Starbucks Holiday Cup design is a mostly white cup that celebrates two red Starbucks Holiday Cups in its design (at the ... facebook
Nov 4 2017, 3:27pm
Takashi Miike adapted one of my favorite comics of all time, Blade of the Immortal. I followed that comic for years until its bloody end. Go see it. facebook
Nov 4 2017, 10:41am
Whoohoo! Chrome stable channel update 62.0.3202.75 reverted to the behavior where new tabs start with the Ominbox's text already selected, so your first key ... facebook
Nov 2 2017, 11:32pm
In the U.S., the head of the E.P.A. invoked God while barring domain experts from speaking on science, while in New Zealand, the Prime Minister chose not to ... facebook
Nov 2 2017, 12:16pm
Worth clicking through. 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest, Part II. facebook
Oct 31 2017, 8:20am
Sarah Sanders explains that if we don't like the tax cut for the rich, then the rich can just walk away and not pay, and then we'll be sorry. This is the Whi... facebook
Oct 30 2017, 10:00am
"Donald Trump has created an unprecedented power vacuum in the United States. ... Donald Trump is America’s Boris Yeltsin. The manufacture of a power vacuum,... facebook
Oct 27 2017, 8:50am
"Being friends with white people always involves a fair amount of overlooking ignorance and assuming good intentions. We can’t swear you off altogether becau... facebook
Oct 26 2017, 4:37pm
"He doesn’t just risk conflict or catastrophe, but also the poisoning of a generation with apathy, cynicism, and resentment." facebook
Oct 24 2017, 2:27pm
"The president just mouths off at turns ignorantly and dishonestly, and nobody pays much attention to it" facebook
Oct 24 2017, 12:12pm
This stuff is important, and more people should understand and care. WPA2 was kracked because it was based on a closed standard that you needed to pay to rea... facebook
Oct 22 2017, 5:05pm
On demonizing neither the assaulter nor the victim:"I became a fan of restorative justice. Not because I am some kind of soft-on-crime libtard, but because... facebook
Oct 21 2017, 3:00pm
'Awful as the grifterish mentality and behavior may be, worse is the other part of kakistocracy—inept, corrupt, and disruptive governance." facebook
Oct 18 2017, 9:48am
Yesterday was America's National Pasta Day! So many Flying Spaghetti Monster and separation of church and state jokes missed. Oh well, hopefully next year! facebook
Oct 17 2017, 8:33pm
Natalie Merchant's "Wonder", a gentle song and a video that celebrates women, caring and diversity. facebook
Oct 15 2017, 9:24am
"In the best moments, I think of my scripts as love letters to artists. I want to give them the best story possible so that they will have the best time poss... facebook
Oct 11 2017, 9:33am
Great nighttime satellite shots to demonstrate how most of Puerto Rico has been in the dark for over 21 days. facebook
Oct 10 2017, 2:39pm
Lawrence Lessig's post starts off like it's going to be supportive of Clinton's "What Happened" but by the end it's pretty scathing (not just of her). facebook
Oct 9 2017, 10:06am
"I find regulations around nonsensical categories like 'assault weapons' (a term made up for political press, not actually a kind of gun), or the 'we demand ... facebook
Oct 5 2017, 5:15pm
Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2017 Click through, you'll be glad you did. facebook
Oct 3 2017, 8:31pm
"So nothing gets done, and preventable deaths keep occurring." facebook
Oct 3 2017, 8:39am
"Americans nationwide agreed that years of taking no measures whatsoever to prevent mass shootings may finally be paying off." facebook
Oct 1 2017, 5:22pm
"Apparently, whatever sleep does, it's so basic to survival that even diffuse neural networks need to do it." Yonatan Zunger facebook
Oct 1 2017, 5:03pm
If I were Kim Jong-un, I'd consider the president's words. Maybe it really is a waste of time to negotiate with the United States while Trump is its presiden... facebook
Sep 30 2017, 5:12pm
At our local CERT class (it's "SAFE" in Milpitas) we got to the part about checking for medical conditions by looking for medical alert bracelets before assi... facebook
Sep 29 2017, 10:36pm
Nice of YouTube to show me this 2017 Remastered Bladerunner album. I can't believe it's 35 years old. Vangelis's music is ageless. facebook
Sep 29 2017, 6:16pm
A little National Coffee Day trivia for you: By the gram of coffee beans, my cold brew (30g/cuppa) is half as efficient as my AeroPress (15g/cuppa). But cold... facebook
Sep 29 2017, 7:23am
Happy National Coffee Day! ☕ facebook
Sep 27 2017, 10:52am
Enrollment for 2018 Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare) starts November 1 and ends December 15. Trump reduced the advertising funds by 90% to announce when... facebook
Sep 26 2017, 9:53pm
Wise words. Your stuff has little value. facebook
Sep 26 2017, 7:46pm
The anime Blade Runner Black Out 2022 is out. facebook
Sep 26 2017, 9:00am
How does our current president's race baiting and war mongering compare to that of previous modern presidents? facebook
Sep 25 2017, 8:49am
"Donald Trump does not give a shit about whether or not anyone stands, kneels ... on the American flag" Caitlin JohnstoneI don't actually like Caitlin John... facebook
Sep 23 2017, 12:35am
Analyze the movie "mother!" all you want. It's a perfect example of the terribleness of other people when you're an introvert. facebook
Sep 18 2017, 10:18pm
You guys, take a moment and absorb this: We literally have to cache science away from America while Trump is president. How did we ever allow this to become ... facebook
Sep 16 2017, 9:44pm
I just listened to Rage Against the Machine's 1999 song, "Sleep Now In The Fire", (sorta) performed live on Wall Street where some guy holds up a "Trump for ... facebook
Sep 16 2017, 10:56am
Even-handed and educational. Know your hate groups. Some icons started out that way, some didn't. facebook
Sep 16 2017, 9:14am
Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo fame is directing a short Blade Runner anime. facebook
Sep 13 2017, 12:58pm
Zannah Aensland, Loish's second kickstarter got funded in four minutes. facebook
Sep 12 2017, 9:44pm
A FOIA document shows the Heritage Foundation wrote to Sessions & said voter fraud commission should exclude Democrats & "mainstream Republicans" facebook
Sep 11 2017, 8:02pm
h/t Zannah Aensland facebook
Sep 11 2017, 8:24am
The hovertext is on the nose, too. facebook
Sep 8 2017, 11:33pm
I see what the LGBT community is going through in Australia with the postal plebiscite, and at first I think, that's one thing that America actually settled ... facebook
Sep 7 2017, 9:13am
"In the meantime, please enjoy watching this robot fall over" ...and fail to block the ball. There's something I really love about that. facebook
Sep 6 2017, 11:58am
Got to see the X level 9.something solar flare happening now. facebook
Sep 3 2017, 3:08pm
h/t David Johansson facebook
Aug 31 2017, 9:15am
I subscribe to the President's "1600 Daily" and it asks that we share this page of Hurricane Harvey Rumor Control. facebook
Aug 31 2017, 9:08am
I love things like this: Replicating a big government projects with open source software. facebook
Aug 21 2017, 10:17am
I keep snifffing for the smoke and ash. When the sky is like this, that means a forest fire, right? facebook
Aug 21 2017, 8:45am
Your iris has a sphincter muscle. facebook
Aug 20 2017, 12:16pm
It's sort of reassuring to know that even the Japanese can foul up Godzilla as much as the Americans. I just watched Shin Godzilla, and while it came closer ... facebook
Aug 18 2017, 9:02pm
What's the last four weeks been like for the U.S. President? Here's a handy review! facebook
Aug 16 2017, 7:53pm
Have you guys heard about "crown shyness"? It's when trees create rivers of open space between their crowns so that trees don't overlap each others' branches... facebook
Aug 15 2017, 9:01pm
Trump is saying there are ways to be good, intolerant White Supremacists. This is not OK. This intolerance extends to attitudes about gender, gender identity... facebook
Aug 15 2017, 4:05pm
"The admissions procedures at these schools don’t determine which students get the benefit of a better education; the perception of a better education is its... facebook
Aug 14 2017, 8:43am
"We will not be replaced!" If not, can you be educated and corrected then? facebook
Aug 12 2017, 9:09pm
Pro-Tip: Suppose the .srt subtitle track you're trying to use just isn't working. It might be in an encoding your video player doesn't understand. Open it in... facebook
Aug 11 2017, 12:25am
Quick: Trump on opioid abuse: Is this quote satire or not? "The opioid crisis is an emergency and I'm saying officially right now it is an emergency. We're g... facebook
Aug 4 2017, 3:23pm
Inspiring and quirky ballpoint pen drawings of Japan by Yukihiro Tada. facebook
Aug 1 2017, 9:50am
Click through, you'll be glad you did. facebook
Aug 1 2017, 9:03am
"Court costs and other semi-official aspects of the legal system do not plunge people into life-altering cycles of debt by accident. These have always been t... facebook
Jul 31 2017, 8:25am
On Surfing, parallel parking, software projects and the sunk cost fallacy:Chris Baus recently wrote "I consider software projects to be like surfing. Your ... facebook
Jul 29 2017, 8:41am
From this reddit discussion of what McCain did to the reconciliation bill: "So McCain was actually the fucking hero all along?" "McCain just pulled a Snape." facebook
Jul 27 2017, 10:56pm
"When we have been pushed down for so long, it can become impossible to see whose hands are keeping us there. Is it really welfare queens or immigrant labore... facebook
Jul 27 2017, 10:54pm
I don't know when I'm ever going to go back to hot coffee. I've been drinking iced cold brew for the past few weeks, and today I just had my first iced cold ... facebook
Jul 22 2017, 8:55pm
"Trump’s statement in early 2016 that he “could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and… wouldn’t lose voters” has turned out to be prescien... facebook
Jul 20 2017, 7:43pm
"The Trump administration didn’t think my years of science and policy experience were better suited to accounts receivable. It sidelined me in the hope that ... facebook
Jul 19 2017, 8:39am
Our master negotiator businessman of a president didn't bring his own interpreter to the secret meeting with Putin? How is that even...? How could you not, i... facebook
Jul 14 2017, 8:05pm
"White House releases sensitive personal information of voters worried about their sensitive personal information" facebook
Jul 13 2017, 9:55am
Vanlal Tochhawng, have you heard this episode of Revisionist History about the 1943 Bengali famine? facebook
Jul 11 2017, 7:58am
Here’s every total solar eclipse happening in your lifetime. facebook
Jul 10 2017, 10:07am
"Culture and values flow from the top, like in any hierarchal organization. Since long before he became President, Trump has been setting personal loyalty as... facebook
Jul 10 2017, 8:48am
Oh, wow. This is intriguing. First I've heard of it. facebook
Jul 7 2017, 8:08am
"So now, when Trump flagrantly violates ethics rules, breaks laws on a daily basis, and even conspires against his own country, there is sweet fuck-all to be... facebook
Jul 3 2017, 10:30pm
My big brother, Randy, called me on Friday afternoon, talking about investing and taking care of his family. He said that he dreamt about Mom and Dad, and th... facebook
Jul 3 2017, 8:42am
https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/the-real-reason-the-elites-keep-killing-single-payer-1fbaa24c2c22 facebook
Jul 1 2017, 11:19am
Flip up sights for an AR on the side of a C9 for holding it sideways while shooting. Close them when jabbing it forward while shooting, open them when you wa... facebook
Jun 29 2017, 8:31pm
"The Court today ... leads us instead to a place whereseparation of church and state is a constitutional slogan,not a constitutional commitment. I dissent.... facebook
Jun 28 2017, 8:34am
We're still happy customers of rsync.net, backing up from Linux, macOS, and Windows to their servers. I don't benefit from this endorsement, but in this time... facebook
Jun 28 2017, 8:04am
“Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought.To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears.To be led by a fool is to be led by... facebook
Jun 27 2017, 7:34am
It starts with "This is my daughter Rebecca in 2013. She was 5¼ years old when I took this, and less than three days later, she almost died on an ER bed." a... facebook
Jun 25 2017, 11:20pm
I really like the idea behind Reddit's r/changemyview. You post your view on something, and invite others to respectfully change your view. If they succeed, ... facebook
Jun 24 2017, 5:04pm
I overlayed the post-election Trump Rally locations over the New York Times' article about which counties most resemble the past vs. those that most resemble... facebook
Jun 24 2017, 1:12pm
Kevin Drum's thoughtful critique of Trumpcare. facebook
Jun 23 2017, 2:56pm
"The motto of the United States is not, in fact, “Fuck you, I got mine.” It was, and should have remained, “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one. We’re all Am... facebook
Jun 19 2017, 9:56pm
Oh, man, my inner 14yo can't stop laughing. facebook
Jun 16 2017, 10:51pm
Every time I think of diving into JavaScript, I see a video like this that shows various handy ways of avoiding confusion because the value of "this" is dete... facebook
Jun 15 2017, 7:19pm
That wail in Wonder Woman's theme song is supposed to be evocative of a Banshee wail. facebook
Jun 15 2017, 1:45pm
From the winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2016. Here's a direct link to the climbing photo: https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2017/06/winners-of-... facebook
Jun 14 2017, 12:03am
"I believe that [Alex Honnold's free solo ascent of El Capitan] should also be celebrated as one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever." facebook
Jun 9 2017, 6:07pm
I think Americans would be wise to pretend President Trump said this, and to reflect on what they think is right. It's a straight-up surrender of some human ... facebook
Jun 9 2017, 11:53am
"Will there be a hearing on the health care proposal?" I'm not a fan of images of text, but this is too important not to share. (Taken for a transcript of th... facebook
Jun 6 2017, 8:06pm
"What we do know is clear: Winner is accused of serving as a journalistic source for a leading American news outlet about a matter of critical public importa... facebook
Jun 5 2017, 9:10am
Good local leaders start the process to recoverty. facebook
Jun 4 2017, 8:58pm
"What the world needs is for the U.S. to stay in the Paris Accords." -- Alex Honnold on the importance of having free-soloed El Cap. (I'm not kidding. It's ... facebook
Jun 3 2017, 10:13am
"The Dianas grew in number, emboldened by Teen Vogue thinkpieces." facebook
Jun 3 2017, 8:57am
I accidentally let my letsencrypt certificate expire because I didn't want a cronjob with root privileges doing the renewal. But now I've set up root's cronj... facebook
May 28 2017, 1:45pm
Just imagine having this play structure at your local park, where the kids who wanted to, could try climbing that overhang. facebook
May 18 2017, 9:40am
A blog post combining two of my favorite things: Climbing Gyms and SketchUp. facebook
May 16 2017, 9:24pm
We still live in that ridiculous era where contractors email you a PDF and expect you to print, sign, and fax it back. facebook
May 15 2017, 10:09am
From someone who directly addressed the issue at a social network on how, if hate speech is de facto legal, it silences the weak and amplifies the powerful: ... facebook
May 13 2017, 8:22pm
I just got an email from someone claiming to be a contract killer and I'm on their list, but I can buy my way out. Usually I delete spam, but I don't like ha... facebook
May 13 2017, 7:44pm
So, the global ransomware thing enabled by the U.S. NSA was accidentally stopped by an analyst? (They registered a domain that the ransomware required to be ... facebook
May 12 2017, 7:31am
I just watched Scorsese's powerful movie, "Silence", with Kylo Ren, Spider-Man, and that guy who has a "particular set of skills" in the movie Taken.It's g... facebook
May 11 2017, 2:29am
A possible win for 2020 gerrymandering and policy making without data. Perhaps his replacement will be a believer that 800,000 fake votes went for Clinton, a... facebook
May 7 2017, 9:27pm
My nephew was looking at getting a Batarang fidgit spinner. I told my son he could get a fidgit spinner too, but only if it was a Krull fidgit spinner. He lo... facebook
May 6 2017, 1:39pm
Today's "1600 Daily" links to Trump's "Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty", but if you read it, it reads like Citizen's United for C... facebook
May 6 2017, 10:08am
“We’re going to win so much, [when] you’re going to be so sick [we the rich will be] winning.” - President Trump [predicting the money transfer made possibly... facebook
May 3 2017, 8:54am
Another inspiring Zen Pencils: "Nicola Tesla: Visions of the Future." facebook
May 1 2017, 6:12pm
"I didn't say, 'don't test a missile.' He's going to have to do what he has to do. But he understands we're not going to be very happy. ... Perhaps nothing's... facebook
Apr 27 2017, 9:37am
Feeling optimistic about trends in technology and industry? This is the cure. The title is misleading, it's not a listicle and it's not about Silicon Valley.... facebook
Apr 24 2017, 8:58am
I still receive "Your 1600 Daily" and read the occasional full interview transcript with Trump. And I can see how there's the occasional difference of unders... facebook
Apr 23 2017, 12:13pm
Steve Ballmer recently released USAFacts, and I'm really interested in what we can do with it. "USAFacts is a new data-driven portrait of the American popula... facebook
Apr 21 2017, 7:43pm
How can you not respect ProPublica? They've just released a report on staff diversity. They're going to get some just criticism. But that's the point, isn't ... facebook
Apr 21 2017, 9:10am
Thanks, Ireland, for calling attention to the console command correcting tool thefuck. https://github.com/nvbn/thefuck (As seen in https://medium.com/@hoffa/... facebook
Apr 21 2017, 7:22am
I needed this. Thanks, Vanlal Tochhawng. facebook
Apr 19 2017, 8:16pm
Val M Jamora, have you seen the John Coltrane quote? facebook
Apr 19 2017, 8:15am
TIL: Disney perpetuated the Lemming Suicide myth by staging one in the documentary White Wilderness. Next time I play the computer game Lemmings, I'll say, "... facebook
Apr 16 2017, 11:44pm
Katsushika Hokusai on aging: "When I was 50 I had published a universe of designs, but all I have done before the age of 70 is not worth bothering with. At 7... facebook
Apr 16 2017, 9:55pm
There's no fix for this in Chrome yet. Best to view the URLs in a text-only editor to detect punycode, to avoid phishing. facebook
Apr 16 2017, 10:39am
Watching my guilty pleasure, iZombie, right in the middle of some pretty good tech babble, "So I bytemapped an image of the OS footprint, loaded up a hex edi... facebook
Apr 15 2017, 8:54pm
"Reznor was sent [Johnny Cash's cover of 'Hurt'] while in the studio with Rage Against the Machine’s Zach De La Rocha, and, when the pair sat down to watch i... facebook
Apr 15 2017, 8:37pm
Microsoft's excellent response to the Shadow Brokers disclosure. facebook
Apr 13 2017, 11:09pm
Good or bad, I'd prefer to see transition records maintained and in the public, even government social media accounts. We all make mistakes. I think it looks... facebook
Apr 13 2017, 10:24pm
This is going to end well. facebook
Apr 13 2017, 9:00am
I just read JavaScript's Prototypal Inheritance explained with SASS (CSS extension). So weird to think of people coming in from using CSS extensions first, t... facebook
Apr 9 2017, 3:14pm
How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers' Buttons. It's got edifying JavaScript interactive games. And what I've seen so far is rational behavi... facebook
Apr 6 2017, 10:17pm
I love Zen Pencils. The latest is about Frida Kahlo. facebook
Apr 5 2017, 8:45am
"I told him, 'I want to show you a movie to help you understand my culture and my people,' and I showed him John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China." facebook
Apr 5 2017, 8:23am
Let's remember to keep things in perspective. Trump would still have a ways to go to achieve being our worst president. This is a good read. facebook
Apr 4 2017, 10:50pm
President Trump issued a press release about the sarin gas attack in Syria, and manages to squeeze in a "Thanks, Obama" right in there. Classy, Mr. President. facebook
Apr 4 2017, 7:52am
Respect to the Christian clergy who followed up and said they should own this. We all need to own up if we want to move forward together. facebook
Apr 2 2017, 6:19pm
The first in a four-part series. Note, the Times is not calling for blanket “non-cooperation” with the Trump administration. But it is trying to work within ... facebook
Mar 31 2017, 8:34am
The pairing of "Cheetos" for "All the President's Men" was my responsibility. facebook
Mar 29 2017, 8:57am
These past few weeks, the United States have been working in opposition to this noble goal of the Code of Hammurabi: "so that the strong should not harm the ... facebook
Mar 28 2017, 11:29am
"The White House is calling for immediate budget cuts of $18 billion from programs like medical research, infrastructure and community development grants to ... facebook
Mar 26 2017, 6:00pm
Gina Trapani nailed my JavaScript experience and fears:1. It started off as a cute language on the client side.2. Then became kinda clever with jQuery.3.... facebook
Mar 25 2017, 10:38pm
President Trump really is unhinged. Read his interview with TIME Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer. Some choice quotes:(On the topic of Time magazine... facebook
Mar 23 2017, 7:56pm
New Gorillaz album coming! facebook
Mar 22 2017, 8:35pm
They're called "violin plots", and they visualize probability distributions. But that's never what I see. facebook
Mar 21 2017, 9:09pm
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a non-partisan research and policy institute assess H.R. 1628, the American Health Care Act. facebook
Mar 21 2017, 8:57am
Regarding Tomi Lahren's suspension: "as a Republican ... I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well."I don... facebook
Mar 21 2017, 7:27am
Elliott Noel, these seem fine, right? facebook
Mar 19 2017, 12:39pm
Some of my Indian friends were critiquing the article "Yogi Adityanath's Men Telling Hindus To Rape Dead Muslim Women Is Beyond Shocking". From their convers... facebook
Mar 18 2017, 11:49am
I'm thinking these two highly rated movies should be seen as a double feature: Loving and Get Out. facebook
Mar 18 2017, 9:21am
I got an email from The White House, "Your 1600 Daily", promoting this wonderful piece, "Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will ... facebook
Mar 17 2017, 3:08pm
Netflix said of a title "Recommended based on your interest in Breaking Bad, Inception and Deadwood." I love imagining what a combination of those three show... facebook
Mar 16 2017, 10:31am
I really appreciate it when people post little technical postmortems that include wrong paths taken. facebook
Mar 14 2017, 1:33pm
It bugs me that they're still called "marketing pixels" when they've long stopped being actual (transparent) single pixel images. Just call them tags or noti... facebook
Mar 14 2017, 8:39am
To contrast the liberal articles that Facebooks feeds me, I subscribe to the White House newsletter. But it's really not helping. They only link to Breitbart... facebook
Mar 14 2017, 7:26am
Today in 1593: Best Pi Day ever. (Rounding up, of course.) facebook
Mar 12 2017, 10:54pm
We're in Laniakea, "immeasurable heaven" in Hawaiian. facebook
Mar 12 2017, 10:33pm
So yesterday, my Raspberry Pi went from being 0 seconds off from my other web server to being 4950 seconds behind. No idea why. (If it was daylight savings t... facebook
Mar 12 2017, 11:03am
I upgrade my search engines the way I upgrade my phones. Every other generation. Skip ack and go straight from grep to ag. (The command name is 33% shorter t... facebook
Mar 6 2017, 1:42pm
Finally got far enough in the book not to be spoiled by the excellent Weta images in the article about Seveneves. facebook
Mar 6 2017, 8:57am
Creating software to subvert the law on a corporate level like this infuriates me. facebook
Mar 5 2017, 8:06pm
While I've been able to resist the gamification of... games, I just spent part of today upgrading my CodeClimate GitHub badges, for like, nearly zero practic... facebook
Mar 5 2017, 10:03am
A note on programming language popularity: While Carlo Zapponi hasn't updated http://githut.info/ with info past 2014, the https://www.githubarchive.org/ is ... facebook
Mar 4 2017, 10:45am
A blooming agave plant. They bloom once, for about nine months, and then they die. They never used to bloom in Northern California. facebook
Mar 3 2017, 9:59am
Here's a throwback of me in 2009 saying "Sometimes I search for X-23 and Movie. And then I cry. ... Yeah, let's just make like 5 Punisher movies. And let's j... facebook
Mar 1 2017, 9:37am
Why "The Giving Tree" makes you cry. facebook
Feb 28 2017, 8:47am
A letter to Ivanka from a concerned parent."removing protections for transgender kids is a distraction from the myriad of other super-pressing issues facin... facebook
Feb 27 2017, 8:55am
While receiving the Legendary Leader award, "As we sit here and celebrate what we have done, let’s remember that millions of young people who had the misfort... facebook
Feb 25 2017, 8:16pm
Because "This is not the intelligence assessment the president asked for". Next time, just write whatever pre-conceived notion the President had, OK? facebook
Feb 23 2017, 9:27pm
I'm being asked to re-sign-in to all my Google services. I'm not especially worried, as I recognize everything on the "device-activity" page, my password is ... facebook
Feb 22 2017, 6:55pm
Heh, I can't really blame the author. Let me just step aside of the Baby Boomer v Millenial smackdown. facebook
Feb 21 2017, 4:28pm
I get really tempted to try Amazon Lightsail as I already have a lot of mini sites on my Raspberry Pi and at a shared hosting account at Dreamhost. But... I'... facebook
Feb 21 2017, 8:16am
Timothy O'Leary reminded me of how Trump reminds me of Tom Vu, that infomercial guy. "Trump’s demographic intersects heavily with the infomercial consumer,... facebook
Feb 20 2017, 9:03am
Why are so many barns painted red? facebook
Feb 18 2017, 7:01pm
If the world's got you down, just remember DJ Cummerbund is probably working Randy Savage into another awesome mix. facebook
Feb 16 2017, 8:26pm
Sometimes I have a hard time believing this is real. facebook
Feb 16 2017, 12:30am
Why voice your dissent with Trumpism even if you're a middle-class white Christian male? So your dissent can be seen. "10% of people will always be heroes;... facebook
Feb 15 2017, 9:14am
Warren Buffett's Best Investment, by Bill and Melinda Gates facebook
Feb 15 2017, 8:52am
There's a part of me that really likes the idea of the A-10 getting a refresh. facebook
Feb 14 2017, 9:14pm
John Oliver makes a compelling case here. facebook
Feb 14 2017, 9:06am
Trump's response to an international challenge. No communique needed after all. More importantly of his immediate audience, "they've paid me a fortune." facebook
Feb 9 2017, 11:24pm
Here's an excellent blockchain primer. facebook
Feb 8 2017, 8:23am
Donating to the ACLU whenever Trump gets your goat is probably my favorite use of the Amazon Dash button yet. facebook
Feb 7 2017, 7:56pm
I love project post-mortems. This one from Cards Against Humanity is excellent. facebook
Feb 6 2017, 8:01pm
To fix the problem with the very dishonest media's underreporting of the Bowling Green Massacre, the White House is providing a list of underreported terrori... facebook
Feb 5 2017, 8:28pm
Elliott Noel, Remember when you posted a Javascript technique for deep copies that involved serializing to and from JSON? Then we did some library comparison... facebook
Feb 1 2017, 7:35am
A visualization of the emotional arcs of the past ten U.S. presidential inaugural addresses. (Not sure I agree, but I think it's an interesting visualization.) facebook
Jan 30 2017, 8:48pm
http://lolsnaps.com/upload_pic/d6a53b0b-brilliant.jpeg facebook
Jan 28 2017, 12:12pm
Re: Trying to resist the projection of the worst onto other groups:"This is the fight that we wage against ourselves and each other. Because America is not... facebook
Jan 28 2017, 12:14am
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest... facebook
Jan 27 2017, 5:31pm
This XKCD comic is brilliantly constructed. If you wanted, you could interpret "Sad" as referring to "Seasonal Affective Disorder". Or you could read the clu... facebook
Jan 26 2017, 7:23am
Trump is sticking to his massive voting fraud story to justify new national voter ID laws. I think that should send chills down the spine of everyone that be... facebook
Jan 22 2017, 5:45pm
Note to self: Here's a John Scalzi link dump. His thoughts before Trump took office.1. http://whatever.scalzi.com/2016/11/16/checking-in-eight-days-on/2. ... facebook
Jan 21 2017, 8:25am
Persuasion techniques of demagogues:1. Tell people about their pain. Amplify it.2. Give them a scapegoat.3. Say you're the only one who can fix it if the... facebook
Jan 20 2017, 10:29pm
This petition looks like it'll meet its goal in its first 24 hours. facebook
Jan 20 2017, 9:00am
"All of us, regardless of party, should throw ourselves into that work — the joyous work of citizenship. Not just when there’s an election, not just when our... facebook
Jan 19 2017, 10:57pm
What would you do with your own black hole? facebook
Jan 19 2017, 10:19pm
"The Comey letter corresponded with a sharp decline in Clinton's polling, of a large enough magnitude to change the election result. The media gave dispropor... facebook
Jan 19 2017, 1:11am
"We believe there is an objective truth, and we will hold you to that." from "An open letter to Trump from the US press corps" facebook
Jan 18 2017, 10:00pm
I'm trying out Pi Hole to block advertising to the household. So far, so good. facebook
Jan 17 2017, 8:42am
You Draw It: What got better or worse during Obama's presidency? facebook
Jan 17 2017, 8:27am
So I just learned about Giuliani Security and Safety's website. Another reminder that As hire As, and Bs hire Cs. We finally get to see what happens when the... facebook
Jan 16 2017, 3:33pm
"These days, everybody needs a side hustle." facebook
Jan 14 2017, 9:13am
For those who couldn't catch the whole thing live, and don't want to sit through a video: President Obama's Farewell Address facebook
Jan 13 2017, 10:29am
The world's top human rights groups just delivered over one million signatures to President Obama asking him to pardon Snowden. facebook
Jan 11 2017, 3:50pm
This is interesting. At first, I found it counterintuitive. facebook
Jan 8 2017, 11:21pm
I noticed something small but thoughtful that Obama did in his recent message to the American people. facebook
Jan 8 2017, 10:46pm
Noodle's latest. facebook
Jan 8 2017, 10:19pm
"Tolerance, viewed as a moral absolute, amounts to renouncing the right to self-protection; but viewed as a peace treaty, it can be the basis of a stable soc... facebook
Jan 8 2017, 12:04am
Mark Hamill reads Trump's "Happy New Year" wish. facebook
Jan 6 2017, 8:45am
A note from the outgoing administration. facebook
Jan 6 2017, 12:15am
I open-sourced a website that animates the answer to my son's middle-school trigonometry question. (Not a teacher's question, but a question two kids were po... facebook
Jan 2 2017, 8:42pm
This has been bugging me: Given a circle sector where 1.9 < θ < 3.14 radians, and position it with the tip down, how high up would you make a horizontal slic... facebook
Dec 31 2016, 10:47am
This is a great post to start the new year. Please click through, it's shorter than you might thing, and oh so worth it. facebook
Dec 31 2016, 10:32am
Choice quote about why to learn Modern Standard English: "I want you to learn the prestige dialect of English, and be able to speak it and sound pitch-perfec... facebook
Dec 29 2016, 8:02am
When I woke up this morning, my head was playing "The Trial" by Pink Floyd. Especially these lyrics and the lyrics that followed:The evidence before the co... facebook
Dec 28 2016, 11:06pm
A nice piece about Rex Tillerson. facebook
Dec 28 2016, 9:27pm
Happy birthday! facebook
Dec 28 2016, 9:17pm
I just told my son that if he walks without rhythm, it won't attract the worm. Not only does he not know that it's a Dune reference, he also doesn't know it'... facebook
Dec 28 2016, 9:33am
Happy birthday David!!!! facebook
Dec 26 2016, 8:21pm
Two wonderful things in 2016 (both with links):1. There's a web version of SketchUp now! (I love SketchUp. A world-class 3D modelling app is hosted in the ... facebook
Dec 25 2016, 8:06pm
This is the Republican National Committee calling Trump the new king (not President Elect), and comparing him to Jesus Christ. facebook
Dec 24 2016, 9:55am
Two things about this tweet from Mr. I'll "Let You Know" If I Concede If I Lose: One: Not only does Putin side with Trump against the democrats, but Trump ... facebook
Dec 21 2016, 1:29pm
H.R. 1150 now even calls out protection for Humanists! It's very gratifying to see such inclusiveness. (Now to get him to pardon Snowden.) facebook
Dec 18 2016, 11:30pm
Go straight to 55m08s. (Hint, append #55m08s to the URL if you click through.) Enjoy before it gets taken down. facebook
Dec 18 2016, 7:32pm
Yonatan Zunger writes, "What's unusual about this story isn't that an American oil executive is also chairman of the board of a second, joint US-Russian, oil... facebook
Dec 18 2016, 9:10am
http://explosm.net/comics/4493/ facebook
Dec 17 2016, 10:16pm
While campaigning, Trump explained the loss carry-over use as Clinton's fault. "She, as a Senator, didn't make me pay more taxes. I was just being a good bus... facebook
Dec 17 2016, 9:10pm
"Donald Trump is like a 'Post Tortoise'." facebook
Dec 17 2016, 9:07pm
If you're into software, this is worth reading, even if you already knew what makes Lisp great. facebook
Dec 10 2016, 11:14pm
Please take the time to read this blog post on the Trump transition team’s response to the news that the CIA believes Russia interfered with the election wit... facebook
Dec 10 2016, 7:47pm
I want to make a playlist of these songs. facebook
Dec 10 2016, 6:33pm
Teen Vogue killed it. facebook
Dec 10 2016, 10:32am
Who can answer this without looking it up?Guaraldi : Schulz :: C418 : ? facebook
Dec 3 2016, 2:51pm
Esp. for Elliott Noel, was browsing for chess sets and found this. facebook
Dec 1 2016, 5:12pm
The Array of Conflicts of Interest facing the Trump Presidency facebook
Nov 29 2016, 9:20pm
SpecOut seems like a pretty good site for doing comparison shopping. facebook
Nov 29 2016, 5:52pm
Good article: Trump’s lies have a purpose. They are an assault on democracy.h/t to Daryl Spitzer, who usually goes uncredited when I link stuff like this b... facebook
Nov 27 2016, 7:08pm
The thing about Trump's "I won the popular vote, too" tweet is this: He's literally broadcasting how easily manipulated he is. He was suddenly fine with not ... facebook
Nov 26 2016, 8:35am
From Reddit, "man outside a Texan mosque". facebook
Nov 25 2016, 7:54am
Explosm take on Black Friday. facebook
Nov 24 2016, 11:54am
This wearable Rosetta Disk is pretty awesome. facebook
Nov 24 2016, 11:35am
Thanks, Elliott Noel, I've been binging on DJ Cummerbund. facebook
Nov 23 2016, 12:05pm
"Violence and chaos and aggressive wording is what people are attracted to." Celebrating super great election sales of inciting paranoia and violence. (Not n... facebook
Nov 23 2016, 10:07am
"[Trump] shouldn’t be scolding the media. He should be handing out cigars." facebook
Nov 23 2016, 8:46am
A sensible post from Senator Sasse. facebook
Nov 22 2016, 6:10pm
Apparently this is real. And you can see video of the president working on his friendship bracelet, too, down in the replies. facebook
Nov 22 2016, 5:20pm
"When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything." facebook
Nov 22 2016, 8:42am
Mike Kobb, Chris Zamara, have you seen this? Don't let the title throw you. The pictures and stories inside are awesome. facebook
Nov 21 2016, 4:27pm
This is encouraging. facebook
Nov 21 2016, 8:24am
Understanding the fake news problem, by Paul Ford. facebook
Nov 19 2016, 12:24pm
It's bad enough here in the liberal California echo chamber. I can't imagine what it's like in Washington D.C, where over 95% didn't vote for Trump, and here... facebook
Nov 16 2016, 9:03am
Nice rant from Wil Wheaton. facebook
Nov 15 2016, 8:31pm
Just one snippet partway down: "at a basic level: you do not give someone with a financial interest to work against U.S. policy access to sensitive informati... facebook
Nov 12 2016, 9:54pm
https://twitter.com/jonnysun/status/797198272079298568 facebook
Nov 12 2016, 9:50am
Why are democrats claiming Trump can't appoint his kids as heads of any Cabinet agency, or nominate his close relative as a Supreme Court Justice? While ther... facebook
Nov 11 2016, 8:57am
Introducing the new, lower calorie Toblerone. facebook
Nov 11 2016, 8:38am
"When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything." facebook
Nov 10 2016, 8:40pm
"Still, it is clear that the places that voted for Trump are under greater economic stress, and the places that swung most toward Trump are those where jobs ... facebook
Nov 9 2016, 9:55pm
According to the "Income" section of this exit poll, the narrative that this was a rebellion by the economically marginalized is merely an ennobling lie. The... facebook
Nov 9 2016, 12:10pm
When I was watching the election coverage last night, all the pundits agreed, "this is about the populace being discontent with the status quo in Washington.... facebook
Nov 9 2016, 9:17am
"We in the media have blood on our hands..." facebook
Nov 9 2016, 9:11am
http://theoatmeal.com/comics/plane facebook
Nov 9 2016, 6:44am
Thoughts from the editor of The New Yorker. facebook
Nov 8 2016, 8:28pm
Well, that's the trick. Keep making higher education inaccessible, corral all the already educated voters into fewer districts in fewer states, and the Repub... facebook
Nov 8 2016, 4:01pm
Ha, the JavaScript console output of Hillary Clinton's site is pretty amusing. (For those who know how: Click through and view the console.) facebook
Nov 7 2016, 9:42pm
North Carolina appears to be rockin' the minority voter suppression. Other conservative states should take note. facebook
Nov 7 2016, 8:27am
Newspaper Presidential Endorsements from 1980 to 2016 facebook
Nov 5 2016, 11:35am
While I generally agree with the LifeHacker post "Stop Using iCloud", I absolutely cannot believe this part to be true: "When you turn off the Documents and ... facebook
Nov 5 2016, 2:09am
In addition to the "phone app" version of the Anathem Glossary I made, http://anathem.dlma.com/, I just created an Anathem Glossary .mobi file to install on ... facebook
Nov 4 2016, 10:05am
http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2016/11/4/13500018/clinton-email-scandal-bullshit facebook
Nov 3 2016, 8:53am
2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest, Part II: facebook
Oct 22 2016, 4:03pm
I love the moment in the NPR interview with Black Mirror's creator, Charlie Booker, where he and Terry Gross both casually note that Booker predicted the sur... facebook
Oct 21 2016, 11:09am
Another analysis of some moments in the third debate. facebook
Oct 19 2016, 8:54am
How should you really respond to unlicensed poll watchers? You'll see a lot of pithy images over the next few days that refer to very old FBI posts, like thi... facebook
Oct 18 2016, 9:02am
How the Arizona paper that endorsed Clinton responds to the threats after their endorsement. facebook
Oct 14 2016, 9:14pm
Just look! facebook
Oct 13 2016, 10:24pm
Bill Gates shares four moonshots that government should invest in to accelerate innovation. facebook
Oct 13 2016, 8:54pm
Trump could be just as dangerous in defeat has he could be in victory. He's priming his supporters to believe the election was stolen from them, and that thi... facebook
Oct 11 2016, 8:44am
Despite the hyperbolic headline, it's worth reading. facebook
Oct 10 2016, 8:51am
For those who don't have the context about Donald Trump and the Central Part Five. facebook
Oct 9 2016, 2:32pm
What do we want?Brains!When do we want them?Brains!"Stagger Slide", Dance Band facebook
Oct 9 2016, 1:33am
The 21st Century's 100 best Movies. I really like this list, makes me feel like I'm not so alone with some of my favorites.It includes one movie (I didn't ... facebook
Oct 8 2016, 10:00pm
"It is not only acceptable to choose your country over your party, it is your duty." Arnold Schwarzenegger facebook
Oct 7 2016, 10:02pm
Yahoo and Trump: UnremittingI have a friend who brags that nothing can bring Yahoo's stock price down. Not the revelation that they sat on a 500,000,000 em... facebook
Oct 6 2016, 9:31am
“The average American … does not think crime is down, does not think they are safer,” Gingrich replied.“But we are safer, and it is down,” Camerota retorted... facebook
Sep 30 2016, 9:43am
Two isolated Americas, a short insightful post with great photos. https://medium.com/@Chris_arnade/two-isolated-americas-fae2720fb48#.x6dwhsy8z facebook
Sep 29 2016, 7:43pm
One choice quote: “'Had we taken the oil … and we should have taken the oil … they wouldn’t have even formed,' Trump said. That, of course, would be a war cr... facebook
Sep 29 2016, 7:26am
GQ published a sexist climbing fashion article, and Outdoor Research answered with the perfect response. (Both the perfectly matched photos and captions are ... facebook
Sep 27 2016, 8:04pm
After upgrading to iOS 10.0.2, my Klipsch R6i's 3-button remote stopped working. But when I connected an Apple branded headphone, its 3-button remote would w... facebook
Sep 23 2016, 8:49pm
"Looking back, it’s remarkable to realize that, in response to a single day of terror, Washington set the Middle East ablaze, turned air travel into a form o... facebook
Sep 22 2016, 9:31am
A good, concise article: How To Get Better At What You Do, Every Single Day. facebook
Sep 19 2016, 9:08am
I've seen a few of these articles about the F-35. facebook
Sep 14 2016, 7:30am
I amuse myself by replacing "amateur hack" with "artisanal hand-crafted product". facebook
Sep 11 2016, 10:06pm
Today Aaron explained to the family how Dr. Hannibal Lecter is like Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Both were brilliant psychiatrists who pivoted careers towards psycho... facebook
Sep 11 2016, 12:17am
Forests before the war were thousands of meters high. What you are actually looking at are merely thirty-meter bushes in front of an Yggdrasil-like stump. facebook
Sep 9 2016, 11:33pm
I don't know what the people who didn't like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies were expecting. I felt like it hit the right mix. It didn't disappoint. facebook
Sep 7 2016, 8:05pm
There's a sequel to Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop! In case you haven't seen that one, here it is: facebook
Sep 4 2016, 8:24pm
I don't even know what to add. I really loved George Carlin. Worst. Timing. Ever. facebook
Sep 2 2016, 9:00am
Worth the read. facebook
Aug 30 2016, 8:19pm
Some people model with clay to de-stress. Some people break out their easel and a canvas. I had four days left in my trial edition of SketchUp, so I mocked-u... facebook
Aug 28 2016, 10:53am
Here's my favorite thing in Pokemon Go: Sniping gym ownership with Gozer the Gozerian, The Destructor Magikarp.If that didn't make perfect sense:Gozer th... facebook
Aug 27 2016, 10:49pm
I'm going through some old Poorly Drawn Lines. This one's "Small Cat and the Asteroid". facebook
Aug 26 2016, 11:09pm
Six years later, I finally wrote the post describing my TechCrunch Feed Filter. facebook
Aug 26 2016, 2:40pm
Just feel like dropping this here. facebook
Aug 23 2016, 12:29pm
The Ivy Lee method. "At the end of each workday, write down the six most important things you need to accomplish tomorrow." facebook
Aug 23 2016, 7:19am
Nick Denton's last Gawker post. facebook
Aug 22 2016, 9:01pm
When I use my Kaleidescape System, I still go to Cover view just to browse, and enjoy watching the system shuffle similar titles together. Even though they'r... facebook
Aug 21 2016, 2:38pm
I really liked "War Dogs" in the same way I liked "The Big Short". facebook
Aug 19 2016, 2:19pm
“That kid’s amygdala isn’t firing.” facebook
Aug 19 2016, 1:04am
"Of all American homicide victims killed by people they don’t know, approximately one-third of them are victims of the police." facebook
Aug 12 2016, 9:51pm
Aaron's spirit animal. Because clicking is too hard. facebook
Aug 12 2016, 9:36pm
I think I've found my son's spirit animal. Let's see if I can leave three links here.1. The Animal: http://i.imgur.com/ti34c9t.gifv2. Son: http://www.dlma... facebook
Aug 9 2016, 8:51pm
Trump knows full well what he's suggesting, and how his less stable supporters are going to take it. facebook
Aug 9 2016, 8:55am
How things have changed: Household Types, 1970 and 2014, an interactive graphic. Click click. facebook
Aug 8 2016, 8:33am
One of the biggest takeaways I got from the The Constitutional Law Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) taught by Yale's Akhil Reed Amar was that the protest vo... facebook
Aug 4 2016, 9:03pm
This post on the life of Fritz Haber is amazing. Read it. facebook
Jul 31 2016, 9:57pm
This new technology is really cool. They shape glass so that the light passing through it creates whatever patterns they want. Watch the video. facebook
Jul 30 2016, 10:25pm
Clear and concise. facebook
Jul 30 2016, 10:19pm
The claim is that a series of 27 non-political questions will determine where you fall on the liberal-conservative spectrum. Would you rather eat a piece of ... facebook
Jul 27 2016, 7:59am
An opinion presented by an anthropologist based on patterns in human history. facebook
Jul 24 2016, 10:33pm
When I wrote an update to my remote-backup strategy post, I'd forgotten that rsync.net was the first commercial company to issue a warrant canary. http://dav... facebook
Jul 24 2016, 9:59pm
This is really charming! Set aside 14 minutes of your time, and enjoy. https://youtu.be/23KufSqo6cQ h/t Vanlal Tochhawng facebook
Jul 24 2016, 8:37pm
I finally got my own Lamarr! I'm never going to trade him! #HL2 facebook
Jul 22 2016, 9:13pm
"It’s what happens when weaponised insincerity is applied to structured ignorance." facebook
Jul 22 2016, 8:47pm
This is fascinating. I love the idea that a recent discovery makes us have to re-think what we thought we knew for the past 150 years. facebook
Jul 17 2016, 8:48pm
This is a great essay. Deep thoughts out of what was otherwise hate-linking. facebook
Jul 16 2016, 12:13pm
Aaron as "dejected Ash" because Pokemon Go servers are so sporadic today. facebook
Jul 14 2016, 9:40pm
My son got a Headcrab in Pokemon Go! I'm so jealous! Really, really want one, too. I'm going to name mine Lamarr. (Pokemon misspelled it as "kabuto" though.) facebook
Jul 11 2016, 9:52am
The Apollo 11 Guidance Computer source code has been uploaded to GitHub. Qi Chen then posted this amazing mashup to Ozymandius. facebook
Jul 9 2016, 9:37am
While on vacation, we passed by the Deus Ex Machina coffee shop, and I'd remembered reading this enjoyable little article about something that happened there... facebook
Jul 8 2016, 5:40pm
There was a time when The Onion re-ran the "‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens" post whenever there was a certain type o... facebook
Jul 7 2016, 10:59am
For New York's July 4th celebration, Pitbull performed Messin' Around, the story of the serendipitous outing of two hedonists. "You've been cheating on me? O... facebook
Jul 3 2016, 1:17pm
I was with this essay until the very last line. facebook
Jul 2 2016, 9:05am
This is a supremely disappointing ruling: A criminal defendant does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy on their computer if it is connected to the ... facebook
Jun 29 2016, 8:46am
You know what legacy I want to leave my kids? Repealing the Dickey Amendment. After every gun violence tragedy, there's all this talk about terrorism, hate, ... facebook
Jun 28 2016, 9:00am
My current favorite comic from Poorly Drawn Lines. Sasha. facebook
Jun 26 2016, 8:40pm
To prepare for Suicide Club, I watched Joss Whedon's movie about the violent, psychotic woman with a telepathic link to a desperate convict, "In Your Eyes".... facebook
Jun 23 2016, 9:27pm
USA Version: They just voted to Make England Great Again. facebook
Jun 19 2016, 11:27am
Cheers, Pop. You were gentle, loving, and generous to the end. Nobody knew that better than Mom and me. While I don't live up to the standard you set, I don'... facebook
Jun 17 2016, 7:56am
We now spend more at eating establishments then at the grocery store. http://qz.com/706550/no-one-cooks-anymore/ facebook
Jun 16 2016, 9:02am
I used to wonder if Australia's success with gun reform could ever translate to the U.S. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/4ob8o4/serious_australia... facebook
Jun 8 2016, 7:11am
It's fun to watch the thought process of the computer play chess with you. http://flowingdata.com/2016/06/08/play-chess-against-the-machine-and-see-what-its-... facebook
Jun 8 2016, 7:11am
It's fun to watch the thought process of the computer play chess with you. facebook
Jun 3 2016, 8:14pm
My wife has to go to work tonight. So it's just going to be me and Roger Waters tonight. (I've waited a long time to watch this.) facebook
Jun 3 2016, 8:14pm
My wife has to go to work tonight. So it's just going to be me and Roger Waters tonight. (I've waited a long time to watch this.) https://youtu.be/jZgJqX8Dxzg facebook
May 30 2016, 5:37pm
Carpenter bees love my house as much as I do! facebook
May 29 2016, 8:25am
If you enjoyed the Science Fiction movie Primer, you may enjoy the low-budget movie Synchronicity. It advertises itself as a mind-bending 'Sci-fi Noir' in th... facebook
May 29 2016, 8:25am
If you enjoyed the Science Fiction movie Primer, you may enjoy the low-budget movie Synchronicity. It advertises itself as a mind-bending 'Sci-fi Noir' in th... facebook
May 18 2016, 9:00am
What if your country's leader hated your race? Consider these nightmares. facebook
May 18 2016, 9:00am
What if your country's leader hated your race? Consider these nightmares. https://medium.com/@seoulbrother/my-long-national-nightmare-a07a7f845ac0#.ay506l21b facebook
May 17 2016, 1:40pm
Really like this article on the price of housing in San Francisco. facebook
May 17 2016, 1:40pm
Really like this article on the price of housing in San Francisco. https://medium.com/newco/a-guy-just-transcribed-30-years-of-for-rent-ads-heres-what-it-tau... facebook
May 15 2016, 5:35am
We're packed and ready to go! Banana for scale. facebook
May 14 2016, 5:00pm
On the one hand, I'm proud of my work. On the other hand, I hope I'm not contributing to the end of humanity. facebook
May 14 2016, 5:00pm
On the one hand, I'm proud of my work. On the other hand, I hope I'm not contributing to the end of humanity. http://www.businessinsider.com/we-watch-netflix... facebook
May 12 2016, 8:41am
In today's episode of Explosm, the credits say the part of God was played by John Galt. (It's NSFW.) http://explosm.net/show/episode/201/eden facebook
May 12 2016, 8:41am
In today's episode of Explosm, the credits say the part of God was played by John Galt. (It's NSFW.) facebook
May 9 2016, 7:21am
"What it really comes down to is the political reality that we have a political class that feels it must inoculate itself against allegations of weakness." facebook
May 9 2016, 7:21am
"What it really comes down to is the political reality that we have a political class that feels it must inoculate itself against allegations of weakness."... facebook
May 8 2016, 6:24pm
"Trump isn't really that bad. He didn't mean those things he said!" facebook
May 7 2016, 11:41am
Darn you, Apple. Apple finally forcibly revoked my legacy Apple ID at iCloud (which was not an email address, and contained a period). I had to use an email ... facebook
May 4 2016, 8:45am
I was raised in one of the weirdest cities in America, promptly escaped, and landed in a whole new region, that also turns out to be one of the weirdest plac... facebook
Apr 8 2016, 7:28am
Love this series of statues called, "Force of Nature". facebook
Mar 27 2016, 9:01am
I just explained to my wife how Ladybaby might not what she expects, unless she expects Ladybeard crossed with BABYMETAL. Then it's exactly what she expects.... facebook
Mar 26 2016, 10:35pm
Remember our local domestic terrorist who had procured explosives and assembled a bomb, and had made specific threats to kill all the members of a local mosq... facebook
Mar 22 2016, 7:29am
"In fact, we have a leading presidential contender who seems like the embodiment of an online comments section." Walter Isaacson in These Are the Two Origina... facebook
Mar 6 2016, 5:14pm
My son made a new Minecraft challenge. "Dad, you're going to be my first testee." Me, "How many testees are you going to have?" We both giggled. This is wha... facebook
Mar 3 2016, 7:49pm
I'm one of those parents who opted out (filed the objection) of providing his kids' social security numbers. It's cold comfort that there were too many opt-o... facebook
Feb 28 2016, 1:06pm
“For Sale, ... one adware-adding, GNU-disrespecting and poorly-built software repository.” facebook
Feb 24 2016, 8:55am
"Principles only mean something if you stick by them when they’re inconvenient." James Allworth facebook
Feb 21 2016, 10:12pm
Santa Clara County Library has a great, flexible search system, I hope they don't make any breaking changes, because I rely on custom URLs like this one to f... facebook
Feb 21 2016, 10:12pm
Santa Clara County Library has a great, flexible search system, I hope they don't make any breaking changes, because I rely on custom URLs like this one to f... facebook
Feb 21 2016, 10:47am
Take a look at El Mauro's Twitter feed. (https://twitter.com/elmauro2011) The poor guy linked his Twitter account to his Delicious activity feed, and Delicio... facebook
Feb 21 2016, 10:47am
Take a look at El Mauro's Twitter feed. (https://twitter.com/elmauro2011) The poor guy linked his Twitter account to his Delicious activity feed, and Delicio... facebook
Feb 21 2016, 10:42am
If trust is important, then it's worth protecting. Watch what a serious key signing ceremony looks like, with commentary by Vinton Cerf. facebook
Feb 20 2016, 12:27pm
My son and I just solved this Vine. It was super fun. https://vine.co/v/iv9KVEIYZLI facebook
Feb 20 2016, 12:27pm
My son and I just solved this Vine. It was super fun. facebook
Feb 20 2016, 12:19pm
Going through the mail, my wife noted all of these ads for services like GrubHub and Munchery. I suggested she read this, and then decided to share with ever... facebook
Feb 15 2016, 6:38pm
Engineers in Seattle are so lazy. They didn't even pound this skyscraper all the way in. facebook
Feb 15 2016, 6:35pm
Another reason to like James Gunn. facebook
Feb 4 2016, 7:23am
I can't decide which I love more, the XL Giant Isopod Realistic Plush pillow, or this Giant Tardigrade Plush pillow. The isopod? Or the Tardigrade‽ facebook
Feb 3 2016, 9:40pm
World of Tomorrow is an Oscar-nominated short animation made by another UCSB alum, and it's available on Netflix. http://www.edhat.com/site/tidbit.cfm?nid=16... facebook
Feb 3 2016, 9:40pm
World of Tomorrow is an Oscar-nominated short animation made by another UCSB alum, and it's available on Netflix. facebook
Jan 30 2016, 9:09am
Somebody's birthday is coming up! Who wouldn't want a giant isopod realistic plush pillow‽ facebook
Jan 24 2016, 8:04am
Here's an article from someone a little grumpy about it because he's a teacher in the trenches, who gets to see how helpless most people are with their compu... facebook
Jan 24 2016, 8:04am
Here's an article from someone a little grumpy about it because he's a teacher in the trenches, who gets to see how helpless most people are with their compu... facebook
Jan 23 2016, 7:34pm
The Paperwork Reduction Act needs to be scraped. facebook
Jan 23 2016, 7:34pm
The Paperwork Reduction Act needs to be scraped. https://medium.com/@cjoh/the-law-everyone-should-hate-f9dd8cc16fc7#.803g89cyu facebook
Jan 22 2016, 9:33pm
I love this guy's videos. This one demonstrates making a cord drill and pump drill. No words needed. facebook
Jan 18 2016, 8:56pm
Language Arts with Dad: Driving my son to karate, we reviewed that "blotto" means "excessively drunk". Then I added the compound noun, "shitfaced", which mea... facebook
Jan 5 2016, 8:36am
Happy birthday to Aaron, the newest teenage hoodlum in the house. The hoodie even looked good on you way back then, son. facebook
Jan 1 2016, 9:51pm
2015 is the last year I back up the family's photos onto local computer, remote Ceph (S3-like) storage, and optical media. For 2016, it's looking like Google... facebook
Dec 31 2015, 6:43pm
I like that San Francisco city hall has a Medallion of Equality represented by an equilateral triangle. facebook
Dec 28 2015, 12:12am
One of my computers has the job of updating DNS records for the rest of the family, since our ISP has the habit of changing our IP address. To that end, to t... facebook
Dec 20 2015, 10:26am
A Holiday story for you. facebook
Dec 20 2015, 10:26am
A Holiday story for you. http://explosm.net/comics/4154/ facebook
Dec 19 2015, 8:53pm
"Sesame Credit" is China's use of gamification to motivate its citizens to toe the line. Not only do you see your own (and everybody else's) score for how go... facebook
Dec 19 2015, 8:53pm
"Sesame Credit" is China's use of gamification to motivate its citizens to toe the line. Not only do you see your own (and everybody else's) score for how go... facebook
Dec 18 2015, 6:51am
I just realized that "come hell or high water" is within spittin' distance of "lord willing and the creek don't rise". They're the same conditions, except th... facebook
Dec 16 2015, 9:00am
Browsing social networks like Facebook doesn't generally make Kati feel happier. In this post, she describes what she thinks is going on, and what she's doin... facebook
Dec 14 2015, 8:43pm
Day after day, Facebook keeps wanting me to repost things I've already posted. There's little point to that. So I set the preferences as Bob Mankoff might've... facebook
Dec 6 2015, 11:31am
Happy 15th birthday Maddie! Hope you've learned how to clean windows a little better than this by now! facebook
Nov 29 2015, 7:07pm
This is one of those vlog commentaries that I can't believe I hadn't come across before. It's only seven and a half minutes, and worth it if your a cinephile. facebook
Nov 29 2015, 1:03pm
Commander Chris Hadfield, xkcd creator Randall Munroe, on a site that serves a GNU Terry Pratchett Clacks Overhead HTTP header (and you probably didn't even ... facebook
Nov 28 2015, 11:31am
I'm an internet old-timer, so this rang true. There's value to hypertext and blogs that we're losing. (Notice that this Facebook post doesn't let me create h... facebook
Nov 25 2015, 8:37pm
Lies, damned lies, and statistics. I was amused to see Fox News referenced as the exemplar liar, but not for the reason you might've thought. facebook
Nov 25 2015, 6:58pm
A true story about covert actions that changed the course of history. It's the stuff of action movies and thrillers. facebook
Nov 17 2015, 9:17pm
I really love the lesson in this tale. facebook
Nov 15 2015, 11:26pm
D&D Monster A-Z: There may be some of you that recognize these. facebook
Nov 14 2015, 4:56pm
Congrats Aaron, you earned it! facebook
Nov 10 2015, 8:25am
Since Starbucks removed the Flying Spaghetti Monster from their red cups, I got my barista to add it herself! Happy Pastaval, everyone! facebook
Nov 8 2015, 9:03pm
One of our top two Republican front runners is defending himself from allegations that he never attempted to murder a child. facebook
Nov 8 2015, 5:03pm
This is a surprisingly charming explanation of just how complicated our immune systems are. Highly recommended! facebook
Nov 8 2015, 5:03pm
This is a surprisingly charming explanation of just how complicated our immune systems are. Highly recommended! https://youtu.be/zQGOcOUBi6s facebook
Oct 29 2015, 7:03am
#TBT 11 years ago, I realized the pure expressive face I caught on my son while he watched his sister enjoy a ride a Great America. facebook
Oct 29 2015, 7:03am
#TBT 11 years ago, I realized the pure expressive face I caught on my son while he watched his sister enjoy a ride a Great America. https://my.dlma.com/2004/1... facebook
Oct 25 2015, 12:16pm
I've updated the old family blog a little bit, and added a "Best Of" section in the right sidebar. When Aaron found it, he loved it, and said, "Maybe when I ... facebook
Oct 20 2015, 7:40pm
So, what'd they think the world would be like today 25 years ago? Let's watch! facebook
Oct 18 2015, 10:58am
Two things that are awesome in 2015? One: genius.com, crowdsourced metadata on song lyrics. So much better than a couple of years ago when searching for lyr... facebook
Oct 18 2015, 10:58am
Two things that are awesome in 2015? One: genius.com, crowdsourced metadata on song lyrics. So much better than a couple of years ago when searching for lyr... facebook
Oct 11 2015, 7:34am
This post was made by David's "Dead Man's Switch." He hasn't been seen online anywhere in a few days.Hopefully everything's OK, please ask him to turn off ... facebook
Oct 7 2015, 10:46pm
So if I'm eating something and bits fall onto the carpet. I stoop down, pick up nearby crumbs and pop them in my mouth, on the chance that they're the crumbs... facebook
Sep 22 2015, 9:42pm
For her birthday, Lillian took the family on a balloon ride! facebook
Sep 12 2015, 4:28pm
Congrats to Aaron for winning 1st place in his age group at Ernie Reyes' Tournament today! Way to go, kid! facebook
Sep 12 2015, 12:19am
Worth every penny. facebook
Sep 6 2015, 11:36am
My son started filling his waffle with blueberries like this. Conway would've thought that waffle would Glide right into his tummy! facebook
Sep 4 2015, 7:34am
This post was made by David's "Dead Man's Switch." He hasn't been seen online anywhere in a few days.Hopefully everything's OK, please ask him to turn off ... facebook
Aug 26 2015, 8:32pm
It's board breaking week at karate. facebook
Aug 22 2015, 7:39pm
In a commentary on the trigger warnings article I mentioned last week, James Richardson wrote, "the privilege not to be offended is no right at all. Moreover... facebook
Aug 20 2015, 1:28am
I just watched Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman's oddly charming "Human Nature", and it was pretty much what I expected. It was weird that I hadn't really n... facebook
Aug 16 2015, 12:19pm
From the article, "vindictive protectiveness ... prepares [students] poorly for professional life, which often demands intellectual engagement with people an... facebook
Aug 16 2015, 12:25am
I re-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Loved it just as much as ever. I may regret this, but I've just enqueued 2001's "Human Nature" the previo... facebook
Aug 15 2015, 1:10am
I recently watched An Honest Liar (http://anhonestliar.com/) a documentary about James ‘The Amazing’ Randi. I really enjoyed most of it, especially the parts... facebook
Aug 8 2015, 7:11pm
One day, I'd like to watch a triple feature of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", and "Inception". facebook
Aug 2 2015, 12:52pm
I really liked Damián Szifron's dark, dark movie, "Wild Tales". Saw it a few days ago, and still laugh with the memories of it. facebook
Aug 2 2015, 12:00pm
I'd been wondering why the moon didn't look like it was lit directly by the sun sometimes! facebook
Jul 17 2015, 5:54am
Secret climbing wall for kids on the Seine, facebook
Jul 12 2015, 6:39am
Sculpture at St. Pancreas Intl. Notice that while they embrace, she's checking her phone? facebook
Jul 9 2015, 2:06am
Me, the Thames, and the Shard facebook
Jul 4 2015, 2:16pm
Flirting, then and now. I transcribed a conversation I had with my son yesterday. https://my.dlma.com/2015/07/04/flirting/ facebook
Jul 4 2015, 2:16pm
Flirting, then and now. I transcribed a conversation I had with my son yesterday. facebook
Jun 26 2015, 1:23pm
This post is *absolutely* worth reading. It's long, so you may want to do it over multiple sessions. It clearly explains what's going on *right now* not only... facebook
Jun 22 2015, 4:56pm
"Having just one of the 28 toggles switched on must have been psychological torture for anyone within clacking distance of the device." Esp. for Elliott Noel facebook
Jun 12 2015, 12:47pm
This is a little long, but it's really good in a The Matrix meets The Last Question sort of way. http://slatestarcodex.com/2015/06/02/and-i-show-you-how-deep... facebook
Jun 12 2015, 12:47pm
This is a little long, but it's really good in a The Matrix meets The Last Question sort of way. facebook
Jun 7 2015, 11:54pm
So my wife tells me she's not getting me the giant robot Kuratas for Father's Day. Fine, I can be flexible. Instead, she can get me the Furze Toasting Knife. facebook
Jun 4 2015, 6:12pm
One of my favorite things in the world is watching my wife's eyes light up when she sees our kids in a crowd. facebook
May 31 2015, 10:20pm
There's only one Kuratas left at Amazon, and Father's Day is coming soon. Hint, hint. http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/switch-language/product/B00H6V3BWA/ref=dp_ch... facebook
May 31 2015, 10:20pm
There's only one Kuratas left at Amazon, and Father's Day is coming soon. Hint, hint. facebook
May 18 2015, 8:40am
It was a special Bay to Breakers yesterday. It fell on the day of our anniversary, just like it did on the day of our wedding 17 years ago. facebook
May 13 2015, 11:22pm
98.51% correlation between the total revenue generated by arcades and the number of CS doctorates awarded in the US. Spurious? Nothing spurious about it. Mor... facebook
May 9 2015, 10:38pm
I've just read the first Hellboy in Hell TPB, and I really loved it. I've always been a sucker for when Mignola illustrates his stories. I'm happy to report ... facebook
May 3 2015, 5:49pm
Ex Machina is my kind of movie. My wife didn't like the end so much, but I especially liked the end. facebook
Apr 23 2015, 11:40pm
I just watched and really enjoyed The Tale of Princess Kaguya. I couldn't get anybody else to watch it, even though it's a Studio Ghibli film, and directed b... facebook
Apr 18 2015, 7:40pm
You know what still works as expected nowadays? The Kindle. I still transition unexpected from device to app and back, and it syncs to the last page read fro... facebook
Apr 16 2015, 10:15pm
TIE Fighter. The Empire's perspective. facebook
Mar 28 2015, 8:09pm
Just watched S1:E3 of Black Mirror, "The Entire History of You". Completely stand-alone episode. Best thing I've watched in a long time. It's available for s... facebook
Mar 22 2015, 9:49pm
Why you'd want a systems programmer by your side during Armageddon. It's an old article, but it still holds. facebook
Mar 19 2015, 10:37pm
More than everything you need for an easy and delicious Affogato! You really only need the gelato and coffee on the left. I don't know how that Baileys got i... facebook
Mar 19 2015, 9:29am
You can easily and quickly make an amazing Affogato with freshly ground coffee in an AeroPress (just don't add the extra water to turn it Americano), Hazelnu... facebook
Mar 15 2015, 1:55pm
Huntsman spiders are awesome. (Still, as a Californian, I can't approve using water like this.) Esp for Ted Pederson facebook
Mar 15 2015, 1:55pm
Huntsman spiders are awesome. (Still, as a Californian, I can't approve using water like this.) Esp for Ted Pederson facebook
Mar 8 2015, 4:17pm
Nice day riding horses in Half Moon Bay. facebook
Mar 4 2015, 9:53am
@tehnyancatboy didn't get to see my sandwich's face today. So here it is. facebook
Feb 28 2015, 8:26pm
I've been watching Fringe for the first time. In the episode I just watched, Leonard Nimoy unexpectedly appeared from behind a shipping container and said, "... facebook
Feb 28 2015, 5:21pm
Just made a Darth Vader TIE fighter from a 3D metal model kit. It looks good, but boy was it hard! facebook
Feb 11 2015, 8:34pm
No joke: the day my daughter enrolls to Milpitas High, we get the Keanu Reeves movie about the student murder there. facebook
Jan 31 2015, 1:27pm
"The sky above was an uncompromising blue from horizon to horizon, and the air felt hot and dry." Altered Carbon.That's every single day of 2015 in Califor... facebook
Jan 30 2015, 9:26pm
So we watched Horns, Boyhood and the latest Game of Thrones trailer. They all have David Bowie's 1977 song "Heroes" in them. facebook
Jan 30 2015, 9:05pm
I can't say what I love more, Jamie Hewlett's art or Damon Albarn's voice. facebook
Jan 29 2015, 11:12pm
February. Just for Elliott Noel. facebook
Jan 27 2015, 4:48pm
"Is that called arrayReverse?""s/camel/_/""Cool thanks."My programmer friends are likely to understand that with no trouble. facebook
Jan 24 2015, 10:33am
Just now: One kid: "What's the difference between an archangel and a regular angel?" The other kid: "Instead of being just an admin, he's an op." facebook
Jan 21 2015, 8:31pm
Our local KRON 4 News ran a segment on the measles outbreak. On one side of the vaccination debate, they gave air time to a pediatrician who gave her credent... facebook
Jan 18 2015, 9:30pm
Sharing a note to myself of these charts for healthier meals and eating. Some should be handy. h/t Lisa Warmerdam White facebook
Jan 18 2015, 1:05pm
Stealth Ohrwurm Injection: We we dropping off some of Lillian's nurse uniforms at Goodwill. I asked her, "You don't want no scrubs?" facebook
Jan 13 2015, 7:25pm
Picture this: The father of the family is in the kitchen doing the dishes. He's talking to himself. The words are strange but familiar. Lyrical. He's doing a... facebook
Jan 11 2015, 9:25pm
We played Monopoly with the kids this morning. Maddie was the banker. There was yelling and screaming and miscounting of the roll. But it was all in good fun... facebook
Jan 8 2015, 12:08am
Sometimes I draw doodles on the backs of my page-a-day calendar pages. The one I drew yesterday deserves some explanation. The way I see it, both the Flying ... facebook
Jan 6 2015, 12:43pm
"...it contributes to the sad weakness of America’s critical-thinking skills." facebook
Jan 1 2015, 9:39pm
On my microwave, to cook something on high for one minute and twenty seconds, it's objectively better to hit "Add Minute", "More", "More" than to hit "8", "0... facebook
Dec 28 2014, 4:05pm
This Facebook stream seems weird... Some of these... Damn it, Facebook, stop changing my stream from "Most Recent" to "Top Stories." What you think are "Top ... facebook
Dec 27 2014, 12:11pm
Christmas haul: I got a new way to make coffee created by a local inventor, Alan Adler. facebook
Dec 19 2014, 8:58pm
That Red-One belt looks pretty good on Aaron. Congrats, Kiddo. facebook
Dec 18 2014, 9:39am
Honestly, "The Interview" never sounded that good, and I wasn't going to, and now clearly won't see it in a theater.I'm sad for the potential international... facebook
Dec 14 2014, 12:53pm
Sorry, normal people, another ultra geeky post here. Remember how mad I got at Apple? First, I was wrong about one thing: the iPhone doesn't expose a mount p... facebook
Dec 14 2014, 11:16am
For our weekend breakfast, Aaron plays some smooth jazz while we eat. Today, his mom asked for some Christmas music. Aaron snuck this song in there, all on ... facebook
Dec 9 2014, 9:55pm
On our way out from Christmas in the Park, we passed this painted electrical box. It's part of an art project, "Downtown Doors". It's a piece by Renee Gonzal... facebook
Dec 9 2014, 7:53pm
Apple, I hate you more now than I have in years. I have fewer than 300 hand-chosen photos on my iPhone, and you used to keep them in a few DCIM folders that ... facebook
Dec 7 2014, 10:44am
You guys know what "idle games" are? Cookie Clicker is one. My son is playing another one now, "Bitcoin Billionaire."A few years ago, I ran a Bitcoin mine... facebook
Dec 5 2014, 9:43pm
Well done, CodeCombat, I've tried a few different things to get my kids to explore whether or not they'd like coding, and your game and incentives are workin... facebook
Dec 4 2014, 9:34pm
This post on the typography of Alien is amazing. I forgot where I found it. If it came from you, all due credit to *you*. facebook
Dec 2 2014, 9:36pm
Oh, just a link to Vi Hart's webVR github site. (Navigate with WASD, and use the space bar to dive more deeply into an object. The peach tessellated thing ta... facebook
Nov 30 2014, 3:20pm
I'm just now watching Fringe's season 3, episode 8, "Entrada". The (first?) one with the alternating red, blue, red, blue, red, blue opening credits. Nice. T... facebook
Nov 30 2014, 12:00pm
Just sharing the Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer - George Lucas' Special Edition facebook
Nov 30 2014, 9:46am
"Gather 'round, children. Today we're going to watch 'Requiem for a Dream' for our family activity." From the book, "Things No One Said."I watched Requiem ... facebook
Nov 28 2014, 11:48am
Seems like io9 hasn't figured out this clue J.J. Abrams left in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. facebook
Nov 27 2014, 11:48pm
I posted a few weeks ago about why dads work on projects in the garage. A little later I came across this charming video that captures some of the spirit. facebook
Nov 27 2014, 10:37pm
It's Friday in most of the world. Is the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer out now? facebook
Nov 22 2014, 8:35pm
Fox News missed an angle. Instead of just burying the story that the House Intelligence Committee found no Obama-sanctioned wrongdoings related to the 2012 B... facebook
Nov 21 2014, 10:10pm
I liked both stories from Tuesday's "Fresh Air" podcast. I'd be hard pressed to pick one, so listen to both. One's the true story about the mutually assured ... facebook
Nov 20 2014, 8:14pm
#TBT Clowning around in the early '80s with Val M Jamora and Felicia Mignola. facebook
Nov 18 2014, 9:03pm
Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" was just made for parodies, wasn't it? facebook
Nov 17 2014, 7:43pm
Over at Google+, I posted about how much I love creative smart people sharing things. I forgot to mention that I really love the names BioCurious and Evil Ma... facebook
Nov 16 2014, 10:03pm
"...the right of such beneficiary to take any interest given to him or her under this trust or any trust created pursuant to this trust shall be determined a... facebook
Nov 16 2014, 9:23pm
Here's a note I wrote to my son regarding something that happened today. (The Facebook slug says it all. You don't even have to click through.) facebook
Nov 14 2014, 8:48pm
"If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat‽"If there ever was call for an interrobang... facebook
Nov 10 2014, 7:43am
Such an enjoyable book throughout. Hope it wins. facebook
Nov 9 2014, 4:09pm
“Samuel Beckett once said: ‘Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.’” ... "On the other hand, he SAID it." -- Art Spiegelman in M... facebook
Nov 8 2014, 11:40pm
I wrote about why dads work on jalopies. Except it was about web services and #python. It's probably the most technical thing I've written yet. You can skim ... facebook
Nov 8 2014, 10:49am
Unsatisfied Women in Western Art. Click through. Read the captions.http://the-toast.net/2014/09/09/unsatisfied-women-western-art-history/ facebook
Nov 4 2014, 9:35pm
Towards the end of the latest This Week in Tech (TWiT) around 1:21:15.Leo Laporte: "What would you get, Chromecast or a Fire TV Stick?"Rafe Needleman: "Ro... facebook
Nov 3 2014, 7:31pm
I'm tempted to vote "yes" on Milpitas's Measure E for a new gambling card room just to spite those other casinos sending me fliers to vote "no" on the measur... facebook
Nov 2 2014, 2:19pm
We triaged another couple of boxes of my parents' things. Mom kept everything, including things like her grammar school valentines and mementos from previous... facebook
Oct 31 2014, 8:51am
My son's going as a Psycho Killer for Halloween. Of course I took that as an opportunity to play the song by Talking Heads as I drove them to school. "Son, t... facebook
Oct 29 2014, 1:06pm
One of the very last sandwiches to ever be served by Saratoga's The Prolific Oven. End of an era. facebook
Oct 28 2014, 10:06pm
Rick Mann's posts citing OK Go and The Postal Service songs inevitably led me here. While I love the cover, the tribute to Oderus Urungus brings a tear to th... facebook
Oct 23 2014, 11:57am
"A week after the attack, 28 bodies were discovered in a mass grave outside the city, but forensic analysis so far suggests that none of them belonged to the... facebook
Oct 21 2014, 8:51pm
When we're alone with our elder kid, we tell her that she's the main child, and her younger brother is a backup. When we're alone with the younger, we tell h... facebook
Oct 21 2014, 8:49pm
Doing the laundry tonight, my wife was singing "I do everything for you" to the tune of Sammy Hagar's "I've done Everything for You." (She doesn't know it's ... facebook
Oct 19 2014, 11:40am
Neil Patrick Harris's rich character was showing off his ridiculously nice lake house in a movie we saw last night. He grabbed the remote to the T.V., and ta... facebook
Oct 19 2014, 11:31am
Driving home with the family yesterday, we were talking about things related to Halloween. My daughter asked, "I wonder what the scary man will do this year?... facebook
Oct 17 2014, 9:24pm
I just threw my hands in the air and yelled, "yes!" and my wife rolled her eyes at me. facebook
Oct 16 2014, 8:26pm
Especially for Mike Kobb, America's Test Kitchen reviews some knives. facebook
Oct 15 2014, 8:50pm
You won't go wrong with the Roku 3 if you watch Netflix. It's got the best UI of all. In our house, creating and using profiles is handy, so my profile doesn... facebook
Oct 13 2014, 7:20pm
Hope you all had fine Goth Chick Appreciation Day. facebook
Oct 12 2014, 7:47pm
If you didn't have to break out the fire extinguisher, did you really BBQ as hard as you could? I know I did. facebook
Oct 12 2014, 11:43am
One Redditor complained that his dad insisted that Jerry's last name was "Steinfeld". Here's the reply from another Redditor that explains one of the Dad Pri... facebook
Oct 11 2014, 10:24pm
I really enjoyed this 4-part telling of the start of World War I. It bears being linked-to again. You don't have to be a history buff to enjoy this short ani... facebook
Oct 11 2014, 10:05pm
I've long been a fan of Dave Winer, have maintained a couple of blogs and RSS drives most of my cronjobs. Happy 20th anniversary to the blog, Señor Winer! (I... facebook
Oct 9 2014, 7:37pm
I've been waiting for this book. I never got the Steve Jobs biography, I've always been a Woz man, and this books looks to be more inclusive. facebook
Oct 5 2014, 10:12pm
I unpacked and installed a new electronic gizmo today. Best part? I peeled off the thin protective plastic sheet that's over the shiny surfaces before my wif... facebook
Oct 3 2014, 3:47pm
I love Tachikoma. They're adorable salticidious robots. (Oh, you didn't know salticidious was a word? It means, "having attributes similar to the jumping spi... facebook
Sep 24 2014, 3:48pm
In honor of National Punctuation Day today, I'm giving away the Chrome Interrobang extension for free, all day! How awesome is that‽ facebook
Sep 23 2014, 8:59pm
I love this hand-drawn map of San Francisco, and it was nice to see Sightglass Coffee in one of the zoomed in pictures of the map. facebook
Sep 20 2014, 12:59pm
Coffee break! facebook
Sep 18 2014, 7:52pm
Honey, I'm getting the new Kindle! facebook
Sep 15 2014, 9:01am
I've shared the "This is Phil Fish" video with you guys before. Notch cites it in his explanation for leaving Mojang. http://notch.net/2014/09/im-leaving-moj... facebook
Sep 14 2014, 8:10pm
I really like that the Extra Credits guys are taking a crack at addressing history in their engaging style. Watch this. I hope you like it as much as I do. (... facebook
Sep 13 2014, 11:31pm
Joyce Mayorga, Elliott Noel, have you played Nothing to Hide? facebook
Sep 13 2014, 1:38pm
One of our windshield cracks is really flourishing today. facebook
Sep 10 2014, 8:40am
Our vacuum cleaner is literally held together by fishing line and duct tape. It's lost some power, so when I went to look at it, I thought to myself, "I'm pr... facebook
Sep 7 2014, 11:24pm
Via Val M JamoraList 10 books that have stuck with you in some way throughout your life. Don't think too hard! These don't have to be the "right" books or ... facebook
Sep 1 2014, 12:46pm
Another reason my wife is so, so lucky?We're beginning to wonder when we should buy a new car. The silly girl is noticing how new cars look. Oh, the poor t... facebook
Aug 31 2014, 9:29pm
I just got done telling my wife the interesting story of how although HTTP has long had DELETE and PATCH commands, most browsers really only implement GET an... facebook
Aug 30 2014, 10:13pm
A physicist sees a young man about to jump off the Empire State Building. He yells "Don't do it! You have so much potential!" facebook
Aug 30 2014, 5:27pm
So I'm reading this interesting story from a cop working a tough beat and what he and his department are doing to make things better.halfway into it, the a... facebook
Aug 24 2014, 8:07pm
Way to go browsers. It's 2014, and every implementation of HTML5's handles onchange() differently. Chrome calls it on mouse up, Safari co... facebook
Aug 23 2014, 10:02pm
Monsters drawn on post-its. Be sure to view the entire album. facebook
Aug 22 2014, 7:40am
Really, really cute! facebook
Aug 17 2014, 10:45pm
Can't stop laughing. facebook
Aug 16 2014, 10:05pm
Spent a couple of hours tonight pushing pixels. My CSS-fu is weak, but I got the job done. Now for some binge-watching with my wife. facebook
Aug 16 2014, 6:12pm
Nice to see Elon Musk and Notch (the guy who developed Minecraft) are game for the latest ice bucket challenge. I already accepted and responded to a similar... facebook
Aug 12 2014, 8:29am
Coffee date with my wife: I read a quote by Oprah Winfrey that's on the sleeve: "You are here not to shrink down to less, but to blossom into more of who yo... facebook
Aug 11 2014, 12:30am
Hyperlapse looks really, really promising. facebook
Aug 9 2014, 10:04pm
We're on a long car trip, and I give my 13yo daughter my phone (connected to the car stereo) to choose some songs for us. We have two 11yo boys in the car wi... facebook
Aug 4 2014, 7:57am
First day at the new job! A great "Codeless Code" was posted to help me keep perspective. facebook
Aug 2 2014, 2:10pm
Over on another social network, I'm celebrating that alpha release of my Infinite iPhone Photos thingy. In one of my replies, I described my feelings this wa... facebook
Aug 1 2014, 7:18pm
The problem with being a software developer? I learn that applications can change Windows' power schemes by setting specific configurations. ("POWERCFG -S NE... facebook
Aug 1 2014, 4:57pm
I'm at a stage in product development where I have to decide whether to have my app change the local computer's Power Scheme to stay awake for long periods o... facebook
Aug 1 2014, 11:04am
A couple of days ago we watched Darren Aronofsky's Noah, which I didn't expect I'd like. I underestimated my reaction, I pretty much hated it. Haven't hated ... facebook
Jul 28 2014, 10:47pm
My wife tried to take a selfie of herself with the Cloud Gate in Chicago. Aaron and I wouldn't have that. Consider this a two-for-one photobomb, Honey. facebook
Jul 28 2014, 9:53am
I saw this video yesterday, and today I'm still appreciating it. It's nine minutes long, and worth watching. Comments in this thread could contain spoilers, ... facebook
Jul 27 2014, 8:04pm
Beware: Uber geek mind-dump ahead!How nice is it nowadays that we don't need Dave's Quick Search Deskbar as much anymore? (Much of its functionality can be... facebook
Jul 27 2014, 1:31pm
I just watched Penn & Teller's "Tim's Vermeer", which was really good, (especially after having seen a few Vermeers on vacation, and working in the same indu... facebook
Jul 26 2014, 9:45am
Today's unexpected, unrealistic Google Image search: "Hayao Miyazaki, Alan Moore" since they both were entered into the Will Eisner Comic Industry Hall of Fa... facebook
Jul 24 2014, 12:26pm
I like to see Joel Spolsky's "yes, this developer-friendly corporate policy sure is working" posts. The proof is in the pudding. facebook
Jul 23 2014, 8:00am
Enjoying the thunder, lightning, and rain when our phones blare an emergency alert about flash flooding. No Ninth Ward tours for us today. facebook
Jul 22 2014, 5:03pm
I finished Andy Weir's The Martian yesterday (great book), and today's appetizer before dinner was potatoes. Potatoes. facebook
Jul 12 2014, 1:16pm
I just sang the two words, "Sheena is..."And my daughter completed, "...a punk rocker!"I'm a happy Daddy. facebook
Jul 11 2014, 9:09pm
I jokingly told my daughter that if she wants to be a good citizen of the Internet, she'll have to hate Nickelback. I almost started to explain the joke, but... facebook
Jul 10 2014, 7:58pm
I had a pretty good time bouldering today. Good news: Was keeping my own with the high school and college kids doing easy problems. Bad news: Had my scariest... facebook
Jul 10 2014, 10:59am
I've been a big fan of the hierarchical list apps TaskPaper on OS X and TodoPaper on Windows. I've just discovered WorkFlowy, and it looks really good. The l... facebook
Jul 10 2014, 9:39am
In all seriousness, I'm spending a couple of days automating something that takes me like 20 minutes once or twice a year. Why? Because "I should be able to ... facebook
Jul 9 2014, 11:21pm
I finished Dune, which I probably should have read as a Senior in high school. Now I'm starting Andy Weir's "The Martian". It's just one thing after another ... facebook
Jul 8 2014, 10:33am
This is one of the cutest user-submitted stories at The Trenches about game development. "'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' ... type type type." facebook
Jul 6 2014, 12:16am
I watched "The Breakfast Club" with the kids. It opens with "I don't like Mondays" (quotes and all) etched in some wood. It took everything I had not to paus... facebook
Jul 4 2014, 3:27pm
Born and bred. Half Southern and half Northern California. facebook
Jul 1 2014, 8:39am
Mother Jones shares a useful and concise TL;DR version of Ginsburg's dissent on the Hobby Lobby contraception decision. facebook
Jun 29 2014, 6:28pm
Maddie made Shrimp Scampi for the family. There was this moment where she stood idly over the range looking at the shrimp and pasta cook while there were dir... facebook
Jun 28 2014, 10:17am
An un-retouched phone-cam picture of a faded photograph of my best friend in High School. Who in an earlier Facebook thread said, "Oh, bring it on." facebook
Jun 21 2014, 4:47pm
Captured in haste and in situ: my daughter looking up from her phone to realize the new Roku device can stream her favorite YouTube channels to the T.V. She ... facebook
Jun 13 2014, 11:24am
I've already read a handful of books about Richard Feynman, but after I saw that Donald Knuth, author of The Art of Computer Programming, recommended a new (... facebook
Jun 11 2014, 9:44pm
My wife bought a little 5lb weight for the family to exercise with. We all took a look at it, to see what exercises we could do with it. Later, I said I'd go... facebook
Jun 11 2014, 5:28pm
I liked the alt-text for the image better than the article. "Michael Bay's Sister Act 3: Mother Superior Firepower" I eagerly await an honest tag for http:/... facebook
Jun 11 2014, 9:16am
Another "Long Now" XKCD comic? As as active member and donor, I love it. But it's so far into my nerdy realm, do other people appreciate it? What's next? Mov... facebook
Jun 8 2014, 1:42am
It's late Saturday night. What are you doing? I just wrote some software under the WTFPL, and got the Feynman graphic novel that Donald Knuth recommended o... facebook
Jun 2 2014, 10:12am
Naval Adm. William McRaven uses a similar trick to what I described to start the day productively. Long ago, I wrote a blog post called, "Leave the Last Pane... facebook
May 30 2014, 10:04pm
Type "cd github" and then "run github.exe". http://www.robscanlon.com/encom-boardroom/ facebook
May 24 2014, 10:20pm
I didn't have to bring the BBQ out of cold storage for Memorial Day. You know why? BECAUSE CALIFORNIA DIDN'T HAVE A WINTER. Left the BBQ outside the whole ye... facebook
May 24 2014, 10:16am
I took Aaron to get a haircut today. On the way, he asked, "what if, after they put the sheet over my shoulders, my nose starts to run. And it drips down to ... facebook
May 19 2014, 8:42am
Finally, a link that provides my answer for the question, "where do you see yourself in five years?" http://thecodelesscode.com/case/145 facebook
May 17 2014, 7:00pm
Aaron thought the tortillas were for eating. Silly boy, tomorrow's Bay to Breakers. They're for flying! facebook
May 14 2014, 12:56pm
I just saw a tall thin guy in a black turtleneck sweater. Outside. It's over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the real Silicon Valley, not the HBO comedy. facebook
May 12 2014, 1:48pm
We're all watching the trailer for A Million Ways to Die in the West when Doc Brown is caught trying to hide his time-travelling Delorean. My kids look at me... facebook
May 11 2014, 7:05pm
Python implements common integer values as reference-counted singletons. And if you're evil or self-destructive, you could re-assign them to other values. As... facebook
May 10 2014, 3:32pm
"the freedom to reimplement and extend existing APIs has been the key to competition and progress in both hardware and software development." Absolutely, I'm... facebook
May 10 2014, 12:42pm
This article may be overstating the case, but I've been finding Google Maps less useful lately, too. facebook
May 9 2014, 12:42am
Knights of Badassdom, you had me at "Summer Glau Hottie Montage". (And with that, I think I may have lost the respect of my more refined movie-loving colle... facebook
May 5 2014, 9:21pm
The Constitutional Law Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) taught by Akhil Reed Amar is over, and I scored 95%. I'm happy for the score, but what's more: I wis... facebook
May 4 2014, 7:11pm
Maddie and Aaron were each playing Minecraft on a Player vs. Player public server. Maddie stepped away from the keyboard for a second, and Aaron ran to her c... facebook
May 3 2014, 10:17am
They're giving out temporary tattoos for the people in line for Free Comic Book Day. I want "Poor Impulse Control" on my forehead. facebook
Apr 28 2014, 3:25pm
My kids are embarrassed by it, but I've taught them to use clear hand signals when bicycling on the road. It turns out that those hand signals are recognize... facebook
Apr 25 2014, 10:20pm
I'm showing "Back to the Future 3" to the kids when the character, Needles, comes up to challenge Marty to a race. That's when I realized: Needles is played ... facebook
Apr 25 2014, 4:25pm
I approve 8-bit tributes to Studio Ghibli. Surprised? :) facebook
Apr 23 2014, 11:57pm
Elliott Noel, Mike Kobb, Did you guys know about Kindle and Fiona? facebook
Apr 23 2014, 3:50pm
It's with mixed feelings I release my static IPv4 address I'd once needed for the green lock icon on our secure SSL site. You were mine alone, IPv4 address, ... facebook
Apr 17 2014, 10:51pm
I got really tempted to buy a NUC today. (Damn you, Lifehacker.) To stop myself, I dove into my router's advanced settings to see if it would keep a dynamic ... facebook
Apr 17 2014, 5:29pm
It was good to see the songwriters of Frozen knew that the movie passed the Bechdel Test, and were also hip to the double-entendre in the line, "Why have a b... facebook
Apr 15 2014, 10:56am
Two weeks left in my Constitutional Law class. Nothing left but my final essay. I'm trying not to go full "A Modest Proposal" on my poor peer reviewers, but ... facebook
Apr 12 2014, 3:42pm
Mike Kobb: Andy Weir and Daniel Suarez will be in San Francisco this evening. I know it's last minute, but I just found out. facebook
Apr 12 2014, 1:23pm
Congrats, Aaron, on your 1st place award at the karate tournament! facebook
Apr 11 2014, 12:53pm
What happens in the age of the Internet of Things when your Raspberry Pi enhanced coffee maker is in a house with a tea drinker? http://coffee.dlma.com/ (Not... facebook
Apr 7 2014, 10:22pm
When the guy in the show "Silicon Valley" says, "Ask me what nine times eff is. It's fleventy-five." I'm thinking to myself, "did he just try to say it's 0x... facebook
Apr 7 2014, 10:13am
A little help for your geometry cat-egories. facebook
Apr 6 2014, 8:51pm
Neil Armstrong on being an Engineer, as illustrated by PHD Comics' Jorge Chan. facebook
Mar 31 2014, 7:10pm
One of us apparently got selected for a random TSA search on our boarding pass. There's an evil side of me that wants to sing the chorus to Sublime's Caress ... facebook
Mar 31 2014, 8:24am
According to my brain, it looks like this morning's song is going to be "Self Esteem" by The Offspring. So I'm singing the lyrics to myself and wondering ho... facebook
Mar 30 2014, 9:29pm
Dan Ariely's Productivity Hacks. Posted two months ago at LinkedIn, but I still managed to read it two days too early. facebook
Mar 29 2014, 5:59pm
Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman is calling my name. Two of my all-time favorite movies (Tsui Hark's The Blade and Fumihiko Sori's Ichi) are inspired b... facebook
Mar 25 2014, 3:54pm
"...when you die, all that’s left of you is the people you gave a shit about." facebook
Mar 24 2014, 12:12pm
I think this streak ends this week. facebook
Mar 22 2014, 3:50pm
Excerpts from Mike Mignola's AMA today:"Do you and Guillermo Del Toro hang out and talk about things with too many legs? Please say yes." Mike: "Yes.""W... facebook
Mar 21 2014, 10:35pm
Returning home from dinner with the family, the kids got out of the car and said, "Dad, don't go in. Stay outside for a minute." They wanted to go through an... facebook
Mar 15 2014, 1:40am
I'm watching Game of Thrones on Blu-ray disc, and finally got to the episode with the Red Wedding. So glad I managed to stay spoiler-free! Totally worth it. ... facebook
Mar 10 2014, 4:26pm
My wife just sent me a video she took on her phone. It was in Landscape mode. I'm... so proud! I'm tearing up. >sniffle< Nicely done, Honey. facebook
Mar 9 2014, 11:50pm
As a long-time user of ISO 8601 and a supporter of the Long Now Society, today's XKCD (and its hover text) made me happy. facebook
Mar 8 2014, 12:25pm
I love the implication that some Theoretical Physicists may be sweating bullets partly because experiments at they LHC haven't yet shown any evidence for the... facebook
Mar 7 2014, 9:22pm
It's Friday night! I'm home from work. I'm settling down to... do peer reviews of the papers written by my Constitutional Law classmates. (I'll tell you a li... facebook
Mar 6 2014, 4:26pm
Where do I sign up for this "get a dollar every time..." thing? facebook
Mar 4 2014, 7:58pm
So now, I'm waiting for the kids to get into their next fight, so I can break out my Lord Humungus, grab them each by the scruff of the neck, hold them at ar... facebook
Mar 4 2014, 1:03pm
I just cited The Lord Humungus in a communiqué to my boss. facebook
Mar 4 2014, 10:57am
One noteworthy excerpt among many: "Precisely because we so often, ostensibly, capture everything, we avoid the hard work of deciding what few things count. ... facebook
Mar 3 2014, 3:03pm
XKCD's comic 1337 is out. It's appropriate. facebook
Mar 2 2014, 1:49pm
It may be a bit silly, but it makes me happy that my name is listed on a page with Neal Stephenson, Daniel Suarez and Neil Gaiman. They're three favorite aut... facebook
Mar 1 2014, 9:37pm
What makes us happy at work?1. Autonomy – the desire to direct our own lives.2. Mastery – the urge to get better and better at something that matters.3. ... facebook
Mar 1 2014, 5:34pm
If I ever get to name a street, I'm going to name it "Some Random". facebook
Mar 1 2014, 10:58am
http://bacon.sexy is already taken. Three years of development and business plans and meetings on Sand Hill out the window. Have to start over from scratch now. facebook
Feb 27 2014, 7:23pm
Over at another social network, where my friends are taking a Zimbio quiz to find out which Hunger Games character they are, I politely explain that I'm neve... facebook
Feb 27 2014, 2:57pm
"So what would happen if you took an entire generation of young people and systematically and repeatedly masturbated their self-esteem mechanisms? Could it b... facebook
Feb 27 2014, 11:13am
QA testers with a sense of humor are the best. Sometimes infuriating, but the best. facebook
Feb 26 2014, 7:46am
Two shy of comic number 1337, Randall Munroe came out with a clever, geeky comic for number 1335. http://xkcd.com/1335/ facebook
Feb 23 2014, 5:05pm
I wrote some thoughts on hope and inspiration based on a couple of things that happened around here last week. facebook
Feb 21 2014, 8:10pm
This guy, Gordo, is an Australian drummer who busks with buckets in Sydney. He's really inspiring. facebook
Feb 19 2014, 9:12pm
Note to the wife: If you're not ready for the answer, don't ask the question. facebook
Feb 17 2014, 8:12pm
Here's a couple of pictures of the family at Safari West today. It's hard to tell in the first picture, but we're on the roof part of a leftover Jeep from t... facebook
Feb 16 2014, 9:55am
The line for Russian River is wrapped around the block! facebook
Feb 14 2014, 9:00am
Today is 2♥14/2014. facebook
Feb 13 2014, 11:34pm
Tests are a lot more painless when no fucks are given. I just took the first Constitutional Law Quiz and got 12.55 / 13.00. All I did was watch Dr. Amar's v... facebook
Feb 12 2014, 8:40pm
If you read this, tell me if you read it continuously from beginning to end. (And how many tabs you had open in your browser!) facebook
Feb 11 2014, 8:20pm
As a resident of Milpitas, I approve of Randall Munroe's SanDisk joke in today's XKCD "What If?" http://what-if.xkcd.com/83/ facebook
Feb 8 2014, 8:12pm
My wife made the kids choose between us. Sure, she loves them, and clothes them, and feeds them, and keeps a roof over their heads. She nurtures them and pre... facebook
Feb 8 2014, 11:31am
One of my favorite authors, Daniel Suarez got favorably covered by the Wall Street Journal. facebook
Feb 5 2014, 9:18pm
You Won't Believe These Three Simple Secrets That Govern My Browsing Habits! Buzzfeed, Upworthy and Zimbio Hate This!Preamble: I'm an employed web surfer a... facebook
Feb 5 2014, 3:30pm
I can't explain it, but something about the art style in this Life Strategy Guide draws me in. ;) facebook
Feb 2 2014, 1:03pm
twitch.tv? Kids nowadays have it easy. When I was a kid and I wanted to live-stream my videogames to my friends, I had to call the television station on my l...